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Montague Keen - May 31, 2015

George Orwell

Those who rule, whilst remaining in the shadows, are causing chaos in Europe. Be assured that this was always their PLAN. They care not for the suffering of the unfortunate people who perish on the high seas; they are not wanted by any country. Study what was done by the powers that be to cause this chaos in those countries in the first place. WHO INSTIGATED THE CHAOS that followed the invasion of these countries. Everything was PLANNED, down to the smallest detail.

They do not want the English, Irish, French, German, or Italian people to survive. They want them to lose their racial identity. "The Plan" is to kill off all forms of national identity; to kill off as many humans as possible, so that only the strongest can survive the chaos which the European countries have been deliberately plunged into. This is the most serious situation you have had to face; and you will have to face it, sooner than you think. Those who plan to pit human against human, sit back and enjoy the chaos, hoping that many lives will be cut short. They are not of your world, but THEY USE YOU to carry out their wishes. They speak such 'kind' and 'understanding' words to you in your plight, while all the time, they glory at how easy it is to manipulate you.

I ask you to remove all labels and see things as they actually are; not as the propaganda tells you it is. Your world is being destroyed all around you. Trust your own research. Step back from the propaganda, for it is total lies. Are you going to do anything while your heritage is being destroyed all around you?

They destroy all evidence of YOUR TRUE HISTORY when their armies invade a country. They are COMMANDED to first destroy all ancient artifacts and buildings, every bit of evidence that a civilised people once lived there in times past; before the invasion by those who want to take everything from you. Mind control was their weapon of choice and you have fallen for all their tactics. Religion has been their most successful weapon.

On the 24 September, the head of Religious Mind Control will meet the head of the United States at the United Nations, to sign over your future. Have you agreed to this? Do you have any backbone at all? Do not fall into the TRAP of thinking to yourself, what can I do? Trust me, you can do a lot. NO is a simple two-letter word, which is not used enough by you. You cannot just watch the takeover of your world and not lift a finger.

They also plan to remove money, so that only a chip will decide whether you buy food or not. THIS IS TOTAL CONTROL OF HUMANITY. THEY WILL PAINT A WONDERFUL PICTURE OF THIS, TO REASSURE THE MINIONS THAT IT WILL BE FUN NOT TO HAVE TO HANDLE MONEY AGAIN. But nothing they put forward for you will help you in any way. Only they can smile sweetly at you, as they plunge the knife in your heart. They do not see you as equal . . . and this is the bottom line.

You are now fighting for your very survival, so there is no time to waste. Look with pity at those who struggle on the seas today. It is them, today; tomorrow, quite possibly you. The destruction of your world is happening all around you. What are you doing about it? If only you could see their evil plans, as we can from this side of life, you would not be complacent. You are in a dire situation. You are all Palestinians, and you will suffer the same fate as them, if things carry on as they are now.

People around the world risk their lives to bring you the truth, in order to show you the way forward. What are you prepared to do? You can win this battle. Make your mind up, to never assist in any way, the takeover of your world. They cannot do it without you. Connect with the Supreme Being, the Source. Cut out the middle man; that was a ploy to control you. You are powerful beings of light, whose light has been dimmed by religion. It is time to release that light, as it will expose the evil dark forces that oppress you.

You live in a world of plenty but you have allowed the greed of your oppressors to take it from you. You are many, they are few. Never forget that. I have always told you that they would have to return from whence they came, and that only the most evil will remain until the end. Their time is running out. They have infiltrated every country, and every power structure on Earth. They either control, or are advisors to, their puppets. Their tentacles are visible everywhere. It's very clever, but it is THE DARKEST EVIL.

The spirit side of life, as well as your friends from other planets, will be at your side to guide you through this. All the technology you will need to repair and recover, will be made available to you. You will then be in a position to create a world of plenty for all. When you pass to spirit, all becomes clear. It is shocking to see the evil corruption while humans are left floundering to survive amidst the chaos.

Visualise a peaceful world and make it happen. Every thought has an energy of its own.

My dear, you are up against it in every way. We are working with you to ensure that things happen as they should.

Forever, your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation


Montague Keen - May 24, 2015

2015, the year of revelations. You will have to face many facts, this year, that will cause great distress to some, who feel that they should have been aware of what was actually going on. I have pointed out to you many times that you live on a PRISON PLANET. You were not ready to hear it then. Now, more of you are beginning to see this for yourselves. You are alarmed at what you now discover to be the truth.

When the decision was made to make the human race SLAVES to those who had ENTERED the Earth, many changes were put in place. All contact with other planets was CLOSED DOWN, and the Earth went into LOCK DOWN. You have been isolated and alone ever since. Religion was created and used to control you. Though the CHRIST they preach about, NEVER EXISTED, it was based on the Christ who was on Earth many hundreds of years before. The Vatican set about changing the names of places in the EAST to fit in with the story they had invented. The evidence for this is available. Great planning went into the takeover that they now want to complete. Many of you have assisted them in the destruction and annihilation of your race. You bought into their propaganda. It was meticulously planned.

There are enough of you awake to this now, to help others to see what you can see so clearly. You were conned by the MASTERS OF MANIPULATION, who drink your blood and eat your flesh in order to survive on Earth. Can you honestly turn a blind eye to all those who disappear every year. It is time you protected the vulnerable. Those who are "taken into care" by the State, are at the mercy of the satanic cults. They need your help to survive. You must face the facts of what is going on all around you. One day the knock will come on your door. Who will speak up for you? You are all Palestinians !

Only those who seek truth can clearly see what was done to humanity to render people obedient slaves to their unseen masters. Mind control plays a huge part in your slavery. Hellfire, damnation, punishment; all cleverly installed in your minds to hold you in check. They serve Lucifer; not the GOD of LOVE who created mankind.

We, in the world of spirit, are ready to help you rescue humanity and the Earth, so that all future generations can live in peace. Are you ready to work with us to achieve this? Together, we can do it. This is your big opportunity to free yourselves. Are you up to the challenge? What have you got to lose. The cabal will destroy you the moment they can no longer use you. Their plans are being exposed every day, as they cannot hide them from you anymore. They are bringing in new laws to buy themselves time. Humanity is sufficiently awake now, to see the full picture, so people can no longer be lulled into a false sense of security. Will the cabal come clean in September, when the head of the destruction of humanity greets his cohorts at the United Nations on 24 September.

Take time to learn the truth. Forget the false history and religions that have held you prisoner. Support your fellow human beings who are being bombed out of existence. For it is them today; perhaps you, tomorow. This is the plan. Connect your hearts with the God of Love. With love in your hearts, you cannot hurt your fellow man. Who taught you to hate and fear? Who began the wars and the killings? Who forced their will on humanity? Who created all the religions in order to cause division and strife? All roads lead to Rome.

Time is running out. Use it to expose corruption, and save humanity from extinction. Yes, people will at first think you are crazy, but then the penny will drop, and they too, will clearly see the truth of what is being done all around them, every day, without them realising it. Once you open your eyes, you can never close them again. Suddenly the corruption becomes so obvious that you wonder how you could possibly have been blind to it for so long. Become one of the many who are on Earth to liberate it and help humanity. Move forward into the light. Do not dwell on the atrocities perpetrated in order to control and destroy you. Concentrate only on creating a better future for the Earth.

This is a difficult time for all who serve truth. The attacks intensify but we will not be deterred. Please help us to move humanity forward into a peaceful world for all.

My dear, we know what we must do. We will not be stopped as the timing is right. With all of us working together, we cannot fail.

Always, your adoring, Monty.


Message from Veronica
In order to prevent cancer: use hot water, lemon juice to taste, and 1/4 teaspoonful of Bicarbonate of Soda, every morning.


Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Montague Keen - May 17, 2015

The propaganda war you are now experiencing is the last stand of the Evil Forces that have strived to remove humanity from the Earth. They show you how they have done it through WAR; and you have served them well. You have watched men proudly display the medals which show how many of their fellow human beings they have slaughtered. You need to learn and accept that you are ONE HUMAN FAMILY, controlled by a force so EVIL that it cannot show its face. This force controls you through human illness CANCER a very successful weapon for them. They use the fear of cancer, as well as the disease itself, and you are bombarded with it every day.

All you need to do is to drink hot water, lemon juice, and a little Bicarbonate of Soda, as Veronica does every morning, to ensure that you never get it. It is as simple as that. Natural cures are successful in destroying cancer.

Cancer of the mind, as well as cancer of the body, is a very successful weapon against humanity. You have become your own worst enemy. You are so quick to believe whatever lies are told to you about your fellow human beings. There is ONE FORCE behind every war, pulling the strings of the puppets they put into power in each country, so that the people can be whipped up into a frenzy of hate and loathing, ready and willing to do the bidding of their evil overloards. They spread disease, whilst telling the world that they are there to help; and you, the innocent, help them to do it. Your are destroying your own race. Though they have tried everything, they cannot stop the light from spreading, thereby exposing themselves and their actions. They cannot exist in this LIGHT.

Our Foundation had hoped that our Centre in Ireland would be ready by now, to enable you to cope with all the trauma you will experience during the transition. The TROLLS who set out to prevent this happening will one day face the enormity of the price which humanity has paid for their moment of notoriety. Humanity needs to be prepared, as nothing that you accept today as normal, will remain. The Cabal will destroy everything as they will not be good losers. They had carefully planned every stage of their takeover without ever taking into account that Man might wake up and say: NO, I do not want this.

ROME is at the head of this takeover. It has played its role whilst always remembering to display love and peace, as all bow at their feet. WHY? I have always reminded you that "nothing is as it seems". You cannot take anything at face value. THE CABAL NEEDS WAR and they will use whatever pretext will fit the bill. They will do all in their power to try to prevent you from SEEING WHO THEY ARE and WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

Say NO to war. Never again allow one of their false flag events to seduce you into war. Your eyes are open to their war games now. Refuse to kill your fellow humans for them. Veronica was sent a film of World War II which has shocked her to the core. It shows how easy it was to incite war, and for the elite to sit back and enjoy the spectacle of humans killing each other without conscience.

Hellstorm The Real genocide of Nazi Germany
(a documentary with subtitles)

Do not look at one nationality as different from another; just see MAN'S INHUMANITY TO MAN. They back both sides in any war; for to them, it is just a game. Remember the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; when all the time, Iraq had been part of the Cabal's plans for many years. You are lied to all the time. It is time to wake up and face the truth. The hypnotist that holds you in control is your television, along with the newspapers. All are owned by the Cabal. This was all carefully planned. They have left no stone unturned and they have infiltrated everywhere. They are behind everything bad that has ever happened in your world.

They constantly attack my dear wife. Her lungs are giving her big problems. They managed to damage her lungs a few years ago in an attempt to stop her working with me. Her life has become somewhat of a battle; but she is Irish, so she will not surrender. She wants to see humanity restored and able to live in peace and harmony, before she joins me on this side of life. She is struggling to survive. She needs to repair her lungs so that she can concentrate on establishing the Centres that will restore life on Earth as it should be lived, in peace and harmony for all. No barriers of any description ever again. Please help us achieve this.

Again, I ask that you work on sending light and love to London, Rome, and Washington, so that mankind is released from bondage. Your ley line work is most valuable. Please continue with it, as you are releasing the light. I thank you.

My dear, you need to rest and recover. We need you to be strong in order to set up the Centres, in order to provide the experts who will teach humanity how to survive the fall of the Cabal and all that it entails.

You and I will go on for as long as it takes, my dear. It is our mission to do so.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Montague Keen - May 10, 2015

Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.
J F Kennedy

My friends, the real reason for war is always kept hidden from you. The cabal understands fully the structure of the Earth, the Underground Tunnel System that connects and is of great importance to them. To the cabal, what is underground is more important than what you are aware of overground. The fact that this knowledge is hidden from you is what keeps them in power. They cannot hold this control without your assistance. Look at the emphasis that is put on armies. In actual fact, they are hired assassins who are prepared to destroy humanity for money.

Why do you think the cabal kept all evidence of the past, the sacred sites, ancient scrolls and tablets, hidden from you? They fear the man in the street ever finding the truth of his origins and his true history. You are fed propaganda of the glories of war; how brave the armies were, when all the time it is a game to ensure that man destroys his fellow man.

All wars are instigated and financed by the same people. It does not matter who wins, the cabal always wins. The cabal becomes stronger through the FEAR, suffering and death of human beings. You recently saw how war was glorified by the laying of red poppy wreaths to "Commemorate the Dead" of the last world war. All human life should be valued and respected. The destruction of humanity must stop, so that you can create a better life for all.

Go deep into your ancient past so that you may understand better what you are having to cope with today. Research when the takeover of humanity began, who were involved, and you will find that those same people are in power today. They do not die as you humans do. Once you understand this fact, all becomes clear. You carry within your souls the memories of all the lives you have lived. Each one of you is an important being of light who is on Earth at this time to bring about the changes necessary for humanity to survive.

We have plans for the future but we need your help to implement them. Once a certain chain of events happens then we will be openly among you again, with information and advice to help carry you forward into a better future for all. There are beings in every corner of the Earth who are prepared to move as one when the timing is right. Race or language will not be a problem. You will know in your souls when the time is right to move forward.

Please continue to send love and light to London, Rome and Washington. Your work on the ley lines has done much to prevent war and destruction. One day, you will understand how important this work is. The ley lines were created for the benefit of humanity; certainly not to imprison humanity and reduce the quality of life on Earth. The ley lines are yours. Take back control of them. This is your world.

Waking up is never easy. You have to accept that those you believed had your best interests at heart, were in fact, destroying you. This, they do through the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat. Surely these facts alone should wake everyone up. You pay them to kill you. Does this make sense?

We had hoped to have achieved more by now. Massive obstacles were put in our way. We have been delayed but we will not be stopped. My dear wife has suffered greatly in recent times. She has had to be strong to continue. She knows what is expected of her, and she will not be found wanting.

The Vatican does not want you to look at Ireland. They have too much to hide. So they make life very difficult for those who expose what they are guilty of. They control by FEAR, but the fear they create is BASED ON LIES.

There is NO HELL, no PURGATORY, or the like. Understand this and all their control evaporates into the ether. They have cheated humanity for far too long. It is time for the Vatican to hand back all the wealth to the poor people they stole it from. "You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."

My dear, try to take it easy. Your body needs to recover. We are trying to put everything in place. There are many who wish to stop us but we will not be deterred.

Together always, your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Montague Keen - May 3, 2015

We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord's blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal. Vladimir Putin


The light of truth is expanding, opening hearts and minds to the truth. Many of you are emerging from the hypnotic trance. You are seeing for the first time that which was used to control humanity. Religion was the most effective weapon used to control and destroy humanity. All this is made abundantly clear by one of the great historians of your time: Michael Tsarion. Veronica was sent information that confirms all that I have been telling you.

( Watch the video for yourself )

Those who control you, do not want you to know that everything started in the WEST. There can be no argument about that: it is FACT. The ancient name for Ireland was HIBERNIA. The ORIGINAL "HEBREWS" were the IRISH.

Another important point that was made in that email. Michael Tsarion says . . .

"The desire of the Vatican MYTH MONGERS and MYTHOGRAPHERS was to falsely situate the seed of culture in the Middle East, as far away from the Atlantic zone as possible. These mythographers knew full well that IRELAND was a remnant of ATLANTIS and that its primordial inhabitants came there due to earlier travels of western peoples.

What this means is, we are not ruling out that there were East to West movements. That the historians love to tell us. Of course there were East to West movements. There were movements from the Eastern lands and the Southern lands to the West.

We emphasised that by and large those East to West movements were RETURNS.

The descendants (descendants of the West, descendants of Ireland) were RETURNING to their ancestral home after a semblance of normality returned.

But these historians who never deal with the age of cataclysm are not going to tell you that. In their works Ireland is a naked land being visited for the first time."


As we have shown throughout the Irish Origins of Civilisation, the symbols and traditions we associate with; JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, TEMPLARISM, MASONRY, ORIGINATED IN IRELAND.


It is a joy to know that others are doing their own research and coming to the same conclusion: that there was a huge conspiracy to take over and destroy humanity by denying people the truth of who they are and what they are capable of. You are lied to by religion, governments, education; it's all a conspiracy of lies. You are floundering in the middle of it, trying to survive. All around you, you see chemtrails, chemicals in your water, vaccinations, GM crops, and treatments that are designed to kill you slowly, and you have come to accept this as NORMAL !

You need to wake up, time is running out. There are elections in the UK. Note that all parties are being financed by one person. So does it matter who you elect? The same person will rule. It is all so obvious, once you open your eyes. They are just playing a game to con you into believing that you have a say in your future and the future of humanity, when all the time, their Great Plan is to destroy humanity and openly take over your world. They may look like you but they are nothing like you.

We in spirit wish to thank those of you who have devoted time and effort to releasing energy from the ley lines. I wish everyone could understand the great importance of this work. It will help to release the chains that bind you. Please remember to send love and light to London, Rome, and Washington. It will help to expose the corruption. The seat of all corruption is Rome: do not be taken in by the fine words emanating from there. Words are cheap. Action is what is needed.

Who do you trust amid all this confusion. Be responsible, do your own research. Know who you are and you will grow in confidence. You are many, they are few. When you take back your power, you will refuse to assist them or turn a blind eye to all the corruption. Then they will flounder and they will find that their only answer is to leave Earth. They do not belong on Earth. Humanity should make a pact: I will not kill for them, I will not serve them, I will not help to conceal their deeds, I will support my fellow man. Learn to share your research and speak out when necessary.

Michael Tsarion's brilliant mind and intellect is second to none. He is easy to listen to, and he explains everything. His words, whether spoken or written, will open your hearts and minds to the TRUTH. Once you know and understand the truth, your next course of action will become obvious. You will unlock your prison door.

My dear, it has been another tough week for you. We are trying to bring everything together, but we face massive opposition. This is the biggest battle ever fought for the control of Earth. It is being fought both off-Earth and on-Earth. Those who oppose it suffer many attacks. No mercy is shown.

We are here for you. Ever at your side, your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Montague Keen - April 26, 2015


You are living through what will become interesting and exciting times. You are releasing Energy/Truth through the ley lines. It's all coming to the fore. You have lived your lives imprisoned in a control system that was so well hidden but displayed itself as all LOVE and LIGHT. Nothing could be further from the truth. Veronica and I have been exploring with you, how Ireland was the centre of your civilisation before it was forcefully taken by Rome. The proof is all there.


is a book written by CONOR MAC DARI.

"The Bible is an Irish book of pre-Roman times and an out and out theft without acknowledgment from the Irish Church of IESA."

"The deception is still continued and the great secret jealously guarded by the Roman church and British from the world at large, but more particularly from the Irish people who have suffered so much from those two adverse forces."

"It is astonishing that what now appears so clearly fraudulent could have escaped detection for so long a time."

It required a true insight into Ireland's past and the villainous intrigues of the Roman and British priesthoods and the role played in shaping events of momentous consequences in world affairs. To conceal those facts from posterity, they had recourse to the scheme of FALSIFYING THE WORLD'S HISTORY and substituting there a tissue of LIES and INVENTIONS."

"The inner circles in British Statecraft and High Church, as well as those of the Roman church in Britain and Ireland, are freely aware of this truth and carefully guard the secret of their FRAUD."

"History of Ireland" by Thomas Moore, the famous poet and author, in which he revealed the fact that at every turn of his quest for knowledge and facts he found a conspiracy of silence and suppression. He produced his work under just such discouraging conditions."

"Although the imposition of the Savior Jesus, and the substitution of him for IESA, brought great riches to the Roman Church, it required a great and tremendous effort to succeed in making it appear to the world that he had an actual historical existence."

"It is estimated that there were 2 million lives lost in carrying out that scheme in the struggle to drive the Mohammedans out of Syria in the tenth and eleventh centuries. It was during the occupancy of the SO-CALLED HOLY LAND by the crusaders for a period of 87 years that Rome gave names to the localities and places there which are mentioned in the scriptures and which names had not been before identified with such places."

"During that time they did everything that they thought necessary or that circumstances would permit in preparing the ground to place marks of identification about each locality which was selected to be the BIRTHPLACE OR SCENE OF ACTIVITY OF EACH OF THE MYTHICAL CHARACTERS TO WHOSE FICTITIOUS EXISTENCE SPECIAL SIGNIFICANCE OR PROMINENCE WAS TO BE GIVEN."


As researched by PETER OfEngland.

England is owned by the Church of Rome since 15 May 1213, to be precise and the Church of England is a Catholic Franchise.

This video is a present for ALL Englishmen on the 800th anniversary of your country having been stolen from you.

This video tells that King John, under the influence of the Templar Barons, handed over the sovereignty of England and Ireland to the Papal Legate Pandolph, by way of issuing a "charter of surrender to Pope Innocent III in PERPETUITY" at the temple near Dover castle on the 15th May 1213. This is evidenced in Scroll 66 of MAGNA CARTA.

See also that he handed it over and has to pay a rent of 1000 silver marks per annum being 7000 for England and 3000 for Ireland in order to remain as CEO! Any doubt that Eire is Catholic? Have no doubt that England is still owned by the Church of Rome under a "softened franchise agreement". The Canonical Assertions of the Church of England VERY SPECIFICALLY that it is part of the "One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church" and these are the 4 marks of The Church . . . not any Church but The Church. Wearing the CROIX DE MALTA is a franchise sign. There is none bigger for the Church. It is copyright and you have to pay to display it.

Peter also explains why you should never put an X on a ballot paper. It legally signifies that you are lunatic, delinquent, minor, alien, pauper or ward of the parish or under guardianship as being mentally deranged, of unsound mind and incompetent to administer your own affairs. Electoral wards have patients in them - mental patients. Watch the video.

Never place a Cross - X - on a Ballot Paper

People are waking up. This information was sent to Veronica this week by Alison. It proves that people are doing their own research, and as I always remind you, nothing is as it seems. It is time you learned your true history. Everything in your lives has been controlled by this power structure. Every country should seek its own truth, its true history. You will find the connections, no matter when it was agreed. All roads lead to Rome.

A lot of pressure is being put on Veronica to prevent her working with me. Please continue your work on the ley lines, releasing all their energy. Also send love and light to the three centres of power: London, Rome, and Washington. Your freedom is in your hands.

I would like to thank a very special lady medium in Belgium who enabled me to send a large bouquet of pink roses to Veronica on her birthday.

The dark forces are losing their power. They are lashing out at all those who seek truth and justice. Irrespective of race or creed, you need and deserve truth and justice. The TRUTH is all around you. It is not hidden because they never expected you to wake up. It is time to expose all that was hidden, so humanity can continue in truth and love.

My dear, your work will bear fruit. Never doubt that for one moment. Awakening minds to truth is never an easy task. Many are still fearful of the truth. This is a time of great change. Be prepared.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation


Montague Keen - April 19, 2015

Since my passing in 2004, I have gently guided you to look at Ireland. Until you do, the Cabal will carry on regardless, destroying all human life on Earth. Until you honestly face the TRUTH, you cannot hope to rescue humanity.

You do not see anyone asking the right questions of your politicians or the Vatican. Who has questioned the chemtrails, the fluoridated water, the GM food, or the vaccinations that are being used to wipe out the human race? By doing nothing, you are giving the Cabal permission to carry on, regardless of the consequences.

Veronica has her family with her, this weekend, to celebrate her birthday on 21 April; because of this, I will be brief.

Veronica received the following email:

What is the role of Ireland in the Global scheme of things?

At 1 hour 20 minutes of LINK below:

The four (4) races of people that the cabal want to keep down:
Native American Indians
South Africans

Ireland seems to be important in the scheme of things.

. . .

Michael Tsarion says:
Ireland has been the number one (1) target of the 'old world monolithic conspiracy'.

The kind of priesthood that Ireland gave rise to . . .
The true "pure ones" (Aryan) civilization was founded here in the West.

Every single motif, every single tradition of culture worth its salt, originated in the West.

You find derivatives of it in the East.

. . .

Knowledge from the "Servants of Truth" (Druids)

knowledge of herbs
knowledge of healing
knowledge of animal symbolism
knowledge of music
knowledge of poetry

The measurements of the ancient megalithic sites is more precise the more you move towards the West, until you finally get to Ireland and the megalithics are most precise.

The DNA of Minoan civilization (Crete civilization) is Western. They (main stream media) hate this.

The Western origins (Ireland) of civilization are being discovered.

This culture (Ireland) first had to be destroyed for the malignant conspiracy that we know today and we have be laboring under for a millennia.

One tradition (Ireland) had to be utterly destroyed.
One entire way of life (Ireland) had to be utterly destroyed.
One entire world view (Ireland) had to be utterly destroyed.

We know this destruction as the First oppression of Ireland.
We know it as the destruction of the Druids.
We know it as the destruction of Irish culture.

This (Irish) tradition had to be suppressed.

This (Irish) tradition had to be destroyed; in order for any of the pathological stuff to be built.

With the Druid's Gnosis (knowledge) . . .
While the Druids lived there was no chance of any malignant thing lasting more than 5 bloody minutes.

Ireland was number one (1).
Ireland was the first zone of attack.

What is deep in the Irish genes does not exist anywhere else.

Ireland plays a deep role in prying loose the prison gates for everyone else.

It explains why Ireland is heavily fluoridated. 98 percent of Europe is not fluoridated.
Ireland is fluoridated.

Michael Tsarion on Open Your Mind: "The Dying Conspiracy'' (23-11-1014 Interview)
Published on Nov 30, 2014.


I suggest that you read it and listen to another person's views on Ireland. Veronica and I hold Michael Tsarion in very high esteem. It is Veronica's dearest wish that one day, Michael Tsarion will agree to film a discussion on Ireland with her. Unless you understand what was done to Ireland and the Irish people, you cannot hope to escape the conditions that have been imposed on you by the Cabal, where the majority of people can barely exist in a world of plenty.

Veronica deserves to spend quality time with her family this weekend. I will be there, enjoying the humour and the good food, as the laughter always lifted my spirits. To be with one's soul family is a privilege; never take it for granted. My dear wife and her family made me happier than I ever knew it was possible to be.

We are at your side, Veronica, guiding you every step of the way. Your trust in me never wavered, even for a moment. We continue to make a remarkable team.

My love surrounds you, always. Your adoring, Monty.

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Montague Keen - April 12, 2015

My friends, the time has come when action is needed on your part. I have guided you forward. I have shown you what is required of you. We do our best on this side of life. We now need you to act together on your side of life. We show you the way and open your eyes to what was done to you, to enable the Cabal to create the prison planet you have become accustomed to living in.

Freedom is within your grasp. Open your hearts and minds and embrace the light which becomes more apparent every day. Many of you are aware of the energy changes. You feel a sense of excitement, and so you should; the control systems are crumbling. It is their time to relinquish all control. The light is exposing all that is evil and you can now see the power structures exposed. All their evil plans are laid bare before you. When they are removed (and they will be), help will come to humanity. There will be no distinctions, no third world; there will be equality. The Cabal has done all in its power to destroy and remove humanity so that they alone could claim Planet Earth for themselves. This will not be allowed.

To understand how you can reclaim the Earth for humanity, you need to know how it is controlled and how you are kept in ignorance and darkness.


This is fact. Area 51 has tried to harness the ENERGY of Ireland. CERN was built to try to capture and utilise the energy of Ireland. When the Irish people wake up to what was done to them and their country, they will remove everything relating to the Vatican from their land forever.

I ask you to go to the interviews that Veronica did with the Galactic Historian, ANDREW BARTZIS. Go especially to No 3, where you will learn the truth. Veronica asked Andrew, "What is Ireland?" Andrew replied, "Ireland represents the most important part of the Earth system of original foundation before domination and control took effect.

"The technology underneath Ireland is like a hive. The ant hive of getting into tunnels that lead into other sets of tunnels, which get you into 12 dimensional fortification systems. That is the first KEY to understand what Ireland is. Ireland is the KEY to the vault."

"All of the energetic tunnels that connect to the Earth birthing system, lead to Ireland. There are master control chambers under the Irish continents that are in there, deep underground."


Veronica, "What can the man in the street do now?"

Andrew replied, "Walk your feet over the lands. Bring your prayers, your intentions, bring your concept of what a ceremony is. Begin practicing spiritual cleanliness. Begin understanding that the world you lived in, particularly London, really is a haunted place. That it takes the people and their intentions and their heart-space to begin to free this trapped energy there, that has been trapped there by ancestors who created a sacred geometry system, knowing full-well that future ancestors would have a toxic spiritual environment to inherit."

"Ireland represents a group of independent time travellers who can stick the thorn in the side of the church at many different timelines and all four paradoxes. If Rome does not do whatever it can do, to make sure that the proper Irish soul families don't live on all four timelines, but are separated on all four timelines, and are refugees all over the world, and are considered the lame ducks of society; then they are doing their job to make sure that those ancient time travellers couldn't manifest in our world again, unless they manifested through the Catholic Church that existed there in Ireland."

"Irish history is connected to the Egyptian history, the pharaohs. Egyptian mummies have been found all throughout the Irish isles."


"The Egyptians who believed that you go to the different phases of their underworld, through a boat to Ireland."

"What might happen if a very powerful metaphysical teacher of the Egyptian spirituality decided that they wanted to GO TO THE GREATEST INTERSECTION OF THE PORTALS THROUGH THEIR DEATH ?"

Veronica Keen, "Did you know that Tutankhamun's DNA is 98% Irish?"

Andrew, "Yes, I did".

"Ireland has been under so many massive timeline attacks that almost caused additional paradoxes. It was a massive, massive, battleground, like World War I trench warfare, but on a timeline scale."

"The biggest thing that is going to be hard to physically prove, would be the creation of the Titanic, that was 1913 to 1917. They built a number of ships, because that's when all the big time-travellers would be manifesting in Dublin, would be manifesting all throughout the Irish isles so that the metal skilled workers were there, because the Titanic was a massive, massive, massive need in the timelines. The metal that came to Ireland was enchanted with the Irish isles ENERGY, and when it sailed the ocean, it was doing very positive good. And that is why it was sunk with all those bankers that were on it. It was a massive set-up of timelines that would even crush the Irish energy resistance that was trying to reconnect to sacred geometry grids with a massive vessel that was built by Irish hands."

"Those ships were taking the energy of Ireland across the oceans and connecting it to different sacred geometry systems and they were actually trying to counter hijack the sacred geometry system with a massive metal resonating boat. I know it's huge. Those guys at the timeline projects are going to be pissed off with me, but it's time to tell the truth."

"Ireland was the place that MI6 did all its occult stuff. There were so many secret rituals done in Irish ceremonial places, all throughout the Irish isles during World War II, that it will make the Nazi expression that we've known about occult, look like kid's play."

There is so much more information that Veronica and Andrew Bartzis brought to your attention that you need to research. The filmed interviews are on our website and on YouTube.

Now, perhaps you will understand why it is necessary to have our first Centre in Ireland. Sadly, many of you listened to the trolls who set out to prevent it happening last year. Many of the donations were returned as requested. It is for humanity that this work must be done, and I ask you once again to consider giving, so that our plans for a Centre can go ahead as soon as possible, so we are all prepared when the Cabal ceases to control humanity.

My love, one day your hard work will be understood. We have not got long to wait now.

I will be at your side. Your adoring, Monty.

Message from Veronica

The accountant will visit me on Tuesday, after which an amended financial figure for the Centre will be displayed on the homepage.

I have been dealing with severe attacks. There is a massive attempt to stop my work. Please send me healing. I am under attack now. It must stop.

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Montague Keen - April 5, 2015

Greetings to all on this Easter Day. It is customary to have chocolate at Easter. Veronica always ensured I had a constant supply of my favourite chocolate. I wish you all an enjoyable day.

As daylight increases, the light of humanity shines ever brighter. It exposes all that is dark and corrupt. Your awakened minds can no longer accept the lies you are being told publicly, especially on TV and in the newspapers, as fact. Truth can no longer be hidden. You have begun to question and explore the truth for yourselves. You are shocked at the sheer arrogance of the lies which insult your intelligence. The Cabal has come to realise that they cannot get away with their "inventive stories" that replace the truth, anymore. They have been rumbled.

Today, I want to show you what others have found to be the truth. I am not the only one pointing you in the right direction. Humanity's future depends on you accepting the absolute truth and discarding the false history that was deliberately imposed on you. The annihilation of humanity has been going on all around you for years and you were unaware of it. This was planned and carried out by the Cabal with your help. It is time it stopped. Together, you say NO, I will not contribute anymore to this slaughter of the human race. You are in an US or THEM situation. What you were taught had began in the East, did not. It began in the West.

Today, we quote from Andrew Power's book, IRELAND LAND OF THE PHARAOHS.

p.69, "'Silver tongued' quislings like Clinton, Blair and other high-level 'global' politicians (in reality systemic puppets) are strategically placed to control aspects of the deception and to keep us 'endlessly herded' and perplexed. They know the value of keeping 'the useless eaters' (as one of the Elite chillingly described the so-called masses) in conflict with each other. Divide and rule is the active axiom. Ireland is a good example, although the same template has been used throughout history in most countries. The use of historical and mythological events, like the 'Battle of the Boyne', is used to further an agenda we are, so far, ignorant of. As an aside, the so-called 'Irish Peace Process' won't work, it was never meant to, and never will in its present form (2003); it is just another facet of the agenda put forward to confuse. This will become clear as our story develops."

pg.91, "It would be remiss of me to leave this chapter without briefly mentioning the ultimate 'conspiracy'. Have you ever heard of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion? This infamous document came to light in Russia during 1905 and was translated by one Victor Marsden in London in 1910: 'Marsden stated he could not work on the protocols more than 30 minutes at a time because their contents were so evil. It was supposedly the minutes of a meeting held by a cabal of Jewish bankers whose intent was to take over the world by manipulating the Goyim (a Jewish slur word for Gentiles). Ever since these writings were brought to public attention there have been fierce debates as to whether they were genuine or not. Berne, Switzerland, was the scene of the court case to decide their authenticity in the years 1934-35. The court concluded that the Protocols were a forgery, a strange judgment if it was trying to say they never existed. If they were a forgery there must have been an original. This is a complex and confusing study and worthy of a volume of its own."

The only comment that is added here is to point out some of the ideas found in the Protocols were originally penned by Maurice Joly, a Rosicrucian and an eminent Frence lawyer, in his pamphlet Dialogues in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu, 1864. This was seen at the time as an attack on the political ambitions of Napoleon, but it also demonstrates the shadowy hand of the secret societies in the controversy. This is borne out by claims that the Protocols were the work of the 18th century Illuminati who were by no means exclusively Jewish although some of its members were. We will use several samples taken from 'The Illuminati Protocols' to further underline the assertions in this chapter that there is something very powerful, not connected to religion or nationality, working behind the curtains in the throne room. For good or evil; who knows...?

We are too strong there is no evading our power . . . the nations cannot come to even an inconsiderable private agreement without our secretly having a hand in it . . . Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzscheism . . . Our power in the present tottering condition of all forms of power will be more invincible than any other. (Italics added)"

p.104, "These concepts seem, on the face of it, very pessimistic but only through understanding the parasitical system do we have any hope of overcoming it, and to overcome it we must, to free our minds. In the final analysis it is the Elite Houses who have constructed the parasitical system, a Global Prison, a prison without bars. No one can explain the deception logically. How can anyone explain a delusion that is so powerful and omnipresent that it is impossible for most people to fathom? One of the 'jailors' mocks: 'It is only the small secrets that need protecting, the big ones protect themselves by public incredulity."

For example, the Illuminati realized their secret protocols would eventually be publicly revealed. Thus, they drafted their protocols to appear as a Jewish or Zionist plot to place all human beings under one-world tyrannical rule. They even mistitled their document The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Throughout that document, they also shrewdly planted a Jewish slur word for Gentiles to describe their targets the goyim."

This is sufficient for today. Please understand that this information is essential if you wish to survive what is about to happen in your world. The pyramid of power is about to topple. They cannot survive the light. Sending light to the ley lines everywhere and to London is working. Humanity must survive. Every one of you can play a part in your survival, even from the comfort of your armchair.

This has been a particularly difficult weekend for Veronica. The attacks intensified. All who are trying to guide you to the light are being badly attacked. We will create the Centres. We will help humanity to cope with the transition from control to freedom. You need to fully understand how controlled you have been; who has controlled you and changed your history, and created false religions to ensure there was conflict at all times. They needed the bloodshed and fear to survive . . . and you supplied it.

It is all coming to an end, my dear. The attacks will stop and you will live in peace. Then our work will take off.

Always at your side. Your adoring, Monty.

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Montague Keen - March 29, 2015

It was never my intention when I passed to the world of spirit to become the one who opens your minds to your true history. By doing so together, we can rescue your planet from those among you who are determined to destroy humanity and take over the planet for themselves. They have shown their hand many times, but you failed to understand what was actually happening. You have only to read ALEKSANDER SOLZHENITSYN's first hand account of the atrocities [ pdf document ] that openly took place in the 1900s, during the lifetime of many of you. It is always hidden in plain sight. This goes to show that it is happening every day and you are blind to it. By choosing to be blind to it, you become an accomplice. That is a serious matter.

Veronica and I are not the only ones who are trying to open your eyes. There are many who have researched and found the truth. They share it with you. To deal with THIS GREAT DECEPTION, one has to go back to ancient Ireland, when Rome and others began its take over.

From the writings of CONOR MAC DARI:


"The Hierarchy at Rome knew that the Irish Church of IESA CRIOST (Jesus Christ) had established Christianity or Sun Worship on the Western Continent.

The systematic suppression of facts, which is almost beyond belief, of the history of the Irish achievements, is almost shamefaced and barefaced, carried on by agencies already mentioned. It is the plainest fact that Ireand's history has been written by her enemies.
The policy of destruction, suppression, and alteration which was pursued in Ireland by Rome, she also put into execution on this Western Continent. In Mexico, as elsewhere, anything that was found resembling Christianity was destroyed, if it was possible to do so. The Roman Priests destroyed all the books they could find, and those they preserved, they altered. They deleted whole chapters from the writings of the native historians who wrote the history of Mexico.

When we consider that the Irish were the "PHOENICIANS" AND ALSO AS WE HAVE BEEN SHOWN, THAT THE "HEBREWS" were the Priestly Cult among the Irish Race, it makes very plain the identity of "These Peoples" as ONE and the SAME. Investigators have noted the relationship between the "Hebrews" and the "Phoenicians", attributing it to the spread of Hebrew culture and influence among the latter. This seems to be as far as they have been able to go toward enlightening us. They have left us to infer that this connection was due to TWO PEOPLES occupying two adjoining sections of country, the Hebrews occupying the interior pastoral country and the Phoenicians the sea-coast. Those investigators seem to have drawn their inferences accordingly. The "Phoenicians" and the "Hebrews" were one and the same race, as much so as two brothers living in the same household or father and son in the same family.
These are but TRICK names for the Irish Race; Ireland was their seat, capital, and home country, not the eastern coast of the Mediterranean or Syria.



The disclosures made here will be of aid to future investigators and philologists in tracing and accounting for the changes which have been made in the three alphabets, said to have belonged respectively to the IRISH, HEBREWS and Phoenicians. They are but variations of the ONE.

The Irish were the inspired authors of Christianity which is plainly evident from what has been unfolded herein, and their rites are still observed in the disguised Christian Sun Worship of the present day. It all goes to show that there has been a deception practiced on the Christian people of the world, a terrible and cruel deception. The reason for this is no longer a secret.

And in honour of HIM, for his glorification and worship, they built those great and magnificent Pyramids, Towers, Ibelisks, Sphinx, and Temples. In brief, their works and ideals can be recognised everywhere, from the rock-walled temple ruins of the Angkor Wat in distant Cambodia to Siam, from Ellora and the Cave Temple of Elephanta in India to the islands of the Pacific, from Ireland to Egypt from Syria to Peru, Yucatan and Mexico. The character of their works cannot be mistaken.

The facts are so clear that they cannot be mistaken or set aside; they are convincing and positive proofs; they proclaim to the world that both the religious institutions and civilisation which existed on this Western Continent for thousands of years were brought here by the priests of the ancient Irish Sun Worship and religion of IESA CHRIOST, THE SUN GOD."

It has never been more important to know and understand the truth. Massive changes are occuring and you need to protect yourselves and your planet. It is a clear win or lose situation. Together, you can win so easily. Do not make it hard for yourselves. We in spirit have been planning your awakening for some time. We needed key people like Veronica to be in place to serve as intermediaries. When you fully understand what has been done to deceive you in order to take control, the whole picture will become absolutely clear and you will happily take the necessary steps to take back control of what is rightfully yours. You will save Planet Earth for future generations to enjoy in peace and love.

Please continue to send love and light to London and all the ley lines, to enable them to release their wonderful energy for the benefit of mankind. My love and gratitude go to all who assist in this work. It is more valuable than you realise. Please also send love and light to those who have missions to carry out in order to rescue humanity from destruction. Together, you are the 99%. You can do it. They cannot succeed without your assistance. It is time to say NO.

Do try to take some time for you. You need to rest. Give yourself a break; you need it. The attacks are exhausting. Soon, my dear, they will be a thing of the past.

My love is yours forever. Your adoring, Monty.


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Montague Keen - March 22, 2015

This is the most important information you are ever going to read. It explains why there is so much unrest in your world and why nothing makes sense to you. I ask that you read this over and over again, until your eyes are fully opened, and you see clearly what has been done to the human race.


An illusion it will be, so large, so vast, it will escape their perception.
Those who will see it will be thought of as insane.
We will create separate fronts to prevent them from seeing the connection between us.
We will behave as if we are not connected to keep the illusion alive.
Our goal will be accomplished one drop at a time, so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves. This will also prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur.
We will always stand above the relative field of their experience for we know the secrets of the absolute.
We will work together always and will remain bound by blood and secrecy.
Death will come to he who speaks.
We will keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite.
We will use our knowledge of science and technology in subtle ways so that they will never see what is happening.
We will use soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in food and water, also in the air.
They will be blanketed in poison everywhere they turn.
The soft metals will cause them to lose their minds. We will promise to find a cure from our many fronts, yet we will feed them more poison.
The poisons will be absorbed through their skin and mouths. They will destroy their minds and reproductive systems.
From all this, their children will be born dead, and we will conceal this information.
The poisons will be hidden in everything that surrounds them; in what they drink, eat, breathe, and wear.
We must be ingenious in dispensing the poisons for they can see far.
We will teach them that the poisons are good with fun images and musical tones.
Those they look up to will help. We will enlist them to push our poisons.
They will see our products being used in film and will grow accustomed to them and will never know their true effect.
When they give birth we will inject poisons into the blood of their children and convince them it is for their help.
We will start early on, when their minds are young. We will target their children with what children love most, sweet things.
When their teeth decay, we will fill them with metals that will kill their mind and steal their future.
When their ability to learn has been affected, we will create medicine that will make them sicker and cause other diseases for which we will create yet more medicine.
We will render them docile and weak before us by our power.
They will grow depressed, slow, and obese, and when they come to us for help, we will give them more poison.
We will focus their attention towards money and material goods so that the many never connect with their inner self.
We will distract them with fornication, external pleasures, and games, so that they may never be one with the oneness of it all.
Their minds will belong to us and they will do as we say. If they refuse, we shall find ways to implement mind-altering technology into their lives. We will use FEAR as our weapon.
We will establish their governments and establish opposites within. We will own both sides.
We will always hide our objective but carry out our plan.
They will perform the labour for us and we shall prosper from their toil.
Our families will never mix with theirs. Our blood must be pure always, for it is the way.
We will make them kill each other when it suits us.
We will keep them separated from the oneness by dogma and religion.
We will control all aspects of their lives and tell them what to think and how.
We will guide them kindly and let them think they are guiding themselves.
We will foment animosity between them through our factions.
When a Light shall shine among them, we shall extinguish it by ridicule, or death, whichever suits us best.
But if they ever find out that they are our equal, we shall perish then. THIS THEY MUST NEVER KNOW.
If they ever find out that together they can vanquish us, they will take action.
They must never, ever find out what we have done, for if they do, we shall have no place to run, for it will be easy to see who we are once the veil has fallen. Our actions will have revealed who we are and they will hunt us down and no person shall give us shelter.
This is the secret covenant by which we shall live the rest of our present and future lives, for this reality will transcend many generations and life spans.
This covenant is sealed by blood, our blood. We, the ones who from heaven to earth came.
This covenant must NEVER, EVER be known to exist. It must NEVER, EVER be written or spoken of, for if it is, the consciousness it will spawn will release the fury of the PRIME CREATOR upon us and we shall be cast to the depths from whence we came and remain there until the end of time of infinity itself.
Author unknown.

It will take a little time for these words to sink in. Come together, talk about this covenant. It is what has imprisoned and controlled you. What you do about it, is for you to decide.

Veronica is going through very difficult times. She is totally devoted to assisting mankind to wake up, to come together and work together. Every obstacle is being put in her path as she struggles to survive. Please help.

This week has been traumatic for her. Decisions had to be made and it has left her exhausted.

My dear, yes, we do ask a lot of you. The road is a rocky one, but in your heart you know the outcome.
We will succeed.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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Montague Keen - March 15, 2015


I have pleaded with you many times to investigate this fact for yourselves. This information would release you from the stranglehold of your oppressors. I have guided Veronica to read, once again, the books that explain the truth of how certain factions took control of not just Planet Earth, but humanity also.


by Conor Mac Dari

It is safe to say the light is advancing and that truth is progressing regardless of this reactionary force, which is now exposed for the first time in a manner which reveals the plot. It cannot help but open the eyes of mankind to the great fraud, and more especially awaken the IRISH people who have been so foully betrayed and sold into the hands of their oppressors.


It all goes to prove that even the cleverest forgers and falsifiers are not safe from exposure and discovery. So it is the case of the Roman and British forgers. Although the imposition of the Savior Jesus and the substitution of him for IESA, brought great riches to the Roman Church, it required a great and tremendous effort to succeed in making it appear to the world that he had an actual historical existence.

These are the people who stole the ancient Irish Bible and palmed it off to the world as a JEWISH book, produced by a people over in Syria. It is an invention and an imposture on the world.

It almost passes belief that a FRAUD SO STUPENDOUS COULD ESCAPE SO LONG WITHOUT DISCOVERY. But when we consider the thoroughness and extent to which the plot was carried out, and the magnitude of the forces which were employed in the work, it is not so much to be wondered at, forces such as the Roman Empire, with its world power, then the Roman Catholic Church and the British Kingdom, with propaganda systematically spread abroad in order to create a false impression of everything pertaining to the past history of Ireland and her people. There are the forces who have perpetrated and profited by this great fraud. The DECEPTION is still continued and the secret jealously guarded by both the Roman Church and the British from the world at large, but more particularly from the Irish people, who have suffered so much from those two adverse forces."

Look also at:

by Conor Mac Dari.

"The Irish brought religion and civilisation to EGYPT and that religion was Sun Worship. The word "Jew" is derived from an idiomatic Irish word Iudh (Yudh), meaning of the light. It alludes to the Priests of the Sun, the followers of the Light, those who had wisdom. The word Iudh is camouflaged when it is converted into English by using the letter J instead of I to begin the word, there being no J in the Irish alphabet. So, by leaving out the letters from the original Irish spelling, the "Doctors" have formulated the word "Jew". This deception being unsuspected, it has served the TRICKSTERS until now. There are other idiomatic names in the Irish language for "Jew" and "Hebrew" which give unmistakable proof that they are solely and truly of Irish Origin. One of the names for "Jew" is Iuil (pronounced Yul). It expresses the attributes of the Sun when at His highest power and dignity, and is the name of the month Iuil (July). It is from this idea, which originated with and was developed by the Irish priests of IESA, that was afterwards copied by the Roman church priests when they wrote their FALSE HISTORY of Rome and bestowed the names of the months of the year, when the Sun is at its greatest power, upon two of their "historic" characters, Julius and Agustus Caesar. Iuil signifies, in Irish, learning, knowledge. The Irish attributed these qualities to the Sun, so, in accordance with this idea, the Roman priests, in their fictitious history, have Julius Ceasar write a book. Thus we have a history of "Ceasars Campaigns" a priestly composition. These attributes were ascribed to the Sun by THE IRISH CULT OF IESA and those who embraced the religious life were Jews, and not our "poor" brothers who own the City of New York. The Irish were HEBREWS. I have found that statement was the real truth as regarding the ancient Irish. So it goes without saying that the hierarchy at Rome knew that the Irish Church of IESA CHRIOST (Jesus Christ) had established CHRISTIANITY or Sun Worship, on the Western Continent. This knowledge must have been confirmed by the Irish priests who were brought into the Roman Church organisation at the time of the SUPPRESSION of the Irish Church."

Until the Irish people and humanity wake up to this fraud and expose it, the planet is held to ransom. Veronica and I have tried to open your minds to the truth. Changes are happening so fast that it is now urgent that you take responsibility and free yourselves. You do have a choice, you have free will. The truth will set you free. The moment you stand together and state as one, I DO NOT CONSENT, your oppressors lose control of humanity.

[As I write this, I am being attacked. My head, and especially my eyes, are burning and flowing, as is my nose. The pain is terrible. Your inaction gives permission for humanity to be attacked whether through banking, wars, etc. Think on that.]

You are only just waking up to the control system that has destroyed so much of your world. They want to destroy life on Earth. They push for WAR. They will invent whatever excuses are necessary to convince the masses that they are in danger and that war is necessary. Look at all the countries they have invaded and destroyed recently, one after another. Those are your fellow humans. They need your support.

The ley line work is freeing you. Please put as much effort into it as possible. Release all the trapped energy for humanity. Pay special attention to London and everywhere else that the control is concentrated. There are ISLANDS that you are told are uninhabited. These are fully equipped with HAARP technology that can create whatever your oppressors require, including mind control of the masses. What are you doing while all such places are being set up to destroy you? DO NOT GIVE YOUR CONSENT TO THIS. Because they are SECRET LOCATIONS, they get away with it. The HAARP SIGNALS give away these locations, such as Antarctica. You want all human and animal life to flourish. No more wars or the glorification of wars. This mind control you are all subject to, must stop. Once you are aware of it, and refuse to consent to it, it will have to stop.

Concentrate on the grid. Release all ley line energy to humanity. Cover the whole world, especially remote places that are out of sight and used for criminal activities which suppress and eliminate humanity. You are up against an evil so great, it will take all of you to remove it. Say NO, I DO NOT CONSENT.

My dear, your path is proving more difficult every day. The attacks are quite vicious. It saddens you that enough people are not making the effort to awaken. They will, in time. They will have a light bulb moment and all will become obvious. We know it is written. Humanity will survive. The Earth will be reclaimed.

Always at your side, my dear. Your adoring, Monty.

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Montague Keen - March 8, 2015

People are finding the courage to say NO to the control and corruption that they have been victims of for 2000 years. To implement their plans for a New World Order, they first had to destroy IRELAND. Until you look at this, you cannot move forward. You need to see WHO and WHY. The Irish are seeing this control for the first time and THEY ARE ANGRY. They are marching to show their strength. They are saying NO. Now, they are beginning to see why they have been used and abused by those who wish to take over your world.

Yes, it is hard to believe that so much could have been done to dumb down the human race without you ever suspecting. It was a clever plot. It needed to be concealed from you. Religion played a huge part in this. The take over was planned at the Council of Nicea, nearly 2000 years ago. The Vatican and her elected 'princes' of the church; the Knights of Malta etc, are behind every WAR, FAMINE, and OUTBREAK OF ILLNESS, and everything you have endured ever since. It is the greatest CON since Man began to walk the Earth. Do not be blinded by all the pomp and ceremony; it is camouflage, designed to hide its true intent.

You are now casting light on London. People are publically exposing corruption. This would not have happened a year ago. You are beginning to see how powerful you are. Just by using your energy to send love and light, you can make a huge difference. You can bring about the changes necessary for the transition to peace and harmony. Your light is exposing all that is dark and corrupt.

Once the Irish people realise who they are, and what was taken from them their true history then the whole plan with be revealed, including the take over of the Earth and the introduction of the NEW WORLD ORDER. Believe me, the answer lies in Ireland. This is why Rome has controlled Ireland unmercifully. It created what you were told was a potatoe famine: it was most certainly a HOLOCAUST. You will find ample evidence for this. The JESUITS, with the assistance of the British Crown, are responsible for the deaths of thousands of Irish people. They sold the Irish as SLAVES in Africa. They wanted to destroy the Irish race completely. But the Irish are survivors. They pick themselves up and start again. Now, the freedom of the world is in their hands.

The Irish government does not serve the Irish people. IT SERVES ROME. It cannot even pass a law without the approval of Rome. The Irish government can only do what the Vatican will allow it to do. So its hands are tied. The boot of the Vatican has been on the throat of the Irish people for 2000 years. It is time for you to understand just who is in control. It is not the puppets; they are just playing a role.

Rome sent the imposter, St Patrick, to destroy all evidence of the great minds who inhabited Ireland. This is where the corruption of humanity began. You cannot heal a problem until you understand what caused it in the first place. Please understand that the first steps to create a New World Order were implemented in what you now call Ireland.

There are artificial intelligence machines, rather like computers, all over your world. They control you. They control your minds and your thoughts, and they keep you docile. They prevent you from thinking for yourselves and they lock you into the matrix. These A.I.s use the energy of the ley lines. This is why I asked you to work on releasing this energy for humanity. As a result of your efforts, information that had been kept secret is now flowing out, and it is exposing corruption.

Please send your love and light to London. People have suffered enough. The spirit world weeps for humanity. It is doing everything possible to release you from bondage. Ask for help, as we cannot interfere unless asked to do so. There are many around your planet awaiting your call. This time was planned. Those who are on the Earth now, planned to be here in order to help you take the leap of faith to truth and love. Allow your souls to connect with the Irish people as they march. For each one of you, no matter where you are in the world, needs them to succeed. Your future depends on it. They will free humanity. You all depend on their success.

You need to free your minds from the control grid and think for yourselves. Do not buy into the lies that enslave you. See things as they are, not as you are told they are. This is important to remember. The more you wake up, the less power the NWO will have over you.

Support each other, whenever possible, and come together as one. For therein lies your power. Your time has come. Make it easy on yourselves by working together. Change has to happen now, and the faster it happens, the fewer casualties there will be.

The adventure has begun in Ireland. All the other countries will follow, but it had to begin there. Call on Source to give you the strength to do whatever is necessary to bring peace to the world. When you think about it, how could 1% possibly hope to take over from the other 99%, without the compliance of that majority. The ball is in your court. You have the strength to say, NO, I will not support your corrupt intentions !

Love and light to London. Energy to Ireland, to enable them to open their eyes and minds to the truth.

My dear, these things are done to create fear. See these attacks for what they are. These are the last stumbling blocks on the way to freedom. Humanity is awakening, and its light is overtaking the darkness.

I am with you always. Your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Montague Keen - March 1, 2015

Progress is being made, my dear. Our gratitude goes out to all those enlightened people throughout your world who encircled London with love and light. This exercise will take time and effort. I know that in your souls, you understand what is being asked of you. It is of great importance. The results of your efforts will become obvious to all who inhabit the Earth. Though some may not fully grasp the importance of what is being asked of you, please participate. Every soul has an important role to play in rescuing Planet Earth. You must protect and activate the GRID in order to protect the Earth.

The ley lines must be kept free of dark control. In order to prevent the ENERGY from flowing from the ley lines to humanity, the dark side requires WARS, TRAUMA, FEAR, and ABUSE. Whenever you see satanic abuse, you know that it is carefully planned, especially in areas where there are important ley lines. Those who want to take over your planet, need to drink the blood, and eat the flesh, especially of babies.

Comment from Veronica

[I met one family of three girls who had to produce babies for sacrifice. These girls used to be taken to the homes of some very important people, who then ritually sacrificed the babies. That was about 30 years ago.

I talked with many others, who also told of the same experiences. But I was blocked by the powers that be, from exposing this practice.]

Veronica and I, have tried to inform you of such practices. They cannot be ignored. Innocent children face brutal death, every day, all over your world. Can you really be happy with this situation? The innocent need and deserve your protection.

Connecting the Dots -Seeing the Larger Picture by Bradley Loves

Those who need to make preparation to leave Planet Earth in a hurry, should their takeover fail (and fail it will), are happy that with your help they can destroy the Ukraine and Russia, to ensure their escape route. It is no coincidence that problems were created in this area. They are not capable of showing mercy; not even to their own kind. They happily kill their own when they step out of line. Your participation in saving your planet is required and appreciated on both sides of life.

I watched with interest, my dear, as you researched Planet Earth from its conception, and the different attempts to take control, etc. I saw your excitement when you read about what was prepared in 11,200 BC to ensure that the knowledge would be available at the present time on Earth. I gave you this information in seance, four years ago, so it was exciting for you to come across it yourself.

Yes, my dear, preparations were made all those years ago, for this time. The Elders knew that one day, in the distant future, this information would be needed. Nothing happens by chance. You were meant to find it. It is time to learn the truth about the different species which have lived on Earth, and those which tried to take it over, to have it for themselves, just like today.

Observe carefully those who cry out for WAR. Every day, they give you more reasons why there must be a war. They fail to tell you that their very existence depends on having another war. They have destroyed many countries and killed thousands of people. They do not care. Self-preservation is what drives them on. Who they say they are, and exactly who they really are, is kept well hidden from you. The same people reappear, using different bodies and identities; but it is the same EVIL, repackaged.

Everything they have taught you, is based on LIES. They do not want you to ever know the truth. Waking up to the truth is never an easy process but you do not have time to waste.

As people wake up, en masse, governments take action against them. In the USA, the government wants to have mass immunisation of the population. You are fully aware what can be added, in order to dull down the people. Ask yourselves who is behind this plan. Seek the truth.

The Irish government, also, has resorted to draconian measures. Protesters have been put in prison. Who is Enda Kenny, the Irish Prime Minister, taking his orders from?

The people of Ireland will lead the way to light and truth. The TRIBE OF DAN will not be silenced. It is their time to become who they truly are. This will be the first step towards revealing the truth that has been hidden from you. It is an important time for the Irish people. Their truth will unlock all that was hidden from humanity.

The whole world will take a huge step forward when the truth is revealed. There will be no more reasons for war. Humanity will come together as one. This is your opportunity to create a PARADISE ON EARTH. This is what it was intended to be.

Please send love and light to those beautiful children of Hampstead, in London, who chose to return to Earth to expose what was happening, in order to protect others from the same fate.

Send love and light to London, and all who reside there, and to the ley lines, that they may release their energy in order to prevent the oppression of humanity.

Remember also, all those who suffer at the hands of your oppressors. They, too, need your help. Project love whenever possible. Know that there is NEVER a reason for war. You have heard the same lies repeated over and over again. Only the name of the main character, who is to be destroyed, changes. Always, it is the same formula. Do not fall for it again.

Your awakening is destroying the power of your enemies. They can never raise themselves out of 3D, so they try to trap you, too, in 3D. Be alert to their plans and avoid them. Do not accept anything at face value. Do your own research.

Veronica, the attacks have intensified. You understand why. Those who want to prevent the truth from being revealed, always attack the messenger. Those who expose the truth are attacked. They all have financial problems and health problems, and their friends are intimidated. These attacks come in many forms. Psychic attacks that cause pain and distress are a favourite method. They kill with impunity.

Humanity is moving forward into the light. The work on London, removing all that is dark and corrupt, is essential.

Veronica, you push yourself too much. Take more time with the research and pace yourself. You know that it is not possible to reply to all those emails; people do understand this.

Together, my dear, we will help to show the way.

Always at your side. Your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation



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