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Ascended Masters Update


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Ascended Masters Update For The Evening Of 26 Wed July 2013 North America, 27 July Europe
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Narayana Narayana

Do you feel your consciousness shifting?

Shifting realies?

Are you perhaps interpreting this as pain?

Do you feel your consciousness on a tilt?

If you were born in another planet or other reality, physical or etheric,...

a different reality would construct itself in you,  as you.

Your experience of you would be quite different, quite very different.

So your experience of reality such as it is.... is quite environment, quite planet dependent.

Quite reality dependent.

You, as you are, are actually the product of multiple realities.

Why do we share this ?

Because it helps your mind grasp how really fluid  things , realities are, even as they 'appear' to be

more fixed.

And that is only because you have been exposed to, and formed by,  the realities surrounding,

etc. you, for many many years.

Our focus is to support you in being aware, and making more sense of what is occuring tonight,

which is that your consciousness, realities are within a shift,  even right now.

Certain planetary angles are adjusting,

and so are you.

We bless you in the light of the light which is at once us and is you.

We love you and support you.

We are the ascended masters.

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To Be Continued...

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