How to Prepare for the September Equinox ~ Archangel Michael

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Message from Archangel Michael

Channeled by Meredith Murphy

Telepathic Transmission – 3 September 2013

Greetings Beloved Ones,

It is a new time in your lives. There are arcs overlapping as some of you — the leading edge — are realizing what you began and commenced in the massive waves of energy of this new year of your 2013. You are beginning to emerge from the integration necessary for your physical body to “join the game” and starting to focus more and more upon dreaming the dream of your new lives.

The energy of this time supports you abundantly and with this you find yourself increasingly aware of the ways in which you have lived in distortion. Although this may seem at odds with dreaming, it actually occurs to empower the magnificence and magnitude of the dream. To support you playing with this, we come to you today to soften the experience of this time and to assist you in using these insights with joy and humour, enthusiasm and curiosity, so that you might benefit fully from the coming Equinox by preparing well and with love as you learn to live as the continually expanding multidimensional presence you are.

Throughout your experiences of the timelines, your fundamental idealism has become tainted by difficult experiences interpreted through the lens of fear. It is these distortions that create complex patterns of thought and behavior that in the past you found very hard to see, much less alter. It is these old ways of being that dissolve when your attention instead shifts toward direct connection with all that you are. In going direct, the convoluted pathways of energy, neural nets and expectation are simply unsupported and as such, fall away.

The influx of high vibrational light supports you too, and with this, the truth of these confuscations is becoming increasingly apparent. Even more amazing is the sense of humour and love available and being found  and used by some as they approach these difficult patterns and choose to simple make changes, and re-configure their lives. For those who allow themselves the self-love of playing with these insights rather then berating themselves, there is great potential being availed.

It is because of the shifts in the collective, the grounding and the infusions of more liberating thought-forms from the fullness of your being, that this is made possible. Each of you awakening ones, continues to extend a willingness to be expressed as the fullness you are, and it is through this devotion, this continual attentiveness which opens up your multidimensional energy flows even further, that life is being altered on Earth and the Divine Plan continues to unfold and be expressed.

Even with the infusions of solar energies, and the precession of the Equinoxes and the Solstices, Earth is a free will Universe and it would be very difficult to change life on Earth if the hearts of each of you, dear ones, remained closed to new ways of knowing love. Even with this truth quite well known within the community of ascension oriented humans, the self-esteem and confidence that could be harvested from such a knowing are not often claimed. We wish for you to consider this quite seriously and see if you could but open your mind to seeing and knowing yourself more accurately. Accurate appraisal of your life and your influence would yield a far more generous view of your incredible accomplishment then is typically reflected by the inner self-talk most of you so nonchalantly allow to be your daily soundtrack.

You can change this by continually turning your attention to your conscious multidimensionality. By acknowledging and inviting your own true being to guide you, to participate with you, to fulfill your life, to be felt and known you change the pattern of how you are present. Using your attention this way — using your brain and your mind as a communicator with all you are, as a way of articulating your attention as permission and invitation to fullness — is a much more useful way to create the soundtrack, in fact the literal harmonies and energies that not only accompany, but most definitely speak to the world of who you are, and create your experience of your daily life.

Doing this also frees your mental capacity! As you allow your brain to become open and more flexible, you allow your inherent intelligence to align with Divine Will and Higher Mind. This coherent wholeness is able to come into your own inner knowing more and more because there is energetic capacity for resonance. In this fulfillment of your physical embodiment, you are living more completely as the truth you are.

And the most amazing thing? All of this shifting within you is also powerfully activating the ancient energies of Earth and allowing these energies to arise, to inform and to also be re-expressed from their original essence blueprint, in wholeness, as you are.

In this time we are experiencing vast fields of what you would think of as “old” Earth energies, joining the new timelines of love and also available to be experienced in a coherence that has been unavailable to the collective for a very long time. These subtle energy changes are reconfiguring the collective reality you all share and are influenced by. Of course many of you in your increasing embodiment also are influencing the field of your Earthly wholeness. It is because of all these openings to love that life is being uplifted as so many of us have hoped and dreamed of…and our shared intent is that it be realized in experience for all who wish to live this new dream.

And so, to empower this, you, the player of the leading edge, you the awake one, aware of Earth’s shift into new dimensional compatibility, you at this time, you are turning toward your own being with an increasingly keen sense of knowing. This is to empower you and because you are ready to see the next level of your expression. Thus those of you ready, are now seeing the ways that you have played in not-knowing despite actually feeling very clear inner direction. You are recognizing the opportunities to let go of old ideas of “how futile it all is,” and you are seeing the incredible cage of such cynicism. You are being confronted with opportunities to see — have you reclaimed your inherent idealism? The true capacity of your being as powerful, joyful creators? You will become more and more aware of the areas of your life in which you have perhaps without meaning to, become very mistrustful, doubtful, hesitating, scoffing or even apathetic.

It is important, as these kinds of insights occur, that you allow this awareness to proceed with great gentleness and softness. Meredith had a wonderful card which she saved once which spoke to the moment when one encountered great love and the idea that in the presence of great love, many saved up wishes arise to be included. It is with this kind of awareness, that we encourage you to welcome these insights, which are showing you how to open up your wishing capacity to it’s fullest, so you can really dream and expand and create and have fun. So it is quite important to notice insights, without condemning yourself. To simply allow yourself to recognize that here is an opportunity to expand. To be more you. To let go of that which impaired your happiness so greatly.

Life on Earth has always been mixed in terms of experience. The diversity of qualities here for your own expression and experiencing has made it so. And yet within all of this there is always a powerful ability to shape your life. An ultimate ability if you will. And this is true for all of you. It is not true for some only, it is true everyone. Each of you carries the same potential for love and wholeness as your experience as another. So realize that your own cynicism, your own ideas of how little what you pay attention to matters, may in fact be preventing you from experiencing the New Harmonics in far more expanded ways then you realize.

It is one thing to love ideas. To recognize them as true. It is yet another thing to live them as knowing. This takes courage. It is a heart fueled pathway of opening to trust and allowing life to show you it’s power and potential for realizing who you are and creating the opportunities for you to be perfectly matched and met.

So it is important for you to do all you can to clearly broadcast your being and to find pathways that open your heart. As I shared so many times during the Soar Fest, it is simply the idea that something might happen differently, it is simply through creating the opening of possibilities, of an idea of “maybe,” that you soften up the rigid patterns of your life and create a small crack, a little opening into which the coherent truth may express life to you, through you, as you.

Your joy is of immense proportion and value in the wholeness of love.
Please do not hesitate to call it forth and ask to be guided in all ways that will assist you in discovering this knowing deep within your every day, here and now human experiences.

The New Harmonics are present and available. They do not require you to transmute old energies. They do not require you to fix yourself or the planet. They require a tuning. An orienting to. A coming into resonance with. A learning, a remembering of how to sing your song with the harmonics which are the energy structure of the new reality and the energies of love that are most familiar to you, in the truth of your being. These energies can be easily felt within. And your whole body can alert you if anything is in sync with you or not and that is all that is needed in any moment to know anything and everything that truly matters to your happiness.

You are fueled from within with the clarity that can assist you in all ways upon this beautiful planet. And it is with undying, unending, unrelenting love that the angelic realm also is here to support and assist you. In fact, all of life is ready and able, to hear you, to know you, to love you and to assist you in seeing yourself, in loving yourself more fully and stepping into the life that reflects the love you are.

Each of us stand, awaiting your call. Each of us, as One with you, know full well your immense beauty and the enormity of this challenge in which you find yourself. It is time for us, together, to help humanity become more and more confident that what we all do matters, to realize that together we can accomplish great things and that this is self-evident! There is no proof to the contrary. If you look at anyone who you see as happy and thriving, it is most certain that they have opened themselves to all kinds of assistance and support. We invite you, dear beloved friends and family to please, do the same and to be unstinting in the generosity to self you express through your openness to love.

It is high time to willingly experience our Unity, and know ourselves as One.
We can only imagine how your lives will unfurl as you live this knowing and we are most eager to facilitate in any way that we can, the opening and expression of this newness in you, through you, as you.

From our most deeply felt dreams we call forth together with you, the dream of the New Human: multidimensional, clear, authentic and sovereign. Let us assist you in reconfiguring to this, orienting as this and living from this new template which is in perfect harmony with the essence of your being.

The preparation for the September Equinox will be well spent by those of you sensitive to the awakening energies, considering where your opportunities for greater openness and idealism lie, and allowing them to reinstate themselves from your implicate well being.

I AM your eternal friend and companion on this human journey, and beyond.
I AM Archangel Michael


Natalie Glasson – Support From The Angelic Kingdom By Archangel Michael – 2 September 2013

natalie glassonAs Angelic beings we are aware of the shifts, activations and integrations that occur upon all levels of your being and the numerous levels of the Earth’s being. We understand this time upon Earth to be somewhat stressful within certain areas of your being as your spiritual ascension accelerates maybe causing patches of confusion, stress, discomfort and the seeking for greater truth. The energy vibrations anchoring into the Earth, through your being and activating from within your being are far beyond anything you have previously experienced. Their intensity and frequency are immense as the waves of light are designed to create accelerated activation of the truth of the Creator. No longer can false energies, consciousness or manifestation exist in this new era and dimension, everything that is no longer needed within your being and within your reality is being cleansed, purified and released.
Each time you raise your energy vibration or grasp a moment of enlightenment you are encouraging purification within your being. It could be likened to a scan that takes place with each step of enhanced awareness, which erases all that doesn’t resonate or align with the new awareness. This scan of the entire being purifies you and allows you to completely embody the new awareness. At this time of ascension you may not even value the new awareness you obtain, the guidance you follow and the sparks of remembrance or familiarity but each, whether large or small, has a strong and powerful impact upon the overall awareness of your being.
Many people ask me if their efforts as a light worker upon the Earth really make a difference to the ascension of humanity and Mother Earth. In light of the wisdom I have just shared, my answer to you is that each time you support, heal, love or have an inspired divine awareness you are encouraging   a deep purification for the entire Earth and all of humanity. In the same way that we could imagine a whole body scan to dissolve impurities and align everything with the new awareness, you are encouraging all that is not of a similar energetic frequency and vibration to be raised into a more enlightened consciousness. The light you share, the healing and release processes you move through, encourage all around you to align to a similar or higher frequency and so you are a part of a major network of light working to align all to the source, soul and essence of the Creator whatever form the Creator may take. We wish for you to know that everything you do when connected into, bathing and radiating the light of the Creator will always be of service to the Creator, however small or large. You constantly have the love and support of the Angelic Kingdom. Whatever you achieve even if it is just to sit in peace, you can ask us to magnify and enhance the influence that your moment of sacred connection with the Creator has upon the Earth and humanity, spreading and sharing further light.
It is my wish to share with you some gifts of connection, consciousness and wisdom to support you; these gifts come with love from the inner planes and heavens. Earth Angel Lovanda exists and works at the outskirts of the Earth’s auric field; she is an Angel filled with love and able to see the larger picture of all that is occurring upon and even within the Earth.
She supports the anchoring of powerful ascension light waves from the universe in gently permeating the Earth and humanity. An Angel of tremendous expansion, Lovanda wishes to be of service to you. You may allow yourself to exist in a capsule of Lovanda’s love; her love is immensely pure as it is untainted by negativity, ego or even the physicality of the Earth. She has the ability to demonstrate to you the expansion, freedom and limitless vibration of love as well as returning you to your true essence, as if allowing you to see the beauty of the jewel within your being. She has the ability to move your consciousness beyond your physical body into a space of pure love for healing, rejuvenation and shifts to take place within your entire being. This is a beautiful experience when you feel you need to shift from the material reality into the light reality of your truth. Simply ask and call upon Earth Angel Lovanda to join you in meditation. Ask to be surrounded in a Capsule of Lovanda’s Love and just allow yourself to experience as you breathe deeply, especially focusing upon the expansion, freedom and limitless vibration of love.
Many of the Angels carry within their energy sacred Angelic symbols which can act as keys of awakening for your being. Different Angels work with different and diverse aspects and qualities of the Creator. Depending on the qualities they recognise within themselves the Angels can hold powerful symbols which act as keys and codes for your ascension process and integration with the Creator. Whether you wish for healing, upliftment, magnification or any kind of support you can first become aware of exactly what you require, for example, you may wish to experience or embody more joy.  With your intention, call upon the most appropriate Angel to join you in your meditation as you breathe deeply, an Angel which holds the quality that you desire. Then ask the Angel to share with you a symbol of the quality, such as a symbol of joy, allow yourself to hold the intention of receiving. The symbol will be a simple pattern that you can draw upon your body; it may be as simple as a circle or a spiral. Place your left hand or a finger on your right arm and with flow imprint or draw the symbol imagining the light of the Angel flowing through you and into your left hand into your right arm. Let yourself then draw the same symbol upon your left arm, your chest or heart chakra and anywhere else you feel guided to. Allow yourself to be in a deep meditative state with your eyes closed as you achieve this practice. You are integrating the quality of the Angel into your physical reality and activating it from within your being. This is a powerful upliftment for your being and a communion with the Angelic Kingdom. As I stated earlier, we, the Angelic Kingdom are always waiting to support and assist you, through the power of our love.
The Angelic Kingdom can also assist you in moving your entire being into the new energies of this era and becoming settled within the new vibration, or they can assist you in moving into new appropriate energy in certain areas of your reality. Whatever you wish to focus upon the Angels can assist you in this way. First there is simply a need to understand whether you wish to move your entire being into the new ascension energies so that you can digest and embody them or whether you wish to move a certain aspect of your being or reality into a new energy. This would mean that you are opening up this part of your being and reality so that more light can flow to dissolve any blockages or hindrance. Then call upon my energies, Archangel Michael, to be of service to you.
Take time to breathe my energies into your being thus allow us to integrate, exist as one and co create. With your intention, imagine that I place before you a large crystal bowl of the most sacred Angelic liquid light which holds within its vibration the new energies you wish to receive and activate within your being. Allow yourself to prepare for a ceremony, remember that you are responsible for your own spiritual growth but have an abundance of support from your guides, the Angelic Kingdom, your Soul, Soul Group and Creator. With your intention, allow yourself to speak words that state that you are allowing yourself to move completely into a new vibration of energy guided by your soul.
Allow yourself to bless yourself and your transition, whatever you may wish it to be as you witness yourself consciously connecting with the new vibrations of light available to you around and within, so that you are suspended in light.  Once you have completed your ceremony and words, cup your hands as if creating a cup to pour the sacred Angelic Liquid Light over your head and entire being.
Physically make the gestures of bathing yourself in the light and allow yourself to be conscious of yourself moving forward into a brighter new light and emerging as a brighter new light. You can then breathe in this new appropriate light for you. I will be there to support and protect you every step ofthe way.
My greatest intention was to bring forth support for your entire being, please accept the tremendouslove and support I share with you now.
With Love and Support,
Archangel Michael