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Meline Lafont


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Méline Lafont ~ The new body and new reality is all about the re-embodiment of a specimen or fractal of your True Self ~ As channeled from Self


As the expansion of your awareness is integrating into your fields, such forms of activations are in store for your being to use upon this reality of yours. All is integrating on such a level of understanding that the I AM Presence is now able to step forward in these times and follow the direction one has chosen to BE. Many are experiencing this at present and real life connections are made with others such as with yourself in order to bring you into a deeper realization that the Self is an intrinsic part of All That Is.


At this time you are being a part of this whole integration of the I AM Presence of Light. Beautifully expanding, living the Now moment and embodying the Christed Self in consciousness. As the Giant Cosmic web of I AM Presences has formed into a solid foundation of Light, it is emanating all of its frequencies and light quotients, bringing it back to the Source that you ARE. This grid of Light has been expanding for many Earthly linear years upon your reality and it has now finally found a way into your consciousness to expand through that as well and to be able of being perceived by all of you.


This is the growth process and expansion process of your Christed self that one is in embodiment with at this time. As all former realities are losing their expansion of density and lack of Light, all is being filled now, like wholes in the ground, with liquid Gold Light of Christ. Now Earth is ready to finally be re-balanced in Her Feminine and Masculine energies of Supreme Creator of All That Is just because of those massive waves of energies that are being exposed to Earth.


As the Self learns to re-embody its Christed Self, the I AM Presence of such beautiful being is allowed and granted to step to the forefront of one’s consciousness and merge into deeper ways of your being. Such activations come from the heart and the re-balancing of one’s own Divinity and of their Feminine with Masculine energies is therefore taking place. Such processes are indeed prerequisite for one to step into a deeper consciousness as the acceptance of their own Divinity and the Masculine re-balance with the Feminine is of much importance for allowing the process called “Ascension” or the re-integration of Self to unfold.


At this time all are in the midst of this and therefore the brain system will be remodulated into the heart system which is being done at this time and it is only failing it’s goal if One is not in a balanced state or does not flow at One with the heart.


To remodulate is all about reintegrating your true Self and allowing the body to cope with this on the most wondrous ways of your being. It is all about allowing your Self to achieve this kind of state and allowing your self to truly be in the Now before this can unfold. When that is upon you, a physical and etheric translation will be made within the field of the mind, expanding itself and allowing to be changed into other light codes now pouring in and through the heart, bringing such heart energies into a manifestation.


That is what the new body and new reality is all about; the re-embodiment of a specimen or fractal of your True Self. And as we grow into this manifestation from working from the mind to being in the heart, a great deal is coming aboard during this process as it is not a one time fix. A lot of integration has to take place in order to allow the physical body to ascend along with the true consciousness that you are at that time.


When one is allowed to merge with his/her true Self there is a space created in your reality where your consciousness is lingering into a pure state to the extent of what it is; a true force and Source of Love. The ego has than to step aside and allow this process to unfold, that is which is called the Self Mastery.

As times ahead are going to be quite a hard labor to say the least, a more complex state will linger and reside in each and everyone of you allowing you to learn more and grow more into the infinity that you are. There will be no more time and space for linear thinking and no joining forces with the lower mind/the ego. So a real detachment from it will make it easier upon you to create in a more refined and pure state of being. But again, the Self Mastery of it will be the most challenging part of this all for all energies are eternally existing, just taking on other forms.


The wish and gratitude of Love are expressed within this field of understanding and embodiment of me, channeling the message from my I AM Being. With all my Love.


I AM that I AM

Eyah Asher Eyah

Méline Lafont/Lady Portia

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unalteredhttp://awakeningtohigherlove.com and http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com






~ There is no turning around now with the planetary Ascension for this is now unfolding on a Solar and cosmic level ~ As channeled from Self

As the times are changing and your reality is being reflected into a more deeper and refined way of your being, a lot is building itself up to be manifested upon your world. And as the realization of the Self is finally part of your being and world, you will continue realizing just that during your entire Cosmic process of Ascension, for the realization of the Self is the co-foundation of your being. Your Self exists of multiple aspects of your being that are being integrated at this time on a more conscious level than ever before.

As these aspects of your being are absorbed, a process called realization of Self, you will find new ways of living and being within your renewed reality of Self. For it is merely a reflection of who you are as One in the same reality; One with all of your aspects of being in the same reality. As this process and time on Earth is now beginning to be sensed and felt by the awareness of your being, a larger concept arises at this time to be introduced to you all and by you all, for you are the Masters of Light that bring renewal to the Self in this old and material density.

Yes Mastery is what you achieve now at this moment and this means that you are growing into your real and true Self more and more, deeper and deeper. There has never been a disconnection to the Self, it was merely a denial of the Self in this Earthly plane and this achievement of the arising of the Light through the Ascension portal is waking you up so that there is no way anymore to deny the Self. Connections are made everyday to the hearts of others and to the Self, it goes consciously and deeper.

Now that the arrival of the New Earth in your planetary grid of Self Mastery is achieved, you have achieved an Ascension process that is about to unfold now for the rest of humanity as well. Take note that One is entirely free to choose whatever One wants to achieve and BE in life. There is no turning around now with the planetary Ascension for this is now unfolding on a Solar and cosmic level. And as these Solar and Cosmic energies are being created and are shifting in your consciousness as well as on a Planetary level, you will start to see that all that is around you has always been a focus on duality and separation.

The uniqueness is the only thing that will survive from this duality as uniqueness is truth, for each individual is unique in his/her own way of being. And as this uniqueness is filling in the big puzzle as a piece of the puzzle of this Cosmic Web of the I AM Presences, a very deep and strong connection to the real you and Self is being formulated into your being and reality, for it takes on the form of creation and existence in this Earthly plane.

Love will always be around as you are love and you reflect it. From now on, there shall be a bigger and greater awareness of the Self, an openness to the Self and to others around you making possible a deeper connection to All That Is. And as these connections will be empowered, the Earth and humanity will start to flow more in a loving way and act upon this way of being. There shall be respect and acceptance, toleration and happiness.. as well as the firm confidence in one another and in the Self. There shall be a greater bond and a strong exchange of energies between the hearts and there shall be infinite help and support.

As the great alignments will come, for more are about to come soon in your reality, each step into the Light will be greater. Each step will help you to align with others, with your family of Light and with the Self. And the more this becomes this fractal of your reality, the more change will be allowed to flow by the Self and in the Self. Embrace every single moment of your time and being with the most compassion and deep love, with the greatest acceptance of all, for it will allow you to move on with deeper alignments to all that you are on all the different planes of BEING.

Being is knowing, accepting and trusting in all that you are, floating in all that you are and feeling LOVE. My Love surrounds you every day from the heart, always.

I AM that I AM, Eyah Asher Eyah.

Lady Portia/Méline Lafont

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered.  http://awakeningtohigherlove.com and http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com


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