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Fran Zepeda

Mother Mary:

Hello dear ones. By now you have realized that you have reached a crossroads, a crossroads of true unequivocal belief in your divine nature. We have been telling you for quite a while now of the magnificent essence that is you, naturally and never-ending and eternally, and many of you have accepted it with open arms and true belief in your true nature.

However, there are many that still doubt this, and for you to move forward, it needs to be embraced fully and without any hesitation. Deep down you know of your nature, your Divine Nature. Deep down you know of its possibilities and its consequences. Deep down you recognize yourself more and more, as the veils are lifted from your hearts and as you accept yourselves truly and absolutely. But are you fully embracing it? Are you fully believing it? That is the question we pose to you this day, where you find yourselves continually inundated with purer and purer energy into your hearts, if you so accept it.

For many it is bringing up doubts and resistance. For many it is still bringing up those parts of you that still cling to old beliefs of what you think you are, of who you think you are. But beloveds, I come today to ask of you: let go more, surrender more; look closely into your hearts and see any remaining doubts and fears and beliefs that are holding you back from receiving and accepting this pure light of such magnitude, that nothing can hide now, that nothing can be in your way of expanding more fully into your new lives and new sense of yourselves.

But it isn’t really “new” now, dear ones, is it? You are indeed coming back to your true beginnings, your true center, and while it may feel sometimes that you are like a new fresh seedling newly sprouted and waving in the harsh winds of change, feeling very vulnerable, know that you are not alone and you can withstand it, that you can grow further and stronger into your true glory.

I come to you now to give you comfort and love in your treacherous journey, or so it may seem to you now. Hold fast to your center, dear ones, and see how much love you can hold without feeling like you are bursting. And bursting is ok, even so. For you are breaking the barriers of old paradigms for one last time and it is so – it is rightfully so - that you claim your rightful place amongst the Masters in your ability to Love and to Create.

The only thing stopping you, my dear ones, is belief and trust – belief and trust in your Divine Nature, in your Divine Essence, in your Christed Self, in your Lighted Ascended Being. You merely have to choose those thoughts and feelings that support that new level you have found yourselves in. It feels new, yes; it feels strange yes, but go with it. Allow it. You are almost there.

You are the Lighted Love-Bearers of the World. I have told you this before. You are fully capable of sustaining that role; you are perfectly capable of carrying forward as supreme examples of Lighted Ascended Beings, of evolved Ascended Beings, so full of Love and promise that no one can deny it. Don’t deny it, dear ones. Be with us in your full glory. Now is the time. Now is the Creation you have been waiting for – the creation of so much Love oozing within you and without you and for you and by you. Take it in further, dear ones. You are almost there.

We love you immensely, dear ones, we in the Celestial and Galactic Realm. That has never subsided. It grows and flourishes with each further acceptance of it. Let this Love and Light now illuminate any remaining dark patches that may prevent you from fully accepting that you are a Full and Lighted Divine Being, here to spread it further out than you could have ever imagined. For the dark patches are merely beliefs and fears and doubts you have accumulated to sustain you in the times of separation. But that time is closing dear ones. And you merely have to light them up and move through them like wisps of fog lingering before you on your path to full freedom.

You have my deep abiding love always. You have the deep abiding love of all the Celestial and Galactic Realm, of which you are one. Believe it fully, dear ones. Now is the time.

All my love.

Mother Mary

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Mother Mary:

Hello my dear illustrious Beings. I come to you on yet another auspicious day. Energy is accumulating for ever more shifts within each of you and I am here to tell you to be as open as you can, be as expanded as you can and as fluid as you can be.

By now you are experiencing more of your gifts, more of your hearts that are opening to the divine within you. Grasp and behold the beauty within them as you embark on your continuing journey back to Oneness.

I and all the Ascended Masters of the Company of Heaven hold the space for you to enter further into your Wholeness, into your majesty, into your Beingness - your Divine Beingness.

There are so many pockets of energy opening within you now. Go easy with yourselves as you explore them and enjoy them and be in the wonder of them, dear ones.

Above and Beyond you is so much to encompass Into you and Of you. You are in the process of melding into this vast energy as you awaken the same within you. And it is glorious and magnificent and so full of possibilities. Expand dear ones; encompass, and enjoy.

En-joy, dear ones, Be in Joy as your natural birthright. You don’t need to look at these times of expansion as work or struggle. Look at them as glorious opportunities to get to know who you really are, who others really are. Delve into the recesses of your memory and remember those times when you were whole and complete and so full of light that if you saw yourselves now as you were then, you would feel blinded. You are slowly and steadily coming into that now, dear ones. So behold and accept the changes within you that are bringing you to that state.

I beseech you to let all notions and subtle experiences of your energy to be present within you. Think of it as a gemstone that you are gazing at and with each focus you notice more and more facets of color and light that you didn’t see before. That is what is unfolding for you dear ones, as you allow yourselves to open to all the facets of yourself.

I am your mentor in this; I am your supporter in this. I am your comrade in this. I delight in your growing knowledge of yourself. It is a beautiful sight to see. It is a beautiful experience to share with you. It is a delight to all of us in the Company of Heaven to finally see you all evolve into your True Selves.

The fun is just beginning. Hold on to your beautiful “hats” – your crowns of glory – and allow the energy to burst forth from them as you light up and expand with so much Christ Light that it becomes a shower of Golden Light emitting from your crown chakras and your heart chakras into Infinity.

You are such precious jewels of eternity, sparkling and shining for all to see. Share that Light and sparkle further, no holds barred, and watch as you light up the world with the pure essence of divine energy that you are.

You are my precious bundles of Love. If you imagine that you are merely a fraction of what you could be and realize how great you are already, you would be astounded and blown away at the possibility of expansion you have waiting before you. Relax into it, dear ones, and enjoy the ride.

My Love is always yours,

Mother Mary

© 2013 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

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danceoneness.13Mother Mary:

Throughout your history you have trained and hoped for this moment, the time of ultimate Love and Awakening. Well, my dears, you have turned the corner and the floodgates are opening and nothing can stop the torrent of Love-Rain coming down and around and flowing within. For you are the essence of Love and what else would be your outcome??

My dears, you deserve to take a rest now and then, to accommodate the influx of energies and to accommodate the immense changes in your bodies, for it is speeding up now and into a flurry of activity for your greater being, for the well-being of all – for the greater good of all – for all depends on the development and action of each beautiful Light Being that you are.

You are learning to live and work in concert now – flowing within and flowing without, and flowing around and with each other. It has become a dance of Love, so to speak, choreographed by none other than Creator. But you all had a part in its design, and in your commitment it is becoming a magnificent rendition of the ultimate and deepest Love-Fest ever.

danceonness.7In your quest for knowledge and experience and creation you have built a very complex network and structure that can only be described as a bundle of variant beings now beginning to work their way out of the configuration of separateness to the configuration of Wholeness. It is requiring adjustment of many aspects of you, individually and of the whole, and so for the time being the outcome is not clear – the whole picture is not clear – but rest assured that the ultimate configuration and outcome will be so magnificent and stellar and perfect.

Just as every being in the animal kingdom knows what it is about, and bases its activities on the design of its essence, that part of you is coming out now; though dissimilar to the animal kingdom in some ways, it is the deep knowing of your purpose that is coming to the surface now and you cannot go wrong in executing it.

It comes in different timing and configuration for different individuals, but just as the different steps in a dance meld and combine together to create a beautiful and  whole dance and performance, you are stepping in time to the call of your essence and as long as you listen and follow closely, you cannot fail in creating together with all others the unprecedented ultimate creation and experience of Wholeness and Oneness and Unity Consciousness, fitting in and nestling in the arms of Creator with each part fitting perfectly.

And so you move forward, not exactly knowing what the next step is always, and not always understanding where you are going, but suffice to say, that in your trust and faith in coming back to your Center and your Heart, you are gathering fuel and direction for your next step. That is all we can ask of you, that you continue with always coming back to the quiet, still part of you, to gather yourself for your next move – and in many cases, no move at all, just an acceptance of BE-ingness.

I love you beyond measure, and what you have embarked on no one has ever done, but that is the miracle of Creation, and the power of Source; it is the seemingly blind faith, and also determined purpose of reaching down and within for the glimmers of understanding and direction in order to execute your individual step of the dance. Only you can pull this off, dear ones, and we are counting on you. And we work with you daily, hourly, and every minute, to use your sense of time frames. But you are beginning to see that this Now moment you are in is perpetual and complete and full of everything you need and want, if you just believe it so.

There is nothing to strive for, because you are inherently accomplishing it in your full embrace of Love and trust in your true Divine Nature. Let go of your doubts and settle into the knowing and sweet bliss and peace of your natural state, which is to be absorbed in, and act out of, Love in everything you do and say. It is the thread of everything as you allow yourself to weave the fabric of your True Essence back to Oneness with Creator of All-That-Is.

heavenonearth.marinapetro.comWe of the Company of Heaven are in awe of you and welcome you back with us as we work together in concert for a world full of Peace and Love and Freedom and Abundance. You are the foundation and the essence and the creators of that and if you could see from our vantage point, it is a beautiful masterpiece already.

You are in my Heart and my arms of Love, always,

Mother Mary


As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

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Mother Mary:


Hello sweet ones, my beloveds. I come before you with great news. For all around there are shifts of magnificent and gigantic proportions.

You are the love-bearers of the world and as such you must hold it constantly, in spite of seeming evidence to the contrary.  That ability to hold it, no matter what, is what sets you apart, my dear ones, and is what makes you so invaluable.

Yes, you may need to pause at times and gather your strength and refresh yourself. But it is in your make-up and mission to continue on holding Love for all around you, and for your beloved Mother Earth who takes such good care of you.

My dears, you are no doubt discovering that even when it feels like you are in a lull, much is going on beneath the surface, and sometimes you are holding the Flame of Love out of pure faith and persistence in spite of the barrage of negativity that you may feel around you. You set this up to test your strength and you come out every time knowing how strong you are.

Persistence and constancy is what keeps bringing you through, and you exhibit magnificent perseverance even when it feels like there is no end to your clearing and to your experiences of intermittent doubt. This, my dear ones, is what sets you apart from others around you, for you do not hold on to the doubt for long before it fuels deeper certainty and Love, and deeper commitment to your mission.

Yes, dear ones, You Are the Love-Bearers of the World, and as such, you encounter many experiences and difficulties designed to strengthen your resolve and commitment. This is how it works, dear ones. No obstacle is too big for you to overcome, no dip in your confidence is too low for you to pull out of it, and you always come out so much stronger, and Glowing with Love that translates to everything and everyone around you.

Sometimes you may feel like you are going around and around to the same thing, and suddenly there opens a path in front of you that takes you out of it, and from this there is always more hope and expansion for you. At these times I light your way, as do many in the Celestial Realm, and we stand cheering you on as you suddenly notice that all is not lost and you begin to grasp the subtle and not so subtle insights and revelations that come from crawling your way through darkness. For that end, you find it necessary to appreciate and also understand the Light at a deeper level.

Mother Mary.Love-BearersAnd always you come back to more Love for yourself and for others. Allow it to fill you up to bursting, dear ones. Concentrate on it even when you feel you are in darkness or uncertainty. For sitting in that darkness is your means for pulling in more Light and Love and more understanding of what you need to clear. Facing the darkness is an act of promise and faith and hope because within the very nature of it is the means to Illumination.

And many of you are reaching the bottom of this relentless clearing you have been going through, and “blue skies” are more prevalent and comforting. You will find that they have really been there all along; alas for the few clouds you have been so diligently facing and clearing. And those “blue skies” are your true nature. Get used to having them more, dear ones. Look for them and be confident they are there even when you are still filtering the fluctuating swirls of old negativity and fears. They are but a wisp away from clearing now, dear ones.

I take you in my loving arms and limitless heart so that you may see the possibility of your expansiveness, of your own limitless Heart of Love. Sit within that possibility, my dear ones, for you will see that the love that you have been nurturing is now serving to keep you in a state of intimate and ultimate peace and knowing of your True Selves. Bask in that Love more than ever, dear ones. For it is your birthright.

I take you with me every time you allow yourselves to experience that Unconditional Love for yourselves. We dance together in the sweet loving embrace of purity that can only be experienced when you discard those dying labels and perceptions of yourself that you have built up in your dance-of-separation over these eons, only to find now that there is little left except an acknowledgement of your beauty, like a gentle glow that lights up your life and the world.

Keep feeding that Gentle Glow that is your True Selves now, dear ones. Let it be the pervading factor and focus in your life now. Nothing else is real. It is your challenge to keep yourselves glowing in spite of any dark patches that may infiltrate. Those patches are just temporary, dear ones, and are so easily transformed with your persistent returning to your God-Spark that is fed with each loving thought and caress you hold for yourselves.

I continue to hold you within my Heart of Love as you hold others in yours.

All my love is yours,

Mother Mary


As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

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http://www.franhealing.com/Current-Channelled-Message.html (Website)




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