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The manuscript of survival – part 352. September 10, 2013

Let us begin this missive by thanking you all for the tenacity you have all shown these last few days. Much seems to be in turmoil now, and it can be very hard indeed to keep the balance in all of this heaving to and fro. For the energies are churning around now, and as they do so, much will come to the surface that has been hitherto hidden. Some of it may be seen as a nuisance, while other things will be seen for the true treasures they really are. Remember, you all carry within you a real treasure trove of spiritual knowledge and power, and now, much of this will be washed out much in the same way that grains of gold are washed out from a pan of sand.

So again we say, even if times are challenging in all sorts of ways, do not forget to look at yourself and see the deep well of knowledge, power and wisdom that you harbor within. Again, this may become more than obscured by all of the noise that is being emitted at the moment, both from your own physical body, but also from the world at large. So let us take this opportunity to once again remind you of the same old advice of remembering to connect with your own true core as often as you possibly can. For if you do, you will feel the true strength you carry within getting ever closer to the surface.

It might not seem like it for some of you at the moment, but you are indeed already starting to step into your new shoes as it were. Or rather, you are starting to step into your old shoes, the ones that show your real imprint, and who will take you far, far into the future. For what you truly are, is so much more than what you have already seen. And even if some of you have already gotten more than a few short glimpses of the real you that is still very much hidden behind this veil of forgetfulness, know that this too is simply a tiny little taste of what you have in store. For what you have in store, is of such a magnitude you will not even be able to wrap your head around it at this stage. But soon you will, and it will blow away all of the cobwebs still clinging on to that old and worn human frame you still consider as the ”real you”. So again we say hang in there, and remember to check in with yourself frequently now, lest you forget who you are aiming to get to know intimately once again after this very, very long sojourn within the confines of being simply ”you” in a human form.


Channel: Aisha North


Webpage: Aisha North – Channelings and Words of Inspiration
























The manuscript of survival – part 343


The anxiety will heighten in many ways as the time for the unveiling approaches. We know many think that this will be like a scene from one of those Hollywood blockbusters, but what we refer to, resembles nothing of the sort. Again, the human perception is a very limited one, and when you are asked to picture something in your mind, you invariably come up with an image that resembles something you have seen before. Well, in this case, we guarantee you that you have never ”seen” anything like it, and when we put it like this, it is indeed to signify that what we refer to may not be something you will witness with your eyesight like you perhaps envisage yourself. No, this is not a piece on the nine o’clock news or to be splashed across the screens or in your newspapers, this is something of a magnitude and of a nature that has not been experienced by any of you before, hence the impossibility to even start to comprehend it beforehand. But it IS big, we guarantee you that, and it will be an event of a sort that will reverberate far and wide, not only within the limits of your own physical body.


Yes, we speak in riddles as usual, but we think you have perhaps started to get used to this, even if it will be perceived as more than irksome at times. But as have been oft-repeated, there is no vocabulary for what we are hinting at here, at least, not in the language you master in your daily life. But there is a way to describe it, but it will be a way that can only be experienced individually by each and every one of you. If we say it might resemble something you have felt already during one of your collective sessions, we may not be far off the mark, but again, this will be something very, very special indeed. It will be like liken a pot of flowers to a whole vast field of them. In other words, you are all getting closer and closer to a ripple or perhaps we should say a rent in the very fabric of your consciousness, something that will tear asunder once and for all the bonds that keep you firmly stuck in whatever it is that still holds you back from attaining the freedom of being your own true self. In other words, an unveiling of sort that will set so much into motion, not only within each and every one of you, but also in the collective.


But again, we cannot give you any details, for it will indeed be a meaningless quest to try to put to words what we are trying to give you an advance warning of. And no, not warning as in ”danger”, just warning as in prepare to be overwhelmed in a way you have not been before. We know this will sound implausible to many of you, and what you would prefer more than most is indeed something far more tangible, something you can hold up not only in front of your face, but other’s too and say ”see, I told you so, it IS true”. But fret not, dear friends, that day will come, but before it does, you will experience quite a few other things that will wash away that doubt from even the most skeptical parts of your human brain. Let us leave it at that for now, but before we leave, we invite you all to sit down in silence and open yourself up to this magical field of unearthly flowers that you are about to start to frolic upon. We think you will all get a small taste of the wonderful fragrances there already if you do.


Channel: Aisha North


Webpage: Aisha North – Channelings and Words of Inspiration





















The manuscript of survival – part 340 . August 9, 2013

The time is rolling by, and you are perhaps more than a little bit anxious as to what all of this energetic upgrading will result in. For some, it may feel like you are starting to fall apart at the seams, and you will tell yourself ”I simply cannot take this any longer”. But for others, they will look around and think ”where are these heavy bouts of energy that the others seem to suffer from? I do not feel anything at all, am I in the wrong here, or have I been left out of everything?”. On both counts can we firmly say that all is indeed well, and you are not about to go to pieces, nor are you skipping any of the adjustments.

For again we must remind you that even if these storms rage in so many ways, the way you respond to them them will be very individual. Some of you will have exactly the same physical and mental symptoms that often accompany these energetic emissions, and so, you will find solace in the fact that you are not alone in feeling more or less ravaged by these storms. While for others, their journey will be one that may perceived as more singular, and as such, they will struggle for a whole other set of reasons than those who feel more under the weather than most at the moment. But again we say all is as it is supposed to be, and even if your physical vehicle will be emitting more alarm signals at the moment and for a more prolonged period of time than usual, know that it is not about to give up on you. For you are build of strong stuff dear ones, and you are becoming stronger still by all that is literally going through your body, but we also know that this will indeed be small consolation to all those suffering badly now. Just remember, you are not under any risk of having any detrimental effect from these energies, far from it. Look upon these signals that your body is sending out as merely rumbles of irritation rather than signals of real distress.

As always, pay close attention to what your body is saying to you, for then and only then will you know that there is indeed a difference from what these energies will activate and what may come from any underlying weakness you might have. For what these energies will do, is to push your buttons in so many ways, and this pushing in itself is nothing to be worried about. It can be likened to a sort of irritation or perhaps a form of allergy, where your body’s defence mechanisms may go into overdrive at times in order to try to drive out these new vibrations it perceives as some sort of ”interlopers” to your system. Remember, your body has been programmed to maintain status quo at all cost, and so, when these regular bombardments of energetic vibrations start to penetrate ever deeper into your system, all those watchdogs who have been given the task of making sure that nothing unknown should slip in under their guard will be prepared to sound the alarms.

And now, the alarm will be ringing louder and more frequent than ever. But this in itself is no cause for alarm, only for taking more care of yourself and allowing your body the rest it needs in order to be better able to acquiesce to this energetic change it is going through. So again we say breathe deeply, and know that this is indeed the very simple, but also the most effective way for staying afloat in this churning mass of energy that is buffeting you on all sides. And to those of you wondering why your body is not sounding the alarm, do not be alarmed either. It is simply your energetic set up that is corresponding with these energies in a different way, and as such, you will be sailing through this period with more ease than others.
Channel: Aisha North

Webpage: Aisha North – Channelings and Words of Inspiration


The Manuscript of Survival Languages


update on the energies

•August 7, 2013 • 136 Comments
Dear friends!

I got this message from the CCs this morning, and it seems to confirm what many of us have been feeling lately:

“Thank you for once again checking in with us. You see, the lines may feel like they are less than busy at the moment, but in fact, they are more busy than ever, but now, so much is going on behind the scenes, it is best to keep you out of it. Not because we do not trust you in any way, but because what is happening is of such magnitude, it is beyond the capabilities of a human mind to even try to penetrate it. You see, the realms that are so far hidden from your inquisitive eyes, are at all times at high alert as it were, and we do not leave anything to chance. Hence, the seeming lack of information being filtered through to you all.

We know this is a cause of consternation for some, as they will take this as a sure sign of alarm, but let us just say that even if you are not party to any of this, it does not mean that you are not vital in this process. For you all are, albeit in manner that does not include everything that goes on. For as we have talked about so many times before, you are all part of a huge conglomeration of beings, all with the same cause at heart, namely that of restoring the light in every way on this beautiful planet of yours. Your role is indeed a vital one, for as you know well by now, you are the only ones straddling that divide between your physical world and the parts that we inhabit. In other words, you are the ground crew, but you are also a part of the celestial one, to use such a word, and so, you act as the connection between the two.

But now, you will all feel more or less like you are stranded here, all alone, with no apparent support from our side of the veil. Nothing could be more wrong, but again, we do not fault you for thinking this, for this almost eerie silence will for many seem more than a little ominous and foreboding. But again we say, please trust us when we once again tell you that all is indeed going according to plan, and when the time is right, you will all be flooded with so much light and so much information this phase will be quickly forgotten.

Again, we are well aware of the distress you suffer now, either it be from your physical body or it is more of a stress on your mental capacities, but please just stay the course and know that this is indeed a very important part of it all. You are NOT left out, you are simply being protected in every way so that you can be able to function in the very, very important role you do have, namely as that vital link between the two sides of the veil. And as such, you are all doing a formidable job of it, even when you feel like kicking it all in and giving it all up. For you are in this 100%, even when you yourself keep saying ”enough already”, you are doing so much to help this process speed up as much as it can. And for that, we cannot be more thankful. So know that you will never be left out in the cold, but for now, know that you may feel like it more than usual as we will keep a low profile in order to make this phase of the operation run as smoothly as possible. Thank you, that will be all for now, we leave.”

These are indeed challenging times, and it is not easy to stay motivated when both the body and the mind feel like they just want to go in to hiding somewhere. But I also know deep down that there is nothing I want more than to keep going, no matter how hard it is at times. We ARE doing it, and we are doing together, and together we will succeed in pushing through this period of silence, this “void” that always comes before another great shift. So thank you all for BEing a part of this, and for adding your light to this circle, and to this planet.

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

The manuscript of survival – part 339

•August 5, 2013 • 116 Comments
As you have already ascertained, the waves that keep pounding into your shores have not let up yet, but as we told you, it will quieten down in a not too distant future. Yes, we will persist in using these rather circumspect descriptions of the time units here, and the reason for this, is as it always is. Humanity has based themselves upon a system of time increments that describes their linear time and divide them into number sequences or units that you all navigate by. This works perfectly for you, for then, you have all the same sort of comprehension as to how to describe any set point on this timeline of yours. This works both forwards and backwards, or in the past and in the future as you say. So for you, something that has happened will be assigned a designated number sequence that describes the exact timeframe this event took place. You use the same approach when you plan your future, as you all like to assign a set sequence for an event in exactly the same way, and this makes it very easy for every one of you to navigate this linear timeline that you use to roll out all of the sequences that together make up your life. In other words, from the moment you are born and to the moment your spirit leaves your physical body, your life on this planet will be mapped out by these numerical seuqences you call ”dates” and ”times”.

And so, everything you do will be more or less governed by this system, which make it easy for everyone to set up a plan that works for all. You will all get to work at the same time, you will not miss your transport because it will arrive at the designated timeslot, and you will all know when to sleep and when to wake up. For many of you are also governed by these set time sequences that decide when it is time for you to start your day, in order for you to fit perfectly in with everyone else’s.

Be that as it may, but for us, time is a very different concept indeed, and this is also a subject we have touched upon many a time before. As we have told you, for us, ”time” is not a line you have to toe, time is something that is a living thing, something that will grow and expand and contract, something that is multi layered and pregnant with possibilities. It is, in other words, a cornucopia of fertile opportunities, there to be used in the best possible way, and not a straitjacket as mankind has deemed it to be. So again, when you ask us to clarify the future, map it out as it were in number sequences that will put your mind at ease, we cannot do that. For your narrow concept of time is just a tiny little crumb of this whole magnificent structure that we can tap into for our needs. And so, we will continue to frustrate you all by using words such as ”soon” and ”in the imminent future” and ”just around the corner”, and as you gnash your teeth once again, we can just reply that all is well, and it is indeed going according to plan. There is no need to worry, except perhaps that your patience will run out before we reach the timeframe we refer to as ”soon”.

In other words, everything is moving at warp speed, but to you, the ones who have to stand in this daily grind of mental and physical exertion, it will seem that everything has come to a screeching halt, and you will feel yourself getting heavier and less optimistic by the day. Again, we cannot fault any of you for this, for it is only to be expected. After all, you have come such a long way in such a short time, but to you, it will at times feel like you have not advanced one tiny bit. But please know that during times like these, when there is so much going on that you do not have any clear picture of but you feel it in your very bones that ”something is up”, you are not stalled in any way. You will feel very much left out of the loop because of this restriction of information, and we cannot fault you for getting more than a wee bit exasperated by this, but again we say trust us when we say that all is indeed being taken care of, and you are all doing just what you are meant to do. We will also like to say that this seeming blackout of information will soon (yes, that dreaded word again) lift, and many of you will start to find your voice again. In other words, the information that feels sorely missing at the moment will start to filter back in again, and you will feel the connection opening up, louder and clearer than at any time before.

So again we will conclude a message by saying keep breathing, and do what you have to do in order to help yourself to handle this growing feeling of frustration and exhaustion, and the best way is perhaps to make sure to stay connected to the rest of the ground crew for the duration of this intense period. In other words, when communication between the different dimensions seems to be at a minimum, connection between you and your fellow men must be at a premium. It may feel like a time for going into hiding and hibernating, but now more than ever do we advice you to reach out to each other in any way you can. That way, finding your own strength will be easier than if you insist on going completely solo as it were. You see, there is always strength in numbers, something last night’s collective event (The fourth Gathering around the Pond) hopefully managed to demonstrate. Again, deciding to participate in such a specific event is not necessary in order to reap any benefits, connecting with just one of your fellow brethern in some way will help you both to literally lift your spirits. So again we say open up to another fellow member of your enlightened clan, and know that your combined light will do you both a world of good.

Welcome to the fourth Gathering around the Pond, Sunday August 4

•August 2, 2013 • 169 Comments
Dear friends!

We have entered August, and even if July – at least for me – has been more eventful than most, I think we are in for another busy month. The energies continue to overwhelm us at times, and I think we all feel the need for some assistance to keep the balance now. And this Sunday, we get a new chance to get an extra boost, for then we have another Gathering coming up at 21:00 Oslo time. Here is what the CCs shared about it:

”As many of you have ascertained already, the pressure is starting to increase in so many ways. You may feel as if ready to explode one moment, for then, to feel as deflated as a punctured balloon. These phases will fluctuate, and as we touched upon in an earlier message, you will find it hard to maintain equlibrium during all of this. But let not this make you think that you are doing anything wrong, far from it, for these waves of energetic upheavals will make their mark on you all in some ways. So try to take them as they come, and know that no matter how high or how low you feel, there is nothing wrong in either.

For you will all feel as if you are stuck in an elevator at times, endlessly going up and down, with no apparent set course to follow. So the best you can do, is to just try to enjoy the ride. This may sound flippant, but we do assure you that we are not making a joke out of this, for we know that you are all suffering from some sort of malaise because of this. In other words, what we mean is that even if the symptoms from all of these energetic upheavals will be less than pleasant at times, they are in fact only signals that you are indeed moving forwards, even when you yourself feel barely able to crawl on your hands and knees.

These times are certainly more than challenging in so many ways, and even if you are amongst those who feel themselves in smoother waters at the moment, we think you will all find a way to benefit from the upcoming event that is scheduled for this Sunday. For then, you will all be given an opportunity to collectively connect to this vast and ever growing grid of energetic filaments that you have helped to create, and through this, you will find a way to ease off a bit from the daily upheavals that these high voltage doses of energy seem to deliver on a regular basis at the moment.

We know that this may sound like the last thing you would want to do, namely to engage with even more of these energetic messengers, but trust us when we say that if you do, we think you will all find a way to ease into these soothing and calm waters, and thereby get a welcome respite from all of the wild fluctuations that you are feeling the brunt of now. You see, the surface of this vast reservoir of energy is always calm and still, and so you can go for a dip or even a prolonged swim there safely in the knowledge that no sudden squall will appear that could threaten to inundate you. And under that surface, the energies that resides there are so powerful now, they will in effect help to keep you buoyant in even the hardest of winds.

In other words, if you do find the chance to be part of this collective event on Sunday, we think you will all feel how this underlayer of energetic support will seep into you, and it will do so whether you choose to connect on the same hour as the others, or if you choose another more opportune moment for you. You see, this huge ocean of supportive energy is always there, ready to be tapped into, and even if you decide to do it at your own pace, it will help you to stabilize yourself even during the most intense battering of the waves that may arrive later. For you see, this ocean of bliss as we like to call it is always there, but it is not only for resting, but also for recharging and rebalancing, and as you rest on the calm upper layer as it were, the deep layers will be the ones that will do the work. In other words, as you immerse yourself in this grid of loving light you will be held suspended and at ease while the whole of your being will get a much needed boost of balancing and recuperating energies to help you weather out any storm that may be ahead.

We know that to some, this may sound omnious, and you will start to search the horizon for any dark clouds already. But please know that we are not saying this in order to make your alarm bells go off in any way. We are just saying this in order to make you all remember that there is indeed a place to go whenever you feel the need for some energetic assistance in these already rather tempestuous times. And this Sunday, you have the opportunity to head for this sanctuary in the company of so many others, and the combined effect of so many ”swimmers” at the same time will make the experience for each and every one of you even more effective. So try to head for the shore and join in, even if it means only dipping your toe. For we do know that in these days of such intense waves, going for another swim in this energetic ocean will seem least likely to be on your list of things to do. But trust us when we say the effects will be far more pleasant than this daily commuting up and down the energetic elevator you are currently trapped within.”


I am looking forward to ease mysef into these calm waters and just BE. I will breathe deeply and slowly and let myself float there, allowing my body and mind to receive these balancing energies. There is still much work to do for us all, and in order to be better able to support each other, we must also remember to support ourselves. So I hope you will join me this Sunday, as we gather for another swim in this beautiful Pond.

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 04:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 03:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 04:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 05:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

The manuscript of survival – part 338

•July 31, 2013 • 83 Comments
Dear ones, you have been under the spell of this huge influx of energy for quite a while now, but still, some of you will struggle to find your balance in all of this shifting and rearranging. That is only to be expected, for as you all have your own indiviual setup, your physical body and indeed your emotional one will act accordingly. In other words, you might find yourself sailing in a slightly different direction than those around you at the moment, but do not let that worry you. For you will feel within just what is right and what is not, and there is no need to try to force yourself against the wind. Or in other words, even if many around you report much of the same, there is no cause for alarm if you feel yourself drifting off in a very different direction. For these winds will take you just where it is meant for you to go, and as such, as long as you follow your inner guidance, you too will find that safe harbour you seem to seek so futilely for at the moment.

For remember, you are all heading for port after a very, very long journey, but even if your destination is the same, the route getting there will vary according to what you bring to this whole operation. For you all carry different seeds to be sown, and just like Mother Nature, you need to spread your seeds where the conditions for them to grow are favourable. So again we say, all is well, and follow your gut feeling, as you like to call it. And know that whatever you do, it will indeed be beneficial, both in the short term, but mostly in the long term. For you are the sowers of the seeds of love, and these seeds must be spread far and wide, in all sorts of conditions and in all the directions of the compass. For some of you, most of your seeding will be done close to home, while for others, your work will perhaps start a little bit later, and will bring you even further afield. So again we say, your journey is like no one else’s, so do not make the mistake of panicking if you at times lose sight of your fellow travellers. For you are all moving towards that same goal, but you are doing so at slightly different angles.

So rest assured that whatever happens next, and wherever you might suddenly find yourself called to go – or to stay put – you are doing exactly what you are supposed to do, and you are doing so in the right location. For some, it will be a little like the busy bee, buzzing to and fro, never at rest, while for others, they will feel much more sedentary and even idle. But again we say, both of you will be doing the same job, but you will do it in the manner and at the speed that has been deemed as the perfect one for you. And the results will be the same, so no need to worry about not ”contributing” your part. For you are all giving everything you have to this, and we do mean that in a very literal sense, as it is your very presence on this planet in this phyiscal body that is ensuring the success of this whole endeavour. So again we thank you all, and we say to you keep sailing, and know that these winds, no matter how hard they blow or from what direction they come, will bring you to your designated port at the designated time.

A short update on the energies

•July 29, 2013 • 110 Comments
Beloved friends!

I am home again from my journey to the mountains, but I find it difficult to find a way to try to describe all that has happened while I was there. All I can say, is that it is a very, very different person who is sitting here today. For I left the old ”me” behind while I was up there, and I even know exactly where and when it was I literally walked away from the old energetic imprint that used to be me.

Change never comes easy, and for me, it has been accompanied with a whirlwind of emotions. Sadness, even a feeling of mourning for what I am leaving behind, and a deep, deep sense of gratitude and love for the overwhelming connection I have felt with All of creation, to the point of BEing one with the gnarled birch outside the cabin, feeling the wind rustling my leaves, and sensing how the sun warmed up the side of the mountain. I have never felt so vulnerable, and at the same time never felt as powerful as during these days, and it is still difficult to find a continuous balance in all of this.  

I have started to read through all that you have shared here in this space while I was away, and I know I am not the only one who has been through a very intense period. At least the Universe has given me a chance to just BE in these energies, for I had to sit with my foot up for the last three days of my vacation because of an injured toe. My toe is healing well, and I know it was for a good reason that I needed to stay put and just concentrate on the energies and try to digest all that has happened.

This process is not over, and this Sunday we have a new Gathering coming up. I have a feeling that these new energies that so many of us have worked with during the first part of this summer will play a major part in that. This morning, I got a new message from the CCs about what is going on now:

”For now, much has been liberated that has been held captive for so long, and so, it is indeed time for you all to start to tap into a whole new resevoar of energy and information. The energies that have been set free during the course of these last two weeks will soon have an impact on you all. We know that many of you have noticed this already, in the form of a physical resonace within your body in ways that you have not been able to acknowledge earlier. But now, you will indeed feel this activity continue to increase, and even if it may at times feel slightly uncomfortable in some ways, at least in the beginning, you will all soon get used to this. And please know that these reverberations that you feel resounding within you is nothing to fear, as they are only signals of activity of a very benign nature. So think of yourselves as tuning forks that are being struck, in order to make this whole planet of yours starting to tune into the same frequency as yours.

For you are indeed wayshowers in all manners and forms, and this time, you will literally set the tune for everyone else to follow. You act as instruments for this new set of energetic vibrations, and you are ringing out in harmony with everyone else that has been attuned to the same level as you. And together, you make up a truly heavenly choir that will make everyone else sit up and listen more closely. They might not be aware of doing so themselves, for at the beginning, it will be their subconsciousness that will start to seek entrainment with the distant voices it hears coming at it from so many different angles. So again we say, all is well, and you are all well on your way of completing such a major change, it will indeed be like being rebirthed through and through. So keep breathing, and know that for every breath you take, you make sure that the voice that you carry within will get all the fuel it needs to continue to sing out as clearly as it already is doing. For it is only through your physical body that these notes from heaven can be heard by the masses, and as such, you must not forget to thank this physical host of yours that is so generously hosting this essence that you call YOU.”

I want to thank each and every one of you for what you continue to bring to this space. The importance of this Pond of love and light has become more and more clear to me through all of this, and I know that it will continue to grow – just like we are all growing and evolving and helping to spread these energies far and wide. It is wonderful to be back home with you, dear family of light :-) !

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha


As above, so below

The story behind the pictures

•July 24, 2013 • 171 Comments
Dear friends!
This is probably the last opportunity I have to log on to my blog before I get home late on Saturday, and I was woken very early this morning and guided to share the story behind the pictures 2, 3 and 4 that I posted in ”A short update from me – part 2”. The pictures were taken during what turned out to be the ”main event” as the CCs call it on our trip to the mountains, and they have told me it is important that you know the full story.

These pictures were taken at lake Gjende, and it is a spot my sister and I have been guided to go to again and again. Every time we visit this part of Norway, we are always drawn to this place at least once, and every time, something very powerful happens.

But after the last time we went there, we were actually convinced that we would not even come back to this area at all. For that was on July 21, 2011, and the next day, a terrorist exploded a bomb in Oslo and then shot and killed 69 youth at a summer camp at Utøya island. It was such a horrendous day, and the memories from it were so strongly associated with us being here, we did not think we could face going back here ever again.

So when we realized that we were actually guided to return this year, and even during the same time period, we knew that sooner or later the time would come for us to revisit that powerful place. And Monday morning, July 22, I woke up and knew that the time had come for us to do so. But when I told my sister this, she said that she was not going with me. She had been through a profound personal transformation that night, and she could not face going anywhere. So it was decided that I was to go in there alone, and she would stay behind and anchor the energies in the cabin, on the other side of the mountains.

I packed the crystals and jumped into the car. It is about 30 minutes drive and an hours’ hike to get to this spot from where we are staying, and usually it is a wonderful trip. But not this time. I felt like I had a giant hand pushing me in the back, urging me on. In addition, the weather had changed drastically over the weekend, it was hot with little wind, and the mosquitoes were relentless. I remember thinking ”this had better be important”, and I was wondering just what to do when I got there. The insects ruled out any form of meditation or lenghty ceremony, so I decided to just bring the crystals down to the water and dip them in. (That is when I took picture number 2.)

I quickly realized that this was not enough, and that the reason I had brought the large quartz, was to offer it up to the lake. I knew that my sister needed to be a part of this, so I called her up and told her what I wanted to do. She had been meditating back at the cabin, so she was not surprised at all by my decision. I asked her to strike the tibethan singing bowl I had left with her, and when she did that, I let that crystal fly out of my hand and out into the lake. When it hit the surface, I broke out into deep sobs, and my sister did the same. It took some time before either of us could speak, and the powerful emotional response took us both by surprise.

I looked at the time, and it was 11.57, and I found out later that the memorial service for the terrorist’s victims from the Oslo bombing and the Utøya shootings started at exactly 12.00 that same day. Releasing emotions from that awful day two years ago was a part of this, but as the CCs told me, the crystal I released into that lake was doing so much more. ”It is sinking down through layer after layer of murkiness, throwing its light into all of them as it continues down, sparking off a reaction at every layer” they told me later. And as I wrote in my last post, this was closure, but also an initiation, for I know that this crystal is acting as a powerful release on the hidden layers of energy that resides in the whole area between that lake and the cabin we are staying in. And now that crystal is helping to set it all free, and this energy is also starting to connect with the energy grid we have created here at the Pond. I think many of you can feel this already, and I know that this was the reason I was guided to take those photos after I had released that crystal, and to post them here.

I thank you all from my heart, for I know I was not alone on that powerful occasion. You were all there with me, and our combined energies have been instrumental in unlocking this deep reservoar of pristine energy. For now, ”the mountains have once again started to roar” as the CCs told my sister, and they will add their strength to this circle of love and light, making it an ever more powerful instrument for change.

With much love and eternal gratitude from me, Aisha


I was standing on one of the rocks to the right when I released the crystal into the lake.

A short update from me – part 2

•July 23, 2013 • 50 Comments
Dear friends!

These last 48 hours have been like nothing I have ever experienced before. I cannot find the words to describe what has happened, so I will post some of the pictures I have taken during that time. I think you will all connect with these same energies as I have, and I know you have also been touched by all of this in a very profound way. It has been a time for closure, but also a time for initiation, a time for sadness, but also for rejoicing, and it has left me with a deep, deep feeling of love and gratitude and awe. This journey is not over for any of us, but I know we have all passed through a new door and into a wide open space of possibilites. What a blessing it is to be able to explore this brand new space in the company of you, my beloved family of light!

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha







A short update from me

•July 20, 2013 • 82 Comments
Dear friends!

These days and nights here in the mountains have been intense in so many ways, but as the CCs have told me, it is only a ”warm up” to what we have coming up in the last week of our stay here. I knew I was being sent here together with my sister for a very special reason, and I have received many messages this week that have confirmed this. One part of this journey is a very personal one, for it has been a deep reconnection with myself, a profound re-alignment of my higher self and my physical body. It is difficult to describe in words just how transformative this continues to be, but I have a feeling that many of you are going through much of the same as me now.

The other part of this journey is all about working with the energies in this area. I have been drawn to this place many times during the last 15- 20 years, and I have always known that there is something aside from the beauty of the nature here that has such a powerful effect on me. We have been told earlier that this is indeed an ”energetic hub” of some kind that has been lying dormant for a very, very long time. The CCs have describe it as a huge reservoar of light that has been kept hidden under a thin crust of low density energy, and that we are helping to release all of this now by bringing our energy here and literally walking on the land. So every day, we are being sent to a new place to go hiking, sometimes for hours. It is very beautiful here, so it is a wonderful place to ”work”, but in some areas the energy is so intense it literally makes us feel faint. And we have not been sent to the most powerful area yet, that is still to come, so I know we have some very interesting hikes ahead of us… I am posting a picture I took of the view from our cabin last night, perhaps it can give you a little taste of the powerful energies we are immersed in here.




The CCs have confirmed that I will not get any new messages for The manuscript until after I return home again, and so I will continue to stay more or less ”offline” the next week or so. Until then, know that you are all very much a part of this journey, and I thank each and every one of you for what you bring to this wonderful circle of light and love.

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

The manuscript of survival – part 337

•July 16, 2013 • 84 Comments
As we have talked about earlier, these times will be somewhat frustrating for some, while they will be more than eventful for others. And we do mean that in a positive way, as doors have started to open for so many of you by now. And what hides behind these doors? Well, let us just say that there are things there you used to know, but that have been lost in obscurity for a very long time. But now, it is time to bring it out in the open. So even if this time of the year may be construed as a time for relaxation, it will not be so for all. For you will find yourself cramming anew, like an eager student restarting school after a prolonged period of inertia.

So rest assured that although you might find yourself very busy, you will also find that this activity will bring with it so much joy. For you are not made to just lounge about dear ones, even if that is what many of your fellow men are enjoying the most at this time of the year. No, you long for expansion in all sorts of ways, and you will find yourselves pushing the envelope in every direction. For you are hungry for knowledge in a way that perhaps you have never felt before, and so, you will find information and tidbits in the most unexpected of places. For the more you open up to this, the more you will find manifesting on all sides. And the more you drink of this well of knowledge, the thirstier you will all become.

And rightly so, for this is just the beginning of this re-education of mankind, and what you have seen so far are only the tiniest crumbs, much like those left in order to show you the way ahead. For this is just to wetten your appetite, and to help you to start looking forward in a very new way. So take time to look around you, so as not to miss out on any of these sweet tasting morsels that may lie about unnoticed by the general populace. For you will find sustenance where others fail to see anything of value at all, and as such, you can truly call this a quest for undiscovered treasures.

The manuscript of survival – part 336

•July 14, 2013 • 77 Comments
The tides have turned, and once again so much flotsam and jetsam is being churned up in its wake. This will not be news to any of you, and this will not come as a surprise either. For the energy pushes and pulls on everything now, and it will continue to do so. But at the same time, it is also starting to light up corners that previously seemed lost in the shadows, and this will entail some rather interesting discoveries for you all. For what the light enhances, is not the dark places, rather, it is those places of truth and learning that has not been available before. And this, the increased light, will make many an interesting discovery start to seep out into the open. Some of it will be on a personal level, while other things will become apparent to the general public.

So as this summer progresses, much will have to be taken into consideration yet again, and many of you will start to quarry for hidden talents that you will start to feel the presence of within. For remember, you have all come here laden with so much knowledge, but for reasons you have all become rather familiar with, that knowledge has been safely tucked away until the time is right for it to be revealed again. Mankind have a long story of mismanaging the resources they have been given, both of the material but also of the more immaterial kind, and the outcome from all of this is easy to see around you. Therefore, there will be those amongst you who will hesitate to start to reopen these halls of wisdom, for you fear that once again, this knowledge will be misused.

That is easy to understand, for you have all in some way been a part of previous episodes where the outcome was a far, far less beneficial one. But this time, you need not fear the powers of knowledge any more. For this time, we can guarantee you that the knowledge will stay as pure as it is, and it cannot be corrupted in any way. For this time, everyone involved in this have learned their lessons. These lesson have come at a high price for many of you, hence you reluctance to travel down that same road once more. But believe us when we say that this time, here is no danger in opening up that hidden door within that leads to the halls of everlasting knowledge, for this time, you all come armed with something that will help this knowledge stay pure and unpolluted by greed, fear and manipulation.

So step forth boldly in the knowledge that whatever you find, can only be used for the common good of all. It is there, meant to to be used to lift all of mankind out from the grip of the threatening abyss, and as such, the more you are willing to step into your role as a wayshower, the more power this knowledge will have on you all.

So again we say, be bold and inquisitive, and start to turn over every stone you encounter, lest there should lie some hidden answers there. For this is indeed a quest for information, and this information will be served up in so many shapes and forms, so please feel free to help yourself to it in the most generous of portions.

The manuscript of survival – part 335

•July 11, 2013 • 141 Comments
Mankind have set their sights on the stars a very long time ago, and since then, you have struggled and toiled to try to find any answers hidden in that intriguing matrix you see glittering above you on the firmament. Some of these secrets have been divulged to you already, but they are merely scratches on the surface in every way. For you have already send your little mechanical emissaries far from home, and they are busy crawling around collecting data and images in so many ways, but what they all depict, are barren wastelands devoid of life. So you hanker to go further, and you invest many an hour searching for that ever elusive ”life in space” as you like to call it. Burt where can it be found, and how can you even contemplate connecting with it? The answers to all of these questions are of course slightly different for people such as you, for not only are you already aware that mankind is not the only living intelligent being existing in All of creation, you know you are simply one amongst such a colorful multitude, it will put your head in a spin simply trying to figure it all out.

For what you see, is not all that you get, at least not yet. For what you see, is simply the topmost layer of a deeply embedded mesh of intricate dimensional stuctures, and each and every layer of this structure is literally teeming with life in all sorts of forms. But what you can see, or rather, what the majority of mankind can see, is just the icing on the cake as it were. But now, slowly but surely, these inner layers will start to come into sight, as one by one, you will all start to see beyond this outer skin and further afield than you have even thought possible.

For the vastness of Creation is such, it is indeed impossible to take it all in in one go. So again, you will be led step by step towards discovering what lies beyond and indeed underneath what you can fathom today. You will all have had some sort of ”taste” of all of these new and exciting flavours of the unknown, but they will be more indistinc and perhaps in something you like to refer to as a vision or dream. For trust us when we say that you have all visited the unknown many a time already, as you are no stranger there, nor are we strangers to you, but it has been conducted in a very discrete way.

But now, this kind of activity will start to amplify in all sorts of ways. And no, we hasten to add, this will not entail so called flying saucers being paraded on your news. We talk of more individual encounters, where you each will start to feel the closeness of ”someone else” in a more profound way than before. We say this in order to prepare you all for a slight increase in odd dreamtime activity, and to help you to get ready for this by consciously starting to open yourself more to these ”nightly encounters”. And do not think you will be inundated with unwanted visitors at all hours, this is not a form of Hollywood production in any way, full of drama and disclosure. No, this is a much more intimate kind of reunion, where you will each be set up to meet your tutors.

For that is really what this is all about, a chance to start to interact on a one on one basis in a way that will bring about many an interesting ”discussion”, and we think you will all start to have quite a few aha-moments in the time ahead. So prepare to be taken for a trip behind the scenes as it were, and  know that it will manifest itself in all sorts of ways, and perhaps not as easy to interpret or even remember at first. Again, we will do this in increments, and you will all be guided closely throughout it all. Thank you, that will be all from us at this stage, but we are all looking forward to a more personal interaction with you all.


The manuscript of survival – part 334

•July 9, 2013 • 100 Comments
You are tired and perhaps more than a little flustered we gather, as you have all been through a rather intense few days. Let us just give you all a little heads up as to what went down on Sunday during the Gathering, as we think you will all find some comfort in knowing that the energies you provided to the rest of humanity will be very much welcome indeed. For you have all been working so hard on behalf of us all, and as we mentioned, what you help bring down to Earth is something that will be of immense importance not just to all persons residing there, but also to All of Creation. We know this might elicit some frowns of disbelief, but as the old saying goes as above, so below, and indeed vice versa. For nothing that exists anywhere in this universe and beyond exists as a solitary island, and even if you many times will feel like you are stranded on a small orb slowly drifting out there in the pitch black darkness of space, you are not lost or alone no matter how lonesome you will feel at times.

For you are all so deeply connected, not just to each other, but also to the rest of Creation, so every step you take will have some effect on the whole. And you are making so much progress for us all by the way that you are acting as these transmitters of light on this little blue marble of a planet. For this small island in this vast ocean of space plays a major role in everything, and as we have talked about earlier, much interest is invested in the rebirth of this creation.

For the birth of this planet way back was only the beginning of a very, very long journey. A journey not only for mankind, but also for every civilization that at some point has had their emissares on the surface of this planet. For as you know very well by now, mankind is not an isolated creation in a lifeless ocean. No, mankind is simply one very special creation amongst a sea of other intelligent lifeforms that exists in every corner of this unending grid of light. You have yet to see these other fellow beings, and even if many of you have found a way to communicate across the borders as it were, you are still very much left feeling as if you are in fact all alone in this biosphere.

But again, you are not alone, and you never have been, and you all carry the seeds from home that have now been watered and have started to grow within. And so, you will feel the calling from the outside, and you will know deep within that even if you do have a human outside, you also harbour much wisdom and intelligence within that originates from a very different place. And so, what you all do while you are playing your human part is actually much more imporant than just the effects it has on the so-called human society. For what you help bring down to this planet by your willingness to be these living conveyors of light will help us all reach even further and higher than ever before. For you are not only saving yourselves by lifting your own level of vibration to new heights again and again, you are also lifting so many others along with you. Your fellow men, of course, but also the rest of us, as you are putting the finishing touches to an endeavor no one have seen the likes of. So as you learn, we also see new truths emerging, and we can use that to refuel your flight even more so.

This will sound that we are in some ways walking just as blindfolded as you on this journey, but nothing could be further from the truth. For we do know what we are doing here as we stand by your side every step of the way. But what happens when the plan is put into action as it were is also a revelation to us. For you are indeed pushing the limits in so many ways, you are educating us alongside with yourselves, and as such, this endeavor is increasing in effect and in magnitude daily.

So let us just return shortly to what you have just been through, for that was indeed a perfect example in point. We gather that for many, the actual event may not have been as gratifying as you might have hoped for in the way of clarity or information during the time you connected, but do not let that lure you into thinking that you did not ”succeed” in your efforts to connect. For as we said, you do not have to DO something, all you have to do is BE, and that is something you can not help but BE. In other words, you are already working up a storm by the very fact that you have surrendered yourself to this energetic grid a long time ago, and as such, your endeavors will be fully on par with those that can report many interesting insights from their own sojourn into this space beyond space. For you have all been to the same place as you have all been connected to the same grid, and so, your contribution will be no less valuable than the ones who can give a detailed report of all that took place while they took the same journey as you did. For you all went home, to put it in another way, and what you helped to bring back down to Earth with you, is in no way determined by your own image of it. For you have all become super conductors by now, and the amount of energy that was pulsed out from each and every one of you and into the Earth grid was by no means puny.

We know this will perhaps bring little consolation to those who felt they missed out on something, but again, perception is not reality, as what we saw during all of this was nothing short of breathtaking. It was as if a fire slowly started to spread all over your globe, as one by one you all opened yourselves up to act as amplifiers for what you managed to take in from the collective grid. And what you poured out from your hearts has already started to touch millions of other hearts, and one by one these waves of living light will start to dissolve even the hardest of resistance.

So once again we thank you all for the beautiful work you do, and know that you are bringing mankind and indeed the rest of Creation a very big step forwards by the very fact that you wake up every day, living and breathing the very light that you help to deliver to everyone else around you.

Welcome to the third Gathering around the Pond, Sunday July 7

•July 6, 2013 • 138 Comments
Dear friends!

The time is stretching and bending, and it is diffcult to keep track of the days, but tomorrow (Sunday 7) we have another Gathering coming up at 21:00 Oslo time. I know I am not the only one who have felt the ”heat” of this summer already, but I also know that many of you can testify that under all of this pressure, the love continues to pour in. The energies have been intense, and the effect from them have touched us all. We can also see signs that many others are starting to register that ”something” is going on, and I think that the Gathering this time will help to send these energies of change even further afield. This is what the CCs shared about this upcoming event:

”You are fast approaching another momentous day, namely the day for the next Gathering, so let us just give you an update on that. For by now, you have all gotten used to tuning into this grid of energetic filaments that you have all been instrumental in setting up. And you will all have had your own individual experience of just how this grid can be of help in so many ways. It is indeed both a safety net, but also a way of recharging not only yourself, but also those in your vicinity.

For as you change, the whole world changes with you, and now, as you have all managed to successfully become One with this beautiful energetic lattice, you will also help to empower those that surround you in so many ways. For this in not only for your benefit dear ones, even if you do deserve every extra benefit there is after all of your hard work. No, this lattice of love is for everyone on this planet, and this time, the Gathering will be utilized to make these outward ripples become even more visible to you all. For this time, you will not only be the receiver, but also the transmitter of this beauteous energy, and you will feel yourself becoming a hub of energetic activity that will be beamed out and into so many around you.

Do not think you have to do something special to make this happen, for you have in effect already been these beacons of love for a very long time, but now we will start to make use of your abilities even more than before. So just think of yourselves as these beneficial beacons, straddling your world, sending out bursts of love as far as your eyes can see and beyond. For you are spread out over a vast area of this planet’s surface, and together, your combined effect will reach such a multitude of people it would boggle your minds just trying to get that figure into your heads.

So again we thank you all for being what you are and for doing what you do. Again, you DO just by BEing, so we thank you all on behalf of All of creation, as we stand beside you all and applaud your continuous efforts to lift the spirits of everyone that resides on this beautiful blue planet called Earth. You are the wayshowers, but on Sunday, you will also be literally showering light upon the populace of this planet, and we cannot thank you enough for what you bring to your world and to us all.”

Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 04:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 03:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 04:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 05:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

And remember, you do not need to connect at this exact time in order to be a part of this Gathering. All you have to do, is to find a time to sit down and connect with this energy with the intention of becoming a ”beneficial transmitter” of it.



This is the “Pond” I am planning to gaze upon when I sit down for my meditation on Sunday.


I am still at my parents’ home in the southern part of Norway, and if the weather holds out, I will be sitting down by the sea during my meditation. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the loving support you have given me and my family this last week. I am happy to report that my father is doing very well now, he is back home and he seems to have recovered completely. I hope this Gathering will be just like the CCs say it will be, an opportunity for me to give back by helping to send out this amazing energy to all that are in need for the support it can give during this time of transition.

With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

The manuscript of survival – part 333

•July 4, 2013 • 72 Comments
As the days go by and you are all exposed to the increased velocity of the incoming energies, you will find how door after door seem to be flung open. Some of these doors are doors that have been hidden from view within, while other doors are more out in the open, and these doors concern things not associated to you, but to the world at large. So again we say the time for change is indeed in full swing, and you will all be touched by this in some way. For as the velocity increases, the perceived ferocity of all of this will for many also become apparent. And we do not mean this in any negative way, rather as in a force of nature that is relentless once it has started to march towards completion. For as we have touched upon earlier, the light cannot be stopped now, and no matter how hard one tries to bar the door, the lock has been opened and there is no way to hold back the changes that come a-knocking now.

Many will be able to testify to this already, as it takes courage to stand up in the storm force winds of change that are making their mark on so much now. And courage is something you have all shown yourselves to have in abundance. Of course, at times the courage may seem to have gone into hiding, but underneath all of this hue and cry you will all be able to find a way to connect with that ironclad core of steel that you have as support now. For you are no longer like those who have build their house on sand. You have torn down the old flimsy structures you used as supports, and you have changed them with girders of stuff that is stronger than steel, and as such, you will know that nothing can topple you now.

Still, there will be instances when you also migh feel less than secure in this knowledge, and as always, reaching out to others like you will be of great help. For you need to remind yourselves that you are no longer the same person you used to be. You have changed so much during these last months, it is as if you have almost changed identity completely. On the outside, nothing much will have changed, but we venture to guess you have all gotten to know the real you a far bit better over the course of the last weeks. And this will only continue, and you will get even more familiar with the real you over the next couple of days. So make sure to take time to do just that, no matter what these days and nights will bring, for it is important not to lose sight of the core issue here. For you are first and foremost on a mission to reconnect with every layer that you have collected within this outer human layer, and they might be more than you are currently aware of.

So do not get too distracted by any outside, or indeed internal hullabaloo, lest you should lose track of your path to full reconnection. It may seem that you have finished this journey, but we think you will find that whenever you have completed another level of this exploration game, you can feel sure that there are even more treasures to unearth. For this is indeed a treasure hunt for all intents and purposes, and what you will find, will not only bring you much joy, it will also be of immense help to this whole planet. So seek, and ye shall find, and what you find will be more precious to you than all the riches the richest amongst you have amassed in any other way. For it is all within, but it is larger than expected, so get ready to be blown away by the magnitude of it all.

The manuscript of survival – part 332

•July 2, 2013 • 155 Comments
As many of you have ascertained already, things are certainly starting to heat up this summer, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. Much is swirling around you all in the form of not only energetic emissions, but also the outcome from all of these injections of light. For the light never comes empty handed as it were, as it will always have a profound effect on all that it touches on its way. So too this time, as has been amply proven already.

We gather you will all have been profoundly touched by these energetic emissions already, and much has once again been brought up to the surface. Not only in you, but in people around you as well. And even if you have all by now been thouroughly exposed to the effects of all of this and you will in some ways have gotten used to it, it will still be hard to keep your focus and indeed your balance throughout these periods of upheaval. For that is truly what so much of this will be seen as, and as we have already touched upon, it can in many ways be described as a period of chaos, but as a creative chaos. For there is indeed a distinction between what many will perceive as chaotic upheavals, and what is actually underneath it all. For the temptation to view this as a form of breakdown or destruction may be strong, but remember, this is not about destruction, this is all about rebuilding.

But as we have talked about over and over again, mankind has been reprogrammed to view any form of change as something to be avoided, and as such, a lot of fear is already starting to emerge. And we do not think we are far off the mark if we venture to guess that this fear is something you have all been exposed to in one way or the other over this last period. Again, it is always important to remember that as you have all become so open by now by connecting to not only yourselves but also to this infinite grid, you will pick up signals in a way that is much more powerful than before. In other words, even the subtlest of hints can be construed as an alarm going off somewhere, so we do urge you all to remember to step back a little every time you sense this feeling of alarm going off within. For you are in most cases merely picking up a message being exuded from the collective, and even if you can literally feel it within your body, it is not something that actually belongs to you. You are merely picking up other people’s distress signals, but they can be easily be misconstrued as your own.

So again we say, keep breathing and stay focused, and try to disconnect yourself a little bit from all of the emotions swirling around you. We know it is not easy at times, for it can be more than a little overpowering, so we do urge you to seek refuge with your fellow men whenever you can. The best cure for all of these energetic upheavals is as always to seek within, and even more important, remember to connect with this grid of souls that you are all a part of. It can be difficult to do so in the heat of it all, but that is when you all need it the most. The waters of this Pond will quench any thirst and any burning heat of fear, so make sure that you seek refuge here whenever you feel the need to do so. And no, this is not running away from anything, this is merely a way of seeking shelter from the scalding outpouring of old dross that will ensue from so many others out there who are still standing fully exposed under the fierce midday sun. But you have found your refuge, and you have all been instrumental in setting it up by allowing yourselves to become ONE with these soothing energies. So never resist the urge to gather here in any way you can. It will not only bring you solace, but it will be of immense help to all of those still feeling trapped out in the searing heat of change.

The manuscript of survival – part 331

•June 30, 2013 • 81 Comments
The times ahead may be construed as chaotic for many, but as you have been told before, chaos does not need to entail fear. You have been taught well dear ones, as you have managed to wrestle yourselves away from the old prison of fear and started to breathe the air of freedom of choice. For that is what all of this is really about: to stay within the confines defined by the society that you live amongst, or to start to set out on the road defined by your willingness to go above and beyond the limitations stipulated for all the so-called normal human beings on this beautiful planet of yours.

You have already gotten a taste of what this freedom of choice can give you, in the manner of connecting not only with the truest parts of yourself, but also with others who adhere to the same idea of enlightenment in all of its forms. So we know this will not come as a surprise to you when we say that freedom also comes with a whole net set of challenges, as it means not being able to always follow someone else’s paths. For you are indeed trailblazers in every way, and as such, you have learned to trust your own instincts whenever you come across a fork in the road leading off into unknown territory. For where others would choose the well-travelled road, you have again and again dared to push aside the bushes covering up the other, less defined paths and dared to stride forth in that direction.

And you have done this again and again, found your own path, well separated from the highway that others have instinctively chosen whenever they have come across this same fork in the road. And now, there will be many people around you finding themselves in the same situation, as they for the first time will actually become aware that they too have a choice, and they will see that there is indeed another path running off this highway they have more or less unconsciously been following their whole life. And thanks to you, they will see that this less obtrusive path have been travelled by others before them, and as such, their choice will be less difficult than the choices you have all had to make. For you went into unchartered territory again and again, while they will all have your footsteps to follow.

And as you are the ones taking the lead, you too will also find yourselves at a new fork in the road, and this time, we think you all will have a strong inkling to ponder which direction to take. For you can choose to continue onwards and forwards, or you can choose to backtrack your steps, for this time, the challenge of choosing might seem a little bit more daunting than usual. We are not implying that anything catastrophic is looming on the horizon, far from it. Rather, we are saying that you will all encounter a point on this journey where the awesomeness of what you see waiting ahead might seem a little bit too overwhelming at first.

So again we say, you will once again find strength in numbers, and know that even if that shimmering glow of greatness ahead might lead you to feeling once again less than worthy to step forwards and be acknowledged, you are all more than capable of accepting this challenge too. And remember, you are all bound together by these glowing filaments of light, so even if you feel less than ready to take another step up as it were, know that you are all supported not only by each other, but also by this infinite web of light. So when you find yourself standing at this crossroads, unsure as to whether you are bold enough to continue on towards that glimmering light, do not be afraid to say so. You will not be thought less of, far from it, for we know that the greatness that awaits you can seem more than a little bit daunting. You are made of the same stuff as stars dear ones, but still, you might feel more like brittle little starfish on the beach. So again we say, reach out to each other and comfort those that needs to be comforted, steady the ones that seem a little unsteady, and together, you will all be far better equipped to step bodly forth towards your destination.

The manuscript of survival – part 330

•June 28, 2013 • 66 Comments
You have by now started to source into more and more information, dear ones. Not only from your own physical body, but also further afield. For some, these revelations have been very interesting indeed, but for others, they have not yet registered on their radar so to speak.

Let us explain. As we have talked about earlier, as you have all managed to lessen your load so much from all of the old dross that literally used to clog up your channels, now the time for input has finally arrived. In other words, things will start to seep into your consciousness now, even information regarding subjects you had no idea you had any knowledge about at all. Things will start to pop up on the horizon, and once again, it will be a little bit like finding an unexpected piece to a puzzle in a very unexpected place. Of course at first, much of this will seem to be random bits of information without any clear definition to it, but it will come. For remember, it is perhaps not meant to be that you are the one that will get the complete picture.

For this is indeed also a lesson in connecting, and this time it will be all about connecting the dots regarding information. For you will discover something that might fill in the gap in someone else’s “story” as it were, and vice versa. In other words, the treasure hunt has just started, and now, we venture to guess you will all start to find some very interesting bits and pieces of information surfacing up into your daily lives. They may come in the form of an image, a tune, some words or other forms of description. So again, keep your eyes, ears and yes – mind open, and see what you will “stumble across”. And do not forget to share it with others, as your little seemingly innocuous piece might be the one crucial missing part in someone else’s hugely important structure.

The manuscript of survival – part 329

•June 26, 2013 • 78 Comments
We would like to delve a little further into the recent energetic upgrades you have all been through. And, as we mentioned earlier, these missives of information are not only affecting you, but they will continue to affect everyone around you in one way or the other. As you are all well versed in these phenomena by now, you are all very familiar with the effects this will have on your physical setup, in the way of nausea, aches and pains. For some, this will seem to have intensified lately, while for others, these waves seem to subside as fast as they arrive. However, there might be a way to lessen your symptoms somewhat. But in order for us to explain this, we need to go back to the actual effect of all of these missives, and the reason for them being beamed into you in the first place.

For as you know, they are not set up in order to make you feel weak and unable to function, but to many, this will seem to be the only effect they have, and so all of this will be looked upon as nothing more than a nuisance and a bother. However, underneath all of this creaking and groaning from your body, there is something far more interesting going on. But again, the symptoms from it will mask this very well unless you are able to tune into the inner layer as it were, and disregard all of these signals of distress. For even if your body will sound and feel like it is very perturbed and even irritated, it is in fact going full steam ahead with these waves of informational energy, and it is doing its best to keep going ahead evey time it gets some new ”orders” from this information. For this is not only about ”retuning”, this is in fact all about ”rebuilding” yourself, and much of this work is going on in your neural pathways. For the whole command structure to call it that, or rather, your communication structure, is what is getting a huge tune up these days, and as such, the usual pathways of information that you already have within are apt to be more than a little confused, hence, the syptoms of irritation and distress.

Let us explain. As you know, the physical body you inhabit is a very complex structure indeed, and not even your scientists have figured out a way to completely explain every process that is going on within you in detail. For this whole structure is infinitely more complex than any structure you yourselves have constructed, and even the most advanced kind of your computers is no match for the intelligence you have in just one single cell of your body. For just within that single cell, there is so much information stored and so many complex processes going on at all times, it is enough to keep many a scientists busy trying to figure it all out. And in between them, the billions of cells in your body have so many stories to tell, not only about each and every individual, but most of all about the way they all talk to each other. For remember, there is a huge conversation going on within you each and every day, as not one single cell in your body is working alone. They are all a part of this immense fine-tuned orchestra, and they need to connect so that they can stay fine-tuned at all times, no matter what external circumstances that might arise. For remember, you live a very complex life in a very complex world, and as such, the signals that enter your body in so many ways will all add their voice to this internal choir. So yes, you are walking around within something that is truly a marvel, and now, this marvel will only increase as your body is going through such a metamorphosis it will be hard to comprehend.

You have perhaps all heard about how a human brain uses only a small percentage of its capacity. Well, not only is your brain starting to unfold its full abilities now, but also the rest of your body. And what this will entail, is this; you are not only becoming more ”intelligent” in your mental capacity, as in being able to access fields of knowledge and feats of abilities hidden up until now, now your phsyical body will start to do the same. In other words, this inner dialogue will incrase in not only speed, but also in complexity to a level that far surpasses the old one. And what will this mean? This will simply mean that your body will be far, far better to respond and adjust to anything that might arise, and it will in effect become super adept at fixing itself and at keeping itself in ”ship shape” as they say, in a manner that far surpasses the mode it has been in up until now.

In addition, the more immaterial part of you, that is the YOU that inhabits this outer physical layer, will become capable of literally having a conversation with this physical layer in way that simply was not possible before. Remember, the two of you are literally a ”match made in heaven” as we have talked about earlier, and now, you will be able to start to understand what we mean by that. For as the higher aspects of you have now started to literally ”move in ” to this physical body, the two of you need to get to know each other, and so, you have to start to have a conversation. And what do we mean by that? We literally mean that YOU have to start to talk to your body, and your body will also have to learn to listen to you. Remember, we have talked much about the importance of heeding the signals your body is giving you, but now, your body also needs to start to listen to your wisdom.

We hasten to add that this does not in any way mean that you must completely disregard any signals of distress your body is giving you. No, what we mean by this is that you need to talk to your body about it. And yes, we do mean that in a very literal way. For remember, your body is also very new to this, as it has been used to function in the same way forever. But now, when so many new pathways and possibilites start to open, they can be easy to overlook, also for your body. So that is why we describe this as a teamwork to be carried out both by YOU and by your body, and in order for this to start to take place, the two of you need to start to communicate even more.

And this brings us back to where we started, namely the physical manifestations from all of these energetic downloads in the form of symptoms that will arise. Remember, the body has in many ways been programmed to react in a certain way to stimuli, and it will continue to do so even when the opportunity arises to react in a brand new way. For that is how this physical vehicle has been set up. In order to optimize the output, it has learned to make use of patterns, as in setting up a sequence of actions that will be followed automatically every time something is instigated, either by will or as a rule. In other words, your body will conserve energy by setting up loops that will come into effect every time a similar situation arises. That is how you ”learn” the things you do in your life, like walking, talking, writing – anything that is habitual. It is a set pattern, and the same setup of cells are set into motion automatically.  But now, you have all been given access to a whole new set of possibilities, so you and your body must in effect ”retrain” yourselves to respond in a new way. We do not mean that you need to start from scratch as it were in everything, but you must realize that this means that there are many set patterns within your body that needs to be reassessed. And to start with the easiest one, we suggest you start with the notion that every time the energies increases, your body will ”need” to react in a certain way, whether that be with headaches, back aches, nausea or what have you.

It might sound complicated, but we suggest you do it the easy way by literally TALKING to your body. You might choose to do this silently, or you might choose to say it out loud, but what we suggest you do, is simply to start having a conversation with your body. And no, it is not in the form of criticism or rebuke, that is not a good idea. Remember, your body only wants what is good for you, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. Your body is doing all it can to protect the YOU within, and as such, every action it takes is taken with a good intention. The effects it will have may not always be positive, as you all know. However, now the time has come for you to ”sit down with your body” and give it some pep talk. It might sound strange, ridiculous even, but trust us, it will have some rather interesting effects.

Remember, the body is your ally, not your enemy, so even if the signals it is sending out may be more than a little irritating, even debilitating for some, it is no good to attack it for it. Rather, you must show it you understand the reason for it, perhaps even thank it for all it has done for you. After all, it is the only reason you can even be here in the first place, for without this physical body, you would not be able to be here and do the work that you do. So try to do this, even if it might seem silly, and see what happens. For now, you can tell your body that it can ”let down the guard ”a little bit. It does not need to go all crazy on you every time it senses a change in the energies, and you can tell it just that.

Again, this is not about disregarding all signals of distress that may arise, for not all of them are related to this ”energetic distress”, so always remember to pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you. But the lesson for today is this: the next time your body starts to ring the ”energetic alarmbells”, just talk to it and tell it that it does not need to do this any more. It can relax a little bit, and even if ”things” feel strange and unusual to the body because all of these new ”pathways” opening up, it does not need to be afraid. It is safe, and YOU are safe, and together, the two of you will become infinitely stronger than ever before. For not only will YOU become the one you truly are, your body is also evolving into something even more intelligent and capable than before. So again we say, you are truly a match made in heaven, and now, the time has come to start to play the new game of BEing one also with your physical body.

The manuscript of survival – part 328

•June 24, 2013 • 83 Comments
As you have all passed through an intense weekend filled with much energetic chatter, we advise you all to try to stay focused in order to better be able to assimilate it all. In other words, do not push yourselves unnecessarily in any direction, as what you need most of all now, is to avoid exerting yourselves in any way. And when you do feel the urge to ”get up and go” as it were, and you are filled with an intense longing to see past the horizon, know that this will not serve you in any way at the moment. So again, patience is the word for today, and you will all benefit greatly if you take that advice to heart.

For this has not been an ordinary weekend, and what you have been through will make its mark on you in so many ways, so for now, it is better to keep a low profile as it were and to try to give yourself as much care as you need. Again it is your physical body who has taken the brunt of all of this, so heed the advice it gives you now. This will not be news to anyone, but we do know from experience that it bears repeating as you have a tendency to try to get a little bit ahead of yourselves unless we remind you to just slow down and BE.

So put your feet up, to use an image you are all familiar with, and try to tune into your core and feel the exitement building there. For you have all taken a giant step closer to what you will all see as the great unveiling of your innermost secrets, and this time, the secrets we refer to are not of the kind many of you have been struggling with lately. No, what we refer to are the secrets of your powers, not of your former ”weaknesses” or perceived setbacks.

So keep calm and carry on, as the old adage says, and

know that you are all moving forward at warp speed, even if you will feel a little bit like washed up in a backwater from time to time. Remember, you are moving down into your physical body, and as such, your higher aspects need time to adjust to this new situation of being a part of a human being inside a human body, so confusion may ensue from time to time. Do not fret dear ones, you will soon learn to adapt better to these circumstances, and then, you will all be asked to start to explore your own inherent powers more and more as this summer progresses. But for now, rest and recreation will be the best way to go.

The manuscript of survival – part 327

•June 22, 2013 • 148 Comments
As you all have noticed, the reverberations from yesterday’s show of strength are still pulsing through you, and it will contiune to do so for quite a while yet. These are powerful energies of change dear ones, and as such, much will be pushed up in their wake. We do not necessarily refer to personal lessons this time, although they will still surface in those of you where it is deemed as necessary, but what we refer to, will be more noticeable in the outside world.

Again, mankind have been ingrained with a deep fear of change in many ways, and as such, these changes will instill fear in many that have yet to see the benefits from such a change. In other words, things will be pushed out by the light and into the light, and they will be hard to ignore, even by those in power. So expect this to be a summer with much noise in many ways, but also know that you will hear much jubilation mixed in between the choruses of anger and frustration that will continue to erupt.

For it is indeed time for change on so many levels now, and this time, the tide of change cannot be stopped, no matter how much fear those in charge of keeping up status quo will try to instill in those that surround them. For they will indeed find that the fear they have trusted as their ally is no longer the same powerful friend it used to be. Rather, it will turn out to be a shadow of its former self, and as such, no match for the light that is starting to suffuse so many of your fellow men and women all over the globe. So watch in amazement as one by one they will shake off their old companion, the fear, and start to embrace their own powers in so many ways. This will be a summer of discontent, but it will turn out to be the summer that will begin to show you all just how much power the populace has within. And as you have watched yourselves grow immensely these last few weeks, you will start to see the same things happen in people all around you. For you have marked a path for them to follow, and we think you will all be astounded by the number of people already starting to follow in your wake.

So again we must thank you all for the work that you do, and now, you will all start to get many, many confirmations of the necessity of being a pathfinder. For you will all rejoice in the knowledge that without you, the pioneers, there would be no marked trails for the multitude that suddenly find a strong urge to break out from the old confines and seek their fortunes in a world less restricted than the old one. For the fear is flagging, and the light is growing stronger, and so, the match has been declared as well and truly decided. For now, you will all feel the heightened rush of excitement as you look around you and see the prison walls collapse in place after place. For the truth will break free from these old walls, and the truth will set everyone free with it. So expect much noise, as we said, but expect to hear how the anger will subside into shouts of elation as one by one, your fellow men will start to see the same truth as you.

The manuscript of survival – part 326 solstice message

•June 20, 2013 • 135 Comments
As you are perhaps aware of, tomorrow (June 21) is another pivotal day for your planet. For once again the sun will make another announcement in her perpetual journey around your globe. Or rather, it is not the sun, but your planet who will reach an apex of her yearly travels around your shining sister, and as such, you will reach what is referred to as the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. And then, you will all be able to savour the longest day of the year, before the balance starts to tip the other way, and the days will once again start to shorten. Of course, for those of you living on the opposite end of this beautiful planet, you will be able to savour the thought that it is your turn to look forward to the lengthening of the days from then on.

And why do mention this in length? Because dear ones, tomorrow is also a day that energetically has been marked off in your calendars. Again, this will serve as a focal point for so many, and even if the date in itself does not carry much significance, the very fact that the sun is playing a major part in all of your minds tomorrow will also serve to open you all up to the benevolent energies that will flow down on you all on that day. For the solstice has always been considered as a major power node for humanity, all the way back to the very first beings, as the subtleties of the changing light have always signaled to the human body. So we ask you all to be aware of this outside influence tomorrow, perhaps a little bit more than usual.

You have spent the last period very much by going within and connecting with your center, so tomorrow we ask you all to make sure not to forget to connect without. In other words, as you sit down in silence in whatever mode you choose, make sure that you do open up to the magnificence that surrounds you on all sides in the form of this energetic grid that is pulsing with life as it holds you safely in its embrace. And as tomorrow is such a powerful part of your ingrained consciousness, it will be utilized to expand this connection even further. So again we say, make sure that you take time to celebrate your efforts by sitting down and opening up for these celestial blessings that will rain down on you all on the day of the solstice, a day of celebration and ceremony all over your globe. We know you will all feel how you are a part of something that not only spans your globe, but that is intricately linked much further afield, even further than your shining sister, the great Sun. So thank her, and thank yourselves, and thank All of creation, as you are all an intrinsic part of this wonderful web of life that suffuses every part of you and everything that you see around you.

We thank you all for what you bring to this grid, and tomorrow, we want you all to open up to the gifts that will be given through the benevolent rays of your friendly neighbour, the sun.

The manuscript of survival – part 325

•June 18, 2013 • 118 Comments
Liberation is at hand dear ones, as one by one you will step into the divine truth that is YOU. We know this will be small consolation for all of those struggling in the depths of despair, seemingly unable to free themselves from a veritable morass of old drama and dross. But as many have testified to already, suddenly it will be like when the sun’s rays pierces through the darkest and densest of clouds, and just like that, the raging storm dissipates, and you will see a brand new world standing before you. And the reason for this, is that you will see a brand new YOU standing within you, a you that has shed every last vestige of the old and contaminated skin that was restricting your every move. And you will laugh in joy at the ease of it all, for when the last piece of the puzzle clicks into place, it will transform the whole image into something that is so far removed from your old image of yourself you will find yourself laughing with relief.

For then you will see every battle and all the struggle for what it really was, just a step on the path towards enlightenment. Not as a punishment in any way, for that is what it feels like when you are still stuck within this old skin of third density awareness. And remember, the reason that this skin feels even more itchy and uncomfortable and even downright painful at the moment, is that the YOU you carry inside has started to grow at a rapid rate. And so, the old confines will feel more and more like a security prison, where you are locked into a space that becomes ever more claustrophobic by the day.

So again we say breathe, and even if your space by this time might feel so restricted it is as if you can hardly draw your breath at all, we still urge you to try to go beyond this feeling of asphyxiation and try to connect with that space you have already cleared within. For if you do that, if you do connect within, you will all find at least one small pocket of expansion where you can catch your breath. And again we say, that is also the only way to break through this dense outer layer. Not by using yourself as a ramrod, bashing yourself again and again against this brick wall of drama and turmoil. No, it is only by going within and connecting with this liberated space you do have inside that you can make that thick outer armour literally crumble to dust. This will not be easy, for your very instincts will tell you to break free by tearing at the wall. But try to fight that instinct by not fighting it, but by sitting down and surrender to yourself, the true self that is at ease already within you.

We know our messages will seem to be repetitious at the moment, but we see where so many of you are at this stage. For you literally on the verge of breaking through by doing just what we have told you to do. So stop the fight that will only serve to leave you even more bloody and ravaged, and surrender to the wisdom of your own Self that you carry within. And then, you will once more be able to bear witness to the truth that when you do, the sun will come out and you too will start to shine away the stormclouds that seems to have stationed themselves permanently around your very being.

The manuscript of survival – part 324

•June 16, 2013 • 146 Comments
Fear, pain, struggle and toil. For many, this will be a very accurate description of the last few days, and for all of you, you have been in touch with at least one component of this heady mix of conflicting symptoms lately. For yes, they are indeed symptoms of a profound transformation taking place within you all, and as all symptoms go, they can in may ways effectively mask the reason for their appearance. For all of these unpleasant effects can easily be classified as negative, and for some, even be construed as detrimental. But they are not. For what they really are, are clear sings that you are moving up and away from the miasma of drama and illusion you have been swimming in for eons.

For you are in what can be called the chaos state for many now, as you are at the very doorstep of rediscovering you truest potential, the real you, the one that will emerge shining from all of the mud that at times seems to stick relentlessly to you no matter how hard you try to scrape it off. And so again we say, remember to let yourself lift up from this mud, for even if your whole being seems to be almost sucked under by the pull from this goo, your spirit is still up there, in the cloudless sky. So again we urge you all to connect with that free flying, all seing One you carry inside. And then, only then, will you be able to see that you are not falling under the spell of the old you again. It is only the last show of strength from it, but a futile one. That is, as long as you are able to tear your focus away from all of the drama, and let yourself fully engage with the real YOU, the one you have gotten at least one fleeting glimpse of already.

We will repeat this message again and again, for remember it is much easier to fall for the temptation to re-enter the fray of your inner dramas being played out in vivid color than to release them once and for all and acknowledge the fact that these are just superficial mirages superimposed on the real YOU. For the real you is not an actor, the real you just IS, now and forever. So again we say, these ups and downs, fears and struggles are a sign that you are being presented with all of these old and tired parts of you, with the explicit reason to let yourself finally say goodbye to them. For you cannot suppress them, that will only increase the drama as we have told you before. You must simply ”go upstairs” and see how it all passes you by, like wafts of smoke passing in front of you as it goes up and joins the other memories drifting into oblivion as they re-enter Creation and returns back to their pristine state of pure energy.

For that is what you are returning to also, your pristine state of pure awareness, but this time, it will come into the physical vehicle you call your body. This does not happen to be a friction free process, far from it. But remember, you can make it much, much more so if you manage to extricate yourself from the urge to play along with these drama scenes that comes up for revision. For that is what it is truly meant to be, a re-vision, as in SEEING them, not a revisit, as in BEING them. There is a very clear distinction between the two, and we urge you again to be very aware of what cathegory you automatically adhere yourself to.

So again we say, help yourself by connecting within, to that river of knowingness that is there for you, 24/7, no matter how far down in the muck you currently feel yourself. For you are not mud people, you are free spirits, and so this mudbath need not last longer than what you yourself choose. The river is there, and no matter how splattered and soiled you feel, the river will wash it away for you. And do not worry, your old mud will not spoil that river in any way. For the river will carry this silt to a place where it will serve as fertile soil in which to grow the new life you so deeply hanker for.

The manuscript of survival – part 323

•June 14, 2013 • 131 Comments
You have started to face yourselves now dear ones, and even if some of you are rather hesitant to do so, the signals you will get back from yourself when you really dare to fully open your eyes will be so powerful, they may literally take your breath away. For with this realization comes also a deeper insight into all that you are and all that you do, and you start to see yourself in a very different light from before. For some, the very idea that everything you had once taken for granted seems now to be little more than wisps of fantasy will seem almost too much to bear at times, while for others, it will be like tasting the sweet taste of freedom for the very first time.

For the one you will see when you truly find the courage to dig deep enough within, is someone that will be radically different from the one that you see when you just look at the outside you, the one you have identified as ”myself” for the whole of your lifetime here. And so, the gap between them may seem almost overwhelmingly large, and you can all in some ways experience a sort of identity crisis. For who you are is something that have in many ways been a set part of yourself forever, but now, when you have to start all over again in many aspects, it will be a time of chaos and uncertainty for many.

Remember, this realization will bring with it so many profound changes in your life, as you will literally start to see everything through new eyes. So please reach out for someone if you need that to steady yourself, lest you should lose your balance too much. This can be challenging in so many ways, and finding your new standing point will take some time to adjust to. It will be a little bit like standing on a bus that suddenly hits an unexpected bump in the road, and you will all in some ways be tossed about for a while before everything settles down.

So take the time you need, there is no use in rushing this process in any way. For you need time to really, really fathom what all of this will entail, not only for you, but for everyone around you as well. For once you have gotten the first glimpse of the real you, it cannot be forgotten. But it can seem to fade away at times, as you go about your daily life and everything seems to be exactly the same as it was before that first and almost earth shattering encounter. So take it slow, and give yourself all the time you need to readjust to this. And again, reach out for others to help you to balance yourself and find the equilibrium that you soo seek. But do not be afraid of losing your balance a little now and then. For this is all about daring to let go of the old fear of losing control and settling into a much more unpredictable way of living. Again we say go explore, for even if you are moving into yourself, you are also moving into what in many ways can be defined as ”unknown territory”. Just remember, there are no dangers lurking under the surface here, there is only love, so do not be afraid to go and see what you will find behind that first curve in the road ahead.

The manuscript of survival – part 322

•June 12, 2013 • 213 Comments
We would like to give you all a little task today, dear ones. We ask you to stand in front of a mirror, and to take a good look at yourself. And then, try to describe to yourself who you see. And yes, we did say ”who”, not ”what”, for this is not to be a list of facial features, of beauty or blemishes, of hair or color. This is supposed to be a truthful description of YOU, the one that lives inside this human body, the one that has elected to come down on to this planet and play the game of being human.

For who are you REALLY? And what are you doing here in the first place? Have you come to learn or have you come to observe?  Have you come to play the part of the victim, or have you come to play the part of the perpetrator? Or maybe both? And is that the real reason you came this time, to play a part, or is it mayhaps because you came down for the very first time to be the REAL you?

So this time, we will keep the message short, for we just want you to become fully awake to the fact that mankind have for eons been playing a game, a game of hide and seek with themselves, and the reason for this, is well known already. For you all came here to learn, not only personal lessons, but lessons that would help All of creation to evolve. But now, the rules have changed, and you have been given the task of re-learning the truth about yourselves. It may sound easy, but it is not, for there is much old baggage standing between the ”you” you see in the mirror, and the YOU you have come to be known as to the rest of Creation.

But now, this separation must come to an end, and the only one who can remove it, is again – you. So start by going to the mirror, and look deep into your eyes, and see if you can start to get a true glimpse of the both of you. For then, you will truly start to see the difference between them. For you have a very distinct human persona, but you have something else, and far, far more evolved deeper within. And when you start to admit that fully, you will also feel how the human persona starts to dissolve and the real YOU can finally step forward and be acknowledged. Not only by you, but by the rest of the world as well. So take a good look dear ones, for we think you will all like what you find there, deep beneath the surface.


The manuscript of survival – part 321

•June 10, 2013 • 206 Comments
Dear ones, you have struggled and toiled for a very long time now, and for many of you, not only your patience but the very fabric of your being seems to be stretched to the very limit. You have surrendered yourself to this process wholeheartedly, and you have surrendered to the light, both on the inside and on the outside of yourself. Still, you seem to see darkness lurking in every corner as you gaze about you with a heavy heart and a fatigued body. Where is the light, you wonder, where is the bliss, the wonders, everything I have hoped for for such a long time now?

Well, it IS there, but your battle weary heart will have a hard time acknowledging it. For you are all bruised and sore from this long journey now, and the solace you so crave may seem indistinguishable from all of the background noises you still pick up. So again we say, connect to yourself, and see if you in a moment of stillness can hear that reassuring voice from within saying ”I am here, and I have been here for a very long time already. I am here, for I am YOU, the one you have been looking for, forever it seems”. This quiet little voice of reassurance, this gem of light that is already growing and pulsing within is not all fanfare and fireworks. It is more like a deep, flowing river, a river that is forever moving forwards, but it is also a river that does not announce itself in the same enthusiastic manner as so many other things in your life. You see, the inner core of you is so solid and affirming, it is not like those fleeting moments of ecstasy that you will also perceive at times. For even if what we are talking about is the very essence of joy, it is the kind of joy that just IS, not the one that likes to announce its presence by jumping up and down in glee. Of course, this kind of joy is also a part of the package of being human, but the inner joy is more like the very essence of it, a flavour, a sense of BEing that is like this subtle vibration that simply colours everything you do in a much richer hue than when you are without it.

For it is indeed there, within you all, but again, it is not always easy to decipher its message underneath all of the hurly-burly of signals being projected at you from all sides. So again we say, make sure to give yourself the opportunity to sit down and to cancel everything else that is fighting for your attention, and then, we venture to say that you will all feel how this deep, wide river of joy runs somewhere inside of you. This river is a source of sustenance that will never run dry, and if you fail to connect with it, it is not because it is not there. It is simply a case of finding the space where it runs.

For it can be well hidden, and the brush and thorns obscuring it from view may seem impenetrable to some of you, so the best way to find it, is as always to resist the urge to try to fight your way through the thorny bushes and push ahead in the quest for discovering it. That will only leave you feeling even more tattered and torn. No, the very best way to find it, is as always to lift youself upwards, and to connect with those higher aspects of your soul, the ones that have an unobstructed view of it all. And remember, now you have all been given the opportunity to ask for closer guidance from these, the free soaring parts of you that are unhampered by the human body and the human parts of you. So if you need assistance to locate this inner river of joy, you will always find it by once again asking for help – from yourself. And you will be met with joy, for you cannot ask for something that will be better received than the question ”please help me to find my joy. I know it must be there somewhere, but despite all of my hard work, it still seems to elude me.” For joy is what you all deserve, and the true answer to where it can be found, you can only find within.

The manuscript of survival – part 320

•June 8, 2013 • 224 Comments
As the days and nights continue to shift and expand, many of you will have trouble following suit. You see, nothing is ever certain now, not even the speed of light or even the length of an hour, much less a second. Flux is the only word to describe this process, as the natural limits you have gotten used to no longer applies.

Let us explain. As you are well aware of, the influx of light coming in and through you does not only affect you in every cell of your body. It also affects everything around you. Mankind has gotten used to living within very strictly defined set of circumstances, and this also includes the so-called natural laws that govern everything around you. Well, let us rephrase that to used to govern everything around you. For you have mayhaps already noticed how your own concept of time is no longer a strict physical and linear concept any more? Try to look back on yesterday, or better yet, last week, and see if you can get any real sense of just how much time that period can be divided into. Do you find it easy, and does it come natural to you any more to even think about ”yesterday” or ”last week”? We know it will sound confusing, but we think it will FEEL even more confusing trying to put these days and nights into a set sequence like you used to do in the ”old days”.

In other words, if you compare your sense of time and sense of linearity inside of you now to what it used to be when you had no other way of defining yourself than as a ”normal human being”, we think you will see what we are getting at. For as you started to step into your true self, you also started to step outside the boundaries of a so-called ”normal life” with all of its connotations. And, if there is one thing that does define a ”normal life”, it is the strict rules set up by your clocks and your calendars. It is the whole ”clockwork” that keeps the old system ticking, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. Well, do you still see yourselves as a part of that ”clockwork”, or have you gotten the sense of freedom that stepping completely outside these boundaries will bring you?

For this is about liberation, dear friends, liberation from anything and indeed anyone that tries to put you within any strict confines of any kind, whether they be defined by a measuring stick like the time, or whether it is by defining you within what is usually being described as ”normal behaviour” and ”natural limits” in one person living inside the body of a human being. Well, you have by now gotten a little bit more used to the idea that any old ”rules” need no longer apply to you. For you are in fact limitless, in every way, and now, as the time to really go and explore the meaning of the word has come, it will also be apt to engender a lot of confusion. For remember, your own body and indeed phsyce has been used to navigating in very familiar waters at all times, following the routes set up a very long time ago, both within yourself but also out in the world at large. But now, as boundary after boundary, limitation after limitation is being swept away by the light, it can be more than a little daunting to find yourself in a vast open space, unmarked by any kind of guiding principles. For remember, it is up to each and every one of you to explore this vast open plane of possibilites, and so the question comes very quickly ”where to begin”? This concept in itself can be so daunting it may lead to inertia, or an inability to even begin. So again we say, just jump right into it, by connecting within with your old friend your self in all of its connotations, and together, we urge you to start to explore whatever you find, literally on your own doorstep. For remember, there is no need to go far away to find hidden treasuers dear ones, they are truly at your own doorstep, there may not even be any need to go outside to find the first ones.

The manuscript of survival – part 319

•June 6, 2013 • 214 Comments
All the stops have come out now, and the flux of energy swirling on the outside and indeed inside of you will make it rather difficult to stay in balance now. As we have discussed earlier, the necessity of removing any obstacles from your channel was a highly important one, as otherwise, your connection to the information and energy you are here to convey to others will be restricted. So now, as so many old scars and bonds have been broken and removed, it may be as if a veritable dam of information is cascading into you at a very rapid pace. Some of it is indeed coming into your system from the outside, or the grid as it were, but what may come as a surprise to some of you, is the amount of information that is actually coming from yourself.

You see, when the blockages are removed, you stand freer to start to really connect with your own energy, the whole of your being, that is contained not only within this physical body of flesh and blood on Planet Earth, but also all of those higher aspects of you whom you have been separated from for such a long time. So yes, finding yourself suddenly hearing yourself talking to yourself will not be an uncommon experience these days. Many will call this intuition, or just a hunch or a gut feeling, but what you are truly experiencing, is your own inherent wisdom finally being given a voice. And we do mean that in a very literal way, for you will find that from now on, much of the information you find yourself accessing will not only come in the form of an understanding, and emotion or ”just a hunch”, it will indeed come in the form of very specific worded information.

So do not be surprised if you suddenly find yourself saying out loud things that will make you think ”where did that come from?” For you will be getting better and better at accessing this, your own internal sage, and together, the two of you will start to explore many interesting fields. Yes, we did say ”the two of you”, for even if these are all aspects of the same Being, the very fact that your higher self can communicate with someone literally embedded into humanity will make this exploration not only very interesting, but also vital. Not just for you, but for All of creation. You see, you are the ”ground crew” in every aspect of the word, and you are the only ones literally straddling the divide between humanity and the rest of Creation. You may think of yourselves as tiny little creatures, without any impact at all. Not just on this whole wide world of yours, but also when you look into the dark night sky and look at the multitude of stars out there. It will make you feel like a tiny and insignificant speck, when the truth is in fact the opposite. For you are the only ones in a position to be able to bring these two aspects together in one and the same physical body, and the combination of your higher self and your Earth persona is one that has no like in All of creation.

So we say, count yourselves lucky to be right where you are at at the moment, for even if the discomfort, unease and intense physical pressure can be more than a little discouraging, it is also an experience that nothing else can compare to. For you are indeed Masters of creation, but you are also spiritual beings ensconced within a complex biological structure, on a planet with a wholly unique setup, and what you can accomplish together has never been seen before. Not here, nor anywhere else. So make sure to enjoy the ride dear ones, even if the thrills and spills may seem more than a little overwhelming at times.

So let us just finish off this missive by urging you all to sit down and dial your own number on your internal phone and say ”hello, I am here, may I speak to myself please?” and then see what happens. We are sure you will all get a few laughs, and maybe more than a few tears of gratitude as you start to realize just how amazing you truly are.

The manuscript of survival – part 318

•June 4, 2013 • 355 Comments
As you have already noticed, the passage of the light through your entire body was nothing if not profound, and it has left many of you feeling as if floundering in its wake. Do not fret dear ones, as all of this is only proof positive that you did indeed allow these healing powers from above to touch your inner sanctum, and as such, much will be altered within you all over a very short period of time. But again, as the physical body has been used to perceive change as something to be avoided, it will once again try to hold back and preserve ”business as usual”. But in this case, it will be futile, as now, the most profound wake up call ever has been given to your very core, and as such, every cell in your body will become alert to this call. And so, you will feel yourself affected by the stretching and yawning, and indeed also some rather intense protests, as so much starts to awaken and change within.

But know that this too will pass, as your whole system will soon find a way to settle into this new flow. For that is truly what this is, a chance to enter a more effortless phase, where the removal of many obstacles, some superficial, some more deeply hidden, will allow you to enter the deeper and faster flowing channel of this energetic river that is carrying you all onwards and upwards. But still, your body is not as fast on the uptake as the more energetic and spiritual parts of your being, and as such, it needs a little bit more care and support in these upcoming days than what is usual.

So again we say, stay focused and breathe, and ease yourself into this new part of the river at a speed that suits you the best. For you do not need to force anything, it will come of its own volition, but trust your body when it tells you to either slow down or speed up. For it will guide you, as it always does, for it is indeed your ally, and not your opponent, even if the creaks and groans that accompany this large adjustment may make it sound more than a little petulant.

So care for yourselves as deeply as we do, and nurture yourself and each other by once again remembering to connect. For the best solace may indeed be found outside yourself, even if the issues that needs attention lies within. You have so much at your disposal right now, so just open up and ask, and it will be given, not just from us, but from your compatriots as well.

Welcome to the second Gathering around the Pond, Sunday June 2.

•June 1, 2013 • 213 Comments
Dear friends!

Last night, I had such a wonderful vision. I saw myself finally opening up my heart by reaching inside my chest, and lifting out my heart. I held it in my hands, and then I released it into the air, and it flew up like a bird. But then, it changed into this beautiful, iridescent blue butterfly, and it soared above me. I opened my chest even more, and I let the light flow into it and fill it completely, all the way into the deepest corners. And from my chest, hundreds of butterflies came flying out, all the same brilliant blue colour as the first one. They all flew out into the world, and each one landed on a different person. I saw them landing on each one of you, on my family and on my friends, on strangers, and on my guides and family on the other side of the veil.

It was so beautiful, and I could feel how the love flowed through me, into these butterflies, and into each and every one of you. But then I started to think ”isn’t this supposed to be about receiving also, not just giving?” And then I saw how all of these butterflies were drinking in the light from all of the people they had landed on. For the light within these persons was just like the nectar of a flower, and suddenly, every person changed into this beautiful flower, feeding the butterfly sitting on it. I could feel how I was nourished by all these tiny droplets of nectar that each butterfly drank in. And then I looked down on myself, and I saw that I was covered by hundreds of butterflies in many, many different shapes and colours, and they were also drinking from my light, my nectar, and then I realized that there are so many others out there who have also started to learn the lesson of opening up their hearts to the light, and to let themselves be nourished by receiving this gift, this nectar, from people around them, and from our helpers on the other side.

It was such an intensely beautiful experience, and it was also the most perfect picture of what this Gathering is all about. For this time, it is our turn to receive, our turn to drink in this nectar of love and light that not only every person here, but the whole of Creation is offering us. The CCs described it like this in a message to me this morning:

”Tomorrow, you will all be invited to sit down and once again connect with your innermost being. Then, you will also be invited to open up your innermost sanctum, and to let the light from above fill this sacred space to the max. For the light is here, dear friends, it is here to give you a helping hand in order to make you let go of any hindrances that may still be standing in your way. For many, these hindrances carry much weight, while for others, they might be as light as a feather, but to us, they all carry equal importance. So this time, we ask you to say yes to receive this light in a way that will enable you to free yourself fully from whatever you are still carrying with you within.

For this journey is a journey that can only be accomplished if you are devoid of any old baggage, and this time, you will get all the help you can by simply allowing yourself to receive this heavenly gift of love and light that will pour forth in an unending stream. It will help to wash away anything that you do not need any more, and it will also help to uncover any hidden treasures that you all carry inside. For there is so much more to you than you have yet seen dear ones, and now, that greatness will finally be able to start to shine forth. For it is there, inside each and every one of you, and whether you think you are worthy or not to receive, and indeed display it, we see it, and we will do all we can do to help you do the same. For this time, the time has come for you to start to shine in all of your glory.

Again, this process is not something you have to accomplish single handedly, far from it, for the more you open yourself up to outside assistance in this, the stronger you will become. For you are a part of something so vast and all-powerful, but unless you see yourself as this single, shining point in a huge grid of light, all feeding each other with endless light, your own light will become too weak after a while. For you need to acknowledge this connection, for you are no longer these solitary beings floating in a dark ocean. You are just the visible apex of a huge interconnected grid of light, and your light will only become stronger the more you open up to this forcefield that you are a fully integrated member of. So the solo journey is indeed over, and on Sunday, this will become even more clear to you all, as you will be once again invited to step fully into this vast ocean of love and light, and we ask you all to please make sure to drink as deeply as you can of it. ”

I know I will do my best to drink my fill, and I hope you will all do the same. For we all deserve it, every precious drop of it, no matter how hard we try to make ourselves think that we do not. We have all given all we have to this journey, and now, the time has come for us to refill our cup again, and to not stop until it literally runneth over. For the Source that will offer to fill it for you, can never ever run dry. So tomorrow, on Sunday June 2, at 21:00 Oslo time, I will sit down and connect with myself, and then I will invite the Source to fill me up with light, every single particle of me, so that I can sluice away whatever needs to be removed from my channel, so that this stream of light will never be slowed down in any way ever again. And I invite you all to do the same.


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 04:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 03:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 04:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 05:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

And remember, you do not need to connect at this exact time in order to be a part of this Gathering. All you have to do, is to find a time to sit down and connect with this energy with the intention of opening up to refill your own cup, and to let this light help to wash away anything that may still be clogging up your own channel.

With love and gratitude, Aisha

The manuscript of survival – part 317

•May 30, 2013 • 130 Comments
The time has come to take a good look at yourselves, dear ones. Do not be shy, and take into account all that you see. Who are you really? And how have you evolved over these last few months, if not weeks? Do you still feel the same, or do you feel as if everything has been turned upside down? Is the image clear, or is it still somewhat blurred? We see you very clearly dear ones, and we see the splendor of who you truly are, but we also see a lot of unchartered possibilities still lying dormant.

Do not take this as a form of chastisement, just as a reminder that there are still pockets of inaccessible energy within you all, and those pockets are more than ready to burst open at any moment now, and give you that added strength you may feel sorely lacking in your lives at the moment

Let us also remind you of your reason for being here in the first place. Originally, mankind was put onto Earth to help the whole of Creation learn a lesson that could not be given under equal circumstances anywhere else. For you have been put into a physical form with many limitations, and you have been cut off from your own inherent greatness in a way that would force you to evolve by your own provess alone. And that was an interesting experience for us all. Not just for all those lucky enough to partake directly by being allowed aboard a human vessel and get to live it all by virtue of being a human amongst other humans on this little planet. But the lessons you have learned, have been for us all, and that has been the intention all along. But, as you know, some other beings intervened, and changed the rules in the classroom so drastically, you were forced to live under a regime that actually hampered your education instead of encouarging it. As you know, these false rules have now been set aside, and you have once again been allowed the freedom to start to blossom freely, like you were meant to from the very beginning. And many of you have taken upon you the role of being the forerunners in this. For not only have you started to throw off these old shackles of fear and started to grow into the real you, but you have also started to open your heart to the fact that you are an integrated part of the divine cosmos. You are not merely a human being, you are also a spirit that is connected to All there is, and so, you are so much more than what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror. That is a fact, and we know you have started to realize it, but it is mayhaps not a fact you have truly taken to heart yet.

As we told you in an earlier missive, there are still some blockages stopping the flow of information in the form of light into your heart, and those are the blockages that you have been told to look into now. For they must go, otherwise you will not be able to do what you came here to do. For you came here to bring heaven to Earth in the form of channeling in the divine light that will bring with it the knowledge that has been hidden from mankind for eons. But unless you remove those blockages you still carry within, that light cannot access your channel fully. And so they must go. But what are those blockages, dear ones? Well, to put it to you in the best way we can, we want you to see that they are nothing more than battle scars, remnants from all of the human dramas you have been partaking in while you attended the school of fear. These scars can be few, they can be many, they can be slight, or they can run very, very deep. But they are all nothing more than scar tissue, they are actually dead and devoid of any importance at this stage, but as in your phsyical body, this dead tissue is standing in the way for new growth. And so that is why we have told you to let the light come in, for the light will effectively remove these scars, and it will do so painlessly.

But for many, the biggest problem is that they fear these scars, they fear the painful memories and the emotions that made them originally, and so they lose their courage and just pretend that these scars are not even there, or they use all of their energy trying to gather the courage to crack them open. But as we told you earlier, the actual removal of this scar tissue is so much easier than the accruing of them, and infinitely more painless than what many of you think. For you still fall back into human drama when you look at those scars. For the scars in themselves can trigger so much more drama, and so, it turns into a never ending cycle of drama and more drama, all of which is compeletely unnecessary.

Remember we told you earlier to not just leave the stage, but the whole theater of human drama altogether? Well, never have those words been more important. For if you continue to fuel these old scars with new drama, you will only block the light from your channel more and more, and soon, even the strongest of light will have a hard time penetrating it at all. So step away from it all, and look upon it for what it truly is, just old remnants of old drama, wounds from the old school of fear that are ready to be healed and removed in one go. That is, if you allow them to be. But if you insist on scraping into them, either by forcing yourself to look away from them, or by continuing to remember the reason for  their existence, you will make this whole opening up of your own divine channel nearly impossible. So again we say, only by stepping away from the drama, and by letting the light come in, will these old wounds disappear, and the blockages they make will also come undone, and the light will flow fully into the very core of your being. And from there, it will be allowed to flow out into your world, and then, miracles will start to happen.

And when we talk of the light, we talk of the divine light coming in from heavens above. You are all connected to this light, but as yet, the force of it has not been set to full, and it cannot be that either, not before we are well and truly sure that your channel is clear and ready to take it in. And so this is what we want you do to. You must allow yourself to truly receive what is being given from above. And so, this upcoming Sunday, during the next Gathering, we will help you all we can to attain that full opening. For then, you will be asked to surrender yourself to receiving this healing light that comes from above. You have all been hooked up to the divine golden grid already, and now, the time has come to start to open up for the full potential it carries. But remember, in order to achieve just that, you must also allow yourself to let go of the human drama that helps to lock you in in so many ways. For then, and only then, will you become that open channel for divine light that will change not only you, but your whole world. Forever.

The manuscript of survival – part 316

•May 28, 2013 • 197 Comments
As you have mayhaps noticed, the inner voices can be more than a little insistent at times now, and what they demand of you, can be more than a little daunting to handle. You have set yourselves free in so many ways, but these small hindrances still standing in your way will start to make a lot of noise. And they will do so for a very good reason, as it is indeed imperative that you all clear your channel as it were in order to make yourselves fully able to access the information you so dearly seek. In other words, nothing is allowed to stand between you and Source, and now, the only things doing so are those innermost kept secrets that only serve to fog your vision from clearing up completely. For many, it will be something extremely painful, for these are the things you have kept hidden away in the deepest and darkest recesses of your cupboards. They might be remnants of this life or earlier lives, things you may not even have a clear memory of, but lies there as a festering sore that needs to be cleaned once and for all.

The good news is that these wounds themselves need nothing more than to be exposed to the light in order to heal, so the process in itself is a much more simple one than you perhaps fear. For the fear of the wound is much more painful than the actual healing of it, and so we do advice you all to find a way to let these things surface. It may not come about by itself, and so, asking for assistance from your peers, or from others that can be of help is essential. Remember, you do not stand alone this, you are surrounded by love on all sides, but unless you let that love penetrate you to the very depth of your being, it cannot help you shine as strong as you need.

So let the light in all the way, and please seek help to do so. For you are so good at shying away from what has caused you pain earlier, but now, the only way to get through it is to face it head on. And remember, it will release at the very first sight of the light, and it will bring you tremendous release in every way you can think of. But it does not happen all by itself, for you have to make a conscious decision to let it go. So again we urge you to dare to open that final door, and reach out and hold someone’s hand if you need help to be better able to face this. For you do not need to go there alone, that is not required of any of you. But what is required, is that you do go there and bring the light with you, and that very action will make every last drop of inflammation drain away immediately. It will be a full and complete healing of all that has been festering away, but it will only happen if you allow yourself to let it happen. You are the bravest of the brave dear ones, but you do not have to take everything on single handedly, and certainly not this. For you do not have to prove yourselves to anyone, and the sooner you let yourself acknowledge this, the better. You are strong, but you are far far stronger if you let yourselves be held by others. So let them assist you on this, your last and final step into greatness.

The manuscript of survival – part 315

•May 26, 2013 • 185 Comments
The days have become more and more intense in so many ways, as you see the light shining through not only yourself, but also those around you. In addition, the nighttime will also bring much information. And although much of this information is in many ways still hidden from you, it is already having quite a profound effect on you all.

Let us explain. As always, whenever we refer to information, it is not necessarily in the manner that you refer to information. In other words, it may not be such that is given in words or clear pictures and that leaves you feeling wiser and more ”on” to what is going on. Not because you are in any way lacking of abilities to comprehend what all of this information is about, but because this is a form of communication that talks to all levels of your being. And as such, at least for now, you are not able to consciously connect with all of these levels of communication. And so, you will in many ways feel as if you are still left out in the dark as it were, and that you have no, or a only a small fraction, of clarity into what is truly being exchanged here. Again, that is only because you have not been able to access these deep seated channels of information that is fairly teeming with activity, and now, that activity has been amped up even further. So many of you may have noticed this already, either in the form of thoughts or ideas that seemingly surfaces at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected of circumstances, or by the fact that your brain seems almost incapable of focusing on any thing at any given moment.

And the explanation for both of these ocurrences are one and the same. For now, the amount of information that is pouring into each and every one of you has increased to a veritable avalanche, and so, some of it will indeed be made public as it were by your increased ability to pick up on these signals that are being beamed into you. While on the other hand, the easiest of tasks seem impossible to even contemplate because you feel as if deeply fatigued in the very center of your every day being.

In other words, mundane tasks may seem to be insurmountable at times, while you during this same period of mental fog may get sudden and profound insights that will make you literally sit up in your chair, or perhaps we should say bed, for many of these instances occur during the nighttime. And we are also aware that another not so fortunate outcome for many of you will also be the seeming inability to get a good night’s sleep. You will toss and turn, but no matter how hard you try, it is as if the lights within your head simply refuse to dim down. This inability to detach and turn off everything that is going on within may leave you feel more than a little bit exhausted, because there seems to be an almost ceaseless activity going on in your head. It is as if you can literally feel the humming and buzzing, like a beehive within your brain. And indeed, that can in many ways be a perfect picture of it all, because all of your neural passages have been turned into a veritable beehive of activity, with signals going to and from new passages and connections being put together at the speed of light. And this in turn, is accompanied by some other, and at times rather confusing signals too, in the form of sound or even vibrations that will make it even harder to fall asleep.

And so, you are all super charged in that part of your being that is the control center, and so, much of the rest of the body will feel the oucome in all sorts of ways as this frenzy of activity starts to interfere with other, more mundane processes that is part of your daily rutines. But we do hasten to add that although irksome, they are in no way harmful, merely annoying. And the upside is so beneficial, we think you will all have it in you to find a way to accept these small and large quirks and quakes that accompany all of these injections of information. For what you gain from all of this frenzy of activity far, far outweighs any irritations it will leave in its wake. And so we say just stay the course, and know that what you are taking part in now, is such a monumental shift for all of humanity, and it is all happening within each and every one of you. It cannot be likened to anything that has happend before, as this upgrading and information is on a level that no physical being has ever been subjected to before. That in itself can be enough to set off the alarm bells in many a timid soul, but again we do assure you all that the levels of supervision and careful adjustments are so presise, there is no harm that will befall any of you. For you are here to do a task that will change the outcome for this whole planet. You are each and every one of you a vital part of this monumental operation, and so we would not risk this by doing something that may set you back even a fraction.

So again we say keep breathing and stay centered, and even if your mind and indeed your physical body may seem to fluctuate wildly at times so that you may feel on top of the world for one moment and then down in the basement the next, you are being lifted higher and higher every second of the day. And know also that even if you become more than frustrated by the seeming lack of access to any or all of the information that you are actually being a party to even as we speak, it will come to you in every glorious detail, when the time is right. And yes, we do know that this will elicit more than one frustrated groan, for we do know your eagernss to literally plunge into the thick of it. But again, timing is everything here, and this information is literally useless unless it is being used in the right context and within a timeframe that will ensure its feasability.

So know that all is well, and even if you feel more like horses still caged up behind the starting gates at times, know that this race to the finishing line is already taking place, yes, at the speed of light. We will leave it at that for the moment and invite you all to try to tune into some of that information stream you already have within. For not all of it is closed to view, and the tidbits you can come across there will certainly help to assuage your voracious appetite, at least for a little while.

The manuscript of survival – part 314

•May 24, 2013 • 192 Comments
The time of change has been a long time coming for you all, but now, it is as if you can feel the breath of fresh air coming at you, even if your physical and mental bodies may feel more than worse for the wear at the moment. Much has indeed changed already, but there are still some pockets of resistance within as you all go through this last uphill towards that final goal you have been seeking for many a lifetime. Remember, you started your quest for this freedom a long, long time ago. It has been a journey that spans more than one lifetime, and even if you have not been aware of it for most of these lifetimes, you have had a yearning for that day almost forever.

You see, the seed that has been lying dormant for so many generations has not been completely silent, and its small voice has been perceived is all sorts of ways. Some of the actions taken on by mankind have always been governed by that small voice, whether they may be looked upon as ”good” or ”bad”, because that small voice has in many ways been like a tiny little grain of sand itching away inside. There has always been ”something” there, indefinable, that has pushed mankind ever onwards. Of course, the road chosen for this ”onwards” has not brought only joy and happiness. In fact, you have been effectively waylaid by other forces so that your quest for finding the place that will silence this urge within has brought you all out on a limb. But now, mankind has finally found a way to interpret the calling from this voice in the way that it was originally meant to be. And that original intent was this, and only this; as a beacon of light that would lead you all to regain your former glory in all intents and purposes.

For some, that small inner voice will still act as a mere irritant, something that leaves them no option but to lash out in frustration and despair. For they have long since given up the urge to really, really listen to this voice and heed its call. Instead, they look upon it as nothing more than an irritating pest, buzzing ceaselessly around them. And they swat and they duck and they try all sorts of things to eradicate this voice, but to no avail. But then one day, someone like you comes along. Someone who has taken the time to sit down in silence and really, really listen to what this inner voice has been trying to tell you all along. And you have seen the truth in its message for change. For it is not a grain of sand gnawing away at your soul any more. It is a shimmering, iridescent pearl of such beauty it takes your breath away when you finally see it emerge form the deep layers within.

For you have all seen the beauty of this pearl, this inner seed of knowledge that has been lying there dormant, waiting for the light to start to sprout and grow. And now, that seed, that pearl within, has not only started to sprout, it has started to grow so much it is already enveloping much of you in its radiant and lush foilage of bliss and joy. True, you still feel the ravaging storms hit you hard at times, but when they subside, you can savour the bliss from within your new abode of light and love that is stretching and growing and covering more and more. Not only of you, but your surroundings as well.

And when one of you, who has allowed this inner seed to emerge and to flourish, comes across one of those still carrying that seed as a dormant little grain within, the light and the exuberant energy you exude will also call to that inner, hidden seed. And when your vibration comes into contact with this small, still dormant seed, it literally wakes it up and gives it the signal that now, the conditions for growth are so much more favourable than before. And then magic can start to happen. For there are those becoming even more irritable as that inner seed starts to make its voice heard more and more because of these signals to start to grow. But there are so many others finally starting to heed that call, and to listen to it in a way that will make them too allow that inner sprouting to take place. And so you will see these inner gardens starting to emerge all around you. Some of them are vibrant and lush from the very get go, while others are more prone to staying too close to the shadows and need some extra coaching and light to attain a more vigorous growth.

So you are in a way all gardeners in this, not only by maintaining your own healthy and vigorous growth, but also by helping others to nurture their inner gardens. For every healthy garden there is, many others will be inspired and indeed spurred on by merely watching your growth. For, as we have told you earlier, you are no longer invisible, for you carry with you the signals of this newfound vitality wherever you go. Granted, because of these growth spurts you will feel less than vital yourselves at times, but that is only to be expected. And remember, this seeming lack of vitality and this torpor you experience are not because of a lack of energy, far from it. It is merely a signal of a super boost having taken place, and so, your physical body needs a little down time to accomodate it all. But you are all growing dear ones, and you are turning into these mangificent, lush havens that will help to nurture mankind and indeed this whole planet forever. So remember to rest in the shade of your own beauty, and try not to feel too downcast on those days when you feel yourself flagging. For you have already passed that stage of growth where you are at your most vulnerable, so there is no stopping you now. We salute you all on this mangnificent day, as we see you standing shimmering in the light, getting ready to step forth with all the magic you carry within.

The manuscript of survival – part 313

•May 22, 2013 • 295 Comments
For a long time now, you have been staring at the horizon, looking for an opening in this stormfront of mixed emotions. One day, you will be up, while the next day, you will feel as if plunging down an elevator shaft so long, the mere speed of it will leave you breathless. And so it goes, up and down, until you are left feeling as if reeling from it all, unable to find a stable place to stand on. Well, this wild ride is not quite over yet, but we are here to tell you that in a few days, you will feel it all ease off, and soon, these wild fluctuations will start to slow down as you slowly emerge from this wild water ride and out into smoother waters.

We are aware that for many of you, the mere sight of the word soon will raise a few hackles, because you have gotten the idea that soon just means ”some time far, far into the future”. Well, this time soon means just that, as after this week of heightened activity, you will all be able to feel how the energetic waves lessen. But just like after a storm, you will be holding your breath, waiting for the next wave to crash into you, so it may take a few days for you to notice it when this subsiding finally arrives. The physical body is rather slow on the uptake, so it will feel a bit like it is in fight or flight mode even after this storm subsides, so again we can perhaps say that the word soon will also this time be perceived in a rather individual way by all. Still, we just want you all to know that these very intense upheavals are to be a thing of the past in the not too distant future. So hang in there as they say, and you will feel yourselves floating in much smoother waters before long.

The manuscript of survival – part 312

•May 20, 2013 • 180 Comments
The tide has turned for so many of you, as you have one by one relinquished those shackles holding you firmly fastened to the old you. And, as you can see for yourself, as soon as you let go of this viselike grip it had on you, it is as if your feet barely touches the ground. You become filled with so much light, it is as if you are almost levitating from the sheer lightness of BEing.

Yes, we are well aware that for some, nothing could seem further off than this image of floating through any obstacle that seemingly appears right in front of you. Instead, it will feel as if you are being rammed head first again and again into a brick wall. So what we say now, is only to encourage you to keep going, for sometime very soon, you will also feel as if this brick wall simply crumbles into dust and vanishes, and you too will be able to breathe freely once again. And how do you attain that freedom, we hear you ask. Well, again the answer must be only you will know. For it is you and only you who can be able to discern the chain that links you to the old and dense past you have been dragged through for so long. The light is there to help you see better, but the light cannot tell you what to do, or even, what to see. For that is you and you alone who are able to understand the signals and the not so discrete hints coming your way that will point you in the right direction. But it is your choice to open up to what you see, and to act accordingly.

So in this, you stand alone, but not unsupported. For you have a whole host at your beck and call to abet and assist you in this. Some of this is of pure energetic nature, and as we have talked about earlier, never has the power of the light been more helpful in helping you to break through this last and final barrier. But you have also by now acquired a whole host of more earthly bound souls, like all of these fellow men and women you have connected with through these messages. You all walk on individual paths, but by now, you have also learned the lesson in connecting your light in such a way it helps each and every one of you to shine stronger.

We know it is not news to any of you, but it bears repeating once again: do not make the mistake of hiding away like a wounded animal when you feel the lightstorm raging within, but reach out and ask for assistance from those near and dear. For you all need to connect, that is the only way to get through this. But again, choose your way of connecting, for that can also come in all shapes and forms. Personal contact, sharing words, touch, or just energy, you will all find a way to lean on someone that will help you see things in a better light, and indeed, make that final wall so much more penetrable. For going alone will only make that wall seem almost bulletproof, and your instinct to hide away in shame or humbleness will only make it all that much harder to break through.

So open yourself completely, and you will feel how not only the light from above, but also from every soul standing beside you, will flow through you and strengthen you. But that will only happen if you come out of hiding and stand out in the open, letting those that can see you reach out and add their light to yours. That way, you also help each other. For it is indeed like in the Pond. The more you share of your own individual energy, the more you will be replenished from Source. So give what you can, but it is even more important to receive all you can, for that way, you keep the circulation of energy growing and magnifying in the best way there is.

The manuscript of survival – part 311

•May 18, 2013 • 301 Comments
As you have mayhaps noticed, these energetic intermissions seems to be popping up again, as in giving you all a little time to breathe and survey the surroundings before the call to go within and focus once again arrives in the form of some friendly fire, if we may use such a word. For these blasts of energetic balancing tools will feel almost like a fire within for many of you, as they will churn and burn away at anything that needs your attention. Yes, this is not easy going for anyone, but it is indeed a very, very effective way of ensuring your total liberation from anything that could be standing in your way. For you are indeed approaching the moment when you will feel lighter than the light, when the last capstone falls into place, and you stand there complete, ready to take on the task of helping the rest of humanity follow in your wake.

We hear a sigh of exhaustion from many of you at the prospect of being inundated with so much work once your own process has been completed, but trust us when we say that the work we refer to here, is of a very different caliber than the one you are in the middle of completing yourselves. For remember this time, it will not be about personal toil and travail, it will be the in the role of wayshowers and companions to those setting out on the same path as you. And also, those following in your wake will have a much easier time of it, for they will be able to follow the trails you have all blazed trough the densest of jungles and over the highest passes. And so, where you were forced to go slow and literally fight your way ahead, they will be able to pick up speed and race after that much sought out goal in a much shorter time.

It may sound unfair that others will get the express lane towards enlightenment, but again, you have taken upon yourselves the task of clearing the way, and you have done so in a formidable way. For remember, you are indeed the bravest of the brave, the tenacious ones, the ones that were chosen because no one could be more fitting than you to fulfill this monumental task. And you have all shown yourselves more than worthy of this assignment. So again we say, give yourselves ample time to celebrate your journey. You may have a few steps left, but these steps are nothing compared to the long and arduous journey you have already completed.

For some, the rewards are already starting to pour in in the form of bountiful confirmations in every field. For others, they are that close to breaking through the last and final barrier holding them back from hearing the cheers as they cross the ”finishing line”, so there is indeed much to celebrate these days. But in this kind of labour, it is difficult to define your achivements as ”finished”, for as soon as you cross that line of completion, the next phase takes over. But this phase is all about blossoming and growing outwards, embracing your powers and discovering even more of them. In other words, the final stage of going upwards and outwards for as long as you want. For then it is up to each and every one of you to decide just how far you want to take your limits. You are limitless, but you will not access more than you choose to yourself, so in that, it is indeed once again your decision, and your decision only that rules the day. Let us leave it at that, and give you all a chance to digest these words, and to see your own journey in perspective.

A day for celebration

•May 17, 2013 • 66 Comments
Dear friends!

Today, May 17, is Norway’s National Day, when we celebrate the fact that our Constitution was signed, ending 400 years of Danish rule. All over my country, the streets are filled with thousands of children in flag parades. It is a wonderful way to celebrate our freedom and independence, filled with laughter and joy.




I also think it is a perfect day to post this message that was channeled by my sister yesterday, for it talks about how the work we do will be celebrated by the many that will come after us:

“The degree of separation is indeed being marginalised. We will soon meet at the edge of the forest where the light from the pond is being refracted into myriads of little sparks igniting everything in their wake. These are auspicious times as you will soon know the true meaning of the word soon. As the mountains yet again shrugh off their pallour, so will you all stand before the rest of mankind in your true splendour. Nothing can ever again hide the magnificence and the true essence of the universe transfiguring you all in the face of the many. They too will have the choice of lessening their burden and enter into the realms of the multiverse, where they will yet again meet up with their true selves. So much more magnificent than they could ever imagine.

The vision may be too much for many, but those of you who are firmly rooted in this belief, know that this is no monster, but truly the heavenly gates opening up for you all. We are always here beside you as you reside in the earthly realms. For many of you, this is the last time you will step gingerly upon these shores. You will from now on step boldly forth being who you truly are. And nothing more will be left to the imagination. The outcome of this is not yet clear, as the potential for change also holds the potential for several fortuitous outcomes. This is the prize you get for ”playing” this game; being creators of the new world and deciding which wrongs to right and the right way to do it. So you are truly blameless for all the misgivings and misfortunes which has befallen so many on this planet. Remember – the choice of self molestation so to speak has been the choice for generations. Thereby trodding these steps so deep it is difficult to see over the rutted tracks of forefathers toiling on this hard path for generation after generation. Now you have stepped out of these ruts, and you can see the horizon and know that the green grass is waving gently in the breeze, glittering in the warm sunlight.

The ruts of toil are ready to soften again as no steps churn them deeper into the earth. Instead, the tears of joy will soften the clay and moisten it so the germs of the new seeds can take root and cover up these tracks of tears so that no one needs step into them ever again. The trap will no longer trap the unwary, and the harm they have done will linger only faintly on the landscape of tomorrow. Like a reminder of where you have been and beseeching the glory and the joy you now have cavorting on the green fields in your picnic with love. We are therefore not the only ones beholden to you, the forerunners. The generations to come will venerate you and hold you in their highest esteem, as those who broke the mold and made it possible for them to finally realise heaven here on Earth.

So be proud of your achievements, dear lightworkers. The burden is never light, but the golden kingdom is yours for the taking. The mighty conquerors you are, not with steels of sword, but with wisdom, tears and self doubt you have conquered the mightiest mountain of all. Your own ego, showing you only your imagined short comings and lack of manifestation. Its time is now up, and it is writhing in agony as it finds that all the exits it previously used to lure you into self-debilitation, are now blocked up by light. Like the ancient trolls it will burst into flames as the light touches its very core. This cauterization is what burns you now, the pain searing through as the wounds are being readied for new growth and permanent fixture. You are being healed, true friends, as you are becoming whole. The new you will take some time getting used to, as the physical self cannot yet maintain all the light being incorporated in your Higher self just as yet. Like toddlers, you will stumble and graze your knees. But like loving mothers we will comfort you and take pride in your every step. No matter how much you stumble or the setbacks you have, the goal is within sight. Soon, yes very soon, you will stand firmly and walk with great pride into the golden horizon. Remember this, if the days ahead are full of cuts and bruises. Inch by inch you gain valuable ground. And you can never be turned back, whatever tries to hinder you. We salute you all, and gaze proudly upon you, the Children of tomorrow´s world. How beautiful you all are!”

With love and gratitude, Aisha

The manuscript of survival – part 310

•May 15, 2013 • 233 Comments
As the waves from the initial splash into this lovely pond of light you have created have started to subside, many of you will feel yourself at a slightly different place, or rather, state than before. For as you so lovingly opened yourselves to this energetic grid that was created from your individual strands of light, you also let down the barriers that have been protecting your innermost sanctum for such a long time. And by doing that, you allowed the light to touch your very core, and for many, this will have far reaching consequences indeed.

For know that for so many, you have been spending a lifetime, if not many more, behind hidden barriers you had build around your very soul. These barriers where there to protect you in so many ways, but over time, those barriers became a hindrance to your own liberation. You see, your ego had taken over these barriers, and as egos go, they are nothing if not eager in maintaining status quo. So in this process of enlightenment, you have chipped away so much that was standing in your way of attaining your freedom, and then, when you finally thought you were free, these bursts of lightwaves barreling through you all in the aftermath of this reconnection would literally crash into these, the last frontier as it were, of self-imposed protection. For some, it was a minor event, but for others, it was literally a shock to the system.

So we venture to guess that this last week or so has been an eventful one for many. There will have been cries of joy, but also tears of despair. For nothing will be left untouched now that these old barriers have been dismantled once and for all. But again, it is also up to each and every one of you how to react to what you finally find exposed by this light. For it is there, and you cannot but see it. But you can choose to embrace this truth, or you can choose to walk away from it. No matter what you choose, the decision is yours, and yours alone to make, as it will always be. Just remember, no matter what you choose to do, never have you had so much light at your disposal to help you see through, and also walk through, these truths that lie before you.

So choose well, and know that this light can seem painful in so many ways, but it is also a light of healing. And know that this time, it can heal the last of those scars you might still harbour inside. That is, if you allow it to do so.

The manuscript of survival – part 309

•May 13, 2013 • 239 Comments
You have by now gotten used to the idea of reading words given to you through an intermediary such as the channel we are using. However, from now on, we also want to urge you all to try to communicate directly with us. And when we say ”us”, we refer of course to the collective known as The constant companions. This is of course just to make it easier for you to open up to all of this, for if we had asked any of you to just pick out a name of an entity you wanted to communicate with, it might have left you stymied in so many ways. So, that is also the reason we have chosen to appear in the form of a faceless and nameless collective. You see, you have all the ability to connect with ”the other side” as many like to refer to us as, but until now, it is one that has been reserved for a small number of people. And the reason for that is easy to explain. Mankind have been on a long journey to reach the point they are at today, and now, finally, you have made yourself ready to truly step into your true roles as citizens not just of this planet, but of all of Creation. And this journey has been one fraught with many perils and disturbances, and as such, information has been controlled in so many ways. We know that this is not news to any of you, for you all know well that here has been a lot of manipulation going on behind the scenes as it were, and this road that mankind have travelled down for such a long time, is not the road that mankind set out on from the beginning. But now, much has indeed been rectified, and as you all know, your own personal journey have been a vital part of this restructuring of your planet. For without the clearing and enligthening process you have taken upon you, nothing much would have changed at all on this, your home away from home as we like to call it, and mankind would have been forced to continue their journey torwards and over the precipice to certain destruction.

But, as recent events have more than shown, enough of your brethren have chosen to do the same about-face as you, and for these last few months, the amount of light being poured into your world through your physical vessels has grown so much, it has washed away almost all traces of the manipulating denseness that used to surround you on all sides. We will not go into further details about this, we just bring it up in order to explain some of the reasons why you have in many ways been forced to go through an intermediary whenever you wanted to listen to the words coming from the light. But now, so many of those detrimental forces have been neutralized or removed, and so, your own abilities to connect will be greatly enhanced.

You see, and open channel is an open channel, and earlier, it was much too tempting to those not so keen on enlarging the light quotient to use that open channel to further their ideas. In other words, many attempts at manipulation in the form of disinformation and willful embedding of low frequencies have been carried out, and some of them were indeed successful, while others where aborted. But still it was enough to keep us all busy to try to minimize any leakage of dark matter into the channels of the light. And believe us, it was at times a very hectic atmosphere on both sides of the veil. But now, the whole playing field has been changed in so many ways, and in addition, your own level of vibration has been raised so much higher by your willingness to tap into, and indeed be connected to, this web of light you have all become a part of. So now, the stakes are very, very different from what they were only a short time ago, and so, we urge you all to start to listen more closely to the signals you will be getting in the time ahead.

For you too have your own Constant Companions, and they do come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. For remember, you are no longer a solitary being, travelling solo on this journey. In fact, you have never been a solitary traveller, but now, the time for you to start to connect even closer with your mates has come. Of course, some of them you have met already, maybe even in a physical form, but others are more unknown to you. In addition, your own group will have changed considerably throughout your journey, as they are all carefully chosen to match your vibrational field at all times. So yes, they are your constant companions, but they are also constantly changing, even if some of the components of your group will be constant.

We gather that this will not be news to everyone, for some of you have for a long time had the ability to connect with entities on the other side, but for others, this will be new territory in all manners of speaking. And so, it will also feel a little bit daunting at first, for how do you know who it is you are ”talking” to? Is it not just yourself? Well, maybe it is, because you yourself are comprised of several levels of awareness, and the one you ”live and breathe” with every day is just a part of this whole. But now, as you all become ONE, you also become ONE with yourself, or maybe we should say ”yourselves”, and therein lies the first step towards acknowledging the messages you will be getting. For many times it is indeed YOU speaking to YOU, but it is a higher level of consciousness within you that is speaking to the human part of you. In addition, you will also start to get signals from other entities, so there is indeed so much to discover now.

We know that this will seem to be not only daunting, but downright frightening to many of you. For what if the someone that comes knocking on your door will be of the not so benign kind? Well, let us first of all say that the chances for that are not very high, but in this, as in everything else, it is a question of awareness and intent. For you always check the credentials of anyone that wants to enter your home, do you not? In other words, you will use your discernment in this as you do in everything else, and if there is something that simply feels wrong, just say no and refuse to give them entry. It is as easy as that, as no one can ”enter” without your consent. And now, the light you all carry within is so strong, it will act as the best of shields in any circumstances. So just stay centered, and stay alert, and feel into whatever you feel approaching. And please know, even the most benign of energies can be a little bit overwhelming at first, but then, just ask for them to take it slow to let you get used to the energy. For this is first and furhermost a question of energy, and so, every new encounter will feel just that, new, in some sort of way, because you will come into contact with a form of energy that will feel a little bit alien to you, if we may use such a word. Again, just do what feels right for you, and do not try to force yourself to do anything. Just remember, the doors are not locked any more, and so you are also free to enter these halls of ”free speech”, but do so at a pace that feels comfortable to you. And pick your ”companions” to connect with as you feel guided to. Just know that you have litterally a whole host to choose from, and they are all eager to say hello in some way or another. And if you feel totally closed up, and everything seems silent, know that you are not alone either. You have just chosen to take your time and wait a little bit before you take this first tentative step into this, and that is OK too.

Again, this is literally a one-on-one thing. So each and every one of you will have your own experience of this. Some of this energy will come to you in the form of words, through your fingers or through your ears. Others may have a heightened awareness of shapes and images, while others will start to sense unexpected smells in unexpected places, like the smell of roses when there are no roses present. Things like that, big and small, are all signs of someone trying to say ”hello” in a way, so do not think you have to follow in the footsteps of this channel in order to be able to communicate with your constant companions.

Let us leave it at that for today, but we will indeed be back with more on the same subject later. Until then, we invite you all to start to listen well so as not to miss any ”hellos” coming you way.


The manuscript of survival – part 308

•May 11, 2013 • 337 Comments
As the days and nights pass by, the magnitude of what you have become part of will start to seep in in so many ways. Yes, this does entail some rather intense personal clearings, but at the same time, it also signals the start of a brand new era. Not just for each and every one of you, but also for this planet. You see, as we have mentioned in an earlier missive, this connecting and gathering that you have been focusing in on, is not just something that you have been partaking in. For this is indeed a global event, or rather events, in more ways than one, as there are other groups just like yours in the middle of going through this same deepening of relations. And when we say relations, we refer to both the personal one, the one where each and every individual get a chance to delve deeper into their own core than ever before, but we also mean this process of connecting, or rather, reconnecting, both with their own aspects ”behind the veil” as it were, and indeed with all the rest of Creation. But this is also a process of connecting and weaving together so many individual people scattered across your globe into a myriad of these webs of light, just like the one you now feel yourself so deeply attached to.

Let us explain. As we have mentioned on many an occasion before, this all has to do with specific frequencies. And just like in magnetics, different frequencies are drawn to each other, hence the resonace you all feel when you enter this Pond for the very first time. For what has drawn you here in the first place, is the inherent attraction that the vibrational frequency of this Pond carries. For you will have felt as if it spoke to you, and that is in fact just what this frequency does. It works like a homing beacon, sending out signals that will attract all of those capable of tuning into this signal. And what makes you capable of tuning into it, is the frequency you carry with you when you enter into a physical body and become an inhabitant of this planet. And remember, there are many different frequencies that one can carry, but each and every individual has one that is the signature one. And whenever you come across someone carrying this same kind of energetic signature, you will automatically notice it. Hence, this experience of meeting someone for the first time, but still feeling as if this is someone you have known all of your life. Or rather, for eternity. For underneath this superficial human layer, you are all just walking energy fields, and your energy field carries this signature frequency, and this frequency is becoming even more activated now. And that was indeed the process that took place before, during and after this so-called Gathering. You are all part of the same frequency group, and so, you will have this affinity for each other. It is literally in your blood, as all that you are comprised of, carries this same signature. In fact, this is what is encoded in your DNA, and so, this is not something that can be faked, if we may use such a word. In other words, you will be naturally drawn to the people who carry the same ”tune” as you, and you will have a much more neutral, or at times, even negative, feeling towards those that comes with a very different frequency than yours.

This may sound strange, but it is indeed a vital part of this plan for rebirthing your whole planet. For individually, you do not carry enough weight to make much difference, but as soon as you get entrained as we like to call it, or connected if you will, you start to form an energetic grid that is vastly more powerful than the individual components put together side by side. We have discussed this in some detail before, so this will not be news to any of you. But what may be news, is the fact that there are so many other groups of different frequencies going through the exact same process as yours. You will find them on this world wibe web you call the internet, as they have also been guided to set into motion a sort of gathering or mass-communication like you have in your Gatherings, and for some of you, you might even be called to take part in other activation sequences with a different group from this in addition to what you have been doing here. And this is because that in these different frequency signatures, thare are also subgroups, and these subgroups criss cross their web of light with others that they are in tune with. This will sound very complicated, and it is indeed difficult to wrap your head around, so do not try to understand it all. But just know this, if you do feel called to connect in any way with someone, whether that be a single person or a group, it is always important to answer that call and follow through on this hunch. For there is always a reason for it, even if that reason may not be apparent to you at the outset.

Again, all will be known as soon as the time is right, but for now it suffices you to know that this has all been carefully planned in order to get you all ready and perfectly placed. So when the time comes for you to step into the role that you will carry into the future, you will be connected with all the right people, and you will be connected to this web of energy through all of the contact points that are needed for you personally to function optimally. For now, that is as far as we will go with details, for this is indeed a very complicated picture, and one it is impossible for any of you to get the full scope of yet. So let us just leave it at that, and remind you to follow your inner guidance in all of this. It may sound difficult and overly complicated, but know that all it means, is that you will feel the joy in your heart whenever you take a step that will enable you to connect in all the right ways with all of the right people. For then, the love you feel coursing through your whole being will continue to increase in a way you have not been able to feel before. So this is, in all aspects, truly a labour of love, and it is also a labour of love that will reach far and beyond your own shores. You have gotten a small glimpse of this through the visions many have shared in the aftermath of this, your first Gathering, but know that this is nothing compared to the joys you all have ahead of you.


The healing waters

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Beloved family of the light!

These last few days after the Gathering have been special for us all.  I have spent many hours reading through your comments, and I do not think I have ever shed so many tears of joy before. For so many, the Gathering in itself was such a profound experience, but it also ignited something deep within us all. In the following days, we have all felt the reverberations from this energetic connection, and the effects from this deeply and, for many, life-altering experience will continue. I am not the only one who have felt the need to step back and just try to come to terms with everything that has happened, and I know I still need more time to do so. Nohmad, you put it so beautifully when you call it ”integrating your blessings”. For yes, we have all been blessed, but for some, it can seem to be a blessing in disguise. As the CCs said it in A message about the Gathering, the doors to our hearts have not just been opened, they have been literally flung off the hinges, for they will never be able to close again.

And what this means for each and every one of us, many of you have shared so deeply about already. There is so much joy in this, but also many tears, for this has truly opened the doors to our very core. And what we find there, can be so painful, but also so healing. For we are ONE, but do not forget YOU in all of this. We are so deeply connected, now and for ever, but we must each take time to truly connect with ourselves. For what has been hiding within your heart? We all have scars, but we also have unseen pearls hidden there (thank you, Amy!), so remember to give yourself permission to seek them out. And when we surrender ourselves to this process, we may also need help, so do not forget to ask for it. For these waters of the Pond are not only for frolicking in, they are also for healing. There are many ways to ask for help, and it is so heartwarming to read the words you have all shared about this already, and to see how much love that is pouring out from and into this Pond.

Maggie, you wrote a comment to Alex today that I wanted to share a part of here, for what you write, is so important:

” Alex, my beautiful, awesome, fearless sister of light, your words moved me to stop everything I was doing and serve…what started as a simple distance session, with the single intent of sending some love and energy to you, turned into a connected pond experience, and I must thank you as well as the entire pond for this experience because it was incredible! I have never felt so much love move through this body at once! I brought us to the pond, and soon realized others were showing up to assist…and then I realized we were collectively healing ourselves and each other! As soon as I realized it, a SURGE of energy shot through my hands, but I could also feel it go through my body, I was in two places at once…the deep love I felt was so overwhelming I couldn’t stop the tears from pouring down my face. To have all your voices join with mine as we chanted in unison was such a gift, I am so grateful! Thank you all a thousandfold for every bit of light you weave!!!”

For we have truly become ONE now, and we must not forget what infinite powers we are a part of. This Pond is vibrating with so much loving energy, and we are the ones who have made that happen. But do not forget to drink from this Pond, for now, we all need to truly receive this blessing we have created. As the CCs remind us: ” For you have all been born again, into a body that may still feel rather battered and bruised at times, but it is a body that has been totally reprogrammed…So take it slow, and give yourself the time you need in order to step fully into your new shoes. They may seem to be overly large for you at the moment, but we have no doubts at all as to your ability to fill them.”

I thank you all for all that you bring here, but I also want to remind each and every one of you to give yourself the gift of receiving also. For we are truly reborn, and like a new born child, we may feel vulnerable and insecure. But just like the baby in this film, we are held by loving hands, and we can safely surrender ourselves to that love.

With love and gratitude, Aisha

The manuscript of survival – part 307

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Dear friends, dear family! Yes, we would like to extend our warmest welcome home to you all, for you have truly passed the border and returned back to your former glory in so many ways. We know that for some of you, this will leave many a question mark within your mind, for you fail to see anything different in your life, or even in your physical body, and so you will think ”what on earth are they talking about?” So let us explain a little bit about what has happened in these last few days.

For as you consciously opened that last door into the very core of your heart, whether that was before, during or even after the Gathering many of you took part in, you also removed the last obstacle standing in your way. For know that this is how this has always been decided, the choice must be yours, and yours only. No one or no thing can force you to surrender to yourself, that is only your decision, and yours alone. But when you do make that decision, no one and no thing can stand in your way either. So as you say YES to yourself, All of creation will listen, and the doors will all open as if by magic. For then, and only then, can you step into your true self.

And now, so many of you have made that decision, and now, nothing will ever be the same. But again, on a superficial level, not much will be visible, and you will look around you and see more or less exactly the same as before. But if you look closely, you will already start to see some subtle differences. Maybe the air itself seems to be shimmering in a slightly different way than before, the colours may seem a little bit more vibrant, and profound words will fall easier from your lips or even your fingertips. As we told you earlier, these will seem to be big shoes to fill at the outset, and the very thought what all of this will entail may be more than a little daunting. So you will not be tossed headlong into this, dear ones, and as this is a messagee that has been oft repeated, we also know that it is a message that will be apt to cause irritation for some. For what is new, they will say, you always promise far reaching changes, but then, after the set time, you always, always say the same: ”have patience, and the changes will be small, and hardly perceptible at all.”

Well, all we can say, is take a look at your recent past, the last twelve months or so, and be truly honest with yourself. Do you see any changes at all, or none? Do you still just see the bills piling up, and only unfriendly faces staring at you from the crowds? Or do you see something else? Again, this is important, for in your hearts, you will know so well what changes it is we are talking about. For these are not superficial changes, flounted in the massmedia on par with the warmongering or the silliness of so called celebrities. These are changes on a profound level, changes that will truly stir your heart and bring tears of joy to your eyes. Have you felt any of this lately, and so, what was the reason? For that is where the truth lies, dear friends, for your heart never lies. And from now on, you will all feel your heart quickening, and this response of joy will become more and more frequent as you truly learn to tune in to this new frequency you have been embedded within. For now, you are no longer those solitary beacons, taking down and anchoring the sounds from heaven and broadcasting them out into the night. Now, you are truly ONE, and you all hum to the same tune, and you cannot help but do that. For you have all been hooked up to this continuous generator of light and energy, and through you all, this new sound of joy is already covering your whole globe.

So prick up your ears, and you cannot fail to hear it, nay feel it, in every bone of your body. And every time you consciously reach out to any other member of this web of light, you will literally feel the vibrations coming through you. For you are no longer separate, and your message of joy will no longer drown in the pitch black darkness that used to surround your single beam of light. For now, it is as if the very air is alive and humming with this same tune of joy.

So go out and savour this choir with every fibre in your body, and do not forget to say to yourself  ”this is here because I AM here, and it is by my very existence that this whole planet has started to hum in harmony once again after eons of disharmony”. And know that this benevolent vibration is already starting to have its effect on everything else, for it cannot help but to keep reaching further and further out from the Core, and further and further into the core of everything that surrounds it.

A message about the Gathering

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Dear friends!

Earlier today, I posted a short comment about how I felt the need to withdraw and try to take in all that has happened in the last 24 hours, but the CCs thought otherwise… They were very insistent that I should sit down and take in this message from them, and that I needed to share it as soon as possible. For some reason, they did not want me to include it as a part of The manuscript, but post it as a separate message, and so here it is:

“Dear friends, beloved family, for that is truly what you all are. And after last night’s intense reconnection, we gather that many of you can truly feel into the truth of this for the very first time. We know you have waited so long for this, but finally we can say, in the knowledge that you hearts are at last able to savour these swords: welcome home, beloved angels of light. For not only are you angels in the realms you have come from, but now, you also know that you are the same, infinite beings of light down on Earth also. For you have seen yourselves in all of your splendor, just as we see you when we gaze fondly upon you. We thank you all for opening your hearts fully to this truth, as for so many, the doors have been sealed closed in a way that made it hard to fathom they would ever open again. But last night they did, and the doors were not only opened, they were litterally flung off the hinges, for they will never be able to close again.

For once you have allowed the pristine light to touch your very core, and once you have truly allowed yourself to be loved by YOU, it will never ever go away. So again we thank each and every one of you for your courage, your wisdom, your beauty and your infinite light. You all walk in splendor now, dear ones, splendor you have earned with every tear, every parting pain, every sorrow that has ever befallen you on this earthly sojourn. For know now that you have been fully awakened from your  sleep, and just like sleeping beauty, Mother Earth has been awakened alongside you. So rest today dear ones, and try to get your bearings back, for we venture to guess you may feel somewhat befuddled after this energetic awakening and rebirth. For you have all been born again, into a body that may still feel rather battered and bruised at times, but it is a body that has been totally reprogrammed in a way that will benefit not only yourself, but your benevolent Mother also. For the planet you walk upon will be nourished by every step you take from now on, for through your veins courses the very lifeblood she needs in order for her to beat as strongly again as she once did.

So take it slow, and give yourself the time you need in order to step fully into your new shoes. They may seem to be overly large for you at the moment, but we have no doubts at all as to your ability to fill them. For you will walk with even more presence on this land from now on, and so many will begin to follow in your footsteps. Because they will be drawn to you, and to this brand new energy you all exhude, amd through this, the exodus from the old density will truly begin. For you have cleared yourselves from all of the old dross, and now, the time has come for you to form that vantage point, the spearhead, and blaze a shining trail for everyone keen to do the same. So again we thank you all for what you are, and for what you have let yourself become. For you have truly become yourselves now, in every nuance and every aspect, and so we greet you all as equals. It is indeed something you have always been, but now, you have finally started to see the same for yourselves, and that gladdens us to no end.

Thank you, that will be all for today, but we will return with more as the days go by and your lights start to shine even stronger. Thank you, we leave.”

With much love, joy and gratitude from me, Aisha

(And now, I will take a short break… :–) )


Welcome to the first Gathering around the Pond!

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Dear, shining family!

My heart is overflowing today, the joy is just pouring out of me! What a transformation we are witness to! This Pond, this cauldron of love as the CCs called it in a message to me this morning, this space has become something so powerful and beautiful and important, and the reason it has grown into this beautiful flower of light, is the love and nourishment you have all added to it. For now, it is literally a place of vibrating love, and the ripples from this Pond is flowing outwards and into the web that is encircling our whole globe. People from all over the world have visited this Pond, and today, many of you will be taking part in this Gathering that will bring us even closer together. I have made a screensave from the statistics map showing all of the countries that have been linked to this page at one time or another by a visitor, and as you can see, this is truly a world wide endeavor.


According to this map, people from 163 countries have time visited this Pond at least once. Most of them come from the US (red), UK, Canada and Australia (orange). White means that there have not been any visitors from that country to this blog.

According to this map, people from 163 countries have time visited this Pond at least once. Most of them come from the US (red), UK, Canada and Australia (orange). White means that there have not been any visitors from that country.


Of course, not all of those persons who have at one time visited this blog will be coming to the Gathering today, but I know that they will all in some way be present anyway. For they have all left a small fraction of their light here, like a footprint, and this light will also be activated by the intent we all bring to this ceremony today. For I like to call it a ceremony, or maybe celebration will be a better word for it. For we are truly celebrating ourselves, all of the hard work we have done so far, and also the glorious world we will be creating just by the very fact that we are living and breathing and connecting in this space and on this planet today.

Dear friends, I welcome you all, and I am so proud and so honored to be allowed to say to each and every one of you: thank you so much for being a part of this. For without you, this world would not be going through the changes we see and feel around us every day. For you have said YES to being a part of this momentous day and this momentous journey, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. For today, we will each of us sit down and gather in a circle around this Pond of pristine light, and as we focus our gaze on the surface of this Pond, we will see this light being reflected in hundreds, no, thousands of other hearts, and all of these single beams of love and light will connect and fuse together into a beam of such clarity and intensity it will burn through any old density still left.

And we will do all of this by the very fact that we have all dared to open our hearts to each other, but most of all, we have dared to open our hearts to ourselves. For without having the courage to go all the way inside, to the very bottom of our soul, we would not be able to shine as strongly as we do today. So I thank you, and the CCs have told me that I must do this on behalf of All of creation. For what you have done, is not only for yourself, but for us all. So as we sit down in love today, know that you are doing so at the request of a power that is beyond anything we can fully comprehend now. For this power of love is only starting to percolate through us all, and the bliss we have felt so far, is only a small taste of the bliss our actions and our intent will bring not only to us, but also to this whole planet. For we are being the change we wished to see, and now, it has come to BE.

Thank you, my beloved family of light! For today, I will become one with you all, and it is a day I have dreamed of since before I came to be here on this planet.

In love, light and gratitude, Aisha


The time that have been chosen for this Gathering, is 21:00 my time (Oslo, Norway)

Remember, you do not need to connect at this exact time, the only thing you need to do to be a part of this, is to choose to focus your intention on this Gathering. As for the duration of this, I would suggest you sit for as long as feels right for you. Personally, I usually sit between 20 minutes and an hour, but as always, I will just follow my inner guidance. I think we will all have our own unique experience of this, and I hope many will want to share it afterwards.


Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00


Sao Paulo: 04:00 PM


New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM


Singapore: 03:00 AM monday

Tokyo: 04:00 AM monday

Sydney: 05:00 AM monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

The manuscript of survival – part 306

•May 3, 2013 • 267 Comments
As you have mayhaps noticed, the energies coming in can be categorized in different modules, and the reason for this is a very simple one. One of the layers of this huge energetic web is a part of the all-encompassing one that surrounds and connects everything that exists. Not only on this planet, but everywhere. And this infinity grid, if we may call it that, is the energetic part of this weaving together that many of you have experienced already as a river of light. It is in so many ways a very peaceful and golden hued energy, one that will ease you and release much of the energetic stress you have all experienced lately. These weaving strands of this golden bliss is something that will become even more prominent as the day of the Gathering approaches, and we invite you all to take a small sip from it whenever you feel like it.

For you are all already connected to it in some ways, and the process that will be finalized on Sunday is the act of connecting you all more closely together via the intricate strands of these filaments of light. More on that in a later missive, but now, over to the other, and mayhaps slightly more prominent presence of the other energetic layers you are swimming in at the moment. For as we told you all beforehand, this week leading up to this energetic Gathering would in many ways be a challenging one for so many of you. Buttons have been and will be pushed in so many ways in this, the last effort to completely scour you of any last remnants of old dross that still may cling stubbornly to that otherwise brilliant surface of your precious diamond soul. For you are all flawless within, but there might still be a few bits and bobs of dust and grime not thoroughly cleansed beforehand. And as such, the intensity of these energetic scrubs may at times feel a little bit on the rough side. But please, do not take any rough handed effects from all of this as any sort of punishment or reprimand, for they are no such thing. This is just Creation’s way of making sure that you shine with all of you inherent brilliance, unhindered by any old dust that may have gathered in a corner somewhere. For you deserve nothing less than to stand bright and tall, like the beacons you truly are, when we sound the call for you all to gather and connect in a few days’ time from now.

So again we say, all is well, and you are indeed in good hands. For you are all being prepared, so that you will present yourselves in your splendid robes and be at your very best when the time for the party is at hand. For you are all worthy of this special, or maybe we should say VIP treatment, for you have taken upon you the formidable task of clearing not only yourselves, but so much of the collective dross alongside your own in this prolonged process of enlightenment, and you certainly deserve to be allowed to shine in all sorts of ways. So please, remember to breathe whenever one of these heavy duty clearing bombs may hit you, and know that they are all for your benefit, even if it feels at times like they are trying to stop you in your tracks. They will do no such thing, in fact, they have been specially designed to clear the path ahead of you. So stay centered, and stay connected, and please, do not forget to seek a little shelter at times by searching for that other part we told you about earlier. For this golden web of bliss has been spun around you, and we urge you all to feel free to let yourself sink into it as often as you like to find the solace and companionship you so truly deserve.

(From Aisha: you can read more about the Gathering here: http://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2013/04/27/i-invite-you-all-to-the-first-gathering-around-the-pond/ )

The manuscript of survival – part 305

•May 1, 2013 • 255 Comments
The time of your Gathering is fast approaching, and the energies that you have all brought down to this planet via your physical vessels are already starting to announce their presence to you. So you will all have felt this in some way in these last few days, and it will all start to intensify somewhat as the big day draws nearer. For, as we have already talked about, this is something that in many ways will be like a culmination of something that has been going on for a very long time. For you have already been anchors of light for so long now, and the energies you have been instrumental in pulling in, the strands of light as we have called them, are already here, and now, this weaving and connecting together is in full swing. This will not come as a surprise to any of you, as you have already felt so much more connected to this beautiful grid of fellow lightworkers, and indeed, also with us who currently reside behind the screens as it were. But now, everything will indeed start to speed up, and as we gather all the threads and continue this complex process of connecting and interconnecting them all, it will be as if portal after portal open up, and you will feel yourself stepping into room after room on this journey towards completion.

So now, the vistas are truly starting to expand in so many ways, but if you yourself have not felt any of this up until now, it may be because you spend a little too much time looking down at your feet, trying to gauge which way the land falls. And that is not strange, for this will in many ways be a little bit like learning to walk, or indeed, learning how to ride a bike. We all know that in order to find your balance, it is indeed best to focus your gaze on a point far ahead, and try to avoid the temptation of looking down at your feet. It might feel like it is the best thing to do in order to make sure that nothing will trip you up, but in fact, the overall balance is far better achieved if you literally lift your gaze and fasten it on the horizon. That way, not only will your own balance improve, but you will also be better able to see just how far you can actually see now.

For everything is indeed expanding at a rapid rate now, and unless you actually become aware of it, it might be a missed opportunity for your own growth. So let go of the need to keep gazing so intently at yourself, and let yourself open up to be more fully able to take in the awesome surroundings. For they have truly changed so much during these last few days, we guarantee you it will take your breath away if you manage to take in the full scope of it all. For you are no longer riding inside that dark and dreary tunnel of yesteryear. You have exited at the other end, and there, the vistas are breathtakingly beautiful. So fill your lungs with this fresh air of freedom, and let your heart sing to the tune of this new and improved world that surrounds you. For this is just the beginning dear ones, this is only the first glimpse of what you have in store as soon the train you are travelling on will finally pull in at the station of your dreams.


(From Aisha: you can read more about the first Gathering here: http://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2013/04/27/i-invite-you-all-to-the-first-gathering-around-the-pond/)

The manuscript of survival – part 304

•April 29, 2013 • 298 Comments
As you have mayhaps noticed dear friends, the fires have been stoked now. For as we approach the first Gathering that has been set up for this upcoming weekend, many of you will feel how the heat of the fire will reach a heightened momentum now as you have agreed to take part in this world wide event. For the threads you have all so studiously gathered will already start to become a part of the great fold now. In other words, you have all been caught in this new web of light filaments, and now, we will make sure that you are all securely fastened as we start to spin the threads and weave you all seamlessly into this magnificent structure of light. This does not imply that you are prisoners in any way, quite the opposite. For this only means that you are no longer the solitary journeyer through a dense vacuum of lower densities, for now, you have all joined the party as it were, as you have all been connected to the filaments of tomorrow. And by your very actions, you have made that decision to the thus included a very long time ago. For this YES was something you gave on a soul level before you even came in, and as such, the joy you all feel in your heart comes from the realization that now, this YES will start to come into full effect.

For the journey you all had to take to bring you to this point has been a long and arduous one indeed, and for some, the trials and tribulations may not even seem to have lessened yet. But trust us when we say that your agreement to be an intrinsic part of this joyful web of light that has been started to spun, is a decision that will also cut all of the threads to the old that still feel like chains around your neck. For the net cancels the old, in every way you can think of, and when you all step into this great bright Pond together in a few days’ time, it will be like the final anointment that will wipe away the tears and the sorrow, the anger and the despair once and for all. For then, you will all be given the opportunity to really connect, not only with your own true core, but with the core of All there is. And once you get a glimpse of that, so much of the old dross will simply fade away, and it will be just like old fading photographs in an album. And even if you decide to open up that old album to take a small stroll down memory lane, it will almost be like looking at the memories of a stranger. For that used to be you, but it will not be you any longer. For now, the fires have been stoked good and well, and the heat from the flames will not only warm your hearts, but it will also burn away anything that has no place in this, the new you and the new world. For like a phoenix from the flames you will all rise again, and together you will stand shining as brilliantly as never before.

So again we say, all is well, even if you at times may feel the heat to be a little bit too high in the days ahead. For the preparations before the first Gathering are nothing if not thorough, and as such, you can all expect some interesting encounters with yourself in the days and indeed nights ahead. But breathe deeply, and know that you will not be burned by these flames of purification. For you are like the diamond still encased within a thin outer layer of carbon, and in order for the diamond to emerge completely, there may still need to be some measure of pressure and heat to bring it forth. But again we say, you are all guided closely throughout this last stage of the process, and we think you will all find a way to truly connect with the joyful part of this stage of the journey as well. For you have openend your hearts to this, and as such, you have also given yourself the permission to rejoice, not only for this Gathering, but also for yourself. For you have all started to shine more brightly than ever as you set up on this initiation, for that is what it really is. We will of course return with more on this remarkable effort you have all agreed to take part in, but for now, we will leave you all to ponder our words, and to give yourself ample time to rejoice and renew your vows to be a joyful being once again.


I invite you all to the first Gathering around the Pond

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Dear friends! As some of you may remember, I was told earlier this year that at some point, I was to call for a ”Gathering around the Pond”. In other words, that we were supposed to have a group meditation of some sorts, and that I was to invite everyone here to take part. And now the time has come to set up the first one! I have been guided a little bit about it these last few days, and today I was given this message:

”The time has come for the energies at the Pond to be fused together in a way they have not been earlier. You all carry the same tune, but up until now, that tune has been left to fend for itself as it were. But now, the time has come to make sure that you are all entrained, meaning that your individual voices, or rather, frequencies, are being connected and woven together in such a way it will constitute the very fabric of the future. Let us explain. As we have spoken of many times before, you are the ones who are actually pulling down those energetic cords that will be utilized, and indeed are already being put into action, in order to construct the brand new world you all dream of being an intrinsic part of. This work is already in full swing, but now, the time has come to go to the next level. And the next level is this weaving together of all of your individual strands, or strings, into a fabric that is more durable than anything else that exists on this planet.

This may sound strange, but this is in fact a part of a huge process, and just as in this Pond of yours, there are several thousands of these energetic hotspots being activated in the same manner as this in the time ahead. For now, the signal to start this process in earnest has been given, and as such, you can all consider yourselves as members of this taskforce of light weavers. For just like the spider, you are all busy extracting these strands of light from the ethers, and with our help and your willing participation, these individual strands will now be woven together into a magnificent structure of light. The beauty of this structure is beyond words, and you will all feel into the deepest recesses of your hearts just how amazing it is to be a part of this process. For remember, as it is you and you alone who contribute these strands to this magnetic grid, you will all become tightly connected to the whole piece. And as such, your own powers will be added to it, just as the combined power of this magnetic garment will be fuelled into each and every one of you.

So consider this as the very first beginning of a magical process that will unfold all over your globe. Slowly at first, but as the strands are added one by one, the force will indeed multiply, and with it, the speed at which this whole process will come about. So rejoice dear ones, you are like those builders, tiny in themselves, but capable of constructing wonders of a magnitude that dwarfs everything else in sight. We thank you all for your willingness to take part in this, the final construction of the very ground upon which you will spend the remainder of your sojourn here. For without you, there would be no new ground to tread upon. So we thank you all on behalf of All of creation, and we invite you all to come together and fuel all of your energy into this beautiful tapestry of light that will literally come to light through our combined efforts. Thank you, that will be all for now, we leave.”

I have been told that this is something we will start to do once a month, and it was suggested that I should call for these Gatherings the first Sunday of every month. So on Sunday, May 5, we will all have the opportunity get together for our very first group mediation here at the Pond. We are all living in different timezones, so I know that the time frame may be a little bit difficult for some of you, but please remember that time is really not an issue here. You can connect to this event whenever you feel is best for you, but I have been told to give you a specific time frame anyway in order to help you all to focus your intent. So I have chosen the time of 21:00 in the evening Oslo time (9:00 PM), that is UTC+1. (This will be 20:00 in London, 15:00 PM in New York,  12:00 PM Los Angeles, 04:00 AM Monday in Tokyo.) You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

I have already marked these dates in my calendar, and I hope you will do the same:

May 5

June 2

July 7

August 4

September 1

October 6

November 3

December 1

I will of course return with more information as we approach these dates. Much will have happened before we reach the end of this year, but I know we will be closely guided in this important work.

This will be truly powerful Gatherings, dear friends! We will start to build something together that will bring us all joy. And this is not just for us, but for the wole planet. I love the image of us as those busy construction workers, building layer upon layer, making this immense structure of light ”come to light”. I know it may sound exhausting to many of you, for we are all busy ”rebuilding” ourselves at the same time, but I just know that this communal effort of love will give us all so much strength in return. For now, we will truly be able to tap into this amazing Pond of light we have already created here, and this will literally lift us all up by fusing us so close together we will all become pillars of light. I am so proud to be a part of this, and I am in awe of what we have created together already. I cannot wait to see what this will do for us all!

With love, light and gratitude, Aisha

The manuscript of survival – part 303

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The tide has turned a long time ago, but still, there are those under the influence of thinking that nothing is happening at all. They kick up the dust, and complain that everything is at a stand still. But is it truly that? We challenge you all to take a good look around you, and we think you will all see traces of this rush of incoming energies on all sides of you. Not only in the heart of those likeminded souls you are gathered together with here in this space, but also further afield. For your world is already starting to move beyond the level of awareness you might have thought was the limit for everyone not as ”open” as you to these new energetic messages. For they are all moving in some way, and even if some of you have a hard time seeing it, still it is happening, each and every day.

So again the message is the same, remember to focus your intent in the right direction, and then you will truly see results. Not because you are the one who will make all of this change happen, but because you too have in many ways been blinded to the effects of the light. For remember, for eons you too have been forced to stare into this wall of darkness that surrounded you on all sides, and now, when that impenetrable wall has been reduced to a heap of rubble in so many places, some of you still insist on keeping your eyes on those portions of the wall still standing as if nothing have happened. And so you feel despondent, and think that all of this work has been for nothing. But if you are willing to shift your foucs, and in most cases, only for a mere fraction of an inch, you too will see that what was once a seemingly impenetrable fortress wall has now been breached in so many places. And now, you too will find a place where it is so easy to jump over the rubble and join those already frolicking in the fields outside.

We do not say this to scold you in any way, but just to remind you that the present is in some aspects mayhaps already much better than what you have envisaged some of the future to be. But again, it is the eyes of the beholder who define the ”reality”. And so, if you choose to keep staring into the wall, then the wall will keep you captivated for a very long time ahead indeed. But if you choose to shift your focus, and run out and join all of those free spirits already savouring the sweet air of freedom, your reality will also follow suit. So again we say, be careful with what you attach yourself to, for the glue that keeps you in place now is a very strong one indeed. So make sure that you let yourself have the freedom of being glued to the brighter parts of this world, for they do exist, and they are getting brighter and lighter by the day.

And remember, the walls will not fall down any faster if you insist on trying to punch them down by focusing your whole power on them. These walls will fall the minute you step outside them. So give yourself the freedom to do just that, for by deciding to stay cooped up inside the remnants of this old fortress, you are only making it stand just that much longer, and this will not help you, nor the rest of mankind. You are here to break through the walls by letting go of the fear that helped to keep you imprisoned behind them, and this you cannot do by being unable to let these walls fall from your attention. So let go of any thoughts of being a battering ram that will force these last pieces of brickwork down. That is not your role, your role is to fly over these walls with your beautiful wings of freedom, and the moment you take to the air and lift yourself off from these old grounds, you will make the walls around you crumble into dust. And that is the only way to ensure that this old prison will not be standing a moment longer than it was supposed to.

It is easy to agree with all of this in principle, but as many of you have already ascertained, trusting yourself enough to let your wings take you over to those greener pastures is quite another thing. But do not wait too long now, lest you miss out on so much of the fun. For as soon as you arrive on that other side, you will find yourself surrounded by so much love and laughter, you will forget all about that long prison term you had to endure. For your memory will be wiped clean of all of the duress, and you will not waste another second thinking ”what if” or ”why did I do that” or ”why not sooner”. For then you will begin anew, and you will focus all your energy on creating, not on tearing down or even feeling remorse. For that is when you start with a clean slate, and you will have all the colours in the Universe to choose from when you start to make your own first image of the life you are about to start living.

The manuscript of survival – part 302

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The storm has subsided somewhat now, and the waves have quieted down compared to the much more intense surges many of you experienced only last week. This is all a part of the natural cycle of things, and you have all more or less become rather familiar with how this works by now. And this time, we think you will all feel the need to take some deep, deep breaths and savour the stillness that will follow in their wake, for this time, you have certainly been through the wringer in more ways than one. Let us assure you all that you will have become so much strengthened by this ordeal, for contrary to expectations, these intense energetic upgrades do not leave you totally floored for long now. Rather, you will feel an instantaneous relief when they subside, and not only that, you will also simultaneously feel an urge to literally get up and go. For, as usual during these very intense bouts of adjustments, anything concerning the future, whether it be imminent or more distant, seems almost impossible to even contemplate. But now, as this mental fog seems to have dissipated along with all of the physical symptoms, you will find yourself eager to set things into action.

For some, there will be things to plan and endeavours to initiate, while for others, there will still be the frustration of wanting so strongly to just DO something while at the same time you have no clear idea yet as to what this something is. This frustration of not knowing just what to do with all of this energy surging through your body and soul now can be a bit hard to maneuver around, but trust us when we say that you will all in some way find an outlet for all of this seemingly pent-up energy. For now, as the veils keep thinning more and more, your soul will start to speak to you in a way it has not done before. For your soul knows your true purpose, and it will start to prod at you in all sorts of ways in order for you to grasp the meaning of all of this. And so you might find yourself in an unexpected place at a very unexpected time, or there will be ”chance meetings”, both with people you might be familiar with before, or with total strangers. In other words, much will be set into motion now so that you will find a way to maneuver yourself into the right position as it were. For some, this will even entail a very different physical setting than the one they are currently in. In other words, do not be surprised if you find yourself moving away from something, or finding yourself searching for a new place. This could pertain to your workplace, or even where you live, so this can be experienced in all sorts of ways.

Again, this process is a very complex one indeed, as you are all players on this gigantic field called the new world, and as such, your interactions will be matched with those that need your participance in some way. For this is not a solitary journey any more dear ones, as this is to all intents and purposes a collective effort. And even if your life will be unique to you, and your experiences will not be the same as those of your neighbours, they are all connected in a way that will ensure the best outcome to all. For now, you are all a part of this world wide web of enlightened souls, and just like the filaments of the spiders’s web, you are all linked together by almost invisible, but oh so strong filaments of light. And just like in a spider’s web, you cannot connect with one tiny thread and expect it not to have any effect on the whole. For you are all linked through this web, and what one person does, will ring out across the whole web and affect you all. And no, this will not mean that one person can do harm to everyone else. For this is not a web that connects in a way that can be deemed as harmful in any way. For this web is all about channeling the beneficial rays of the light, and it cannot be manipulated in any way by others trying to use it for anything else. So in this way, it is also a safety net. For as long as you have chosen to connect yourself to this web, you are also protected by the combined power it generates, and as such, you have also been given the best protection there is. For the light is supporting you on all sides now, and if you feel yourself falling in any way, this web of light is there to catch your fall.

As always, it is governed by free will if you choose to attach yourself to this web of light in the first place, and so this net cannot help those still decided to stay unattached as it were. But for all those who have opened their very core to the light, this connection is now so strong it cannot be ripped asunder. And just as the slim threads of a spider’s net are strong enough to carry the weight of beings many, many times larger than the creator of it, so too are these connectors of light capable of holding the weight not only of each and every one of you. For by connecting through this web, you all make it even stronger, and every time one soul is added to this intricately woven structure, the structure in itself becomes even more powerful. So there is certainly no risk of it becoming overloaded and susceptible to breaking apart. Far from it, it is only becoming more and more sturdy and reliable as the time passes and you are being joined by new ”team members” every day. For as we spoke about in an earlier missive, this stream of newly enlightened beings is starting to gather momentum now, and this is a process that will only speed up.

The outcome of that is a very positive one indeed, but it will also engender its opposite. For as this web of light is becoming bigger and more powerful, the very fact that it is casting its net ever wider will engender a not so positive reaction in all of those still hell bent on staying separate from it. For they will see and feel how this web of light is encroaching on them on all sides, and so they will again start to flail their arms about in a desperate attempt to keep these gossamer thin filaments of light out of their life.

For the light is frightening to so many, as they are not used to anything else but the dark shadows. So they will scrunch up their eyes and their hearts in one last attempt to keep this light out, because they are convinced that it will harm them in any way. But the light will not harm anyone, for the light will bring in the love that is so desperately needed, even in the darkest of souls. That is where the need for love is the largest one, but that is also where the fear of love is so huge, it will make that person do the most outrageous of things in order to try to keep the light at bay. For when the light enters, the darkness must go, and with it, everything that used to be there will be forced to change in a way that is so profound.

For remember, there is no darkness that is able to withstand the power of the light, and even the darkest of beings will become transformed whenever the light is allowed to access it. And whatever has been programmed to stay in the dark, will fight for its very life in order to be left to do what it has been taught to do. So the light is not welcome everywhere, and it will be told so in no uncertain terms. But the light will sometimes find a way to penetrate anyway, for there is many a darkened soul that has left a chink in their armour. And this small opening is all the light needs in order to come all the way in. So remember, there will be light seeping in to the most unexpected of places, but that is because there is a small opening that has been left there on purpose for the light to find it. Only those who have chosen to deliberately close themselves 100% for this light, will be left in the dark as it were.

For this is something that will not and cannot be forced upon anyone. Light is like the water, it will seep in and flow the natural paths that have been set up for it. But where it has been blocked completely off, it will turn around and find another place to fertilize. And now, there are many a fertile ground being exposed in former totally barren places. So even as the clamor from those shutting themselves up as clams will continue to escalate, the light will continue in its silent way to penetrate further and further into the core of humanity. And once there, it cannot be cast out again. For once the light has been invited in, it has come to stay forever. So look around you, and we guarantee you that you will see the first traces of this light in so many of your fellow men. And know that even in those making a big outward show that they are fighting off the light in any way they can, there are some amongst them where it has started to drip in already. It will be a very small trickle at first, but this small trickle is all it takes. And soon, these small trickles will all start to grow into a veritable roar of liberating light in even the toughest of souls.

The manuscript of survival – part 301

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As you have already ascertained, the waves come and go, and sometimes, it is as if your feet are being knocked out under you. But at other times, you will feel yourself as lifted aloft, and you will feel how the power of the waves surges underneath you, carrying you higher and longer than ever before. For such is the nature of these waves. They are not here to drown you, but to lift you even closer to that oh so elusive goal that you have searched for for such a long time. And what is this goal, we may ask, and we think you have all started to find your true answer to just that. For what on the outset started out for many as a quest for that perfect world, has now turned inwards. For you have all started to see the truth that paradise is not something that comes from the outside, it is indeed something that comes from within. And as soon as you discover this, much will start to fall into place. For then, you can finally start to build your future on the most solid base of them all, namely the one that you always carry with you.

For eons, mankind has set his store on other, more flimsy constructions. And these constructions have been many indeed, and they have gone by the name of family or ancestry, government or even religion. But all of these, no matter how closely tied they are to each and every one of you, are outside constructions, and nothing to build your own future on. We do not talk about a complete disregard for your fellow men here, nothing could be further from the truth. No, what we refer to, is the fact that for a very long time, makind has searched outside himself for some sort of salvation. And in many cases, it will have seemed as if he found it, only to discover that this salvation was a fickle one at best. For no matter how solid a ground you seem to stand on, it is nothing but quicksand if you do not have the rock-solid foundation you truly need inside. For then, and only then, can you start to build everything else around you.

So that is what this process is all about, the tearing down of everything old and misconstructed, and the rebuilding of the most solid foundation of them all. Namely that fact that you are indeed sovereign beings, complete and perfect, and ready to start to go out in the world as such. And when you do, you will start to interact with all of these other, new rock-solid beings that surround you, in the shape of your fellow men and women. And together, you will build the world of your dreams. But again, that dream must start at home as it were, with the complete dismantling of anything old and substandard that may be present inside, for then, to put the good pieces back together and build it into this rock-solid and immortal being you are all starting to emerge as. For what we have talked about today is not news to any of you, for you are not novices in this. For you have been in this construction business for a very long time now, and now, the time has come to survey this magnificent structure you are about to complete. It can be difficult at times in midst of all of the seeming chaos to see just how powerful a structure this really is, and just as it is on a regular construction site, without surveying the blueprint, it can be very difficult to get a clear image of what is under way in this confusing mass of busy workers. But we have the blueprints, dear ones, and we can see just how faithful you all are in following them, and so we can see clearly just how close you are to putting that final capstone into place, and declare this, the work of re-constructing yourselves, as finished.

It may not be all of the comfort you need at times like this, when tempers fly and irritation can become high in this, the final flurry of finishing touches before the unveiling. But trust us when we say that even if you might feel a bit stressed out now and then, and you feel as distant from the finished product as ever, know that this is not the case. For you are not lagging behind, not in any way, and you will all make the deadline you have set for yourselves for this process. So fret not, even if you at times may feel like your whole structure is tethering on the brink of collapse. For your building is indeed build on solid ground this time, not on the loose and treacherous sands of yesteryear, and as such, it can weather anything that maybe waiting ahead. We do not say this to imply any sort of cataclysmic event, we just say this in order to remind you that you are build of sturdy stuff now, and so come rain or shine, storm or quiet, you will be standing tall and proud and rightly so. For what you have done, is to build something that will last and last, and when you get to know this new you better, you will also see the bright future that you have in store. Not just as brilliant individuals, but as this whole beautiful conglomerate of magnificent structures, all linked together in a way that will make everything else pale in comparison. For this is no fata morgana, this is the true paradise you are building. For as you struggle and push to get those final pieces in place in your own personal setup, you are also simultaneously doing the same to this whole planet. For this is what dreams are made of. Not mere fiction, but the facts that you have already started to make it come true by making yourselves become true. The true humans, based on their true conviction that what you have become, will never be torn down again, and as such, paradise is already rising from the ashes of the old. And you are the ones making this happen, by doing the hard work of rebuilding your own personal being from the ground up. And now, you can all feel dizzy at times as you have started to raise this new you to such lofty heights, you are already towering above the old renamnts of the one you used to be. There is no need to look down now, dear ones, just keep your focus up, and you will have a better chance to finish this whole process off without being too overwhelmed by vertigo.

For remember, you are not yet used to moving in these let us call them elevated spheres, and as such, you will feel a little bit insecure and unsteady on your feet. So just stay focused on where you are going, and do not spend too much time mulling about where you actually came from. That way, your heart will follow your eyes, and you will find yourself striving towards your own completion in a way that will help you to attain it faster than if you spend too much time looking back over your shoulder. For you are not going back, you are simply to keep moving ahead, and that is what you do each and every day, even at the times where you feel more like you are holding on for dear life, on the brink of being tossed back down onto the ground again. But trust us when we say that this is not the case, it is simply a signal that you have not yet gotten used to the purer air at this height. So just take your time and go slow whenever you feel the need to do so. As we said, there is no risk that you will miss your stipulated time of completion. So again we say that all is well, and even if your whole structure seems to be swaying considerably at times, it is more solid than you think and it can withstand it all. For you are made of the same stuff as the stars, indeed you are all stars, and you shine brightly even in the brightest of daylight. Not just today, but forever.

The manuscript of survival – part 300

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As you see the light approaching on the horizon, you will hear the clarion call from all of those souls starting to wake up to this new dawn. For now, it is not only you who will be singing the praise of this dawn. As we have said earlier, this heavenly choir you have been putting together on this little blue planet will start to amass so many new voices. And so day by day, the volume and the complexity of your song will increase in so many ways. For you were the first ones, and in the beginning, your voices where few and far between, and they were easily lost in the ongoing drone of noise being emitted from all sorts of sources around you. For if you were not listening intently, this heavenly song was easy to overlook amongst all of the clamoring of fear, voices of discontent and the hubbub of downright deafening proportions. For you were not easy to spot in this veritable mass of wall to wall noise, and as such, you yourselves felt how your sound was drowning in a sea of emotional turmoil.

But now, it is like your choir is parting the waves of this at times overwhelming background noise, and as it does, more and more will find themselves humming along to the tune that you are calling out. And at first, they might not even be aware of it, just like many go around their daily lives humming inaudibly even to themselves, without being conscious of doing so. But bit by bit, this low humming that emanates from their heart will start to gather momentum and indeed strength, and soon they too will start to hear this song originating from their own soul. And when they start to pick up these sounds, their whole being will be alerted to it, and they will find themselves walking away from what held their interest up until a very short time ago. For they will become as if transformed by this simple, but oh so beautiful tune that is talking not only to their ears, but also to their hearts. And just like you, they will understand that the time has come to leave the old behind, and start to open up the door behind which they just know that this heartening tune is coming from.

We know this will not be news to any of you, for you will all in some way have encountered these newly awakened souls in one form or the other, but what will be news to you all, will be the sheer number of them that you will meet on your way now. For you have in many ways been in hiding, as you have felt the need to protect yourselves. Just like newly hatched little birds, you have seeked shelter under the bushes, in order to make it through that first stage, where you felt as if surrounded by negativity and dangers on all sides. But now, your plumage has grown, and with it your confidence, and so now, you will feel ready to start to show yourself in full daylight, singing your beautiful song loud and clear, having no fear as to just who will see you or hear your song. For the time has come to take your wonders out into the world, show you true colors and sing your song of freedom. And we promise you will all be amazed by the response you will get. Oh yes, some will be more than a little frightened, and even jealous of your light, and they will not hesitate to show their displeasure, but that will not be news to any of you either. But what you will encounter more and more, are those who will be in awe of your true beauty, and who will want to know what has made you into this radiant bird, fluttering above the disheartening reality they themselves feel surrounded by. And when you look into their eyes, they will see it, and you will see it in them, and that is all it takes. For it will be as if the mere sight of your soul will set them free. And they will all start to feel the itching from their own feathers, waiting to emerge.

So fear not, dear ones, you have the wings and the voices that will carry you as long and as high as you want, so do not stay cooped up in your hiding place forever. For if you do, your light will almost be lost to this world, as you will only be able to light up a small circle around you. But if you dare to take to the air and sing your jubilant song, your light will be cascading down upon this whole planet in a way that will speed up the process considerably for everyone. So take heart, and take to your wings. You will find it a very enjoyable task indeed, for your eyes and your heart will find light in so many places, and you will feel the deep connection that you share grow stronger and deeper for every soul your song will touch.

A beautiful message to us all

•April 14, 2013 • 345 Comments
Dear friends! I just had to share this with you, it is a message my sister channeled this morning. As I have told you earlier, she recently came to the conclusion that it was time for her to “reopen her channel”, and I promised I would share her messages with you whenever I was guided to do so. I think you will all feel the beautiful energy in it, I had to reread it several times myself, there are so many levels of information contained in it.

My sister wanted me to tell you that even if she herself is not “visible”  in this space, she feels very connected to everybody who shares their light and energy here, and she sends you all her love. Here is the message she channeled:

The dna sequencing is revealing the ancient decoding. The hu-man from base is nothing but stardust. The reemerging of this will upgrade the hu-man dna to what it once were. You know that from the beginning your origins was not from this galaxy. The remoteness of your disturbance was hence needed for this earthly experiment, the Gaia, the starship were mankind could evolve and solve the age old riddle. What happens with free will? The re-emergence of your ancenstral dna will put a spanner in the endless cycles of misgivings and tribulations. The corner stone of all this is the intergalactic fleet howering on the horizon. We, the crew, are seeing your magnitude as you see not. The ancestral dna is flowing in your human veins, and are starting to fire up the engines anew.

The Blue planet has no remorse, bears no grudge. She will open her arms to you, forgiving all misgivings and correcting all wrongs. Like a mother forgiving her wrongdoing son. She will flower with as yet unknown abundance as all above, below and inside her will be reborn. The work you are doing for mankind is also affecting every living being on your beautiful Blue planet. She is sensing the changes as the spring is entering the northern horizon. You can feel the earth stretching and yawning as the earth molecules are reacting to the prolonged hours of sun. The magnetic field will also stretch and yawn, shrugging off the winter pallor as the stars glimmer faintly in the morning skies. The new spring is an event unfolding throughout the universe, as the far stars glimmer less faintly than you have been used to seeing. The magnitude of this event is as far reaching as the edges and the core of All that is. Remember, not a single being on this Blue planet is unaffected. Even the stones and the deepest recesses of the sea are in on this. The creatures of the oceans are shivering in anticipation as their undulating songs across the magnetic oceans will be telling you if you could only hear it. By putting your ear to the ground you can feel the shake, the slow undulations from side to side, as the Earth gathers up her skirts and prepares to shrugh of the winter pallor from the seams of her outer garments. The shake, roll and wild ride is sometimes slow, sometimes in full abandonment. But all is as it should be.

The oncoming spring has yet to be fully sprung, hence the abysmal feeling of loss, dread, boredom, apathy and lethargic irritation. But fear, not as the days lengthen, so does the magnitude of this long awaited event. The energetic release will shake you all to the core. The birds are aflutter as they are sensing what is coming. So are the trees. This spring will not be silent but filled with rehearsals for the new dawn. Amongst you all there is a sense of dread, of lost purpose. But together you have already set in motion the chain of events toppling the house of cards and refueling the engine of deep soulfulness.

The master’s disguise is to have no disguise. Thereby rusing those in vain trying to stop this new game. Therefore the codes can go unhidden as they release their new credo. The manifest of the manuscripts from yesteryear. The alfabetic decrypting will take place inside your brain as the hormonic enterprises are subconsciously interrupting your sleep patterns to increase the output of your human dna. On a cellular level this will increase your longevity, and deep breathing is needed for this to implode your old structures. Try not to hold back as you resolve the old patterns as this will hinder the unfurling of the long strands of genetic intercoded dna. The deep sleep patterns are resetting the codes and decoding the new frequencies being downloaded into your cerebral fluid, thereby enhancing the process further and faster. The unwieldy physical body will take its time to readjust but will emerge wet and blinking like a newborn from the womb. On the first inhale this will release all the old and reboot the process of the internal separation from all that was and reset to all that is. Thus you are being born anew into this new idea of a celestial life on planet Earth. Forever being connected to your higher selves and the lower frequencies hitherto being visible only to those inhabiting now the deep oceans.

As above, so below. No more incorporating for your own pleasures only, but for the rest of the Universe also. This we say. Do not forget your origins as we are not forgetting your exactitude. The synergies are expanding exponentially as we write these messages not only on your computer but on the very origin of species. The mass distinction of everlasting life is what is being written out as the chain of events are subsequently linked to the chain of letters on a web page. Therefore the human race has attained its ability to leap out of the 3D and into the immortal abyss of multifaceted realms of celestial stargates and immersing themselves in layers and layers of reality. As foretold, this is like pulling the wool from people’s eyes. For the first time seeing who they truly are will scare many shitless – if you pardon the phrase. The shit will truly hit the fan. We are overusing a vernacular being used and well known to you, wink, wink. Yes, the human body is excreting not only digested foodstuffs but digested old patterns of belief. The disbelief is an intricate part of this transition from hu-man to new man, to celestial beings on the planet Earth being aware of their inheritance and being respectful of their host.

The most you can hope for on this day is to help birthing yourself. As you release, you fertilize the spring fields and very soon the first sprouts will be visible on the surface. They are shooting strong roots already, gearing up for breaking the tilled soil surface. And very soon the tender leaves will be visible to the naked eye, belying the strongness of the roots shooting down and anchoring this new reality into the core of Mother Earth. She herself is taking great care not to disturb this process, as the roots must find their own way to ensure magnificent growth. She is tenderly surrounding them with her love and gratitude, like a mother holding her hand on the gently swelling belly of her as yet invisible infant steadily growing inside. Soon she will feel the movements of new life as she can no longer keep the secret truths from prying eyes. The proud Mother thanks you all for doing your part in this spring miracle. The judges are all in on this; you will be forever blessed with our gratitude as you have held the hardest position of all. Like the ox pulling the plow, the farmer tilling, you have performed a task of hardship and little gain but the hope and belief that all this will be. And so it will.

The manuscript of survival – part 299

•April 12, 2013 • 212 Comments
The days are getting longer and longer in your part of the world, and your physical bodies are once again starting to settle somewhat less uncomfortably into their role as conductors of energy. For remember, not only are you receiving vast amounts of energy, you are also transmitting the same substance out again, into the world around you. For you are indeed anchors dear ones, in more ways than one, and now, you are constantly pulling down the building blocks of your new world through your physical bodies. We know that this is not news to any of you, but what may be of interest, is the amount of energy you are all transmuting and sending out now on a daily basis. Or rather, on a daily and nightly basis, as this is indeed a process that is going on 24/7. For what started out as a mere trickle, has now increased to a steady flow of energetic particles, constantly bombarding not only you, but through you, the whole structure that you see around you on all sides.

So yes, you are indeed pulling down heaven to Earth, particle by heavenly particle. And even if this job at times can seem to be more than a little bit taxing on your own system, know that this is just a temporary thing. For when your bodies enter download mode, many of you will feel as if you are totally depleted of energy, and you have no wish but to lie down and shut yourself off from the rest of the world. But what you are experiencing, is not a depletion, rather, it is an excess of energies that leaves your body somewhat flummoxed as to what and how to deal with all of this, hence this feeling of almost shutting down at times. Again, we hasten to add that this is not harmful to you in any way, it is just a strain on your physical body at times, and so it will make you take it slow in all sorts of ways until it can sort itself out and successfully send the energies where they are supposed to be. For some of it is for your ”consumption”, if we can call it that, while the rest of it will be used externally. In other words, you are all receivers and transmitters of energy, and when you feel almost devoid of energy yourself, you are actually full to overflowing of it.

Do not think that this is a case of bad planning, and that you being left feeling overwhelmed and exhausted are the results of a poorly executed plan. Rather, it is the inevitable result of all of this downloading, and it is of immense help to your physical body. For it is indeed the physical part of you that determines the speed of these injections, if we may call them that. And so, you are never being given too much, for when the limit is reached, your body simply turns off the connection, and then it starts to download the information you yourself need, while it also starts to send out what is being deemed as the ”external part” of these supercharged packets of information.

So again we say, remember to heed the signals you are getting from your body, for it knows when the time is right for taking a break, and when the time is right for keeping in motion. And when your body is in shutdown mode, it is doing so because it is very busy handling all of the incoming information. So you are not wasting any second, even when you are flat on your back, not even able to lift a finger, for that is probably when you are working the hardest.

So make sure to thank your constant companion, that faithful servant and hard worker, your colleague and teammate, in other words that physical vehicle you are inhabiting that is the main reason you can even do the work you have come here to do in the first place. We know it can be a little cranky now and then, and it is never shy in voicing its protests, but as we have said earlier, these creaks and groans, whimpers and shouts of distress are nothing to worry about. For you physical body knows perfectly well that it is doing more than well, but it cannot help itself but to protest loudly now and then. But never doubt it will keep on doing the work it has been set up to do, for it is both immensely loyal, but also immensely powerful. So again we say, make sure that you appreciate this physical vehicle for all it does to keep you going, even at the times when it seems to be the biggest obstacle to your continued process. For it will not hold you back on purpose, even if it at times makes you slow down on any ”extracurricular” activities. For it has but one purpose in mind, and that is to make all of this a resounding success, and it knows fully well that without the aid and assistance of your physical body, you would be bereft of the one thing that makes your sojourn here possible. And remember, it will never ever use that against you, for you are indeed a match made in heaven, and that is what you will see for yourself as soon as these energetic upheavals start to quieten down a bit. Mind you, they will never cease completely, but your physical body is getting more and more adept at handling them without going into full reboot mode every time, and as such, the limits for your capacity have been stretched, and they will continue to do so. And then, you can continue to do the work that you do, for you will never cease to be the anchors that are serving to hold this whole new world tethered to the surface of this planet.


(From Aisha: Always listen to your body, and if you have any doubts if what you are feeling are just ”energetic symptoms” or something else, it is always a good idea to have it checked out by a professional.)

The manuscript of survival – part 298

•April 10, 2013 • 228 Comments
As the tides turn, so too does your sense of the world around you. For it is indeed changing, little by little, day by day, and as such, you are growing end evolving. For it is indeed you who are changing, for the world as you know it is no longer the same. But that is because you are no longer the same. For every day, you step closer into who you truly are, and as such, every day, a piece of the old you fall away, for never to be needed or retrieved ever again. For you are not here to gather the pieces that seem to be slipping through your fingers, whether they be pieces of your family, your relationships, your ideas or your wordly goods. For remember, anything not a part of the true you will no longer be a part of your life, and as such, there are many partings going on now.

Fear not, this does not entail that you will be left bereft of anything that is at all familiar to you, it only means that you will be left with the true parts of everything. So your family or friends will not simply walk away from you, but your relationship to them will turn from the old version and into the new and true version. If that entails growing closer or growing even further apart, only you will know. For remember they too have to decide their path in all of this, and even if you can face the truth to this, many of them cannot. So again we say know that this is not always an easy journey, for what the light shines upon, will always have to revert to the truth. And as such, painful connections will be revealed and must be torn asunder, for sometimes to be healed and reconnected again, but for other times, to be bid a final farewell.

We know this will sound overly dramatic to some, but what we are trying to say is that in this, nothing will be left to fester and corrupt, because you have to walk your truth, no matter how painful it is. But again, this is not about stripping you of everything you love, this is about stripping you of everything that is harmful to you, and sometimes the painful truth is that the strongest of pains is the one we are most apt to hide away, even from ourselves. But now, if there is anything left in your life that you need to reassess, it will be shown to you, and only when you accept this, will you be able to deal with it in a loving way. For this is all about love, not about anger, fear or hate, and as such, know that anything that comes up for evaluation, does so at the behest of the light. The light wants only what is good for you, but sometimes, that means that you need to do something that will pain you. At least initially, but trust us when we say that you will soon see the wisdom in this, and you will also feel the deep love that lies behind each and every painful encounter with yourself you may have in the times ahead.

For what you are doing, is severing each and every bond that are holding you back, and these bonds are bound to run deep, not only in your life, but in other’s as well, and as such, it takes more than courage at times to stay the course in this. But again we say, if you need any help, please ask for it, and know that it comes in all shapes and forms. For you might be surprised by the resonance your acts will have in those around you, even in those you would deem as the least responsive to anything that the light might bring. For remember this, what the light exposes is not only negative for you, it is also negative for those to which you are connected by these old bonds, and when you start to sever them, you will also set free those that have been tied down with these same chains. For that is what this truly is, chains to bind you all down, and as soon as one of the prisoners starts to loosen his or her chains, the effect will be felt by everyone tied on to that same chain. For some, this sudden sense of freedom will be daunting, to say the least, but for others, it will be like a breath of fresh air that helps them to see things more clearly too.

So again we say, this is not a harsh and cruel cutting off of ties, this is a willful and deliberate freeing of you all, or rather, it is the offering of freedom, and then, it is indeed up to each and every one if they want to continue to loosen those chains completely, or if they want to wrap them even tighter around themselves. For this is the fast track to freedom, and for many, nothing could be more fearful to contemplate. For just as for a prisoner standing at the gates of his prison after being incarcerated for years and years, the prospect of walking out into the world as a free man can be too much, and he will be tempted to turn around and go back to his old cell. For the familiar confines can be more gratifying to him than the prospect of having to step out into a world where there are no familiar boundaries. And so too it is with this process. For you all have some old limitations in your life, whether they be internal or external, and when these limitations are given an option to cease to exist, it can sometimes be hard to embrace that option fully. So make sure that you do not shy away from that choice, for it is indeed one you have to make.

For this journey cannot be undertaken half-heartedly, it must be taken as a whole, not by picking out the parts that seem to be the least challenging. And remember, the choice was made by you even before you came, for if not, you would not even be here now, contemplating the results from that choice. For you chose to become free in this lifetime, and that is why you are being given the opportunity to be just that now. As for the others around you, they have also been given the same choice, but remember they might have chosen a slightly more meandering path than the direct path you took. So to them, the options can be a bit wider. For they can have given themselves the opportunity to choose the freedom this time around, or to continue in the old school for a lifetime or more. Again we say, you have chosen your option, just as they have chosen theirs, so in this, you have given yourself less leeway than some of the others have. For you have deemed that your time is now, while they have chosen to say ”my time might be now, but on the other hand, it might not”. Therefore we say, prepare to be surprised as you yourself continue to cut asunder those old ties that are binding you to your old way of life. For as you do just that, the freedom to move will make many around you blink their eyes to the light and say ”I think I will follow your example, beloved one, and I thank you for giving me this opportunity to do so”. For this is not an invitation to cast anyone or anything away from your life, this is an invitation to tear asunder any old and negative limitations that are keeping you all cemented to the old ground level so to speek. And no one of you will be able to climb those stairways to heaven if you do not remove the old chains keeping you there.

Let us leave it at that for today, and wish you all Godspeed on your continued journey. For many, the weights of the chains have started to lift off of you already, and you will already see some of the outcome of this, both in your life, but also in those around you. For others, these weights seem to be weighing heavily upon you, but please know that it takes much less of an effort than you mayhaps think to make them fall away from you completely.

The manuscript of survival – part 297

•April 8, 2013 • 159 Comments
Time is passing quickly now dear ones, but for some, it cannot go quickly enough. For they are so eager for change to occur in their lives, and as such, their patience seems to be stretching more than thin at times. We know you so well dear ones, as you have once more been exposed to the healing forces of the light, but as the light will expose everything to the light in order to make it heal, it will also bring what it exposes to your attention. So with this light comes focus, and with this focus, comes an overwhelming feeling of not being good enough for so many of you. For what you see, is what is brought to light, and that is also all you see.

In other words, you fail to see the greatness in yourself, for what you focus on, is mostly that which has been pushed up to the surface by this endless stream of energetic lifeforce. And so you see yourself as if crawling with infestations of anger, fear and so many other issues you will consider as shortcomings. But is that what this really is about? A process to make you feel less and less pleased about yourself? For as the sun rises every day, so too are you rising in our esteem. For what you are doing in all of this, is actually to cleanse yourself of any residue that has been left unattended within, and remember, this residue is a residue collected through many a lifetime. So even to the lightest of you, this residue at times may seem to be more than plentiful. But remember, that is why the light has come into your life, and that is why you have taken upon yourself to let this light enter into your very core. For it is you and only you who can decide whether or not the light will be allowed to penetrate into the darkest corner within, and when you say yes to this, this is what results from it.

For the light is unstoppable, and it will not stop before it has pushed any and all remains of the old up to the surface and out into the light. And there you will be able to see it all, and for many, the magnitude of old dross will at times seem to be more than a little overpowering. But again we say, this is not something to fear, this is something to celebrate. For it is only visible to you because it is coming out, never to be seen again. And as such, this final cleansing, for that is truly what this is, will seem to be more dramatic than what it really is. For you are not to sit down and take account of it all. This is not about balancing the books, keeping a close score of anything that may come out of this cleansing process. This is simply a case of releasing what the light is driving out, and as such, the process is in fact more easier on you than you mayhaps have gotten into your mind. For remember, the mind still have a mind of its own at times, and for the mind, this seeming accumulation of old energy might set it into a spin. But do not let yourself be deceived by all of this, for you are doing good. And do not fall for the temptation to start to compare yourself to that of your neighbour, for as always, this is an individual process, and each and every one of you must take their own path in this, not try to emulate your brother and sister in any way.

For you must simply go forth and do your thing, whether that involves a lot of releasing, or whether that seems to be s slightly less strenuous path. For it is up to each and every one of you to do what makes you feel lighter, and you must do so at your own pace. But do not forget, the light will stop for no one and no thing, so you cannot tell the light to stop. But you can give yourself some leeway in all of this, and you do that best by stepping back and relinquishing the controls, and by surrendering yourself to this process, you will assure that it runs as smoothly as possible. For if you do try to take matters into your own hands, you will feel the squeeze from this energy more than if you just let it run its course.

So again we say breathe, and let yourself go with the flow. Only by doing that will you feel better able to sail through all of this without feeling as if your heart is being smothered by these, the last remnants of the old you. For they will surface in one way or the other, and the more you accept this, the faster this flow will pour out, and the faster this process will go. So let go, and let it come, and whatever it is, it is nothing to fear. For it is lifted out of you in order to let you lift yourself up and away from the one you used to be, but are no longer. For you have already entered the halls of tomorrow, but as you are still a many layered being, not yet fully merged, you will still need some help to get everything together as it were by making sure that nothing is left of the old. For you cannot carry any extra weight if you want to become the truly enlightened one, so just look upon this process as the lightening of the load it truly is, no matter how burdensome the process in itself may seem at times.

The manuscript of survival – part 296

•April 6, 2013 • 227 Comments
As you have already ascertained, these last few days have been nothing if not intense, and even if they in many ways may have left you feeling weaker in the flesh, you will also sense that your spirit has lifted in more ways than one. For you are made of sturdy stuff indeed, but as yet, your physical body has a hard time coming to the same conclusion. And rightly so, for within is where the changes occur, and as such, your flesh and bones may still feel as if they are at times being torn apart. But they are not, and neither are you, as what is occuring, is such a monumental rewiring and rearranging it will leave you all feel more than a little bit worn and torn and the end of it. But contrary to assumption, you are not being torn down, you are only being fortified in every way, and as such, once again the symptoms will mask the true purpose behind all of these goings on.

For you have come here to conquer, dear ones, but first of all you must conquer your own doubts as to what abilities you may have for stepping out and declaring yourselves to be the new rulers of the world. For that is indeed exactly what you are, but as the word ruler still connotes something sinister for so many, let us just add a few thoughts as to what we must mean by that. For in your eyes, a ruler will in many ways equal a despot, and your world has had its fair share of those. And still to this day, there are many individuals who can be given that same title, not just in their own realm, but also further afield. But we speak not of such lesser men who put themselves above others by the force of instigating fear and uncertainty in others. No, we speak of individulas who are held aloft by the very light that they carry within. And it is this light that is now finding a home in your somewhat worn and weary physical body, and it is indeed this light that will make you the new rulers.

For this light will find a way out of you, and when it does, nothing can stop it, not even you. And as such, your actions will all be guided by this light, and in so doing, it will ensure that you behave in a manner that will guide all others around you. And that is the way to rule, by action, not by edict. So yes, in all respects you will be the rulers of this world, for it is indeed by the very fact that the light will speak to all others around you by your way of living, and then, it will be given unto others to follow in your foosteps. And so you will rule the land once again, not those usurpers who look upon it as their given right to command everyone else to obey by their every whim. For these rulers of the old, no matter if their kingdom is a fiefdom encircled by high walls of security or is in some lair hidden away in a high rise building somewhere, will all start to topple from what they see as their oh so lofty perch. For just as you will guide others by way of the light that you carry, people will be unable not to see the hollowness and crepuscular absence of light that will seep out from all of these self-proclaimed tyrants. And then, the choice will be made, whether to follow in your footsteps, or whether to stay on in the shadows of these former rulers.

For that is truly what they are, they are becoming obsolete even as we speak. But you, dear friends, you are becoming lighter and brighter by the day. And even if your physical body is still having a hard time coming to terms with this fact, it too will soon start to understand that it is indeed lightness itself. For this new burden it is carrying is not heavy, it is light, in each and every meaning of the word. And as soon as the dust settles so to speak, it too will start to let go of the thought that this inner revolution is almost too much to bear. And then you will all feel your step becoming lighter and your days seeming brighter, and you and your body will finally start to blend into each other as a perfect match truly made in heaven.

The manuscript of survival – part 295

•April 4, 2013 • 243 Comments
As many of you have already ascertained, the veils are lifting one by one, and this denouement can in some cases cause even more bewilderment amongst you. For what is this that you have taken for granted all of your life, if not just a puff of smoke, a mirage masquerading as reality? It can be almost overpowering at times when you find yourself standing in this full glare of the truth, as you have to reassess so much that you have build not only this, but also all of your previous lives upon. So yes, the light is merciful indeed, but also merciless, for it leaves nothing to the imagination any more, and you are forced to take everything up for review as you know you must. For you cannot continue on this journey with your eyes and your heart closed to this truth, and even if may be painful in some aspects, it is also the final catharsis that will effectively cauterize any last vestiges of old suppurating wounds, and leave you all to finally heal and become whole again.

For that is indeed what this journey is all about, coming together and gathering all of the aspects of you that have been dispersed far and wide during your sojourns on this planet. And their task has been this one, to gather as much experience as possible, by falling headlong into life in all of its aspects, both those deemed as ”good” and also those deemed as ”bad”. For once the veils start to drop, you will know that there are no such things as ”good or ”bad”, for everything carries equal measure in this theater of life. But now, you have learned enough the hard way, and you are extracting yourselves from this old play. And do not forget, this old play was indeed infested by a large extra helping of darkness a long time ago, by those outsiders dead set on making this whole show keep running long after it was supposed to be closed down. And as such, you have in many ways been forced to play out ever more sinister versions of this theater of life. But now, that show has been called off, and you are no longer under the spell of those puppeteers who so enjoyed watching you all squirm under their hard tenure. So now, you are finally let off from this old forced labour and free to start to play out the new version of your life on earth-school.

For remember, that is why you are all here, to amass knowledge that can only be acquired by living a life in a physical vehicle such as yours, and in such surroundings as the one your beautiful blue planet offers you. And now, the time has come to re-enter school, but this time, it is the school of light, as you have all finished the old ”school of darkness” a long, long time ago. As we said, your tenure there overran its stipulated date by a very, very long time indeed. But now, that has been set right once again, and you will be invited to enter these new halls of knowledge at your own volition. For remember, not all will be tempted to leave the old school, as they would rather stick to the old tried and true, however painful, than to risk severing all of the old connections and throwing themselves wholeheartedly into this new adventure.

For again we say, it is indeed up to each and every one of you if you want to access these new halls of the light, or if you prefer to stay in that airless and dimly lit theater of the old. We cannot force you to do anything, nor would we even try, for it is a sacred edict that on this planet, all are serving under the rule of free will. For yes, this is a place you come to serve, not only yourselves, but also the rest of Creation. For what you amass of knowledge here, goes back to that all-encompassing repository of knowledge that is accessible for all living beings in Creation. That is, apart from the ones inhabiting your planet. For you have been effectively cut off from this endless source of wisdom and energy. But what you have experienced here, has been downloaded into this knowledge bank, and now, by taking that final step into the light, you will also become the recipients of this vast sea of knowledge. So from you being merely a depositor of knowledge, this stream of consciousness will start to go both ways. And as you enter the halls of this school of light, your body and your mind will start to receive huge downloads of this information, information that will literally change your whole world, not only the way that you look upon it.

So again we say, that school’s out, as you have already more than delivered what was acquired of you in the last grade, but now, we invite you to enter this new school, where the light will instruct you and love will be your guiding light, and fear will no longer be the measuring stick against which all will be judged. For you have learned more than enough from that old regime, and now, the time has come to reopen the books and reopen your heart to the true knowledge of the light. The old has served its mission, but the time has come to close that door and open the ones that lead you to your new level of understanding.

The manuscript of survival – part 294

•April 2, 2013 • 123 Comments
Time is flying by, and the days keep getting longer and longer in the northern part of your hemisphere as the sun’s rays are prolonging their stay on the surface. And as such, much light will continue to pour onto this little sphere floating out in space. And with this light, comes so much you have hoped for, but mayhaps also some things that you would rather be left forgotten. For the light is throwing doors open within you all and whatever the light seeks out, cannot hide anymore. And as such, this spring cleaning can be more than a little taxing at times for some of you. But again, we say, all is well and indeed just as it is meant to be. For this shake up is a thourough one, and as we told you earlier, this is indeed the last in a very long line of such shake ups, but this time, we intend to finish the job if we may put it as bluntly as this. Or rather, we intend for you to finish this job, as all we can do, is to assist you in any way we can. And so we will contiune to do that, even at those intervals when you feel bereft of any support at all, and you feel like the loneliest person alive in the universe, nay, in All of creation, you must still know that we are here, by your side, every step of the way.

But this deep plunge into solitude is something that is very important indeed, for you all need in some way to be disconnected from any distractions, whether they be of a positive or negative nature, and as such, this feeling of being tossed into a void or vacuum is indeed an intrinsic part of this whole process. So again we say do not think you have fallen from grace in any way even if you feel like we are disregarding your cries for help. For we hear you, no matter how high or how faint your cries are. And we do not dismiss them in order to punish you or make you feel even worse than you already are. No, we do this as this is part of the agreement we set up beforehand, where you yourself mapped out the arrangements for your sojourn on this planet. For we abide by your rules, dear ones, as you are the ones who stipulated beforehand just how this process was to take place, and as such, we can only obey and serve you in the best way we can while still adhering to these strict rules. Again, this is done by you, not for you, and we will always play second fiddle, in this, the greatest liberation ever taking place on this beautiful little planet.

For your road has been mapped out very carefully beforehand, and so no matter what you encounter on your way, know it has not been set up as a stumbling block to hinder your advancement. It has only been set up as a task that you wish to overcome in order for your process to run out as you have planned it. So again we say that all is well, as your journey could not be done in any other way than how you are approaching it today. For you follow in the footsteps you chartered out a long, long time ago, when you first ventured to take on this assignment of being part of the Earth’s ascension. And so here you are, in the midst of it all, doing exactly what you came here to do. For some of you, you feel the journey has already had its fair share of trials and tribulations, while for others, they are still waiting to see just what will happen next. For all you do, is according to plan, and even if it at times can be very difficult to see any pattern in this rather bewildering array of ups and downs, know that they have all been designed to get you all up, up and away and into your new existence as truly enlightened beings, inhabiting this beautiful planet, all set to make her once again shine in all of her old splendor.

So fret not, even if the road at times seems to set off in all sorts of bewildering directions, for know that it will take you to the designated target, if we may call it that, in just the manner you chose as the most befitting for you. And if it seems more than a little arduous at times, know also that the reason for that, is that you deemed it as the most perfect way for you to truly re-enter your former state of greatness. For you are all stronger, far stronger than what both your physical vehicle and maybe even your resolve at times seem to think, so in that way, you have nothing to fear. For you are here to make it all the way, and now, you have but a few small steps to go before you can say I am truly here, and I am here to stay for good now.

The manuscript of survival – part 293

•March 31, 2013 • 117 Comments
As many of you have already ascertained, this being tossed to and fro in these undulating waves of energy is by no means over yet, but we do hope that you have all been able to get a mouthful of fresh air at least once during these proceedings. We venture to guess that for many of you, the effects of all of these constant surges of wavelike energy will feel somewhat different from what you have been exposed to before, and rightly so. For you have indeed been raised not just another notch this time, rather, you have all been raised to a whole new level of existence to call it that, and therefore, the effects from what is constantly being beamed onto your planet and into your whole system have changed drastically.

To your physical body, much will feel the same, but in fact, there are some dissimilarities from before. But as they in some cases are rather subtle, you may find it hard to hear the different resonance this is making throughout your whole system. For the tune has indeed changed, and so have you, and as such, the melody being played out by each and every one of you has also changed. And together, the choir you make up has changed its tune in such a way, the whole of Creation is able to perceive it. And yes, this will indeed affect us all, and as such, the reactions to it will also change. In subtle ways, but also in some more noticeable ones. For remember, there are still those around trying with all of their might to quell these sounds of revelation, and as such, they will also feel forced to up the ante in any way they can. Hence the somewhat surprisingly vehement attacks some of you have encountered lately. For remember, your voices and your mere presence signals the arrival of a light that is becoming more and more brilliant, and for those eyes still more accustomed to shading themselves by constantly being focused on the dimmer regions of your planet, this brightening light will feel like it is almost piercing into their brain, even into their very core. So they lash out in protection, and anyone standing in their way may feel the brunt of these attacks.

So it can be hard at times standing in this new light, for it exposes so much not only within yourself, but also within those around you, and that can indeed be painful in so many ways. For what you see it not always easy to digest. But again we say, you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and no matter what arises in these next few days, whether it is within your own sphere or it is on a more macro level, know that all is well and everything is happening for a reason. Remember, this is not ”judgement day” in any connotation of the word. For this is neither doom nor a final reckoning of anyone’ s feasibility. For this is just the final clearance of anything that may still stand in the way of these arrows of light, and as such, give thanks to whatever you might find popping up in your life at the moment. For it is not coming up in order to make you feel bad in any way, far from it. It is only popping up to show you that you are jettisoning the last remants of any baggage you might still have concealed somewhere on your person, and this baggage must go in order to help you take that final step forwards.

So again we say, this is a process that can seem to be bewildering, as you will feel yourself being tossed between a complete state of bliss one moment, for then to be thrown into confusion by something that suddenly materializes in front of you. But even if it might seem like it to many of you, this is not a case of one step forward, two steps back. For no matter what you experience now, whether it can be looked upon as smooth sailing or fighting for breath, they can all be considered as steps forwards.

So rest your weary heads and your confused bodies, and know that you are constantly being propelled forwards, in the best of ways. For we are helping you to keep putting one foot ahead of the next, as we see to it that you are gently guided to look in the direction that will give you the best of opportunities to find the most effective way to advance. And remember, you are not alone in this, and even if it all comes down to each and every one of you how you want to tackle this journey, you will have access to all the help and assistance you need in order to be able to fulfill this quest for glory. And glory is what you will find, no matter how deep you seem to be mired in the old muck at times. For you are not stuck there, not in any way, and the moment you realize this, you will not waste any more time fighting against it all. For surrender is once again the key word here, as to surrender is not to give up, it is merely to accept this process for what it is. And when you do this, you will indeed find yourself being carried on a swift current towards that final resting place, where you can simply step into your completeness and leave all of this toil and worry behind.

The manuscript of survival – part 292

•March 29, 2013 • 206 Comments
So here we are dear friends, ready to begin another day in paradise. For that is truly what it is, is it not? We do not say this in order to offend anyone still in the throes of the last birth pangs, we just say it as a little reminder that you are not left out, any one of you. For you are already in paradise, and even if you for some reason have yet to come to the same conclusion yourself, let us just say that deep within yourself, you have, and soon, the rest of your awareness will follow suit.

Let us explain. As we have stated on so many an occasion, if you venture to look for paradise outside the confines of your own self, you might find quite a lot of traces of it, in the beauty of nature, and in the loving look from another soul’s gaze. But if you focus on what is still abundant around you of sorrow, misery and mismanagement, you will come to no other conclusion than that you are still living in something that for many can only be described as a nightmare. But again, it is a nightmare, for it is truly an illusion, and as such, the moment you yourself fully awaken, you will see it for the shimmering haze of make believe it really is. For that is not permanent, not in any way, and all of that will start to dissipate as soon as you start to emerge from this cocoon of transformation. For when you do, you will see that you are permanent, as you are in all ways and manner immortal. And so everything else are just undulations of energies, ebbing and flowing around you, but no more than a chimera.

In other words, once you are truly reborn back into this, the truest version of you, you will begin to look upon what surrounds you with a far more discerning eye. Then you will see that there are no absolutes in this so-called ”reality” that seems to be pressing in on you. For it is but a fiction of the human mind, put up as a sort of play acted out under the pretense of being real. But it is not real, no more real than what play-actors present on stage in theatres. And just like a play, no matter how popular it has become, it will sooner or later have to go out of production. For a play will only continue as long as there are people willing to come and see it. And now, as you awaken one by one, you will leave your seats and exit this ”theater of life”, as we like to call this third density performance of ”reality” that you have been avidly watching for so long.

For remember, you have all had an affinity for this play, for at first, you too were an intrinsic part of it as actors. But as soon as you started to open up and go within, you left center stage and gradually retreated into the stalls, where you kept a close eye on what was going on at the stage. But now, the time to leave the playhouse altogether has come. For now, it is indeed time to re-enter the real life, and start to live in manner that befits your new status as creators. For that is truly what you are, real life creators. For yours is no longer the role of obedient actors, catering to each and every whim of those dictatorial directors, shouting out from the wings. Nor is it the role of willing spectators, engaging hungrily in every nuance of what is being played out in front of you, gasping in horror or chuckling in delight at each cruel joke or nasty barb being uttered from one of the actors.

For now, you have your own life to play out, and as soon as you understand this, you too will realize that it is time to leave your seat in this old and run down ”theater of life” and go out into the sun and start to live you own life as a free citizen of paradise. For it is indeed a paradise that you are living in, and this becomes apparent as soon as you open your eyes and open your heart and start to drink in all of the beauty that is already here. Not only in Mother Nature, but also inside each and every human being you come across. For you are truly citizens of paradise, and you will make this whole planet into a veritable paradise as soon as you stop looking back over your shoulders at the actors making their desperate attempts to entice you back into their cramped and airless little playhouse.

For you have yourself now, with which to play out the full and free life you have always dreamed of. A life that is not incomplete in any way. And you have everything at your disposal, there is no lack of funds nor of resources, as you are once again connected to that all-encompassing lifesource that is running throughout All of creation, and the sooner you realize this, the better. For then, you can all start to create from the heart, for that is where this true connection resides. And once you start tapping into this truth, you will never ever run out of steam. And then, you will start to engender so much, not just from yourself, but from this whole web of like minded, or rather free minded, souls that are starting to emerge all over your beautiful planet. For you will all see just how overwhelmingly satisfying it will be, not only to finally be out in the fresh air, but also how unbeliveably satisfying it is to finally get to create something that is real and true and everlasting. And that, dear friends, is the true paradise you have just entered.

The manuscript of survival – part 291

•March 27, 2013 • 137 Comments
The undertow will be strong for many of you now, and it will feel as if your feet are in danger of being swept away. And so you think you face certain destruction, for when you venture to feel into these energies surging around you now, you can feel just how powerful they are. But in this, the lesson is the same as for those caught in a riptide when they are out in the waters. Do not fight this dear ones, for then you will only prolong your pain and misery, and you are apt to tire yourself out completely. For what you need to do is to go completely against your instinct. For your instinct will tell you to hunker down and fight with all of your might against the relentless push and pull if this surge. But what you need to do, is the complete opposite. For you need to just lift your feet, release your hold on the firmament, and let yourself ble swept away on these currents. And when you do, you will find it is so much easier to navigate this stream of incoming energy, and you will find yourself floating freely in this large body of water. For if you stick to your guns, you will find yourself fighting for air, as the water rises and your head starts to become submerged.

So again we say, do not fight this, but surrender to this, and you will find your breath slowing down, and you will be better able to tune into your own heart. And when you do, you will find all of the assurance you need. For your heart knows that you are not drowning, you are in fact being propelled upwards and forwards, and so your heart will go on, in a steady and powerful rhythm. So again we say, stay connected to your core, and all will be well, and follow your heart and let yourself fall into the loving embrace of this undulating wave of love and light.

A short update on the energies

•March 26, 2013 • 38 Comments
Dear friends!

It is difficult to describe how I have experienced myself these last few days, it is a sort of mixture of just floating serenly in the Pond, while at the same time barreling fast forward down rapids shouting with joy. But today, there is this strange feeling of “pause”, like the stillness between an exhalation and inhalation. So I checked in with the CCs as usual and this is what they said: ” You are correct in surmising that you are in a sort of suspension at the moment, between the ebb and flow of these great cycles or waves of energy that are coming your way. It will not be long now before you feel a new surge of energy coming in, but this time it will not come crashing in, rather, you will feel how the momentum starts to build ever so slowly, before it comes higher and higher, rushing in way past the marks left by the old waves. It will come more slowly this time, so it may not feel like your legs will be knocked away under you, but still, it is indeed best to stay centered, lest you should lose balance once again.”

I feel myself slowing down, connecting with myself, spending time in solitude, out in Mother Nature. My body still have these strange shifts between lightness and an almost foglike heaviness, where I cannot even think. But underneath it all I feel the new vibrations as this very solid foundation, giving me so much assurance that I have in some ways “arrived” after all. As always, reading all that you share in this space brings me much joy, and it has been so beautiful to read the descriptions from those of you who took part in the group mediation. Philip, thank you for setting up this “special edition” of your weekly meditation and inviting all Uniponders to take part. I have been “disconnecting” myself lately to better be able to flow through all that is happening to me now, but I have been told that I am to invite you all to a “Gathering around the Pond” as soon as “the dust settles” as The CCs put it. I think you all have felt how the energy in this space has grown so much lately, and judging from the images you shared from your meditations, it will be a very, very powerful experience once we can all sit down and connect. Until then, I send you all my love and light, and I thank you all for your presence here. You have all poured your light into this beautiful Pond, and it will continue to increase in clarity, brilliance and size as we all let the light continue to flow through us.


The manuscript of survival – part 290

•March 25, 2013 • 91 Comments
The song inside of you have changed its tune now, and even if it might be difficult to decipher between all of the clamor these new energies have created, it is there, and it is constant. So do not fall into the trap of thinking that these last few days intense upheavals have thrown you off the track, far from it. But as we told you earlier, the buttons would be pushed by these incoming energies, and pushed they have been. To the extent that for some of you, a sudden breakthrough has suddenly arrived, as if out of the blue. As breakthroughs goes, these have been so profound, they will literally change the whole landscape around you, as you seem to have been walking on a foggy moore and then suddenly emerge in a very different landscape where the air is crystal clear and sharp, and everything stands out in vivid detail. This is not an easy journey for any of you, but for some, these last few days have been more challenging than you can mayhaps ever remember, and as such, this process will for quite a few of you still take some time before it all settles down, and you too will be better able to discern all of the details around you.

For this is indeed that last stage in the desert if you will, when you will all start to see something shimmering on the horizon, and this time, it will not be a trick of the eye, but it will be the first sight of your final destination.

And what is your final destination? It is not a city of gold and treasures, inhabited by fleet footed maidens and handsome warriors. No, what we talk about, is that golden city within, the one that has always been there, but one that for years and years has been neglected. Not out of spite, but because you were not even aware that it was there. But last week’s intense shower of love has washed away all, or at least the majority of debris that have been covering up this fabled city, and now, it cannot be hidden anymore. Not from you, nor from others. For the lights in that city are coming on, one by one, and they are starting to draw your attention, whether you like it or not. For some, they are already dancing in the streets in a happy reunion with themselves and this inner city of gold, while for others, they have still a little bit left on that road towards it. But you have all, in some ways, been made aware of this fabled place, and you can feel it beckoning inside of you as an irresistible force.

Remember, each one of you have your own way of arriving in this city. For some, it will be through an almost traumatic and painful recovery of the memories that are kept within the walls of this place. For others, it will almost feel like you stumble upon it by sheer luck, and the list is long. So again we say, do not follow in the footsteps of others if you want to rediscover this fabled city. For then, the road will quickly peter out, and you will leave yourself stranded in the desert. So make sure that you are very present in yourself, and seek the ways that will help you to do this. For only you will know how to look, if you have not yet arrived. So again we say that all is well, no matter on what stage of this final journey you all are. For you are just where you are meant to be.

So breathe deeply, and celebrate, whether you know you have arrived, or whether you are facing that final hill where you know you will be able to set your eyes upon that final resting place. For this is where the true you reside, and this is where you will be reunited with yourself once and for all. So again, we wish you all god speed, on this, the final push within. And if you have arrived, you will know so, because then it is as even the colours start to change hue, and the light will brighten, and so will you.

Are you listening?

•March 23, 2013 • 134 Comments
Dear friends!

These last few days have been full of magic, but also so intense, so I had to take some time to just BE. For the energies that blasted through me on the Equinox were even more powerful than I thought, so I literally had to disconnect myself from everything, including this Pond, in order to get back to myself. In this exhilaration of all the love that came rushing in, it is easy to get carried away. But just as the butterfly in the beautiful video Michael posted, we need to take time to sit with all this before we throw ourselves fully into this new level. For if we act too fast, we risk crashing down because our wings are not yet fully formed and ready to make us airborn.

For it is just like the CCs said, we have been given the opportunity to find our new voice, but we can only find it if we take time in quiet to listen for it inside. Many of you have done that, and the stories you have shared here these last couple of days are testaments to that. Alex, Guerric, Iain –  you are just some examples on how these new energies have worked miracles. For you did just that, you stepped back and stepped into yourselves, fully and truly and in ways that are shining examples for us all. I thank you for sharing these profound, transformative stories with us, for you have dared to be honest to yourselves in a way that is beyond anything I have ever seen before. For you have found your new voices, and they are beautiful, soaring up to heaven, and you bring joy into the hearts of us all.

Have I found my true voice? I think I have, but my process has been very different from what others have described here already. And so it should be, for we are all unique, and only we can do this the way that is right for us. This is not about technique or following in the footsteps of others, this is all about YOU doing this for YOU in the only way that is right for you. At least I know I will make sure to give myself ample opportunity to reconnect with myself in the days ahead in order to make sure that I have ”heard” it correctly. For it is just like the CCs said beforehand, this new energy ” will push a multitude of buttons in you all, and the result can be bewildering to say the least.”

The tune of this Pond has also changed with these new vibrations coming in, and the stories you have shared show that very clearly. And when we start to connect even deeper through this Pond, as in the group meditation Philip has set up for Monday, it is even more important that we all take some time before that to literally ”tune out to tune into ourselves”. For have you found your new voice yet? It may not feel very different from the old one, but believe me, it is. You may not have to go through a deep and profound experience in order to find it, but you need to be sure that you have in fact managed to establish just who you are after this intense energetic retuning. For some of you, that process will take some time to finish, and so you will have to give it all the time you need. But then at least you will know that you are still in the process of fine tuning yourself. And that is all it takes. So please make sure that you are honest with yourself in this process, and do not rush ahead without taking the time to listen well to that inner voice.

In other words, make sure that you have managed to tune into this new vibration, as otherwise, you will find yourself out of balance again very soon. For this new level of vibration is so powerful and so strong, and if you try to ”wing it” as they say, you will be blasted back down again until you learn your lesson. For we cannot sing the old song anymore, it simply does not harmonize with the new, and you will feel the effects of being ”out of tune with yourself” even more now than what we did before. Because the energies have changed so much it will clearly signal if you are, and it will do so without hesitation. It is easy to get confused, and it can be distracting to hear everybody else trying out their own voices. So make sure that it is YOUR voice you hear, not that of someone else.

So take time, disconnect from the outside and go within. That way, you will know just what your new voice is, and when you raise it to the heavens, it will mix in perfectly with the new vibration that is already here. Remember to be patient with yourself, and ask for assistance if you need it. I had a hard time hearing myself above the noise my physical body made in the aftermath of the Equinox, and even being out in nature was not enough to help me to balance myself. And so I asked for help, and got it in the form of this beautiful dog that I was asked to look after for a few hours. This gift of love gave me the opportunity I needed to just let go of everything and just BE in the love that he gave me. And so he helped me to hear myself, and for that, I thank the infinite wisdom of the Universe. So please make sure you give yourself the same gift of tuning in, and I know you will find your way through the noise and into the new music that has started to play within.

Love and light, Aisha


The manuscript of survival – part 289

•March 22, 2013 • 130 Comments
Today is another great day indeed, but one that will be met with indifference from many, for this day will be all about integrating what you have already been injected with, but also one that will bring with it new and improved levels of understanding. But again, this does not pertain to all humans, as this only pertains to those who have already opened their hearts to this, and who are welcoming these heavenly injections of light and hope. For the rest of humanity, it will seem to be more of the same old, same old, as they continue to drag themselves through another day of this mortal coil.

Make not mistake, life can seem to be much less than bleak for many of your fellow men and women even without these injections from above, for all is not pain and unhappiness. But their joy cannot be compared to the joy that is yours, as soon as you have opened the doors within that let in these heavenly emissaries. For then it is as if the volume has been turned to max, and the mufflers have been removed, and as such, the exhilaration will be multiplied many times over. In addition, when you reach out and connect to other open souls as you are doing here in the space that has been set aside for such a purpose, you will feel that this also heightens the intensity of all of these positive vibrations another notch or two. For that is what this truly is at heart, good vibrations. But if you refuse to reset your receiver and tune into this new channel, you will not be able to pick it up, and all this heavenly music will literally pass you by.

So again we say stay tuned, for there is more to come, and even if it at times can be a little bit taxing to receive these heavenly signals, know that the outcome is certainly more than worth it. For the choir you have set up has already acquired many new members, but the roster is about to multiply even further as you yourselves have started to emit this wondrous voice from heaven from your own hearts. And now, this song is being picked up by more and more eager ears, or rather hearts, and they will be attracted by this tune and come knocking on your door, ready to hear more. And as long as you keep singing in tune with this new vibration, you will be able to make even more join in and harmonize alongside you. And they again will entrain others with their new vibration. And on and on this goes, like a veritable train of love where new cars are being hitched on one by one.

And so again we say look around, and see that you are already swimming in a sea of love, created by each and every person who has had the courage to open their own heart and pour our the contents within, increasing the size of this beautiful pond beyond belief. But this is only the beginning, dear ones, and know too that there are other ponds just like this, already brimming over with the love that has accumulated there. And soon, these ponds will start to merge and intermingle, growing outwards and covering more and more of the surface of this little blue planet of yours. And soon, when you look from above, the waters of these small ponds will have outgrown even the vastest of oceans you can see from outer space.

So we thank you all, for doing what you do, and for being what you are. For you are the ones making all this happen, step by step, song by song, choir by choir. So sit back and listen well, for you are indeed already an integrated part of this heavenly choir, already being heard near and far throughout the lands. And the song that you sing, is indeed the song of freedom, finally being sung by those that have attained that freedom. It is not a song of longing any more, it has become a song of being. And with that, we will leave you for today, but we will return again and again to continue to sing your praise. For it is well deserved, more than you can know, and so we stand here today, applauding your efforts. For the sound you are all making is soaring through your universe and beyond, carrying with it the confirmation that mankind is about to break out into a song that will break all the records hitherto set by this human race.

The manuscript of survival – part 288

•March 21, 2013 • 167 Comments
I am here, do you have a message for me? We certainly do dear lady, and tears of joy are running down our face as we tell you this. Beloveds, you have entered the halls of tomorrow, and you have done so in the company of thousands upon thousands of jubilant souls. For last night, you tore yourselves free from the yoke that have been holding you all back for so long. For you are free now, free to explore these lands of no boundaries, free to savour all of the pleasures inherent in a life filled with love. For the light has entered, and with it, all of the borders have been set free.

So rest now dear ones, because you have yet to fathom what all of this will entail. For you are still in this transitional phase, and as we said, you have been somnambulants for so long, waking up will feel very strange at first, and it will take some time before you fully understand what has taken place on your beautiful little planet. For yesterday you made a firm commitment to tear asunder the chains holding you down, and your collective power was more than enough to blow your cage to smithereens. So rejoice we say, for you have set yourselves free, and you did it, no on else. For what is a light send out from heavens above if there are no open hearts to receive it? You were all so open, and what you partook in will sustain and nourish you for the rest of your sojourn on this beautiful, blue planet.

So again we say, you are the ones who have set you free, and we bow down in respect, and rejoice alongside you. For you are us, and we are you, and now, that will be more apparent than ever before. We willl leave you now to start this day, and to let you feel into this ocean of love with all of your senses. You have arrived dear ones, and know that from now on, your journey will be filled with light in every sense of the word.

The manuscript of survival – part 287

•March 20, 2013 • 86 Comments
So here we are dear ones, on this day of joy and celebration. For many of you, this day has already begun during the darkest hours of the night, as we wager that more than a few have had some visitations from some rather intense energies during your otherwise more restful sleeping hours. Well, let us just say that you will have many more encounters like this in the next few hours and days, but know that although some of these visitors may seem to be a little bit disturbing to your physical system, they are all benign. But we have to say they are nothing if not effective, as they charge through, bringing so much awakening in their wake. For this is what is happening to you all now, dear ones. Just as with Sleeping Beauty, one by one you are taken in hand, and gently, or in some cases, not so gently, being risen from that deep slumber you have been in for so long. For you have been somnambulants long enough now, and it is indeed time to become fully awake and survey your new surroundings. For you have grown to expect nothing but sad news and bitterness wherever you turn, but now, as your eyes get used to this new daylight, you will see how the sun has drawn out so much happiness and beauty all around. That is, if you seek it through the right channels, and do not depend on the mass media to enlighten you. For now you will know that they never will, as they are all still embroiled in the same old, same old. But you will know better, for you will feel the heat from this sun warm not only your face, but also your heart, and you will see a smile of recognition on so many other faces around you.

So again we say, take time to celebrate today, and take time to connect, for that is why you are all here. For you are a vast net of enlightened beings covering your globe now, and this time, it is up to you to haul that net even tighter and thereby avoid letting any single one of you fall through the openings. So know that all is well, even if your nighttime and maybe even some of your waking hours will seem to be a bit tumultuous in the time ahead. For you have just started to come to, so your whole system will feel a little bit as someone who has overslept for suddenly to be jolted awake again without much further ado. So let us just leave it at that, but not before we give you all a standing ovation. For you certainly deserve it, and it is resounding throughout All of creation. For you are closely watched by us all, and we are indeed more than pleased by your progress. So thank you again dear ones, for doing what you do and for being who you are, the bravest of the brave in All of creation.

The manuscript of survival – part 286

•March 19, 2013 • 129 Comments
As many of you have already ascertained, it is as if everything is holding its breath now. If you try to feel into it, you will feel a great stillness, as if in a void, and you will mayhaps think that you have been disconnected from source. Well, that is not the case here, as this is only a preliminary measure in order to prepare you for what is up ahead. For we think you all know by now that tomorrow is the day when the world stands still. Let us explain.

You are approaching one of those periods during the year that have always been celebrated amongst human beings. Some of you may not know why, but it is all linked to the precession of your planet in comparison to the other planetary bodies that surrounds you. And tomorrow is one of those days when your planet seems to be suspended in a precarious balance, and if everyone held still, it would continue to do so. But then, slowly, it starts to move again, and the balance between night and day on either end of your globe will once again begin to change. So this is indeed a very symbolic day, but it is more than that. For tomorrow is the beginning of a brand new phase in everyone’s lives, so today is a day to begin to prepare for that.

And no, we do not mean prepare as beginning to dig a whole in the ground for shelter and stocking it with provisions, thinking that the end is near. No, what we are talking about, is what will come hot on the heels of today’s lull, namely a huge influx of energy that will literally take your breath away. But in its wake comes something else, and that is why we want you to start to prepare for this monumental influx of energy and information today. For we want you to make sure to sit down in peace and quiet today and literally tune in to yourself, and we think you will be able to discern something new there already, something hiding behind the everyday noise, but still discernable if you listen well. And that is indeed the new you, the voice of the butterfly if you will, and if you manage to check in with that today, you will be better prepared when it starts to raise its voice in earnest tomorrow.

For tomorrow will bring in the signal for it to do so, and it will push a multitude of buttons in you all, and the result can be bewildering to say the least. So take this time in this quiet intake of breath to sit down and get to know that voice. For that is the voice you will be hearing from now on. And soon, no matter how much external noise that will be generated in order to drown out this new voice you all carry inside, it will start to ring out loud and clear. Not only on your inside, but on the outside as well. For with your new wings comes also an inability to stay silent no more. For you are indeed the voice of the future, but you have come to tell us all that the future is already here.

The manuscript of survival – part 285

•March 18, 2013 • 137 Comments
As many of you have already ascertained, emerging from your cocoon may not always feel as pleasant as you had hoped for. For the process in itself can also be painful, as you wrestle your body free from the constraints that have been holding it in for so long. But you are free, even if your body and soul might feel more than a little pummeled by the proceedings. We say this in order to ensure that no one feels left out of this, for we do know that today, many of you will feel slightly, or in some cases, even worse for the wear. This is nothing strange, as not only you, but also the heavenly mother has been battling with the forces within these last 24 hours, and as such, you have been beaten with the rays of change coming in from above as well as battling with those inner demons still set on rambling through you. So even if this process is nearing completion, and we can see your shapes and colours already, you yourselves may still feel more than a battling ground than a finished piece. So here you are, still swaying with the punches coming in from above, whilst at the same time trying to come to terms with inhabiting something that is very, very different from the old thing you were ensconced in before you entered this womblike state within your cocoon.

So again we say, use your breath to quell any fear or anger that may arise, as you will still feel more than a little unsteady on your feet in these upcoming days. For this is a period of major upheavals, both on the physical but also on the more esoteric plane. But know that you have been through the worst, and as such, what you will be feeling now can be likened to the creaks and groans in something new that needs a little time to settle into its new form.

So do not think that there is anything wrong, even if you have a hard time of it. For the sun is already up, even if you still have not had the chance to rub the sleep completely out of your eyes yet. For remember, you have been asleep for a very, very long time, and just as those animals going into hibernation for a long time, coming out of that state is not done in a jiffy. So take it slow, and breathe, and do not try to exert yourself in any way. That way, you will ease into this brand new you in a slightly less stressful manner. And so we say, a new dawn has begun, and you can mayhaps feel the warmth of the sun’s rays on your face. But do not feel any pressure to get up and go immediately, for this time, the sun has come to stay for good.

The manuscript of survival – part 284

•March 17, 2013 • 86 Comments
( I got a short personal message  from The CCs this morning, and was asked to sit down later today for another message. That is what I did, and that is why til message starts in this way. Aisha)

I am back, is there more. Oh yes, sweet child, there will always be more, more than you can even begin to understand. We stand beside you now, in our splendor, admiring how you are all starting to unfold those beautiful butterfly wings of yours. For you have managed to tap into that reservoar of truth you have so longed to access, not only in this life, but for eternity. And here you all are, poised on the brink of greatness. For you have seen the wisdom in connecting, and through that, you have given your greatness on the altar for us all, and for this, you will be made into the true gods you really are. For you see that you are strong alone, but that is nothing compared to the mighty force you will wield as you have come together as a band of brothers. For you are indeed the brothers and sisters of the light, as you compose the whole spectrum of colours cast forth from this one single ray of white light as it enters and exists through this prism of mankind. Oh you are brilliant, sweet ones, yet, you have yet to see it clearly yourselves, for you are still encased in the last remnants of this chrysalis that made you.

For just as the butterfly, you entered this chrysalis as a humble caterpillar, and you did so with full faith. For you did not know what to expect, you just knew you had to give yourself fully away to this process. And this process is nothing short of miraculous, but it is also a terrifying one. Because just like that caterpillar, you need to completely dissolve the old being, and let yourself be turned into a sort of primordial sludge, looking like nothing at all, before you are literally reprogrammed and then turned back on again and turned into a completely new being. So from those same cells that constituted the humble caterpillar springs the wondrous, shimmering butterfly. But they are identical, even if they are also a whole world apart. For what made them is the same heavenly dust. And what separates them is the programming that is putting it together. So too it is with you dear ones, as you have allowed youselves to be transformed within this chrysalis you all entered at one stage in your life. And you have gone through this dissolving process, and now you emerge, as if brand new, but still composed of the same particles that once made you up.

To others, you may still look like that old caterpillar, except they might see a slight shimmer around you, a sort of haze of light, but to us, we see you in your full regalia. So we salute you today dear ones, as you stand before us, tall, and shimmering and brightly lit from within. And know that you are not alone, for there are indeed thousands upon thousands of other butterflies emerging at this time, all over your globe. So rejoice we say, for you have once again emerged from that hidey hole where you once were forced to take cover, and now you will all be able to take to your wings and soar high above this beautiful planet, as you once again spread your gossamer wings in unity with all of those other butterflies on the same mission as you. Namely to bring down heaven to earth once again. And now, it has started to rain down on you all, and your emergence wil be the first sign of this new spring. For you herald the beginning of the end of the old, but you also herald the end of the beginning of the new. For you have transformed yourself in such a way that you have already made that rift between the two grow infinitely wider already.

So be sad no more cherished ones, as you start your flight. For you have anchored the light, and through your long and painful sojourn inside your cocoon, you effectively separated the strands holding back this planet in the dark ages. For that was the strands you utilized to spin this cocoon in the first place. So now you see how the light can come forth from the darkness, but now, the overwhelming force of this darkness is no longer oppressive, for it will fall away as you shed those last remains of this coocon. So now, the light has sprung forth with all of its might, and it is you, by your long and painstaking process who have made it so. So again we say thank you, and we do so with admiration, not only from us, but from All of creation. So rest now, dear ones, and take it slowly at first. For your wings have yet to attain their full strength, as they need some time to solidify and become fully capable of bearing your weight. So do not get impatient, for you will be able to do all that you have longed for and more, but you will be allowed to do it all as soon as the time is right. As always, timing is everything, and you will be closely guided through it all indeed. So thank you again, we will leave it at that for now, but we will return with more in a few short hours.

The manuscript of survival – part 283

•March 16, 2013 • 149 Comments
As you have already ascertained, the pace has gotten fast and furious by now. Many of you have already felt the brunt from this barrage of love bombs, and even if the outcome from all of this will be very positive indeed, the process in itself can be more than a little taxing for you all. You see, this is all about giving you all the best possibility to travel unhindered through this next phase, and as such, nothing will be spared in this effort. So again we say, prepare to be pummeled and squeezed, as you are all being sanctified by these missiles of light. And do not think you are falling apart at the seams, even if you might feel like it from time to time in the days ahead. For you are in fact being fused together in such a way that you become as solid as you can be. And when this process is finished, you can indeed withstand anything. So that is the goal here, even if some of you might feel like we are trying to tear you apart, limb by limb, memory by painful memory.

So again we say, remember to breathe, for that will indeed bring some alleviation of these symptoms. For the breath is the sacred link between you and the very Essence, and as such, the better you are in connecting to it in your own physical body, the more you will be able to ease this transition somewhat. Let us leave it at that for now, and let you all go back to nursing yourselves through it all. For these days can be brutal on so many of you, but in the end, you will know that the purpose is as noble as they get. For this is about lifting you completely out of the old morass you have been treading in, seemingly forever. So take whatever comes in with open arms, for it will help to remove the last vestiges of the old that you still might carry within.

The manuscript of survival – part 282

•March 14, 2013 • 203 Comments
As so many of you have already ascertained, the speed and the intensity of this clearing process is indeed like nothing you have ever come across before. You are literally being emptied out of anything that might be a hindrance to you in the time ahead, for only those that travel light, will be able to reach that destination they so long for. You see, this is not a sort of trial and error project, this is something that is indeed a very serious endeavor, and as such, nothing is left to chance here. So whatever you will experience in the hours and days ahead, know that this is all a carefully planned part of this process, and not something done on a whim.

We say this in order to remind you all that you are indeed carefully monitored by us throughout it all, and we have the full scope on what is indeed needed in order to prepare you all in the best possible way for the next stage of this journey. For you are all so very close now dear ones, and what you have in front of you may seem to be very daunting for you all. But know that even if you feel the pull from this gaping maw of expectations starting to pull you all in, know that you will not be allowed to enter until we deem you ready to do so. So yes, this is all perfectly orchestrated, and it will be given each and every one of you when the time is right. For this is indeed a series of injections of light, to call them that, and they will have some rather intense effects as they each home in on their intended ”targets”. For this is indeed like those heat-seeking missiles you see on your video screens, that seem to uncannily circle in on their target and the hit right in the middle of the bull’s eye.

So too it is with all of this, and even if the words we use may seem rather cold or even frightening, know that what we refer to are actually missiles of light of the most pure and profound kind, and what they will do to you all is nothing short of magical. For they will all penetrate to the very core of your being, and when they do, they will set off a sort of a chain reaction that is almost like the countdown process to a launch of your spaceships. For we are all gathered at the control center now, ready and eager to start this, the last in a very, very long series of fusillades of energy that will engender such a positive response in you all, you have no idea. But on the outside, you might not feel the impact from all of these ”missiles” as strongly as you mayhaps envisage at the moment, but do not think that they have no effect if you yourself have no sense of them entering your system. For make no mistake, you will all be hit by these ”love bombs”, and they will have a devastating effect on everything that has been implanted into you in order to hinder your evolvement into a true lighted being. For nothing of the old will be left standing after this barrage of light, and as such, the charred ruins of the old and obsolete will soon become apparent to you all. But, as we have talked about earlier, it is indeed from  these ashes that the new you, and through that, the new world will arise. So prepare to be hit hard but lovingly by something that will literally change you into something that is profoundly different from the person you still see yourself as today.

The manuscript of survival – part 281

•March 12, 2013 • 114 Comments
For many of you, the upheavals you have been experiencing lately, indeed are maybe still in the midst of, will signal an important departure from much of what you have looked upon as an integral part of your life. For now, everything that does not serve you anymore will be slowly but surely extracted from your life, but as most of these things have very deep roots indeed, it will not be a very swift process. You see, much of this are issues that have been allowed to bury themselves deep, deep within your psyche in some way, and as such, this extraction process will not be without its challenges. For, as we have talked about so many times earlier, your whole human set up has been designed in such a way it craves stability more than anything, and now, that is the last thing you can expect. So these bouts of energetic cleanups coming in now will have you all tossing and turning from all of this intense removal, so the very ground beneath your feet will seem to be less than stable at times too.

Let us explain. As it always is with these energetic immersions you are once again in the middle of, they will seem to disturb so much, and your equilibrium will be almost guaranteed to be lost for longer or shorter periods during all of this. We speak both of the more emtional processes, but also of purely physical ones. So you will feel yourself stumbling more than once during the next few days, as everything you have on the inside, and indeed also on the outside, will seem to be endlessly shifting around, and in addition it will do so seemingly out of synch with everything else. So expect to lose your footing in more ways than one, but know also that if, or rather when, you find yourself falling to your knees in some ways, you will always be able to get back up on your feet.

We tell you this as a reminder that this is not about breaking you down, it is in fact all about rebuilding you, but this process can easily be misconstrued as the other way around. For you will all in some ways suffer the consequences from this, in many ways brutal, process. But again we say, this is not to make you suffer, this is only to ensure that you will emerge victorious at the other end of this journey. So try to stay calm, even if the storms you will face up ahead will have you seriously considering if you will be able to weather them at all. And please know that there is no shame in holding on to something in order to help you stay on your feet throughout all of this. And when we say something, we might as well rephrase that to someone. But please choose well in whom you turn to in all of this, for a wise soul will know to choose another wise soul for comfort, whether it be one of your fellow men, or one of us. For if you choose to cling onto someone that has already succumbed to their own fear, they will not help to keep you standing, they will only ensure that you will not be able to stand up ever again after immersing yourself in this sea of fear they are apt to create. So again we say be sure to connect with your true brothers and sisters in this, lest you should accidentally pick someone much less buoyant in order to help you to stay afloat in these days ahead. For you will all need support in some way through all of this, so it will do no good if you choose to latch onto someone already going under in their own sea of despair.

Again, we come to give you encouragement, not to take away any last vestiges of hope that you might have. For this is not an easy ride, not in any way, but never forget you are more than able to complete it. For that powerhouse you all harbour inside has only just started to come alive, but it will gain momentum for each day now. So do not think you have taken your last breath, even if you may at some point get the wind knocked out of you, for you have just begun to breathe freely, without the restrictions that have been holding you down for eons. So again we say, focus on that breath, for it is indeed more important than you can understand now, and it will help you through even the worst of these squalls that are currently hovering on the horizon. For you are indeed build of strong stuff dear ones, they very stuff the stars are made of, and you cannot be snuffed out as easily as you mayhaps think at the moment. You will continue to shine brightly, even through the darkest hour of the storm, and as such, you will also help others. And by your light, others will also find their way to a safe harbour, and by your grace, you will do the same too. For you have not lost yourself yet, and you will not do so either, as long as you keep your gaze averted from all of those trying to lure you into their deep pool of fear.

So stay afloat, and fasten your eyes on all of those other islands of love that are right there beside you, and together you will soon feel your feet touching solid ground once again. And you will know with all of your heart that you can never ever be dragged down into that deep void of emptiness that so many others so willingly have lost themselves. For you will emerge onto dry land, and you will do so only to discover that this is indeed familiar ground. For you have been here before, but only in your dreams, but now, it will turn out to be reality.

The manuscript of survival – part 280

•March 10, 2013 • 178 Comments
As many of you have already ascertained, the energies have once again moved up another notch. It can be difficult to stay centered in these blasts of light, but please know that no matter what transpires in the next few days, you are not about to fall apart. We know that for many of you, this thought will come very close to the surface as both your physical and emotional state may be in turmoil. And, it is not about to abate in the next few days. Please do not take this as any form of preaching of doom and gloom, as this is only a forewarning of the incoming light. So yes, even if you at times may feel like you are being torn apart from all of these goings on, know that what we bring is in fact good news. For you are about to be filled with a large amount of light of the utmost clarity, and when the storm once again abates, you will find yourself filled to the brim with this clarity too, and you will be able to better discern the real goings on behind all of this hullabaloo.

For in the midst of these bouts of intense discomfort, it will as always be very, very difficult to find any positive aspect at all in what you are going through. For this will be nothing if not challenging for many of you. But again we say, please remember that all of this is only clear symptoms that you are being cleansed of all of the old, and your true core is being purified and sifted out from all of the old morass still covering it, much like when specks of gold are washed out from the tons of sand covering it.

So take this as another reminder to seek out the help you need in order to be better able to face these onslaughts of the light. For there is no better word for them than that, as they are indeed unremitting in their efforts to bring out the shining core of the real you. And you will be able to stand it all, even if you may at more than one point cry for mercy. But again we say, you are not here to be tormented, you are here to become the purest essence of yourself. And just like the process that turns the humble piece of coal into the most brilliant of diamonds, it cannot be done without applying the most intense form of pressure there is. But from the heat of this furnace the shining plumes of the phoenix will emerge. So know that even if you will feel as if you are about to be consumed by these flames of transformation, you will not be so, as you will once again emerge victorious and resplendent and for the first time able to show the world – and yourself – your true colours.

Everything is speeding up

•March 9, 2013 • 118 Comments
Dear friends!

I feel like I have been inside a tornado of energies these last couple of days, but a good one. It is as if all the doors have opened wide, and the energies are just pouring in. So much is happening now, it is difficult to keep track of it all, and I am so glad that you have all ”taken over” this space with all your amazing comments. Wow – the energy you all bring in here have just exploded in these last few days, and I do not even have the words to describe how I feel whenever I log on and read and connect to what you all add to this circle. I know I have said this before, but I just have to say it again: I had no idea what I started when I first began this blog a little over a year ago. Then, it was just a place where I posted these messages, and a few visitors stopped by and shared their thoughts on what I had channeled. But now, it has truly grown into this vibrant and resilient community that is growing more and more powerful by the hour. So now this is not ”my space”, it is our space, and I so enjoy taking a step back and just watch in awe as you all bring in more and more of this beautiful energy. Thank you all for this, I do not even think you have all fully grasped just how important it is what you do here.

As I said, much has been happening in my life these last few days too. I have once again been thrown into something that came as a bolt out of the blue, and as always, I have to figure it all out by myself while my team stand in the wings giggling delightedly when I suddenly ”get it”. It is just like I find this little piece of information that seems rather unimportant, but suddenly it dawns on me that this is actually the final piece in a huge puzzle that has been there for a very long time, but now it is complete. And then, I see the whole picture unfold before me, and things I have been told years ago in a reading, or have been given to me in a message suddenly becomes clear. So I have in effect been given another task, but with this task comes also a whole new set of connections, and it is just amazing to see how once again something happens that I did not know was to happen, but when it does, you just know it is so right. This does not mean that I will stop with the messages here, not at all, it just means that I will be doing more of the same, but in a different context and with a group of people instead of doing it all by myself. I am so looking forward to that, for I feel so strongly that what The CCs talked about in the last message, about how the new world is all about connecting and working together, is so true. And for me, this has also been a revelation, for until now, this has been a very solitary work, with all of its advantages but also setbacks. So yes, these are indeed interesting times for us all.

What this new task will turn out to be, I have no clear information yet, but I have a hunch it will be connected to what I wrote about in The apprentice’s manual. As always, I am given no details up front, I just have to follow my intuition and go with the flow. I have already started to connect with a few other people, and it is so amazing to see how just everything starts to fall into place once you start to make the ”right” decisions. Time will tell what it will all turn out to be.

One very interesting and for me joyful outcome from all of this, is that my sister will be part of this work as well. She actually started to channel information long before I did, but for different reasons she decied to let that go a few years back. (She was actually the one that gave me my name in a channeling. As some of you know already, Aisha is not my ”real” name, it is the name I have taken because it represents the real me. My given name is Bente, and that is the name that my family and friends use, but I have a feeling that it will fade away in a not too distant future, with the rest of the 3D life.) My sister and I have been living together for the last two years, and this has given us both an opportunity to quit our old jobs and pursue the things that gives us real joy, which in my case has been to channel. So when all of my insights on this new ”mission” started to surface, we were talking non stop about it, and then she suddenly said ”I wish that I was supposed to do this kind of work too.” And I just said, ”that is a choice that you must make yourself.” So later that evening, she sat down and basically told the Universe that she was ready to once again do her part in this work. And just like that, she was back to channeling. And let me tell you, these new energies are not timid, and they are more than a little impatient to say the least! Interestingly enough we both get affected by them, so when she sits down to do her channeling, I am almost floored by the energies as well. So yes, we have been stumbling around here the last few days, it’s more like being on a boat at high seas than in an apartment.

I want to share a part of a message my sister received yesterday, because I think that it contains some information that can be of help:

” The undulating effects of the energy pouring in are taking its toll on makind. The disease you see rampant is a clear sign that no mortal body is unaffected by the events unfolding now. The untold stories are emerging from their crysalis. We are facing the ultimate challenge for all. To take the decisive step or not? Those left behind are doing so at their own accord and free will. We are by no means responsible for their final decision. Neither are you, dear friends. The hitherto unknown agenda on the template for today is simply merging with your higher selves. The lesson is simple, breathe in, breathe out, repeat. The apparatus of breathing is your vital connection to higher self. You inhale the essence of you as you expel the essence of everything else. Those in need, need only inhale more fully that they usually do. This will lessen the symptoms of the energy downloads. They vary from a slight tingling to a downright onslaugh of biblical proportions. We are told that you are wise to know when to face the sun and when to avoid it. Sometimes the energetic downloads are for your eyes only, sometimes not for you at all. So listen to the inner voice. It is in constant contact with All there is, and therefore you have first hand information about all you need to know. This is no mystery to you, but for eons you have tried in vain to quiet that persistent voice inside telling you to go where you dare not thread for fear of losing your footing completely. But the time has come to take off the mufflers and start singing in tune with that inner voice. For you and it are one, and the siren song for the old earth will ring from towers, gardens, schools and churches as more and more throw caution to the wind and emerge with their inner self. The choir is growing by the minute, and soon the whole planet will reverberate with the joyful tune. We are no longer shackled by fear but stronger than thunder, we are tearing down the shakles of mankind, whom is emerging triumphant in the new dawn.”

I will continue to share her messages if there is something in there that can be of interest. And as I said, I will also continue with The manuscript of survival as long as the messages keep coming. I do not know yet what will result from this other task that I mentioned, but for now, I have been told that part of my task will be to gather information that will be generated through me and through the others in this group. When this information will start to come, I have no idea, as I have been told that it will take some time to ”prepare us” for this work. I have also been told that I will be given instructions as to how and when to share it at a later stage, ”when the time is right” as the usual response is when I try to ask.

And with all of this going on, I am so glad that this forum has become the thriving community that it is. It means that it will continue to grow and expand, fertilized by your love and your energy, and it will attract new shining souls to this light that you are all adding here. I thank you all for this, and I know we will all continue to be blessed by what we have created here for a very long time to come.

Love and light, Aisha


The manuscript of survival – part 279

•March 8, 2013 • 144 Comments
The tides have turned, and once again the churning of the incoming waters are pushing up so much to the surface. This will be apparent to many of you, as you seem to be almost inundated with old garbage that suddenly appears as out of nowhere. This can be very disconcerting, to say the least, for we know that you had hoped to be out in clear waters by now, far from the old flotsam and jetsam that was cluttering up your life in an earlier existence. Well, these old issues are nothing if not tenacious, so it takes an awful lot of hard work at times to get rid of it once and for all. We hear your tired sighs dear ones, and we know that for so many, this will feel almost like that final straw that broke the camel’s back. But you are not broken dear ones, far from it, and even if this mountain of garbage seems like it is about to drown you all in some ways, know that it cannot do so, and it never will. It may look as if it is threatening to completely obliterate you, but that is not the case here. For the only reason it has appeared in your vision, is because you are more than well equipped to handle it at this stage. For you have become very efficient at this, and you have worked through so much already, it has given you all a well developed talent to literally hack your way through this too, just like you have hacked your way through the rest of this dark jungle you have traversed to get to where you are today. And not only your muscles but also your resolve have become so strong by now, they cannot be stopped by anything, no matter how daunting it may look on the outside.

For you are beyond stopping now dear ones, and this final mountain of old junk that is lying in your way is not insurmountable, and you will all manage to bypass it in some way. Either by simply squashing it under your feet as you climb over it, or by plowing straight through it. And that will be a major achievement for you all, but it is not one you will have to manage all on your own. For you have friends now, in all sorts of places, and they are ready and willing to give you all a hand in this task of breaking through that last barrier. You will find them wherever you look, so do not forget to do so. For you cannot get assistance unless you ask for it. So please, do not think that this is a mission you have to take the full responsibility for yourself. For you deserve all the help you can get, whether it be of a celestial kind or whether it is from a friendly neighbour or co-worker, or someone you have connected with in this space.

So again we say, you are all so very strong, but do not let that lure you into thinking that you have to stand all alone and master anything that comes in your way. For that is not the way to do it in the new world. For in the new world, we all stand together, whether they are currently on our side of the veil, or you are already gathered together on your side. We are one, and you are not alone. So please remember to ask for help, for this cleaning up of the last vestiges of the old world is not a solo job. It is a communal effort, and therefore together you will do this, as long as you do not close yourself up and hide away in shame because you think you have caused too much fuss and trouble in the first place. This is not fuss and trouble, this is important work that is to be done on behalf of us all, and therefore it is to be done in the company of some trusted fellow workers.

For you are no longer meant to travel alone, you are meant to gather into groups, and then, these groups will also start to connect and grow even bigger and stronger, much like what has happend to all of you already starting to gather around this warming fire. For you need to seek out the warmth and company of others, otherwise this whole project would be coming apart. For this is all about coming together again, after an eternity of wandering alone in the desert, looking for some sort of sanctuary. Well, the sanctuary is already here, it is in the company of other brave souls.

So do not stand off in the shadows anymore, take a step into this ring and link your hands to all the others already standing there, for it will make you all feel how the strength is surging through you. And only by doing this, will you be able to finally connect all that has been disconnected for eons. For you are closing the gap now, day by day, spirits mending together as one. So do not shy away from this reunion, for you have been expected for such a long time now, and nothing will gladden us more than if you too will let youself be drawn into this circle of friends already gathered. For you are one of us, and without you, we will not be complete. So make yourself at home dear ones, you have come to stay, and it gladdens us all to no end.

The manuscript of survival – part 278

•March 6, 2013 • 114 Comments
For the last couple of days, things have once again started to pick up speed. For many, it is as if your heart and eyes have started to open even wider, and you are indeed starting to perceive things in a slightly different way. In other words, you have finally started to tune into this new tune, if we may call it that, and you have mayhaps realized that things are indeed coming to pass even if you on the outside have yet to see any real traces of this. We speak in parables as usual, but what we are trying to convey is that this change that you have all hankered for so much is already in full swing. But as we have also talked about on several occasions, this may not come about in the manner you had envisaged. For a human mind is a simple one, as it cannot see beyond the boundaires it has been given. A human heart, on the other hand, is far more accomplished. For it can see and feal that which does not even exist yet, for it can tap into the true potential of something. And as such, the heart is a wise warrior, and as long as you follow your heart, you will know where to let it take you.

And it has taken you all this far already, and even if for some of you progress seems to be less than minuscule, you have in fact already made a quantum leap on this journey of yours towards that fabled goal you all seek so intently. Again we say, your heart knows this already, and now, the power of your heart has started to override the misgivings of your mind in a much more powerful way than it used to. For it has once again taken the driver’s seat in this, and by that, it has wrested away the control from the so much more timid and skeptically-prone mind of yours. So now, you will all start to see this whole process in a much more lucid manner. For now you will know where you formerly only had the hope, and now you will literally feel in your very core just how close to unveiling the whole truth you really are. And when you do, you are not the only ones able to perceive this, for then, the whole world will have to sit up and listen. For the truth will out no matter how hard the old and rigid structures try to hold it down. And now, they are crumbling, and they have other things to worry about than just keeping up appearances. And they will be kept busy indeed, as they feel the strong gust of wind that will tear down their house of cards once and for all approaching. And this wind cannot die down, for it is indeed fuelled by the power you all carry in your hearts, and now, you have gained access to that power, and you can feel yourselves starting to fill your lungs to their fullest capacity as you prepare to add to the storm approaching.

We say this not to scare you, just to remind you that you, through the actions instigated from your heart, are so important in all of this. For you are guided by your heart now, and that is not where the fear resides. For fear only engender violence and hate, and you dear ones, you are not to be lured into that old trap again. For you know that love will conquer the world, and from that love, a new world will arise from the ashes of the old. For the old world cannot stand the pressure from this wind of change, and it will indeed collapse into a heap of broken promises, taking with it the hopes and dreams of so many who had staked their future on this false flag of success. And they will feel as if everything they trusted their survival on, is razed to the ground. But you will know better, for you know that these smoldering remnants of the old will only serve to nurture the new and far more viable world that you are creating. And you know that from this seemingly lifeless heap of dirt, new shoots will start to emerge. For just like some seeds will lie dormant in the soil for years, even centuries, waiting for the right conditions before they can germinate, so too it is with many of your fellow men. For they all have it in them, they just did not know that they were still in that dormant phase. But now, many of these tiny little seeds will start to awaken, and you will all be amazed at the speed of their growth. For it will seem that the smoke has not even cleared yet before healthy and vigorous new sprouts will emerge all over, and they will soon cover the last remnants of the old with their proliferation.

So know that you will soon be as in a lush forest of healthy growth, and you will be able to rest in the shade of these sturdy trees whenever you want to. For you have done the hardest work, of clearing the path trough that dense and unpenetrable jungle to get where you are today, and you have done so at the expense of so much. But know that soon you will be assuaged by the arrival of all of these new and eager sprouts that will help to ease the burden off your shoulders, and you will be free to savour this new and fertile forest in a way you thought you never would. So again we say to you stay calm no matter what transpires in the days and weeks ahead, and know that all is well, for it has been thus ordained, and thanks to you, it will come to pass, and for that, we are all more than blessed.

The manuscript of survival – part 277

•March 4, 2013 • 145 Comments
Let us begin this missive by saying that for many of you, these last few days have been more than intense, especially physically wise. And, as usual, that is easy to explain. As we have touched upon earlier, these new injections bring with them some brand new programming, programming that is altering the course of so much of what you have previously installed in your body. And so, the moans and groans from this literally not only mind expanding, but fully expanding energies will be heard throughout your physical body. For no expansion comes without complaints from the existing, and as such, even if they are indeed rather painful at times, these growing pains, for that is truly what they are, are once again just confirmations that you are taking one step closer towards completion.

For you are all expanding in so many ways, literally and energetically, as you are moving way past your old limitations and charging once again into unknown territory. And once again this will bring about confusion and disbelief, for as it is whenever something is ignoring old boundaries, the mind react with a twinge of fear from all of this unknown. For why not stick to the old tried and true? Why this penchant for leaving that behind and instead forge into something you have no possibility of knowing what will come out of? Again, your old system was hardwired to stay put in the same old rut, and as such, this endlessly pushing of the envelope is bound to get some reactions. So once again we say that the outcome from all of this can only be positive, no matter how taxing, confusing and even downright painful this actual process in itself is. So try to quell your gut instinct to revolt against it all, and give yourself some time to breathe and relax into this ”unpleasantness”, and we can guarantee you all that no matter how bad you feel, either physically or emotionally at the moment, you will all in some way manage to get at least a fleeting glimpse of the glimmer of light that accompanies all of these symptoms and discomforts.

And growing is always painful in some ways, as it means giving up all that you used to be. For you are not a child anymore, and the awareness that comes with knowledge means that you can never hide behind the innocence of a child anymore. For you have been given access to the biggest truth there is, and with it comes also the knowledge that you have been living in a lie fabricated by others. And as such, the ripping apart of the veils will be painful in so many ways. But you know too that this pain is not the reason why you go through this. For this pain is only the pain that comes from liberating yourself from all the old hooks and barbs embedded in you that are trying to hold you back. So know that every second of discomfort will be repayed with a lifetime of bliss, for you are growing beyond the point of no return, you have in fact passed that long time ago. So again we say that the aches and pains, sorrow and anger are but small markes along the way, signifying one more victory as you take a new breath laden with the incoming energies that will make you grow bigger and more complete as the days go by. For you are not here to suffer, and this process will make that clear to you as you sense your magnitude expanding daily.

So bless your body, for it is working so hard to accomodate all of this new you, and bless your mind, for it is only doing what it knows best. And even if both of them seem more reluctant than ever to let this expansion continue, know that they too are fully committed to this process. For they will be with you every step of the way, but they cannot help but utter more than a few yelps of distress on the way. But again we say do not let that trick you into thinking that they are only offering you resistance in this, far from it. For you are all a team, and you will make it all the way as a team. So let us conclude this message by saying that you are all doing your very best, and for that, you should be immensely proud of yourselves. For know that we are, and we will always be so. For you are the bravest of the brave, soldiering along every day, come rain or shine, and you are bringing the light of freedom into every nook and cranny on your planet. And what you bring, cannot be turned away. For it is here to stay, and you are the ones who are making it all come true.

The manuscript of survival – part 276

•March 2, 2013 • 160 Comments
Let us begin this message by saying that we are all more than grateful for the way you have started to give from yourselves to this process. For, as we have touched upon earlier, it has now changed from being a process focused primarily on self-education to call it that, and instead turning into a process of manifestation. For you are already building the new, step by step, day by day, and even if it is at times hard for you to see any progress, we see it clearly, and it is indeed wonderful to behold. For what you manifest is mayhaps not as tangible yet, but none the less it is more than impressive. For what you are building, are energetic structures and connections, and these are growing rapidly now.

Some of these connections can be seen by the trail of messages you all leave behind in this space, but others, more subtle, but even more powerful ones, you are forging every day. For each time you take a step outside yourself and connect to the rest of the world, you also make a strong connection to anything that comes in your vicinity. And you do this, whether you are aware of it or not, as you cannot help but do this. For this is your task now, dear ones, as you have been turned into forcefields of such a magnitude it literally affects anything that comes within striking distance of you. And even as we speak, your reach is getting ever wider and ever stronger, for such is the nature of this field. It cannot but grow, as it is fed by the continuous stream of energy being beamed upon you all from the heavens above. So you are anchors, and you are transmittors of this benevolent energy that is starting to touch even the remotest of corners of your little globe. And you, by your very presence, are making it happen.

So never think that you are not important, or just a very small fish in a very large pond. For you are not unimportant in any way, as you have become beacons of light that are shining as strong as the strongest of lighthouses on this planet. And your light just cannot be dimmed in any way, not by you, nor by others, for this light has a will of its own, and what it wants more than anything else, is to spread out. So you are like fountains of pure energy, spouting an endless stream of this life-enhancing elixir onto anything and anyone that comes into your presence. And you all do magnificent at this, even if you yourself feel like you are a mere trickle, fading into the sand. For you are all gathering strength for that final push, and as such, you yourselves may feel a little bit depleted at times. But know that this is not the truth, for you cannot run out of steam in any way. For you are hooked up to the true source of light, and that source will never run dry, and neither will you.

So trust that all is well, and even if you feel less than vigorous at the moment, know that this is not for lack of energy, rather the opposite. For you are embodying such large amounts of it at the moment, it will almost make your phsyical body come to a standstill. Therefore, many of the natural processes will be slowed down within you so you can be better able to accomodate it all. So take a rest if your body tells you to do so, or do some vigorous workouts if your body tells you to do just that. For your body knows best when it comes to handling this extra burden of light, so better listen carefully when it gives you any advice.

For never forget, this is in many ways a burden you carry, not just for your physical body, but also for you, for this added light will also affect your life in so many ways, and the challenges this brings with it are not always easy to overcome. But you have already proven that you are here for the remainder, and you can take it all, even if some of the challenges will take a little bit more out of you than you mayhaps envisaged at the outset. But know that you will be given much leeway in this, as it is indeed up to each and every one of you to determine the speed of this process. After all, it was your choice to come here in the first place and take up this challenge of resurrecting the planet of your choice, so we will let you determine the pace in this too. But what you cannot decide over, is the speed as to when and how these new frequencies will come in. They have been set in a determined pattern very early on, but what you can decide on, is how to tackle them in the best way. And the best way is, as always, to listen to your own core. Then you will know what the best course of action will be for you. For you are wise, dear ones, and you will choose well in this, as you already have. So once more we would like to extend our gratitude towards you, as you have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that we could not have hoped for anything better than what you have all given us already.

The manuscript of survival – part 275

•February 28, 2013 • 109 Comments
Today you have entered a brand new phase dear ones, one where you will feel the breath of fresh air starting to tingle on your face. For you have once again exited a tunnel of travail, and now, you will feel as if you have left something rather cumbersome behind in that tunnel, and you are free to move in a much more lively fashion. For you have once again stripped yourself of some old raiments, things that have been stuck to you for such a long time, you had almost forgotten they were even there in the first place. So take some time to celebrate yourself today, as you are once again buoyant enough to rise even higher into this pristine air.

We speak in parables as usual, but we think you will all understand just what we mean by this. And even if some of the things we refer to are almost unseen by many of you, you will still feel their absence as a relief in your whole system. For this process of pushing and pulling, squeezing and letting go in an almost rhythmic fashion is not only pulling you all further along on this path, it is also ensuring that you continue to travel ever more lightly. So take a bow, as you certainly deserve it, after having once more being plunged into the icy waters of second thoughts, and once again emerged from it even more certain that this is the only right path for you, and this journey is what you have dreamed of for eternity. It might not feel like a dream journey at all times, but even when the going gets tough, you know you have no real desire to call it quits and return to where you came from. For you sense, even in the darkest of hours, that you are being pulled along towards the brightest of lights. And even if the current at times seems to double up on itself and throw you into an impasse, you still sense a sort of forward momentum anyhow. For you are never in stagnant waters for long, and when you are there, know that this too is according to plan. Because you are not meant to withstand an endless succession of rapids without having the chance to breathe in, exhale and give yourself a little rest now and then. For you need this pulse to be just that, an on and off sensation of movement and pressure, easing into a somewhat slower and more tranquil phase, where you get the chance to catch your breath and recuperate a little bit before you once again get to shoot another rapid.

But these quiet moments, if we may call them that, sometimes seem to be the more challenging ones, because then your mind gets a little bit more space to start to think and feel again, and then, uncertainty and disbelief starts to raise its little head again. So for many, the periods of intense physical signalling is mayhaps the more bearable ones, because then you not only get all the confirmation you need that something is indeed afoot, but your mind does not get any space to misbehave again, and it will resort to sitting quietly in a corner and maybe just sulk a little bit. So this cycle of intense activity interspersed with some ”down” periods to call them that, each bring with them their own unique challenges. But for you, who have become seasoned travellers already, we think you have found a way to navigate the rapids as well as the backwaters. For you have learned to connect, both with your own center, but also with the whole network of fellow travellers out there, and as such, you have become more than adept at taking it all on no matter how daunting the rapid is or no matter how eerily quiet the pond seems to be at times.

For you have journeyed well, and will continue to do so, for you have set your sights on the one true thing that you know, that you are destined to conquer this whole river and get to the promised land you can already sense somewhere in the distance. And best of all, now you know that you will arrive there in the company of a great many other shining souls just like you. For you are not alone on this river any more, in fact, you have already connected with so many others on the way, and you can hear their shouts of joy, and you can shout out encouragement to anyone you hear is in distress. And that way, you can all help each other onwards on this journey.

Let us just close off todays message with a salute from us all. We are in awe of your accomplishments, and even if this may not be news to any of you, we would like to remind you all that you have come such a long way in just the last few weeks. And the biggest accomplishment you have made lately, is the connection you have all forged whilst being tossed to and fro in the churning waters of this river. For it is not given that you should take the time to reach out to others while you yourself at times are barely holding your head above the waters, so we are here to remind you all that you have in fact achieved something that is more than amazing indeed. So cudos to you all, you have not only helped yourself so much further along the banks of this river, but you have also linked up with the others in such a way you already form an unbreakable chain of light, each link pulling the others along, and each part of the chain making all of the others just that much stronger. So again we say do not forget to thank yourself for what you do. For what you all do is nothing short of magical, and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, and we do so on behalf of All of creation.

The manuscript of survival – part 274

•February 26, 2013 • 108 Comments
For quite some time now, you have felt how the surge of energy has increased, and with it, things have started to manifest. For some of you, these manifestations seem to limit themselves to some physical outbursts of irritation, and mayhaps some rather intense emotional ones as well. But for others, things have started to seep out in the open, and even if some of these signals may seem feeble at best, they are in fact only forerunners for what is to come. And on the best of days, you will all feel this deep certainty within as you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this world that you inhabit has already changed beyond recognition. Not on the thin film of illusion that still covers it, but deep within the core. And deep within the core is where the truth is, as the rest is only a projection, a film still running to make you all think that it is business as usual.

But what is ”business as usual”? A continuous cycle of fear and greed that have fuelled each other for so long. Well, that cycle has been broken, and it can never be put back together again. For you are no longer willing fodder to this machinery of endless consumerism, for you do not buy into their vision of happiness anymore. For you have seen through all of this glitter and glam, and you have realized that true happiness comes from something else, something that is so profound, and it resembles nothing that can be bought for money. For that is what has been holding this charade together in the first place, this idea that true happiness comes from partaking of all of the worldly goods that are being displayed in the glass windows in any store. And the idea that you simply cannot be happy before you have it all is one that has been driving this wheel of fortune for generations. But there is not enough of anything, whether it be money or objects, that will quench this thirst for something to fill that giant void inside.

And so it has been going on and on, in this endless quest for fulfillment and redemption. But the only thing coming out of this, is more fear and then more greed, and the two have fuelled each other in such a way it has driven mankind, and with it Mother Earth, to the brink of self-destruction. But you have halted in your tracks, pulled off this yoke that has been pulling you ever forward towards this precipice, and you have started to push this momentum in a very different direction indeed. And now, the rest of this machinery has started to feel the effect from your new gravitation. For it is just like a magnet that is being pulled along by a seemingly invisible force, as your energy is starting to have a profound effect, not only on your existence, but on everything that exists. For you are not just single individuals making a new choice about your own way of life. You are also powerful generators of a field of energy that is starting to affect everything within a large radius around you. And even if you are small in numbers compared to the rest of the population on this planet, your field of influence is already powerful, but it is also growing by the day.

So now, you are pulling more and more into your field, and by your very presence, you are also affecting those around you, and by that, maximizing the effect these new energies have. For you are the anchors, and through you run the current that is amping up the volume on this whole globe. And you are all starting to hum just like an electric generator is emitting a low, but continuous sound as it generates that invisible power. So do not think that you are just a small drop in the sea of humanity. No, you are in fact as effective as superconductors, and you are putting out a steadily increasing amount of energy that is slowly but surely making its mark on everything around you. So yes, you are all busy changing the world, even if you at the moment feel you are barely scraping along yourself. For you are all powerhouses, and the combined effect from all of these amazing fields of energy is nothing short of miraculous. And now, you have already gotten the first glimpses of how this energy is literally starting to pull the old illusion apart. For this flimsy structure holds no power against the one you are wielding. For your power comes from the heart, and there is nothing that old fear based power structure can muster that will be able to staunch the flow from all of you.

So know that change is already here, and it will continue to grow in speed and intensity as the old structures will continue to crumble at a speed that many outsiders will look upon as an alarming rate. But you will know better, for you will know that this was a long time coming, but now it is finally here. And when the old dies down, the new and healthy shoots will emerge, and with them, a whole new structure will emerge. And this structure is not a flimsy illusion like the old one, for this structure has been build to last, and as such, you presence here on this planet is also guaranteed. For what will emerge is a way of life that is sustainable in every sense of the word, and then, you can create a brand new world where you and your planet will cohabit in peace and harmony forever.

The manuscript of survival – part 273

•February 24, 2013 • 133 Comments
You have mayhaps noticed a quickening in the atmosphere lately, and that is no mistake. For now, the waterfall of energy that started to pour into you all in the last weeks of last year has gained not only in strength, but also in efficiency. Hence, the somewhat intensified physical symptoms many of you experience at the moment. Again we remind you that even if they at times seem to almost incapacitate you, they are in fact only preparing you for what you have in store. And what you have in store is nothing short of miraculous.

We know that this will sound as empty words to all those still suffering from these last onslaughts, as you have a hard time even wrapping your head around your everyday existence that may seem to be more than a little hampered by these intense injections. But let us just say that no matter how hard the going will be at times, you will never ever get the chance to utter the words ”this was not worth it in the end”. Because what you are heading for, will wash away any mishap, hardship, pain and suffering you might have experienced during all of this, and just like a mother holding her newborn in her arms for the very first time, you will forget the arduous journey you had to go through in order to achieve this, the birth of the new. For once you experience that first breath completely immersed in the new world you are all busily putting together by the help of all of these energetic bursts, you will fall down on your knees in gratitude and bliss. And then, the memory of the journey you have just completed will in some ways fade away, because you cannot look back anymore. For what you have in mind is the here and now, and as such, it is in many ways important to sometimes stop and ponder a little bit about the process you are currently in. For it will pass, and with it, much of what you have deemed as being an important part of you will pass too. For now, many of you identify so strongly with this process, with all of its ups and downs, soaring heights of joy and bottomless pits of pain and despair. But forget not that this is not why you are here. This is only the transitional phase, and even if it seems endless and almost beyond comprehension at times, this is not the state that will linger in your consciousness once it is finished.

For then, you have finally stepped out of your old robe, and fully stepped into your new garments of light. And with that comes a whole new existence where all of the memories from this arduous journey no longer have a place. For you are not here to relive all of these challenges, both physical and emotional. You are here to live fully, and once you have completed this task of constructing the new, you will be fully immersed in living it. So therefore we say do not mistake this journey for what you are here to do. Yes, you are the forerunners, and as such, the ones that are making this turnaround possible, but that is only a small part of your mission here. For you are here to savour the fruits of all of this labour, and you will do so with all of your heart and all of your body.

So again we say that know that these side effects from all of this rebuilding work you are currently doing are only superficial and temporary, and once you have gotten the last nail in place to put it like that, you will be free to enjoy the outcome of it all. And then, you will finally see the real you. The shining one, blessed in all ways and free as the bird. For then, you will no longer have to carry the shackles of the old, nor the burden of rebuilding, and then you will be free to live fully, in the image of the true Source. So do not get caught up in the aches and pains, the anger and frustration. For that is not the real you, that is only the part that is making you the real you. And soon, you will start to feel how that inner part of you will start to emerge from this somewhat chafing and restricting cocoon. It takes a little bit more labour of love before you can fully emerge from this cocoon, but do not let that fool you into thinking that you will be stuck in this rut forever. For just like the butterfly, you too will have transformed completely once you emerge, and then the hard work that made you will fall away, just like those dry shreds of the cocoon that once hid the brilliant colours of the butterfly. And just like the butterfly, you too will forget your former self, for then, you will no longer be the humble caterpillar inching along on the ground. Then, you will take to your wings and soar into the sky without a second thought.

The manuscript of survival – part 272

•February 22, 2013 • 121 Comments
The time of reckoning has in many ways already been here for quite some time now, dear ones, as you feel yourselves being pushed and pulled by the intensity of the incoming waves of energetic uploads. And when we say reckoning, we do not refer to some biblical scourge that has been oft prophesied, no, we refer to the fact that you have all digged so deep within yourselves now that you are almost scraping the bottom of the old container, searching for any lost clues as to what you really are. For what you are not has become more clear to you now, as you feel the sense of separation from the so called ”normal” world out there becoming more and more pronounced. And as such, the feeling of hovering over a deep abyss, walking precariously on a flimsly structure you have build purely on faith may be strong. For you have willingly abandoned everything that the rest of mankind seem to think is the normal way to live, but as yet, you have no clear understanding of what you have waiting for you ahead. For there are little or no clues as to what you are already starting to manifest, as it is in so many ways literally invisible to the outside world.

So yes, you are indeed taking the biggest leap of faith there is, for you have chosen to sever the bonds that tie you to the old without any clear idea as to what you are going towards. Or rather, deep within you know what you want and you know what you will achieve, but as this is still very much undetectable to the normal senses, you have little but a deep longing within to navigate by. And as such, the feeling of overwhelming insecurity may pop up at any time, and you get a sense of bewilderment, a sense of ”have I done a wise choice here?”, and sometimes, that feeling can be very difficult to shake off.

That is more than understandable, because you have chosen to be the wayshowers in this. You are, as we have talked about so many times before, travelling through unchartered terrain. So you will find no footprints to follow in the wake of, there are no clear markers pointing out the right direction, and there is nothing there telling you just how far it is to go before you reach your goal. So you will at times feel lost, like a babe in the woods to use an expression you might be familiar with, and the temptation to maybe call it quits and retrace your own footsteps may become almost overpowering at times. But if you actually stop to think about it, you will realize that there is nothing to return to. For the old world that you left is not a place you could even consider returning to. It is not the place for you anymore, because it is a place that holds nothing you could deem as positive. So there you stand, seemingly in the thick of it, with nothing showing you where to go ahead, and no sense of wanting to return to what you have left behind.

It is indeed at times like these you need to gather your senses and try to connect not only with your own center, but also with the network of fellow travellers that are all stepping ahead towards the same ultimate goal as yourself. For you need to reassure each other that you are not lost. In fact, you have a homing beacon within that is so strong you cannot override it no matter how hard you try, and you will find your way, even when you feel literally like you are walking blindfolded in the darkest of despair. For you are within inches of finding that glade where you will finally be able to see what you already know in your heart is there, and we do not say this to try to pull any wool over your eyes yet again. For you are going strong, even when you feel weaker than weak, and as such, we would like you to feel the strength that you emit by mentally joining yourselves to all of the others out there being pulled along by that same strong force as you. For you are beacons of light, and even if the neck of the woods that you are traveling through may seem to be on the dense side at the moment, you will see your own light reflected in the eyes of the others out there.

So seek their company, and you can do this literally from the comfort of your own home. For you have a calling within you that is so strong, and this calling is the same that is ringing in the hearts of all the others that have tuned into the same channel that they have within. And when you sit down to listen to this inner channel, you will indeed hear the voices of all of your fellow men and women humming along with it. So please take some time to sit down in solitude and tune into this choir that you yourself is such a prominent member of. Then you will be reassured by the clarity of your voices, and you will be better able to discern the power you all emit. Hopefully, it will make the last stretch of this ”jungle trip” a little bit easier to complete, because you will know in your heart of hearts that not only are you walking in the perfect direction, you are doing it in the company of a multitude of other shining beings, spanning your globe in an intricate network of shining paths, all converging towards the same goal.

The manuscript of survival – part 271

•February 20, 2013 • 50 Comments
The reason you might all feel a more than a little bit put out today is as always easy to explain. Once again the level of energetic downloads has been amped up, and you are literally being bathed in the forces of change. So yes, expect some rather interesting side effects as you once again are being pushed and pulled in every direction from all of this life-enhancing information that is being beamed into you. And once again you will feel how you are being almost prodded into reaction, as these energies will indeed not stop at anything in order for them to be completely assimilated by you.

This may sound a bit callous, but we say this in order to underscore the fact that even if the outfall from all of this energetic bombardement may be less than pleasant at times, it is always done with the best of intention. So yes, they are merciless at times, but they are also doing you a world of good, so again we say hang in there. Little comfort, we know, to all those of you beset by bouts of nausea, fatigue and maybe even sudden onsets of deep, deep sadness. But remember, they are indeed signals of advancement, and even if they are not pleasant during the actual insertion, these new codes will all help you become what you have been striving to be for so long.

Let us leave it at that for today. We think you will have less inclination to read today and more to rest, as it is indeed important to make sure you obey the wishes of your body whenever it is beset by all of these outside forces. After all, you are a great team, and you will get through all of this together and emerge at the other end victorious, shining and infinitely stronger than what you mayhaps feel like today. For this is just another revamping of your system, and one that will help you to explore even more of the hidden potential you carry within. So again we say stay calm and breathe deeply, and give yourself the time and care you need in order to make the most of this new information you are receiving. For just like your computer, you need to give your body space to better be able to reset all of its systems whenever a new program has been downloaded. So take this as a hint to stay centered and not to push yourself too much at the moment. Rather, it is a time for quiet comtemplation, and also for gratitude towards yourself. For you are constantly working so hard towards the goal of resurrecting yourself, and you are doing it bit by bit, piece by piece. So let us leave it at that for today, and give you all another reassuring pat on the back. For you are doing good, even at times like these when you feel less than perfect.

The manuscript of survival – part 270

•February 18, 2013 • 49 Comments
We know that for some of you, this time has been a time of discord. For where is the much promised ”promised land”? You gaze about and all you see is exactly the same as your eyes landed upon back in the old days of 2012. Well, we are here to mayhaps give you another glimpse into the unseen, as what you have been fastening your eyes upon may not be the whole truth of your existence. For what you have been trained to acknowledge, is a mere superficial world of illusion and despair, and as such, deep inside, the longing for something so much more profound is growing day by day. And rightly so. For, if this was a case of ”what you see is what you get”, then this existence would be a sorry one indeed, with little or no room for improvement.

But think again, as we say, because what you actually see is not what you will be getting, for what you see are just the remnants of the old that is slowly but surely starting to fade way. And fade it will, in some cases more abruptly than you could have thought, as the news coming your way via the airwaves and the mass media have more than stated clearly. For you see, this old garment of fear and disillusionment has already started to rip at the seams, and this unraveling process has gained momentum, and will continue to do so. We gather that many of you have already started to sit up more alert in your chairs following the dramatic events of just last week, concering both earthly and more celestial powers of various kinds. So yes, this is indeed an interesting time to be alive, and certainly an interesting time to behold.

For remember, you as the wayshowers have already taken it upon yourselves to prepare for what is to come, and you have jettisoned the old baggage that so many of your fellow men are still dragging behind them. And as such, you will be literally free to take action as soon as you see the opportunities start to arise around you. And now, thanks to the lessening of the grip of that old and conservative in every sense of the word, the spurts of new growth will start to emerge in evey nook and cranny. So the old guard will be literally caught off guard, and even if they try, they cannot manage to rustle up enough power to stop this process from taking place. And they know it too, because they too can read the signs coming their way. After all, it is not as if they are written in minuscule letters hidden somewhere in an obscure channel. No, the signs have become loud and clear now, and they will continue to amplify and magnify as you move towards spring on your half of the globe. For this year, the spring in the north will herald spring all over the globe, and the autumn falling on the other half of your globe will signal the end of the old brigade. So they will be fading away, just like the colors of the fall, and they will tumble to the ground as they lose the grip on their powers, just like the leaves must relinquish their hold on the branches on the tree. But just like those leaves, nothing of the old will come to waste, as it will serve as nutrition for the new saplings starting to poke through the dense cover on the forest floor. For this is a cycle dear ones, and the energy contained even in the most backwards and stubborn of souls will serve to energize everything else as soon as it is liberated from the old husk of negation.

So again we say that you have chosen well, as you have chosen to be here at this exact moment in time, to be participants in this cycle of rejuvenation and renewal. And by your very presence, you have made the wheels begin to turn, as you are the ones who did that formidable task of pushing and pulling with all of your might to get the wheels moving again after being stuck in a seemingly endless morass of muck for such a long time. And by your gargantuan efforts, the wheels finally started to move, and by your ability to not give up, you have now ensured that these wheels have started to move freely and on their own accord now.

So take this as another reminder that you have done the most challenging part of your task already, and from now on, you will focus on the rebuilding of things. And that is certainly much more rewarding than toiling in the muck with something that seems to be stuck there forever, and that refuses to budge no matter how frustrated you get. For even if frustration will raise its head now and then in the time ahead, it will not be for the same reason as before, because now you will sense that whatever gets these wheels to slow down is only a small hindrance or a little pebble holding you back, but only momentarily. For now, the old swamp of disbelief and disempowerment has been left behind, and all you have to do is to keep yourselves moving along, and start to relish in the speed. Feel the wind in your hair, and know that this signals the wind of freedom, not only for you, but for this whole planet. And know that you will be propelled along by forces mightier than whatever the opposition to this forward momentum might try to throw in your way. For this journey cannot be stopped now, not by any earthly powers, nor by anything else.

The manuscript of survival – part 269

•February 16, 2013 • 55 Comments
Today we would like to delve a little deeper into the physical and mental fallout from all of these energetic shifts that are coming your way. We know that for most of  you, these can be more than a little difficult to swallow at times, because they can literally render you unable to do anything at times except exist. In other words, you will be left feeling almost helpless, as your physical body will at times not even respond whenever you try to rouse yourself from the lethargy that you seem to be inundated with. That is easy to explain, as your body is a wise creature indeed, and if you listent to it, it will tell you exactly what to do and what not to. In other words, it too is guiding you through this process in any way it can, and even if it at times seems to be in opposition to you advancing on this path, it is in fact your closest ally. So it will help you by sending you all sorts of signals along the way, because it knows only too well that this is indeed a journey that cannot be taken half-heartedly, and as such, it will hold you back whenever that is needed, and it will also prod your forwards whenever that is the best option.

Let us explain. As we have talked about so many times already, the very fact that you are indeed ensconced within a physical body whilst going through this shift is something very unique indeed, and therefore, none of you bring any earlier experience of doing just that. So you are indeed novices in all of this, even though you have been through similar shifts before. But, as we said, not whilst residing inside a physical armor such as the one you are carrying at the moment. So you have in many ways no clues as to what is the wisest way to do this. But your physical body is a wise creature indeed, and it will tell you, because it knows fully what is needed in order for the two of you to complete this journey together. For you are indeed a team, and a magnificent one at that, so that is why we tell you again and again to be sure to listen well to your body. For it will know when something needs to be adjusted, because it is an amazingly intelligent construction indeed, far from the inert lump of flesh so many seem to look upon it as.

It is nothing of the sort, it is indeed a creation of the most magnificent kind, and the way that it has been constructed will leave even the most advanced of your scientists flabbergasted at times. And the more they research and prod into the mysteries of this same body, the more they will shake their heads almost in disbelief at the complexity of its functions. For it is nothing if not beyond compare to anything you yourselves are able to put together, and as such, you have a very intelligent and capable ally on your side. For remember, it has been hard-wired to survive in almost any set of circumstances, and it will respond accordingly. And do not forget, now that it too has been freed from so many of the limitations and setbacks that have been put upon it from outside sources in order to hinder the two of you from freeing yourselves from the third density existence, it too will finally start to run on all cylinders. So now, you are left with an increasingly stronger running mate, and it will literally start to work miracles in order to help you towards fulfilling this journey. For it has abilities that you cannot even comprehend yet, and these abilities will help you break through any barriers that might still stand in your way.

And, as you all know so well, some of these barriers are still erected within your mind. For even if you have already managed to free it from much of the old programming and hindrances that was put upon it in order to hold you back, the mind has a habit of trying to cling on to these old beliefs. We have touched upon this subject many times before, but it bears repeating that the little voice of disbelief and uncertainty that at times raises its head within is indeed a tenacious one. But, as we have also talked about earlier, this used to be your strongest opponent in all of this, but now, it has started to see things more from your side of the table as it were, and it has started to join forces with you, albeit somewhat reluctantly at times. But soon, it too will be able to let go of the firm grip it has on the idea that it needs to ”save you” by holding you back, and when it finally frees itself completely from this obsolete idea, it will join forces with you and make you move forwards and upwards even faster.

So therefore we say know that you have some formidable allies, and even if they seem to moan and groan and protest loudly at every new incline on this road, know that they are in fact helping you by making you stick to the speed that will best enable you to unveil the whole spectrum of yourself. To repeat ourselves again, you cannot just jump straight into the full force of what you are in fact capable of maintaining, because then you would literally burn yourself out, and you would not be able to hold it all together in any way. So yes, this is a process that needs to be left to unfold step by carefully planned step, and even if your mind still seems to have more than a few objections at times, it too will soon start to push you forwards in larger increments than before. As we were saying, this is indeed a carefully planned process, and even if your physical body and indeed your mind will seem to be blatantly at odds with it at times, they are actually helping you move along as fast as you possibly can. And never doubt that whenever you are able to handle it, your body – and soon also your mind – is 100% committed to help you increase your speed towards fulfilling this whole process of literally emerging as the most amazing butterfly ever from the most constricting and cramped chrysalis you could ever imagine.

So yes, that journey is indeed a challenging one, but as we said, it is not a solitary one, because you are truly in the most capable of hands, as you have been set up with a physical body that will do all it can in order to help you take to your wings at the earliest opportunity. And so too your mind, as soon as it fully realizes that that is why it is here. Not to keep harping on the old tunes of yesterday, but to join you in singing the praise of the new dawn.

The manuscript of survival – part 268

•February 14, 2013 • 52 Comments
As of today, many will feel a quickening in the atmosphere, and rightly so. You have once again passed through another whirlwind of energetic updates, and as such, it is time to get another breather before the next one hits you. We hear the groans of discomfort already, but just bear with us – and with yourselves – as the intensity of the next round may not be as overpowering as you might fear. As we have talked about in an earlier missive, your physical bodies have been well primed by now, and as such, you will find that you actually spend a lot less time in the digesting of even the most powerful of downloads. This will not be apparent while you are in the midst of such a storm of course, but we think you will see how when it all eases of, your physical aptitudes will also bounce right back up again, and quickly so. As always, there are some individual occurrences in all of this, but in general, we think you will find this to be true.

We know that for some, these updates are becoming more interesting than they mayhaps used to, because you can in some ways sense the changes they bring with them. And as such, they will seem to be less of ”wasted time” if we may use such a phrase. For there is no doubt that for others, all of these physical and mental symptoms without any seeming results apart from feeling down and out in all sorts of ways will seem to be more or less counterproductive after a while. We cannot fault you in that, but let us just say that this will not go on indefinitely, and you will all at some point get a much clearer image of what all of this is really about. So again, we come to give you another heads-up as to what this journey is all about. For we know that for some of you, it seems to be solely about physical discomfort and mental anguish in one way or the other. Not at all times, but at times overpoweringly so. So let us just repeat that none of this is done out of spite, or to harm you in any way. For all of this is done out of love, and it is indeed a carefully planned process put together in order to help you put yourself back together and become the brilliant being you truly are.

For you have existed in a very singular and limited way for many a lifetime on this planet, and in order to break free of this old mold, much will have to be retuned and redesigned. And, as always, such a process is not without its ups and downs, and the growing pains can be monumental at times. Well, let us just say that you have already shaken off the most constricting of those old limitations, and from now on, we think you will feel how this expansion will increase in momentum in so many ways. For now it has shifted from being a pressure put upon you all in order to break that lid of constriction that was placed upon you such a long time ago, and instead, the process is now all about growing and expanding into your true size.

But as usual, this will bring with it its challenges too, as a mind who for so long have been confined behind very strict limits will sometimes have a hard time coping with this expansion process. Hence, the somewhat bewildering array of symptoms that will accompany this stage of the process. For you may feel yourself as if growing in stature, like you have become a giant, or you will feel the exact opposite, like you have shrunk to a infinitesimally small size, and accordingly, the physical manifestation of your surroundings will undulate, sway and grow less than predictable at times. So again we say do not think that you are going mad, you are just growing at a rapid speed now. And just like those children going through a phase of the same, when their physical body suddenly launches into a rapid spurt of growth, you will feel how you are creaking at the joints, and becoming imbalanced in more ways than one.

So yes, you have just been given another injection of ”growth hormones”, but unlike those negative side effects that may be displayed from injecting these actual hormones, the recations you will get are just temporary, and not harmful at all. They are just signals that you have once again shed the old skin, and you are busy stretching and growing into the new one, one size larger, and even more brilliantly hued than the old one. So again we say give yourself the cudos that you so deserve. For you are all going valiantly forwards, and the steps you take each time are nothing if not gigantic. No more shuffling forwards for you. No, you are jumping ahead at full speed, and as such, you will all see how things will start to fall into place very soon. And yes, we do mean soon in the way that you define it. For as yet, your sense of time, albeit somewhat uncertain at the moment, is not yet fully comparable to ours.

So just take it slow, and start to fill your lungs to their fullest capacity. We think you will find that you have that much more room within if you do, and know that this is indeed new territory for you all. So please go explore, as you have so much new to discover in your own back yard. You do not have to go far now to find fertile ground, as you have all been instrumental in creating new fields inside of yourselves, and that is where you will start to sow the seeds that will bring you so much sustenance in the time ahead.

The manuscript of survival – part 267

•February 12, 2013 • 35 Comments
The time has been running out for the old system, and you can already see signs of disturbance emerging. Some of them may have been expected, others come as if out of thin air. Nothing and no one can be deemed as permanent any more, and you have yet to see the full extent of this. But for now, those latest news flashing across your screens can be deemed as portents of things to come. As we have talked about earlier, sudden reversals and a need to shout out and rattle one’s weapons may become apparent in more than one corner of your world, but again we remind you not to fall into the trap of going into fear. For these are the last cries of the despots, whether they rule the minds of millions of others or just a small place on this globe they call their fiefdom. Again, even if some of the happenings may seem to dominate your media, and as usual are being portrayed in the regular doom and gloom fashion, do not fall into the trap of taking it at face value. For, as we have talked about earlier, much is happening in the undercurrent at the moment, and what you see bubbling up to the surface in only a minuscule portion of that. So again, it is important to use discernment here, and watch it all in a detached fashion. For what you are seeing is indeed the last staging of the play in so many ways, and never forget, this last round before the curtain falls on the old illusion may be more than a little bizarre in so many ways.

We do not say this to scare you in any way, just to remind you that all the hue and cry that will erupt in the most unexpected of places is only designed to try to steal your focus away from the real news. And the real news, as you have all gotten more familiar with by now, are nothing but good news. For you have already started to separate yourselves so thoroughly from this charade of the third density world, and the more dust they kick up, the further back you move to get out of the fray. For you have no part in this battle for the old, as you have already stepped into tomorrow.

So let them scream and shout and wave their arms about in any way they can, but know that they cannot touch you no matter how hard they try. For you will see through all of their shenanigans, and you will see it for what it really is, just a pitiful show put together buy a threadbare group of falling empires. For no matter how powerful and evil looking they try to portray themselves, they are nothing more than little sullen children shrieking in the playground, angry because they cannot get their hands on their favorite toys any more. For they have lost you dear ones, as you are no longer anyone’s plaything. You have come into your own now, and as such, no one can manipulate you into stepping in line with their wishes anymore. So sit back and watch as they all start to self disintegrate. They have chewed up the very core of their giant tree with their greed a long time ago, and now, that seemingly mighty creature they have so diligently nurtured is starting to topple over. Slowly at first, but then, the fall will pick up momentum, and all you will see, are all of those greedy and angered little ants scurrying every which way trying to find a new hidey-hole. That will not be easy, as the dark has been left exposed to the light, and as such, their options will be very limited indeed. So stay in the light that you have already taken to your heart, and know that no shadow will ever obscure you again. For you have chosen from your hearts, and you have chosen well, and that choice has already been rewarded with a permanent place in the sun.

The manuscript of survival – part 266

•February 10, 2013 • 31 Comments
As you have mayhaps already ascertained, the intensity has once more been turned up a notch. In other words, more information and more light is coming your way, and as this as always is being directed through your physical body, some symptoms may occur. We know that you are not novices in this, and as such, the outfall from all of this energetic uprising will not come as a surprise to any of you. However, this time there might be a few rather interesting ”symptoms” coming up. We do not speak of the usual ones, the ones that your body seems to exhibit on a regular basis when it is immersed in such a stream of energy and light as the one you are currently in. No, we speak of other, more esoteric ones to call them that.

You see, your mind and your body will start to act as if they are somewhat out of synch in the days ahead, and we thought it best to forewarn you of this lest you should think that you are actually losing your grip on your sanity. That is not what is happening, rather, what is happening is that the old ”insanity” of third density existence is starting to lose its hold on you, and therefore you will at times feel as if you and your body have become separated in some ways. This may sound strange, but we think you will all notice when it starts to happen.

So again we tell you that all is well, and even if you at times will feel that you are totally disconnected from the material world, you are not about to just drift out into the ethers. This is again one of those adjustment periods, where you are slowly being put through the transition from living in the third density world in a third density body and into the next level. You see, as it is with everything in this process, it cannot be accomplished in one fell swoop. That would not only knock you off your feet, but it would literally render you unable to cope in any way. Therefore, we will guide you all through it, and this time, the process will involve a feeling of detachment from your physical body.

Just remember, the reason you are all here in the first place is to accomplish this transition whilst still residing within said body, so you are not about to float off into space unhindered by that at times rather burdersome accomplice. For you are a team, and the spirit and soul that is the real you have been teamed up with this current body in order for you to be able to fulfill this journey together. We know that at times the trappings of being in a physical body will feel to be a burden and certainly impose some unwanted limitations to your quest, but that is now about to change. For now, you will all be led on those first and perhaps rather faltering steps on this journey towards being able to exist both within these confines while simultaneously expanding your consciousness outside it. In other words, you will be able to lead a very interesting double life in the not too distant future, and you will do so whilst seemingly appearing as just another ordinary citizen on the outside. But your life will be filled with wonders indeed, and with it, some extra challenges. For starting to live a life that encompasses so much more than what you have been able to experience first hand up until now, will not go off seamlessly at first. Hence, this gradual awakening to the fact that you can actually master such a way of life. After all, it is not by learning you will know this, it is by remembering, and as such this journey will ignite many a lost memory within you all.

So let us just repeat that you are not going mad, even if you at times will feel a strong sense of bewilderment and separation in the time ahead. You are in fact just rediscovering your freedom. So take it slow, and remember to check in with your center, and as always, breathe. For your conscious breath is what connects you to this amazing vehicle that you inhabit, and the two of you are not about to lose contact anytime soon, no matter how distant and befuddled you might feel in the time ahead.

The manuscript of survival – part 265

•February 8, 2013 • 47 Comments
As you have noticed, there are many stirrings in the undercurrent now, and some of the light is already starting to penetrate the fog that has enveloped mankind for such a long time. At the moment, this will seem to be mere pinpricks of light in a huge ocean of darkness, but do not let that fool you. As we have talked about so many times, this layer of darkness that still seems to cover most of your planet is only an illusion, a thin film of confusion covering up the new reality. And now, this reality will start to become more and more visible. Not only to you, but also to others out there, people who look upon themselves as no more than an ordinary citizen, but who will soon start to realize that they too have the power to change not only their own life, but also the lives of so many others.

And they will do so in a peaceful way, for we do not speak of a violent upsurging, far from it. For have you not witnessed already how the power and might of an armed scoundrel is not match for the power of the light? We refer of course to the story of the brave girl who had to face armed assassins because she stood up for her right to educate herself (From Aisha: I think they refer to the story of Malala Yousafzai). If you look closely at her story, you will see how the light penetrating her has been seeping into thousands, if not millions of others already. So she is indeed a shining example on how one of these pinpricks of light can blow away a huge area of fog and darkness, and how the forces of ill intent are no match for the light, for those bullets being aimed at her did not kill the light, it only made it that much stronger.

So let that be a lesson to you all on how nothing and no one can stop the light, no matter how hard they try. For the force of anger and hatred is not match for the love and compassion that is starting to grow on your planet now. And even if these forces of the old are trying their hardest to instill the old fear into you all, they will not succeed, no matter how many weapons they fire off, or how many people they beat to a pulp. For they cannot beat you now dear ones, you are the ones who have won this battle for the souls.

For in your soul, the light is growing stronger and stronger, and with it, the power you carry. And through your example, just like the girl who took the bullets in order to let the light shine out to the whole world, the change will come, step by step, person to person. For you are also brave, and even if you will never have to face the same hardships as this girl, you too will have to conquer the world with your actions. For you are indeed the bravest of the brave, and you have walked through fire to get where you are today. And doing that, you have liberated not only yourself, but thousands upon thousands of your fellow men and women. For you have hacked a trail trough that dense jungle of fear and darkness, and following in your footsteps are the rest of humanity. With a few exceptions of course, and they will clamor and cry as loud as they can in order to make you all believe that they still outnumber you. But they do not, and that is what you will all see as the days keep getting lighter and lighter, and those pinpricks of lights grow ever brighter and ever bigger.

So fear not, as fear has been diminished to such a state it is but a shadow of itself. That shadow is still touching the hearts of many around you, but that shadow is also thinning out, and it will be replaced by light in even the sturdiest of hearts. For light has no boundaries, only the fear has that now, so light is spreading out faster and faster, and the courage it inspires in you all is growing with it. So stand tall and proud, and know that you too has been a part of that journey from the darkest abyss and to this, the threshold of everlasting light. And know too that your actions will never go unnoticed, as you have all been instrumental in this about turn of the human race. So look around, and we think you will find these shining examples starting to emerge in every corner of your world, even in the places where you least expect them to. For, as we said, the light has no boundaries, certainly not one set by any human, and no line on the map or no wall, no matter how high it is, can keep it out. So again we say rejoice, for the morning has broken, and the day is about to start. And this day is one that will last forever.

The manuscript of survival – part 264

•February 6, 2013 • 48 Comments
As you have mayhaps noticed, activity is on the increase. Not only inside, but also on the outside. We refer to the downloads that are being registered not only in your body, but in your celestial and indeed earthly abode as well. So you are not the only ones currently feeling the urge to moan and groan a little at the moment. Indeed, as above, so below, and you are all being inundated with round after round of strong, but ”friendly fire” if we might use such a phrase. For this is indeed a barrage, but even if you do feel rather the worse for wear at times, we venture to guess that you have all in some ways been able to tune into that new tune that has started to make itself heard within.

In other words, even if some of you may feel less than inclined to even lift a finger at the moment, you are in fact growing steadily stronger. For as you opened up to these changes in energy, you have welcomed these missives from beyond your atmosphere that have started to trigger a chain reaction inside you all. And this chain reaction is of such a magnitude it will sweep away any of the old cobwebs still clinging in the hidden corners within. We know that we have talked about some of these ”spring cleanings” before, but what we refer to now, is on a whole different level indeed. This is no longer preparatory work, this is the finishing touch to call it that, and for those of you still harbouring any doubts as to how you are doing in all of this, we can guarantee you that you are performing excellently.

After all, you have welcomed these changes, for without your innermost decision to do just that, your life and your whole world would be at a very, very different place now. For you have welcomed the light in all of its shapes and forms, and the light has started to make its voice heard in earnest now. So even if some of you are still faltering under the heavy pressure from this new visitor, some of you are already feeling the pressure lifting, and with it, your soul. For there comes a moment for each and every one of you when suddenly the storms raging within suddenly seem to go away completely, and you are left with a quiet but oh so strong knowing that you have arrived. Exactly where you have arrived may not be clear yet, but the feeling you have within is such a strong confirmation you just know that you have stepped away from the confusion, and the certainty has finally started to surface.

So fret not, all that have yet to savour the calm of this moment, for it is coming to you too. And again we say, do not think that it is by fault that you still feel the storm raging around you. It is not by chance that any of you are where you are at the moment, and it is not any form of competition where the amount of time you spend in this cleansing storm is measured. For you are all winners, no matter at what moment you cross the ”finishing line”, and as such, you will all have reason to celebrate. For you are all reaching inside to wrestle forth the real you, the one that has not been reachable for lifetime after lifetime. But now you will finally meet up again, and you will do so at the exact right moment. So again we repeat the same advice of breathing and focusing, and know that underneath that roar of wind and hammering of rain lies that quiet spot that is yours, and only yours. It awaits you all, and you will not be able to miss it, for it is calling to you with a power that cannot find its match anywhere in the universe or beyond.


The manuscript of survival – part 263

•February 4, 2013 • 39 Comments
Let us begin this missive by saying that you have all passed a threshold now, dear ones, and from this point, there is no more turning back. These words may fall on somewhat fallow ground, for to you, it might feel that you are doing no more than threading water at the moment. But for us, your forward momentum has never stopped, not even for a second. For you are indeed being propelled forwards at a speed that is astonishing, but as you have in some ways seemingly lost the ability to detect your progress yourselves, we will as always be on hand to inform you of it. And by that, hopefully implant at least a small impetus to not let yourself go in all of this. Let us explain.

As you all passed from last year and into this, the brand new one, you also left behind the old you in more ways than you maphaps have realized yet. But as always, what has been a part of the illusion that still surrounds you on all sides, is nothing if not stubborn in keeping up appearances. In other words, you will in so many ways still feel like the same old you, but that is in fact not the truth. The truth is that the old you fell away as soon as you opened yourselves to the new energy that came in during those last but oh so important weeks of last year, and as such, you have been reborn in all aspects except one; namely the self-image you still carry with you. And that self-image is so imprinted in your brain, you will have a hard time getting rid of it completely. Hence, this strange feeling of being untethered energetically from the old, but at the same time, the feeling of still being stuck inside of it all.

In other words, you have all taken a giant leap forward, but on the surface, it will seem like you have taken a giant leap into ”what is this?”. In other words, you will feel the disconnection from the old deeply within you, but as you have yet to literally live the separation, this is a period of seemingly deep confusion and disturbance for you all. This will manifest in myriads of ways, as you all have an individual programming that is still trying to override your new programming. In other words, your own personal setup is doing its best not to be rendered obsolete from all of the new, so it is doing all it can in order to keep doing the job it was given from the onset. And that job is a simple one indeed, because the old programming had one purpose, and one purpose only, and that was to keep you all set into ”human” mode, with all of its limitations, and that is what it is still trying to do. So it is not being ”bad” in any way, even if the fallout from all of these conflicting commands you are getting from yourself is causing more than a little unease at the moment.

Remember, this old programming was set up with the intent of keeping you going in the same old track, but now, the track has been changed, and the tune with it, so this insistence of playing off the same old tune on top of the new one is causing not a little disharmony at the moment. And remember, your senses have been well trained to listen to this old record, to call it that, and it will at first have a hard time literally tuning into the new and disregard the repeat message from that old track. So yes, you will feel yourself being tossed to and fro between these two lines of reasoning, and rightly so. Remember we have talked about the concept of drag before, and this too is a part of your own personal process. So much of you have already taken that step across that proverbial threshold, but the outer layers to call it that, the guiding voice you have heard from the very first moment you opened your eyes within a human body, that is certainly lagging far behind. And as you have been so well attuned to it, you will have a hard time ignoring its insistent voice.

We know we speak in parables, but let us just sum up this missive by saying that you have all moved ahead rapidly, just as we knew you would, but as you are still immersed within this old concept of ”you”, you will continue to get conflicting signals that will make your own image of this process much more confusing to behold. For you are all progressing rapidly in the intended direction, but those outermost parts of you will insist that you are trapped in a backwater somewhere, and you are unable to get back out into the rapids along with the rest. But fear not, you are not trapped anywhere, even if that voice from yesteryear is doing its best to convince you otherwise. Again we tell you to keep breathing and keep focusing, so you can help yourself to hear the voice of reason that is already within. It is there, and it will not go away, no matter how audible the old tune gets in the days ahead. So again we tell you that all is well, and the course that have been set you are not deviating from in any way. We are well pleased by your work, and we know that you will agree too once you get past that little voice of discontent still ringing in your ears.

The manuscript of survival – part 262

•February 2, 2013 • 27 Comments
The days have indeed starten to lengthen on your part of the globe, but for many, the nights seem to have become even longer. Let us explain.

As we have talked about in earlier missives, the ”global warming” to call it that of the infusion of light that has been beamed onto your planet lately will have a profound effect on you all. Not only on all of those already sufficiently open to welcome these harbingers of light, but on each and every living being on your planet. And as such, the effects will indeed be manyfold. For not only will they strengthen the resolve in all of those already welcoming the light, but they will in addition trigger the doors in so many others, and this will in turn make them start to open the door into their hearts. In other words, your choir will acquire so many new members in the times ahead, and your voices will start to blend perfectly into a song of freedom. But do not forget that these heavenly messengers of hope will also knock on the doors of all of those still set on hiding behind their walls of fear, and when they hear this sound, they will become even more agitated. Do do not forget that this level of brightness will tear into the sensitive eyes of so many out there already feeling the pressure of change around them, and they will not suffer this in silence. We know that this will not be news to any of you, but it bears repeating at times like this. Never forget, the actions of someone literally hell bent on holding back this flood of light will be very visible indeed. Not only because it will seem very at odds with the prevailing feeling of harmony that is spreading ever so quietly around you, but also because these kinds of actions never go unnoticed by the mass media. And as such, the further into the corners the light is reaching, the harder the fight to keep it back will become in those desperate souls trying to literally hold back time. They are indeed fighting a losing battle, but that will not dampen their resolve, far from it.

We know that this is perhaps not the message you want to partake in at the moment, because we are aware that many of you feel like you yourselves are standing on shaking ground. You feel this pressure from the void growing day by day, and you seem to find this heralded morning of glory withdrawing ever further into the shadows. So doubt and fear and even lethargy is starting to seep into many a brave soul, and as such, the brightening will seem to be less than pronounced for so many of you. Do not think we do not see this, and do not think we did not take that into consideration before all of this was set into motion. For we know so well that a human heart can only go so far, and for many of you, the strings holding on to your resolve are starting to become very frayed at the edges. Well, all we can give you today is again the same message of encouragement. Remember, these words that we give you on a regular basis are just the icing of the cake to call it that. For what you are receiving in abundance at the moment, are the energetic codes that are busy unlocking all of the doors you still have hidden inside.

We know this will not be of any consolation to many of you, but still, it is a message we will keep giving you every time. For these missives are merely a minor wave in this enormous sea of energy that you are literally being inundated in on a permanent basis now. And even if you seem to lack any form of spotting the presence of this sea of change washing all over your planet at the moment, it is indeed nothing but facts. And you all know it in your heart of hearts. But again, on the surface, the challenge of keeping this truth alive is growing daily. Give me proof we hear you say, and rightly so, as you have all been well trained to meet the reality you face each and every day through the eyes, ears and mind of a human. Well, you can find some proof through these senses if you try, but they will be tiny little miracles indeed, and not enough to satisfy your craving for confirmation. So again we say, even if these words will cause more than a little friction within many a human mind at the moment, go within, for that is indeed where the truth lies, and that is where you will find all of the proof you need.

For you are not mere mortals anymore, you have passed that stage a long time ago, but still, you cling to the belief that you are. And as such, the mortal in you seek the presence of proof in all of the ways that it knows, but those ways are so limited. So again we tell you, you know better, and you have for some time now, but it is easy to lose grip of this fact in the barrage of uncertainty that is arising on all sides. But do not think we think ill of you for this, far from it. Are you not the bravest of the brave? And did you not take on this challenge fully knowing that your own heart would have to fight a fierce battle with your own resolve all the way through this stage and beyond? For you are made of sturdier stuff than this dear ones, but still, you will feel more than a little faint of heart at times like this, and rightly so. For your challenge is a mighty one ideed, and so far, you have more than met our expectations, but at the moment, you will mayhaps feel like you have failed to meet your own?

So again we tell you that all is well, and you are advancing in so many ways, but our words will not make you feel less vulnerable. It is only you yourself who can do that, and that is the challenge you have given yourself. We know you can be victorious in this, in fact, you have already proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that you already are, otherwise you would not even be reading this. So please give yourself the chance to discover the same. It is not easy, we know that, but underneath this surface of unease and irritation there is a huge field of clarity within you all. That is where you will find the truth, nowhere else. Not in our words, nor in any other’s, for it is you and only you who can decide what to believe; the human part of you that is striving to stay in control, or the true core of you where every answer to every question you

might ever have is safely stored.

The manuscript of survival – part 261

•January 31, 2013 • 40 Comments
You have probably started to question yourself and this whole process more than once lately, and that is easy to understand. As we mentioned in our previous message, you are currently in a kind of holding pattern, and this can in many ways be likened to a void where you have seemingly nowhere to go and nowhere to return to. In other words, faith and trust seems to be the only things keeping you going, and for many, both are already starting to grow thin on the ground. Again we say do not berate yourselves should the temper grow volatile these days, for it is not more than natural if you feel like lashing out at someone or something at the moment. Again, the reason for this is understandable, for you have been so fired up by all of these energetic emissions you have partaken of lately, and as such, you feel more than ready to go. But now, it will be like you are stuck on the launching pad, motors ready to roar into full power, but you seem to have lost connection with the command center. So there are no clear directions, and there are no orders to do anything, so all the while the only thing you can do, is sit there seemingly unactive whilst gnashing your teeth in frustration.

Well, we are well aware of your situation, but again, all we can offer is the same old litany of please know that all is well, and even if you may feel more than a little disconnected from it all, you are not. But again we say, this period, although at times mindbogglingly frustrating, is a very important one too, for it is not the idle wait it may feel like at the moment. No, there is indeed a frenzy of activity going on, and for some of you, this activity has started to seep into your consciuosness at odd intervals. There might be some intense interconnections going on during your nighttime, where your body will feel like it is receiving commands and information the likes it has never encountered before. You may have instances of ”abnormal reactions” to call them that during daytime, when either yourself or others will seem to be out of sorts or out of synch with everything around you.

So yes, you are not idle, but much of the goings on will be hidden from view, so again it is indeed our role to pop in at regular intervals to give you a much needed thumbs up. For you have not lost connection to the command center, and your orders have not been revoked. For your mission is still on, and you are in fact proceeding as planned day by day, hour by hour. So again we tell you that there is no stand-down, it is merely a part of the regulated proceedure, and even if you feel like you are stalled, you are actually moving rapidly ahead. We know that this will seem to be at odds with the feeling you will encounter at frequent intervals at the moment, but please understand that this is because your whole sensory system has been redesigned, and as such, it will feel like you are standing still when you are actually whizzing ahead. It is much like when you have been travelling at a certain speed for a very long time, and it feels like you are actually slowing down when you are in fact travelling just as fast as you used to. In other words, your perception of advancement has changed, not the actual speed in which you are proceeding.

So again we tell you to try to savour these days, even when you feel less than inclined to do so, and know that you are in fact speeding towards another of those very important passages that will make its mark upon your body and soul. So remember to breathe deeply, and just release anything that comes aknocking from within, for otherwise you might feel more than a little bloated from the pressure that will build up. For there is indeed much going through you at the moment, and we do mean that both in the mental and physical sense, so try to keep it moving in any way you can. For you are not at a stand still, and you should not act like you are, so just let it go as soon as it comes up, and you will at least feel the relief of sensing some of the action that is going on at the moment. Thank you, that is all we have for now, we leave.

The manuscript of survival – part 260

•January 29, 2013 • 47 Comments
As many if you have noticed lately, there are interesting occurrences starting to happen. As usual, the changes you so long for have not yet manifested on the outside, rather, they are discernible within. We know that for many, this in itself can be frustrating indeed, because you all long for more tangible results from all of these intense energetic upgrades you have been receiving for such a long time now. Well, let us just say that you will soon see how these internal effects will start to multiply, and with them, the realization that the outer changes you have been looking for in vain may not be the most important part of this process after all.

Let us explain. As you have in many ways entered new ground, what you still see around is in so many ways just a lingering remnant of the one you left behind. However, there are still many things that ties you to this old world, and all the practicalities and indeed impracticalities of the monetary system is indeed one of them. But let us just lay that aside for the moment and concentrate on what you have ahead, namely the realization that the new world you entered as you literally shifted from the old year and into this, the new year of 2013, will start to manifest in more tangible ways than you have seen so far.

You see, you are all more or less still hovering over the ground of this new world, and as such, you have not been able to ground yourselves sufficiently into this new energetic level that you have entered. In fact, this is an important part of this process, and not something that should be cause for alarm for any of you, although this feeling of disconnection can be more than unnerving at times. You see, you all feel deep inside that you have in some ways been left out in the cold, and the reason for this, is the clear separation that has occured. In other words, you have been separated from the old, but as you are still in this seeming void not yet fully connected to the new, you may have a hard time finding any footing at all. Especially since you all in your daily goings on feel the pull fom the old. In other words, you will feel slightly discombobulated from this energetic vacuum that seems to have formed around you, so we are here to tell you that this is nothing to worry about.

We know that our words will be like a mere puff of smoke for some, as this feeling of unease, irritation and even disempowerment may seem to grow at an alarming rate lately. So again we remind you that all is well, and you are perfectly poised for the next step of your journey. And even if this period may feel more than a little bit unsettling, not only for your mind, but also for your body, know that it will soon start to dissipate as you will all in some ways get a glimpse of the surface of this new world that you still feel more than a little disconnected from. For your roots are already starting to seek down, and little by little, bit by bit you will all start to feel the strong connection that is awaiting you there. For then, you will finally sense that you have indeed come home, and your hearts will lift again as you feel this surge of welcoming starting to percolate throughout your whole being. But until then, remember not to berate yourselves whenever you feel yourself falling under the spell from the void. For it is a powerful place indeed, and it can leave you feeling almost powerless. Know that this is not true, as you have all stepped into your powers, but as you have yet to be allowed to ”touch ground” with your new home, your powers will seem to be almost nonexistent at the moment. But that is about to change, as you will all be allowed to send those first tendrils down into the new soil that awaits you, and then you will start to feel how your powers will start to make themselves heard again.

Again, this is not a signal that you are disconnected from it all because of your actions or inactions in any way, far from it. This step into the void is an important part of the process, as you need this period to reboot and rewind after that long immersion in the third dimensional world before you literally reconnect not only with your true self, but also with your new home. So, not long now before you all feel more at home, not only in your physical bodies, but also within your own greatness. Until then, go easy on yourself and let yourself rant and rave should you so need. There is no need to hold back on any negative emotions that might arise, so just let them pass through you in order to let off some of the steam of frustration that will inevitably build up in this holding pattern you are currently in. And remember that you are about to step out of this void shortly, and start to truly connect for the first time in eons.

The manuscript of survival – part 259

•January 27, 2013 • 37 Comments
Just a short missive today, as the waves of energy have started to pound harder onto your shores again. For some, this will manifest in some rather intense bouts of nausea and dizziness, so make sure not to force yourself to do more than what is strictly necessary whenever you feel another of these waves starting to gather force. As we have talked about previously, your physical body has become much stronger now, and it can indeed digest far larger quantities of these life-changing energies by now, but that may seem as a small consolation as long as the amount of energy you are being exposed to is increasing along with it. In other words, you get a huge helping every time now, as your appetite for this lifeforce has grown exponentially along with your abilities to digest it.

Still, it will leave a few symptoms of discomfort in its wake, but that is not a case of overindulgence from any side here, neither yours not ours. In other words, even if it will feel less than comfortable at times, you can be certain that you will never be exposed to anything you cannot handle, either physically or mentally. We know that for some this will sound rather unlikely, for they do feel like they are hanging on by their teeth at times, but trust us when we say that your abilities to not only survive, but actually thrive from all of these constant injections of energy is actually far above and beyond your perception of your own limitations.

So again we say just try to breathe into any discomfort that may arise, and do not forget to ask for help in balancing these massive injections should you so need. There are ways to ease the discomfort somewhat, and we will not give away any secrets here if we say that your breathing pattern is deeply involved. So focus on your breath, and ask for assistance from your guides, and do not forget your ally, Mother Earth. She is the best balancer there is, so seek out her assistance, and we think you will find much solace there.

The manuscript of survival – part 258

•January 25, 2013 • 75 Comments
You have turned on the light well and truly now, dear ones, and with it, comes the realization that so much is on the verge of changing forever. For the tides have turned, as we have started already, and the wheels of time have started to speed up considerably. At the moment, speed may not be the word foremost on your minds, as now, much seems to have come to a somewhat silent and nonplussing halt.

Let us explain. For many, the month of December was a period of intense activity on so many levels, literally like being swallowed up and into a massive vortex that was spinning ever faster. But now, it is almost like you have been spit out on the other side, into something that seems almost eerily quiet in comparison. But trust us when we say that it only seems like that, for nothing could be further from the truth than thinking you have all been stalled on a sidetrack somewhere far, far away from the action you lived through last month. For now, there is actually even more going on, but again, so much is happening under the radar as it were. And even if some of you get a taste of this newfangled action from time to time, mostly during your nightime and your sleeping cycle, the rest of the time it will seem to be more than a little hush hush. And rightly so, as you have all finished some rather gruelling rounds of energetic upgrading, and as such, too much action is not what you need at the moment. The word we seek to impart into you all today is integration, for that is what you all are in the midst of at the moment.

An old curse says ”may you live in interesting times”. And for many, the all-out onslaught of energies that you receive on a rather regular basis can in many ways be described as a sort of curse, because you get so debilitated at times you a have hard time even trying to function as a human being. But then, when everything seems to quiet down much like it is at the moment, for many, that is even more of a curse. For then they think that they have ”lost it” in some way, and that they have become totally disconnected from it all. So yes, finding a sort of middle ground here between action and ”non-action” is almost impossible. For when the body quietens down after a bout of these energetic ”symptoms”, the mind has a habit of piping up with all sorts of suggestions. And, as many of you know, the mind has a habit of suggesting that things are amiss, has it not? In other words, when the body is less under siege from these energetic upgrades, the mind has a way of making itself heard. So now, in this strange but at times very quiet period, many will start to doubt themselves in new ways. And even if they deep down KNOW that they are just where they are supposed to be, it is easy to start to think too much.

So again, we repeat the same mantra of stop trying to DO so much, thinking or otherwise, and just BE. And know that all is well and you are just in a sort of short recreational period in order for your system to be better able to integrate this enormous amount of energy and information you have acquired these last few weeks. For it is nothing short of amazing, but it is also a rather large handfull for your system, so just be patient. And know that under the surface, there is no such thing as a lull in the proceedings. Far from it, for now, it is indeed full speed ahead, and we are all working hard and fast in order to keep up with your abilities to jump ahead. For that is what you are all doing dear ones, pulling ahead in quantum leaps to use a phrase you will be familiar with. And just as in that exciting, but oh so strange world of quantum relativity, there is no way of knowing just what will happen next. Well, for us, there are no secrets or surprises lurking ahead, but for you, the next step is not something you can envisage with any clarity. And rightly so, as then you would probably not believe it anyway. So again we say just stay the course, and relish the small breathers you get, for time is indeed short before you get the next push ahead.

The manuscript of survival – part 257

•January 23, 2013 • 37 Comments
The tides have turned for so many of your brethren now dear ones, and you are no longer the solitary islands dotting this vast sea of humanity. In fact, if you look closely, you will see how your neighbourhood is starting to get more and more populated by likeminded souls. Let us explain.

As we have touched upon earlier, these massive injections of light will have their effect not only on you, the early risers as it were, but also on the whole congregation. In other words, no being alive on this planet today will go through this untouched by the finger of grace, and as such, your numbers will vastly multiply in the time ahead. That does not mean that you will feel as if immersed in a veritable deluge of friendly souls from one day to the next, far from it, but you will notice a steady increase in the corresponding vibration you will detect in the people you meet. In other words, be prepared to literally tune into more than a few sympathetic souls in the time ahead, but be also prepared to meet more deaf ears around you.

You see, this is indeed a watershed, but all of humanity is still ruled by the edict of free will, and as such, it is up to each and every one whether they will listen to these new notes in the air or whether they will continue to turn away from this alluring new tune. But if they do, you will not be able to tolerate their presence as lightly as you once used to, for their tune will sound more and more false in your ears, and as such, these meetings will feel more jarring than before. In other words, the divide will become more and more noticeable, as each and every one of your fellow men will have to take a stand and make a choice whether to open up completely to this clarion call from heavens, or to shut themselves down and shut themselves away from the rest of you.

For now, indecision is no longer an option, and as such, there will be some interesting encounters for you all in the very near future. For you will meet the light coming at you from the unlikeliest of angles, but you will also meet a brick wall where you once encountered seemingly wide open spaces. So again we tell you never to take anything for granted, and stay open to whatever you might encounter. For you will be more than pleasantly surprised, but mixed in with this delight will also be a few notes of discord, as those choosing not to hear will state their mind clearly and without hesitation.

So know that from now on there will be less grey areas, and a much clearer distinction between black and white. Or rather, between freedom and fear, as those still hell bent on keeping to the ground to put it like that will fight tooth and claw in order to be left to do just that. Be that as it may, the rest of you will revel in the fact that you will see how the stream of light-seeking individuals will continue to grow into a veritable flood, and you will all be swept up in this flood, and gladly so. For this is what you have waited for, in the endless hours of this solitary journey. So look around, and you will start to pick up on the signals from all of those beginning to prick up their ears and listen in on this heavenly music alongside you. For they cannot help but join in the choir, however timid and feeble their voice will sound at the beginning. For if you remember to acknowledge their presence, they will find it much easier to find their true voice and join you all wholeheartedly.

Back on the surface

•January 22, 2013 • 55 Comments
Dear friends! Feels like I am finally able to breathe again after some very, very intense days. Judging from your comments, I am not the only one who have spent more time down at the bottom than on the surface of this beautiful little pond lately (thank you, Nohmad :–) ! ). I’ve been through much of the same as many of you, ranging from a lot of physical pain in the head, jaw and right side of the body, heavy fatigue, feeling weird about eating anything at all, and fighting off a panic attack when I woke up in the middle of the night feeling literally trapped inside a body that felt totally alien to me. It’s been like all I wanted to do was to just pull a blanket over my head and forget that I even existed. But at the same time, I have had moments of total clarity where I just KNOW that everything is OK, it will all happen at the exact right time, and I do not need to DO anything to make it happen. In fact, the message I got was ”stop trying so hard”, and the image they gave me was of salmons trying to fight their way up a waterfall. Or, as the CCs said in the last message: just surrender. It is tempting to try to ”push ahead” a little extra at times like these, when everything seems to be a bit unclear, and we feel the pull from whatever we have waiting for us at the other end. But the only thing that happens whenever I try to do this, is that I get frustrated. So now I keep reminding myself to just let it be and surrender to the flow, no matter how strong or how static it feels.

Being ”back on the surface” again also means that I am finally able to appreciate all of the comments you have shared lately. It is so amazing to see just what a wonderful and supportive community this has turned out to be! I do not know if the rest of you have noticed this, but it is like it has grown so much in intensity and luminosity in these last few weeks. I must admit that as December started, I was very unsure about what would happen when we passed the days surrounding 12.21.12. Despite what the CCs had shared about this period in advance, I knew that there were bound to be some very disappointed people out there. So I was expecting to see clear signs of that here, but instead, what you have all brought to this space has been beyond anything I could have hoped for. To quote the CCs: cudos to you all for creating this community of sharing and caring and support. It is like it has taken on a life of its own, and I am so happy for that. Who knows what it will grow into in the future? So thank you all for bringing your beautiful reflections to this pond. Without you, this would be a solitary place indeed!

Love and light, Aisha



The manuscript of survival – part 256

•January 21, 2013 • 57 Comments
As you have mayhaps noticed, these last few days have been rather turbulent, and rightly so, as the influx of energies have certainly made their mark on many of you. We venture to guess that you have uttered the words ”things are getting more and more peculiar” in one way or the other these last few days, and you are certainly correct in your observations. Yes, things are certainly becoming more and more peculiar, and they are doing so as the level of energetic awakening is becoming more and more intense. Or ferocious, as some of you mayhaps would prefer to describe them as. For they are nothing if not relentless, and what they are doing not just to you but to your whole world, is starting to stir up many a reaction. And we do not just refer to what is going on in your physical body, even if that in itself may be difficult to overlook. No, we refer to those perhaps more subtle signals that something very profound is going on indeed.

So what can these signals be? Well, let us just say that we think there are not a few amongst you thinking that you are starting to lose your grip on sanity, as the whole world around you seems to become more and more indistinct. In other words, you look and you fail to see any solidity at all in things around you. It is like things are starting to become more and more blurred, even to the point where you have a hard time really focusing on anything at all. The time and some of its quirkiness has already been mentioned earlier, but that is indeed a point that will become more and more obvious as, yes, more time passes, and you will seem to be even more hard pressed to try to quantify it at all. For what is time now? Certainly not the one defining measurement it once was. And with the dissolving of this trusted marker, so too much else will start to take on a rather interesting hue to call it that. For now, nothing that surrounds you can be seen through the goggles of yesterday, and as such, your mind will have a hard time trying to adjust to it all. It is just like when a person suffering from some sort of ailment of the eyes get this accurately adjusted. And even if the eyes can finally focus and take in everything properly for the first time, the mind will seem to be very muddled and confused indeed. For your being is as we have repeated often geared to maintaining status quo, and now, so much must be taken into reconsideration, it will at times be a challenge not to feel slightly – or maybe even completely – mad.

So take this as a reminder that never before has it been more important to trust that this process is indeed a very carefully monitored one, and all you have to do, is to surrender to it. And we do mean surrender completely. That may sound easy, but when it comes down to it, your whole being has been hard-wired to try to hold on to the controls in some way or the other, as otherwise, your very survival could not be assured. In other words, surrendering yourself completely to this very, very confusing and at times almost frightening process of dissolving everything that feels familiar and entering a world where everything is completely new, will be met by more than a little resistance from yourself. After all, your system is only doing its job protecting you in any way it can. So yes, you must all expect to encounter resistance from within, as that is only to be expected when you are about to literally surrender all that you take for granted and all that you have relied upon so far in order to fully embrace the new.

And the new is nothing if not very, very different from anything you have encountered so far. You see, you are beings of such a magnitude and potential being literally injected into a rather frail looking and small human body, and as such, you will at times feel like you are literally imprisoned within something that is too claustrophobic for comfort. For you are indeed finally starting to tap into your real greatness, and that greatness is not used to operating within these strict confines that your physical body dictates. So again, expect to become befuddled and frustrated, and at times feel totally at loss as to what you are and why you are even here in the first place. But again, this is only a phase, and even if it will be challenging in so many ways, it will also bring with it the first instances of seeing who you really are. And even if your mind will have a field day trying to tell you that something very, very strange is going on, you will also feel the surge of expectation from what is to come.

For what is to come can only be described with one word, namely magic. But this is magic of the true kind, not another conjurer’s trick being passed before you. So again we tell you to stay the course, and the only way to do just that, is to relinquish any thought you might harbour of trying to maintain control in any way. For total surrender is the order of the day, as this is what will give you the only ”control” you can have. For you can only control your own response to all of this magical outpouring of newness. So open your arms, hearts and minds to whatever may come, in whatever shape, form or taste it may have, and know that you can never ever guess what is coming to you next. For such is the nature of this quest, as you have indeed embarked upon the part of this journey that goes into unchartered territory. But know that we know just where you are headed, and we will make sure that you get there, even if the road you will take to get there will be one you could never even dream of making up yourselves. So again we say, prepare to be surprised, in more ways than one, but also prepare to be delighted. For even if the road will be very strenuous at times, it will certainly give you more than one reason to rejoice in the time ahead.

The manuscript of survival – part 255

•January 19, 2013 • 42 Comments
As you have already ascertained, the physical body has a tendency to not be overly pleased by these recent energetic immersions, and that is only to be expected. After all, even if you have all been exposed to numerous of these upgradings through these last months and even years, none have been more intense than what you are currently receiving. We have already talked about this relentless waterfall of energies that is cascading down on your planet, but what we refer to now, are in fact ”injections” to call them that that are like an add-on to this waterfall. In other words, the underlying level of energetic transmissions being beamed onto your little planet has multiplied to such an extent, not even the hardiest amongst you would go untouched through this last downpour. You see, the level of vibration on your planet has certainly reached a hitherto unseen and unfelt level because of this waterfall of energy, but these extra immersions that you are being subjected to are even more advanced than this shall we say ground layer of energetic noise that you are all swimming in. So yes, you are certainly getting an extra large helping at the moment, and the reason for this is indeed an important one.

We have talked about the fact in earlier missives that yours is the role of the wayshower, and as such, you are being given extra fuel to help you to be better able to accomplish this work. For you are the ones in the forefront of all of this, and even if the world at large is also being subjected to ever larger doses of this transformational energy, you are being helped by being literally filled to your max by these extra and very targeted injections. Let us explain. We know that this may not be news to any of you, but as we have stated earlier, you are all treated on a very individual basis, according to both your setup but also according to the task you have come here to fulfill. You are all to be wayshowers, but you will be so in very different ways. For some, their tasks have been made clear to them already, or rather, they are already immersed in one part of their mission, such as the channel conveying these messages. But never forget, the tasks will vary for you all, according both to the timing but also to your specific abilities. And for many, their own specific abilities may not be too clear to them at the moment. And rightly so, as you all had to complete your own personal process of clearing and transmuting anything that might be of hindrance to you in your upcoming work. Well, that process is nearing completion in you all by now, and even if you are still at different stages in all of this, you have not been given any access to what your future holds in store for you yet.

As always, the reason behind this is the timing that goes into this process. For you are all individual players, but you are all an important piece in a gigantic puzzle, so your actions must in so many ways fit into the trajectory of many others out there. So yes, for some of you the frustration from this feeling of being suspended from it all will be mounting at the moment, as you can feel the heightened pressure of expectation starting to prod at you in so many ways. And even if you do not have any clear idea at all as to what your contribution to all of this may be, the feeling of impatience will also start to increase, and rightly so. For you all stand before a mighty task indeed, and this task is starting to nudge you on your shoulder more and more. It can be frustrating, as you have the urge to do something without any seeming knowledge as to just what, how and where to do it. Well, just hang in there a little bit longer, and it will all start to crystallize for you all. As we said, you are being held back for many a reason, but it is not because you have done anything wrong, or have missed out on any vital clues, far from it. For again, you are the players on this field, but we are the strategists, and as such, we have the full responsibility for the unveiling of this process.

So again we tell you that all is well and you are all exactly where you are supposed to be. And even if you feel rather incapacitated at the moment, and feel a bit lost with no apparent direction or reason to your daily lives, know that this is indeed just a passing phase, and this will soon start to pick up both speed and direction yet again. So take some time to look around and take in the scenery around you. And when we say scenery, we refer not just to what might be of natural beauty around you, rather the whole complex situation that surrounds you on all sides, composed of humanity’s strive for perfection, and see if you can detect anything new in your surroundings. We think you will find more than a few smiles and hear laughter in places where there used to be none, and they are all small signals that something is indeed starting to percolate to the top and starting to make itself noticed on the surface of this little planet of yours. And if you see a smile, make sure to return it, and notice just how powerful an effect that will have on you. It might sound like a feeble little action, devoid of any importance, but we can guarantee that it will indeed speak more loudly to you than you perhaps envisaged.

The manuscript of survival – part 254

•January 17, 2013 • 46 Comments
The tide has turned now, and the rush of the incoming energies is starting to pick up yet again. You will feel this, literally in your bones, but as always, the sometimes rather unpleasant side effects cannot entirely mask the fact that this is indeed only beneficial. Not only for you, but also for your planet. Let us explain.

By now, you are not unused to these incoming barrages of energy, far from it, but you might feel more than a little less than enthusiastic about the fact that it is time to endure another round of these at times rather painful immersions. But, they are only for your benefit, and even if some of you may think that we do this to you as some form of spite because we perhaps like to see you suffer, that is certainly not the truth. We know that this can at times be a tempting explanation, for we are well aware that a physical body is not too happy accomodating all of these energies at times. As you all know so well, because you are the ones who will suffer the consequences from them. But you are also the ones who will reap the benefits from them, but we also know that these benefits may seem to be rather fickle compared to the relentlessness of these upgradings themselves. Be that as it may, we just want you to know that you have another bout coming up, and even if this may cause more than a few moans and groans and more than a little despair in some, we are here to remind you all that there is indeed an important reason behind all of this physical and mental discomfort that may arise. It will not be apparent at the moment, so we know that this may be quite an uphill struggle for some of you, but please bear with us, and bear with yourselves, as these injections are a necessary and unavoidable part of it all.

Small consolation, we know, but the only one we can give. For we are again only spectators to this, and as such, us cheering you on may not be what you need at the moment. For what you perhaps crave more than ever is a quiet confidence that you have arrived, and that the work is indeed over. Well, as we have already stated in an earlier missive, the work has in many ways just begun. But before you erupt in a choir of misgivings, let us just remind you that the work you are doing now, is very different from the work you did only a few weeks ago. For you have arrived indeed, at a far loftier station than the one you so strenuously worked your way up from in the previous months. But unlike those happy go lucky travellers who only set out on a journey in order to savour the scenery, your journey has taken you to a far more interesting and indeed challenging place. For you have brought yourselves to a brand new world, where you yourselves are instrumental in making everything come about. In other words, what you will receive now, are more building blocks with which you will be better able to take part in building the new, and as such, these growing pains will signal a brand new phase on your journey. So take these pains and signals from a disgruntled body as a signal of commencement. It is indeed time to go back to work, but it will also be work that will give you great pleasure. For what you are doing is actually staking your claim to the future. For it is you who will make that future come about, and what you will be receiving from these celestial downpours of energy will help to set you up to make all of that come true.

So again we ask you to stay calm and stay centered, and even if some of these intense waves of energy may knock you off your feet now and then, know that you are more than ready to take it all on, and you are also more than strong enough to get back on your feet in no time. For you have been well tuned to play along with this new melody coming in, and as such, you have become a far more accomplished instrument just in these last few weeks. So even if you might hear a false note here and there as your physical body sometimes seems to miss a beat, know that this is not considered as a fault in any way. After all, you have not had much practice to play at this level yet. So be kind to yourselves, and do not berate yourselves even if it does not go as smoothly as you mayhaps wished for from the start. For remember, you are certainly threading on virgin ground here, so a few missteps here and there are to be expected. So accept them, for we do, but we also know that you are the harsher judge here. That is only natural, but again we remind you not to be disappointed in yourself should you fall short of your oh so high expectations in yourself. For this is indeed a period of trial and error, for it will take some time before you are all well settled into your new role as creators. So have fun, and do not take yourself too seriously in the time ahead or you might miss out on some of the joy if you do. And this is indeed a joyous occasion, even if the work in itself can be more than a little strenuous at times. We will leave it at that, and leave you to start preparing for this, the first round of the new and improved you.

The manuscript of survival – part 253

•January 15, 2013 • 23 Comments
The days have already started to gradually lengthen in one part of your world, and this year, the light will seem to be even more prominent than usual. Not only the light coming from the outside, but also the one shining forth from within. You will feel it in yourselves, but most importantly, you will also be bettter able to discern it in others. And with it, a gradual but percetible knowledge will arise that from now on, you are truly one. In other words, the feeling of separation will start to dissipate, and the certainty that you are but one of an ever expanding group of people will start to take hold of your mind. And, as you all know so well, your mind has been the most stubborn detractor in all of this, because your mind is the part of you that has tried so desperately to hold on to the old and eschew the new.

But now, your mind will also have to accept the fact that now, you are all living in a very different world from the one you all inhabited just a few weeks ago. It will not be easy at all times, because the mind is nothing if not tenacious, so do not be surprised if it tries a few tricks now and then in order to try to reset itself back to what it for such a long time has regarded as ”normal”. But it is a lost battle, and the mind knows this too, but still, it might have a few tricks up its sleve. After all, it would not be doing its job if it did not at least superficially try to continue the work it has done for such a long time. After all, it was to be the protector of status quo, and as such, you cannot but give it credit for a job well done.

For it has done its utmost to try to keep you all cemented in the old ways, as that was its main priority. But just like your spirit, the mind will take to the wings and relish the freedom from the old yokes, just like you all have felt once you started to be able to inhale the fresh air of the new. And with it, you will gain an impressive ally indeed, as now, the mind’s priority will start to change drastically. For now, it will no longer concentrate all of its abilties to hindering you from actually immersing yourself in this large spectrum of diverse experiences. It will actually be instrumental in helping you to access them. In other words, what was once a hindrance will become one of your biggest assets. For your mind is indeed a vital part of your total setup, and as soon as it starts to act according to the new and shall we say improved codes of conduct, it will help you immensely in accruing new information. For it will start to work ceaselessly on your behalf as a citizen of the light, and it will do all it can to help your progress.

So again, give yourself cudos for all that you have done so far, and give your mind its well deserved ”thank you” as well. For it has been a formidable adversary, but it has not been that in order to harm you in any way. It has done exactly what it was meant to do, namely force you to start to think for yourself, and not take anything around you at face value any more. And it has succeeded well indeed. After all, without the frustrations caused by the constant nagging and pushing from your mind, your resolve to change your circumstances would perhaps not be as strong as it is today? So again you see that things are never as they seem, so too with the mind. We will leave it at that, and give you some time to digest this, and mayhaps let you look upon your mind with new eyes.

The manuscript of survival – part 252

•January 13, 2013 • 50 Comments
Time is rolling by faster and faster, and for many, this will bring with it some rather interesting events. For we say, have not the hands of time started to act in some rather inaccurate ways recently? Have you seen how the hands of time seem to stand still one moment, while they seem to have skipped a beat or two the next? Do you lose count of the days, and do you have a hard time placing events in a linear sequence? Do you feel like you have been transported back in time, to a time in your life when you were much younger than today? And do you feel like you are growing younger while your body seems to be the same old? Well, all of these and other occurrences like it, are just a sure signal that you have entered what some may call the twilight zone. Things have started to seem less solid than they did only a short time ago, and your mind seems to be a bit more fuddled than usual. In other words, reality keeps warping and twisting, and you feel less sure on your feet as everything around you starts to take on a more unreal feel than what you experienced before.

Again, this is just a sure sign that everything is indeed starting to change at a rapid pace now. And yes, even if things on the outside seem to be more or less ”normal”, that is, unchanged from what it was like before December 2012, all of these strange undulations in perception of time, linearity, and even the sense of equilibrium mean that you are all experiencing the unseen starting to bleed through. So your desire to see some rather concrete proofs of this monumental change is actually being answered already, albeit in a very different form from what you mayhaps envisaged. In other words, the expected outward show of fundamental change predicted to come in the form of cataclysms or some other sort of dramatic global manifestation will come in a much more subtle form, as a gradual but perceptible increase in the awarness that nothing is as it used to be. And this will also manifest in a growing sense of unease, not just amongst you, but also amongst the whole population of this little planet. For even to the less sensitive ones, there will be a growing awareness that something is changing, and even if they will have a hard time putting into words just what they are sensing, it will start to make many of your fellow men start to feel more and more unsettled. This may sound ominous, but it is only a signal that soon, this unease will grow into something even more profound, namely the knowledge that there are indeed forces at work here that they were not even aware existed before.

To many, this will sound like a recipe for disaster, where a huge number of people will start to lose their grounding, and with it their sanity, and total anarchy and chaos will be sure to follow in the footsteps. That is not the case here, as this unease will grow into something very different indeed, as the underlying reason for all of this subtle but inexorable change will soon start to make itself heard through many a channel. In other words, the voice you hear so clearly whenever you manage to connect with your core is the same voice that will start to make itself heard in so many of your fellow men, and this voice will not speak of fear, anger and hatred, it will speak of love and connection to something so vast and magnificent it will start to put more and more of them to a much greater ease than they are currently experiencing. In other words, this godlike spark within you all that have been ignited through these immense injections of light lately will start to make its voice heard in millions of others out there, and soon, you will see how the light starts to shine out from the eyes of strangers you meet wherever you go.

This light will come as a surprise to so many, because they have grown accustomed to be the sole carrier of light in their little corner of the world, and with that, their journey so far has been a very lonesome one. But now, you must all start to lift your eyes and take a good look at people you will encounter on your way, no matter where the road takes you. And we can guarantee you that you will start to meet yourself in the eyes of strangers, as you will see how your light is reflected in those that meet your gaze. And then you will all know that the road to recovery has started in earnest, and that the choir of rejoicing souls has started to grow exponentially. For this will not be a solitary journey much longer, as even the loneliest of you will start to encounter some likeminded souls, no matter where you reside, and no matter how difficult your previous experience in this have been. So take heart, and go out and start to interact with your newly awakened brothers and sister out there. For they are waiting for you to take their hand and greet them and welcome them back home.

The manuscript of survival – part 251

•January 11, 2013 • 58 Comments
You have certainly come a long way these last few weeks, but as usual, the road weariness increases with the distance, and as such, many of you are almost succumbing to it all. We say this fully knowing that our words will seem to be more than repetitious to some, but bear with us. For we know just how great your achievements are, and even if you have a hard time sensing it all yourselves, we see it all so clearly, and we will try to convey our side of the picture to you in the hope of easing your weariness somewhat. For many, this will only seem to add to the burden, because they are at the moment having a hard time keeping it together, and as such, good news from us is mayhaps the last thing they want to hear.

For irritation is mounting in many, and with it, a resistance to listen to cheerful words from us. That is understandable, for this may seem to be a game of hide and seek, where we stay undetected whilst we urge you to carry on no matter what. Be that as it may. This is indeed our role, as we are here to support you in any way we can, while yours is the role of actually carrying out this mission. This will come as no surprise to any of you, but at the moment, the weariness can be more than a little challenging, and even if our words may rub some of you against the grain, we will continue to announce our presence here at your side as we have done for quite a while now. For even if it may feel that some of you are more than ready to give up, we are not about to give up on any of you. For we see what you have accomplished, but we also see that the burden of working in the dark as it were without any seeming confirmation of the monumental efforts you have been through and are still in the midst of,  so we do understand your frustrations exceedingly well.

We can only do what we always do, namely remind you to seek inside, as deep within yourself you will indeed understand that this is not just an increasingly tiresome business, without any seeming advances. It is already a fresh start, but as you in so many ways have yet to see anything new arise around you, it is indeed more important than ever where you put your focus. For if you keep your focus on the old, external world, you will not find much to lift your spirits. But if you manage to connect with your core, you will literally feel how everything lights up. Also, consorting with like-minded people will magnify everything. So if you only seek the company of people focusing solely on their own negativity, you will indeed have a hard time dragging yourself up from the same pit of despair. Therefore, we urge you all to be very discerning when it comes to what you choose to latch onto at the moment, lest you should let yourself be dragged even further down. For the ironic part of this is that you have never had more reason to be uplifted and positive as you have now, when you have managed to lift not only yourself but also the rest of your planet up from the lower residue you all used to wallow in. But again, it is understandable that many of you have a hard time believing this fact. For you are still unused to reading the signals you are getting, as you have been so thoroughly programmed to overlook anything that may be perceived as proof that your world is so much more than what you see on the surface.

Again, this is not meant as criticism, just a reminder that you may find it hard to overlook all of these old and outdated ways of representing the facts, and as such, the fact that you do not belong in this version of the world anymore may be hard to perceive. So believe us when we say that you have more reson to celebrate than to despair at the moment, and even if you feel more compelled to do the latter, please try to give yourself the chance to shift your focus somewhat so that you can enable yourself to neutralize all of these confusing signals trying to cement you back down into the old. For they are only that, disturbances sent out in order to confuse you enough to let go of the new you already hold firmly in your grasp. So take heed, lest you should let yourself be swayed by all of these confusing emotions, and try once again to shift your focus inwards and tune into the new song that is singing within. Then, you will feel yourself lifted to the level where you rightly belong, where the air is indeed fresher and the outlook more than positive.


The manuscript of survival – part 250

•January 9, 2013 • 26 Comments
You have come a long way since those dark days of December, and even if many of you still struggle to see – or rather feel – the difference, there is indeed so much that is different, it is as if you have entered a whole new world. Let us explain.

As usual, on the surface, much will seem to be exactly the same as the last time you opened your eyes, and this will indeed go on for quite a long time. But underneath this superficial layer of illusion that still meets your mind whenever you awaken from your sleep, there is something completely different going on. And the difference is by no means a superficial one, but a profound one. For what has transpired, is a change that has literally taken you all by storm, and swept away all of the vestiges of not only last year, but your last existence. For what has happened is such a major shift it has left no one untouched by it all. But for anyone familiar with the word ”drag” in all of its implications, the results from all of this will take some time to be visible on the surface. For just as the sluggish and heavy outer layer of your planet takes a much longer time to adjust to any movements coming from within, so too it is with all of you. And even if your inner core has been transmuted from a dense and dark matter into a light and shining and fluid one, it will take some time before these same attributes percolate all the way to the top, or rather, to the outside world. So yes, you have all changed beyond recognition, but as in everything concerning someone like you residing inside a physical body, outward change takes time.

This does not mean that nothing will change in a very short amount of time, for already so much has, but unless you know how to look for it, it will as always stay out of sight for the majority of humans. But we know that for many of you, these outward appearances of the inward evolution have already started to seep out, and you can tell by the minutest of changes literally in the air that something is afoot. And the most effective way of tuning in to all of these changes, is if you let your mind to rest and let your heart do the surveying. For it will have no problem in spotting these fundamental changes taking place, not only within you, but in everything you see around you.

We say this as a reminder that even if your impatience seems to be more prominent than any changes at the moment, know that this is not true. For your impatience is only masking the fact that you have already started to breathe a fresher air, and there is indeed more lightness in your step than it was before. And this will only become more and more pronounced, as the inner revolution so to speak starts to work more and more on the sluggish movement of the rest of your body, and through that, the rest of your environment. And this is in no way any criticism, as this is just a natural way for this process to take place. For that is indeed how it has all been set up, by changing from within, in the flash of an eye, to the gradual, almost imperceptible change that is already taking place all around you.

For know that one day you will all wake up to a totally changed world, all the way from your core and out trough your very atmosphere. But know also that for many, they will not even be aware that this change has taken place, for they will just wake up as usual and believe that this wonderful world has always been there. So yes, this is indeed an instantaneous change, but also a very gradual one, as it has already taken place, but it is also under way. In other words, this is a process taking place in more than one timeline simultaneously, therefore your ability to understand it and perceive it will be determined on just what level you currently are able to tune in to. For some, they will only be able to distinguish one of these levels, the one you currently refer to as ”reality”. But for others, they will be able to get a much more detailed view of the proceedings, and for them, this will unfold in a very fascinating and somewhat complex way. For, as we said, this has already taken place, and the process is indeed already complete, but at the same time, the seed has just been sown, and is only now starting to sprout.

We know we speak in somewhat convoluted terms, but just know that this process cannot go wrong, for it is already a success, and even if you at the moment may feel a little bit lost and ”out of it”, know that this is not the case. You are all traveling at full speed towards the point where everything will be more than crystal clear to you, and you will indeed be able to experience the full spectrum of this wonderful creation. So even if the colors, and even the light, might seem to be a bit pale at the moment, know that this is literally only a trick of the light. For it is all there, ready for you to immerse yourself completely in it all when the time is right for you to do so. And when is that, we hear you ask. Well, let us just say that the answer to that is as always ” soon”. We say this, knowing fully well that this is perhaps the most unwanted word we can give you, but this is indeed nothing that can be described by any measure of time that you can come up with. For, as we said, this is a task that covers multiple timelines, and as such, yours is perhaps the least accurate of them all. So let us just leave it at that, and remind you again that all is well, and you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this time and place.

The manuscript of survival – part 249

•January 7, 2013 • 36 Comments
As you have already ascertained, much is indeed starting to happen already, but it is doing so beneath the radar so to speak. Let us explain. As we have talked about in earlier missives, mankind have a habit of conjuring up images in the mind as to how and what this change will be all about. Well, as many have gathered already, this change will in many ways fall short of that. In other words, the expected cataclysms or outward show of a deep and profound change at the onset of the last month of December have been impossible to detect, and rightly so. For what has transpired, is something very different indeed. You have all been through a monumental and all-encompassing change these last few weeks, and this does not only apply to you. It applies to the whole human race. But this change is so profound and touches you all so deeply, it has in fact occured in a place many have had no access to. In other words, it has happened deep within your core, and for so many of your fellow men, that is a place whithin themselves they do not even know exists. But it does, and when that change occured, it signalled the end of one era, and the beginning of a new.

For the change we talk about, this ”invisible tsunami” we have referred to in an earlier missive, is a change so profound it will indeed change the whole course of humanity. For what happened during those auspicious days of December 2012 was nothing short of a life altering change within, where the core in every human being was touched by that divine light coming in, and by that, was ignited in a way that will never be extinguished again. And this flame will grow in strength, and it in turn will affect the whole of your being in a way that will ensure that this world of yours will never be the same again. For love came in and washed away the dirt that hid this little gem you all carry inside, and when it did that, it ensured that this hidden gem will start to glow and be detected by you all. Some will choose to ignore it, and carry on in the same manner as before. But for most, this inner glow has already started to have an effect. For you will start to see yourselves, and indeed the whole world around you, in a very different light indeed. And with this knowledge comes power, the power to be the change you so desperately need.

So take this as a confirmation that you have all moved forwards a considerable way already, and even if by outward appearances, nothing has changed, the truth is that nothing will ever be the same again. For the ember you have all carried within from the beginning of time has now caught fire, and this fire will burn away any doubt you might have as to how powerful you really are. For you carry the power of love within, and now, that is what will determine the course of mankind, not that old and outdated system of fear that used to hold you back. So celebrate yourselves again dear ones, as you have all become true carriers of light, and by that, we mean that it is not just a few brave souls like yourselves who have held the flame aloft that will carry the responsibility for the future of this planet. For you have indeed been joined by millions of your fellow men. And while you will still be the leaders and show others the way ahead, know that whenever you will look over your shoulder, you will see a multitude of likeminded souls starting to follow in your wake, and help to push the changes you so desperately want to come about.

The manuscript of survival – part 248

•January 5, 2013 • 68 Comments
The turbulence is increasing as these successive waves of energy are blasting onto your shores. Many will feel the fallout from all of this in a very profound way. Not only in your physical body, but also in your mental one, as these batterings of energy will seem to dislodge all that you perceived as more or less substantial by now. This will come as a surprise to many, as they felt that the tunnel of love had done so much to them, there was nothing more that could be done. But alas, the work is not over, and even if this will seem to be bad news to most of you, it is only a confirmation of the fact that as you have in many ways exited the tunnel, you have also entered the full glare of the light pouring down on you from above, and now, the effects of all of this have become apparent indeed. This may sound callous in some ways, but we will try to explan it in a more down to earth manner, perhaps that can in some ways soften the blow somewhat.

You see, all of this energetic bomardement is only a sure sign that you have indeed made it safe and sound to the next level. Usually, that comes with a sort of reprieve, or pause, as you are given some time to adjust yourself before the next injections arrive into your system. However, you have reached such a high level of vibration now, your pause becomes shorter and shorter, and with a good reason too. It is because you are so quick to adapt now, so your physical body is indeed ready to take on another and even more amplified version very quickly after the last one finally fades away. We know that for you, this will not sound as any consolation, rather the opposite, but to us, this speaks volumes on your level of prowess. For you have indeed become super humans, in more ways than one, and your ability to ingest and digest these new levels of energy are beyond what we could even have hoped for at the onset.

So yes, these in many ways brutal upgrades will continue, but not as relentless as these last few days. For even if you do not actually need a long time to recover after one of these bouts, we will indeed see to it that you get ample time to savour the peace and quiet between the next ones. After all, this is not about making you feel as uncomfortable as possible, it is only about making you as able as possible to continue your work on this planet. For this time, it is indeed up to you to make it all come about. We will, as always, stand ready in the wings, ready to give you a helping hand in the form of information and energetic boosts whenever you need them. But it is you who are the masters of your domain now, and therefore, it is you who will show the rest of your fellow men the way ahead.

For you are filled to the brim with light and love now, dear ones, and even if you might feel more than a little worn out after these last few days of hammering, we know that you will also start to tune into this inner reservoir now in a much more profound way than before. And through that, you will see how not only the physical symptoms start to dissipate, and you will start to get a clearer sense of your capabilites when it comes to your ability to function whilst still within these physical boundaries. You will also find that the mental fog that seems to have descended on you out from nowhere will start to dissolve.

So even if this message started out giving what may have been taken for bad news, it is only a signal once again that you have succeeded in tapping into that gigantic waterfall of energy that keeps pouring in from above. And even if the outcome from all of this will be literally overpowering at times, it is also a sure sign of success. So we hope you take this for what it is, namely another thumbs up from us, and a huge pat on the back as well. For we are more than impressed by your ability to take on whatever is thrown your way. But now, take some time to center yourself and see if you can sense the new power you have found through this, the last in a long line of energetic surges. But again, we remind you, there are more standing in line, waiting to be imparted into your body. And before you draw a huge sigh of despair thinking about that, remember that you will benefit from all of these majestic impacts of energy in ways you can only dream of now. They will boost you just like those rockets they use to lift your spacecrafts off of the ground, up through your atmosphere and into space. For you have no limits now, dear ones, and that is what you are about to find out as soon as you manage to look beyond the symptoms and tune into your own core.

The manuscript of survival – part 247

•January 3, 2013 • 25 Comments
As many of you have already ascertained, the quiet after the new year has already left, and now it is indeed business as usual. Or rather, more than usual, as the first energetic impacts of the year have started to arrive into your systems. They might not be as soft footed as some of the others have been, as they are certainly not shy in announcing their arrival. We know that this might seem to be a rather abrupt awakening after the last days that have been a bit on the quiet side, but as we said in an earlier missive, this waterfall of light cascading onto your little planet is not about to dry out anytime soon.

So best be prepared for some rather intense first offerings as this year announces its intention by amping up the volume once again. In other words, this will not be a quiet and shy little year, contented to stand in the shadow of its forerunner. Rather, this will be a year of some major movements of energy, and in their wake, interesting outcomes will follow. We would like to leave it at that for now. However, we will return shortly with more as these energies start to take their effect on you all. That is all for now, we leave.

The manuscript of survival – part 246

•January 2, 2013 • 28 Comments
And so you have started to count down another year, and this time, it is as if you are starting a brand new countdown. Let us explain.

As you are all more than aware of, mankind have had their eyes and hearts set on the year of 2012 for a very, very long time, and as you are all also more than aware of, this has had such a strong impact on so many, it has been difficult to even think past this year. And so, now that you have well and truly passed through this portal called December 2012, you have now reached a brand new shore, a shore devoid of any footprints, where it is up to each and every one of you how you would like to make this year unfold.

For now, there are no more ”magic dates” and now, there are no expectations or limitations put upon you that could hamper you in any way. For now, it is indeed time to open up, set the old human limitations aside, and start to think anew. For now, there are no more deadlines to be met, no more dates to consider, or no other markers of any kind that could affect your thinking in any way.

So take this for what it is, a fresh start, with no set tracks to follow. So make sure that you do indeed follow your own instincts from now on, and do not follow blindly in the footsteps of anyone else. For now, you are free to let your imagination set the pace and the course. So test your wings dear ones, and do not let any old limitations hold you back as you start on this brand new year in the brand new era of mankind.

Thank you, 2012!

•December 31, 2012 • 25 Comments
This year is starting to fade away, and I can already feel the pull from the brand new one waiting in the wings. One year ago, I was full of anticipation as to what this long heralded year of 2012 would bring. I knew it was going to be intense, but as usual, I could not foresee what would really happen in the next 366 days. It has been a year of change on so many levels, but the changes have come in the most unexpected ways and in the most unpredictable of places. Some of the changes I dreamed of have yet to materialize, but changes I could not even begin to dream of, have happened out of the blue. As I write these words, I sit in a quiet cabin up in the mountains. Outside, the snow is falling quietly, and everything is blanketed in white. It is like a blank canvas, ready to be filled with colour and light, just like the brand new year we are about to enter. Looking back, I see a 2012 as a magical painting, filled with shapes and colours, light and dark, looking like no other picture I have ever seen. We have all added our parts to this picture, and together we have created something that we will always remember. I am so grateful for everything I have experienced this year, and I can hardly wait to see what we will all accomplish together in the next months. For now we stand, with ”blank paper and coloured crayons” to quote from a much loved Norwegian song, ready to once again begin manifesting a new year – and a new world. And this time, we have so many more ”colours” to choose from when we start to create our own future.

So thank you to each and every one of you for making this year into a truly magical one. It has not been an easy ride, but it has been one filled with the joy of discovering new travel companions almost every day. It is such a gift to get to know each and every one of you, and I am truly looking forward to continuing this journey in your company. I wish you all an amazing and joyful new year!

Love and light, Aisha


The manuscript of survival – part 245

•December 30, 2012 • 23 Comments
The year of 2012 is fast running out, and with it, the anticipation of what is coming is building. As we have already touched upon, this can in many ways be likened to not only the starting of a new year, but actually the starting of a new era. For what you have accomplished in these last few weeks, far surpasses anything you have ever been through, and as such, you will all be well armed to take up the challenge of continuing to build your new world.

This will only be a short missive, as there is not much to say about what you are about step out from that has not already been talked about. However, we would like you all to take some time to connect in gratitude, for what you have achieved is nothing short of admirable. You have indeed come a very, very long way in a very short time, and even if many of you will feel at a loss at these words, thinking that they have yet to feel that they have accomplished anything apart from some rather intense physical and mental outbursts, know that this is not the case. So again we say take some time to sit down in silence and thank yourself for all that you have done to get you where you are now. And then, take some time to try to tune into the brand new that is arriving. For you are indeed on the threshold of so much dear ones, not just a new year on your calendar, but a new start in the history of mankind.

So when the fireworks blaze across the sky at the stroke of midnight tomorrow, know that from now on 2012 will be history, in all the connotations of the words. And then, you can take the first breath in the year known as 2013, or maybe we should call it year 1? After all, you have crosssed a barrier no man has ever done before, and what you bring with you, are not in any way comparative to what you had within when this year started. You exit this year without of so much old and outdated baggage, so in that way you are already travelling much lighter than before. But you will enter the new year filled up with an energy that no one have seen the likes of.

So we say once again thank you dear ones, for a job very well done. And thank you for your perseverance and your willingness to keep going ahead, even when everything inside you and outside you are trying to tell you to just stop. For you cannot stop, and now, the sky is the limit as they say. So go forth, and take the leave of all that is old, and rejoice in the new, for it will bring with it so much that will make you say again and again: it has been hard work indeed, but it was worth it in the end!

That is all for now, we leave, but we will connect with you again as the calendar once again starts to unspool the new year.

The manuscript of survival – part 244

•December 28, 2012 • 39 Comments
This time, the ending of a year and the beginning of a new one will be fraught with many emotions. After all, not many of you have had the chance, or even the wish, to even consider the fact that after the fabled year of 2012 there comes another one marked as 2013. For some, the very fact that everything, including your calendar, will seem to continue as if nothing has happened at all will be a source for great disappointment. But for others, the anticipation for what this new year has in store will be great indeed. For now, you will indeed enter unchartered territory. For never before have mankind been standing before an era like this, where you enter a new year equipped with an arsenal of energies like you do today.

So you stand on the threshold of greatness dear ones, and even if some of you still feel rather let down by the action, or rather non-action, of this last week, let us just remind you that nothing could be further from the truth. For what has transpired during these days in the aftermath of 12.12.12. and 12.21.12. is nothing if not life altering, not only for you as individuals, but also for this world as a whole. For you will exit this year as citizens of the multiverse, not as mere citizens of your world, or even your country. We are aware that for many, this will seem to be less than apparent, but we also know that some of you have already started to travel this new world that has literally started to open up before you, and this will continue to expand beyond any horizon you might care to try to describe.

We know that this will indeed sound like just another dose of lofty words, served up to placate you all, but let us just say that for those still trapped within the confines of this at times more than challenging tunnel of love, know that these walls will soon start to fade away and you will get a taste of real freedom that comes along with it. In other words, this connection to All there is will become more and more apparent as these tunnel-like walls starts to dissipate, and we know that there are some out there who can already testify to this fact. So we tell you to be discerning in these last few days surrounding the shift from this year to the next, and by that we mean that it is important to keep your focus on those parts of your existence where you can already sense that the change has taken place. For some, that will be easy, as that part of them has already started to grow in intensity. For others, it will be a hard task to fulfill, as the parts of them still stuck in yesteryear will seem to be overpoweringly so. But we know that if you too give yourselves the permission to do so, you will be able to connect with that spark within that has been lit during these last few days. And even if your mind and your physical body will try to divert your focus away from that inner glow, you should not let that deter you from reaching in and connecting with it. For it is indeed important that you do so, lest you should let your own inner judge convince you that you did not pass the test you have been served with as this year starts to fade away. For you have not failed any test dear ones, not in any way. For you are here, and you are about to enter the first year in the new count, when you will truly find your voice, and make that voice heard loud and clear.

The manuscript of survival – part 243

•December 26, 2012 • 44 Comments
It has already started to become lighter, and we do not mean that just in the sense of the lengthening of the days in the northern hemisphere. The light quotient on your planet has increased manyfold these last few days, as the portal that you were all instrumental in opening on the days surrounding December 21. has already been successful in delivering enormous amounts of energy down to your little planet. It has been likened to an enormous waterfall, and rightly so, as this incessant stream of light is just like those gigantic waterfalls you can witness out in the nature on your beautiful little planet. And just like those waterfalls, so too will this stream of light continue to replenish you all incessantly and abundantly in the times ahead.

For now, you have all been connected to this unending stream of light, and even if the information carried within all of this light cannot yet be detected clearly, it has already started to work its magic. Not only on you, but on your whole planet, and as such, it can be likened to a second coming to use a phrase many of you are familiar with. We do not refer to any single entity here, quite the opposite, as what has arrived on your shores is for all, no exclusions will be made. For this force is an indiscriminate one, for this is from the source of love, and love knows no boundaries. We will not go into any length describing what the outcome of all of this love will be, suffice it to say you have entered a new time for mankind, when the weight of love will continue to increase, day by day, hour by hour. And even if many will feel the heavy burden of the dark still pulling them down, know that this is only a temporary feeling, as soon you too will feel how the weight will shift and the light from the love will ease this burden more and more off your shoulders.

We will leave it at that today, and return with more at a later date. In the interim, please know that you are all within the boundaries defined as ”normal”. In other words, you are not veering off your designated course in any way. And even if this stage is more than a little painful for some of you, know that you too will soon find that the pressure will ease off and you will begin to breathe more freely like some of your fellow brethren are doing already. After all, this is not an obstacle course designed to keep you indefinitely wandering in the dark, seemingly without the ability to find your way to the exit. For you all know fully well just where that exit is, you just need to finish a few more chores you have given yourselves to complete whilst travelling through this dark tunnel towards the ever brightening light. So know that you will take exactly the time you need to finish it all off, not a second more, not a second less. And know that when you too emerge, it will indeed be into a sunshine even more brilliant than the one you witnessed just before you entered into this tunnel of completion.

The manuscript of survival – part 242

•December 24, 2012 • 41 Comments
You have been anxiously awaiting good news dear ones, as you have all been struggling various ways through this tunnel of love. For many, you have already seen the proverbial light at the end, but for others, the darkness will seem to be even more profound. Fret not dear ones, you will not be stuck in this darkness for ever, and even if you might have a hard time getting your hope up at this moment, know that this is only a part of this process, and you are in fact not doing anything wrong at all. Let us explain.

As we touched upon in an earlier missive, in fact, we have talked about this several times before, mankind have a habit of making presumptions in their heads as to how and when certain things should come about. And, as you all know so well, these fabled days in December 2012 have been a bit of a hyperbole, to put it lightly. That is easy to understand, because as none of you have any prior knowledge as to how such a massive process as this will come about, you have an ingrained need to try to picture it anyway. And then, some of these images take on a mass appeal, and they are aired and discussed and seem to take on a life on their own. After a while they are presented as ”facts” or even ”The Truth”, and many will start to adhere to these truths. Well, as you all know so well, a human mind has a certain limitation to it, and anything not fittting within these limits will not be easy to understand. So too in this, and as we said beforehand, many will become very disappointed during this period of transition. And many have, even to the point of destruction. For they have come to lose every hope, not only in this process, but also in themselves. And when they do, they will have a hard time finding anything to believe in, and their future will seem to be less than bleak.

Mankind have a long story of this, and as usual, it will act a sort of a self destructive mechanism. For, as we have said on so many occasions, there is nothing that can stop you now, except yourselves. For your fear is the only thing standing in your way now, there are no outside forces creating havoc anymore, they have been neutralized and cannot affect but minor irritations here and there. The only thing stopping any of you now, is your own inner fear of letting go and pushing through it all. And this inner voice of self doubt have been very, very strong, as so many of you have testified to lately. And do you think it was a coincidence that it was heard by so many after a day when so many of you were literally swimming in bliss and love?

We do not say this to criticize any of you, we are merely trying to shed some light on this process. For this is in so many ways a solitary journey, where you will be forced to face every challenge you meet head on, and you are the only one who can decide whether to keep pushing forwards, or whether to give in to that voice inside telling you it is futile to continue. Remember it is not for nothing we called this period the tunnel of love. For just like in a carnival ride, it is a dark tunnel you have to pass through, and surprises are lurking where you least expect them. And why is this process like this? Why, to give you the chance to discover the real you, the one that is residing at your very core, the one that is so much stronger and braver and more resilient than you could ever have hoped for. For this is not a journey set up in order to make you all suffer. This is a journey set up to make you all become very clear about yourselves. Hence, this seemingly endless barrage of mental and physical ups and downs, throwing you off course one minute, guiding you back and firming your resolve the next.

For again we remind you, that this is a journey where it is every man for themselves. For it is up to each and every one of you just how fast or how slow your journey will be, because it is up to you to determine when the time is right for you to finally round that last corner and see the bright lights shimmering up ahead. Again, this is not any form of criticism, rather a reminder that this journey is not over for any of you, and even if you are amongst those still lingering somewhere in the darkest parts of this tunnel of love, you are no worse or no better off than any of the others. For you will all reach your goals at the designated time, some sooner than others, but all will do so at the exact time that is stipulated for you. And remember, you are the one stipulating this beforehand, there is no one else who can force you to endure one second longer of this process more than what you yourself have decided. Likewise, there is no one outside yourself who can give you a shortcut either. For each and every one of you will have to take this at your pace, and each and every one of you will be emerging from that dark mouth of this tunnel victorious.

For when you emerge, you do so whole and complete. For along the way, you will have shed any extraneous baggage you might have acquired that was holding you back, but instead, you will have gained all of those ”missing parts” that constitutes the whole you. So we say this today, on the day that marks the beginning of a celebration of spirit and light for so many of you: do not forget to celebrate yourself. For even if you still feel mired down in the darkest part of this tunnel of love, you have made an extraordinary achievement already. In fact, for those still fighting off their urge to call it quits and give up, we say you must celebrate more than most. For you have chosen to take the most challenging route, and what you will learn along the way, will be lessons that will bring humanity such a long step forwards once you too emerge from this tunnel and become ready to share of your lessons. For they will not come easy to any of you, but what they leave behind is someone shining so brightly they will literally be able to light up even the darkest corner of this planet.

So again we tell you, celebrate yourselves in any way you can, for you have certainly more than earned the right to do so. And again we repeat, wherever you are, know that all is well and that you are doing everything just as you were meant to do it. For the tides have turned, and this waterfall of energy that has started to pour over you will affect you all in so many ways. At the moment, this light will be impossible to detect for all of those still finding themselves at a loss inside this seemingly endless dark place. But know that this light is also showering you and penetrating you to the core. So you too will benefit from all of this in so many ways, and so too will the rest of the inhabitants on this planet.

So take this for what it is, namely a message of hope, and a message of admiration. For you are all shining beings, and what you have already accomplished is a deed that outshines what anyone else in Creation can lay claim to. We salute you all and wish you all the best for this next stage of your jouney, whether it will be in broad daylight, in the half light of dusk or in the pitch black of the night.

A short update on the energies – part 2

•December 23, 2012 • 78 Comments
Dear friends! I had such an intense experience this morning, I felt I needed to share it with you and hear if there are others out there who have been through something similar in the last few hours. Just like so many of you have commented on already, yesterday turned out to be a really, really challenging day emotionally. When it was time to go to bed, I was so irritated, frustrated and fed up with everything, and I asked my guides to get some form of affirmation that what we are going through at the moment must be more than just another day of intense physical and emotional distress, but nothing came. I had a very restless night, not even trying to meditate with the crystals helped, it only made it worse. To me, it certainly felt like I was in the middle of the “three days of darkness” like some of you have talked about already.

Then, early this morning, I woke up and decided to try once more to meditate with the crystals and once again ask for some sort of confirmation. And what I got was this: first, I saw this square object being covered by a larger object of the same shape, and that again being covered by a bigger one. Much like a stack of toy blocks of increasing sizes being stacked over each other so that only the largest one is visible and all of the others are hidden inside it. I suddenly realized that this was all of my “fragments” or aspects coming together, and I was thinking that the smallest one was probably me in this dimension. But then, they all fused together and merged into one complete square block, and this in turn was transformed into a golden heart. Suddenly I felt this golden heart inside of me, beating very strongly. I almost started to cry, it was such a powerful moment because I felt that now I had finally merged with all of my aspects, and that they were all present inside of my body. But then, this golden heart started to grow and became so huge I felt myself almost as tiny as a grain of sand compared to it. And now, the heart had changed into representing All of Creation. So I was whole again, but I was also reminded that I am just a fragment of everything that is. All of this in itself was so overwhelming, but then came the part that made the strongest impression on me. I was lying on my back during all of this, and then I suddenly felt my body transforming into grains of sand, and that this sand was literally pouring down through the bed and towards the floor, just like the sand in an hourglass. I felt myself becoming thinner and thinner, and soon there were only a few grains of sand left. Then they too disappeared, and I had this very strong physical sensation of falling backwards through a tunnel before I started to accumulate again in a new heap of sand, just like in the bottom part of the hourglass. I have never ever felt anything as clear as this, and when it was over, I was lying on my side, feeling like a newborn baby.

This morning, I received a message from the CCs, and here is some of it:

“What you saw during the process was indeed exactly what happend. You have now successfully merged yourself into a whole being, and the sand of time has run out only to be refilled with the new you. The image is indeed a very apt one, as what you once were does no longer exist, but it has been replaced with an everlasting supply of new life, or sand, if you will, that will finally start to count down your new life. We know that for now, all of this will seem very faint and improbable, but you will soon start to get into the very core of all of this as soon as your physical body and your mental capacity gets rested enough so that you can fully appreciate what has happened.” They also told me that there are indeed many others who have been through exactly the same process now, but that do not have any strong images of this. I am so curious to hear if any of you have anything to share on this!

Love and light, Aisha

PS: When I got out of bed this morning, I was very sore and stiff in my back, between the shoulder blades, and so was my sister. It felt like we both had been through an intense opening of the heart chakra.

A short update on the energies

•December 22, 2012 • 34 Comments
Dear friends! I just received this message from the CCs:

“As you have already ascertained, the incoming waves of energy have not yet abated. All of this relentless hammering is driving out the last vestiges of your history here, preparing you all to enter the new as just that, new and unfettered by anything old that might hold you back. You have to endure a few more of these intense barrages of energy, but it will all start to quieten down as you approach the day for your Holidays. So again, stay calm and stay centered, and know that all is well. We salute you once again as we say that you are indeed the bravest of the brave, and you are more successful in your endeavors than you mayhaps can envisage at the moment. That is all for now, but we will indeed return with a more lengthy missive once these strong surges have abated somewhat. Thank you, we leave.”

I hope you are all still hanging in there! It was a beautiful day yesterday, but it was definitely back to business again last night. Still, it helps to think back to all of the love that surrounded us as we all connected to the energies of the soltice. Those energies are still here, but they are not as easy to detect now that my physical body is once again throwing a tantrum.

Love and light, Aisha



Solstice blessings

•December 21, 2012 • 30 Comments
Dear friends! I just wanted to send you all a little message on this important day now that I finally have a short break between these super intense energy downloads. For they have certainly increased these last two days, both in intensity, number and duration. I did a solstice-meditation together with my sister at the exact time for it, which was interestingly enough 12:12 in our timezone. It was a quiet and serene one, very different from the one we did at 12.12.12, when the energies felt like we were breaking through a wall of light. After a while, a bird started to sing outside the window, which is rather unusual for this time of year, and I suddenly got this image that I know some of you also have shared: I saw this enormous waterfall of light that started to pour down on us all. It literally filled us up with light, and from us, the light started to flow out into every part of this planet. It was so beautiful, and then I heard this phrase from an old Carpenter’s song “We’ve only just begun” over and over again. In other words, this waterfall of light will continue to flow down into us all, and it will continue to fill not only us, but everything and everyone else with light as well.

Yes, we’ve only just begun this part of our journey, and I am looking forward to all that will happen in the wake of all of these energy influxes. Our work is not over, and I for one will continue to do my part and keep sharing the messages that will come in the times ahead. I send you all my blessings, and I thank you for also taking part in this work that we do together. I leave you with a picture I just took when I went outside to see if I could get a glimpse of the sun on this, the shortest day in our part of the world.

Love and light, Aisha


The manuscript of survival – part 241

•December 20, 2012 • 37 Comments
As you all know so well by now, tomorrow is that magical marker you have all set so much hope upon. As we have discussed earlier, these dates do not actually hold a significance in themselves, but they are utilized as a sort of focal point in order to help humanity by giving them an opportunity to focus their attention in a way that will magnify everything beyond what it could have been if you all worked independently. So yes, tomorrow in indeed important, because this will mark the high point of you pooling your efforts, and the outcome of all of this will not go unnoticed. However, keep in mind that there are many out there hanging onto the hope that tomorrow will be either a cataclysmic event of global proportions, or a total dissolution of everything you know. Let us just say that it will be neither, but it is a date that will indeed bring about so much more than what even the most optimistic of you will hope for. But again, remember that what your mental capacity can conjure does not hold much compared to the realities we refer to. Therefore, we repeat that there will indeed not be many that will see their dream come true tomorrow.

And what to do we mean by this? Simply the fact that what we are talking about, is a shift that no one of you can accurately describe, as you are about to enter the last stage of a portal that will have effects on you that no man has even been close to experiencing before. Again, this is not to give you false hopes, or even to try to dampen your spirits, rather it is just a reminder that this process is so much more complex than what you can even try to understand. You see, as we have already discussed in an earlier missivee, this entails changes on so many levels, levels that you cannot even begin to access just yet. But you will, and when you do, you will finally see everything as clear as day. But do not think that this is what will happen tomorrow. For tomorrow is just a part of this whole process, and even if it is important indeed, try to remember that when you open your eyes on the day marked as 22.12.12 or 12.22.12 in your calendar, you might not even be able to tell the difference in your surroundings. Because the changes that are about to take place will not be seen on the surface, at least not in the way that all of those Hollywood productions have tried to instill into your minds over and over again. We say this in order to remind you all that these energetic changes will indeed be immense, and they cannot but take you all by storm, but for all of those dead set on a certain outcome for tomorrow and the days immediately following them, we say be prepared to be disappointed. For you simply cannot fathom what you are already in the midst of experiencing, and apart from some rather pronounced physical symptoms, not much will be seen in the next 48 hours.

So again we repeat, stay calm, and stay centered, and do not let your mind try to play any tricks upon you. For you are indeed being transformed into something so vast you have yet to see the likes of it, but again, it will not show itself in the way that you might have envisaged beforehand. But make no mistake, you will know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that you have entered the vastness of your being for the very first time as soon as these waves of incoming energy quietens down somewhat. For now, you are standing on the shore, and the waves are starting to break, and they are immense indeed. Larger than anything you have ever experienced before. Do not be afraid, they will not drown you, even if they will seem to pull you under again and again. So remember to breathe every time you get a chance to do so, and this will carry you through the next round of this life altering ride. That is all for now, but we will be back with more as soon as you are all able to breathe a bit more freely. And do not worry, it will not be long before you feel the fresh air filling your lungs again for the first time after this battling of the waves. Until then, we bid you all good luck and godspeed. We will be at hand to assist you, should you so wish, but remember, this is your journey, and you are more than able to fulfill it all no matter how harsh the conditions will turn out to be. After all, you have not come this far just to turn around at the door. So stride confidently forwards, dear ones, you certainly have what it takes to complete this journey back into yourselves.

The manuscript of survival – part 240

•December 19, 2012 • 24 Comments
The acceleration can be felt in many ways now, and although this can in many ways be likened to an ebb and flow, from now on, things will start to intensify even further. We are aware that for some, the frustrations of not ”feeling anything” can be great, but let us just assure you that you are all perfectly poised to fulfill whatever it is you have been picked out to do while you are here. Remember, you all have tasks that will be initiated duirng this lifetime, and for many, they are actually on the brink of discovering whatever it is they came here to do. We refer of course to the additional tasks that are manyfold and varied, but now, let us just concentrate on the task at hand. Namely the one of completing this journey through the labyrinth, or rather, portal of energetic realignment that you are already entangled within. For the rest will come when the time is right, but before that, you will all complete this in many ways labyrinthine journey through this vortex. And we say labyrinthine with just cause. Because even if the vortex itself is structured in a very simple way, your journey through it will not be be as direct.

You see, you are taking this journey on so many levels, and the only one you have full attention on now, is the one you are taking on your current level of awareness. In other words, the so-called third density world. And as such, you will only be aware of some of the challenges all of these energetic imprints bring with them. That is, some of you have already gotten a small taste of what this journey is doing to you in some of your other aspects as well, so yes, this is in all intents and purposes a multidimensional journey. For this is indeed a coming together of all of your aspects, and this vortex will act as a focal point, much like a prism, but on this side of the vortex, it will act like a gatherer of light. In other words, unlike a prism that separates the light into a rainbow of diffent colors, this vortex works in the opposite way. Namely that of collecting every aspect of you that exists in All of Creation, all of your ”colors” if you will, and then they are fused together to form a single, powerful beam of light that will pass through to the other side of this vortex for then to separate again. But this time, they will not lose contact with each other, but they will continue to cooperate in a way that will make every aspect of you aware of what the others are doing.

So yes, you will become one with yourself, by becoming one with all of yourselves, and in doing that, you will release all of those powers that this union carries within. For you are indeed a multidimensional being, and you have always been that. But up until now, you have only sensed this singular presence of yourself that inhabits this plane and this planet. But after you have passed through this vortex and this reconnetion-sequence, you will once again see yourself for what you actually are, namely a whole spectrum of light, scattered out into a whole host of beautiful beings, all carrying their own unique fraction of the bandwidth of this spectrum. And together, you are the light, in each and every sense of the word, and combined, your force will overcome any challenge that may come in your way.

So again we say stay calm, for you are indeed on the right course, and even if what you experience in the hours and days ahead will vary, remember that it is all good. You cannot do anything wrong in this, for this process is far, far more complex and all-encompassing than what you can see and perceive from your perspective. So just let go of any thoughts of inadequacy and unpreparedness, and know that you are all being brought to the door and beyond, no matter what you yourself may think about your role in all of this. For you are gathering momentum even as we speak, and you are being carried forth into this reconnection with yourself. Rejoice, for you will soon be whole in a way that you have not been before, and then, your lives will start anew, just like your calendar will begin anew with 01.01.13.

The manuscript of survival – part 239

•December 17, 2012 • 33 Comments
The times are turning and so too are you, as you are slowly but inexorably being pulled into this vast tunnel of love that is already starting to have its effect on you. For many, this will seem to be a rather painful one, because all of the physical symptoms from this churning and compressing will indeed mask what is happening at your core. But for others, this voice of bliss and joy is already starting to surface somewhat, and it will grow stronger in the days ahead, and you will all start to tune into this jubilant choir that awaits you.

But until then, you best be prepared for more of the physical and indeed sometimes mental ”setbacks”, because this process will only intensify as the hours and days go by now. Not much time left before you enter the crux of this vortex, but before you get there, it will indeed be like you are being in a vice that keeps tightening and tightening around you. Again, we say this not to frighten you in any way, just to prepare you all for rather a rough ride in the days and nights ahead. Remember, this can in many ways be likened to the fetus’ twists and turns down through the birth canal before it enters the world as a newborn baby, surrounded by love and joy. But before it gets there, it too will have to travel through a seemingly dark, scary and uncomfortable stretch that will literally squeeze, push and pull at it with relentess power. So too will you all be reborn into a world of love, light and joy, but remember that these final stages will be amongst the most uncomfortable and at times scary for so many of you.

We say this in order to prepare you, and also to remind you that just as in a birth of a new child, you are heading for something that cannot be described as anything but a revelation, and a joyful one, but again, it will take some hard labour pains indeed to get you there. We say this in order to reassure you all that even if your body will feel like it is being pulled apart or squeezed into an seemingly impossible space, or your mind will run gamut between ecstasy and agony in the days ahead, know that all is well and that this is only a transitional phase. And just like a human child, you have been designed to withstand all of the pressure that you can and will experience inside this ”birth canal”. So know that we are all eagerly awaiting your arrival into the new world on the other side, and we are already celebrating your successful delivery into this world. For we are all your proud and joyous family, ready to welcome you into this world.

So again we repeat the same message of staying centered, and above all, stay connected not only to your true source, but also to all of those other beautiful souls traveling down this same birth canal. For you are all moving forwards, even if it will at times seem like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. We know you will make it dear ones, and we know that these days will go down in your history books as the rebirthing of the new. So take a deep breath, and get ready to be pushed and pulled forwards towards the end of this intense journey. We are already holding out our hands, ready to lift you up to the light in celebration.

Never a dull moment

•December 16, 2012 • 62 Comments
Dear friends! These last few days have been beyond intense, and I am so grateful for the way you continue to connect, share and encourage each other here in this space. I do not think this process could be bearable if I had to go through all of this alone, and in addition to a few very close friends who are also lightworkers it helps me so much to be able to connect with all of you here. Reading your comments certainly makes it clear to me that many of you are experiencing much of the same as me, and I would like to add some of my own stories here as that can maybe be of help to others as well.

The energies that started to come in a day or two before 12.12.12 were so intense, but they have only gotten stronger and stronger as the days go by. And to me, they are a clear confirmation that something huge is underway now. In addition to the messages that are part of The manuscript, I am also being given daily ”updates” for me personally on the work I am doing. For it has intensified as well. Starting about a week ago, I am woken up 2-3 times every night, guided to pick up one or two of the crystals I have by my bedside and then instructed to open up for the energies coming in. As I said, they started out very intense, but night after night they have become even more so. They ”feel” different every time, sometimes it is like the very distinct feeling I had in my hands during a very strong healing session, except now it is in the whole body. Other times, some of the muscles in my body starts to twitch or even cramp up, other times it feels like I am dissolving completely, my breathing suddenly changes pace or intensity, and my body temperature fluctuates wildly. Some of these downloads are also accompanied by information, either in the form of geometric shapes moving in set patterns, words or even images. The images are just so beautiful, a world filled with bliss and love, and I have a huge smile on my face even if my body is less than pleased by what is happening. What I have been given to understand is that these downloads are not for me, but that I am a part of a group responsible for literally helping to build the new Earth by being channels for these energies coming in and down into the very core of our Earth. I have met up with this group several times already during some of these sessions, and I think that some of you are reading this blog :–).

I also know that some are frustrated because they feel that they are left out somehow, they cannot ”feel” anything or do not have any clear image of what their part in all of this really is. Let me just say that no one on this planet today is here by accident, we are all equally important. For some, the task is a very visible one, for others, they are either doing something ”behind the veil” that they are just not conscious of, or have a task waiting ahead. But never forget, the communal effort we take part in by the personal journey we are undertaking is the main reason for all of us to be here in the first place. And what we are doing now, in these short but intense days between 12.12.12 and 12.21.12 is probably the most important work we will ever do.

And, yes, it IS hard work, and it seems that we have more in store. As the CCs said in a message to me today after I woke up sick as a dog 5.55 last night: ”You see, the physical body is more than hard pressed at the moment, and this will only intensify as this week gathers momentum. You are all being compressed and squeezed into something that is infinitesimally small, yet huge beyond comparison, and therefore, your physical limits will be more than tested in the days ahead. So try to stay calm and centered, no matter what happens in the time ahead. And yes, we will keep repeating this message as the days fly by and you feel the ever growing pressure both on the outside and on the inside. So, let us leave it at that, and leave you to take care of that sore and somewhat confused body of yours. Give it much love, after all, it is what is making this whole process possible, and as such, it is the real hero in all of this.”

So let us all keep encouraging each other – and ourselves – to keep going! What we do is certainly impossible to describe, the only thing that is possible to describe are the physical symptoms that range from feeling literally as light as a feather and stronger than anything I have ever experienced before, to suddenly feeling like gravity has increased about 400% and I have a hard time just turning my head without feeling faint.

I reach out and take hold of your heands as we gather in an ever increasing circle of luminous souls, and I ask you all to do the same. Together we will lift this world up to be the magical place we all dream of and know will become reality. And I also know that we will look back on these days and say ” it was harder than anything I have ever done before, but it was worth it in every way!”

Love and light, Aisha

The manuscript of survival – part 238

•December 15, 2012 • 28 Comments
As each day goes by, the intensity will magnify in such a way that many of you will have a hard time keeping up with the pace. That is, it will feel like you have a hard time keeping up, or rather, your physical body will. But please rest assured that no one is being left behind here, and even if you at times feel like you are indeed struggling mightily to keep up the pace, you are not lagging in any way. For this time, it is not you setting the pace anymore. For as you have all entered this vortice of change, it is the pull of gravity into this deep wormhole that is pulling at you, and it is doing so at a set pace. So you are all being transported through this portal, whether you feel you are actively taking part in it or not.

So just try to stay calm and centered, and have compassion with yourself as this pulling and squeezing will have some rather intense side effects on many of you. Again, we remind you that you will not be harmed in any way by this, and even if your body seems ready to call it quits at any time, it have been designed to take all the stress it will be subjected to in this period. Remember, you have been well prepared for this, and like those astronauts spending months and even years preparing for their first sojourn into space, so too have you been well prepared to withstand whatever stands ahead of you on this journey through the vortice and over to the other side.

So stay calm, as we once again remind you that all is well, and that you are all exactly where you are meant to be. So set your mind at rest, and give yourself the care and comfort you need in order to make this journey as endurable as possible. For we know it is not always pleasant, but it is not done with malice, only with all of the love you could ever want. For you are indeed pioneers, and you are also going into this on behalf of us all, so we will do all that we can in order to ensure that you will be able to look back on this period and say ”I did it, and so did millions of others, and together, we changed not only the world that we live in, but we also helped the rest of Creation to attain the brilliance it shines with today.”

So again, we leave you with these words that you know so well by now: you are the bravest of the brave, the strongest of them all, and you will succeed in an endeavor that is of a magnitude hitherto unseen anywhere in Creation. We thank you and salute you all once again, as we say our goodbyes for now, and leave you to continue on this journey for one more day. That is all for now, we leave.

The manuscript of survival – part 237

•December 13, 2012 • 33 Comments
We have come today to give you a short update on the proceedings. For now, you are well and truly on your way to your greatness, dear ones. You have taken that decisive step in through the doors that will bring you all that you have ever wanted, and by doing that, you have accepted yourself for what you truly are. You are an infinite being, capable of making miracles happen. For you have already shown that, by the fact that you have taken yourself successfully through the long and arduous journey that have brought you here. Remember, you have come here on your own accord, you have not been carried to the doorsteps of this large mansion and then been deposited here, ready to set yourself up and take just a few steps on your own in order to get here on time. No, you have taken every step, whether it be feather light and filled with joy, or with the heaviest of burdens, carrying with you all the sorrows in the world. But you did it, and for that, we cannot but have the greatest of admiration. For no one that have not been in your shoes can tell just how difficult a journey this has been. And that was its purpose, as you all knew so well before you came.

For yours was to be a journey of discovery, and what you have discovered, is indeed the greatness you have within. But in order to do just that, you had to pull a veil of forgetfulness across that would be impenetrable. But now, you have arrived at your designated destination, and what you are about to see, is what you knew would be waiting for you all along. For you will once again enter yourself in all of your glory, but as you do so, you will know with every fiber of your being that what you have been through on this self-imposed journey on this planet is nothing short of miraculous. For you bring with you experiences that no other living soul in All of Creation can match, and by that fact alone, you stand taller than the rest. For you have been to hell and back, in every sense of the word, and as such, you have become a being of infinite knowledge, and now, your task will be to spread this knowledge to the rest of Creation. For you know what it is like to be trapped inside a body, unable to sojourn into the ethers and connect with all the other beings out there, beings for whom it is an important part of their existence to do just that. So you have been all alone in this great void, and by standing alone, you were forced to rediscover your very core. And by doing that, you have helped the rest of Creation to do the same.

For many were indeed becoming somewhat complacent, and they had started to forget the glory that rests within. For when you have everything at your disposal, you tend to forget the fact that within is where the true gem lies. For each and every soul, not just on this planet, but in All of Creation, carry within a unique imprint, a tiny little seed, that is unlike anything else. And only when you are connected to that tiny little morsel of infinity can you shine in your true spectrum of the light. And that is what is needed for the whole, that each and every being in existence truly know what is their true color. Otherwise, they will start to fade and change hue, and by that, the whole light-symphony will start to become somewhat out of tune. So that is what you have achieved by doing the work you have so diligently done in life after life on this planet. Challenged not only by your own forgetfulness, but also by that superimposed extra prison put upon you by those tricksters set upon delaying this whole process for us all by holding you back with their evil little schemes. But now, they have been neutralized, and with it, you have all started to speed up this whole process of liberating not only yourselves, but us as well.

For now, you can finally step up and say ”I know what my true color is, for I have found it on the way, fighting against myself and so much else that I have met on my way coming here today”. And what you have found along with it, is the key that will unlock the same door within everyone else in All of Creation who has somehow forgot what their true color is. So now, by your actions, we will all be able to do the same, and what was once starting to dim down and fade will become as vibrant and brilliant as it once was.

So thank you to each and every one of you. You have made yourselves into the shining examples we knew you would be. And now, we will all start to match our brilliance to yours, and together, we will make sure that this symphony of colour and light will start to ring out loud and clear once again. We salute you dear ones, you have finally managed to unlock that door into the very core that we all carry within, and the outcome from it all will be infinitely more beautiful than you could ever have hoped for. The journey has been a long one indeed, and it is not over yet, but now, you can ho