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*Frequency Changes*


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High Council of Orion - Frequency Changes
2013 - 3:30pm |  Channeler:Karen Doonan

Dear ones, we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and to support ALL at this time of heightening energies and shifts in frequency. As many of you are aware the moon and the increase in new earth frequencies has allowed for higher dimensional timelines to open and to become available. It is vital at this time that you do not allow your human logical mind to try to teach you that the earth is the "same" and the options and manifestation of your dreams is somehow contained, this is not TRUTH. The movement of SOUL groups across and within planet earth energetically will now be done PHYSICALLY, ALL are being aligned at this time and all are now communicating to heightened levels. Many of you may now be wondering which is dream time and which is waking life and we guide for you to allow your human vehicle to find balance. Now is not the time to allow the human logical brain to take over once more, the heart KNOWS TRUTH for the heart is seeded with TRUTH and now this must be the guiding LIGHT for ALL at this time.
Many of you are still allowing logic to have a place in your human life experience and we guide that holding onto the rigid concepts of linear time, linear thought and linear action will start to place you within a holding pattern. The need for FLOW and to allow all to take shape and to form into a new reflection is vital at this time. VAST frequency changes result in vast changes but holding on for fear of these changes will see your energetic signature swing wildly out of balance. This may lead to disrupted sleep patterns, aches and pains and manifestations that dissolve before they are fully manifested. Let us explain this further.
Whilst the energy that you are in TRUTH can fully understand and accept our guidance the human logical brain has aeons of training in how to look for patterns, many of you are "waiting" expecting a pattern of thought or behaviour to materialise that shows you all that is happening around you and through you. This is a teaching of distortion and is not supported under the new earth frequencies. Many are now trying to hold onto sleep patterns and daily waking life patterns that are trying to dissolve. There is no logic in the unfolding of the new, that is why we guide at all times for you to TRUST. We fully understand and accept that our words may trigger many of you who are still holding tightly onto the need to "have" jobs and to keep routine in place for your human families. There can be no change to your reflection if you hold on so tightly. The human mind has a NEED to control that has been taught. Many who have gone through the harmonisation and ascension process have also been faced with the puzzle of how to live on a planet that places work and patterns above all else and yet they are here and they are alive and they live. TRUST and FAITH is the key to the new earth for your SOUL is working to bring you the dreams that are within the heart space, to hold on makes it difficult if not very challenging for the SOUL to shower you with the new ideas and the new ways of living if you allow only the old to be anchored within your human logical mind.
There is nothing that is created upon this planet by your SOUL that cannot be addressed and solved by your SOUL and many are filtering this out, holding on tightly to the 3D earth teaching that life is something that happens to them and not something that is created BY THEM. The new earth energies will start to dissolve ALL that is not TRUTH within your human waking life, trying to hold on to that which is trying to dissolve will see you in chaos and may spark crisis within your energy system, for you cannot anchor both the old 3D earth energy frequencies and the new earth frequencies within the human vehicle. The difference between them too vast and the see sawing of vibration too harsh on the human vehicle. Many are trying to walk with one foot in either world, trying to convince themselves that by doing this they stay "ahead" of the game. How can you be ahead of something that you create moment to moment dear ones? do you see the teaching of distortion that is at work within this scenario?
It may seem a huge leap of FAITH to step fully into your dream but your SOUL is guiding this process at all times, the SOUL is orchestrating all of the reflection and to stay out of the new earth energies is akin to stating you do not TRUST your SOUL. Why would you not TRUST SELF dear ones for your SOUL made the decision to incarnate onto this planet in this dimensional timeline knowing the gateways would be provided. NOW your SOUL asks you to adhere to the SOUL path and the SOULs plan for ALL IS PERFECT and ALL JUST IS.
Many are listening to the thoughts and the anxieties of those around them filtering out TRUTH in relation to the fact that only they are having this life experience and therefore NO ONE else will have the same experience, the thoughts and anxieties of those around you are not real for they are NOT YOU. Do you understand our guidance dear ones? the time to let go of the old 3D earth and ALL of the teachings of the old 3D earth are NOW, there is nothing within the old 3D earth landscape that is being used again by the human race and this is a TRUTH that may challenge many of you. It is not possible to give birth to a new way of living and BEing by using the remnants of the old earth in any shape or form. You are being asked to transmute ALL of the 3d Earth way of living and being and embrace the new earth in TRUST and FAITH of your SOUL.
New ways of living are exactly this, to move out of the conditioning and the containment you have been taught to live within and to expand and broaden your outlook and your experience of life here on this planet. This is challenging for many and will continue to present a challenge until you consciously decide to move fully into the new and let go of the old. This is supported by ALL at this time and specific SOUL families will now move into place in order to show TRUTH and to live TRUTH to new paradigms. These paradigms will be birthed onto and within planet earth in due course as the energies now begin to heighten and to expand.
We are available to ALL at this time, many are now going through the harmonisation process and moving into healing various dimensional timelines, we guide for you to allow the healing to occur THROUGH your human vehicle , the need to attach to that which is healing should be dissolved for it serves no one least of all SELF and is not needed or required in order to heal. There are many teachings that come into play around this healing process and we guide for you to be aware of them. You already exist in many dimensional timelines, these are playing out until you go within and heal them, as they are healed they are transmuted and they are SEALED from you, you are then vibrationally LOCKED OUT of these timelines. As this occurs then higher dimensional timelines open up to you and you move higher in vibration. Many are allowing the teachings to keep them caught within the lower dimensional timelines, there is NO NEED to re-experience that which has been experienced, the teachings that will come into view are around trauma and pain. If you have not dissolved the teachings in relation to trauma and pain then you will begin to elongate the healing process.
We guide for clarity the need to undergo trauma and pain as a way of growth for your SOUL is NOW NEGATED under the new earth frequencies. However your human logical brain may try to teach you that in order to grow you must endure, this is not TRUTH and we guide for you to dissolve this teaching as it appears within your waking human life.
The new earth is about LOVE, HARMONY, JOY, PEACE and EXPANSION. These frequencies are now flooding and flowing across and within planet earth, you have a choice at all times whether to anchor these frequencies or allow the old 3D earth frequencies to continue to blind you to TRUTH. This choice is offered at human conscious WAKING MIND level and we guide for you to process our words through your heart, for the heart KNOWS TRUTH. We ask for you to understand that the smoke and mirrors of the old earth may appear to be solid, they may appear real but they NEED your input in order to sustain them, detaching from feeding the old earth teachings will see them RAPIDLY dissolve for they are no longer supported upon planet earth.
We step back now dear ones but we will continue to guide and to support as necessary. ALL now changes upon and within planet earth and within the human race as the GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND is now born in TRUTH upon planet earth and within her peoples. BE at PEACE dear ones for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.
copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved
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