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Maybe We Know FUTURE


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I've had this kind of amazing experience today - when I was doing readings in a salon: there was a lull - actually it was a slow night - so we all kind of sat around and talked. There was an artist who was from cuba who was displaying his artwork there, a woman who came for a reading, a hairdresser, a woman getting her nails done, a man who came to wait for his woman to get her nails done, and a clothing retailer. We began to talk about the world just in general. Then someone said you know lately I have been feeling" intuitively that something is wrong in the US, there is some kind of violence about to happen". Others chimed in immediately and said they felt weird the last few weeks too. They began to ask me what I was channeling about world events and yet I was so interested in the fact that they were sensing energetic chaos and their common feeling that something was indeed about to happen.
So together we did the cards and talked. Everyone felt something weather related was coming and others felt something big on the brink of disaster, and others felt the coming of some kind of major violence.

I started to think about it afterwards and realized not one of these people did readings, channeled or even spoke about such things to others except because I was there they felt like they could open up about what they were feeling - that I would understand. Are we all starting to channel much more? Is this really the ascension that we speak of on these pages?
I thought it was fascinating that several common factors existed: everyone was feeling something and each of them had their own perception or take on it.
everyone felt like there was some kind of danger although no one could really pinpoint it exactly
everyone felt like they knew things were different and changing somehow (talks about weather ensued as an example) yet they couldn't exactly say why

I didn't want to jump in and explain well this and this will happen or this is ascension because I was fascinated that these people from various backgrounds were all picking up on the energy of change. Although I did get some things about the weather being even more difficult and violence in the US from overseas.

there are people here who call when someone talks about a negative future as fear mongering etc. but what I observed is that it is in the air energetically and that people are beginning to "channel" without recognizing that they are - there was one woman who told me how she felt a presence near her strongly and that is when she had these "feelings"

I think ascension is on its way among everyone
I think everyone is becoming open to receiving insight of the future

to me in my perception this ascension is happening - there are people who have not been open to what has been going on or written here - yet they are feeling something - they tell me because they know I won't judge them as others will

it's happening - we are not alone, just sayin'

Now the next question is how do we change the future when we can all sense the negative coming?


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