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Sisterhood 14" x 18"

by: Marie Rose Ruffalo

February, 1993

Pen & Ink on Paper

Although it is not truly representative of the body of Marie Rose Ruffalo's work, it is definitely in keeping with the theme of women’s issues. What motivated Marie to submit it was the discovery that we Homo Sapiens all come from one mother in Africa. And she felt that this piece expressed to her - in simple monochromatic lines - all the pain and exhilaration that life brings to young girls, sisters, mothers and women.

Marie Rose Ruffalo


Marie spent her early years in Wisconsin and discovered she had a talent for art in school. Life later produced four children and relocation to Virginia and later to California, where she eventually met her second husband after the disintegration of her first marriage.

They spent the next Twenty-five years living in downtown La Jolla - a block away from the Green Dragon - the original artist colony that created La Jolla. Clinical depression had long dominated her adult life. But that ancient art space re-ignited the inspiration to create those detailed abstract images that had long lingered within her neurons, and became the elixir to cope with her inner demons.

After Marie's son, Mark Ruffalo (the actor) and his family relocated in New York from Hollywood, Marie and her husband moved to Boothbay Harbor, Maine to be near them. But by coincidence, they discovered their home was once part of the Green Shutters, an early artist colony in Maine. And it was there that she decided to release - for the first time - some of her original art for sale. You can view them at marieroseruffalo.com


Mary Masters of Compassion 22" x 50"

by: Sheranda Ann Kumara

Silk Painting

Sheranda Ann Kumara

Feel the healing energies of Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Isis & Mary Magdalene. They represent deep compassion and a motherly devotion to God and Humanity. With the growth of consciousness today we know of a whole new Mary Magdalene and she has been reborn in the hearts of many, to her true divine and loving nature. All of the Mary Masters are united in oneness and purpose. Their powerful love is unconditional and inspires self-empowerment and spiritual growth. The name Mary is synonymous with Mother. The powerful mother energy of the Mary Masters of Compassion holds a strong flow of rose ray energy. Use rose essential oil in your sacred ceremonies, when calling in the Mary Masters. With the help of 'The Mary Masters of Compassion' the divine feminine voice is acknowledged and honored. They assist spiritual healing related to sexual abuse on an individual and global level. Billions of healers shall arise in the coming times. Prayerful thoughts fill my being as I call out to your hearts, to bid on this painting to help finance Monalza's non-profit organization to assist in this type of healing.

Visionary Silk Painter, Sheranda Ann Kumara paints images of Goddesses and Angels to facilitate planetary healing. She received an AA degree in Fashion Design in 1984, which transformed into a love for painting on silk. For 25 years Sheranda has painted with dyes on silk. She published a book containing her writings and artwork in 2012, titled ‘Mary Magdalene in the Blissful New Earth’. Silk is alive and holds an energy of transformation and healing. That is why she chose silk painting as her fine art medium. Healing the Divine Feminine is the main focus of her art, along with raising the awareness that Galactic Beings of Light are presently working with us to create Heaven on Earth.


Sheranda Ann Kumara considers her spiritual ancestry to be connected to the planet Venus. Sheranda feels that visionary art responds to the planetary healing crisis by awakening the viewer to the possibilities that life has to offer, through healing, love, and beauty.


As a mother of three children, now young adults, this silk painter enjoys spending time with her new creations that emerge from her dreams. Through the use of bright, colorful imagery, that is transformational and very imaginative, Sheranda hopes that her artwork will inspire others to explore their creativity and healing path. View more of Sheranda's art at www.AngelMatrixArt.com

 Monaliza 16" x 20"

by: Mary Ann Keating

Mary Ann Keating


Artist & Spirit Healer walking on the path of heavenly miracles, Mary Ann Keating was born in Roseville, Michigan. Her love of painting started at the age of 15, attending many colleges & art institutes throughout the US. Her journey through abusive relationships & alcohol recovery, by the grace of God & Angel guidance, led her to Yoga, which, per her philosophy, is her 13th step to wellness.

Even though she is living with the crippling dis-ease of R.A (rheumatoid arthritis), she still continues to paint & fulfill her life's purpose to create healing art, displaying soul soothing colors, shapes & textures that evoke our ultimate happiness, the highest message of her creations.

Mary Ann was a long time resident of mystical Sedona, AZ bringing years of life experiences of healing woman wisdom & artistic illumination to her current residence of Las Vegas, NV. Presently, she is creating & leading Art of the Heart Workshops to help all women connect, overcome & empower spirit by combining art & yoga with emphasis on opening the heart.

Angel of Vegas 16" x 20"

by: Mary Ann Keating


Cloud Angel 8" x 12"

by: Mary Ann Keating

Fire Fairy 8" x 12"

by: Mary Ann Keating

Mother Angel 8" x 12"

by: Mary Ann Keating

Caretaker Angel 8x12

by: Mary Ann Keating

Compassion Angel 8x12

by: Mary Ann Keating


Prosperity Angel 20" x 24"

by: Mary Ann Keating

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