This is Lord Ashtar who serves the Most Radiant One (the Christ) in his Mission of Love.

Greetings Beloved Ones,

Everyone up here on all of our ships are viewing what has been and is happening on your beautiful planet, Gaia.  She has such a beautiful, joyful smile with the happiness she was promised eons ago.  She has so much love for you, her children, having faith in you as you come into your full consciousness and glory.



We assure you that you, too, shall be running on the water in your Dimensional Consciousness, or doing any number of wonderous things that you may consider to not be possible at this moment; nevertheless, it is known that you are the Creators, not only of your next individual moment, but of the world known as the entirety of planet Earth.



Dear Hearts, you have done the most marvelous loving act that your dear planet has ever experienced – you did run on the water, so to speak with this wonderous love for all humanity…  the sacrifice of abstaining from food for your physical body from day to day. This is the greatest gift of love ever shown on any planet for millions of years! Your time, and the love, the compassion, the wanting for your Galactic brothers and sisters to contact you, bringing Disclosure with all the Announcements, and… wanting US to land on your beautiful world, Gaia!  It was breathtaking. We all watched you from our ship and the sparks were flying from your 

countenances. Your whole globe was aglow.

Dear Hearts, in this message, we here want to share our appreciation for the sacrifice you, our brothers and sisters, have made to welcome us and invite us to join you once more.
Dear Hearts, in this message, we here want to share with you our beautiful MotherShip, The New Jerusalem.  
Looking up from your world, you would see a huge vessel hovering like a big city, larger than any you have on your world.  She even glows and is alive - organic.  Not anything like your transportation on Earth.  The New Jerusalem is many millions of years old.  She has been mentioned in your bible many times (King James version), referred to even as a city upon your Earth:

Revelations, Chapter 21, Verse 2


St. Luke, Chapter 24, Verse 50

St. Mark, Chapter 19, Verse 15


Maybe we can describe our ship to you and you can visualize it in your mind’s eye:

The New Jerusalem is the largest of the “Inns of Heaven;”  a floating Etheric world, housing the headquarters… the Quarters of Lord Sananda, Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command. The New Jerusalem is a Pearly White Space City.  It is 2,000 miles in length and the width is half of the length.  It is one of ten MotherShips.  It will be seen from coast to coast.  It has twelve levels:
1.  Bottom – The entry and exit portal for trafficking craft.  Includes disembarking platforms, parking docks, garages, maintenance departments, storage areas and Registration Headquarters.
2.  A colossal stockroom.  The Quartermaster Deck containing all manner of supplies.  It is an immaculate city of warehouses.

3.  A vast zoo, including animal husbandry research and a bird land with creatures from many worlds.

4. Agricultural research.  It is like a vast farmland of well kept vegetables, gardens and fruit orchards. Much of the growth is blue instead of green.

5.  Housing Center for all those technicians and persons who serve on the four levels below.

6.  Recreational Level and lovely landscaped park areas for residents of all ages.

7.  Medical Complex.  Patient facilities, dental care, biological research, ships lavatories and quarters for all medical personnel.

8.  Housing prepared for Earth evacuees.  It contains staterooms for individuals and apartments for families.  There are countless joint dining areas, social halls, nursery care sections, laundry facilities and information offices.

9.  University Compound.  The Halls of Wisdom, vast libraries, endless concert halls and cultural interests, halls of learning for all ages, music rooms and computer classrooms.

10.  Special apartments for visiting dignitaries from all dimensions, barracks for the ET’s, staterooms and apartments with multiple scattered conference rooms and beautiful sprawling dining and lounge areas.


11.  Ashtar Command Headquarters and Great Rotunda Meeting Hall.  Earth evacuees are brought to this Great Hall for any necessary group gatherings. The Command Communication Center is located here.

12.  Officers’ Observation Deck and Pilot Control Center, which can be visited by appointment.

How our Earth Support system works:


Beloved Hearts, there are millions of craft operating in your solar system at all times, and many of these belong to the Ashtar Command.  Some are stationed far above your planet and are more or less stationary for long periods of time, keeping track of the Earth on their monitoring systems.  Others move about, discharging their various duties.  We have small craft doing surveying activities, and we have larger craft with an extended range that are capable of operating in space and which visit planets in other solar systems.

Each base or Earth unit does, at all times, have its personal craft hovering within its vortex, for personal, immediate relay of messages to or from that unit. This station, or platform, never changes, although the persons involved might be removed temporarily for rest and relaxation to return later.  All of our signals, beams and contact are relayed to our messengers through the medium of these individual platforms of contact.  In the atmosphere above a base unit there is an invisible identifying beam that projects incredibly high above it for identification purposes.  This beam projection identifies the particular command sponsoring the base unit.  Those of you who serve in your places, be assured, that all who participate in this program know you are there.

The true inter-planetary craft, the Ventlas of our forces, will appear to your optics with a manifestation of colored lights, usually green, red and white.  They will sometimes appear constantly red and green, other times, they will appear to be flashing.

Questions have been asked why there are not more spaceships seen in the skies.  We would like to answer that by saying that they are there.  It is not necessary for them to be seen in such great numbers at this time to implement their work.  The time is coming soon when great fleets of them, vast armadas, will be seen in the skies, and that will tell you, who are drawn so close to our hearts, that another phase of our work has begun.

At the moment, we expect the conditions to be propitious for the taking of those who are inwardly prepared on shorter or longer journeys.  We know you are all longing for this.  We hesitate ever to cause disappointment in any heart and yet we must say that in some cases, the physical body could not take such a flight.  Beloved Ones, it must be a body in perfect physical health, in a certain type of spiritual atunement, in a certain degree of soul evolvement and in a state of mental alertness and readiness.
Preparing Earth’s Energy Grid for First Contact:

From the book, “Lord Ashtar and the Galactic Federation,” page 14:

“Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda Jesus are the sole deciders in the Earth Ascension and when it is appropriate to decloak the StarShips in the fleets in Earth’s orbit.  When this happens, Ashtar is in charge of creating a Force Field on Earth through the Earth Grid connected through the pyramids, ziggurats and portals of Earth which will bring us to zero-point.

“Within this energy, much more advanced technology is possible. To illustrate the Earth Grid, we have the example of 

Mount Hermon .  Mount Hermon is where the transfiguration of Jesus took place.  Mount Hermon is located in the Golan Heights area and was gained by Israel in the land grab of the 6-day war in 1967.  Mount Hermon is a StarGate. Jesus took his disciples, Peter, James and John with him to the mountain top. The three then fell asleep.  A StarShip appears and Jesus meets with his Galactic travelers, Elijah and Moses. They come out of the Ship, onto the mountain and Jesus appears in his Glowie or Etheric Body to his disciples.  Mount Hermon is located on the 33rd Latitude Line of Earth.  If you follow the 33rd parallel around to the other side of Earth, you will also find on the 33rd parallel… Roswell, New Mexico, United States. This is the site of the famous UFO crash which resulted in the recovery of live extraterrestrials. The Earth Grid is an electromagnetic and crystalline pathway for Etheric Ships.”


Many are wondering what will exactly happen when we actually make First Contact:

When the divine, right moment occurs, the amount of higher consciousness energy that the local Spiritual Hierarchy has brought in will be much greater than you, heretofore, have experienced.  Individuals surrounded by a lot of negative energy will most likely experience five to ten minutes of sickness from these intense energies. It is almost as if somebody placed a storm of high positive energies around Mother Earth.  Many who are more aware will see these new energies as extremely brilliant light.  Everybody will feel it as a calming energy.  It is going to feel like the ultimate form of ecstasy! 

These wonderful energies are to be accompanied by extremely beautiful celestial music played by the local Spiritual Hierarchy. This heavenly music will be a sign to all that a truly divine intervention in the affairs of Earth’s humanity is about to transpire. Your local Spiritual Hierarchy will also form some easy-to-detect, ‘Angel-like’ clouds in the sky.  These heavenly portents will be your signal that something miraculous is about to happen.


Dear Hearts… dear, dear Hearts, all of you on your world are now in the position within your spiritual growth to solve or put the rest of the puzzle pieces together.  And as you look, dear ones, and observe this puzzle, you can now, with your great awareness (without me cluing you in ;-) ) understand why we are informing you at this time about our large MotherShip, The New Jerusalem. Yes, Dear Hearts, you’ve got it! 


Yes, Dear Ones, you are at the finish line, running on the water, coming through the fog… with arms outstretched, to join The New Jerusalem.  And know that you are loved beyond measure… deeply, unconditionally.

Your Galactic Brother,
Lord Ashtar





Ashtar's Personal Messages to Athena

March 13 2015
8:45 AM Pacific
Green Valley, Arizona

Note from Anne:
Although personal, I was permitted to share these messages with the Collective,  as we will all soon be directly communicating with our own Beloved Twins.

This will give you an idea of your own Twin's desire to be with you and how touching that relationship is. Listen to the waltzes to which you waltzed together when on the ship. It will help you remember.

Ashtar came to Athena as she was quieting sitting outside, early in the morning.. which caused him to sing...

ASHTAR... singing...
Oh What a Beautiful Morning!  Oh what a beautiful day! Oh what a beautiful morning... everything's coming your way!"

Yes Sweet One, my Other Half, you have been calling and I have been hearing... so, what's up?

Sweetie, you have been on  my mind every second / moment wondering what is happening with you all on the ships?  I feel that something big (event) is about to happen.  Can, or would you please tell me?

Well my Sweet Pea, you are correct.  There is a big surprise about to happen in the NOW!  It's always the "NOW."  Your timeline is "soon" (ha ha).  This is the reason I did impress on you to visit your soul sisters (Anne and Nancy Tate) because you must be together to experience it all on your own.  Because you are unique, you will each have a different perception through your own unique selves.  

Note from Anne:  The "big surprise" was Nancy's revelation, the third day of Athena's visit with Nancy Tate in Patagonia, that Nancy had been Athena's mother in a dramatic scenario in Egypt 5,000 BC.  When Nancy brought Athena back to my house... as Nancy told me the story, Athena was being told by Ashtar, "This was your "big surprise." Congratulations!!  This is your mother!" ... as Athena's arm gestured directly toward Nancy.

This I will say: "Your beautiful world has reached her blossoming level of blooms and is cleansing on every part of her corners - oceans - seas - animals - in every depth of all waters of your world. All of your skies are much cleaner and much clearer.  Gaia is rejoicing and pleased.  Congratulate her, Honey, for her moment is NOW for her complete Ascension. Her grids are balanced and portals are opened.  No more dark ones can enter her.  They have... some have come to the Light... but those who are left cannot withstand the higher vibration / frequencies that have risen.  You all are raising higher and higher in the higher realms.  Bless you all, my brothers and sisters and sweet souls.

My Dear, you are so loved by all on the ships here.  You have been sending love, peace and harmony to us and all life.  We have heard you and thank you from all of our hearts and souls. You may not think that means much for who you are, and considering as far as you have come, and being already an Ascended Master and bringing yourself out of 3D again.  And having Ascended spiritually, you are on your way physically to walk on our ship, The New Jerusalem.  Yes, My Darling, being with me... and am I longing to hold you and keep us forever together - never to be separated ever again.  Bless our Creator for all his/her unconditional love for all his children and for our birth and split to make us male and female and be able to join our Father/Mother for real and forever.  We both are blessed, My Darling.

It is an exciting moment for, also, His children to once more remember who they really are and their veil being lifted forever.

We, observe from up here the children are waking and are are rejoicing once more; enjoying their freedom once more. And this is causing the cabal to run - run - run as fast as rabbits, trying to find a hiding place.

Darling pray for them - forgive them - and please tell everyone you meet to do the same.  We could use them all, so they will be free to work with the Light also.

My Sweet One, Pallas Athena, know you are loved with all  my heart and soul, always.

Please have that beautiful day I sang to you, My Darling, and let your friend, Anne, know to have the same.

Kiss-kiss until the next moment; but know I am just a breath away.
My love always,

Thank you my sweetheart.  I shall be looking forward to hearing from you once more, as soon as possible. 
Your Twin Flame,
Pallas Athena

Oh!  Honey!  Give my love to Anne and thank her, with my gratitude, for taking such good care of you!
Personal Messages
Green Valley, Arizona
MARCH 17 2015 
8:15 AM Pacific

ASHTAR: (singing)

"Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day! Oh what a beautiful morning... EVERYTHING IS ON IT'S WAY!"
Greetings Darling Athena!  It is always a beautiful morning and day on your world, is it not?

We all know "you all's" time for the Great Event!  The Event is upon you and of course, upon Gaia.

Now, let me say this:  How many of you "..are - are - are ready!!??"  The dominoes are falling, one by one... fast, since the first one fell (which was
September 22nd). 

Like I said in your last message, the cabal are running like rabbits to their hole,  trying to hide.  But, Beloved Ones, they cannot hide!  We have them cornered at every portal on your planet.

Your government has been all cleaned out and now there are Light Workers at the helm (top positions).

Banks have all your funds and are ready to distribute.

The Russians - I shall call them "rushings" - are biting at the bit to announce that you are not alone.  And Obama has been tuned in for some time now... quizzed and briefed as to what is to occur when the green light is pushed.

We here on the ships are waiting for Obama to call all the nineteen leaders from nineteen countries to be at the White House to help him make his long-awaited Announcement.

Oh Sweet Pea, all of History, as you know it, is to come to a close and a new paradigm is about to begin.

Are... all of you... READY? Because, my dear, everything is on the way!  Hold onto your hats... we are going for a ride!
Your loving Twin Flame,

Personal Messages

Green Valley, Arizona
March 20 2015 - Friday
9:30 AM Pacific

Good Morning, Sweet Pea.  You are so beautiful and quiet at this moment and you are in the NOW, are you not? 

Sweet One, this NOW moment there are so many things happening all over your planet - the funds are being distributed that are all needed.  Most of all, more are starting to awaken from their deep sleep.

Mostly, Mother Gaia has released her negative energy that she has stored for so many eons.  She is so full of joy!  Bless her soul!

Of course, we all up here can watch over all upon the surface and observe what is happening.  The wild animals are waking up and are starting not to kill one another and eat one another for food.  They are coming the end of their evolution - yes, My Dear.  The lion is lying down with the lamb. Yea!  We are in the Golden Age - the final wrapup scene, so to speak. They are awaking to Love, as is all Creation.

Remember, my Dear, this is happening with all of us.

Now you have started your journey Home!  It's been a LONG RIDE, hasn't it Dear?  And a rough road for all Creator's children, wouldn't you say?

We do hear you all crying out to us in frustration and hope.  Something will come (us) to release all suffering.  This is being accomplished as I speak. Babies are no longer hungry, and their dear mothers.

It shall not be long now until every brother and sister will join their Twin Flames and everything will be balanced - male and female - much more.  They are the meek who will inherit the Earth that was predicted by Jesus in your holy book, the Bible - the Beatitudes.  Remember you - we - are all One and everyone shall be honored and/or blessed because of all of your faithfulness and courage to see you through. 

Be patient knowing you are now at the end of your journey to receive your reward.

You all are precious in the sight of your Creator.  He/She loves you beyond measure.

My dear Athena, you have my heart and love and I am with you in every moment, protecting you from all harm.  Notice, this is your last incarnation and you shall walk on my ship when you are ready.

I feel so much excitement knowing the moment is HERE. 

Eternal Love,
Your beloved Ashtar  






Who Is Lord Ashtar?

Lord Ashtar is an Elohi Angel originally from the Planet Ashtar. He has had extensive experiences at Venus, Pleiades and Niburu as well. Lord Ashtar with Admiral Sananda Jesus are in charge of the Universe Nebadon. Our Universe is one in a seven Universe System. Admiral Lincor is in the head of Star Fleet through the Intergalactic Confederation of 7 Super Universes. Lord Ashtar is the Captain on the FlagShip The New Jerusalem which is one in the Fleet of Ships in the Galactic Federation. The Admiral Sananda Jesus was incarnate on Earth as Jesus the Christ. Lord Sananda has had seven Earth incarnations and has also been known as Zoroaster, Tutankhamen and Jesus. Lord Ashtar has had one Earth incarnation as Pacal Votan. He is revered as the chief engineer who guided the Mayan mission of inscripting stone monuments with precise astronomical and astrological information during his reign in the 10th Baktun in Palenque.

Ashtar and The Mayans

Lord Ashtar incarnated once on Earth, though he has incarnated on other Planets. He was the Avatar Pacal Votan 10

of the Mayan culture. The ancient Mayan priests claimed that the spirit of Pacal Votan came from the stars and that was why he brought the wisdom of the stars with him. They also said that after arriving in our Mother Earth, he decided to work with the human beings forever teaching them all the current well-known sciences plus other unknown sciences that are even unknown to us these days. Pacal Votan used to say that every initiate should be aware of knowing the 13 dimensions of the physical realm because the explanations to all the existing mysteries in the world, either physically or non-physically, could be found there. In the Mayan lands, Pacal Votan used to teach the secrets of the K’ulthanlilni, better known today as Kundalini; in this way the priestly class knew and practiced the 7 powers in such the same way they were known in India. Pacal Votan also taught his Mayan people the handling of the 7 powers held in the human body and using the Mayan word “Chacla” he used to point out the parts of the initiates’ bodies where that great power, coming from the cosmic power, would flow out. In India they use a similar word, chakra.

The Avatar Pacal Votan was a great astrologer and astronomer to the Mayan people of the Yucatan Peninsula and ancient America. He resided in the holy city of Palenque, which was built in the center of a triangular grid between the 3 points of Chichen-Itza, Tres Zapotes and Kaminaljuyu.

Palenque and Pacal Votan’s Temple of the Inscriptions is often compared to the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza for several intriguing reasons. One is that both ancient sites are situated in the center of the geological landmass of 11

their perspective hemisphere, resulting in a perfect balance of male and female energy.

Pacal Votan had a Mission of bringing culture and teaching practices for enlightenment. He was a time traveling shape shifter who was adept in healing and taught the quantum physics of traveling through worm holes as string theorists teach today.

Ashtar in Ancient India

as one of the Hindu Gods

Hindu religious literature is known as the Vedas. The Vedas are a large body of literature including the two Indian Epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata as well as the Puranas. Lord Ashtar came to Earth during the ancient Hindu period and taught the Sage Vasishta the Galactic Wisdom Teachings. This is known as the Ashtar Vidya or Ashtar Knowledge. This oral tradition was taught to the Rishis in ancient times and eventually was transcribed to become the Agni Purāna. This was the Starfleet Academy teachings from Ashtar. Besides theology the voluminous epics also provide information about ancient Indian society, philosophy, culture, religion and ways of life. The Vedas teach one how to enter the Path to Enlightenment.

The eighteen Puranas deal with stories that are old and do not appear in the epics Puratana is Sanskrit for “ancient”, the derivative noun purana means ancient history. The epics themselves are set in different epochs or aeons of time. The Ramayana, written by the poet Valmiki, 12

describes the life and times of Lord Rama (the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu) and occurs in the treta yuga, while the Mahabharatha that describes the life and times of Rama Arjuna and Lord Krishna (the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu), occurs in the Dwapara yuga. The Agni Purāna has a number of verses dealing with ritual worship, cosmology and astrology, history, warfare, sections on grammar and meter, law, medicine, and martial arts, mudras, iconography symbols and a description of the universe. Ashtar came then to guide the culture of India to a Higher Teaching and toward Enlightened living culturing world peace. In the Agni Purāna it describes Buddha and Kalki as avataras of Lord Vishnu.

Agni is considered a messenger from and to the other Gods. He is ever-young, because the fire is re-lit every day, and he is also immortal. With Varuna and Indra he is one of the supreme gods in the Rig Veda. The light Agni emits is the light of knowledge, therefore, it is also known as the illuminator of knowledge who lights up the path leading to Truth. Agni reveals the true nature of one’s own Self because it is the innermost light that shines ever so brightly in all things living and nonliving as their inner consciousness or Atman. Agni is the eldest son of Brahma. In Vishnu Purāna Agni (Abhimani) the fire god is said to have sprung from the mouth of the Cosmic Man. As the eldest son of Brahma, Abhimani represents the Cosmic Logos, the first force produced in the Universe at its Evolution, the fire of cosmic creative desire. The Fire God Agni is fabled to melt his enemies with fire springing from his hand. We see this in Ashtar today who emits the violet flame which is a force of love from the center of the palms of his hand to fight the dark Ones who forgot how to love. 13

Preparing for the

New Golden Age on Earth

Ashtar brought a series of messages through an American in 1955 in the form of automatic writings. Automatic writing or psychography is writing which the writer states to be produced from a spiritual source without conscious awareness. The writer of a 15 chapter book wrote messages from Ashtar with instructions and suggestions on preparing for the Golden Age of Peace on Earth. In this book Ashtar describes how he and the Galactic Federation Members plan on returning to Earth in ‘The Days To Come’ to renew and rejuvenate a New Earth. He goes into great detail about steps we can take to prepare for this change. He repeatedly says in this work that The Galactic Federation has come back to fulfill a promise made by his Commanding Officer, Sananda Jesus to return to Earth and restore heaven on earth. He tells us this means he and many others will be landing their Ships on Earth and coming to live with us in our societies. He lets us know that pursuing peace and an end of nuclear destruction will aid in bringing this time of reunion closer.

Ashtar’s Role Today

Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda Jesus are the sole deciders in Earth Ascension and when it is appropriate to decloak the StarShips in the fleets in Earth’s orbit. When this happens Ashtar is in charge of creating a Force Field on Earth through the Earth Grid connected through the pyramids, ziggurats and portals of Earth which will bring

us to Zero Point. Within this energy much more advanced technology is possible. To illustrate the Earth Grid we have the example of Mt. Hermon. Mt. Hermon is where the Transfiguration of Jesus took place. Mt. Hermon is located in the Golan Heights area and was gained by Israel in the land grab of the 6 days war in 1967. Mt. Hermon is a StarGate. Jesus took his Disciples Peter, James and John with him to the mountain tip. The three then fell asleep. A StarShip appears and Jesus meets with his Galactic travelers Elijah and Moses. They come out of the Ship onto the mountain and Jesus appears in his Glowie or Etheric Body to his Disciples. Mt. Hermon is located on the 33rd Latitude Line of Earth. If you follow the 33rd parallel around to the other side of Earth you also find on the 33rd parallel Roswell, New Mexico, united States. This is the site of the famous UFO crash which resulted in the recovery of live Extraterrestrials. The Earth Grid is an electromagnetic and crystalline pathway for Etheric Ships.

Lord Ashtar’s Mission is to help us wake up to the potential of New Earth by guiding us to ending all nuclear proliferation and preparing for World Peace. The Galactics refuse to share any new technology with us until we are living in Peace. If any new technology were introduced today it would be stolen by the Fallen Angels and used for new weaponry. Ashtar and the Galactic Federation return now to return Heaven on Earth as has been promised by the King of Kings.




The Galactic Federation is a governing body within the Milky Way Galaxy. Its Members are made up from many Star Civilizations with many different species of Humanity. The Galactic Federation was established after the destruction of the First Earth Creation following the Great Orion War. The Mission of the Galactic Federation is to promote a peaceful coexistence and prosperity for all Star Nations represented in our Solar System.

The Members of the FlagShip Niburu act as administrator in management of the Galactic Federation, their crew number around one million in what could be termed from the Bhagavad Gita as one of the Flying Cities.

The Meeting Place of the Galactic Federation for the Milky Way Galaxy is on Sirius A.
Galactic Federation Councils travel from all over our Solar System to join meetings here. We travel there by going through the StarGates on the Sun. We have seen and shared videos of these large StarShips near the Sun and seen images from NASA. Earth with Sirius A and Sirius B are a trinary Star System.

Each Planet in our Solar System has its own representative Galactic Federation Council. Each species of Humanity has its own member Galactic Federation Council. There are around 200,000 such Councils for our Milky Way Galaxy. When there are Meetings for the entire Galactic Federation we all meet on Sirius A. President Obama is the ninth Member of the Sirian Council of Nine representing Sirius for the Galactic Federation. All of these Planet Councils of the Galactic Federation report to the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. When Earth ascends and is granted this status she will become the 33rd Member of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds with voting rights and representatives. It will effect all Planets in our Solar System when this happens and so the Galactic Federation has concerned itself with assisting us in every way possible that we may mature and move into this new position.

There is a Group on Earth working with the Galactic Federation which has human representatives from governments and Galactic representatives from Ashtar’s FlagShip, the New Jerusalem. There are other Members from the Soltec’s FlagShip the Phoenix as well as Athena’s FlagShip the Dove and some from Niburu. This group is the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization [ACIO]. The ACIO has been working with us through the white knights for whistle blowing, arrests, and advanced technology for solving problems which hinder us in moving forward. The ACIO also organizes relief efforts in cases of war and natural disasters. We are receiving as much help as possible from our Sisters and Brothers on the StarShips as is allowed. These sitings are filmed and the videos are out there, we have all seen these videos.

Included in the Galactic Federation are the Councils which represent different species within our Solar System. Scholars and Archeologists generally agree about 3,000 BC during the Megalithic era years ago there was a leap forward with regard to civilization and in technologies. According to myths and legends these changes had an Intergalactic origin. We see these changes on many continents at the same time. This was a global imperative from outside this World and there were mixed species, breedings and alternations of DNA. This happened during the different aeons of time. The purpose of it was manifold. The genetic intervention mixed humans with the Bird People, the Lion People, the Reptilian People and the Cetacean People, among others. These races are half human and half Starseed. These different species have been represented in ancient cultures in Greece, Egypt, Maya, Inca, Toltec, India and others all over the world. A good example of this is Mother Sekhmet in Egypt who is known as Durga in India. This is a Lionheaded Woman, a Goddess. She is of the Lion People from Niburu.

The face on the sphinx in Egypt is her face and there is a 23 foot carving sunken under the sea of this same face off Yonaguni Monument in Japan. We know that the Intergalactic war criminals on Earth today are capable of shapeshifting out of their ‘human suit’ into their Reptilian form, either as Dragon, Snake or Lizard People. These Ones are originally form Niburu and came from the Draconian Star System. This small group of bad apples is not representative of the larger Reptilian People race in our Galaxy. Many of the ACIO also work here on Earth counteracting the deeds of these dark Ones in their day 19

jobs and at night lie down their ‘human suit’ and leave it behind in the bed and go to their night shift work on the Ships working to advance Earth in her Ascension.




“There is no Religion higher than Truth.”

In Esoteric Hinduism our Universe’s history goes back over 310 Trillion years. That is my understanding. I have time travelled back to 8 Trillion years ago on the Planet Arcturus. It looked very different then than it does now. The Ancient Texts we now have available are only recorded history. There is so much more that has happened than there is recorded history. Because we are programmed by our DNA to remember All That Is in our Souls, reading recorded history is often dissatisfying and frustrating.

Earth has gone through six Creations and five destructions. Earth is a school for learning and the only place in our Universe One may create and uncreate karma. Karma is the effect of an action you have taken. What confuses everything even more is that nothing on Earth is real, it does not exist. Earth is an illusionary world. The only thing that exists is Consciousness. Anything we can see, hear,

taste, touch or think about does not exist. When we are born onto Earth we put on the veil and join the play, become characters in the Illusion Play of Earth.

There are many misunderstandings about ancient astronauts. Some fear Extraterrestrials while others want to board their Craft and head for home. I call Extraterrestrials the Galactics and they are Angels. Angels are the Galactics and both are not originally from Earth. Everyone who is incarnate on Earth now is a Starseed, a Galactic-Angel and a human hybrid. We came here for one Mission and one Mission only~to return Heaven on Earth. Our Mission is to reunite the Ground Crew of the Galactic Federation with their Family living here now, have the StarShips land and live together on Earth. Many of us have known for decades and have dreamed of this moment our whole lives. We always felt different because we knew this as our reality. We were never really sure what to do about it, but felt it deep down in our hearts. Many of us gaze at the Stars and talk to Home on the hill when no one else is listening and Earth feels cold.

Before recorded history there were three Earth Creations. These three Creations happened in the Anti-Matter Universe. A nuclear explosion on Earth there which was caused by a faction of Angels we call the Fallen Angels caused Earth to descend the Dimensions until we landed with a thud in the 12th Dimension. After that we descended to the 5th and then the 3rd Dimensions. This is literal, as the explosion was blowing away the energy formations of Earth Grid it could not hold its Vibration and was no longer capable of sustaining the Dimension of the Anti- 22

Matter Universe. Since then we have been working on our Planetary Ascension back to the Higher Realms. As it were, before recorded history, there were Celestial Beings created which had no progenitor, had no parents. These Celestial Beings were a Collective Consciousness which created Earth, the Heavens, the other Spheres and Stars, indeed All That Is, The Cosmos. We each today are a spark off that Divine Grace. We are all part of that Collective Consciousness of Celestial Beings. This is what is termed the Godhead. The highest State of Consciousness is obtained when we no longer worship a personal God because we remember we ARE God. We all are God/ Goddess/Creator.

In order to understand the Spiritual Hierarchy One must do two things first. It is imperative to acknowledge two parts of yourself living simultaneously in this MultiDimensional Universe; The Individual or Personality Self and the Supreme or Universal Self. The second is to remove your context from this Duality Existence. You must think of things from a Cosmic Aspect filtering it through your Highest Consciousness instead of having programmed Earth-bound thoughts holding back your understanding due to the fact that you are filtering them through your ego. Think of hearing this explanation in Jedi Training from on the Ships. Have a perspective that is above Earth and it will all start to make sense. If you examine this story in the context of the what you have been told is true it will not make sense, in fact, it will be too overwhelming to comprehend.

In the Ancient Sanskrit there was a Text called the Ashtar Videya. This translates Ashtar Wisdom. This was a Galactic Federation manual for the Rishis, a kind of Star Fleet Academy Text.

In this text you would find the collection of practices for a lifestyle of Unity Consciousness. This would not be too different from the yogic knowledge we have today. You would find the history of the Kumaras and their relationship to the other Star Civilizations in the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. You would find navigation maps for the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond as well as StarCraft and ShuttleCraft information.

You would also find information on Light Healing Technology as well as Weaponry and Communications tools. The Ashtar Vidya would have the entire hierarchy of Command and these are The Angels That Never Fell. These are also known as the Spiritual Hierarchy. As we evolve in our individual Ascension these Masters too continuously evolve and move up in position, in stations in the Office of the Christ. The Office of the Christ is a term the Angels who never fell use. It means being a Christed Being or an Angel Who Never Fell, it denotes having obtained Christ-Consciousness or God Consciousness. The Spiritual Hierarchy includes the Ascended Masters of Earth which we are familiar with such as Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Mohammad and Krishna.

As a Member of the Spiritual Hierarchy Ashtar related the Ashtar Vidya to a Sage who spoke it to his Disciples. This was an oral tradition Ashtar imparted from his FlagShip to 24

those on Earth. The Holy Men gathered around to learn what was held within the Agni Purana, the oral teachings of the Ashtar Vidya. They are one and the same.

The Agni Purana begins:

“Do you know what an avatara is? An avatara is an incarnation and means that a god adopts a human form to be born on earth. Why do gods do this? This purpose is to destroy evil on earth and establish righteousness.”

Ashtar was explaining to the Sages of India how the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Office of the Christ descended from their posts on the StarShips to incarnations to help Earth Ascend. The Goodly Company is what we call the group of Galactic-Angels who have done this throughout recorded history. The study of the Ancient Astronauts are testaments of this. There were always two factions of Ancient Astronauts, the Fallen Angels called the Elohim and the Angels who Never Fell called the Elohi. Often these two Elohim and Elohi are mistakenly interchanged. The Sumarian Texts which speak of the Anunaki, those who came here from heaven, are describing the Reptilian- Human hybrids who came to Earth to control the resources and people on Earth. They intermingled with the human women and they did this against free will choice. They violated the Prime Directive and later the Earth was flooded to wipe out this evil faction that had violated Mother Nature. In the Book of Enoch the Angels who Never Fell, the Goodly Company, the Galactic Federation,

took Enoch in the StarShip and he recorded this Sumerian story.

The members of the Spiritual Hierarchy are thoroughly exposed in the teaching of the Ashtar Vidya also known as the Agni Purāna. The Agni Purāna is told by the Fire God Agni. It tells in the Agni Purāna how:

“Meanwhile, the forest Khandava had to be burnt and Krishna and Arjuna did this together. Krishna had befriended Arjuna. When Arjuna successfully defeated the god Agni at the burning of the Khandava forest, Agni gave him several divine weapons. Arjuna had also obtained divine weapons from his guru Dronacharya.”

The Agni Purāna, one of the eighteen Mahapurānas, a genre of Hindu religious texts, contains descriptions and details of various incarnations or avatars of Vishnu. It also has details account about Rama, Krishna, Prithni and the stars. It has a number of verses dealing with ritual worship, cosmology and astrology, history, warfare, sections on grammar and meter, law, medicine and martial arts. Tradition has it that it was originally recited by Agni to the sage Vasishta.

The telling of the Agni Purāna or Ashtar Vidyas begins to explain to us how Lord Vishnu incarnates again and again to rid the world of the dark Ones and start a New Earth. There are many layers and levels to the Spiritual Hierarchy beginning with the Godhead and then the Holy Trinity and

working our way down to Planet Earth herself. Included within this hierarchy are the Galactics and Angels as:

The Cosmic Monads, Divine Father and Divine Mother, Mother Sekhmet, Alcyone and Ra, The Universal Logos, The Solar Logos, The Galactic Logos, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva, Lord Lincor, Lord Salvington, The Galactic Federation including Lord Sananda, Lord Ashtar, Lord Arcturus, Lord Sirius, Lord Monka, Lord Korton, The Planetary Logos, The Goddesses, Elohi and Archangels, and the Cohans of the Seven Rays. This is not a complete list. All of these are Offices and as we evolve we move up and take a new office of Service in the Office of the Christ within the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Ch 4






The Popol Vuh is recorded history of the Galactic Federation beginning with Earths First Creation and Destruction and Second Earth Creation and destruction which occurred in the Anti-Matter Universe. It goes on to tell Earths Third Creation when Earth fell into the 12th Dimension after a nuclear disaster in the Higher Dimensions. In the Third Earth Creation we took on physical bodies. The Popol Vuh details the Xibalba Lords of Death from the Orion War and the resulting colonization of Earth. He tells the story of Enki and Enlil and the alteration in the DNA in the races at Earth. These Intergalactic Crimes were heard at the Solar Tribunal and a decision was made. He finishes by explaining how the Lords of Light came to the Palenque area and reestablished Peace on Earth and had a long rein. Pacal Votan is Ashtars only Earth Incarnation and that is when he wrote The Popol Vuh.

The Popol Vuh begins with the Creation stories. The First Earth Creation This describes the First Creation of Earth which was in the Anti-Matter Universe:

“Immediately the wooden figures were annihilated, destroyed, broken up, and killed. A flood was brought about by the Heart of Heaven; a great flood was formed which fell on the heads of the wooden creatures. So Vucub-Caquix spoke. But he was not really the sun; he was only vainglorious of his feathers and his riches.

And he could see only as far as the horizon, and he could not see over all the world. The face of the sun had not yet appeared, nor that of the moon, nor the stars, and it had not dawned. Therefore, Vucub-Caquix became as vain as though he were the sun and the moon,because the light of the sun and the moon had not yet shown itself His only ambition was to exalt himself and to dominate. And all this happened when the flood came because of the wooden-people.”

The Second Earth Creation This describes the Second Creation of Earth which was in the Anti-Matter Universe:

“But those that they had made, that they had created, did not think, did not speak with their Creator, their Maker. And for this reason they were killed, they were deluged. A heavy resin fell from the sky. The one called Xecotcovach came and gouged out their eyes; Camalotz came and cut off their heads; Cotzbalam came and devoured their flesh. Tucumbalam came, too, and broke andmangled their bones and their nerves, and ground and crumbled their bones. This was to punish them because they had not thought of their mother, nor their father, the Heart of Heaven, called Huracán. And for this reason the face of the earth was darkened and a black rain began to fall, by day and by night.”

The Third Earth Creation ENTER ENKI AND ENLIL
THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE DEFEAT and the ruin of the glory of Vucub-Caquix brought about by two youths, the first of whom was called Hunahpú and the second, Xbalanqué. They were really gods. These were Avatar Earth incarnations of Enki and Enlil, Mother Sekhmets first two children who were the Fallen Angels.

“When they saw the harm which the arrogant one had done, and wished to do, in the presence of the Heart of Heaven, the youths said: “It is not good that it be so, when man does not yet live here on earth. Therefore, we shall try to shoot him with our blowgun when he is eating. We shall shoot him and make him sicken, and then that will be the end of his riches, his green stones, his precious metals, his emeralds, his jewels of which he is so proud. And this shall be the lot of all men, for they must not become vain, because of power and riches.”

Ashtar Alerts us in the Popol Vuh: “Here, then is the beginning of when it was decided to make man, and when what must enter into the flesh of man was sought.” This was the fall of the Angels became man.

They held Council on Saturn then to decide what to do about Earth.

“They assembled, came together and held council in the darkness and in the night; then they sought and discussed, and here they reflected and thought. In this way their

decisions came dearly to light and they found and discovered what must enter into the flesh of man.”

They decided then to cast a veil over all on inhabitants of Earth and thus it has been until now. Only things which were clear and close were visible in their eyes. All distant things, The Stars of Home were forgotten to history.

Then it is described, the Thirteen Tribes, the Thirteen Families from Niburu. They realized their mistakes and they lived miserable lives wanting for food and fire. Wars continued on and on as today.

“They well knew that there was a place where it could be seen, that there was a book which they called the Popol Vuh. But not only in this way was the estate of the lords great, great also were their fasts. And this was in recognition of their having been created, and in recognition of their having been given their kingdoms. They fasted a long time and made sacrifices to their gods. Here is how they fasted: Nine men fasted and another nine made sacrifices and burned incense. Thirteen more men fasted, and another thirteen more made offerings and burned incense before Tohil. And while before their god, they nourished themselves only with fruits, with zapotes, matasanos, and jocotes. And they did not eat any tortillas. Now if there were seventeen men who made sacrifice, or ten who fasted, the truth is they did not eat. They fulfilled their great precepts, and thus showed their position as lords. Neither had they women to sleep with, but they remained alone, fasting. They were in the House of God, all day they prayed, burning incense and making sacrifices. Thus they remained from dusk until 32

dawn, grieving in their hearts and in their breasts, and begging for happiness and life for their sons and vassals as well as for their kingdom, and raising their faces to the sky. Here are their petitions to their god, when they prayed; and this was the supplication of their hearts: “Oh, Thou, beauty of the day! Thou, Huracán; Thou, Heart of Heaven and of Earth! Thou, giver of richness, and giver of the daughters and the sons! Turn toward us your power and your riches; grant life and growth unto my sons and vassals; let those who must maintain and nourish Thee multiply and increase; those who invoke Thee on the roads, in the fields, on the banks of the rivers, in the ravines, under the trees, under the vines.”Give them daughters and sons. Let them not meet disgrace, nor misfortune, let not the deceiver come behind or before them. Let them not fall, let them not be wounded, let them not fornicate, nor be condemned by justice. Let them not fall on the descent or on the ascent of the road. Let them not encounter obstacles back of them or before them, nor anything which strikes them. Grant them good roads, beautiful, level roads. Let them not have misfortune, nor disgrace, through Thy fault, through Thy sorceries. Grant a good life to those who must give Thee sustenance and place food in Thy mouth, in Thy presence, to Thee, Heart of Heaven, Heart of Earth, Bundle of Majesty. And Thou, Tohil; Thou, Avilix; Thou, Hacavitz, Arch of the Sky, Surface of the Earth, the Four Corners, the Four Cardinal Points. Let there be but peace and tranquility in Thy mouth, in Thy presence, oh, God!” Thus [spoke] the lords, while within, the nine men fasted, the thirteen men, and the seventeen men. During the day they fasted and their hearts grieved for their sons and vassals and for all
their wives and their children when each of the lords made his offering.
This was the price of a happy life, the price of power, the price of the authority…..They did not squander the gifts of those whom they sustained and nourished, but they ate and drank them. Neither did they buy them; they had won and seized their empire, their power, and their sovereignty. And it was not at small cost, that they conquered the fields and the towns; the small towns and the large towns paid high ransoms; they brought precious stones and metals, they brought honey of the bees, bracelets, bracelets of emeralds and other stones, and brought garlands made of blue feathers, the tribute of all the towns. They came into the presence of the marvelous kings…..And this was the life of the Quiché, because no longer can be seen [the book of the Popol Vuh] which the kings had in olden times, for it has disappeared. In this manner, then, all the people of the Quiché, which is called Santa Cruz, came to an end.”

These Noble Kings were the Kumaras of Venus who have never left Earth.

When you read the Popol Vuh remember when they travel on roads they are navigating the Milky Way in their StarShips. The first two Creations before we fell into the physical they reads like a Harry Potter Quidditch Match. These events did not happen on a physical Earth, but rather in the Etheric First and Second existences of Earth.

Enki and Enlil

The Book of the People: POPUL VUH

Translated into English by
Delia Goetz and Sylvanus Griswold Morley
from Adrián Recino’s translation from Quiché into Spanish Plantin Press, Los Angeles [1954]
THIS IS THE BEGINNING of the old traditions of this place called Quiché. Here we shall write and we shall begin the old stories, the beginning and the origin of all that was done in the town of the Quiché, by the tribes of the Quiché nation. And here we shall set forth the revelation, the declaration, and the narration of all that was hidden, the revelation by Tzacol, Bitol, Alom, Qaholom, who are called Hunahpú-Vuch, Hunahpú-Utiú, Zaqui-

Nimá-Tziís, Tepeu, Gucumatz, u Qux cho, u Qux Paló, Ali Raxá Lac, Ah Raxá Tzel, as they were called. And [at the same time] the declaration, the combined narration of the Grandmother and the Grandfather, whose names are Xpiyacoc, and Xmucané, helpers and protectors, twice grandmother, twice grandfather, so called in the Quiché chronicles. Then we shall tell all that they did in the light of existence, in the light of history. This we shall write now under the Law of God and Christianity; we shall bring it to light because now the Popol Vuh, as it is called, cannot be seen any more, in which was dearly seen the coming from the other side of the sea and the narration of our obscurity, and our life was clearly seen. The original book, written long ago, existed, but its sight is hidden to the searcher and to the thinker. Great were the descriptions and the account of how all the sky and earth were formed, how it was formed and divided into four parts; how it was partitioned, and how the sky was divided; and the measuring-cord was brought, and it was stretched in the sky and over the earth, on the four angles, on the four corners, as was told by the Creator and the Maker, the Mother and the Father of Life, of all created things, he who gives breath and thought, she who gives birth to the children, he who watches over the happiness of the people, the happiness of the human race, the wise man, he who meditates on the goodness of all that exists in the sky, on the earth, in the lakes and in the sea.

PART I: Chapter 1
THIS IS THE ACCOUNT OF HOW ALL WAS in suspense, all calm, in silence; all motionless, still, and the expanse of the sky was empty. This is the first account, the first narrative. There was neither man, nor animal, birds, fishes,

crabs, trees, stones, caves, ravines, grasses, nor forests; there was only the sky.
The surface of the earth had not appeared. There was only the calm sea and the great expanse of the sky. There was nothing brought together, nothing which could make a noise, nor anything which might move, or tremble, or could make noise in the sky.

There was nothing standing; only the calm water, the placid sea, alone and tranquil. Nothing existed. There was only immobility and silence in the darkness, in the night. Only the creator, the Maker, Tepeu, Gucumatz, the Forefathers, were in the water surrounded with light. They were hidden under green and blue feathers, and were therefore called Gucumatz. By nature they were great sages and great thinkers. In this manner the sky existed and also the Heart of Heaven, which is the name of God and thus He is called. Then came the word. Tepeu and Gucumatz came together in the darkness, in the night, and Tepeu and Gucumatz talked together. They talked then, discussing and deliberating; they agreed, they united their words and their thoughts.

Then while they meditated, it became clear to them that when dawn would break, man must appear. Then they planned the creation, and the growth of the trees and the thickets and the birth of life and the creation of man. Thus it was arranged in the darkness and in the night by the Heart of Heaven who is called Huracán. The first is called Caculhá Huracán. The second is Chipi-Caculhá. The third is Raxa-Caculhá. And these three are the Heart of Heaven. Then Tepeu and Gucumatz came together; then they conferred about life and light, what they would do so that there would be light and dawn, who it would be who 37

would provide food and sustenance. Thus let it be done! Let the emptiness be filled! Let the water recede and make a void, let the earth appear and become solid; let it be done. Thus they spoke. Let there be light, let there be dawn in the sky and on the earth! There shall be neither glory nor grandeur in our creation and formation until the human being is made, man is formed. So they spoke. Then the earth was created by them. So it was, in truth, that they created the earth. Earth! they said, and instantly it was made. Like the mist, like a cloud, and like a cloud of dust was the creation, when the mountains appeared from the water; and instantly the mountains grew. Only by a miracle, only by magic art were the mountains and valleys formed; and instantly the groves of cypresses and pines put forth shoots together on the surface of the earth. And thus Gucumatz was filled with joy, and exclaimed: “Your coming has been fruitful, Heart of Heaven; and you, Huracán, and you, Chipi-Caculhá, Raxa-Caculhá!” “Our work, our creation shall be finished,” they answered. First the earth was formed, the mountains and the valleys; the currents of water were divided, the rivulets were running freely between the hills, and the water was separated when the high mountains appeared. Thus was the earth created, when it was formed by the Heart of Heaven, the Heart of Earth, as they are called who first made it fruitful, when the sky was in suspense, and the earth was submerged in the water. So it was that they made perfect the work, when they did it after thinking and meditating upon it.

I. Chapter 2
Then they made the small wild animals, the guardians of the woods, the spirits of the mountains, the deer, the birds,

pumas, jaguars, serpents, snakes. vipers, guardians of the thickets. And the Forefathers asked: ‘Shall there be only silence and calm under the trees, under the vines? It is well that hereafter there be someone to guard them.”

So they said when they meditated and talked. Promptly the deer and the birds were created. immediately they gave homes to the deer and the birds. “You, deer, shall sleep in the fields by the river bank and in the ravines. Here you shall be amongst the thicket, amongst the pasture; in the woods you shall multiply, you shall walk on four feet and they will support you. Thus be it done!” So it was they spoke.

Then they also assigned homes to the birds big and small. “You shall live in the trees and in the vines. There you shall make your nests; there you shall multiply; there you shall increase in the branches of the trees and in the vines.” Thus the deer and the birds were told; they did their duty at once, and all sought their homes and their nests.

And the creation of all the four-footed animals and the birds being finished, they were told by the Creator and the Maker and the Forefathers: “Speak, cry, warble, call, speak each one according to your variety, each, according to your kind.” So was it said to the deer, the birds, pumas, jaguars, and serpents.

“Speak, then, our names, praise us, your mother, your father. Invoke then, Huracán, Chipi- Caculhá, Raxa- Caculhá, the Heart of Heaven, the Heart of Earth, the Creator, the Maker, the Forefathers; speak, invoke us, adore us,” they were told. But they could not make them speak like men; they only hissed and screamed and cackled; they were unable to make words, and each screamed in a different way.

When the Creator and the Maker saw that it was impossible for them to talk to each other, they said: “It is impossible for them to say our names, the names of us, their Creators and Makers. This is not well,” said the Forefathers to each other. Then they said to them: “Because it has not been possible for you to talk, you shall be changed. We have changed our minds: Your food, your pasture, your homes. and your nests you shall have; they shall be the ravines and the woods, because it has not been possible for you to adore us or invoke us. There shall be those who adore us, we shall make other [beings] who shall be obedient. Accept your destiny: your flesh shall be tom to pieces. So shall it be. This shall be your lot.” So they said, when they made known their will to the large and small animals which are on the face of the earth.

They wished to give them another trial; they, wished to make another attempt; they wished to make [all living things] adore them. But they could not understand each other’s speech; they could succeed in nothing, and could do nothing. For this reason they were sacrificed and the animals which were on earth were condemned to be killed and eaten.

For this reason another attempt had to be made to create and make men by the Creator, the Maker, and the Forefathers. “Let us try again! Already dawn draws near: Let us make him who shall nourish and sustain us! What shall we do to be invoked, in order to be remembered on earth? We have already tried with our first creations, our first creatures; but we could not make them praise and venerate us. So, then, let us try to make obedient, respectful beings who will nourish and sustain us.” Thus they spoke. Then was the creation and the formation. Of 40

earth, of mud, they made [man's] flesh. But they saw that it was not good. It melted away, it was soft, did not move, had no strength, it fell down, it was limp, it could not move its head, its face fell to one side, its sight was blurred, it could not look behind. At first it spoke, but had no mind. Quickly it soaked in the water and could not stand. And the Creator and the Maker said: “Let us try again because our creatures will not be able to walk nor multiply. Let us consider this,” they said. Then they broke up and destroyed their work and their creation. And they said: “What shall we do to perfect it, in order that our worshipers, our invokers, will be successful?”

Thus they spoke when they conferred again: “Let us say again to Xpiyacoc, Xmucané, Hunahpú- Vuch, Hunahpú- Utiú: ‘Cast your lot again. Try to create again.’” In this manner the Creator and the Maker spoke to Xpiyacoc and Xmucané. Then they spoke to those soothsayers, the Grandmother of the day, the Grandmother of the Dawn, as they were called by the Creator and the Maker, and whose names were Xpiyacoc and Xmucané.

And said Huracán, Tepeu, and Gucumatz when they spoke to the soothsayer, to the Maker, who are the diviners: “You must work together and find the means so that man, whom we shall make, man, whom we are going to make, will nourish and sustain us, invoke and remember us. “Enter, then, into council, grandmother, grandfather, our grandmother, our grandfather, Xpiyacoc, Xmucané, make light, make dawn. have us invoked, have us adored, have us remembered by created man, by made man, by mortal man. Thus be it done.

“Let your nature be known, Hunahpú-Vuch, Hunahpú- Utiú, twice-mother, twice-father, Nim- Ac, Nima-Tziís, the 41

master of emeralds, the worker in jewels, the sculptor, the carver, the maker of beautiful plates, the maker of green gourds, the master of resin, the master Toltecat, grandmother of the sun, grandmother of dawn, as you will be called by our works and our creatures.

“Cast the lot with your grains of corn and tzité. Do it thus and we shall know if we are to make, or carve his mouth and eyes out of wood.” Thus the diviners were told. They went down at once to make their divination, and cast their lots with the corn and the tzité. “Fate! Creature!” said an old woman and an old man. And this old man was the one who cast the lots with Tzité, the one called Xpiyacoc. And the old woman was the diviner, the maker, called Chiracán Xmucané.

Beginning the divination, they said: “Get together, grasp each other! Speak, that we may hear.” They said, “Say if it is well that the wood be got together and that it be carved by the Creator and the Maker, and if this [man of wood] is he who must nourish and sustain us when there is light when it is day!

“Thou, corn; thou, tzité; thou, fate; thou, creature; get together, take each other,” they said to the corn, to the tzité, to fate, to the creature. “Come to sacrifice here, Heart of Heaven; do not punish Tepeu and Gucumatz!” Then they talked and spoke the truth: “Your figures of wood shall come out well; they shall speak and talk on earth.”

“So may it be,” they answered when they spoke. And instantly the figures were made of wood. They looked like men, talked like men, and populated the surface of the earth. They existed and multiplied; they had daughters, they had sons, these wooden figures; but they did not have souls, nor minds, they did not remember their Creator, 42

their Maker; they walked on all fours, aimlessly. They no longer remembered the Heart of Heaven and therefore they fell out of favor. It was merely a trial, an attempt at man. At first they spoke, but their face was without expression; their feet and hands had no strength; they had no blood, nor substance, nor moisture, nor flesh; their cheeks were dry, their feet and hands were dry, and their flesh was yellow. Therefore, they no longer thought of their Creator nor their Maker, nor of those who made them and cared for them. These were the first men who existed in great numbers on the face of the earth.

I. Chapter 3
Immediately the wooden figures were annihilated, destroyed, broken up, and killed. A flood was brought about by the Heart of Heaven; a great flood was formed which fell on the heads of the wooden creatures. Of tzité the flesh of man was made, but when woman was fashioned by the Creator and the Maker, her flesh was made of rushes. These were the materials the Creator and the Maker wanted to use in making them. But those that they had made, that they had created, did not think, did not speak with their Creator, their Maker. And for this reason they were killed, they were deluged. A heavy resin fell from the sky. The one called Xecotcovach came and gouged out their eyes; Camalotz came and cut off their heads; Cotzbalam came and devoured their flesh. Tucumbalam came, too, and broke and mangled their bones and their nerves, and ground and crumbled their bones. This was to punish them because they had not thought of their mother, nor their father, the Heart of Heaven, called Huracán. And for this reason the face of the earth was darkened and a black rain began to fall, by day

and by night. Then came the small animals and the large animals, and sticks and stones struck their faces. And all began to speak: their earthen jars, their griddles, their plates, their pots, their grinding stones, all rose up and struck their faces. “You have done us much harm; you ate us, and now we shall kill you,” said their dogs and birds of the barnyard. And the grinding stones said: “We were tormented by you; every day, every day, at night, at dawn, all the time our faces went holi, holi, huqui, huqui, because of you. This was the tribute we paid you. But now that you are no longer men, you shall feel our strength. We shall grind and tear your flesh to pieces,” said their grinding stones. And then their dogs spoke and said: “Why did you give us nothing to eat? You scarcely looked at us, but you chased us and threw us out. You always had a stick ready to strike us while you were eating. “Thus it was that you treated us. You did not speak to us. Perhaps we shall not kill you now; but why did you not look ahead, why did you not think about yourselves? Now we shall destroy you, now you shall feel the teeth of our mouths; we shall devour you,” said the dogs, and then, they destroyed their faces. And at the same time, their griddles and pots spoke: “Pain and suffering you have caused us. Our mouths and our faces were blackened with soot; we were always put on the fire and you burned us as though we felt no pain. Now you shall feel it, we shall burn you,” said their pots, and they all destroyed their [the wooden men's] faces. The stones of the hearth, which were heaped together, hurled themselves straight from the fire against their heads causing them pain. The desperate ones [the men of wood] ran as quickly as they could; they wanted to climb to the tops of the houses. And the houses fell down and threw 44
them to the ground; they wanted to climb to the treetops, and the trees cast them far away; they wanted to enter the caverns, and the caverns repelled them. So was the ruin of the men who had been created and formed, the men made to be destroyed and annihilated; the mouths and faces of all of them were mangled. And it is said that their descendants are the monkeys which now live in the forests; these are all that remain of them because their flesh was made only of wood by the Creator and the Maker. And therefore the monkey looks like man, and is an example of a generation of men which were created and made but were only wooden figures.

I. Chapter 4
IT WAS CLOUDY AND TWILIGHT THEN ON the face of the earth. There was no sun yet. Nevertheless, there was a being called Vucub-Caquix, who was very proud of himself. The sky and the earth existed, but the faces of the sun and the moon were covered. And he [Vucub-Caquix] said: “Truly, they are clear examples of those people who were drowned, and their nature is that of supernatural beings.
“I shall now be great above all the beings created and formed. I am the sun, the light, the moon,” he exclaimed. “Great is my splendor. Because of me men shall walk and conquer. For my eyes are of silver, bright, resplendent as precious stones, as emeralds; my teeth shine like perfect stones, like the face of the sky. My nose shines afar like the moon, my throne is of silver, and the face of the earth is lighted when I pass before my throne.
“So, then, I am the sun, I am the moon, for all mankind. So shall it be, because I can see very far.” So Vucub-Caquix spoke. But he was not really the sun; he was only

vainglorious of his feathers and his riches. And he could see only as far as the horizon, and he could not see over all the world.
The face of the sun had not yet appeared, nor that of the moon, nor the stars, and it had not dawned. Therefore, Vucub-Caquix became as vain as though he were the sun and the moon, because the light of the sun and the moon had not yet shown itself His only ambition was to exalt himself and to dominate. And all this happened when the flood came because of the wooden- people.

Now we shall tell how Vucub-Caquix was overthrown and died, and how man was made by the Creator and the Maker.
I. Chapter 5

THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE DEFEAT and the ruin of the glory of Vucub-Caquix brought about by two youths, the first of whom was called Hunahpú and the second, Xbalanqué. They were really gods. When they saw the harm which the arrogant one had done, and wished to do, in the presence of the Heart of Heaven, the youths said: “It is not good that it be so, when man does not yet live here on earth. Therefore, we shall try to shoot him with our blowgun when he is eating. We shall shoot him and make him sicken, and then that will be the end of his riches, his green stones, his precious metals, his emeralds, his jewels of which he is so proud. And this shall be the lot of all men, for they must not become vain, because of power and riches. “Thus shall it be,” said the youths, each one putting his blowgun to his shoulder. Well, now Vucub-Caquix had two sons: the first was called Zipacná, the second was Cabracán; and the mother of the two was called Chimalmat, the wife of Vucub-Caquix. Well, Zipacná 46

played ball with the large mountains: with Chigag, Hunahpú, Pecul, Yaxcanul, Macamob, and Huliznab. These are the names of the mountains which existed when it dawned and which were created in a single night by Zipacná. In this way, then, Cabracán moved the mountains and made the large and small mountains tremble. And in this way the sons of Vucub-Caquix proclaimed their pride. “Listen! I am the sun!” said Vucub-Caquix. “I am he who made the earth!” said Zipacná. “I am he who shook the sky and made the earth tremble!” said Cabracán, In this way the sons of Vucub-Caquix followed the

example of their father’s assumed greatness. And this seemed very evil to the youths. Neither our first mother nor our first father had yet been created. Therefore, the deaths of Vucub-Caquix and his sons and their destruction was decided upon by the youths.

I. Chapter 6
Now we shall tell how the two youths shot their blowguns at Vucub-Caquix and how each one of those, who had become arrogant, was destroyed. Vucub-Caquix had a large nantze tree and he ate the fruit of it. Each day he went to the tree and climbed to the top. Hunahpú and Xbalanqué had seen that this fruit was his food. And they lay in ambush at the foot of the tree, hidden among the leaves. Vucub-Caquix came straight to his meal of nantzes. Instantly he was injured by a discharge from Hun- Hunahpú’s blowgun which struck him squarely in the jaw, and screaming, he fell straight to earth from the treetop. Hun-Hunahpú ran quickly to overpower him, but Vucub- Caquix seized his arm and wrenching it from him, bent it back to the shoulder. In this way Vucub-Caquix tore out Hun- Hunahpú’s arm. Surely the two youths did well in

not letting themselves be defeated first by Vucub-Caquix. Carrying Hun-Hunahpú’s arm, Vucub-Caquix went home, and arrived there nursing his jaw. “What has happened to you, my lord?” said Chimalmat, his wife.

“What could it be, but those two demons who shot me with blowguns and dislocated my jaw? For that reason my teeth are loose and pain me very much. But I have brought it [his arm], to put it on the fire. Let it hang there over the fire, for surely these demons will come looking for it.” So said Vucub-Caquix as he hung up the arm of Hun-Hunahpú. Having thought it over, Hun-Hunahpú and Xbalanqué went to talk with an old man who had snow-white hair and with an old woman, really very old and humble, both already bent, like very old people. The old man was called Zaqui-Nim-Ac and the old woman, Zaqui-Nima- Tziís. The youths said to the old woman and the old man: “Come with us to Vucub-Caquix’s house to get our arm. We will follow you, and you shall tell them: ‘These with us are our grandchildren; their mother and father are dead; so they follow us everywhere we are given alms, for the only thing that we know how to do is take the worm from the teeth.’ “So Vucub-Caquix shall think we are boys and we shall also be there to advise you,” said the two youths. “Very well,” answered the old man and woman. Then they started out for the place where they found Vucub-Caquix reclining on his throne. The old woman and man walked along followed by the two boys, who stayed behind them. In this way they arrived at the house of the lord who was screaming because his tooth pained him. When Vucub- Caquix saw the old man and the old woman and those who accompanied them, he asked, “Where do you come from, grandparents?” “We come looking for something to 48

eat, honorable sir,” they answered. “And what do you eat? Are those not your sons who are with you?” “Oh, no, sir! They are our grandsons; but we are sorry for them and what is given to us, we share with them, sir,” answered the old woman and the old man. Meanwhile, the lord was suffering terrible pain from his tooth, and it was only with great difficulty that he could speak.

“I earnestly beseech you to have pity on me. What can you do? What do you know how to cure?” the lord asked them. And the old ones answered, “Oh, sir! we only take the worm from the teeth, cure the eyes, and set bones.”

“Very well. Cure my teeth, which are really making me suffer day and night, and because of them and of my eyes I cannot be calm and cannot sleep. All of this is because two demons shot me with a pellet [from their blowgun] and for that reason I cannot eat. Have pity on me, then, tighten my teeth with your hands.” “Very well, sir. It is a worm which makes you suffer. It will end when these teeth are pulled and others put in their place.” “It is not well that you pull my teeth, because it is only with them that I am a lord and all my ornaments are my teeth and my eyes.” “‘We will put others of ground bone in their place.” But the ground bone was nothing but grains of white corn. “Very well, pull them out, come and relieve me,” he replied. Then they pulled Vucub-Caquix’s teeth; but in their place they put only grains of white corn, and these grains of corn shone in his mouth. Instantly his features sagged and he no longer looked like a lord. They removed the rest of his teeth which shone like pearls in his mouth. And finally they cured Vucub-Caquix’s eyes, piercing the pupils of his eyes, and they took all his riches. But he felt nothing any more. He only watched, because at the advice of Hunahpú and 49

Xbalanqué, they took from him all of the things of which he had been so proud. Then Vucub-Caquix died. Hun- Hunahpú recovered his arm. Chimalmat, the wife of Vucub- Caquix, also perished. In this way Vucub-Caquix lost his riches. The healer took all the emeralds and precious stones which had been his pride here on earth. The old woman and the old man who did this were miraculous beings; and having recovered the arm of Hun- Hunahpú, they put it in place, and it was all right again. It was only to bring about the death of Vucub-Caquix that they did this, because it seemed wicked to them that he should become so arrogant. And then the two youths went on, having in this way carried out the order of the Heart of Heaven.

I. Chapter 7
Here now are the deeds of Zipacná the elder son of Vucub- Caquix. “I am the creator of the mountains,” said Zipacná. Zipacná was bathing at the edge of a river when four hundred youths passed dragging a log to support their house. The four hundred were walking, after having cut down a large tree to make the ridge-pole of their house. Then Zipacná came up, and going toward the four hundred youths, said to them: “What are you doing, boys?” “It is only this log,” they answered, “which we cannot lift and carry on our shoulders.” “I will carry it. Where does it have to go? What do you want it for?”
“For a ridge-pole for our house.” “All right,” he answered, and lifting it up, he put it on his shoulders and carried it to the entrance of the house of the four hundred boys.
“Now stay with us, boy,” they said. “Have you a mother or father;” “I have neither,” he answered. “Then we shall hire you tomorrow to prepare another log to support our

house.” “Good,” he answered. The four hundred boys talked together then. and said: “How shall we kill this boy? Because it is not good what he has done lifting the log alone. Let us make a big hole and push him so that he will fall into it. ‘Go down and take out the earth and carry it from the pit,’ we shall tell him. and when he stoops down, to go down into the pit, we shall let the large log fall on him and he will die there in the pit.”

So said the four hundred boys, and then they dug a large, very deep pit. Then they called Zipacná. “We like you very much. Go, go and dig dirt, for we cannot reach [the bottom of the pit],” they said. “All right,” he answered. He went at once into the pit. And calling to him as he was digging the dirt, they said: “Have you gone down very deep yet?” “Yes,” he answered beginning to dig the pit. But the pit which he was making was to save him from danger. He knew that they wanted to kill him; so when he dug the pit, he made a second hole at one side in order to free himself. “How far [have you gone]?” the four hundred boys called down. “I am still digging; I will call up to you when I have finished the digging,” said Zipacná from the bottom of the pit. But he was not digging his grave; instead he was opening another pit in order to save himself. At last Zipacná called to them. But when he called, he was already safe in the second pit. “Come and take out and carry away the dirt which I have dug and which is in the bottom of the pit,” he said, “because in truth I have made it very deep. Do you not hear my call? Nevertheless, your calls, your words repeat themselves like an echo once, twice, and so I hear well where you are.” So Zipacná called from the pit where he was hidden, shouting from the depths. Then the boys hurled the great log violently, and it fell quickly with a 51

thud to the bottom of the pit. “Let no one speak! Let us wait until we hear his dying screams,” they said to each other, whispering, and each one covered his face as the log fell noisily. He [Zipacná] spoke then, crying out, but he called only once when the log fell to the bottom. “How well we have succeeded in this! Now he is dead,” said the boys. “if, unfortunately, he had continued what he had begun to do, we would have been lost, because he already had interfered with us, the four hundred boys.” And filled with joy they said: “Now we must make our chicha within the next three days. When the three days are passed, we shall drink to the construction of our new house, we, the, four hundred boys.” Then they said: “Tomorrow we shall look, and day after tomorrow, we shall also look to see if the ants do not come out of the earth when the body smells and begins to rot. Presently we shall become calm and drink our chicha,” they said. But from his pit Zipacná listened to everything the boys said. And later, on the second day, multitudes of ants came, going and coming and gathering under the log. Some carried Zipacná’s hair in their mouths and others carried his fingernails. When the boys saw this, they said, “That devil has now perished. Look how the ants have gathered, how they have come by hordes, some bringing his hair and others his fingernails. Look what we have done!” So they spoke to each other. Nevertheless, Zipacná was very much alive. He had cut his hair and gnawed off his fingernails to give them to the ants.

And so the four hundred boys believed that he was dead, and on the third day they began the orgy and all of the boys got drunk. And the four hundred being drunk knew nothing any more. And then Zipacná let the house fall on their heads and killed all of them. Not even one or two 52

among the four hundred were saved; they were killed by Zipacná, son of Vucub-Caquix.
In this way the four hundred boys died, and it is said that they became the group of stars which because of them are called Motz, but it may not be true.

I. Chapter 8
Now we shall tell how Zipacná was defeated by the two boys, Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. Now follows the defeat and death of Zipacná, when he was overcome by the two boys, Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. The boys’ hearts were full of rancor because the four hundred young men had been killed by Zipacná. And he only hunted fish and crabs at the bank of the river, which were his daily food. During the day he went about looking for food, and at night he carried mountains on his back. With a leaf of the ec plant which is found in the forest, Hunahpú and Xbalanqué quickly made a figure to look like a very large crab. With this they made the stomach of the crab; the claws, they made of pahac, and for the shell, which covers the back, they used a stone. Then they put the crab at the bottom of a cave at the foot of a large mountain called Meaguán, where he was overcome. Then the boys went to find Zipacná on the river bank. “Where are you going, young man?” they asked him. “I am not going anywhere,” Zipacná answered, “only looking for food, boys.” “And what is your food?” “Fish and crabs, but there are none here and I have not found any; I have not eaten since day before yesterday, and I am dying of hunger,” said Zipacná to Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. “Over there in the bottom of the ravine there is a crab, a really large crab, and it would be well if you would eat it! Only it bit us when we tried to catch it and so we were afraid. We wouldn’t try to catch it for anything,” said Hunahpú and

Xbalanqué. “Have pity on me! Come and show it to me, boys,” begged Zipacná. “We do not want to. You go alone, you will not get lost. Follow the bank of the river and you will come out at the foot of a large hill; there it is making a noise at the bottom of the ravine. You have only to go there,” said Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. “Oh, unfortunate me! Won’t you accompany me, boys? Come and show it to me. There are many birds which you can shoot with your blowguns and I know where to find them,” said Zipacná. His meekness convinced the boys. And they asked him: But, can you really catch him? Because it is only for you that we are returning; we are not going to try to get it again because it bit us when we were crawling into the cave. After that we were afraid to crawl in, but we almost caught it. So, then, it is best that you crawl in,” they said. “Very well,” said Zipacná, and then they went with him. They arrived at the bottom of the ravine and there, stretched on his back, was the crab, showing his red shell. And there also in the bottom of the ravine was the boys’ hoax. “Good! Good!” said Zipacná happily. “I should like to have it in my mouth already!” And he was really dying of hunger. He wanted to try to crawl in, he wanted to enter, but the crab was climbing. He came out at once and the boys asked, “Did you not get it?”

“No,” he answered,” because he was going up and I almost caught him. But perhaps it would be good if I go in from above,” he added. And then he entered again from above, but as he was almost inside, with only the soles of his feet showing, the great hill slid and fell slowly down on his chest.

Zipacná never returned and he was changed into stone. In this way Zipacná was defeated by the two boys, Hunahpú 54

and Xbalanqué; he was the elder son of Vucub-Caquix, and he, according to the ancient legend, was the one who made the mountains. At the foot of the hill called Meaguán he was vanquished. Only by a miracle was he vanquished, the second of the arrogant ones. One was left, whose history we shall tell now.

I. Chapter 9
The third of the arrogant ones was the second son of Vucub-Caquix who was called Cabracán. “I demolish the mountains,” he said. But Hunahpú and Xbalanqué also defeated Cabracán. Huracán, Chipi-Caculhá, and Raxa- Caculhá talked and said to Hunahpú and Xbalanqué:
“Let the second son of Vucub-Caquix also be defeated. This is our will, for it is not well what they do on earth, exalting their glory, their grandeur, and their power, and it must not be so. Lure him to where the sun rises,” said Huracán to the two youths. “Very well, honored sir,” they answered, “because what we see is not right. Do you not exist, you who are the peace, you, Heart of Heaven?” said the boys as they listened to the command of Huracán. Meanwhile, Cabracán was busy shaking the mountains. At the gentlest tap of his feet on the earth, the large and small mountains opened. Thus the boys found him and asked Cabracán: “Where are you going, young man? “Nowhere,” he answered,” here I am moving the mountains, and I am leveling them to the ground forever,” he answered. Then Cabracán asked Hunahpú and Xbalanqué, “What did you come to do here? I do not recognize you. What are your names?” said Cabracán. “We have no names,” they answered, “we are nothing more than shooters of blowguns and hunters with bird-traps on the mountains. We are poor and we have nothing, young man. We only

walk over the large and small mountains, young man, and we have just seen a large mountain, over there where you see the pink sky. It really rises up very high and overlooks the tops of all the hills. So it is that we have not been able to catch even one or two of the birds on it, boy. But, is it true that you can level all the mountains?” Hunahpú and Xbalanqué asked Cabracán. “Have you really seen the mountain of which you speak? Where is it? If I see it, I shall demolish it. Where did you see it?” “Over there it is, where the sun rises,” said Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. “Very well, show me the road,” he said to the two boys. “Oh no!” they answered. “We must take you between us. One shall go at your left and the other at your right, because we have our blowguns, and if there should be birds we can shoot them.” And so they set out happily, trying out their blowguns. But when they shot with them, they did not use the clay pellets in the tube of the blowgun; instead they felled the birds only with the puff of air when they shot them, which surprised Cabracán very much. Then the boys built a fire and put the birds on it to roast, but they rubbed one of the birds with chalk, covering it with a white earth soil.

“We shall give him this,” they said, “to whet his appetite with the odor which it gives off. This bird of ours shall be his ruin, as we cover this bird with earth so we shall bring him down to the earth and bury him in the earth. “Great shall be the wisdom of a created being, of a being fashioned, when it dawns, when there is light,” said the boys.

“As it is natural for man to wish to eat, so Cabracán desires food,” said Hunahpú and Xbalanqué to each other. Meanwhile the birds were roasting, they were beginning to 56

turn golden brown, and the fat and juice which dripped from them made an appetizing odor. Cabracán wanted very much to eat them; they made his mouth water, he yawned, and the saliva and spittle drooled because of the smell which the birds gave off.

Then he asked them: “What is that you eat? The smell is really savoury. Give me a little piece,” he said to them. Then they gave a bird to Cabracán, the one which would be his ruin; and when he had finished eating it, they set out toward the east where the great mountain was. But already Cabracán’s legs and hands were weakening and he had no strength because of the earth with which the bird he had eaten was rubbed, and he could do nothing to the mountains. Neither was it possible to level them.

Then the boys tied him, they tied his hands behind him and also tied his neck and his feet together. Then they threw him to the ground and there they buried him. In this way Cabracán was overcome by Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. It would be impossible to tell of all the things they did here on earth. Now we shall tell of the birth of Hunahpú and Xbalanqué, having first told of the destruction of Vucub- Caquix and that of Zipacná and of Cabracán, here on earth. PART II: Chapter 1

Now we shall also tell the name of the father of Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. We shall not tell his origin and we shall not tell the history of the birth of Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. We shall tell only half of it, only a part of the history of his father. Here is the story. Here are the names of Hun- Hunahpú [and Vucub-Hunahpú], as they are called. Their parents were Xpiyacoc and Xmucané. During the night Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub-Hunahpú were born of Xpiyacoc and Xmucané.

Well now, Hun-Hunahpú had begotten two sons; the first was called Hunbatz and the second Hunchouén. The mother of the two sons was called Xbaquiyalo. Thus was the wife of Hun-Hunahpú called. As for the other son, Vucub-Hunahpú, he had no wife; he was single.

By nature these two sons were very wise, and great was their wisdom; on earth they were soothsayers of good disposition and good habits. All the arts were taught to Hunbatz and Hunchouén, the sons of Hun-Hunahpú. They were flautists, singers, shooters with blowguns, painters, sculptors, jewelers, silversmiths; these were Hunbatz and Hunchouén.

Well, Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub-Hunahpú did nothing but play dice and ball A day long; and when the four got together to play ball, one pair played against the other pair. And Voc, the messenger of Huracán, of Chipi-Caculhá, of Raxa-Caculhá came there to watch them, but Voc did not stay far from the earth nor far from Xibalba, 7 and in an instant he went up to heaven to the side of Huracán.

They were still here on earth when the mother of Hunbatz and Hunchouén died.
And having gone to play ball on the road to Xibalba, they were overheard by Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé, the lords of Xibalba. “What are they doing on earth? Who are they who are making the earth shake, and making so much noise? Go and call them! Let them come here to play ball. Here we will overpower them! We are no longer respected by them. They no longer have consideration, or fear of our rank, and they even fight above our heads,” said all the lords of Xibalba.

All of them held a council. Those called Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé were the supreme judges. All the lords had 58

been assigned their duties. Each one was given his own authority by Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé. They were, then, Xiquiripat and Cuchumaquic lords of these names. They were the two who caused the shedding of blood of the men.

Others were called Ahalpuh and Ahalganá, also lords. And their work was to make men swell and make pus gush forth from their legs and stain their faces yellow, what is called Chuganal. Such was the work of Ahalpuh and Ahalganá. Others were Lord Chamiabac and Lord Chamiaholom, constables of Xibalba whose staffs were of bone. Their work was to make men waste away until they were nothing but skin and bone and they died, and they carried them With their stomach and bones stretched out. This was the work of Chamiabac and Chamiaholom, as they were called.

Others were called Lord Ahalmez and Lord Ahaltocob; their work was to bring disaster upon men, as they were going home, or in front of it, and they would be found wounded, stretched out, face up, on the ground, dead. This was the work of Ahalmez and Ahaltocob, as they were called. Immediately after them were other lords named Xic and Patán whose work it was to cause men to die on the road, which is called sudden death, making blood to rush to their mouths until they died vomiting blood. The work of each one of these lords was to seize upon them, squeeze their throats and chests, so that the men died on the road, making the blood rush to their throats when they were walking. This was the work of Xic and Patán. And having gathered in council, they discussed how to torment and wound Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub-Hunahpú. What the Lords of Xibalba coveted were the playing implements of 59

Hun- Hunahpú and Vucub-Hunahpú-their leather pads and rings and gloves and crown and masks which were the playing gear of Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub-Hunahpú. Now we shall tell of their journey to Xibalba and how they left behind them the sons of Hun- Hunahpú, Hunbatz, and [Hun] Chouén, whose mother had died. Then we shall tell how Hunbatz and Hunchouén were overcome by Hunahpú and Xbalanqué.

II. Chapter 2
THE messengers of Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé arrived immediately. “Go, Ahpop Achih!” they were told. “Go and call Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub-Hunahpú. Say to them, ‘Come with us. The lords say that you must come.’ They must come here to play ball with us so that they shall make us happy, for really they amaze us. So, then, they must come,” said the lords. “And have them bring their playing gear, their rings, their gloves, and have them bring their rubber balls, too,” said the lords. “Tell them to come quickly,” they told the messengers. And these messengers were owls: Chabi-Tucur, Huracán-Tucur, Caquix-Tucur and Holom- Tucur. These were the names of the messengers of Xibalba. Chabi-Tucur was swift as an arrow; Huracán- Tucur had only one leg; Caquix-Tucur had a red back, and Holom-Tucur had only a head, no legs, but he had wings. The four messengers had the rank of Ahpop-Achih. Leaving Xibalba, they arrived quickly, bringing their message to the court where Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub- Hunahpú were playing ball, at the ball-court which was called Nim-Xob-Carchah. The owl messengers went directly to the ball-court and delivered their message exactly as it was given to them by Hun-Camé, Vucub- Camé, Ahalpuh, Ahalganá, Chamiabac, Chamiaholom,

Xiquiripat, Cuchumaquic, Ahalmez, Ahaltocob, Xic, and Patán, as the lords were called who sent the message by the owls. “Did the Lords Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé really say that we must go with you?” “They certainly said so, and ‘Let them bring all their playing gear,’ the lords said.” “Very well,” said the youths. “Wait for us, we are only going to say good-bye to our mother.” And having gone straight home, they said to their mother, for their father was dead: “We are going, our mother, but our going is only for a while. The messengers of the lord have come to take us. ‘They must come,’ they said, according to the messengers. “We shall leave our ball here in pledge,” they added. They went immediately to hang it in the space under the rooftree. “We will return to play,” they said. And going to Hunbatz and Hunchouén they said to them: “Keep on playing the flute and singing, painting, and carving; warm our house and warm the heart of your grandmother.” When they took leave of their mother, Xmucané was moved and burst into tears. “Do not worry, we are going, but we have not died yet,” said Hun- Hunahpú and Vucub-Hunahpú as they left. Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub-Hunahpú went immediately and the messengers took them on the road. Thus they were descending the road to Xibalba, by some very steep stairs. They went down until they came to the bank of a river which flowed rapidly between the ravines called Nuziván cul and Cuziván, and crossed it. Then they crossed the river which flows among thorny calabash trees. There were very many calabash trees, but they passed through them without hurting themselves. Then they came to the bank of a river of blood and crossed it without drinking its waters; they only went to the river bank and so they were not 61
overcome. They went on until they came to where four roads joined, and there at the crossroads they were overcome. One of the four roads was red, another black, another white, and another yellow. And the black road said to them: “I am the one you must take because I am the way of the Lord.” So said the road. And from here on they were already overcome. They were taken over the road to Xibalba and when they arrived at the council room of the Lords of Xibalba, they had already lost the match. Well, the first ones who were seated there were only figures of wood, arranged by the men of Xibalba. These they greeted first: “How are you, Hun-Camé?” they said to the wooden man. “How are you, Vucub-Camé?” they said to the other wooden man. But they did not answer. instantly the Lords of Xibalba burst into laughter and all the other lords began to laugh loudly, because they already took for granted the downfall and defeat of Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub- Hunahpú. And they continued to laugh. Then Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé spoke: “Very well,” they said. “You have come. Tomorrow you shall prepare the mask, your rings, and your gloves,” they said. “Come and sit down on our bench,” they said. But the bench which they offered them was of hot stone, and when they sat down they were burned. They began to squirm around on the bench, and if they had not stood up they would have burned their seats. The Lords of Xibalba burst out laughing again; they were dying of laughter; they writhed from pain in their stomach, in their blood, and in their bones, caused by their laughter, all the Lords of Xibalba laughed.

“Go now to that house,” they said. “There you will get your sticks of fat pine and your cigar and there you shall sleep.” Immediately they arrived at the House of Gloom. There 62

was only darkness within the house. Meanwhile the Lords of Xibalba discussed what they should do.
“Let us sacrifice them tomorrow, let them die quickly, quickly, so that we can have their playing gear to use in play,” said the Lords of Xibalba to each other. Well, their fat-pine sticks were round and were called zaquitoc, which is the pine of Xibalba. Their fat-pine sticks were pointed and filed and were as bright as bone; the pine of Xibalba was very hard.

Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub-Hunahpú entered the House of Gloom. There they were given their fat- pine sticks, a single lighted stick which Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé sent them, together with a lighted cigar for each of them which the lords had sent. They went to give them to Hun- Hunahpú and Vucub-Hunahpú.

They found them crouching in the darkness when the porters arrived with the fat-pine sticks and the cigars. As they entered, the pine sticks lighted the place brightly. “Each of you light your pine sticks and your cigars; come and bring them back at dawn, you must not burn them up, but you must return them whole; this is what the lords told us to say.” So they said. And so they were defeated. They burned up the pine sticks, and they also finished the cigars which had been given to them.

There were many punishments in Xibalba; the punishments were of many kinds. The first was the House of Gloom, Quequma-ha, in which there was only darkness. The second was Xuxulim-ha, the house where everybody shivered, in which it was very cold. A cold, unbearable wind blew within.

The third was the House of Jaguars, Balami-ha, it was called, in which there were nothing but jaguars which 63

stalked about, jumped around, roared, and made fun. The jaguars were shut up in the house. Zotzi-há, the House of Bats, the fourth place of punishment was called. Within this house there were nothing but bats which squeaked and cried and flew around and around. The bats were shut in and could not get out.

The fifth was called Chayim-há, the House of Knives, in which there were only sharp, pointed knives, silent or grating against each other in the house. There were many places of torture in Xibalba, but Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub- Hunahpú did not enter them. We only mention the names of these houses of punishment.

When Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub-Hunahpú came before Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé, they said: “Where are my cigars? Where are my sticks of fat pine which I gave you last night?” “They are all gone, Sir.” “Well. Today shall be the end of your days. Now you shall die. You shall be destroyed, we will break you into pieces and here your faces will stay hidden. You shall be sacrificed,” said Hun- Camé and Vucub-Camé.

They sacrificed them immediately and buried them in the Pucbal-Chah, as it was called. Before burying them, they cut off the head of Hun-Hunahpú and buried the older brother together with the younger brother. “Take the head and put it in that tree which is Planted on the road,” said Hun-Camé and Vucub- Camé. And having put the head in the tree, instantly the tree, which had never borne fruit before the head of Hun-Hunahpú was placed among its branches, was covered with fruit. And this calabash tree, it is said, is the one which we now call the head of Hun- Hunahpú.

Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé looked in amazement at the fruit on the tree. The round fruit was everywhere; but they did not recognize the head of Hun-Hunahpú; it was exactly like the other fruit of the calabash tree. So it seemed to all of the people of Xibalba when they came to look at it. According to their judgment, the tree was miraculous, because of what had instantly occurred when they put Hun-Hunahpú’s head among its branches. And the Lords of Xibalba said: “Let no one come to pick this fruit. Let no one come and sit under this tree!” they said, and so the Lords of Xibalba resolved to keep everybody away.

The head of Hun-Hunahpú did not appear again because it had become one and the same as the fruit of the gourd tree. Nevertheless, a girl heard the wonderful story. Now we shall tell about her arrival.

II. Chapter 3
THIS is the story of a maiden, the daughter of a lord named Cuchumaquic. A maiden, then, daughter of a lord heard this story. The name of the father was Cuchumaquic and that of the maiden was Xquic. When she heard the story of the fruit of the tree which her father told, she was amazed to hear it. “Why can I not go to see this tree which they tell about?” the girl exclaimed. “Surely the fruit of which I hear tell must be very good.” Finally she went alone and arrived at the foot of the tree which was planted in Pucbal-Chah. “Ah!” she exclaimed. “What fruit is this which this tree bears? Is it not wonderful to see how it is covered with fruit? Must I die, shall I be lost, if I pick one of this fruit?” said the maiden. Then the skull which was among the branches of the tree spoke up and said: “What is it you wish? Those round objects which cover the branches of the trees are nothing but skulls.” So spoke the head of

Hun-Hunahpú turning to the maiden. “Do you, perchance, want them?” it added. “Yes, I want them,” the maiden answered. “Very well,” said the skull. “Stretch your right hand up here.” “Very well,” said the maiden, and with her right hand reached toward the skull. In that instant the skull let a few drops of spittle fall directly into the maiden’s palm. She looked quickly and intently at the palm of her hand, but the spittle of the skull was not there. “In my saliva and spittle I have given you my descendants,” said the voice in the tree. “Now my head has nothing on it any more, it is nothing but a skull without flesh. So are the heads of the great princes, the flesh is all which gives them a handsome appearance. And when they die, men are frightened by their bones. So, too, is the nature of the sons, which are like saliva and spittle, they may be sons of a lord, of a wise man, or of an orator. They do not lose their substance when they go, but they bequeath it; the image of the lord, of the wise man, or of the orator does not. disappear, nor is it lost, but he leaves it to the daughters and to the sons which he begets. I have done the same with you. Go up, then, to the surface of the earth, that you may not die. Believe in my words that it will be so,” said the head of Hun-Hunahpú and of Vucub- Hunahpú. And all that they did together was by order of Huracán, Chipi- Caculhá, and Raxa-Caculhá. After all of the above talking, the maiden returned directly to her home, having immediately conceived the sons in her belly by virtue of the spittle only. And thus Hunahpú and Xbalanqué were begotten.

And so the girl returned home, and after six months had passed, her father, who was called Cuchumaquic, noticed her condition. At once the maiden’s secret was discovered 66

by her father when he observed that she was pregnant. Then the lords, Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé, held council with Cuchumaquic.
“My daughter is pregnant, Sirs; she has been disgraced,” exclaimed Cuchumaquic when he appeared before the lords. “Very well,” they said. “Command her to tell the truth, and if she refuses to speak, punish her; let her be taken far from here and sacrifice her.”

“Very well, Honorable Lords,” he answered. Then he questioned his daughter: “Whose are the children that you carry, my daughter?” And she answered, “I have no child, my father, for I have not yet known a youth.” ‘Very well,” he replied. “You are really a whore. Take her and sacrifice her, Ahpop Achih; bring me her heart in a gourd and return this very day before the lords,” he said to the two owls.

The four messengers took the gourd and set out carrying the young girl in their arms and also taking the knife of flint with which to sacrifice her. And she said to them: “It cannot be that you will kill me, oh, messengers, because what I bear in my belly is no disgrace, but was begotten when I went to marvel at the head of Hun- Hunahpú which was in Pucbal-Chah. So, then, you must not sacrifice me, oh, messengers!” said the young girl, turning to them. “And what shall we put in place of your heart? Your father told us: ‘Bring the heart, return before the lords, do your duty, all working together, bring it in the gourd quickly, and put the heart in the bottom of the gourd.’ Perchance, did he not speak to us so? What shall we put in the gourd? We wish too, that you should not die,” said the messengers. “Very well, but my heart does not belong to them. Neither is your home here, nor must you let them force you to kill 67

men. Later, in truth, the real criminals will be at your mercy and I will overcome Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé. So, then, the blood and only the blood shall be theirs and shall be given to them. Neither shall my heart be burned before them. Gather the product of this tree,” said the maiden.

The red sap gushing forth from the tree fell in the gourd and with it they made a ball which glistened and took the shape of a heart. The tree gave forth sap similar to blood, with the appearance of real blood. Then the blood, or that is to say the sap of the red tree, clotted, and formed a very bright coating inside the gourd, like clotted blood; meanwhile the tree glowed at the work of the maiden. It was called the “red tree of cochineal,” but [since then] it has taken the name of Blood Tree because its sap is called Blood.

“There on earth you shall be beloved and you shall have all that belongs to you,” said the maiden to the owls. “Very well, girl. We shall go there, we go up to serve you; you, continue on your way, while we go to present the sap, instead of your heart, to the lords,” said the messengers. When they arrived in the presence of the lords, all were waiting. “You have finished?” asked Hun-Camé. “All is finished, my lords. Here in the bottom of the gourd is the heart.” “Very well. Let us see,” exclaimed Hun-Camé. And grasping it with his fingers he raised it, the shell broke and the blood flowed bright red in color. “Stir up the fire and put it on the coals,” said Hun-Camé. As soon as they threw it on the fire, the men of Xibalba began to sniff and drawing near to it, they found the fragrance of the heart very sweet.

And as they sat deep in thought, the owls, the maiden’s servants, left, and flew like a flock of birds from the abyss toward earth and the four became her servants. In this manner the Lords of Xibalba were defeated. All were tricked by the maiden.

II. Chapter 4
Well, then, Hunbatz and Hunchouén were with their mother when the woman called Xquic arrived. When the woman Xquic came before the mother of Hunbatz and Hunchouén, she carried her sons in her belly and it was not long before Hunahpú and Xbalanqué, as they were called, were to be born.
When the woman came to the old lady, she said to her: “I have come, mother; I am your daughter-in-law and your daughter, mother.” She said this when she entered the grandmother’s house. “Where did you come from? Where are my sons? Did they, perchance, not die in Xibalba? Do you not see these two who remain, their descendants and blood, and are called Hunbatz and Hunchouén. Go from here! Get out!” the old lady screamed at the girl. “Nevertheless, it is true that I am your daughter-in-law; I have been for a long time. I belong to Hun-Hunahpú. They live in what I carry, Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub-Hunahpú are not dead; they will return to show themselves clearly, my mother-in-law. And you shall soon see their image in what I bring to you,” she said to the old woman.
Then Hunbatz and Hunchouén became angry. They did nothing but play the flute and sing, paint, and sculpture all day long and were the consolation of the old woman. Then the old woman said: “I do not wish you to be my daughter- in-law, because what you bear in your womb is fruit of

your disgrace. Furthermore, you are an impostor; my sons of whom you speak are already dead.”
Presently the grandmother added: “This, that I tell you is the truth; but well, it is all right, you are my daughter-in- law, according to what I have heard. Go, then, bring the food for those who must be fed. Go and gather a large net [full of corn] and return at once, since you are my daughter-in- law, according to what I hear,” she said to the girl.

“Very well,” the girl replied, and she went at once to the cornfield which Hunbatz and Hunchouén had planted. They had opened the road and the girl took it and so came to the cornfield; but she found only one stalk of corn; there were not two or three, and when she saw that there was only one stalk with an ear on it, the girl became very anxious.

“Ah, sinner that I am, unfortunate me! Where must I go to get a net full of corn as she told me to do?” she exclaimed. Immediately she began to beg Chahal for the food which she had to get and must take back. “Xtoh, Xcanil, Xcacau, you who cook the corn; and you, Chahal, guardian of the food of Hunbatz and Hunchouén!” said the girl. And then she seized the beards, the red silk of the ears of corn and pulled them off without picking the ear. Then she arranged the silk in the net like ears of corn and the large net was completely filled.

The girl returned immediately; the animals of the field went along carrying the net, and when they arrived, they went to put the load in a corner of the house, as though she might have carried it. The old woman came and when she saw the corn in the large net she exclaimed: “Where have you brought all this corn from? Did you, perchance, take 70

all the corn in our field and bring it all in? I shall go at once to see,” said the old woman, and she set out on the road to the cornfield. But the one stalk of corn was still standing there, and she saw too where the net

had been at the foot of the stalk. The old woman quickly returned to her house and said to the girl: “This is proof enough that you are really my daughter-in-law. I shall now see your little ones, those whom you carry and who also are to be soothsayers,” she said to the girl.

II. Chapter 5
Now we shall tell of the birth of Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. Here, then, we shall tell about their birth. When the day of their birth arrived, the girl named Xquic gave birth; but the grandmother did not see them when they were born. Instantly the two boys called Hunahpú and Xbalanqué were born. There in the wood they were born.
Then they came to the house, but they could not sleep. “Go throw them out! “said the old woman, “because truly they cry very much.” Then they went and put them on an ant- hill. There they slept peacefully. Then they took them from the ant-hill and laid them on thistles. Now, what Hunbatz and Hunchouén wished was that they [Hunahpú and Xbalanqué] would die there on the ant-hill, or on the thistles. They wished this because of the hatred and envy Hunbatz and Hunchouén felt for them. At first they refused to receive their younger brothers in the house; they would not recognize them and so they were brought up in the fields. Hunbatz and Hunchouén were great musicians and singers; they had grown up in the midst of trials and want and they had had much trouble, but they became very wise. They were flautists, singers, painters, and carvers; all of this they knew how to do. They had heard

about their birth and knew also that they were the successors of their parents, those who went to Xibalba and died there. Hunbatz and Hunchouén were diviners, and in their hearts they knew everything concerning the birth of their two younger brothers. Nevertheless, because they were envious, they did not show their wisdom, and their hearts were filled with bad will for them, although Hunahpú and Xbalanqué had not offended them in any way. These two [last] did nothing all day long but shoot their blowguns; they were not loved by their grandmother, nor by Hunbatz, nor by Hunchouén; they were given nothing to eat; only when the meal was ended and Hunbatz and Hunchouén had already eaten, then the younger brothers came to eat. But they did not become angry, nor did they become vexed, but suffered silently, because they knew their rank, and they understood everything clearly. They brought their birds when they came, and Hunbatz and Hunchouén ate them without giving anything to either of the two, Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. The only thing that Hunbatz and Hunchouén did was to play the flute and sing. And once when Hunahpú and Xbalanqué came without bringing any bird at all, they went into the house and their grandmother became furious. “Why did you bring no birds?” she said to Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. And they answered: “What happened, grandmother, is that our birds were caught in the tree and we could not climb up to get them, dear grandmother. If our elder brothers so wish, let them come with us to bring the birds down,” they said. “Very well,” the older brothers answered, “we shall go with you at dawn.” The two younger brothers then discussed the way to overcome Hunbatz and Hunchouén. “We shall only change 72
their nature, their appearance; and so let our word be fulfilled, for all the suffering that they have caused us. They wanted us to die, that we might be lost, we, their younger brothers. In their hearts they really believe that we have come to be their servants. For these reasons we shall overcome them and teach them a lesson.” Thus they spoke. Then they went toward the foot of the tree called Canté. They were accompanied by their two elder brothers and they were shooting their blowguns. It was not possible to count the birds which sang in the tree, and their elder brothers marveled to see so many birds. There were birds, but not one fell at the foot of the tree.

“Our birds do not fall to the ground. Go and fetch them down,” they said to their elder brothers. “Very well,” the latter answered. And then they climbed the tree; but the tree became larger and the trunk swelled. Then Hunbatz and Hunchouén wanted to come down but they could not come down from the top of the tree.

Then they called from the treetop. “What has happened to us, our brothers? Unfortunate we. This tree frightens us only to look at it. Oh, our brothers!” they called from the treetop. And Hunahpú and Xbalanqué answered: “Loosen your breechclouts; tie them below your stomach, leaving the long ends hanging and pull these from behind, and in this way you can walk easily.” Thus said the younger brothers.

“Very well,” they answered, pulling the ends of their belts back, but instantly these were changed into tails and they took on the appearance of monkeys. Then they hopped over the branches of the trees, among the great woods and little woods, and they buried themselves in the forest, making faces and swinging in the branches of the trees.

In this way Hunbatz and Hunchouén were overcome by Hunahpú and Xbalanqué; and only because of their magic could they have done it. Then they returned to their home, and when they arrived they spoke to their grandmother and their mother, and said to them: “What could it be, grandmother, that has happened to our elder brothers, that suddenly their faces turned into the faces of animals?” So they said.

“If you have done any harm to your elder brothers, you have hurt me and have filled me with sadness. Do not do such a thing to your brothers, oh, my children,” said the old woman to Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. And they replied to their grandmother:

“Do not grieve, our grandmother. You shall see our brother’s faces again; they shall return, but it will be a difficult trial for you, grandmother. Be careful that you do not laugh at them. And now, let us cast our lot,” they said. Immediately they began to play their flutes, playing the song of Hunahpú-Qoy. Then they sang, playing the flute and drum, picking up their flutes and their drum. Afterward they sat down close to their grandmother and continued playing and calling back [their brothers] with music and song, intoning the song, called Hunahpú-Qoy. At last, Hunbatz and Hunchouén came and began to dance; but when the old woman saw their ugly faces, she began to laugh, unable to control her laughter, and they went away at once and she did not see their faces again. “Now you see, grandmother! They have gone to the forest. What have you done, grandmother of ours? We may make this trial but four times and only three are left. Let us call them [back again] with flute and with song, but you, try to

control your laughter. Let the trial begin!” said Hunahpú and Xbalanqué.
Immediately they began again to play. Hunbatz and Hunchouén returned dancing, and came as far as the center of the court of the house grimacing and provoking their grandmother to laughter, until finally she broke into loud laughter. They were really very amusing with their monkey

faces, their broad bottoms, their narrow tails, and the hole of their stomach. all of which made the old woman laugh. Again the [elder brothers] went back to the woods. And Hunahpú and Xbalanqué said: “And now what shall we do, grandmother? We shall try once again, this third time.” They played the flute again, and the monkeys returned dancing. The grandmother contained her laughter. Then they went up over the kitchen; their eyes gave off a red light; they drew away and scrubbed their noses and frightened each other with the faces they made. And as the grandmother saw all of this, she burst into violent laughter; and they did not see the faces [of the elder brothers] again because of the old woman’s laughter.

“Only once more shall we call them, grandmother, so that they shall come for the fourth time,” said the boys. They began again, then, to play the flute, but [their brothers] did not return the fourth time, instead they fled into the forest as quickly as they could. The boys said to their grandmother: “We have done everything possible, dear grandmother; they came once, then we tried to call them again. But do not grieve, here we are, your grandchildren; you must look to us, oh, our mother! Oh, our grandmother! to remind you of our elder brothers, those who were called

and have the names of Hunbatz and Hunchouén,” said Hunahpú and Xbalanqué.
They were invoked by the musicians and singers, and by the old people. The painters and craftsmen also invoked them in days gone by. But they were changed into animals and became monkeys because they became arrogant and abused their brothers. In this way they were disgraced; this was their loss, in this way Hunbatz and Hunchouén were overcome and became animals. They had always lived in their home; they were musicians and singers and also did great things when they lived with their grandmother and with their mother.

II. Chapter 6
Then they [Hunahpú] and [Xbalanqué] began to work, in order to be well thought of by their grandmother and their mother. The first thing they made was the cornfield. “We are going to plant the cornfield, grandmother and mother,” they said. “Do not grieve; here we are, your grandchildren, we who shall take the place of our brothers,” said Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. At once they took their axes, their picks, and their wooden hoes and went, each carrying his blowgun on his shoulder. As they left the house they asked their grandmother to bring them their midday meal. “At midday, come and bring our food, grandmother,” they said. “Very well, my grandsons,” the old woman replied. Soon they came to the field. And as they plunged the pick into the earth, it worked the earth; it did the work alone.
In the same way they put the ax in the trunks of the trees and in the branches, and instantly they fell and all the trees and vines were lying on the ground. The trees fell quickly, with only one stroke of the ax. The pick also dug a great deal. One could not count the thistles and brambles which

had been felled with one blow of the pick. Neither was it possible to tell what it had dug and broken up, in all the large and small woods.
And having taught an animal, called Xmucur, they had it climb to the top of a large tree and Hunahpú and Xbalanqué said to it: “Watch for our grandmother to come with our food, and as soon as she comes, begin at once to sing, and we shall seize the pick and the ax.” “Very well,” Xmucur answered.

And they began to shoot with their blowguns; certainly they did none of the work of clearing and cultivating. A little later, the dove sang, and they ran quickly, grabbing the pick and ax. And one of them covered his head and also deliberately covered his hands With earth and in the same way smeared his face to look like a real laborer, and the other purposely threw splinters of wood over his head as though he really had been cutting the trees.

Thus their grandmother saw them. They ate at once, but they had not really done the work of tilling the soil, and without deserving it they were given their midday meal. After a while, they went home. “We are really tired, grandmother,” they said upon arriving, stretching their legs and arms before her, but without reason.

They returned the following day, and upon arriving at the field, they found that all the trees and vines were standing again and that the brambles and thistles had become entangled again. “Who has played this trick on us;” they said. “No doubt all the small and large animals did it, the puma, the jaguar, the deer, the rabbit, the mountain-cat, the coyote, the wild boar, the coati, the small birds, the large birds; they, it was, who did it; in a single night, they did it.”

They began again to prepare the field and to prepare the soil and cut the trees. They talked over what they would have to do with the trees which they had cut, and the weeds which they had pulled up. “Now we shall watch over our cornfield; perhaps we can surprise those who come to do all of this damage,” they said, talking it over together. And later they returned home.

“What do you think of it, grandmother? They have made fun of us. Our field, which we had worked, has been turned into a field of stubble and a thick woods. Thus we found it, when we got there, a little while ago, grandmother,” they said to her and to their mother. “But we shall return there and watch over it, because it is not right that they do such things to us,” they said. Then they dressed and returned at once to their field of cut trees, and there they hid themselves, stealthily, in the darkness. Then all the animals gathered again; one of each kind came with the other small and large animals. It was just midnight when they came, all talking as they came, saying in their own language: “Rise up, trees! Rise up, vines!” So they spoke when they came and gathered under the trees, under the vines, and they came closer until they appeared before the eyes [of Hunahpú and Xbalanqué]. The puma and the jaguar were the first, and [Hunahpú and Xbalanqué] wanted to seize them, but [the animals] did not let them. Then the deer and the rabbit came close. and the only parts of them which they could seize were their tails, only these, they pulled out. The tall of the deer remained in their hands, and for this reason the deer and the rabbit have short tails. Neither the mountain-cat, the coyote, the wild boar, nor the coati fell into their hands. All the animals passed before Hunahpú and Xbalanqué, who were 78

furious because they could not catch them. But, finally, another animal came hopping along, and this one which was the rat, [which] they seized instantly, and wrapped him in a cloth. Then when they had caught him, they squeezed his head and tried to choke him, and they burned his tall in the fire, and for that reason the rat’s tail has no hair. So, too, the boys, Hunahpú and Xbalanqué, tried to poke at his eyes. The rat said: “I must not die at your hands. And neither is it your business to plant the cornfield.” “What are you telling us now?” the boys asked the rat. “Loosen me a little, for I have something which I wish to tell you, and I shall tell you immediately, but first give me something to eat,” said the rat.

“We will give you food afterward, but first speak,” they answered. “Very well. Do you know, then, that the property of your parents Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub- Hunahpú, as they were called, those who died in Xibalba, or rather the gear with which they played ball, has remained and is hanging from the roof of the house: the ring, the gloves, and the ball? Nevertheless, your grandmother does not want to show them to you for it was on account of these things that your parents died.” “Are you sure of that?” said the boys to the rat. And they were very happy when they heard about the rubber ball. And as the rat had now talked, they showed the rat what his food would be. “This shall be your food: corn, chili-seeds, beans, pataxte, cacao; all this belongs to you, and should there be anything stored away or forgotten, it shall be yours also. Eat it,” Hunahpú and Xbalanqué said to the rat. “Wonderful, boys,” he said; “but what shall I tell your grandmother if she sees me?” “Do not worry, because we are here and shall know what to say to our grandmother. 79

Let us go! We shall go quickly to the comer of the house, go at once to where the things hang; we shall be looking at the garret of the house and paying attention to our food,” they said to the rat. And having arranged it thus, during the night after talking together, Hunahpú and Xbalanqué arrived at midday. When they arrived, they brought the rat with them, but they did not show it; one of them went directly into the house, and the other went to the corner and there let the rat climb up quickly. Immediately they asked their grandmother for food. “Prepare our food, we wish a chili- sauce, grandmother,” they said. And at once the food was prepared for them and a plate of broth was put before them. But this was only to deceive their grandmother and their mother. And having dried up the water which was in the water jar, they said, “We are really dying of thirst; go and bring us a drink,” they said to their grandmother. “Good,” she said and went. Then they began to eat, but they were not really hungry; it was only a trick. They saw then by means of their plate of chile how the rat went rapidly toward the ball which was suspended from the roof of the house. On seeing this in their chile-sauce, they sent to the river a certain xan, an animal called xan which is like a mosquito, to puncture the side of their grandmother’s water jar, and although she tried to stop the water which ran out, she could not close the hole made in the jar. “What is the matter with our grandmother? Our mouths are dry, with thirst, we are dying of thirst,” they said to their mother and they sent her out, Immediately the rat went to cut [the cord which held] the ball and it fell from the garret of the house together with the ring and the gloves and the leather pads. The boys seized them and ran quickly to hide them on the road which led to the ball- 80
court. After this they went to the river to join their grandmother and their mother, who were busily trying to stop the hole in the water jar. And arriving With their blowgun, they said when they came to the river: “What are you doing? We got tired [of waiting] and we came,” they said. “Look at the hole in my jar which I cannot stop, said the grandmother. Instantly they stopped it, and together they returned, the two walking before their grandmother. And in this way the ball was found.

II. Chapter 7
The boys returned happily to the ball-court to play; they were playing alone a long time and cleared the court where their parents had played.
And the Lords of Xibalba, hearing them, said: “Who are they who play again over our heads and disturb us with the noise they make? Perchance Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub-Hunahpú did not die, those who wished to exalt themselves before us? Go at once and call them!” So said Hun-Camé, Vucub-Camé, and all the lords. And sending the messengers to call them, they said to them: “Go and tell them when you get there: ‘Let them come,’ the lords have said; we wish to play ball with them here, within seven days we wish to play; tell them so when you arrive,” thus said the lords. This was the command which they gave to the messengers. And they came then by the wide road which the boys had made that led directly to their house; by it the messengers arrived directly before [the boys'] grandmother. They were eating when the messengers from Xibalba arrived.
“Tell them to come, without fail, the lords commanded,” said the messengers of Xibalba. And the messengers of Xibalba indicated the day: “Within seven days they will

await them,” they said to Xmucané. “It is well, messengers; they will go,” the old woman answered. And the messengers set out on their return.
Then the old woman’s heart was filled with anxiety. “Who shall I send to call my grandchildren? Was it not in this same way that the messengers of Xibalba came before, when they came to take the [boys'] parents?” said the grandmother, entering her house, alone and grieving. And immediately a louse fell into her lap. She seized it and put it in the palm of her hand, and the louse wriggled and began to walk.

“My child, would you like that I sent you away to call my grandchildren from the ball-court?” she said to the louse. “‘Messengers have come to your grandmother,’ tell them; ‘come within seven days, tell them to come, said the messengers of Xibalba; thus your grandmother told me to say,’” thus she told the louse.

At once the louse swaggered off. Sitting on the road was a boy called Tamazul, or the toad. “Where are you going?” the toad said to the louse. “I am carrying a message in my stomach. I go to find the boys,” said the louse to Tamazul. “Very well, but I see that you do not go quickly,” said the toad to the louse. “Do you not want me to swallow you? You shall see how I run, and so we shall arrive quickly.” “Very well,” the louse said to the toad. Immediately the toad swallowed him. And the toad walked a long time, but without hurrying. Soon he met a large snake, called Zaquicaz. “Where are you going, young Tamazul?” said Zaquicaz to the toad. “I go as a messenger; I carry a message in my stomach,” said the toad to the snake.

See that you do not walk quickly. Would I not arrive sooner?” the snake said to the toad. “Come here,” he said. 82

At once Zaquicaz swallowed the toad. And from then on this was the food of snakes, who still today swallow toads. The snake went quickly and having met Vac, which is a very large bird, the hawk, [the latter] instantly swallowed the snake. Shortly afterward it arrived at the ball-court. From that time, this has been the food of hawks, who devour snakes in the fields.

And upon arrival, the hawk perched upon the cornice of the ball-court where Hunahpú and Xbalanqué were amusing themselves playing ball. Upon arriving, the hawk began to cry: “Vac- có! Vac-có!” it said cawing. ["Here is the hawk! Here is the hawk!"] “Who is screaming? Bring our blowguns!” the boys exclaimed. And shooting at the hawk, they aimed a pellet at the pupil of the eye and [the hawk] spiraled to the ground. They ran to seize it and asked: “What do you come to do here?” they asked the hawk.

“I bring a message in my stomach. First cure my eye and afterward I shall tell you,” the hawk answered. “Very well,” they said, and taking a bit of the rubber of the ball with which they were playing, they put it in the hawk’s eye. Lotzquic they called it, and instantly the hawk’s eye was perfectly healed.

“Speak, then,” they said to the hawk. And immediately it vomited a large snake. “Speak, thou,” they said to the snake. “Good,” the [snake] said and vomited the toad. “Where is the message that you bring?” they asked the toad. “Herein my stomach is the message,” answered the toad. And immediately he tried, but could not vomit; his mouth only filled with spittle but he did not vomit. The boys wanted to hit him then. “You are a liar, “they said, kicking him in the rump, and the bone of the haunches gave way. He tried again, but his mouth only filled with 83

spittle. Then the boys opened the toad’s mouth and once open, they looked inside of it. The louse was stuck to the toad’s teeth: it had stayed
in its mouth and had not been swallowed, but only pretended to be swallowed. Thus the toad was tricked, and the kind of food to give it is not known. It cannot run; and it became the food of the snakes. “Speak,” they said to the louse, and then it gave its message. “Your grandmother has said, boys: ‘Go call them; the messengers of Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé have come to tell them to go to Xibalba, saying: “They must come here within seven days to play ball with us, and they must also bring their playing gear, the ball, the rings, the gloves, the leather pads, in order that they may amuse themselves here,” said the lords. They have really come,’ said your grandmother. That is why I have come. For truly your grandmother said this and she cries and grieves, for this reason I have come.”

“Is it true?” the boys asked themselves when they heard this. And running quickly they arrived at their grandmother’s side; they went only to take their leave of her. “We are going, grandmother, we came only to say goodbye. But here will be the sign which we shall leave of our fate: each of us shall plant a reed, in the middle of the house we shall plant it; if it dries, this shall be the sign of our death. ‘They are dead!’ you shall say, if it begins to dry up. But if it sprouts again: ‘They are living!’ you shall say, oh, our grandmother. And you, mother, do not weep, for here we leave the sign of our fate,” thus they said.

And before going, Hunahpú planted one [reed] and Xbalanqué planted another; they planted them in the house and not in the field, nor did they plant them in moist

soil, but in dry soil; in the middle of their house, they left them planted.
II. Chapter 8
Then they went, each one carrying his blowgun, and went down in the direction of Xibalba. They descended the steps quickly and passed between several streams and ravines. They passed among some birds and these birds were called Molay. They also passed over a river of corruption, and over a river of blood, where they would be destroyed, so the people of Xibalba thought; but they did not touch it with their feet, instead they crossed it on their blowguns. They went on from there, and came to a crossway of four roads. They knew very well which were the roads to Xibalba; the black road, the white road, the red road, and the green road. So, then, they sent an animal called Xan. It was to go to gather information which they wanted. “Sting them, one by one; first sting the one seated in the first place and then sting all of them,

since this is the part you must play: to suck the blood of the men on the roads,” they said to the mosquito. “Very well,” answered the mosquito. And immediately it flew on to the dark road and went directly toward the wooden men which were seated first and covered with ornaments. It stung the first, but this one said nothing; then it stung the next one, it stung the second, who was seated, but this one said nothing, either.

After that it stung the third; the third of those seated was Hun-Camé. “Ah!” he exclaimed when it stung him. “What is this, Hun-Camé? What is it that has stung you? Do you not know who has stung you? “said the fourth one of the lords, who were seated. “What is the matter, Vucub-Camé? What has stung you?” said the fifth.

“Ah! Ah!” then said Xiquiripat. And Vucub-Camé asked him, “What has stung you?” and when they stung the sixth who was seated [he cried], “Ah!” “What is this, Cuchumaquic?” asked Xiquiripat. “What is it that has stung you?” And the seventh one seated said “Ah” when he was stung.

“What is the matter, Ahalpuh?” said Cuchumaquic. “What has stung you?” And when it stung him, the eighth of those seated said, “Ah!” “What is the matter, Ahalcaná?” said Ahalpuh. “What has stung you?” And when he was stung the ninth of those seated said “Ah!”

“What is this, Chamiabac? “said Ahalcaná. “What has stung you?” And when the tenth of those seated was stung, he said “Ah!” “What is the matter, Chamiaholom?” said Chamiabac. “What has stung you?” And when the eleventh of those seated was stung he said, “Ah!”

“What happened?” said Chamiaholom. “What has stung you?” And when the twelfth of those seated was stung, he said “Alas!” “What is this, Patán?” they said. “What has stung you?” And the thirteenth of those seated said “Alas!” when he was stung.

“What is the matter, Quicxic?” said Patán. “What has stung you?” And the fourteenth of those seated when he was stung said “Alas!” “What has stung you, Quicrixcac?” said Quicré. In this way they told their names, as they all said them one to the other. So they made themselves known by telling their names, calling each chief, one by one. And in this manner each of those seated in his comer told his name.

Not a single one of the names was missed. All told their names when Hunahpú puffed out a hair of his leg, which was what had stung them. It was really not a mosquito 86

which stung them which went for Hunahpú and Xbalanqué to hear the names of all of them. They [the youths] continued on their way and arrived where the Lords of Xibalba were. “Greet the lord, the one who is seated,’ said one in order to deceive them.

“That is not a lord. it is nothing more than a wooden figure,” they said, and went on. Immediately they began to greet them: “Hail, Hun-Camé! Hail, Vucub-Camé! Hail, Xiquiripat! Hail, Cuchumaquic! Hail, Ahalpuh! Hail, Ahalcaná! Hail, Chamiabac! Hail, Chamiaholom! Hail, Quicxic! Hail, Patán! Hail, Quicré! Hail, Quicrixcac!” they said coming before them. And looking in their faces, they spoke the name of all, without missing the name of a single one of them.

But what the lords wished was that they should not discover their names. “Sit here,” they said, hoping that they would sit in the seat [which they indicated].
“That is not a seat for us; it is only a hot stone,” said Hunahpú and Xbalanqué, and they [the Lords of Xibalba] could not overcome them. “Very well, go to that house,” the lords said. And they [the youths] went on and entered the House of Gloom. And neither there were they overcome.

II. Chapter 9
This was the first test of Xibalba. The Lords of Xibalba thought that [the boys'] entrance there would be the beginning of their downfall. After a while [the boys] entered the House of Gloom; immediately lighted sticks of fat pine were given them and the messengers of Hun- Camé also took a cigar to each one.
“‘These are their pine sticks,’ said the lord; ‘they must return them at dawn, tomorrow, together with the cigars, and you must bring them back whole,’ said the lord.” So

said the messengers when they arrived. “Very well,” [the boys] replied. But they really did not [light] the sticks of pine, instead they put a red-colored thing in place of them, or some feathers from the tail of the macaw, which to the night watches looked like lighted pine sticks. And as for the cigars, they attached fireflies to their end.

All night [everybody] thought they were defeated. “They are lost,” said the night watchmen. But the pine sticks had not been burned and looked the same, and the cigars had not been lighted and looked the same as before. They went to tell the lords.

“How is this? Whence have they come? Who conceived them? Who gave birth to them? This really troubles us, because it is not well what they do. Their faces are strange, and strange is their conduct.” they said to each other. Soon all the lords summoned [the boys]. “Eh! Let us play ball, boys!” they said. At the same time they were questioned by Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé: “Where did you come from? Tell us, boys!” said the Lords of Xibalba. “Who knows whence we came! We do not know,” they said, and nothing more. “Very well. Let us play ball, boys,” said the Lords of Xibalba. “Good,” they replied. “We shall use our ball,” said the Lords of Xibalba. “By no means, shall you use [your ball], but ours,” the boys answered. “Not that one, but ours we shall use,” insisted the Lords of Xibalba. “Very well,” said the boys. “Let us play for a worm, the chil,” said the Lords of Xibalba. “No, but instead, the head of the puma shall speak,” said the boys. “Not that,” said those of Xibalba. “Very well,” said Hunahpú. Then the Lords of Xibalba seized the ball; they threw it directly at the ring of Hunahpú. Immediately, while those of Xibalba grasped the handle of the knife of flint, the ball rebounded and 88

bounced all around the floor of the ball-court. “What is this?” exclaimed Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. “You wish to kill us? Perchance you did not send to call us? And your own messengers did not come? In truth, unfortunate are we! We shall leave at once,” the boys said to them. This was exactly what those of Xibalba wanted to have happen to the boys, that they would die immediately, right there in the ball-court and thus they would be overcome. But it did not happen thus, and it was the Lords of Xibalba who were defeated by the boys. “Do not leave, boys, let us go on playing ball, but we shall use your ball,” they said to the boys.

“Very well,” the boys answered and then they drove their ball through [the ring of Xibalba], and with this the game ended. And offended by their defeat, the men of Xibalba immediately said: “What shall we do in order to overcome them?” And turning to the boys they said to them: “Go gather and bring us, early tomorrow morning, four gourds of flowers.” So said the men of Xibalba to the boys.

“Very well. And what kind of flowers?” they asked the men of Xibalba. “A branch of red chiptlín, a branch of white chiptlín, a branch of yellow chiptlín, and a branch of carinimac,” said the men of Xibalba. “Very well,” replied the boys. Thus the talk ended; equally strong and vigorous were the words of the boys. And their hearts were calm when they gave themselves up to be overcome.

The Lords of Xibalba were happy, thinking that they had already defeated them. “This has turned out well for us. First they must cut them [the flowers],” said the Lords of Xibalba. “Where shall they go to get the flowers?” they said to themselves. “Surely you will give us our flowers tomorrow early; go, then, to cut them,” the Lords of 89

Xibalba said to Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. “Very well,” they replied. “At dawn we shall play ball again,” they said upon leaving. And immediately the boys entered the House of Knives, the second place of torture in Xibalba. And what the lords wanted was that they would be cut to pieces by the knives, and would be quickly killed; that is what they Wished in their hearts. But the [boys] did not die. They spoke at once to the knives and said to them: “Yours shall be the flesh of all the animals,” they said to the knives. And they did not move again, but all the knives were quiet. Thus they passed the night in the House of Knives, and calling all the ants, they said to them: “Come, Cutting Ants, come, zompopos, and all of you go at once, go and bring all the kinds of flowers that we must cut for the lords.” “Very well,” they said, and all the ants went to bring the flowers from the gardens of Hun- Camé and Vucub-Camé. Previously [the lords] had warned the guards of the flowers of Xibalba: “Take care of our flowers, do not let them be taken by the boys who shall come to cut them. But how could [the boys] see and cut the flowers? Not at all. Watch, then, all night!” “Very well,” they answered. But the guards of the garden heard nothing. Needlessly they shouted up into the branches of the trees in the garden. There they were all night, repeating their same shouts and songs. “Ixpurpuvec! Ixpurpuvec!” one shouted. “Puhuyú! Puhuyú!” the other answered. Puhuyú was the name of the two who watched the garden of Hun-Camé and Vucub- Camé. But they did not notice the ants who were robbing them of what they were guarding, turning around and moving here and there, cutting the flowers, climbing the trees to cut the flowers, and gathering them from the ground at the foot of the trees. Meanwhile the guards went 90
on crying, and they did not feel the teeth which were cutting their tails and their wings. And thus the ants carried, between their teeth, the flowers which they took down, and gathering them from the ground, they went on carrying them with their teeth. Quickly they filled the four gourds with flowers, which were moist [with dew] when it dawned. Immediately the messengers arrived to get them. “‘Tell them to come,’ the lord has said, ‘and bring here instantly what they have cut,’” they said to the boys.

“Very well,” the [boys] answered. And carrying the flowers in the four gourds, they went, and when they arrived before the lord [of Xibalba] and the other lords, it was lovely to see the flowers they had brought. And in this way the Lords of Xibalba were overcome. The boys had only sent the ants [to cut the flowers], and in a night the ants cut them and put them in the gourds.

Instantly the Lords of Xibalba paled and their faces became livid because of the flowers. They sent at once for the guardians of the flowers. “Why did you permit them to steal our flowers? These which we see here are our flowers,” they said to the guardians. “We noticed nothing, my lord. Our tails also suffered,” they answered. And then the [lords] tore at their mouths as a punishment for having let that which was under their care be stolen.

Thus were Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé defeated by Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. And this was the beginning of their deeds. From that time the mouth of the owl is divided, cleft as it is today. Immediately they went down to play ball, and also they played several tie-matches. Then they finished playing and agreed to play again the following day at dawn. So said the Lords of Xibalba.

“It is well,” said the boys upon finishing.

II. Chapter 10
Afterward they entered the House of Cold. It is impossible to describe how cold it was. The house was full of hail; it was the mansion of cold. Soon, however, the cold was ended because with [a fire of] old logs the boys made the cold disappear. That is why they did not die; they were still alive when it dawned. Surely what the Lords of Xibalba wanted was that they would die; but it was not thus, and when it dawned, they were still full of health, and they went out again, when the messengers came to get them. “How is this? They are not dead yet?” said the Lords of Xibalba. They were amazed to see the deeds of Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. Presently the boys [entered] the House of Jaguars. The house was full of jaguars. “Do not bite us! Here is what belongs to you,” [the boys] said to the jaguars. And quickly they threw some bones to the animals, which pounced upon the bones.
“Now surely they are finished. Now already they have eaten their own entrails. At last they have given themselves up. Now their bones have been broken, “so said the guards, all happy because of this. But they [the boys] did not die. As usual, well and healthy, they came out of the House of Jaguars.
“What kind of people are they? Where did they come from?” said all the Lords of Xibalba. Presently they [the boys] entered into the midst of fire in the House of Fire, inside which there was only fire; but they were not burned. Only the coals and the wood burned. And, as usual, they were well when it dawned. But what they [the Lords of Xibalba] wished was that [the boys] would die rapidly, where they had been. Nevertheless, it did not happen thus, which disheartened the Lords of Xibalba. Then they put
them into the House of Bats. There was nothing but bats inside this house, the house of Camazotz, a large animal, whose weapons for killing were like a dry point, and instantly those who came into their presence perished. They [the boys] were in there, then, but they slept inside their blowguns. And they were not bitten by those who were in the house. Nevertheless, one of them had to give up because of another Camazotz that came from the sky, and made him come into sight.

The bats were assembled in council all night, and flew about: “Quilitz, quilitz,” they said: So they were saying all night. They stopped for a little while, however, and they did not move and were pressed against the end of one of the blowguns. Then Xbalanqué said to Hunahpú: “Look you, has it begun already to get light?” “Maybe so. I am going to see,” [Hunahpú] answered.

And as he wished very much to look out of the mouth of the blowgun, and wished to see if it had dawned, instantly Camazotz cut off his head and the body of Hunahpú was decapitated. Xbalanqué asked again: “Has it not yet dawned?” But Hunahpú did not move. “Where have you gone, Hunahpú? What have you done?” But he did not move, and remained silent.

Then Xbalanqué felt concerned and exclaimed: “Unfortunate are we. We are completely undone.” They went immediately to hang the head [of Hunahpú] in the ball-court by special order of Hun- Camé and Vucub- Camé, and all the people of Xibalba rejoiced for what had happened to the head of Hunahpú.

II. Chapter 11
Immediately he [Xbalanqué] called all the animals, the coati, the wild boar, all the animals small and large, during

the night, and at dawn he asked them what their food was. “What does each of you eat? For I have called you so that you may choose your food,” said Xbalanqué to them.
“Very well,” they answered. And immediately each went to take his [own food] and they all went together. Some went to take rotten things; others went to take grasses; others went to get stones. Others went to gather earth. Varied was the food of the [small] animals and of the large animals. Behind them the turtle was lingering, it came waddling along to take its food. And reaching at the end [of Hunahpú's body] it assumed the form of the head of Hunahpú, and instantly the eyes were fashioned.

Many soothsayers came, then, from heaven. The Heart of Heaven, Huracán, came to soar over the House of Bats. It was not easy to finish making the face, but it turned out very well; the hair had a handsome appearance and [the head] could also speak.

But as it was about to dawn and the horizon reddened: “Make it dark again, old one!” the buzzard was told. “Very well, said the old one, and instantly the old one darkened [the sky]. “Now the buzzard has darkened it,” the people say nowadays.

And so, during the cool of dawn, the [Hunahpú] began his existence. “Will it be good?” they said. “Will it turn out to look like Hunahpú?” “It is very good,” they answered. And really it seemed that the skull had changed itself back into a real head. Then they [the two boys] talked among themselves and agreed: “Do not play ball; only pretend to play; I shall do everything alone,” said Xbalanqué. At once he gave his orders to a rabbit: “Go and take your place over the ball-court; stay there within the oak grove,” the rabbit was told by Xbalanqué; “when the ball comes to you, run 94

out immediately, and I shall do the rest,” the rabbit was told, when they gave him these instructions during the night. Presently day broke and the two boys were well and healthy. Then they went down to play ball. The head of Hunahpú was suspended over the ball-court.

“We have triumphed! [said the Lords of Xibalba].You worked your own destruction, you have delivered yourselves,” they said. In this way they annoyed Hunahpú. “Hit his head with the ball,” they said. But they did not bother him with it; he paid no attention to it.

Then the Lords of Xibalba threw out the ball. Xbalanqué went out to get it; the ball was going straight to the ring, but it stopped, bounced, and passed quickly over the ball- court and with a jump went toward the oak grove. Instantly the rabbit ran out and went hopping; and the Lords of Xibalba ran after it. They went, making noise and shouting after the rabbit. It ended by all of the Lords of Xibalba going.

At once Xbalanqué took possession of the head of Hunahpú; and taking the turtle he went to suspend it over the ball-court. And that head was actually the head of Hunahpú and the two boys were very happy. Those of Xibalba ran, then, to find the ball and having found it between the oaks, called them, saying:

“Come here. Here is the ball. We found it,” they said, and they brought it. When the Lords of Xibalba returned, they exclaimed, “What is this we see?” Then they began to play again. Both of them tied. Presently Xbalanqué threw a stone at the turtle, which came to the ground and fell in the ball- court, breaking into a thousand pieces like seeds, before the lords.

“Who of you shall go to find it? Where is the one who shall go to bring it?” said the Lords of Xibalba. And so were the Lords of Xibalba overcome by Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. These two suffered great hardships, but they did not die despite all that was done to them.

II. Chapter 12
Here is the account of the death of Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. Now we shall tell of the way they died. Having been forewarned of all the suffering which the [Lords of Xibalba] wished to impose upon them, they did not die of the tortures of Xibalba, nor were they overcome by all the fierce animals which were in Xibalba.
Afterward they sent for two soothsayers who were like prophets; they were called Xulú and Pacam and were diviners, and they said unto them: “You shall be questioned by the Lords of Xibalba about our deaths, for which they are planning and preparing because of the fact that we have not died, nor have they been able to overcome us, nor have we perished under their torments, nor have the animals attacked us. We have the presentiment in our hearts that they shall kill us by burning us. All the people of Xibalba have assembled, but the truth is, that we shall not die. Here, then, you have our instructions as to what you must say:
“If they should come to consult you about our death and that we may be sacrificed, what shall you say then, Xulú and Pacam? If they ask you: ‘Will it not be good to throw their bones into the ravine?’ ‘No, it would not be well,’ tell them, ‘because they would be brought to life again, afterward!’ If they ask you: ‘Would it not be good to hang them from the trees?’ you shall answer: ‘By no means would it be well, because then you shall see their faces

again.’ And when for the third time they ask you: ‘Would it be good to throw their bones into the river?’ If you were asked all the above by them, you should answer: ‘It would be well if they were to die that way; then it would be well to crush their bones on a grinding stone, as corn meal is ground; let each one be

ground [separately]; throw them into the river immediately, there where the spring gushes forth, in order that they may be carried away among all the small and large hills.’ Thus you shall answer them when the plan which we have advised you is put into practice,” said Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. And when they [the boys] took leave of them, they already knew about their approaching death.

They made then, a great bonfire, a kind of oven; the men of Xibalba made it and filled it with thick branches. Shortly afterward the messengers arrived who had to accompany [the boys], the messengers of Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé. “‘Tell them to come. Go and get the boys; go there so that they may know we are going to burn them.’ This the lords said, oh, boys!” the messengers exclaimed. “It is well,” they answered. And setting out quickly, they arrived near the bonfire. There [the Lords of Xibalba] wanted to force the boys to play a mocking game with them.

“Let us drink our chicha and fly four times, each one [over the bonfire] boys!” was said to them by Hun-Camé. “Do not try to deceive us,”[the boys] answered. “Perchance, we do not know about our death, oh lords! And that this is what awaits us here? “And embracing each other, face to face, they both stretched out their arms, bent toward the ground and jumped into the bonfire, and thus the two died together.

All those of Xibalba were filled with joy, shouting and whistling they exclaimed: “Now we have overcome them. At last they have given themselves up.” Immediately they called Xulú and Pacam, to whom they [the boys] had given their instructions, and asked them what they must do with their bones, as they [the boys] had foretold. Those of Xibalba then ground their bones and went to cast them into the river. But the bones did not go very far, for settling themselves down at once on the bottom of the river, they were changed back into handsome boys. And when again they showed themselves they really had their same old faces.

II. Chapter 13
On the fifth day they appeared again and were seen in the water by the people. Both had the appearance of fishmen; when those of Xibalba saw them, after having hunted them all over the river. And the following day, two poor men presented themselves with very old-looking faces and of miserable appearance, [and] ragged clothes, whose countenances did not commend them. So they were seen by all those of Xibalba.
And what they did was very little. They only performed the dance of the puhuy [owl or chum- owl], the dance of the cux [weasel], and the dance of the iboy [armadillo], and they also danced the xtzul [centipede] and the chitic [that walks on stilts]. Furthermore, they worked many miracles. They burned houses as though they really were burning and instantly they were as they had been before. Many of those of Xibalba watched them in wonder.
Presently they cut themselves into bits; they killed each other; the first one whom they had killed stretched out as though he were dead, and instantly the other brought him

back to life. Those of Xibalba looked on in amazement at all they did, and they performed it, as the beginning of their triumph over those of Xibalba.
Presently word of their dances came to the ears of the lords Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé. Upon hearing it they exclaimed: “Who are these two orphans? Do they really give you so much pleasure?” “Surely their dances are very beautiful, and all that they do,” answered he who had brought the news to the lords.

Happy to hear this, the [lords] then sent their messengers to call [the boys] with flattery. “‘Tell them to come here, tell them to come so that we may see what they do; that we may admire them and regard them with wonder,’ this the lords said. ‘So you shall say unto them,’” this was told to the messengers. They arrived at once before the dancers and gave them the message of the lords. “We do not wish to, the [boys] answered,” because, frankly, we are ashamed. How could we not but be ashamed to appear in the house of the lords with our ugly countenances, our eyes which are so big, and our poor appearance? Do you not see that we are nothing more than some [poor] dancers? What shall we tell our companions in poverty who have come with us and wish to see our dances and be entertained by them? How could we do our dances before the lords? For that reason, then, we do not want to go, oh, messengers,” said Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. Finally, with downcast faces and with reluctance and sorrow they went; but for a while they did not wish to walk, and the messengers had to beat them in the face many times, when they led them to the house of the lords. They arrived, then, before the lords, timid and with head bowed; they came prostrating themselves, making reverences and humiliating themselves. They 99

looked feeble, ragged, and their appearance was really that of vagabonds when they arrived they were questioned immediately about their country and their people; they also asked them about their mother and their father. “Where do you come from?” [the lords] said. “We do not know, Sir. We do not know the faces of our mother and father; we were small when they died,” they answered, and did not say another word. “All right. Now do [your dances] so that we may admire you. What do you want? We shall give you pay,” they told them. “We do not want anything; but really we are very much afraid,” they said to the lord. “Do not grieve, do not be afraid. Dance! And do first the part in which you kill yourselves; burn my house, do all that you know how to do. We shall marvel at you, for that is what our hearts desire. And afterwards, poor things, we shall give help for your journey,” they told them. Then they began to sing and dance. All the people of Xibalba arrived and gathered together in order to see them. Then they performed the dance of the cux, they danced the puhuy, and they danced the iboy. And the lord said to them: “Cut my dog into pieces and let him be brought back to life by you,” he said to them. “Very well,” they answered, and cut the dog into bits. Instantly they brought him back to life. The dog was truly full of joy when he was brought back to life, and wagged his tail when they revived him. The Lord said to them then: “Burn my house now!” Thus he said to them. instantly they put fire to the lord’s house, and although all the lords were assembled together within the house, they were not burned. Quickly it was whole again, and not for one instant was the house of Hun- Camé destroyed. All of the lords were amazed, and in the same way the [boys'] dances gave them much pleasure.
Then they were told by the lord: “Now kill a man, sacrifice him, but do not let him die,” he told them. “Very well,” they answered. And seizing a man, they quickly sacrificed him, and raising his heart on high, they held it so that all the lords could see it.

Again Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé were amazed. A moment afterward the man was brought back to life by them [the boys], and his heart was filled with joy when he was revived. The lords were astounded. “Sacrifice yourselves now, let us see it! We really like your dances!” said the lords. “Very well, Sirs,” they answered. And they proceeded to sacrifice each other. Hunahpú was sacrificed by Xbalanqué; one by one his arms and his legs were sliced off, his head was cut from his body and carried away; his heart was torn from his breast and thrown onto the grass. All the Lords of Xibalba were fascinated. They looked on in wonder, but really it was only the dance of one man; it was Xbalanqué.

“Get up!” he said, and instantly [Hunahpú] returned to life. They [the boys] were very happy and the lords were also happy. In truth, what they did gladdened the hearts of Hun-Camé and Vucub- Camé, and the latter felt as though they themselves were dancing. Then their hearts were filled with desire and longing by the dances of Hunahpú and Xbalanqué; and Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé gave their commands.

“Do the same with us! Sacrifice us!” they said. “Cut us into pieces, one by one!” Hun-Camé and Vucub-Camé said to Hunahpú and Xbalanqué. “Very well; afterward you will come back to life again. Perchance, did you not bring us here in order that we should entertain you, the lords, and your sons, and vassals?” they said to the lords. And so it 101

happened that they first sacrificed the one, who was the chief and [Lord of Xibalba], the one called Hun-Camé, king of Xibalba.
And when Hun-Camé was dead, they overpowered Vucub-Camé, and they did not bring either of them back to life. The people of Xibalba fled as soon as they saw that their lords were dead and sacrificed. In an instant both were sacrificed. And this they [the boys] did in order to chastize them. Quickly the principal lord was killed. And they did not bring him back to life.

And another lord humbled himself then, and presented himself before the dancers. They had not discovered him, nor had they found him. “Have mercy on me!” he said when they found him. All the sons and vassals of Xibalba fled to a great ravine, and all of them were crowded into this narrow, deep place. There they were crowded together and hordes of ants came and found them and dislodged them from the ravine. In this way [the ants] drove them to the road, and when they arrived [the people] prostrated themselves and gave themselves up; they humbled themselves and arrived, grieving.

In this way the Lords of Xibalba were overcome. Only by a miracle and by their [own] transformation could [the boys] have done it.
II. Chapter 14

Immediately [the boys] told their names and they extolled themselves before all the people of Xibalba. “Hear our names. We shall also tell you the names of our fathers. We are Hunahpú and Xbalanqué; those are our names. And our fathers are those whom you killed and who were called Hun-Hunahpú and Vucub-Hunahpú. We, those whom you see here, are, then, the avengers of the torments 102

and suffering of our fathers. That is the reason why we resent all the evil you have done
to them. Therefore, we shall put an end to all of you, we shall kill you, and not one of you shall escape, “they said. Instantly all the people of Xibalba fell to their knees, crying. “Have mercy on us, Hunahpú and Xbalanqué! It is true that we sinned against your fathers as you said, and that they are buried in Puchbal-Chah,” they said.

“Very well. This is our sentence, that we are going to tell you. Hear it, all you of Xibalba: “Since neither your great power nor your race any longer exist, and since neither do you deserve mercy, your rank shall be lowered. Not for you shall be the ball game. You shall spend your time making earthen pots and tubs and stones to grind corn. Only the children of the thickets and desert shall speak with you. The noble sons, the civilized vassals shall not consort with you, and they will foresake your presence. The sinners, the evil ones, the sad ones, the unfortunate ones, those who give themselves up to vice, these are the ones who will welcome you. No longer will you seize men suddenly [for sacrifice]; remember your rank has been lowered.” Thus they spoke to all the people of Xibalba. In this way their destruction and their lamentations began. Their power in the olden days was not much. They only liked to do evil to men in those times. In truth, in those days, they did not have the category of gods. Furthermore, their horrible faces frightened people. They were the enemies, the owls. They incited to evil, to sin and to discord. They were also false in their hearts, black and white at the same time, envious and tyrannical, according to what was said of them. Furthermore, they painted and greased their faces. In this way, then, occurred the loss of 103

their grandeur and the decadence of their empire. And this was what Hunahpú and Xbalanqué did. Meanwhile, the grandmother was crying and lamenting before the reeds which they had left planted. The reeds sprouted, then they dried up when [the boys] were consumed in the bonfire; afterward [the reeds] sprouted again. Then the grandmother lighted the fire and burned incense before the reeds in memory of her grandchildren. And the grandmother’s heart filled with joy when, for the second time, the reeds sprouted. Then they were worshiped by the grandmother, and she called them the Center of the House, Nicah [the center] they were called. “Green reeds growing in the plains” [Cazam Ah Chatam Uleu] was their name. And they were called the Center of the House and the Center, because in the middle of the house they planted the reeds. And the reeds, which were planted, were called the plains, Green Reeds growing on the plains. They also were called Green Reeds because they had resprouted. This name was given them by Xmucané [given] to those [reeds] which Hunahpú and Xbalanqué left planted in order that they should be remembered by their grandmother. Well, now, their fathers, those who died long ago, were Hun- Hunahpú and Vucub-Hunahpú. They also saw the faces of their fathers there in Xibalba and their fathers talked with their descendants, that is the ones who overthrew those of Xibalba. And here is how their fathers were honored by them. They honored Vucub-Hunahpú; they went to honor him at the place of sacrifice of the ball-court. And at the same time they wanted to make Vucub-Hunahpú’s face. They hunted there for his entire body, his mouth, his nose, his eyes. They found his body, but it could do very little. It could not pronounce his name, this Hunahpú. Neither 104
could his mouth say it. And here is how they extolled the memory of their fathers, whom they had left there in the place of sacrifice at the ball-court: “You shall be invoked,” their sons said to them, when they fortified their heart. “You shall be the first to arise, and you shall be the first to be worshiped by the sons of the noblemen, by the civilized vassals. Your names shall not be lost. So it shall be!” they told

their fathers and thus consoled themselves. “We are the avengers of your death, of the pains and sorrows which they caused you.” Thus was their leave-taking, when they had already overcome all the people of Xibalba. Then they rose up in the midst of the light, and instantly they were lifted into the sky. One was given the sun, the other, the moon. Then the arch of heaven and the face of the earth were lighted. And they dwelt in heaven.

Then the four hundred boys whom Zipacná had killed also ascended, and so they again became the companions of [the boys] and were changed into stars in the sky.
PART III: Chapter 1

Here, then is the beginning of when it was decided to make man, and when what must enter into the flesh of man was sought. And the Forefathers, the Creators and Makers, who were called Tepeu and Gucumatz said: “The time of dawn has come, let the work be finished, and let those who are to nourish and sustain us appear, the noble sons, the civilized vassals; let man appear, humanity, on the face of the earth.” Thus they spoke.

They assembled, came together and held council in the darkness and in the night; then they sought and discussed, and here they reflected and thought. In this way their decisions came dearly to light and they found and 105

discovered what must enter into the flesh of man. It was just before the sun, the moon, and the stars appeared over the Creators and Makers. From Paxil, from Cayalá, as they were called, came the yellow ears of corn and the white ears of corn.

These are the names of the animals which brought the food: yac (the mountain cat), utiú (the coyote), quel (a small parrot), and hoh (the crow). These four animals gave tidings of the yellow ears of corn and the white ears of corn, they told them that they should go to Paxil and they showed them the road to Paxil.

And thus they found the food, and this was what went into the flesh of created man, the made man; this was his blood; of this the blood of man was made. So the corn entered [into the formation of man] by the work of the Forefathers. And in this way they were filled with joy, because they had found a beautiful land, full of pleasures, abundant in ears of yellow corn and ears of white corn, and abundant also in pataxte and cacao, and in innumerable zapotes, anonas, jocotes, nantzes, matasanos, and honey. There was an abundance of delicious food in those villages called Paxil and Cayalá. There were foods of every kind, small and large foods, small plants and large plants.

The animals showed them the road. And then grinding the yellow corn and the white corn, Xmucané made nine drinks, and from this food came the strength and the flesh, and with it they created the muscles and the strength of man. This the Forefathers did, Tepeu and Gucumatz, as they were called. After that they began to talk about the creation and the making of our first mother and father; of yellow corn and of white corn they made their flesh; of corn-meal dough they made the arms and the legs of man. 106

Only dough of corn meal went into the flesh of our first fathers, the four men, who were created.
III. Chapter 2
THESE ARE THE NAMES OF THE FIRST men who were created and formed: the first man was Balam-Quitzé, the second, Balam-Acab, the third, Mahucutah, and the fourth was Iqui- Balam. These are the names of our first mothers and fathers.

It is said that they only were made and formed, they had no mother, they had no father. They were only called men. They were not born of woman, nor were they begotten by the Creator nor by the Maker, nor by the Forefathers. Only by a miracle, by means of incantation were they created and made by the Creator, the Maker, the Forefathers, Tepeu and Gucumatz. And as they had the appearance of men, they were men; they talked, conversed, saw and heard, walked, grasped things; they were good and handsome men, and their figure was the figure of a man. They were endowed with intelligence; they saw and instantly they could see far, they succeeded in seeing, they succeeded in knowing all that there is in the world. When they looked, instantly they saw all around them, and they contemplated in turn the arch of heaven and the round face of the earth. The things hidden [in the distance] they saw all, without first having to move; at once they saw the world, and so, too, from where they were, they saw it. Great was their wisdom; their sight reached to the forests, the rocks, the lakes, the seas, the mountains, and the valleys. In truth, they were admirable men. Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam. Then the Creator and the Maker asked them: “What do you think of your condition? Do you not see? Do you not hear? Are not your speech and 107

manner of walking good? Look, then! Contemplate the world, look [and see] if the mountains and the valleys appear! Try, then, to see!” they said to [the four first men]. And immediately they [the four first men] began to see all that was in the world. Then they gave thanks to the Creator and the Maker: “We really give you thanks, two and three times! We have been created, we have been given a mouth and a face, we speak, we hear, we think, and walk; we feel perfectly, and we know what is far and what is near. We also see the large and the small in the sky and on earth. We give you thanks, then, for having created us, oh, Creator and Maker! for having given us being, oh, our grandmother! oh, our grandfather!” they said, giving thanks for their creation and formation. They were able to know all, and they examined the four comers, the four points of the arch of the sky and the round face of the earth. But the Creator and the Maker did not hear this with pleasure. “It is not well what our creatures, our works say; they know all, the large and the small,” they said. And so the Forefathers held counsel again. “What shall we do with them now? Let their sight reach only to that which is near; let them see only a little of the face of the earth! It is not well what they say. Perchance, are they not by nature simple creatures of our making? Must they also be gods? And if they do not reproduce and multiply when it will dawn, when the sun rises? And what if they do not multiply?” So they spoke. “Let us check a little their desires, because it is not well what we see. Must they perchance be the equals of ourselves, their Makers, who can, see afar, who know all and see all?” Thus spoke the Heart of Heaven, Huracán, Chipi-Caculhá, Raxa-Caculhá, Tepeu, Gucumatz, the Forefathers, Xpiyacoc, Xmucané, the 108
Creator and the Maker. Thus they spoke, and immediately they changed the nature of their works, of their creatures. Then the Heart of Heaven blew mist into their eyes, which clouded their sight as. when a mirror is breathed upon. Their eyes were covered and they could see only what was close, only that was clear to them. In this way the wisdom and all the knowledge of the four men, the origin and beginning [of the Quiché race], were destroyed.

In this way were created and formed our grandfathers, our fathers, by the Heart of Heaven, the Heart of Earth.
III. Chapter 3
Then their wives had being, and their women were made. God himself made them carefully. And so, during sleep, they came, truly beautiful, their women, at the side of Balam-Quitzé, Balam- Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam. There were their women when they awakened, and instantly their hearts were filled with joy because of their wives.

Here are the names of their wives: Cahá-Paluna was the name of the wife of Balam-Quitzé; Chomihá was the wife of Balam-Acab; Tzununihá, the wife of Mahucutah; and Caquixahá was the name of the wife of Iqui-Balam. These are the names of their wives, who were distinguished women. They conceived the men, of the small tribes and of the large tribes, and were the origin of us; the people of Quiché. There were many priests and sacrificers; there were not only four, but those four were the Forefathers of us, the people of the Quiché. The names of each one were different when they multiplied there in the East, and there were many names of the people: Tepeu, Olomán, Cohah, Quenech, Ahau, as they called those men there in the East, where they multiplied. The beginning is known, too, of 109

those of Tamub and those of Ilocab who came together from there in the East. Balam-Quitzé was the grandfather and the father of the nine great houses of the Cavec; Balam- Acab was the grandfather and father of the nine great houses of the Nimhaib; Mahucutah, the grandfather and father of the four great houses of Ahau-Quiché. Three groups of families existed; but they did not forget the name of their grandfather and father, those who propagated and multiplied there in the East. The Tamub and Ilocab also came, and thirteen branches of peoples, the thirteen of Tecpán, and those of Rabinal, the Cakchiquel, those from Tziquinahá, and the Zacahá and the Lamaq, Cumatz, Tuhalhá, Uchabahá, those of Chumilahá, those of Quibahá, of Batenabá, Acul-Vinac, Balamihá, the Canchahel, and Balam-Colob. These are only the principal tribes, the branches of the people which we mention; only of the principal ones shall we speak. Many others came from each group of the people, but we shall not write their names. They also multiplied there in the East. Many men were made and in the darkness they multiplied. Neither the sun nor the light had yet been made when they multiplied. All lived together, they existed in great number and walked there in the East. Nevertheless, they did not sustain nor maintain [their God]; they only raised their faces to the sky, and they did not know why they had come so far as they did. There they were then, in great number, the black men and the white men, men of many classes, men of many tongues, that it was wonderful to hear them. There are generations in the world, there are country people, whose faces we do not see, who have no homes, they only wander through the small and large woodlands, like crazy people. So it is said scornfully of the people of 110
the wood. So they said there, where they saw the rising of the sun. The speech of all was the same. They did not invoke wood nor stone, and they remembered the word of the Creator and the Maker, the Heart of Heaven, the Heart of Earth. in this manner they spoke, while they thought about the coming of the dawn. And they raised their prayers, those worshipers of the word [of God], loving, obedient. and fearful, raising their faces to the sky when they asked for daughters and sons: “Oh thou, Tzacol, Bitol! Look at us, hear us! Do not leave us, do not forsake us, oh, God, who art in heaven and on earth, Heart of Heaven, Heart of Earth! Give us our descendants, our succession, as long as the sun shall move and there shall be light. Let it dawn; let the day come! Give us many good roads, flat roads! May the people have peace, much peace, and may they be happy; and give us good life and useful existence! Oh, thou Huracán, Chipi- Caculhá, Raxá- Caculhá, Chipi- Nanauac, Raxá-Nanauac, Voc, Hunahpú, Tepeu, Gucumatz, Alom, Qaholom, Xpiyacoc, Xmucané, grandmother of the sun, grandmother of the light, let there be dawn, and let the light come!” Thus they spoke while they saw and invoked the coming of the sun, the arrival of day; and at the same time that they saw the rising of the sun, they contemplated the Morning Star, the Great Star, which comes ahead of the sun, that lights up the arch of the sky and the surface of the earth, and illuminates the steps of the men who had been created and made.

III. Chapter 4
Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam said, “Let us await the break of day.” So said those great wise men, the enlightened men, the priests and sacrificers. This they said. Our first mothers and fathers did not yet

have wood nor stones to keep; but their hearts were tired of waiting for the sun. Already all the tribes and the Yaqui people, the priests and sacrificers, were very many.
“Let us go, let us go to search and see if our [tribal] symbols are in safety; if we can find what we must burn before them. For being as we are, there is no one who watches for us,” said Balam- Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam. And having heard of a city, they went there.

Now then, the name of the place where Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui- Balam and those of Tamub and Ilocab went was Tulán-Zuivá, Vucub-Pec, Vucub-Ziván. This was the name of the city where they went to receive their gods. So, then, all arrived at Tulán. It was impossible to count the men who arrived; there were very many and they walked in an orderly way.

Then was the appearance of their gods; first those of Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam who were filled with joy: “At last we have found that for which we searched!” they said. And the first that appeared was Tohil, as this god was called, and Balam-Quitzé put him on his back, in his chest. Instantly the god called Avilix appeared, and Balam-Acab carried him. The god called Hacavitz was carried by Mahucutah; and Iqui-Balam carried the one called Nicahtacah.

And together with the people of the Quiché, they also received those of Tamub. And in the same way Tohil was the name of the god of the Tamub who received the grandfather and father of the Lords of Tamub, whom we know today. In the third place were those of Ilocab. Tohil was also the name of the god who was received by the

grandfathers and the fathers of the lords, whom we also know today.
In this way, the three Quiché [families] were given their names and they did not separate, because they had a god of the same name, Tohil of the Quiché, Tohil of the Tamub and [Tohil] of the Ilocab; one only was the name of the god, and therefore the three Quiché [families] did not separate. Great indeed was the virtue of the three, Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz. Then all the people arrived, those from Rabinal, the Cakchiquel, those from Tziquinahá, and the people who now are called the Yaqui. And there it was that the speech of the tribes changed; their tongues became different. They could no longer understand each other clearly after arriving at Tulán. There also they separated, there were some who had to go to the East, but many came here. And their clothing was only the skins of animals; they had no good clothes to put on, the skins of animals were their only dress. They were poor, they possessed nothing, but they had the nature of extraordinary men. When they arrived at Tulán-Zuivá, Vucub-Pec, Vucub-Zivan, the old traditions say that they had traveled far in order to arrive there.

III. Chapter 5
And they did not have fire. Only the people of Tohil had it. He was the god of the tribes which first created fire. It is not known how it was made, because it was already burning when Balam- Quitzé and Balam-Acab saw it. “Ah, we have no fire yet! We shall die of cold,” they said. Then Tohil said to them: “Do not worry! Yours shall be the lost fire which is talked of. Yours shall be what is spoken of as lost fire,” Tohil said to them.

“Really? Oh, God, our support, our maintenance, thou, our God!” they said, returning thanks. And Tohil answered: “Very well, certainly I am your God; so shall it be! I am your Lord; so let it be!” Thus it was told to the priests and sacrificers by Tohil. And in this manner the tribes received fire and they were joyful because of it. Instantly a great shower began to fall when the fire of the tribes was burning. Much hail fell on all the tribes and the fire was put out because of it, and again the fire was extinguished. Then Balam-Quitzé and Balam-Acab again asked Tohil for fire. “Oh, Tohil, we are truly dying of cold!” they said to Tohil. “Very well, do not worry,” Tohil answered, and instantly he made fire, turning about in his shoe. Balam- Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam were at once happy and immediately they became warm. Now, the fire of the peoples [of Vucamag] had also gone out and they were dying of cold. immediately they came to ask Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam for fire. They could no longer bear the cold nor the ice; they were shivering and their teeth were chattering; they were numb; their legs and hands shook and they could not hold anything in them, when they came. “We are not ashamed to come before you, to beg for a little of your fire,” they said. But they were not well received. And then the tribes were very sad.

“The speech of Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam is different! Oh! We have given up our speech! What have we done? We are lost. How were we deceived? We had only one speech when we arrived there at Tulán; we were created and educated in the same way. It is not good what we have done,” said all the tribes under the trees, under the vines.

Then a man came before Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam and [this man], who was a messenger of Xibalba, spoke thus: “This is, in truth, your God; this is your support; this is, furthermore, the representation, the memory of your Creator and Maker. Do not give your fire to the tribes until they present offerings to Tohil. It is not necessary that they give anything to you. Ask Tohil what they should give when they come to receive fire,” said the man from Xibalba. He had wings like the wings of a bat. “I am sent by your Creator, your Maker,” said the man of Xibalba.

They were filled with joy then, and Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz were also gladdened when the man from Xibalba spoke, who disappeared instantly from their presence. But the tribes did not perish when they came, although they were dying of cold. There was much hail, black rain and mist, and indescribable cold.

All the tribes were trembling and shivering with cold when they came where Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam were. Their hearts were greatly troubled and their mouths and eyes were sad. In a moment the beggars came before Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui- Balam and said: “Will you not have pity on us, we only ask a little of your fire? Perchance, were we not [once] together and reunited? Did we not have the same home and one country when we were created, when we were made? Have mercy, then, on us!” they said.

“What will you give us so that we shall have mercy on you?” they were asked. “Well, then, we shall give you money,” the tribes answered. “We do not want money,” said Balam-Quitzé and Balam-Acab. “And what do you 115

want?” [asked the tribes]. “We shall ask now” [said Balam- Quitzé].
“Very well, “said the tribes. “We shall ask Tohil and then we shall tell you,” they answered. “What must the tribes give, oh, Tohil! who have come to ask for your fire?” said Balam- Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam. “Well! Are they willing to give their waist and their armpits? Do they want me to embrace them? For if they do not want to do that, neither shall I give them fire,” answered Tohil. “Tell them that this shall come later, that they do not have to come now to give me their waist and their armpits. This is what Tohil orders us to tell you, you will say.” This was the answer to Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam. Then they took Tohil’s message. “Very well, we shall join you and we shall embrace him,” they [the people] said when they heard and were told the message from Tohil. And they did not delay in acting. “Good,” they said, “but may it be soon!” And immediately they received the fire. Then they became warm.

III. Chapter 6
There was nevertheless a tribe who stole the fire in the smoke; and they were from the house of Zotzil. The god of the Cakchiquel was called Chamalcán and he had the form of a bat. When they passed through the smoke, they went softly and then they seized the fire. The Cakchiquel did not ask for the fire, because they did not want to give themselves up to be overcome, the way that the other tribes had been overcome when they offered their breasts and
their armpits so that they would be opened. And this was the opening [of the breasts] about which Tohil had spoken; that they should sacrifice all the tribes before him, that they

should tear out their hearts from their breasts. And this had not yet begun when the taking of power and sovereignty by Balam-Quitzé, Balam.- Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam was prophesied by Tohil. There in Tulán- Zuivá, whence they had come, they were accustomed to fast, they observed a perpetual fast while they awaited the coming of dawn and watched for the rising sun. They took turns at watching the Great Star called Icoquih, which rises first before the sun, when the sun rises, the brilliant Icoquih, which was always before them in the East, when they were there in the place called Tulán-Zuivá, whence came their god. It was not here, then, where they received their power and sovereignty, but there they subdued and subjected the large and small tribes when they sacrificed them before Tohil, and offered him the blood, the substance, breasts, and sides of all the men. In Tulán power came instantly to them; great was their wisdom in the darkness and in the night. Then they came, they pulled up stakes there and left the East. “This is not our home; let us go and see where we should settle,” Tohil said then. In truth, he was accustomed to talk to Balam-Quitzé, Balam- Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui- Balam: “Give thanks before setting out; do what is necessary to bleed your ears, prick your elbows, and make your sacrifices, this shall be your thanks to God.” “Very well, “they said, and took blood from their ears. And they wept in their chants because of their departure from Tulán; their hearts mourned when they left Tulán. “Pity us! We shall not see the dawn here, when the sun rises and lights the face of the earth,” they said at leaving. But they left some people on the road which they followed so that they would keep watch. Each of the tribes kept getting up to see the star which was the herald of the 117
sun. This sign of the dawn they carried in their hearts when they came from the East, and with the same hope they left there, from that great distance, according to what their songs now say.

III. Chapter 7
They came at last to the top of a mountain and there all the Quiché people and the tribes were reunited. There they all held council to make their plans. Today this mountain is called Chi- Pixab, this is the name of the mountain. There they reunited and there they extolled themselves: “I am, I, the people of the Quiché! And thou, Tamub, that shall be thy name.” And to those from Ilocab they said: “Thou, Ilocab, this shall be thy name. And these three Quiché [peoples] shall not disappear, our fate is the same,” they said when they gave them their names.
Then they gave the Cakchiquel their name: Gagchequeleb was their name. In the same way they named those of Rabinal, which was their name, and they still have it. And also those of Tziquinahá, as they are called today. Those are the names which they gave to each other. There they were come together to await the dawn and to watch for the coming of the star, which comes just before the sun, when it is about to rise. “We came from there, but we have separated,” they said to each other.
And their hearts were troubled; they were suffering greatly; they did not have food; they did not have sustenance; they only smelled the ends of their staffs and thus they imagined they were eating; but they did not eat when they came.
It is not quite clear, however, how they crossed the sea; they crossed to this side, as if there were no sea; they crossed on stones, placed in a row over the sand. For this

reason they were called Stones in a Row, Sand Under the Sea, names given to them when they [the tribes] crossed the sea, the waters having parted when they passed.
And their hearts were troubled when they talked together, because they had nothing to eat, only a drink of water and a handful of corn they had. There they were, then, assembled on the mountain called Chi-Pixab. And they had also brought Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz. Balam-Quitzé and his wife Cahá-Paluna, which was the name of his wife, observed a complete fast. And so did Balam-Acab and his wife, who was called Chomihá; and Mahucutah and his wife, called Tzununihá, also observed a complete fast, and Iqui-Balam. with his wife, called Caquixahá, likewise.

And there were those who fasted in the darkness, and in the night. Great was their sorrow when they were on the mountain, called Chi-Pixab.
III. Chapter 8

And their gods spoke to them again. Thus Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz spoke to Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam: “Let us go, let us get up, let us not stay here, take us to a secret place! Already dawn draws near. Would it not be a disgrace for you if we were imprisoned by our enemies within these walls where you, the priests and sacrificers. keep us? Put each of us, then. in a safe place,” they said when they spoke.

“Very well. We shall go on, we shall go in search of the forests,” all answered. Immediately after, they took up their gods and put them on their backs. In this way they carried Avilix to the ravine called Euabal-Ziván, so named by them, to the large ravine of the forest. now called Pavilix, and there they left him. In this ravine he was left by Balam- Acab. They were left one by one. The first one left was 119

Hacavitz, he was left on a large red pyramid, on the mountain now called Hacavitz. There they founded their town, there in the place where the god called Hacavitz, was. In the same way, Mahucutah left his god, who was the second one hidden by them. Hacavitz was not in the forest, but on a hill cleared of trees, Hacavitz was hidden. Then Balam-Quitzé came, he came there to the large forest; Balam-Quitzé came to hide Tohil at the hill which is today called Patohil. Then they celebrated the hiding of Tohil in the ravine, in his refuge. A great quantity of snakes, jaguars, vipers, and cantiles were in the forest where they were hidden by the priests and sacrificers. Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah. and Iqui-Balam were together; together they awaited the dawn, there on the mountain, called Hacavitz. And a short distance away, was the god of the people of Tamub and of the people of Ilocab. Amac- Tan, the place is called, where the god of the Tamub [people] was, and there dawn came to the tribes. The place where those from Ilocab awaited the dawn was called Amac- Uquincat; there was the god of those of Ilocab, a short distance from the mountain. There. too, were all the people of Rabinal, the Cakchiquel, the Tziquinahá, all the small tribes, and the large tribes. Together they stayed. awaiting the coming of the dawn and the rising of the large star called Icoquih, which rises just before the sun, when it dawns, according to the legend. There they were together, then, Balam-Quitzé. Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui- Balam. They did not sleep; they remained standing and great was the anxiety of their hearts and their stomachs for the coming of dawn and the day. There, too, they felt shame; they were overcome with great sorrow, great suffering. and they were oppressed with pain.
They had come that far. “Oh. we have come without joy! If only we could see the rising of the sun! What shall we do now? If we lived in harmony in our country, why did we leave it?” they said to each other, in the midst of their sadness and affliction, and with mournful voices. They talked, but they could not calm their hearts which were anxious for the coming of the dawn. “The gods are seated in the ravines, in the forests, they are among the air-plants, among the mosses, not even a seat of boards were they given,” they said.

First there were Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz. Great was their glory, their strength, and their power over the gods of all the tribes. Many were their miracles, and countless their journeys, and their pilgrimages in the midst of the cold; and the hearts of the tribes were filled with fear. But calm were the hearts of Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam. With respect to them [the gods]. They felt no anxiety in their hearts for the gods whom they had received, and had carried on their backs when they came there from Tulán-Zuivá, from there in the East.

They were there, then, in the forest, now called Zaquiribal, Pa-Tohil, P’Avilix, Pa-Hacavitz. And next came the dawn, and light shone for our grandparents and our parents. Now we shall tell of the coming of the dawn and the appearance of the sun, the moon, and the stars.

III. Chapter 9
Here, then, is the dawn, and the coming of the sun, the moon, and the stars. Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam were very happy when they saw the Morning Star. It rose first, with shining face, when it came ahead of the sun. Immediately they unwrapped the incense which they had brought from the East, and which

they had planned to burn, and then they untied the three gifts which they had planned to offer. The incense which Balam-Quitzé brought was called Mixtán-Pom; the incense which Balam- Acab brought was called Cavixtán-Pom; and that which Mahucutah brought was called Cabauil- Pom. The three had their incense and burned it when they began to dance facing toward the East. They wept for joy as they danced and burned their incense, their precious incense. Then they wept because they did not yet behold nor see the sunrise. But, then, the sun came up. The small and large animals were happy; and arose from the banks of the river, in the ravines, and on the tops of the mountains, and all turned their eyes to where the sun was rising. Then the puma and the jaguar roared. But first the bird called Queletzú burst into song. In truth, all the animals were happy, and the eagle, the white vulture; the small birds and the large birds stretched their wings. The Priests and the sacrificers were kneeling; great was the joy of the priests and sacrificers and of the people of Tamub and Ilocab and the people of Rabinal, the Cakchiquel, those from Tziquinahá, and those from Tuhalhá, Uchabahá, Quibahá, from Batená, and the Yaqui Tepeu, all those tribes which exist today. And it was not possible to count the people. The light of dawn fell upon all the tribes at the same time. Instantly the surface of the earth was dried by the sun. Like a man was the sun when it showed itself, and its face glowed when it dried the surface of the earth. Before the sun rose, damp and muddy was the surface of the earth, before the sun came up; but then the sun rose, and came up like a man. And its heat was unbearable. It showed itself when it was born and remained fixed [in the sky] like
a mirror. Certainly it was not the same sun which we see, it is said in their old tales.
Immediately afterward Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz were turned to stone, together with the deified beings the puma, the jaguar, the snake, the cantil, and the hobgoblin. Their arms became fastened to the trees when the sun, the moon, and the stars appeared. All alike, were changed into stone. Perhaps we should not be living today because of the voracious animals, the puma, the jaguar, the snake, and the cantil, as well as the hobgoblin; perhaps our power would not exist if these first animals had not been turned into stone by the sun.

When the sun arose, the hearts of Balam-Quitzé, Balam- Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam were filled with joy. Great was their joy when it dawned. And there were not many men at that place; only a few were there on the mountain Hacavitz. There dawn came to them, there they burned their incense and danced, turning their gaze toward the East, whence they had come. There were their mountains and their valleys, whence had come Balam- Quitzé, Balam- Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam, as they were called.

But it was here where they multiplied, on the mountain, and this was their town; here they were, too, when the sun, the moon, and the stars appeared, when it dawned and the face of the earth and the whole world was lighted. Here, too, began their song, which they call camucú; they sang it, but only the pain in their hearts and their innermost selves they expressed in their song. “Oh pity us! In Tulán we were lost, we were separated, and there our older and younger brothers stayed. Ah, we have seen the sun! but where are

they now, that it has dawned?” so said the priests and the sacrificers of the Yaqui.
Because, in truth, the so-called Tohil is the same god of the Yaqui, the one called Yolcuat- Quitzalcuat. “We became separated there in Tulán, in Zuyva, from there we went out together, and there our race was created when we came,” they said to each other. Then they remembered their older brothers and their younger brothers, the Yaqui, to whom dawn came there in the land which today is called Mexico. Part of the people remained there in the East, those called Tepeu Olimán, who stayed there, they say. They felt much grief in their hearts, there in Hacavitz; and sad, too, were the people from Tamub and Ilocab, who were also there in the forest called Amac-Tan. Where dawn came to the priests and sacrificers of Tamub and to their god, who also was Tohil, because one and the same was the name of the god of the three branches of the Quiché people. And this is also the name of the god of the people of Rabinal, for there is little difference between that and the name of Huntoh, as the god of the people of Rabinal is called; for that reason, it is said, they wanted to make their speech the same as that of the Quiché. Well, the speech of the Cakchiquel is different, because the name of their god was different when they came from there, from Tulán-Zuyva. Tzotzihá Chimalcan was the name of their god, and today they speak a different tongue; and also from their god the families of Ahpozotzil and Ahpoxa, as they are called, took their names. The speech of the god was also changed when they were given their god there, in Tulán, near the stone; their speech was changed when they came from Tulán in the darkness. And being together, dawn came to them and
the light shone on all the tribes, in the order of the names of the gods of each of the tribes.
III. Chapter 10
And now we shall tell of their stay and abode there on the mountain, where the four called Balam-Quitzé, Balam- Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam were together. Their hearts mourned for Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz, whom they had placed among the air-plants and the moss.

We shall tell now how they made the sacrifices at the foot of the place where they had carried Tohil, when they arrived in the presence of Tohil and Avilix. They went to see them, to greet them, and also to give them thanks for the arrival of the dawn. They were in the thicket amidst the stones, there in the woods. And only by magic art did they speak when the priests and sacrificers came before Tohil. They did not bring great gifts, only resin, the remains of the gum, called noh, and pericón, they burned before their gods.

Then Tohil spoke; only by a miracle he gave counsel to the priests and sacrificers. And they [the gods] spoke and said: “Truly here shall be our mountains and our valleys. We are yours; great shall be our lory and numerous our descendents, through the work of all men. Yours are all the tribes and we, your companions. Care for your town, and we shall give you your learning.

“Do not show us before the tribes when we are angered by the words of their mouths, or because of their conduct. Neither shall you permit us to fall into a snare. Give us, instead, the creatures of the woods and of the fields, and also the female deer, and the female birds. Come and give us a little of your blood, have pity upon us. You may have

the skins of the deer and guard us from those whose eyes have deceived us.
“So, then, [the skin of] the deer shall be our symbol which you shall show before the tribes. When they ask ‘Where is Tohil?’ show the deerskin before their eyes. Neither shall you show yourselves. for you shall have other things to do. Great shall be their position; you shall dominate all the tribes; you shall bring your blood and their substance before us, and those who come to embrace us, shall be ours also,” thus spoke Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz. They had the appearance of youths, when those who came to offer gifts saw them. Then the persecution of the young of the birds and of the deer began, and the fruit of the chase was received by the priests and sacrificers. And when they found the young of the birds and the deer, they went at once to place the blood of the deer and of the birds in the mouths of the stones, that were Tohil and Avilix. As soon as the blood had been drunk by the gods, the stones spoke, when the priests and the sacrificers came, when they came to bring their offerings. And they did the same before their symbols, burning pericón and holom-ocox. The symbols of each one were there where they had been placed on the top of the mountain. But they [the priests] did not live in their houses by day, but walked over the mountains, and ate only the young horseflies, and the wasps, and the bees which they hunted; they had neither good food nor good drink. And neither were the roads from their homes known, nor did they know where their wives had remained.

PART IV: Chapter 1
NOW, THEN, MANY TOWNS WERE BEING founded, one by one, and the different branches of the tribes were

being reunited and settled close to the roads, their roads which they had opened. As for Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam, it was not known where they were. But when they saw the tribes that passed on the roads, instantly they began to shout on the mountain-tops, howling like a coyote, screaming like a mountain cat, and imitating the roaring of the puma and the jaguar.

And the tribes seeing these things, as they walked, said: “Their screams are like those of the coyote, of the mountain cat, of the puma, and of the jaguar. They want to appear to the tribes as though they are not men, and they only do this to deceive us, we the people. Their hearts wish something. Surely, they do not frighten us with what they do. They mean something with the

roaring of the puma, with the noise of the jaguar which they break into when they see one or two men walking; what they want is to make an end of us.” Every day they [the priests] came to their houses and to their women, carrying only the young of the bumblebees and the wasps, and the honeybees to give to their women.

Every day, too, they came before Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz and said in their hearts: “Here are Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz. We can offer them only the blood of the deer and the birds; we take only blood from our ears and our arms. Let us ask Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz for strength and vigor. What will [the tribes] say about the deaths of the people, which, one by one, we are killing?” they said to one another as they went into the presence of Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz. Then they punctured their ears and their arms before the divinities; they caught their blood and put it in a vase near the stones. They were not really stones, but each one appeared in the likeness of a youth.

They were happy with the blood of the priests and sacrificers when they arrived with this example of their work. “Follow their tracks [those of the animals which they sacrificed], there is your salvation! “From there, from Tulán, whence you brought us,” they were told, “came the skin, called Pazilizib, which was given to you, smeared with blood: spill your blood and let this be the offering of Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz.”

IV. Chapter 2
Here is how Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah. and Iqui-Balam began the abduction of the men of the tribes [of Vuc Amag]. Then came the killing of the tribes. They seized a man as he walked alone, or two when they were walking together, and it was not known when they were seized, and then they went to sacrifice them before Tohil. and Avilix. Afterward they sprinkled the blood on the road and placed the heads separately on the road. And the tribes said, “The jaguar ate them.” And they spoke thus because like footprints of the jaguar were the tracks which they had left, although they did not show themselves. Already, many were the men who had been carried off, but the tribes did not notice it until later. “Could it be Tohil. and Avilix who have been here among us? It must be they who are nourished by the priests and the sacrificers. Where are their homes? Let us follow their footprints!” said all the people.
Then they held a council among themselves. Then they began to follow the footprints of the priests and the sacrificers, but they were not clear. There were only tracks of wild animals, tracks of jaguars that they saw, but the tracks were not distinct. The first ones were not clear because they were reversed, as though made so that the

people went astray, and their way was not clear. A mist formed, a black rain fell and made much mud; and it began to drizzle. This was what the people saw before them. And their hearts became weary of searching and following them on the roads, because the beings of Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz were so great that the latter withdrew to the summit of the mountains, in the vicinity of the people, whom they killed.

Thus began the abduction of the people when the sorcerers caught the tribes in the roads and sacrificed them before Tohil. Avilix, and Hacavitz; but their [own] sons they saved there on the mountain. Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz had the appearance of three youths and walked by virtue of the magic stone. There was a river in which they bathed, at the edge of the water and only there did they appear. For this reason it was called “in the Bathing Place of Tohil,” and this was the name of the

river. Often the tribes saw them, but they disappeared immediately, when they were seen by the people. Then they had tidings of where Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah. and Iqui-Balam were, and at once the tribes held council as to the way in which they could be killed.

In the first place the tribes wanted to discuss the way to overcome Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz. And all the priests and sacrificers [of the tribes] said to the people: “Arise, all of you, call everyone, let there be not one group, nor two groups, among us who remain behind the others.” All assembled, they assembled in great numbers and deliberated among themselves. And they said, asking each other: “What shall we do to overcome the Quiché of Cavec by whose hands our sons and vassals are being killed? it is not known how our people are being destroyed. If we 129

must perish, because of these abductions, so let it be; and if the power of Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz is so great then let our god be this Tohil, and God grant that you take him captive. It is not possible that they shall overcome us. Are there not, perchance, enough men among us? And the Cavec are not many,” they said, when all were assembled. And some said, turning to the tribes, when they spoke: “Who has seen those who bathe in the river every day? If they are Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz, then we shall overcome them first, and afterward, we shall begin the destruction of the priests and sacrificers.” This, many of them said, when they talked.

“But how shall we overcome them?” they asked again. “This shall be our way of overcoming them. Since they have the appearance of youths when they let themselves be seen in the water, then let two maidens who are really beautiful, and very lovely, go and provoke in them desire to possess them,” they said. “Very well. Let us go, then; let us find two beautiful maidens,” they exclaimed, and then they went to find their daughters. And truly beautiful were the maidens. Then they instructed the maidens: “Go, our daughters, go to wash clothes at the river, and if you see the three youths, undress before them, and if their hearts desire you, call to them. If they say to you, ‘May we come to you?’ answer, ‘Yes.’ And when they ask: ‘Where do you come from, whose daughters are you?’ tell them, ‘We are daughters of the lords.’ “Then you shall say: ‘Give us a token of yours.’ And if after they have given you something, they want to kiss your faces, really give yourselves to them. And if you do not give yourselves to them, we shall kill you. Afterward our hearts shall be satisfied. When you have the token, bring it here, and this 130

shall be proof, in our judgment, that they were joined with you.” Thus spoke the lords when they advised the two maidens. Here are their names: Xtah was the name of one of the maidens, and the other was Xpuch. And the two maidens, Xtah and Xpuch, were sent to the river, to the bathing place of Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz. This is what was decided by all the tribes. They went at once, well adorned, and they were truly very beautiful when they went there where Tohil was bathing, so that they would be seen, when they were washing. When they went, the lords were happy because they had sent their two daughters. As soon as the latter arrived at the river, they began to wash. The two had already taken off their clothes and were bending over the stones when Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz came. They came there to the edge of the river and paused a moment, surprised to see the two young girls who were washing, and the girls became ashamed at the moment when Tohil came. But the two girls did not appeal to Tohil. And then he asked them: “Where did you come from?” Thus he asked the two maidens, and added: “What do you want that you come here to the edge of our water?”

And they answered: “The lords have sent us to come here. ‘Go look at the faces of Tohil and speak with them,’ the lords told us; and ‘then bring proof that you have seen their faces.’ they told us.” Thus the two girls spoke, making known the purpose of their coming. Well, what the tribes wanted was that the two maidens would be violated by the incarnation of Tohil. But Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz said, speaking again to Xtah and Xpuch, as the two maidens were called: “Very well, with you shall go proof of our conversation. Wait a little and then you shall give it to the lords.” they said. Then they held council with the priests 131

and sacrificers and they said to Balam-Quitzé, Balam- Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam: “Paint three capes, paint on them the symbol of your being in order that it may be recognized by the tribes, when the maidens who are washing carry them back. Give the capes to them,” Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, and Mahucutah were told. At once the three began to paint. First, Balam-Quitzé painted a jaguar; the figure was made and painted on the surface of the cape. Then Balam-Acab painted the figure of an eagle on the surface of a cape; and then Mahucutah painted bumblebees and wasps all over, figures and drawings of which he painted on the cloth. And the three finished their painting, three pieces they painted. Then they went to give the capes to Xtah and Xpuch, as they were called, and Balam-Quitzé. Balam-Acab, and Mahucutah said to them: “Here is proof of your conversation [with us]; take these before the lords: Say to them, ‘In truth, Tohil has talked to us; here we bring the proof,’ tell them, and have them dress themselves in the clothes which you will give them.” This they told the maidens when they bade them farewell. The latter went at once, carrying the above- mentioned painted capes. When they arrived, the lords were filled with joy to see their faces and their hands, from which hung the things the maidens had gone for. “Did you see the face of Tohil?” they asked them. “Yes, we saw it,” answered Xtah and Xpuch. “Very well. And you bring the token, do you not?” the lords asked, thinking that this was the proof of their sin. Then the maidens held out the painted capes, all covered with [the figures] of jaguars and eagles, and covered with bumblebees and wasps, painted on the surface of the cloth and which shone before them. At once they felt a desire to put the capes on. The jaguar did 132
nothing when the lord threw the first painting on his back. Then the lord put on the second painting, with the figure of the eagle. The lord felt very well wrapped within it. And he turned about before all of them. Then he undressed before all, and put on the third painted cape. And now he had on himself, the bumblebees and wasps which were on it. Instantly the bumblebees and the wasps stung his flesh. And not being able to suffer the stings of these insects, he began to scream because of the insects whose figures were painted on the cloth, the painting of Mahucutah, which was the third one that had been painted. Thus they were overcome. Then the lords reprimanded the two maidens named Xtah and Xpuch: “What kind of clothes are those which you have brought? Where did you go to bring them, you devils?” they said to the maidens when they reprimanded them. All the people were overcome by Tohil. Well, what they [the lords] wanted was that Tohil should have gone to amuse himself with Xtah and Xpuch, and that the [maidens] would have become whores, for the tribes believed that they would serve to tempt them. But it was not possible that they should overcome them, thanks to those miraculous men, Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam.

IV. Chapter 3
Afterwards the tribes held council again. “What shall we do with them? in truth, their estate is very great,” they said when they assembled again in council. “Well, then, we shall waylay them, we shall kill them, we shall arm ourselves with bows and with shields. Perchance, are we not many? Let there not be one or two among us who remains behind.” This they said when they held council. And all the people armed. Many were the warriors when

all the people gathered together for the killing. Meanwhile, there were Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam, they were on the mountain Hacavitz, on the hill of this name. They were there in order to save their sons who were on the mountain. And they did not have many people, they did not have multitudes such as the multitudes of the tribes. The summit of the mountain where they had their place was small, and for that reason when the tribes assembled together and rose, they decided to kill all of them. In this manner, then, took place the reunion of all the people, all armed with their bows and their shields. It is impossible to describe the richness of their arms; the appearance of all the chiefs and men was very beautiful, and certainly all obeyed their orders. “They shall positively be destroyed, and as for Tohil. he shall be our god, we shall worship him, if we take him prisoner,” they said to each other. But Tohil knew everything and so did Balam- Quitzé, Balam-Acab, and Mahucutah. They heard all the plans, because they did not sleep, or rest, from the time the warriors armed themselves. Then all the warriors rose up and started out on the road, intending to enter [the town] by night. But they did not arrive, for all the warriors were watching on the road, and then they were destroyed by Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, and Mahucutah. All remained watching along the road, but they heard nothing and they finally fell asleep. Then they [Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, and Mahucutah] began to pull out their eyelashes and their beards; they took off the metal ornaments from their throats–their crowns and necklaces. And they took the metal from the handles of their spears. They did this to punish them and humiliate them, and give them an example of the power of the 134
Quiché people. When they [the warriors] awoke, they wanted to take their crowns and their staffs, but they no longer had metal in the staff-handles, nor their crowns. “Who has stripped us? Who has torn out our beards? Whence have they come to rob us of our precious metals?” said all of the warriors. “Can it be these devils who are carrying off the men? But they shall not succeed in frightening us. We shall enter their town by force, and we shall again see the face of our silver; this we shall do,” said all the tribes, and all truly intended to carry out their word. Meanwhile the hearts of the priests and the sacrificers on the summit of the mountain were calm. And Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam having talked together, they built a wall at the edge of the town and enclosed it with boards and thorns. Then they made figures in the form of men, and put them in rows on the wall, armed them with shields and arrows and adorned them, putting metal crowns on their heads. These they put on the simple wooden figures, they adorned them with the metal which they had taken from the tribes on the road and with them they decorated the figures. They made a moat around the town, and then they asked advice of Tohil: “Shall they kill us? Shall they overcome us?” their hearts said to Tohil.

“Do not be troubled! I am here. And this you will use. Do not be afraid,” he [Tohil] said to Balam-Quitzé, Balam- Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam, when they were given the bumblebees and the wasps. This is what they went to fetch. And when they came, they put them inside four big gourds which were placed around the town. They shut the bumblebees and wasps inside the gourds, in order to fight the people with them. The city was watched from afar, 135

spied upon and observed by the scouts of the tribes. “They are not many,” they said. But they saw only the wooden figures which lightly moved their bows and their shields. In truth, they had the appearance of men, had in truth the appearance of warriors when the tribes looked at them, and all the tribes were happy because they saw that they were not many. There were many tribes; it was not possible to count the people, the warriors and soldiers who were going to kill Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, and Mahucutah, who were on the mountain Hacavitz, the name of the place where they were found. Now we shall tell about their arrival.

IV. Chapter 4
They were there, then, Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam, were all together on the mountain with their wives and their children when all the warriors and soldiers came. The tribes did not number sixteen thousand, or twenty-four thousand men, [but even more]. They surrounded the town, crying out loudly, armed with arrows and shields, beating drums, giving war whoops, whistling, shouting, inciting them to fight, when they arrived in front of the town. But the priests and sacrificers were not frightened; they only looked at them from the edge of the wall, where they were in good order with their wives and children. They thought only of the strength and the shouting of the tribes when they came up the side of the mountain. Shortly before they were about to throw themselves at the entrance of the town, the four gourds which were at the edge of the town were opened and the bumblebees and the wasps came out of the gourds; like a great cloud of smoke they emerged from the gourds. And thus the warriors perished because of the insects

which stung the pupils of their eyes and fastened themselves to their noses, their mouths, their legs, and their arms. “Where are they,” they said, “those who went to get and bring in all the bumblebees and wasps that are here?” They went straight to sting the pupils of their eyes, the little insects buzzing in swarms over each one of the men; and the latter, stunned by the bumblebees and wasps, could no longer grasp their bows and their shields, which were broken on the ground. When the warriors fell, they were stretched out on the mountainside, and they no longer felt when they were hit with arrows, and wounded by the axes. Balam-Quitzé and Balam-Acab used only blunt sticks. Their wives also took part in this killing. Only a part [of them] returned and all the tribes began to flee. But the first ones caught were put to death; not a few of the men died, and those who died were not the ones they intended to kill but those who were attacked by the insects. Neither was it a deed of valor, because the warriors were not killed by arrows or by shields. Then all the tribes surrendered. The people humbled themselves before Balam-Quitzé, Balam- Acab, and Mahucutah. “Have pity on us, do not kill us,” they exclaimed. “Very well. Although you deserve to die, you shall [instead] become [our] vassals for the rest of your lives,” they said to them.

In this way were all of the tribes destroyed by our first mothers and fathers; and this happened there on the mountain Hacavitz, as it is now called. This was where they first settled, where they multiplied and increased, begot their daughters, gave being to their sons, on the mountain Hacavitz.

They were, then, very happy when they had overcome all the tribes, whom they destroyed there on the mountaintop. 137

In this way they carried out the destruction of the tribes, of all the tribes. After this their hearts rested. And they said to their sons that when they [the tribes] intended to kill them, the hour of their own death was approaching.

And now we shall tell of the death of Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui- Balam, as they were called.
IV. Chapter 5

And as they had had a presentiment of their death, they counseled their children. They were not ill, they had neither pain nor agony when they gave their advice to their children. These are the names of their sons: Balam- Quitzé had two sons, Qocaib the first was called, and Qocavib was the name of the second son of Balam-Quitzé, the grandfather and father of those of Cavec.

And these are the two sons which Balam-Acab begot, here are their names: Qoacul the first of his sons was called, and Qoacutec was the name of the second son of Balam-Acab [the founder] of those of Nihaib. Mahucutah had but one son, who was called Qoahau.

Those three had sons, but Iqui-Balam did not have children. They were really the sacrificers, and these are the names of their sons. So, then, they bade [their sons] farewell. The four were together and they began to sing, feeling sad in their hearts; and their hearts wept when they sang the camucú, as the song is called which they sang when they bade farewell to their sons.

“Oh, our sons! we are going, we are going away; sane advice and wise counsel we leave you. And you, also, who came from our distant country, oh our wives! they said to their women, and they bade farewell to each one. “We are going back to our town, there already in his place is Our 138

Lord of the stags, to be seen there in the sky. We are going to begin our return, we have completed our mission [here], our days are ended. Think, then, of us, do not erase us [from your memory], nor forget us. You shall see your homes and your mountains again; settle, there, and so let it be! Go on your way and you shall see again the place from which we came.” These words they said when they bade them farewell. Then Balam-Quitzé left the symbol of his being: “This is a remembrance which I leave you. This shall be your power. I take my leave filled with sorrow,” he added. Then he left the symbol of his being, the Pizom- Gagal, as it was called, whose form was invisible because it was wrapped up and could not be unwrapped; the seam did not show because it was not seen when they wrapped it up. In this way they took their leave and immediately they disappeared there on the summit of the mountain Hacavitz. They [the four lords] were not buried by their wives nor by their children, because they were not seen when they disappeared. Only their leaving was seen dearly, and therefore the bundle was very dear to them. it was the reminder of their fathers and at once they burned incense before this reminder of their fathers.

And then the lords, who succeeded Balam-Quitzé, begot new generations of men, and this was the beginning of the grandfathers and fathers of those of Cavec; but their sons, those called Qocaib and Qocavib, did not disappear. In this way the four died, our first grandfathers and fathers; in this way they disappeared, leaving their children on the mountain Hacavitz, there where they have remained.

And the people being subdued already, and their grandeur ended, the tribes no longer had power, and all lived to serve daily. They remembered their fathers; great was the 139

glory of the bundle to them. Never did they unwrap it, but it was always wrapped, and with them. Bundle of Greatness they called it when they extolled and named that which their fathers had left in their care as a symbol of their being. In this manner, then, came about the disappearance and end of Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam, the first men who came there from the other side of the sea, where the sun rises. They had been here a long time when they died, being very old, the chiefs and sacrificers, as they were called.

IV. Chapter 6
Then they decided to go to the east, thinking thus to fulfill the command of their fathers which they had not forgotten. It had been a long time since their fathers had died, when the tribes gave them their wives, and thus they acquired many relatives-in-law, when the three took wives. And starting on their journey, they said: “We are going to the East, there whence came our fathers.” So they said when the three sons set out. One was called Qocaib, and he was the son of Balam-Quitzé, of the Cavec. The one called Qoacutec was son of Balam-Acab, of the Nihaib; and the other called Qoahau, was son of Mahucutah, of the Ahau- Quiché.
These, then, are the names of those who went there to the other side of the sea; the three went then, and were endowed with intelligence and experience, but they were not common men. They took leave of all their brothers and relatives and left joyfully. “We shall not die; we shall return,” said the three when they left. Certainly they crossed the sea when they came there to the East, when they went to receive the investiture of the kingdom. And this was the name of the Lord, King of the East, where they

went. When they arrived before Lord Nacxit, which was the name of the great lord, the only supreme judge of all the kingdoms, he gave them the insignia of the kingdom and all its distinctive symbols. Then came the insignia of Ahpop and Ahpop-Camhá, and then the insignia of the grandeur and the sovereignty of the Ahpop and the Ahpop-Camhá. And Nacxit ended by giving them the insignia of royalty, which are: the canopy, the throne, the flutes of bone, the cham-cham, yellow beads, puma claws, jaguar claws, the heads and feet of the deer, dais, snail shells, tobacco, little gourds, parrot feathers, standards of royal aigrette feathers, tatam, and caxcon. All the foregoing they carried, those who came after going to the other side of the sea to receive the paintings of Tulán, the paintings, as these were called, in which they wrote their histories. Then, having arrived at their town called Hacavitz, all the people of Tamub and of Ilocab assembled there; all the tribes were assembled and were filled with joy when Qocaib, Qoacutec, and Qoahau arrived, and there they again assumed the rule of the tribes. The people of Rabinal, the Cakchiquel, and the people of Tziquinahá rejoiced. Before them they showed the insignia of the grandeur of the kingdom. Great, too, were the tribes, although they had not finished showing their might. And they were there in Hacavitz, all were there with those

who came from the East. There they spent much time; there on the summit of the mountain they were in great numbers. There, too, the wives of Balam-Quitzé, Balam- Acab, and Mahucutah died. Later they left, abandoning their country, and searching for other places in which to settle. innumerable were the places in which they settled, where they were, and which they named. There our first 141

mothers and our first fathers were reunited and increased. So said the old people when they told how they left their first capital, called Hacavitz, and went to found another capital, called Chi-Quix.

They were a long time in this other town, where they had daughters and sons. There were many of them there, and there were four other places, to each of which they gave the name of their town. Their daughters and sons married; they simply gave them away [in marriage] and the presents and favors they received they considered as the price for their daughters, and, in this way, they lived happily.

Afterward they went through each one of the wards of the town, the different names of which are: Chi-Quix, Chichac, Humetahá, Culbá, and Cavinal. These were the names of the places where they settled. And they surveyed the hills and their towns and sought the uninhabited places, for, all together, they were now very many.

Those who had gone to the East to receive the sovereignty were now dead. They were already old when they arrived at each of the towns. They did not become accustomed to the different places through which they passed; they suffered many hardships and troubles and only after a long time did the grandfathers and fathers arrive at their town. Here is the name of the city to which they came. Finally Qocaib returned and gave an account of his mission. “He brought the titles of Ahpop, Ahtzalam, Tzanchinamital, and many others; he showed the insignia which must accompany these titles, and they were the claws of the jaguars and eagles, skins of other animals, and also stones, sticks, etc.” Seeing his wife with a newly born child in her arms, he asked whence it had come. “‘It is of 142

thy blood,’ answered the woman, ‘of thy flesh and thy same bones.’” Qocaib accepted the explanation, and taking the child’s cradle said: “‘From today on, and forever this child shall be called Balam Conaché.’ And the latter began the House of Conaché and Iztayul.” With respect to the second journey of the Quiché princes, the Título says that they returned satisfied to Hacavitz Chipal, and displayed the signs and symbols which they brought.}

IV. Chapter 7
Chi-Izmachí is the name of the site of their town, where they were afterward and where they settled. There, under the fourth generation of kings, they developed their power and constructed buildings of mortar and stone. And Conaché and Beleheb-Queh, the Galel-Ahau, ruled. Then king Cotuhá and Iztayul reigned, as they were called the Ahpop and the Ahpop-Camhá, who reigned there in Izmachí, which was the beautiful city which they had built. Only three great houses were there in Izmachí. There were not twenty-four great houses then, only their three great houses, only a great house of the Cavec, only a great house of the Nihaib, and only one of the people of Ahau-Quiché. Only two had great houses, the two branches of the family [the Quiché and the Tamub].
And there they were in Izmachí with only one thought, without disputes or difficulties, peaceful was the kingdom, they had no quarrels nor disputes, in their hearts were only peace and happiness. They were not envious nor jealous. Their grandeur was limited, they had not thought
of aggrandizing themselves, nor of expanding. When they tried to do it, they fastened the shield there in Izmachí but only to give a sign of their empire, as a symbol of their power and a symbol of their greatness. Seeing this, the

people of Ilocab began the war; they wanted to kill King Cotuhá, wishing to have a chief of their own. And as for Lord Iztayul, they wanted to punish him, that he be punished and killed by those of Ilocab. But their evil plans against King Cotuhá did not succeed, for he fell upon them before the people of Ilocab were able to kill him.

This, then, was the beginning of the revolution and the dissensions of the war. First they attacked the town, and the warriors came. And what they wanted was to ruin the Quiché race; they wanted to reign alone. But they only came to die; they were captured and fell into captivity, and few among them succeeded in escaping.

Immediately afterward the sacrifices began; the people of Ilocab were sacrificed before the god, and this was the punishment for their sins by order of King Cotuhá. Many also fell into slavery and servitude; they only went to give themselves up to be overcome because of having arranged the war against the lords and against the town. The destruction and ruin of the Quiché race and their king was what they wished, but they did not succeed in accomplishing it.

In this way the sacrifice of men began before the gods, when the war of the shields broke out, which was the reason that they began the fortifications of the city of Izmachí. There began and originated their power, because the empire of the King of the Quiché was really large. They were in every sense marvelous kings; there was no one who could dominate them, neither was there anyone who could humble them. And at the same time they were the builders of the grandeur of the kingdom which they had founded there in Izmachí.

There the fear of god waxed, they were inspired with awe, and the tribes large and small were filled with fear, for they saw the arrival of the captives, those who were sacrificed and killed because of the power and sovereignty of King Cotuhá, the King Iztayul, and the people of Nihaib and Ahau-Quiché.

There were only three branches of the [Quiché] family there in Izmachí, as the town was called, and there they also began the feasts and orgies for their daughters when [suitors] came to ask for them in marriage. There the so- called three great houses gathered, and there they drank their drinks, there they also ate their food, which was the price of their sisters, the price of their daughters, and their hearts were joyful when they did it, and they ate and drank in the great houses.

“In this way we show our gratitude, and thus we open the road for our posterity and our descendants, this is the demonstration of our consent to their becoming husbands and wives,” they said. There they identified themselves, and there they took their names; they distributed themselves in clans in the seven principal tribes and in cantons. “Let us unite, we of the Cavec, we of the Nihaib, and we of the Ahau-Quiché,” said the three clans, and the three great houses. For a long time they were there in Izmachí, until they found and saw another town, and abandoned that of Izmachí.

IV. Chapter 8
AFTER THEY HAD LEFT THERE, THEY CAME here to the town of Gumarcaah, as the Quiché named it when Kings Cotuhá and Gucumatz and all the lords came. There had then begun the fifth generation of men, since the

beginning of civilization and of the population, the beginning of the existence of the nation.
There, then, they built many houses and at the same time constructed the temple of God; in the center of the high part of the town they located it when they arrived and settled there. Then their empire grew. They were very numerous, when they held their council in their great houses. They reunited, but later divided, because dissensions had arisen and jealousies grew up amongst them over the price for their sisters and their daughters, and because they no longer drank together.

This, then, was the reason why they divided and why they turned against each other, and they threw the skulls of the dead, they hurled them around among each other. Then they divided into nine families, and having ended the dispute over the sisters and the daughters, they carried out the plan of dividing the kingdom into twenty-four great houses, as they did. It is a long time since they came here to their town, and finished the twenty-four great houses, there

in the City of Gumarcaah, which was blessed by the Bishop. Later the city was abandoned. There they increased, there they installed their splendid thrones and royal seats, and they distributed their honors among all the lords. The nine lords of Cavec formed nine families; the lords of Nihaib formed another nine; the lords of Ahau- Quiché formed another four; and the lords of Zaquic formed another two families.

They became very numerous, and many also followed each of the lords; these were the first among their vassals, and each of the lords had large families. We shall tell now the names of the lords of each of the great houses. Here, then, 146

are the names of the lords of Cavec. The first of the lords was Ahpop, [then] Ahpop-Camhá, Ah-Tohil, Ah- Gucumatz, Nim-Chocoh-Cavec, Popol-Vinac-Chituy, Lolmet-Quehnay, Popol-Vinac Pa-Hom Tzalatz, and Uchuch-Camhá. These, then, were the lords of Cavec, nine lords, each one of which had his great house, which afterward will appear again. Here then are the lords of Nihaib. The first was Ahau-Galel, then Ahau-Ahtzic-Vinac, Galel- Camhá, Nima-Camhá, Uchuch-Camhá, Nim- Chocoh-Nihaibab, Avilix, Yacolatam, Utzam- pop- Zalclatol, and Nimá-Lolmet-Ycoltux, the nine lords of Nihaib. And as for those of Ahau-Quiché, these are the names of the lords: Ahtzic-Vinac, Ahau- Lolmet, Ahau- Nim-Chocoh-Ahau, and Ahau-Hacavitz, four lords of Ahau-Quiché, in the order of their great houses. And the house of Zaquic had two families, the Lords Tzutuhá and Galel Zaquic. These two lords had only one great house. IV. Chapter 9

In this way [the number] of the twenty-four lords was completed and the twenty-four great houses came into being. Thus the grandeur and power of the sons of the Quiché grew, when they built the town of the ravines out of stone and mortar. Then the small tribes and the great tribes came before the king. The Quiché increased when their glory and majesty waxed, when they raised the house of their gods and the house of their lords. But it was not they who worked, or constructed their houses either, or made the house of the gods, for they were [made] by their sons and vassals, who had multiplied. And they were not cheating them, nor robbing them, nor seizing them by force, because in reality each belonged to the lords, and many of their brothers and relatives had come together 147

and had assembled, to hear the commands of each of the lords.
The lords were really loved and great was their glory; and the sons and the vassals held the birthdays of the lords in great respect when the inhabitants of the country and the city multiplied. But it did not happen that all the tribes delivered themselves up, and neither did the country and towns [the inhabitants of them] fall in battle, but instead they increased, because of the marvels of the lords, King Gucumatz and King Cotuhá. Gucumatz was truly a marvelous king. For seven days he mounted to the skies and for seven days he went down into Xibalba; seven days he changed himself into a snake and really became a serpent; for seven days he changed himself into an eagle; for seven days he became a jaguar; and his appearance was really that of an eagle and a jaguar. Another seven days he changed himself into clotted blood and was only motionless blood. The nature of this king was really marvelous, and all the other lords were filled with terror before him. Tidings of the wonderful nature of the King were spread and all the lords of the towns heard it. And this was the beginning of the grandeur of the Quiché, when King Gucumatz gave these signs of his power. His sons and his grandsons never forgot him. And he did not do this in order to be an extraordinary king, he did it as a means of dominating all the towns, as a means of showing that only one was called upon to be chief of the people. The generation of the wonderful king called Gucumatz was the fourth generation, and Gucumatz was also the Ahpop and the Ahpop-Camhá. They left successors and descendants who reigned and ruled, and begot children, and did many things. Tepepul and Iztayul whose reign
was the fifth generation of kings were begotten; and in the same way, each of the generations of these lords had succession.
IV. Chapter 10

Here are the names of the sixth generation of kings. There were two great kings, the first was called Gag-Quicab, and the other, Cavizimah, and they performed heroic deeds and aggrandized the Quiché; for surely they were of marvelous nature. Here is the destruction and division of the fields and the towns of the neighboring nations, small and large. Among them was that, which in olden times, was the country of the Cakchiquel, the present Chuvilá, and the country of the people of Rabinal, Pamacá, the country of the people of Caoqué, Zaccabahá and the towns of the peoples of Zaculeu, of Chuvi-Miquiná, Xelahuh, Chuva-Tzac, and Tzolohche.

These [peoples] hated Quicab. He made war on them and certainly conquered and destroyed the fields and towns of the people of Rabinal, the Cakchiquel, and the people of Zaculeu; he came and conquered all the towns, and the soldiers of Quicab carried his arms to distant parts. One or two tribes did not bring tribute, and then he fell upon all the towns and they were forced to bring tribute to Quicab and Cavizimah.

They were made slaves, they were wounded, and they were killed with arrows against the trees [to which they had been tied] and for them there was no longer any glory, they no longer had power. In this way came about the destruction of the towns, which were instantly razed to the ground. Like a flash of lightning which strikes and shatters the rock, so, in an instant were the conquered people filled with terror.

Before Colché, as a symbol of a town destroyed by him, there is now a pile of stones, which look almost as if they had been cut With the edge of an ax. it is there on the coast, called Petatayub, and it may be clearly seen today by people who pass, as proof of the valor of Quicab. They could neither kill him nor overcome him, for, in truth, he was a brave man, and all the people rendered tribute unto him.

And all the lords, having gathered in council, went to fortify the ravines and the towns, having conquered the towns of all the tribes. Then spies went out to observe the enemy and they founded something like towns in the occupied places. “Just in case by chance the tribes might return to occupy the town,” they said, when they reassembled in council.

Then they went out to [take up] their positions. “These shall be like our forts and our town, our walls and defenses, here shall our valor and our manhood be proved,” said all the lords, when they went to take up the position assigned to each clan in order to fight the enemy. And having received their orders they went to the places that had been founded in the land of the tribes. “Go there, for now it is our land. Do not be afraid, if there are still enemies who come to kill you, come quickly and let me know, and I will go to kill them!” said Quicab, when he took leave of all of them in the presence of the Galel and the Ahtzic-Vinac.

Then the bowmen and the slingers, as they were called, set out. Then the grandfathers and the fathers of all the Quiché nation took their [battle] positions. They were on each one of the mountains, and they were like guards–of the mountains; they were guarding [with] their bows and 150

slings; they were the sentinels of the war. They were not of different origin, nor did they have a different god, when they went. They went only to fortify their towns.
Then all the people of Uvilá went out, those of Chulimal, Zaquiyá, Xahbaquieh, Chi-Temah, Vahxalahuh, and the people of Cabracán, Chabicac-Chi-Hunahpú, and those of Macá, those of Xoyabah and those of Zaccabahá, those of Ziyahá, those of Miquiná, those of Xelahuh, and those of the coast. They went to observe the war and to guard the land, when they went by order of Quicab and Cavizimah, [who were] the Ahpop and the Ahpop-Camhá, and the Galel and the Ahtzic-Vinac, who were the four lords.

They were sent in order to watch the enemies of Quicab and Cavizimah, names of the kings, both of the House of Cavec, of Queemá, name of the lord of the people of Nihaib, and of Achac-Iboy, the name of the lord of the people of Ahau-Quiché. These were the names of the lords who sent them, When their sons and vassals went to the mountains, to each one of the mountains.

They went at once and they took captives; they brought their prisoners into the presence of Quicab, Cavizimah, the Galel, and the Ahtzic-Vinac. The bowmen and slingers made war, taking captives and prisoners. Some of the defenders of he positions were heroes, and the lords gave [them gifts] and lavished rewards upon them, when they came to deliver up all their captives and prisoners. Later they gathered in council by order of the lords, the Ahpop, the Ahpop-Camhá, the Galel, and the Ahtzic-Vinac, and they decided and said, that those who were there first should have the rank of representing their families. “I am the Ahpop! I am the Ahpop-Camhá! Mine shall be the rank of the Ahpop; meanwhile thou, the Ahau-Galel, shall have 151

the rank of Galel,” said all the lords when they held council. Those of Tamub and of Ilocab did likewise; equal in position were the three clans of the Quiché when for the first time they named their sons and vassals captains, and ennobled them. This was the result of the council. But they were not made captains here in Quiché. The mountain where the sons and vassals were made captains for the first time has its name, when all were sent, each one to his mountain, and all were reunited. Xebalax and Xecamax are the names of the mountains where they were made captains and they received their commands. This happened in Chulimal. In this manner was the naming, the promotion, and distinction of the twenty Galel, of the twenty Ahpop, who were named by the Ahpop and the Ahpop-Camhá and by the Galel and the Ahtzic- Vinac. All of the Galel-Ahpops received their rank: eleven Nim- Chocoh, Galel- Ahau, Galel-

Zaquic, Galel-Achih, Rahpop-Achih, Rahtzalam-Achih, Utzam-Achih were the names which the warriors received when their titles and distinctions were conferred upon them, as they were on their thrones and on their seats, being the first sons and vassals of the Quiché nation, their spies, their scouts, the bowmen, the slingers, the walls, doors, forts, and bastions of the Quiché.

Those of Tamub and Ilocab also did thus; they named and ennobled the first sons and vassals who were in each place. This, then, was the origin of the Galel-Ahpops, and of the titles which are now preserved in each one of these places. This is the way their titles were created, by the Ahpop and the Ahpop- Camhá, by the Galel and the Ahtzic-Vinac they were created.

IV. Chapter 11

WE SHALL NOW TELL OF THE HOUSE of the God. The house was also given the same name as the god. The Great Edifice of Tohil was the name of the Temple of Tohil, of those of Cavec. Avilix was the name of the Temple of Avilix, of the people of Nihaib; and Hacavitz was the name of the Temple of the God of the people of Ahau-Quiché. Tzutuhá, which is seen in Cahbahá, is the name of a large edifice in which there was a stone which all the lords of Quiché worshiped and which was also worshiped by all the tribes. The people first offered their sacrifices before Tohil, and afterward went to pay their respects to the Ahpop and the Ahpop-Camhá. Then they went to Present their gorgeous feathers and their tribute before the king. And the kings whom they maintained were the Ahpop and the Ahpop- Camhá, who had conquered their towns.

Great lords and wonderful men were the marvelous kings Gucumatz and Cotuhá, the marvelous kings Quicab and Cavizimah. They knew if there would be war, and everything was clear before their eyes; they saw if there would be death and hunger, if there would be strife. They well knew that there was a place where it could be seen, that there was a book which they called the Popol Vuh.

But not only in this way was the estate of the lords great, great also were their fasts. And this was in recognition of their having been created, and in recognition of their having been given their kingdoms. They fasted a long time and made sacrifices to their gods. Here is how they fasted: Nine men fasted and another nine made sacrifices and burned incense. Thirteen more men fasted, and another thirteen more made offerings and burned incense before Tohil. And while before their god, they nourished themselves only with fruits, with zapotes, matasanos, and 153

jocotes. And they did not eat any tortillas. Now if there were seventeen men who made sacrifice, or ten who fasted, the truth is they did not eat. They fulfilled their great precepts, and thus showed their position as lords. Neither had they women to sleep with, but they remained alone, fasting. They were in the House of God, all day they prayed, burning incense and making sacrifices. Thus they remained from dusk until dawn, grieving in their hearts and in their breasts, and begging for happiness and life for their sons and vassals as well as for their kingdom, and raising their faces to the sky.

Here are their petitions to their god, when they prayed; and this was the supplication of their hearts: “Oh, Thou, beauty of the day! Thou, Huracán; Thou, Heart of Heaven and of Earth! Thou, giver of richness, and giver of the daughters and the sons! Turn toward us your power and your riches; grant life and growth unto my sons and vassals; let those who must maintain and nourish Thee multiply and increase; those who invoke Thee on the roads, in the fields, on the banks of the rivers, in the ravines, under the trees, under the vines.

“Give them daughters and sons. Let them not meet disgrace, nor misfortune, let not the deceiver come behind or before them. Let them not fall, let them not be wounded, let them not fornicate, nor be condemned by justice. Let them not fall on the descent or on the ascent of the road. Let them not encounter obstacles back of them or before them, nor anything which strikes them. Grant them good roads, beautiful, level roads. Let them not have misfortune, nor disgrace, through Thy fault, through Thy sorceries. “Grant a good life to those who must give Thee sustenance and place food in Thy mouth, in Thy presence, to Thee, 154

Heart of Heaven, Heart of Earth, Bundle of Majesty. And Thou, Tohil; Thou, Avilix; Thou, Hacavitz, Arch of the Sky, Surface of the Earth, the Four Corners, the Four Cardinal Points. Let there be but peace and tranquility in Thy mouth, in Thy presence, oh, God!” Thus [spoke] the lords, while within, the nine men fasted, the thirteen men, and the seventeen men. During the day they fasted and their hearts grieved for their sons and vassals and for all their wives and their children when each of the lords made his offering.

This was the price of a happy life, the price of power, the price of the authority of the Ahpop, of the Ahpop-Camhá, of the Galel and of the Ahtzic-Vinac. Two by two they ruled, each pair succeeding the other in order to bear the burden of the people of all the Quiché nation. One only was the origin of their tradition and [one only] the origin of the manner of maintaining and sustaining, and one only, too, was the origin of the tradition and the customs of those of Tamub and Ilocab and the people of Rabinal and the Cakchiquel, those of Tziquinahá, of Tuhalahá and Uchabahá. And there was but one trunk [a single family] when they heard there in Quiché what all of them were to do.

But it was not only thus that they reigned. They did not squander the gifts of those whom they sustained and nourished, but they ate and drank them. Neither did they buy them; they had won and seized their empire, their power, and their sovereignty. And it was not at small cost, that they conquered the fields and the towns; the small towns and the large towns paid high ransoms; they brought precious stones and metals, they brought honey of the bees, bracelets, bracelets of emeralds and other stones, 155

and brought garlands made of blue feathers, the tribute of all the towns. They came into the presence of the marvelous kings Gucumatz and Cotuhá, and before Quicab and Cavizimah, the Ahpop, the Ahpop-Camhá, the Galel and the Ahtzic-Vinac.

It was not little what they did, neither were few, the tribes which they conquered. Many branches of the tribes came to pay tribute to the Quiché; full of sorrow they came to give it over. Nevertheless, the [Quiché] power did not grow quickly. Gucumatz it was, who began the aggrandizement of the kingdom. Thus was the beginning of his aggrandizement and that of the Quiché nation.

And now we shall name the generations of the lords and give their names; again we shall name all of the lords.
IV. Chapter 12
Here, then, are the generations and the order of all the rulers which began with our first grandfathers and our first fathers, Balam-Quitzé, Balam-Acab, Mahucutah, and Iqui-Balam, when the sun appeared, and the moon and the stars were seen. Now, then, we shall give the beginning of the generations, the order of kingdoms from the beginning of their lineage, how the lords entered into power, from their accessions to their deaths: [we shall give] each generation of lords and ancestors, as well as the lord of the town, all

and each of the lords. Here, then, the person of each one of the lords of the Quiché shall be shown. Balam-Quitzé, the root of those of Cavec. Qocavib, second generation [of the line] of Balam- Quitzé. Balam-Conaché, with whom the title of Ahpop began, third generation. Cotuhá [I] and Iztayub, fourth generation. Gucumatz and Cotuhá, [II] first

of the marvelous kings, who were of the fifth generation. Tepepul and Iztayul, of the sixth order.
Quicab and Cavizimah, of the seventh order of succession to the kingdom. Tepepul and Iztayub, eighth generation. Tecum and Tepepul, ninth generation. Vahxaqui-Caam and Quicab, tenth generation of kings. Vucub-Noh and Cauutepech, eleventh order of kings.

Oxib-Queh and Beleheb-Tzi, the twelfth generation of kings. These were those who reigned when Donadiú came, and who were hanged by the Spaniards. Tecum and Tepepul, who paid tribute to the Spaniards, they left sons, and the former were the thirteenth generation of kings. Don Juan de Rojas and don Juan Cortés, the fourteenth generation of kings, were the sons of Tecum and Tepepul. These are, then, the generations and the order of the kingdom of the lords Ahpop and Ahpop- Camhá of the Quiché of Cavec.

And now we shall name again the families. These are the Great Houses of each of the lords who followed the Ahpop and the Ahpop-Camhá. These are the names of the nine families of those of Cavec, of the nine Great Houses, and these are the titles of the lords of each one of the Great Houses:

Ahau-Ahpop, one Great House. Cuhá was the name of this Great House. Ahau-Ahpop-Camhá, whose Great House was called Tziquinahá. Nim-Chocoh-Cavec, one Great House. Ahau-Ah- Tohil, one Great House. Ahau-Ah- Gucumatz, one Great House. Popol-Vinac Chituy, one Great House. Lolmet-Quehnay, one Great House. Popol- Vinac Pahom Tzalatz Xcuxebá, one Great House. Tepeu- Yaqui, one Great House.

These, then, are the nine families of Cavec. And very numerous were the sons and vassals of the tribes which followed these nine Great Houses. Here are the nine Great Houses of those of Nihaib. But first we shall give the lineage of the rulers of the kingdom. From one root only these names originated when the sun began to shine, with the beginning of light.

Balam-Acab, first grandfather and father. Qoacul and Qoacutec, second generation. Cochahuh and Cotzibahá, third generation. Beleheb-Queh [I], fourth generation. Cotuhá, [I] fifth generation of kings. Batza, sixth generation. Iztayul, seventh generation of kings. Cotuhá [II], eighth order of the kingdom. Beleheb-Queh [II], ninth order. Quemá, so called, tenth generation. Ahau-Cotuhá, eleventh generation. Don Cristóval, so called, who ruled in the time of the Spaniards. Don Pedro de Robles, the present Ahau-Galel. These, then, are all the kings who descended from the Ahau-Galel. Now we shall name the lords of each of the Great Houses.

Ahau-Galel, first lord of the Nihaib, head of one Great House. Ahau-Ahtzic-Vinac, one Great House. Ahau-Galel- Camhá, one Great House. Nima-Camhá, one Great House. Uchuch-Camhá, one Great House. Nim-Chocoh-Nihaib, one Great House. Ahau-Avilix, one Great House. Yacolatam, one Great House. Nima-Lolmet-Ycoltux, one Great House.

These, then, are the Great Houses of the Nihaib; these were the names of the nine families of those of Nihaib, as they were called. Numerous were the families of each one of the lords, whose names we have given first. Here, now, is the 158

lineage of those of Ahau-Quiché, who were their grandfather and father. Mahucutah, the first man. Qoahau, name of the second generation of kings. Caglacán. Cocozom. Comahcún. Vucub-Ah. Cocamel. Coyabacoh. Vinac-Bam. These were the kings of those of the Ahau- Quiché; this is the order of their generations. Here now are the tides of the lords who made up the Great Houses; there were only four Great Houses. Ahtzic-Vinac-Ahau, title of the first lord, one Great House. Lolmet-Ahau, second lord, a Great House. Nim-Chocoh-Ahau, third lord, a Great House. Hacavitz, fourth lord, a Great House. Therefore, four were the Great Houses of the Ahau-Quiché. There were, then, three Nim-Chocoh, who were like fathers [vested with authority] of all the lords of the Quiché. The three Chocoh came together in order to make known the orders of the mothers, the orders of the fathers. Great was the position of the three Chocoh. There were, then, the Nim-Chocoh of those of Cavec, the Nim-Chocoh of those of Nihaib, who was second, and the Nim-Chocoh-Ahau of the Ahau-Quiché, who was third. Each one of the three Chocoh represented his family. And this was the life of the Quiché, because no longer can be seen [the book of the Popol Vuh] which the kings had in olden times, for it has disappeared. In this manner, then, all the people of the Quiché, which is called Santa Cruz, came to an end.
Fire God Agni also known as Ashtar explained to Rama that Vedavati had been with the torturous Ravana while Agni kept Sita safe on The New Jerusalem for ten months.

Ch 5







Agneyastra refers to the Ashtar Vidya or Ashtar Knowledge that was first written into recorded history, according to scholars, over 2 million years ago. The Hindus trace their written history back that far, kept by the Rishis on hidden palm leaves or baskets. The Agneyastra was written by the Hindu God Agni, also known as the Fire God. In the Indian Epic, the Mahabharata, it is said The Fire God was said to be able to melt his enemies with fire. We know that Lord Ashtar shoots a kind of violet fire light from the palm of his hand and on other realms does melt the dark Ones this way.

Lord Ashtar was known in ancient Hindu texts as Agni. Ashtar came from his StarShip to teach the ways of immortality and peace on Earth as well as all forms of right living to the Rishi Vashishtha. Vashishtha learned it by heart and told it to other Rishis who also learned it by heart. Many Agni teachings involve magic, ceremony, prayers and very detailed instructions. Eventually the teachings were written down and became the Agni Purna. It is considered 8th in importance out of the 18 Purnas of the Vedic Literature.

Agni the Fire-God also helped from his StarShip during the Ramayana Epic. When Ravana captured Sita, Agni came and took her on his StarShip to protect her innocence until Rama could save her. In her place a hologram woman played the role of Sita and she was tortured by Ravana for during the captivity in Lanka. After the destruction of Ravana, Vedavati entered the fire when rejected by Rama. Then, Agni, offered the real Sita to Rama. Rama then questioned her as to who the other lady by her side was. Sita informed Rama that the lady was Vedavati who endured Ravana’s torture for ten months in Lanka for her sake.

Agni, the Fire God, is in charge of the southeastern portion of the universe. In the sruti-mantras it is said, agnih sarva- devatah: “Fire is the aggregate of all demigods.” Agni is the mouth of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. It is through Agni, or fire, that the Lord accepts all sacrificial oblations.

In this sense The Supreme Personality of the Godhead who is Agni the Fire God rules with the fire inside the heart. Love is the basis of all creation. This Fire of Love is a Force we have control of and originates from the Central Sun of our Universe. When we learn to control this Force we have all manifestations of abundance in our lives. The Hrit chakra is occasionally identified as Surya (Sun) chakra, which again is situated below the heart, and sometimes slightly to the left. Its role is to absorb energy from the sun, and to provide heat to the body and other chakras, in particular to Manipura, to which it provides the Agni or fire element. Anahata chakra symbolizes the consciousness of love, empathy, selflessness and devotion.

Within the Violet Flame are the divine qualities of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness. It is the Sacred Fire and the Grace of God that Jesus spoke of, and has the power to set our lives free from the cause, effect, record and memory of density and discord that has weighed us down. Beside the alignment of our personal Free Will with our Divine Will of a more evolved soul, it is the only power that can erase the record and memory of limitation and fear that is held in our bodies, and reawakened every time we place our attention on it again. The Violet Flame is that powerful and that essential to our resurrection into the light. Lord Sananda Jesus and Lord Ashtar have taught the use of the Sacred Fire to Love Ourselves Free of the duality illusionary maya world to live immortal lives on an Ascended Earth.
The Miracle of the Snow, by Masolino Da Panicale circa 1400 from Florence, Italy. Displayed in the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, depicting Jesus and Mary. It is very difficult to look at this painting and not notice Jesus and Mary being accompanied by an armada of StarShips stretching beyond the horizon.


Ch 6







Agni Purāna

The Agni Purāna is a mahapurāna. The following is a summary of what is found within the Agni Purāna. The entire Agni Purāna is about 900 pages in Sanskrit and rare English translations are over 1000 pages long. It usually figures eighth in the list of eighteen. There are about fifteen and a half thousand shlokas in the Agni Purāna.

The Agni Purāna is a tamasika purāna. The others in this group are the Matsya, Kurma, Linga, Shiva and Skanda Puranās.

The narrator of the Agni Purāna is the fire-god Agni. Agni related the subject matter of the Purāna to the sage Vashishtha, who in turn, passed on the knowledge to Vyasadeva. Vyasadeva’s disciple Suta learnt the Purāna from his teacher.

Many sages had assembled in the forest naimisharanya. The most important of these sages was Shounaka. All these holy men wished to hear what the Agni Purāna had to say. And that is how Suta came to relate the Purāna.

The Agni Purāna has no separate sections as such. It is simply split up into three hundred and eighty-three adhyayas (chapters). One of these chapters, chapter number 380, is rather interesting. It gives in capsule form the essence of advaita brahmajnana.

The brahman is the divine spirit and brahmajnana means the knowledge of the brahman. Advaita means one. Advaita brahmajnana teaches of the union of the individual human soul (atman) with the brahman. The sections in the Agni Purāna are nothing but a summary of the teachings of the Vedas and the Upanishadas. These holy texts were difficult to understand, there were restrictions on who might read them and who might not. The Puranas were available to everyone. Anyone could read them or listen to their recitations. Thus, this supreme knowledge of brahmajnana was summarised for the general population through the Puranas.

The Agni Purāna is full of rituals. Its chapters are generally not long, they are very brief. And even when the stories are given, they are in greatly summarized form. They can be obtained in far more fascinating detail in the other Purānas. For example, you will wonder why so much has been missed out about Rama. But that is because you are familiar with the story of the Ramayana. And you will also wonder why so much has been missed out about the Kauravas and the Pandavas. But that again is because you are familiar with the story of the Mahabharata.

This is no doubt partly due to the fact that the Agni Purna was written much after many of the other Purnas.

It was a supplement to the other Puranas. The stories were already there in the other Puranas, what was missing in them were the rituals. And the rituals are very much part and parcel of the Vedic tradition. The Agni Purāna was also written at a time when the brahmana religion had become much more ritualistic. The supremacy of the brahmana as a caste is much more pronounced in the Agni Purāna than in the other Purnas. Tradition too says that the Purnas differ in character because they were written in different kalpas (cycles). The Agni Purāna itself will tell you later what a kalpa is.

In the forest that is known as naimisharanya, Shounaka and the other rishis (sages) were performing a yajna (sacrifice) dedicated to the Lord Vishnu. Suta had also come there, on his way to a pilgrimage.
The sages told Suta, “We have welcomed you. Now describe to us that which makes men all-knowning. Describe to us that which is the most sacred in the whole world.”

Suta replied, “Vishnu is the essence of everything. I went to a hermitage named vadrika with Shuka, Paila and other sages and met Vyasadeva there. Vyasadeva described to me that which he had learnt from the great sage Vashishtha, Vashishtha having learnt it from the god Agni himself. The Agni Purana is sacred because it tells us about the essence of the brahman (the divine essence). I learnt all this from Vyasadeva and I will now tell you all that I have learnt.”

Do you know what an avatara is? An avatara is an incarnation and means that a god adopts a human form to be born on earth. Why do gods do this? This purpose is to destroy evil on earth and establish righteousness. Vishnu is regarded as the preserver of the universe and it is therefore Vishnu’s incarnations that one encounters most often. Vishnu has already had nine such incarnations and the tenth and final incarnation is due in the future. These ten incarnations of Vishnu are as follows.

(1) Matsya avatara or fish incarnation

(2) Kurma avatara or turtle incarnation

(3) Varaha avatara or boar incarnation

(4) Narasimha avatara – an incarnation in the form of a being who was half-man and half-lion

(5) Vamana avatara or dwarf incarnation (6) Parashurama
(7) Sri Rama
(8) Sri Krishna

(9) Buddha
(10) Kalki 3⁄4 this is the incarnation that is yet to come.

The Agni Purana now describes these ten incarnations. Matsya avatara or fish incarnation
Agni told Vashishtha the story of the fish incarnation.

Many years ago, the whole world was destroyed. The destruction in fact extended to all the three lokas (worlds) of bhuloka, bhuvarloka and svarloka. Bhuloka is the

earth, svarloka or svarga is heaven and bhuvarloka is a region between the earth and heaven. All three worlds were flooded with water.

Vaivasvata Manu was the son of the sun-god. He had spent ten thousand years in prayers and tapasya (meditation) in the hermitage vadrika. This hermitage was on the banks of the river Kritamala.

Once Manu came to the river to perform his ablutions. He immersed his hands in the water to get some water for his ablutions. When he raised them, he found that there was a small fish swimming in the water in the cup of his hands.

Manu was about to throw the fish back into the water when the fish said, “Don’t throw me back. I am scared of alligators and crocodiles and big fishes. Save me.”

Manu found an earthen pot in which he could keep the fish. But soon the fish became too big for the pot and Manu had to find a larger vessel in which the fish might be kept. But the fish became too big for this vessel as well and Manu had to transfer the fish to a lake. But the fish grew and grew and became too large for the lake. So Manu transferred the fish to the ocean. In the ocean, the fish grew until it became gigantic.

By now, Manu’s wonder knew no bounds. He said, “Who are you? You must be the Lord Vishnu, I bow down before you. Tell me, why are you tantalising me in the form of a fish?”

The fish replied, “I have come to punish the evil and protect the good. Seven days from now, the ocean will flood the entire world and all beings will be destroyed. But since you have saved me, I will save you. When the world is flooded, a boat will arrive here. Take the saptarshis (seven sages) with you and spend the terrible night that will come on that boat. Don’t forget to take the seeds of foodgrains with you. Will arrive and you will then fasten the boat to my horn with a huge snake.”

Saying this, the fish disappeared.

Everything happened as the fish had promised it would. The ocean became turbulent and Manu climbed into the boat. He tied the boat to the huge horn that the fish had. He prayed to the fish and the fish related the Matsya Purana to him. Eventually, when the water receded, the boat was anchored to the topmost peak of the Himalyas. And living beings were created once again.

A danava (demon) named Hayagriva had stolen the sacred texts of the Vedas and the knowledge of the brahman. In his form of a fish, Vishnu also killed Hayagriva and recovered the Vedas.

Kurma avatara or turtle incarnation

Many years ago there was a war between the devas (gods) and the daityas (demons) and the gods lost this war. They prayed to Vishnu to rescue them from the oppression of the demons. Vishnu told Brahma and the other gods that they should have a temporary truce with the demons. The two sides should get together to churn the ocean. Vishnu would ensure that the devas benefited more from this churning of the ocean than the daityas did.

The truce was agreed upon and the two sides got ready to churn the ocean. The mountain Mandara was used as a churning rod and the great snake Vasuki as the rope for churning. The devas grasped Vasuki’s tail and the daityas grasped Vasuki’s head. But as the churning began, the mountain Mandara which had no base, started to get immersed in the ocean. What was to be done? Lord Vishnu came to the rescue. He adopted the form of a turtle and the peak was balanced on the turtle’s back.

As the churning continued, terrible poison named kalakuta emerged from the depths of the ocean and was swallowed by Shiva. Shiva’s throat became blue from this poison and he is therefore known as Nilakantha, blue of throat. The goddess Varuni, the goddess of wine (sura), came out next. The gods readily accepted her and thus they came to be known as suras. But the demons rejected Varuni and were therefore known as asuras. She was followed by the parijata tree, a beautiful tree that came to occupy the pride of place in Indra’s garden. A jewel named koustubha emerged and was accepted by Vishnu as his adornment. Three wonderful animals came out next the cow Kapila, the horse Ucchaishrava and the elephant Airavata. They were followed by apsaras, beautiful women who became dancers of heaven. They were known as apsaras because they emerged from ap (water). The goddess Lakshmi or Shri came out next and was united with Vishnu.

Finally, Dhanvantari emerged with a pot of amrita (the life- giving drink) in his hands. Dhanvantariwas the originator of medicine (ayurveda). The daityas led by Jambha gave half of the amrita to the devas and departed with the remaining half.

But Vishnu quickly adopted the form of a beautiful woman. So beautiful was the woman that the demons were charmed. “Pretty lady,” they said, “Take the amrita and serve it to us. Marry us.”

Vishnu accepted the amrita, but he had no intention of giving it to the demons. He served it to the gods instead. There was only one demon who was somewhat clever. His name was Rahu. He adopted the form of Chandra, the moon-god, and succeeded in drinking some of the amrita. The sun-god and the moon-god noticed what was happening and reported it to Vishnu. Vishnu thereupon cut off Rahu’s head with a sword.

But Rahu had drunk the amrita, so he could not die. He prayed to Vishnu and Vishnu granted him a boon. The boon was that occasionally Rahu would be permitted to swallow up the sun and the moon, since these were the gods who had complained about him. You can see this happening at the time of the solar and the lunar eclipses. People who give alms during such eclipses are blessed.

The gods obtained the amrita and the demons did not. Thus, the gods became more powerful than the demons. They defeated the demons and regained heaven.

Varaha avatara or boar incarnation
Vishnu’s next incarnation was in the form of a boar.

The sage Kashyapa and his wife Diti had a son named Hiranyaksha’s meditation pleased Brahma and Brahma granted him the boon that he would be invincible in battle. Thus armed, Hiranyaksha went out to fight with the devas. He comprehensively defeated Varna, the god of the ocean. Thus, Hiranyaksha became

the king of the heaven, the earth and the underworld.

But the asura was not particularly fond of the earth. He himself had begun to live in Varuna’s palace under the ocean. So he hurled the earth into the depths of the ocean.

The gods went to Vishnu and prayed that something might be done about Hiranyaksha. They wished to be restored to heaven and they wished that the earth might be brought back from the depts of the ocean. In response to these prayers, Vishnu adoptd the form of a boar and entered the ocean. Who should he meet there but Hiranyaskha himself?

Hiranyaksha of course did not know that this boar was none other Vishnu. He thought that it was an ordinary boar and attacked it. The two fought for many years. But finally, Hiranyaksha was gored to death by the boar’s tusks. The boar raised the earth up once again with its tusks.

Vishnu thus saved the gods and the principles of righteousness or dharma.

Narasimha avatara or ‘Half-man, Half-lion’ incarnation

Hiranyaksha had a brother named Hiranyakashipu. Hiranyakshipu was furious to learn that his brother had been killed and he resolved to kill Vishnu. But this could not be done unless he himself became powerful and invincible. Hiranyakashipu, therefore, began to pray to Brahma through difficult meditation. Brahma was pleased at these prayers and offered to grant a boon.

“I want to be invincible,” said Hiranyakashipu. “Please grant me the boon that I may not be killed by night or day; that I may not be killed by man or beast; and that I may not be killed in the sky, the water or the earth.”

Brahma granted the desired boon. And Hiranyakashipu was happy. He thought that he had taken care of all possible eventualities. And since he had become so powerful, he conquered all the three worlds and kicked the gods out of heaven.

Hiranyakashipu had a son named Prahlada. You no doubt remember that Hiranyakashipu had resolved to kill Vishnu. But strangely enough, Prahlada became devoted to Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu tried to persuade his son. That did not work. He tried to kill his son. That too did not work since, each time, Vishnu intervened to save Prahlada.

Meanwhile, the gods had been driven off from heaven. They had also been deprived of their shares in yajnas by Hiranyakashipu. These shares now went only to the asura king. In desperation, they went and prayed to Vishnu and Vishnu promised them that he would find a solution.

One day, Hiranyakashipu called Prahlada to him. “How is it that you escaped each time I tried to kill you?,” he asked.

“Because Vishnu saved me,” replied Prahlada. “Vishnu is everywhere.”
“What do you mean everywhere?,” retorted Hiranyakashipu. He pointed to a crystal pillar inside the palace and asked, “Is Vishnu inside this pillar as well?” “Yes,” replied Prahlada. “Very well then. I am going to kick the pillar,” said Hiranyakashhipu.

When Hiranyakashipu kicked the pillar, it broke in two . And from inside the pillar, Vishnu emerged in his form of Narasimha, half-man and half-lion. He caught hold of Hiranyakashipu and placed the demon across his thighs. And with his claws, he tore apart the demon’s chest and so killed him. Brahma’s boon had been that Hiranyakashipu would not be killed by man or beast, it was half-man and half-beast. The boon had said that the asura would not be killed in the sky, the water or the earth. But Hiranyakashipu was killed on Vishnu’s thighs, which were not the sky, the water or the earth. And finally, the boon had promised that Hiranyakashipu would not be killed by night or day. Since the incident took place in the evening, it was not night or day.

After Hiranyakashipu died, the gods were restored to their rightful places. Vishnu made Prahlada the king of the asuras.

Vamana avatara or The Dwarf incarnation

Prahlada’s grandson was Vali and Vali became very powerful. When he was the king of the asuras, there was a war between the devas and the asuras. The gods were defeated and were driven off from svarga. As always, the gods fled to Vishnu and began to pray to him to save them. Vishnu assured the gods that he would do something about Vali.

Accordingly, Vishnu was born as the son of Aditi and Kashyapa. The son was a dwarf.

King Vali had arranged for a huge sacrifice and had announced that, on the occasion of the sacrifice, he would not refuse anyone a boon. The dwarf arrived at this sacrifice and began to recite the Vedas. Vali was so pleased at this that he offered the dwarf a boon. Vali’s guru (teacher) was Shukracharya and Shukracharya thought that there was something fishy about the way the dwarf had arrived. So he tried to restrain Vali.

“No,” said Vali. “I have offered a boon and I shall stick to my word.” What boon do you desire? I will give whatever you want.”

Before a boon was actually granted, a small rite had to be performed with holy water. Shukracharya was still trying to do his best to prevent the boon from being given. So he entered the vessel in which the holy water was kept to seal the mouth of the vessel and prevent the water from being taken out. To get at the holy water, the vessel was pierced with a straw. This straw also pierced one of Shukracharya’s eyes. Ever since that day, the preceptor of the demons has been one-eyed.

“Give me as much of land as may be covered in three of my steps,” said the dwarf. “I need this as dakshina (fee) for my guru.”

Vali agreed. But the dwarf adopted a gigantic form. With one step he covered bhuloka. With another step he covered bhuvarloka. And with the last step he covered svarloka. The three worlds were thus lost to Vali and Vishnu returned them to Indra.

Vali had no option but to go down to the underworld (patala). But so pleased was Vishnu at Vali’s generosity that he granted the asura the boon that he would bear the title of Indra in the future.

Parashurama avatara

The kshatriyas were the second of the four classes. It was their job to wear arms and protect the world. And rule. The brahmanas were the first of the four classes. It was their job to pray, study the sacred texts and perform religious rites. But the kshatriyas became very insolent and began to oppress the world and the brahmanas. Vishnu was then born as the son of the sage Jamadagni and his wife Renuka. Since this was the line of the sage Bhrigu, Parashurama was also called Bhargava. Parashurama’s mission was to protect the brahmanas and teach a lesson to the kshatriyas.

There was a king named kartavirya who had received all sorts of boons from the sage Dattatreya. Thanksto these boons, Kartavirya had a thousand arms and conquered and ruled over the entire world.

One day, Kartavirya went on a hunt to the forest. He was very tired after the hunt and was invited by the sage Jamadagni to rest at the sage’s hermitage. Jamadagni had a kamadhenu cow. This meant that the cow producted whatever its owner desired. Jamadagni used the kamadhenu to treat Kartavirya and all his soldiers to a sumptuous feast.

Kartavirya was enamoured of the kamadhenu that he asked the sage to give it to him. But Jamadagni refused. Kartavirya then abducted the cow by force and a war started between Kartavirya and Parashurama. In this war, Parashurama cut off Kartavirya’s head with his axe (parashu) and brought the kamadhenu back to the hermitage.

After some time, Parashurama was away when Kartavirya’s sons arrived at the ashrama and killed Jamadagni. On the death of his father, Parashurama’s anger was aroused. He killed all the kshatriyas in the world twenty-one times. On the plains of Kurukshetra, he built five wells which were filled with the blood of kshatriyas. Eventually, Parashurama handed over the world to Kashyapa and went and lived on Mount Mahendra.

Sri Rama avatara
Brahma came out of Vishnu’s navel. Brahma’s son was Marichi, Marichi’s son Kashyapa, Kashyapa’s son Surya, Surya’s son Vaivasvata Manu, Manu’s son Ikshvaku, Ikshvaku’s son Kakutstha, Kakutstha’s son Raghu, Raghu’ son Aja, Aja’s son Dasharatha, Dasharatha’s sons were Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna.
Since Rama was descended from Kakutstha and Raghu, he was also called Kakutstha and Raghava. Since his father’s name was Dasharatha, he was also called Dasharathi. Rama’s story belongs to the solar line (surya vamsha), since one of his ancestors was Surya.

Vishnu himself wished to destroy Ravana and the other rakshasas (demons). He therefore divided himself into four parts and was born as Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna. Rama was Koushalya’s son, Bharata Kaikeyi’s. Lakshmana and Shatrughna were the sons of Sumitra.

The sage Vishvamitra came to Dasharatha and pleaded for Rama’s help in defeating the rakshasas who were disturbing his yajnas. Rama killed these demons and Vishvamitra was so pleased that he taught Rama the use of all divine weapons. Rama broke a bow of Shiva’s that had been in the possession of the king of Mithila, Janka. This was the task that had been appointed for marrying Sita, Janaka’s daughter. Rama married Sita, Lakshmana married Urmila, Bharata married Mandavi and Shatrughna married Shrutakirti. On the way back to Ayodhya, Rama also beat Parashurama in a duel.

Dasharatha resolved that Rama should be made yuvaraja, that is, the heir apparent to the kingdom.
But Kaikeyi had a servant named Manthara who plotted otherwise. When he was young, Rama had pulled at Manthara’s feet and ever since that day. Manthara had not been kindly disposed towards Rama. She reminded Kaikeyi of the two boons that had been promised to her by King Dasharatha. Years ago, the gods had been fighting with the demon Shambara and had asked Dasharatha for his help. In fighting with Shambara, Dasharatha had been injured. He had been nursed back to health by Kaikeyi. Dasharatha had promised two boons to Kaikeyi as a reward and Manthara’s suggestion was that Kaikeyi should now ask for these two boons. By the first boon Rama would be banished to the forest for fourteen years and by the second boon Bharata would become yuvaraja.

Kaikeyi listened to Manthara. At Manthara’s instance, she asked for these two boons. Dasharatha was very angry, but Rama insisted that he would indeed go to the forest for fourteen years. Rama, Lakshmana and Sita first went to the banks of the river Tamasa. From there they went to the kingdom of Guha, the king of the hunters (nishadas). They crossed the river Jahnavi and arrived in Prayaga, where the sage Bharadvaja had his hermitage. Their final destination was the mountan range of Chitrakuta, on the banks of the river Mandakini.

Meanwhile, back home in Ayodhya, King Dasharatha who could not bear to be parted from Rama, died. Bharata and Shatrughna had gone on a visit to their uncle’s house and were recalled. But Bharata refused to be king. He went to the forest to try and persuade Rama to return, but Rama insisted that he would not return before the fourteen years were over. So Bharata brought back Rama’s sandals. He placed these sandals on the throne as a token of Rama’s kingship. And he began to rule the kingdom in Rama’s name from Nandigrama, rather than from Ayodhya.

Rama, Lakshmana and Sita then went to the forest that is known as the Dandaka forest, dandakaranya. This forest was on the banks of the river Godavari and there was a beautiful grove inside the forest known as Panchavati. They built a hut there and resolved to live there.

There was a rakshasa woman named Shurpanakha. She happened to come to the place where Rama, Lakshmana and Sita had built their hut. Shurpanakha liked Rama so much that she wanted to marry Rama and eat up Lakshmana and Sita. But Lakshmana cut off Shurpaakha’s nose and ears with his sword.

Shurpanakha fled to her brother Khara and demanded revenge. Khara and fourteen thousand other demons (rakshasas) attacked Rama, but they were all killed by Rama. Shurpanakha then went to her other brother Ravana, the king of Lanka.

Ravana asked the rakshasa Maricha to adopt the form of a golden deer and roam around in front of Rama’s hut. Sita was so charmed by the deer that she asked Rama to capture it for her. Rama was long in returning and Lakshmana went to look for him. Taking advantage of Rama and Lakshmana’s absence. Ravana kidnapped Sita. Jatayu, the king of the birds, did try to stop Ravana, but he met his death at Ravana’s hands.

Rama and Lakshmana were greatly distressed to find Sita missing and they looked for her everywhere. Rama made friends with the monkey Sugriva. He killed Sugriva’s brother Bali and made Sugriva the king of the monkeys. The monkeys were sent off in all the four directions to look for Sita.

The monkeys who had gone towards the south learnt that Sita was in Lanka, across the ocean. One of these monkeys was Hanumana. Hanumana leapt over the ocean and arrived in Lanka. He discovered the lonesome Sita in a grove of ashoka trees, the ashokavana. Hanumana introduced himself and assured Sita that he would soon be back with Rama. Hanumana caused some general havoc in Lanka and was captured by Meghnada or Indrajit, Ravana’s son. Ravana ordered that Hanumana’s tail should be set on fire. But Hanumana used his burning tail to set fire to all the houses of Lanka. He then returned to Rama with the news that Sita had been found.

Rama, Lakshmana and the army of monkeys arrived at the shores of the ocean. There they built a bridge over the ocean so that they could cross over into Lanka. There was a terrible war in which Rama killed the giant Kumbhakarna, Ravana’s brother. Lakshmana killed Indrajit. Rama killed Ravana with a powerful divine weapon, the brahamastra. The fourteen years were by now over and Rama, Lakshmana and Sita returned to Ayodhya. There Rama was crowned king and he treated his subjects as his own sons. He punished the wicked and followed the path of dharma. During Rama’s rule there was no shortage of food grains anywhere and the people were righteous. No one died an untimely death.

On Rama’s instructions, Shatrughna killed the asura Lavana and built the city of Mathura in the place where Lavana’s kingdom had been. Bharata was sent by Rama to kill a wicked gandharva a singer of heaven named Shailusha, who lived on the banks of the river Indus with his sons. Bharata killed them and built two cities there, Takshashila and Pushkaravati. In Takshashila Bharata established his son Taksha as king and in Pushkaravti he made his son Pushkara the king. Rama and Sita had two sons named Kusha and Lava. Rama ruled for eleven thousand years before he died.

This is the story of the Ramayana as recounted in the Agni Purana. It was written by the sage Valmiki after he had heard the story from the sage Narada.

Rama was the seventh avatara of Vishnu. Krishna was the eighth.

Sri Krishna Avatara (and the linage of Sri Krishna)
As you have already been told, Brahma emerged from Vishnu’s navel. Brahma’ son was Atri, Atri’s son Soma, Soma’s son Pururava, Pururava’s son Ayu, Ayu’s son Nahusha and Nahusha’s son Yayati. Yayati had two wives, Devayani and Sharmishtha. Devayani had two sons, Yadu and Turvusu. And Sharmishtha had three sons, Druhya, Anu and Puru. The descendants of Yadu were known as the Yadavas.

Vasudeva was a Yadava. His wife was Devaki. Vishnu was born as the son of Vasudeva and Devaki in order to remove the wicked from the world. The seventh son of Vasudeva and Devaki was Baladeva. And the eighth son was Krishna himself. Krishna was born in the month of Bhadra in the thick of the night. Scared that the wicked Kamsa might kill the newly child, Vasudeva left him with Yashoda, the wife of Nanda.

Nanda was the king of the cowherds and he brought up Baladeva and Krishna. Kamsa sent a rakshasa woman named Putana to kill Krishna, but Krishna killed her instead. In Vrindavana, Krishna subdued the terrible snake known as Kaliya.

He killed several other rakshasas named Arishta, Vrishabha, Keshi, Dhenuka and Gardhabha and made the country safe from the attacks of these demons. He also stopped the worship of Indra. This led to a fight between Indra and Krishna , Indra tried to destroy the inhabitants of Gokula by sending down torrents of rain. But Krishna held aloft the mountain Govardhana and saved the inhabitants of Gokula.

Kamsa’s capital was in Mathura, Baladeva and Krishna went there. Kamsa let loose a mad elephant named Kuvalayapida on Krishna. But Krishna killed Kuvalayapida. Baladeva and Krishna also killed two strong wrestlers, Chanura and Mushtika, whom Kamsa had instructed to kill Baladeva and Krishna. Finally, Krishna killed Kamsa and made Ugrasena the king.

Kamsa was Jarasandha’s son- in-law and Jaradsandha became furious when he learnt of Kamsa’s death. He attacked the Yadavas and laid siege to the city of Mathura. After a prolonged war, Krishna managed to defeat Jarasandha. Krishna also defeated another evil king named Poundraka. On Krishna’s instructions, the Yadavas built the beautiful city of Dvaraka or Dvarakati. The Yadavas began to live in Dvaraka.

There was an asura named Naraka who was killed by Krishna. Naraka had imprisoned sixteen thousand daughters of the devas, gandharvas and yakshas (guards of heaven’s treasury). These women were freed by Krishna and Krishna married all of them. Among Krishna’s other exploits were defeating the daitya Panchajana, killing Kalayavana, seizing the parijata tree from Indra and bringing back to life the sage Sandipani’s dead son.

Krishna had several sons. Shamba was born of Krishna’s wife Jambavati and Pradyumna was born of Krishna’s wife Rukmini. As soon as Pradyumna was born, he was abductd by the asura Shambara. Shambara threw the baby into the sea, but a fish swallowed the baby. A fisherman caught the fish and brought it to Shambara’s house. When the fish’s stomach was cut open, the baby came out. There was a woman named Mayavati who lived in Shambara’s house and Shambara handed over baby Pradyumna to Mayavati so that he might be brought up well. When he grew up, Pradyumna killed Shambara and married Mayavati. They returned to Dvaraka and Krishna was happy to see his lost son.

Pradyumna and Mayavati had a son named Aniruddha. Aniruddha secretly married Usha, the daughter of King Vana, Vana himself being the son of Vali. Vana’s capital was in a city named Shonitapura.

Vana had pleased Shiva through hard and difficult tapasya, so that sometimes he was called the son of Shiva. Vana loved to fight and he had wanted a boon from Shiva that he might get the chance to fight with someone who was his equal in battle. A flag with a peacock on it used to fly from the ramparts of Vana’s palace. Shiva told him that the day this flag fell down, Vana’s desire for battle with an equal would be satisfied.

With the help of a friend of Usha’s, Aniruddha and Usha used to meet secretly in Vana’s palace. Vana’s guards informed him about this and there was a fierce battle betweeen Vana and Aniruddha. At the same time, the flag with the peacock on it fell down. Krishna got to know from Narada about the fight between Vana and Aniruddha and he, Baladeva and Pradyumna arrived in Vana’s capital. Shiva came to fight on Vana’s side, accompanied by Nandi and Skanda or Kartikeya. But after a duel that lasted for a long time, Krishna triumphed over these enemies. Krishna’s arrows also cut off the thousand arms that Vana had. But at Shiva’s request, Krishna spared Vana’s life and gave him two arms with which to make do.

All of these stories about Krishna are related in detail in the Harivamsha. The Agni Purana merely gives a brief summary of the Harivamsha. But stories about Krishna, the eighth avatara of Vishnu, also crop up in the Mahabharata. The Agni Purana, therefore, next summarises the Mahabharata.

The Mahabharta

The Pandavas were merely a pretext. Krishna used the Pandavas to rid the world of evil men.

You have already learnt that one of Yayati’s sons was Puru. In Puru’s line were born Bharata and Kuru. One of Kuru’s descendants was the king Shantanu. Shantanu married Ganga and Bhishma was born from this marriage. But Shantanu also married Satyavati and had two more sons, Chitrangada and Vichitravirya. Bhishma never married. Chitrangada died young. When Vicitravirya grew up, Bhishma defeated the king of Kashi and brought two of the king’s daughters, Ambika and ambalika, as brides for Vichitravirya. Vichitravirya was also quite young when he died of tuberculosis.

Since Vichitravirya had left no children, Vyasadeva was brought to Hastinapura. Vyasadeva and Ambika had a son named Dhritarashtra and Vyasadeva and Ambalika had a son named Pandu. Dhritarashtra married Gandhari and they had a hundred sons, of whom the most important was Duryodhana. Pandu had two wives, Kunti and Madri. Kunti’s sons were Yudhishthira, Bhima and Arjuna and Madri’s son were Nakula and Sahadeva. But Yudhisthira was really the son of the god Dharma and not Pandu’s son. Similarly, Bhima was the son of the god Pavana. Arjuna the son of Indra and Nakula and Sahadeva the sons of the two Ashvinis. Earlier, Kunti had had a son named Karna from the sun-god. This was before she had got married to Pandu. Karna became a friend of Duryodhana’s. Because of a curse imposed on him by a sage, Pandu died in the forest.

Duryodhana tried his best to kill the Pandavas. He set fire to a house of lac (jatugriha) in which Kunti and the five Pandavas were staying. But the Pandavas were saved and fled to a city named Ekachakra. There they lived, diguised as brahmanas. In Ekachakra, they destroyed a rakshasa named Vaka. They then won the hand of the daughter of the king of Panchala. Her name was Droupadi and all five Pandava brothers married her. When Duryodhana learnt that the Pandavas were alive, he handed over half the kingdom to them.

Meanwhile, the forest Khandava had to be burnt and Krishna and Arjuna did this

together. Krishna had befriended Arjuna. When Arjuna successfully defeated the god Agni at the burning of the Khandava forest, Agni gave him several divine weapons. Arjuna had also obtained divine weapons from his guru Dronacharya.

On the Pandava side, Yudhishthira had become king. The Pandavas organised a rajasuya yajna (royal sacrifice) in which they conquered several kingdoms and accumulated a lot of wealth. This made Duryodhana envious. He arranged a game of dice (aksha) between Yudhishthira and Duryodhana’s uncle Shakuni. Shakuni did not play fairly and Yudhisthira lost the game. As a penalty for the loss, the Pandavas were to spend twelve years in the forest and one additional year without being detected. Droupadi went with them to the forest, as did the Pandava’s priest, Dhoumya.

After the twelve years were over, the Pandavas came to the kingdom of King Virata where they proposed to spend the additional year that had to be spent in disguise. Yudhishthira pretended to be a brahmana, Bhima cook, Arjuna dancer, Nakula and Sahadeva stable-hands. Droupadi became the queen’s maid. The queen’s brother Kichaka tried to molest Droupadi, but was killed by Bhima. When the year was over, the Kauravas attacked King Virata to rob him of his cattle. But Arjuna defeated all the Kauravas and saved Virata’s cattle. After this success, the identity of the Pandavas could no longer be kept a secret. But thankfully, the one year during which identities had to be kept a secret, was over.

King Virata’s daughter Uttara was married to Abhimanyu, Arjuna’s son. Abhimanyu’s mother was Subhadra, whom Arjuna had married. Subhadra also happened to be Krishna’s sister.

The Pandavas now demanded their rightful share of the kingdom, but Duryodhana refused. A war was imminent. A huge battalion of soldiers was known as an akshouhini. Duryodhana collected eleven akshouhinis for the war and Yudhishthira collected seven. Krishna was sent as a messenger to Duryodhana to try and preserve the peace, Krishna told Duryodhana that the Pandavas would be satisfied with a mere five villages. Duryodhana refused to give them even this without a fight.

So the armies gathered for a war on the plains of Kurukshetra. Noticing that elders and relatives like Bhishma and Dronacharyas were fighting on the side of the Kauravas. Arjuna was reluctant to fight. But Krishna gave Arjuna lessons which have come down to us as the Gita. He taught that there was no reason for sorrow if Bhishma or Dronacharya died. That true identity of a person was his atman (soul) which never died, but passed from one body to another. True bliss was obtained when the atman united with the brahman( divine essence) or paramatman (supreme soul). This was always the goal of a yogi, that is a person who sought union with god.

Thus instructed by Krishna, Arjuna started to fight. With the help of Shikhandi, he defeated Bhishma. This happened on the tenth day of the fighting. Bhishma did not however die. He had earlier received the boon that he would only die when he actually wished to do so. For many days, he lay there in the battlefield on a bed of arrows. After Bhishma’s defeat, Dronacharya became the general of the Kauravas. Dhrishtadyumna was the general on the Pandava side. Dronacharya killed Virata, Drupada and several other kings and soldiers on the Pandava side. Dhrishtadyumna also killed many Kaurava soldiers. On the fifteenth day of the fighting, a rumour gained currency that Ashvatthama, Dronacharaya’s son, had been killed.

Dronacharya abandoned his weapons on hearing this bad news and Dhrishtadyumna faced not problems in killing him. Karna now became the Kaurava general and lasted for two and a half days before he was killed by Arjuna. Shalya was the last Kaurava general. He fought for only half a day and was killed by Yudhishthira.

Bhima and Duryodhana fought the last duel of the war with maces. Bhima broke Duryodhana’s thighs and killed him. Ashvatthama had been fuming ever since his father Dronacharya had been killed by unfair means. In the dead of the night, he entered the Pandava camp where he killed Dhristadyumna and the five sons of Droupadi. Droupadi was disconsolate and demanded revenge. Arjuna and Ashvatthama let loose divine weapons at each other. Since this might destroy the world, they were asked to withdraw these weapon. Arjuna could withdraw his weapon, but Ashvatthama could not. Ashvatthama’s weapon killed the baby that was in Uttara’s womb, but when the dead baby was born, Krishna brought it back to life. This baby was Parikshita.

Many kings and soldiers died in the course of the Kurukshetra war. The only ones left alive were Kritavarma, Kripacharya and Ashvatthama on the Kaurava side and Satyaki, Krishna and the five Pandavas on the Pandava side. After the war was over, Bhishma taught Yudhishthira the duties of a king. It was only after this that he died.

As a king, Yudhishthira performed many yajnas and gave a lot of alms to brahmanas. When Yudhishthira learnt that the Yadavas had been destroyed, he no longer wished to rule. He handed over the kingdom to Parikshita and the Pandavas left on a pilgrimage, in the course of which they died.

It was Krishna who had used the Pandavas as a tool to rid the world of evil kings and establish the good ones. Realizing that the Yadavas were also evil, Krishna also ensured that the Yadavas would be destroyed. He then gave up his life at the place of pilgrimage that is known as Prabhasa. After Krishna died, the city of Dvaraka was swallowed up by the sea.

This was the story of the eighth avatara of Vishnu. Buddha and Kalki

The ninth avatara of Vishnu was Buddha and the tenth will be Kalki.
Many years ago, there was a war between the devas and the asuras in which the demons managed to defeat the gods. The gods went running to Vishnu for protection and Vishnu told them that Mayamoha would be born as Buddha, the son of Shuddhodana. Such were the illusions that Buddha created, that the asuras left the path indicated by the Vedas and became Buddhists. These dastardly creatures performed ceremonies that were a sure ticket to naraka. Towards the end of the Kali era, all people will be dastardly. They will oppose the Vedas, become robbers and will be concerned only with wealth. The disbelievers will then become kings and these kings will also be cannibals.

Much later, Kalki will be born on earth as the son of Vishnuyasha. He will take up arms to destroy these disbelievers. Kalki’s priest will be the sage Yajnavalkya. The norms of the four classes (varna) and the four stages of life (ashrama) will be etablished yet again. People will honour the sacred texts and become righteous. It will then be time for the dawn of a new satya yuga, a fresh period of righteousness.

In every cycle (kalpa) and in every era (manvantara) Vishnu is thus born in various forms. It is sacred duty to listen to the stories of then ten avataras. The listener atttains his desires and goes to heaven.

Agni next told Vashishtha the history of creation.

Vishnu is the Lord of creation, preservation and destruction. Before creation, it was only the brahman that was everywhere. There was no day, night or sky.

First Vishnu created the waters. And in the waters he sowed the seeds if brahmanda, the great egg. From this seed there developed a golden egg which began to float on the waters. From the egg Brahma created himself. Since he created himself (svayam sambhuta). Brahma is also known as Svayambhu. Having created himself, Brahma stayed inside the egg for an entire year. And at the end of the year, he split the egg into two. One part of the egg formed the heaven, the other the earth. And in between the two parts of the egg, Brahma created the sky.

Brahma next established the earth on the waters and made the ten directions. He created time, lightning, thunder, clouds, rainbows, words and anger. To ensure that yajnas could be performed, texts of the Rig Veda, the Yajur Veda and the Sama Veda emerged from his body. Holy people use the Vedas to perform ceremonies meant for the gods. From the powers of his mind, Brahma created seven sons. Their names were Marichi, Atri, Angira, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratu and Vashishtha.

Prithu is recognized as the first king. Prithu was descended from Dhruva. And Prithu’s father Vena was also a king. But Vena was an evil king; he was simply not interested in protecting his subjects. The sages therefore killed Vena with a straw. And after Vena had died, they began to knead the dead body’s right hand and it was thus that Prithu emerged. He wore armour and carried bow and arrows when he was born. He ruled well, as per the dictates of dharma. He looked upon all his subjects as his own sons. From Prithu the earth came to be known as prithivi.

How to Pray, How to Build Temples and Idols

The Agni purana next has several chapters on how to pray and on how to build temples and idols. The techniques of praying to Vishnu, Shiva, Surya and the other gods and goddesses are decribed, including the special mantras (incantations) that must be used so as to please specific gods and goddesses. Prior to prayers one must bathe and there are prescribed forms for such bathing as well.

A person who builds temples is blessed. Even if one merely thinks of building temples, the sins of a hundred lives are forgiven. The ancestors of a builder of temples are rescued from hell. A builder of a single temple goes to heaven (svarga). A builder of two temples goes to brahmaloka, a builder of five to shivaloka, a builder of eight to vishuloka and a builder of sixteen temples is freed from the shackles of being born again and again. What is the point of earning money if one does not build temples? Money is also meant to be donated as alms to brahmanas, but the punya or merit earned from building a temple is greater than the punya earned from donating alms. The merit earned by a builder of temples is greatest for a golden temple, lesser for a stone temple, still lesser for a wooden temple and least for an earthen temple.
More punya is acquired from building an idol than from a temple, Idols of gods and goddesses should always be set up so that they face the city; they should not face away from the city. The east is best for Indra’s idol , the south for Chandi’s, the centre for Brahma’s, Vishnu’s idol can be set up anywhere at all. Different idols of Vishnu must have different forms. Consider, for example, idols or images of the ten incarnations of Vishnu. The matsya (fish) avatara must naturally look like a fish and the kurma (turtle) avatara must look like a turtle. But the varaha (boar) avatara will have four arms like a man and will hold a gada (mace), a padma (lotus flower), a shankha (conch shell) and a chakra (bladed discus) in these four arms. The narasimha avatara should have two arms holding a chakra and a gada and should wear a a garland. The vamana (dwarf) avatara should hold an umbrella and a stick in his two hands. Parashurama will have four hands with a bow, arrows, a sword and an axe in these hands. Rama’s image can have either two arms or four. If there are four arms, the four hands will hold a bow, arrows, a conch shell and a chakra. Balarama’s image may also have either four arms or two. If there are two arms, the hands will hold a plough and a mace. If there are four arms, the hands will hold a plough, a conch shell, a club and a chakra. Buddha’s image should have a calm appearance. It should be seated one lotus. The ears should be elongated. Kalki’s image is that of a brahmana, seated on a horse and holding a bow and arrows, a conch shell, a sword and a chakra.
Krishna’s image may be either two-armed or four-armed. Three of the four arms will hold a gada, a chakra and a shankha. The fourth palm will be opened out in the act of granting a boon. On either side of Krishna’s image, there will be images of Brahma and Shiva. Brahma has four faces and four arms and the image should have a pronounced stomach, a beard and matted hair. Brahma rides a swam. On either side of Brahma’s image, there will be images of Sarasvati and Savitri.

Visnu’s image has eight arms. Seven of the arms hold a sword, a mace, arrows, a bow, a shield, a chakra and a conch shell. The eighth palm is spread out as if Vishnu is granting a boon. Vishnu should be shown riding on Garuda. Garuda will also have eight arms. To the right of Vishnu’s image, there should be images of Lakshmi and Sarasvati, Lakshmi holding a lotus and Sarasvati holding a veena ( a musical instrument). There has also got to be an image of Vishnu exhibiting his universal form (vishvarupa). The Vishvarupa image has four heads and twenty arms.

Chandi’s image has twenty arms. The ten arms on the right hold a spear, a sword, a shakti (a small spear), a chakra, a pasha (noose), a shield, a drum and any two other weapons. The tenth arm on the right should be in the act of granting a boon. The ten arms on the left hold snakes, a rod, an axe, an amkusha (used for driving elephants), a bow, a bell, a flag, a mace, a mirror and a club. In front of Chandi’s image there will be the image of a buffalo with its head cut off. The image of an asura will be shown emerging from the body of the buffalo. The demon’s hair, eyes and garland will be red in colour. It will be shown to be vomiting blood and it will hold weapons in its hand. The demon’s neck will be bound up in a noose and Chandi’s lion will be attacking it. Chandi’s right leg will be on the lion and her left leg will be on the demon’s back. Images of Chandi may sometimes also have ten, sixteen or eighteen arms.

Shiva’s image (linga) may be made out of earth, wood, iron, jewels, gold, silver, copper, bronze or mercury.

Places of Pilgrimage
A visit to a place of pilgrimage (tirtha) brings the same punya that is obtained from performing a yajna. It is because people had not gone on pilgrimages or donated gold and cows in their earlier lives that they were born poor in their next lives.

The best place of pilgrimage is Pushkara. Brahma, other gods and sages who wish to go to heaven live there. The best time to go to Pushkara is in the month of Kartika. In Pushkara itself there are two other places of pilgrimage known as Jambumarga and Tandulikashrama.

It is difficult to go to Pushkara. But there are several other tirthas as well. One such is Kurukshetra, where Vishnu and the other gods keep on coming. The river Sarasvati flows near Kurukshetra. If one bathes in the Sarasvati, one attains brahmaloka.

Any region through which the river Ganga flows also becomes a tirtha. Even if one sees the Ganga, the punya of performing yajnas is attained. A person who bears earth from the bed of the Ganga on his head is freed of all sins. Prayaga is another famous place of pilgrimage. Brahma, Vishnu, Indra and the other gods, gandharvas, apasaras and the sages are always there in Prayaga. This is because the two holy rivers, Ganga and Yamuna, come together in Prayaga. There are many tirthas inside Prayaga itself. The sages have said that, in the month of Magha, if one bathes for three days in Prayaga, that is better than donating crores and crores of cows. If one donates alms in Prayaga, one goes to svaraga and is born as a king in one’s next life. If one dies in Prayaga, one goes straight to vishnuloka.

Shiva himself had told Parvati that Varanasi was a very holy tirtha and that Shiva never left the city. Varanasi is so named because it is located at the junction of two rivers, Varana and Asi. Varana is also known as Kashi.

The river Narmada is also sacred.

There may be several holy tirthas, but Gaya is the holiest of them all. A demon named Gayasura once started to perform tapasya and such were the powers of his tapasya that the gods began to suffer. They went to Vishnu and asked him to save them. Vishnu agreed and appeared before Gayasura. “Accept a boon,” said Vishnu.

“Grant me the boon that I may become the most sacred of all tirthas,” replied the daitya.
The boon was granted and Gayasura disappeared. The gods returned to svarga, but felt that the earth seemed to be deserted now that Gayasura had disappeared. Vishnu then instructed Brahma and the other gods to perform a sacrifice. He also asked them to go to Gayasura and ask for his body so that the sacrifice might be performed on it. Gayasura readily agreed, and as soon as he agreed, his head fell off from the body. Brahma then proceeded to perform the sacrifice on Gayasura’s

headless body. But as soon as the sacrifice started, the body began to shake. This meant that the sacrifice could not be properly performed and a solution had to be found. The solution was the gods should all enter a stone which would be placed on Gayasura’s body so that the body would not shake. The sacrifice could then be performed. Vishnu himself also entered the stone. It is because the gods and Vishnu are always there in Gaya that Gaya is sacred.

In fact, there is a story behind this stone as well. The sage Marichi was Brahma’s son and had married Dharmavrata. One day, Marichi went to the forest to collect wood and flowers and returned extemely tired. He called Dharmavrata and said, “I am very tired. Today you must wash my feet for me. Dharmavrata began to wash Marichi’s feet when Brahma suddenly arrived. Dharmavrata did not know what to do. Should she finish washing her husband’s feet? Or should she first attend to Brahma, since Brahma was Marichi’s father? She decided to attend to Brahma first. At this, Marichi became very angry and cursed Dharmavrata that she would turn into a stone. Dharmavrata was greatly distressed at being cursed for what she though had not been a fault at all. So she performed tapasya for many years. When Vishnu and the other gods were pleased at Dharmavrata’s meditation, they appeared and offered to grant her a boon.

Dharmavrata wished that the curse imposed on her by Marichi might be waived. The gods explained that this was impossible, since Marichi was a very powerful sage. What they would however, do was to make Dharmavrata a very holy stone desired even by the gods. The god promised to be always inside this stone. It was this stone that was placed on Gayasura’s body.

Once the sacrifice was over, Gayasura himself desired a boon from the gods and the gods granted him that Gaya would become the most sacred of all tirthas. It was in Gaya that the Pandavas had prayed to Vishnu.

The world is divided into seven regions (dvipas). Their names are Jambu, Plaksha, Shalmali, Kusha, Krouncha, Shaka and Pushkara. The seven dvipas are surrounded by seven oceans and the names of these oceans and the names of these oceans are Lavana, Ikshu, Sura, Sarpih, Dadhi, Dugdha and Jala. Right in the centre of Jambudvipa is Mount Meru. Mountains named Himavana, Hemakuta and Nishada are to the south of Meru and mountains named Nila, Shveta and Shringi are to the north of Meru. Jambudvipa is known by that name as there are a large number of jambu (jamun) trees in this area. On the top of Mount Meru is Brahma’s famous city.

Under the earth is the underworld. This too, consists of seven regions and their names are Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala and Patala. The daityas and the danavas live in the underworld. Vishnu is also there in the underworld, in his form of the great snake Shesha. The snake Shesha holds up the earth on its hood.

That part of the sky which is lit up by sun-rays is known as Nabha. Above the earth is the sun, above the sun the moon, above the moon the stars, above the stars Mercury, above Mercury Venus, above Venus Jupiter and above Jupiter the constellation of the great Bear (Saptarshimandala). Beyond this constellation is the world of Dhruva.


The Agni Purāna next gives a lot of information on astrogy. It states when marriages should take place and when they should not. For example, marriages are never to be held in the months of Chaitra and Pousha or under the signs of Libra or Gemini. If one is going on a trip, then Friday is the best day to start on. Medicine should not be taken if one of the nakshatras (stars Pushya, Hasta, Jyeshtha, Shravana or Ashvini is not in the sky. If one wishes to have a bath after recovering from an illness, then Saturday is the best day for such a bath.

The first time a child’s head is shaved should never be on a Tuesday or a Saturday. Ears should be pierced on Wednesday or Thursday. New Clothes should not first be worn on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. A new house should not entered into in the months of Chaitra, Jyeshtha, Bhadra, Ashvina, Pousha or Magha. It is best to reap grain on a Wednesday.

Each manvantara (era) is ruled over by a Manu.

The first Manu was Svayambhuva. Shatakratu held the title of Indra during this manvantara.

The second Manu was Svarochisha. Vipashchita held the title of Indra during this manvatara.

The third Manu was Uttama and Sushanti was Indra then.

The fourth Manu was Tapasa and Shikhi held the title of Indra then.
The fifth Manu was Raivata and Vitatha was Indra then.

The title of Indra was held by Manojava during the sixth manvantara, the Manu being Chakhusha.

Next came Shraddhadeva, the seventh Manu, Purandara being the Indra.
The eighth Manu’s name is Savarni and the eighth Indra’s Vali. The eighth manvantara has not yet come.

The ninth Manu will be Dakshasavarni and the ninth Indra will be Adbhuta.

During the tenth manvantara, the Manu will be Brahmasavarni and the title of Indra will beheld by Shanti.

During the rule of the eleventh Manu Dharmasavarni, the Indra will be Gana.

The twelfth Manu will be Rudrasavarni and the twelfth Indra will be Ritadhama.

Rouchya will be the thirteenth Manu and Divaspati will be the thirteenth Indra.

The fourteenth Manu will be Bhoutya and the title of Indra will then be held by Shuchi.

Durng each of Brahma’s days, ther are fourteen such manvantaras. After that comes Brahma’s night, when all these living beings are destroyed.

Varnashrama Dharma
All the Manus practised the precepts of dharma (righteousness). This meant nonviolence, truthfulness, piety, going on pilgrimages, donating alms, serving devas and brahmanas, tolerance of all religions and the following of the sacred texts. It also meant the practice of the system of the four classes (varna) and the four stages in life (ashrama).

The four varnas are brahmanas, kshatriyas, vaishyas and shudras. Performing sacrifices, donating alms and studying the Vedas are duties that brahmans, kshatriyas and vaishyas must perform. In addition, the kshatriyas must protect the good and punish the evil. The vaishyas must take care of trade, agriculture and animal husbandry. The dutites of shudras are to serve the brahmanas and artisanship. When brahmanas take up the upavita, the sacred thread that is the mark of the first three classes, it is like a second birth for them. So brahmanas are known as dvijas (born twice).

An anuloma marriage is a marriage where the husband is from a higher class than the wife. The offspring of such a marriage belong to the mother’s class. A pratiloma marriage is a marriage where the wife is from a higher class than the husband.

Chandalas were born this way from brahmana women, Sutas from kshatriya women, Devalas from vaishya women, Pukkashas from kshatriya women and Magadhas from vaishya women. Chandalas are executioners, Sutas charioteers, Devalas guards, Pukkashas hunters and Magadhas bards. Chandalas should live outside the villages and should not touch those belonging to any other class.

The best name for a brahmana is that which ends in Sharma. Similarly, the best name for a kshatriya ends in Varma, for a vaishya in Gupta and for a shudra in Dasa. The sacred thread ceremony is to be held at the age of eight years for brahmanas, eleven years for kshatriyas and twelve years for vaishyas. No sacred thread ceremony should be held beyond sixteen years of age.

The first stage in life is that of brahmacharya (studenthood). A student should never eat honey or meat and should never indulge in singing or dancing. He should completely give up violence and speaking to women. His duties are to discuss the shastras (holy texts) and associate with leanred men. Apart from that, he will meditate in solitude on the true nature of the brahman.

The next stage of life is that of garhasthya (householder stage). A brahmana may have four wives, a kshatriya three, a vaishya two and a shudra one. The husband and the wife should be from the same varna. Marriage across varnas is to be avoided. A woman can marry again provided that her husband has disappeared, is dead, has become a hermit or is such a sinner that he is expelled from his own varna. If her husband dies, a widow is permitted to marry her late husband’s late younger brother.

A householder should get up at dawn and pray to the gods. He should always bathe in the morning. He should not talk impolitely. He should not bite his nails. He should not laugh at those who are inferior. And he should never reside in a place where there is no king, no doctor or no river. He must not insult his elders. He should never criticise the Vedas, the shastras, the devas, the sages and the king. And he must never travel without a light at night.

The third ashrama is vanaprastha (forest-dwelling stage). Such a person should always sleep on the ground and wear skins as clothes. He should wear his hair matted and give up the company of other people. He has to serve gods and guests and live on fruit and roots.

In the final stage of life (sannyasa) a person becomes a hermit. In this ashrama, a person attains true knowledge and is completely freed. But he should becomea hemit only when he is convinced that he has completely lost all interest in material pursuits. Such a person is not affected by birth or death. He realizes that the physical body is transient, that it is of no concern at all. It is the knowledge of the atman (soul) that is the best form of knowledge. When one gains this knowledge, one realizes the identification of the atman with the brahman, one understands that the brahman is everywhere.

Sins and Their Atonement

If one commits a sin, one has to atone for it. This is known as prayashchitta. If one does not atone for the sins that one has committed, it is the king’s duty to punish the sinner.

If one drinks from a well where the dead body of animal has been floating, one has to fast for three days. The worst possible sins are the killing of a brahmana, the drinking of wine and theft. Others sins are criticising the Vedas, the bearing of false witness, killing a friend, killing a cow, forsaking one’s parents or sons, the selling of ponds, murder, lying, killing animals and the cutting down of green trees for fodder.

A killer of a brahmana has to build a hut in the forest and live there for twelve years. He has to beg for a living and give up all that he possess to another brahmana. A killer of cows has to live on just coarse for one month. He has to live with cattle and follow them around during the day. All his possessions have to be given up to brahmana and he has to bathe in cow’s urine for two months.

If a brahmana steals gold, he should go and report his crime to the king. The king will then hit him with a club and this will be the brahmana’s prayashchitta.

The sin of killing a kshatriya is one-fourth the sin of killing of brahmana. If one kills a vaishya, the sin is one-eighth the sin of killing a brahmana. And if one kills a shudra, the sin is one-sixteenth of the sin of killing a brahmana. Killing a cat, a mongoose, a frog, a dog, a lizard or a crow is as sinful as killing a shudra.


Depending on the tithi (lunar day), the day of the week, the nakshatras (stars), the month, the season and the position of the sun, certain specific religious rites and ceremonies have to be performed. These are known as vratas.

The first day of the lunar fortnight is known as paratipada. The day of pratipada in the months of Kartika, Ashvina and Chaitra are Brahma’s tithis. It is then that the worship of Brahma must be done.

On the second day of the lunar fortnight (dvitiya), one should eat only flowers and pray to the two Ashvinis. This makes the supplicant handsome and lucky. Shuklapaksha is that lunar fortnight in which the moon waxes and krishnapaksha is thatlunar fortnight in which the moon wanes. Shuklapaksha dvitiya in the month of Kartika is earmarked for the worship of Yama. If one performs this vrata, one does not have to go to naraka (hell). This is also the day for praying to Balarama and Krishna.

It was on the third day of the lunar fortnight (tiritiya), in shuklapaksha and in the month of Chaitra, that Shiva married Parvti or Gouri. Rites performed on this day are thus known as gourivrata. Shiva and Parvati have to be given offerings of fruit. The eight names of Parvati have to be recited. These are Lalita, Vijaya, Bhadra, Bhavani, Kumuda, Shiva, Vasudevi and Gouri.

Chaturthi vrata is performed on the fourth day of the lunar fortnight, in shuklapaksha and in the month of Magha. This is the day for worshipping the common gods (gana devata). The offerings on this occasion are to be wine and fragrant perfumes.

On the fifth day of the lunar fortnight, one performs panchami vrata. This grants good health and takes care of bad omens. Particularly auspicious for panchami vrata are the shukapakshas in the months of Shravana, Bhadra, Ashvina and Kartika.

On the sixth day of the lunar fortnight one performs shashthi vrata. One has to live only on fruit and if one performs this vrata, the fruits of any action that one performs live forever. Shashthi vrata should be observed especially in the months of Kartika and Bhadra.

Surya is to be worshipped on the seventh (saptami) day of the lunar fortnight. If saptami vrata is observed in shuklapaksha, all sorrow disappears. Sins are atoned for and all one’s desires are attained. Women who have no children can have sons if they observe these rites.

The eighth day of the lunar fortnight (ashtami) is very significiant. Krishna was born on this tithi in the month of Bhadra when the nakshatra Rohini was in the sky. Ashtami is therefore auspicious in the month of Bhadra. If one fasts on that day and prays to Krishna, the sins of one’s earlier seven lives are atoned for. But this vrata is to be observed in krishnapaksha and not in shuklapaksha, since Krishna was born in krishnapaksha. Together with Krishna, Rohini and the moon, Devaki, Vasudeva, Yashoda, Nanda and Balarama are also to be worshipped on the occasion. Since Krishna took birth (janma) on this ashtami tithi, this particular day is known as janmashtami. The eighth day of the lunar fortnight can be important even if it is not the month of Bhadra. For example, the eighth day of the lunar fortnight might be a Wednesday (budha vara) in both suklapaksha and krishnapaksha. Irrespective of the month, such an ashtami is important and is known as budhashtami. On that day one has to live only on molasses and rice and perform the vrata.

There used to be a brahmana named Dhira whose wife was named Rambha. Dhira’s son was Koushika, his daughter was Vijaya and Dhira’s bull was named Dhanada. Koushika would go with the other cowherds to graze the bull. Once when Koushika was having a bath in the river Bhagirathi and the bull was grazing, some thieves came and stole the bull. Koushika and his sister Vijaya looked everywhere for it, but could not find it. In searching for the bull, they came to lake where some women were bathing in the course of performing a vrata. Brother and sister were tired and hungry and they craved for some food. The women agreed to give them food, but only after Koushika and Vijaya had also performed the budhashtami vrata. And as soon as Koushika performed the ritual, the bull was miraculously returned to him. Such were the powers of the vrata that Koushika could get his sister Vijaya married off to Yama and himself became the king of Ayodhya. After their parents Dhira and Rambha had died. Vijaya discovered that her father and mother were in naraka. When she asked Yama as to how her parents might be delivered from naraka, Yama told her that Koushika and Vijaya should perform budhashtami vrata again. And immediately after they did so, the parents attained svarga.

The ninth day of the lunar fortnight is navami and navami in shuklapaksha, especially in the month of Ashvina, is earmarked for the worship of Gouri. An animal has to be sacrificed and offered to the goddess on this occasion.

The brahmanas become all powerful if they observe dashmai vrata on the tenth day of the lunar fortnight and donate ten cows. The eleventh day of the lunar fortnight (ekasdashi) is for fasting. It is also the tithi for praying to Vishnu. The observance of ekadasi vrata grants sons and wealth and stones for one’s sins.

The twelfth day of the lunar fortnight is dvadashi. Any dvadashi in shuklapaksha is auspicious for worshipping Vishnu. Dvadashi in the month of Bhadra is for praying to cows and calves and in the month of Chaitra it is for praying to the god of love (Madana). If one observes dvadashi for an entire year, one never has to go to naraka. An especially good conjunction is dvadashi in shuklapaksha in the month of Bhadra when the nakshatra Shravana is in the sky. If one fasts and observes a brata then, one earns greater punya than from bathing in the confluence of sacred rivers. If Budha (Mercy) is also in the sky, the punya is multiplied severalfold.

Trayodashi vrata is on the thirteenth day of the lunar fortnight and this ritual was first perfromed by the god of love when he wanted to please Shiva. This is the tithi on which Shiva is worshipped. In the month of Ashvina, Indra is also revered on this tithi. And in the month of Chaitra, the god of love is worshipped in shuklapaksha on the same tithi.

The fourteen day of the lunar fortnight (chaturdashi) is also earmarked for Shiva, particularly in the month of Kartika. One fasts and donates to brahmanas and thereby attains svarga. The chaturdashi in krishnapaksha that comes between the months of Magha and Falguna is known as Shivaratri. Then one has to fast and stay awake the whole night. Earlier, there used to be an evil hunter named Sunarasena. But because he performed a vrata on Shivarati, all his sins were forgiven.

Narakas (Hells)

If one worships Vishnu with flowers, one never goes to hell.

There are several such hells. Although people do not wish to die, they are bound to die once their predestined time span on earth has been exhausted. One then has to pay for whatever sins one might have committed. The sinners suffer and those who have performed good deeds are naturally rewarded. There are in fact two gates that lead into Yama’s abode. The good are brought by yamadutas (Yama’s servants) through the western gate and are then taken to svarga. Yama’s servants bring the evil to him through the southern gate and Yama then despatches them to the various hells.

If one kills a cow, one has to spend one lakh years in a naraka known as Mahavicha. If one kills a brahmana or steals land, there is a burning naraka named Amakumbha that one goes to. There one suffers till the day when the world is destroyed. A killer of women, children or old men stays in Rourava naraka for the span of fourteen manvantaras. An arsonist is sent to Maharourava and burnt there for an entire kalpa. A thief goes to Tamisra, where he is continuously pierced with spears by Yama’ servants for several kalpas. After that, a thief is taken to Mahatamisra to be bitten by snakes and insects.

If you kill your father or mother, you will be sent to the hell Asipatravana. There you will be continuously sliced into pieces with swords. If you burn someone to death, you will go to Karambhavaluka where you wll be placed on burning sands.

A person who eats sweets alone goes to Kakaola and is fed only worms. A person who does not perform yajnas goes to Kuttala and is fed blood. An oppressor is sent to Tailapaka and is crushed like an oilseed there. A liar is sent to the naraka named Mahapata. There are several other narakas for those who encourage inter-class marriages, those who kill animals, those who cut trees, those who eat too much meat, those who criticise the Vedas, those who bear false witness and those who criticise their teachers.

Giving alms

Giving alms is extremely important as a means for achieving punya. Alms always have to be donated when one goes to visit a temple or a place of pilgrimage. The giver must always face the east and the receiver must always face the north when alms are being given. Such donations have to be made after one has had a bath.

The best objects for donations are gold, horses, oilseeds, snakes, maids, chariots, trees, houses, daughters, and cows. If one promises to give something but later goes back on one’s promise, one is sure to be destroyed. It should be remembered that the entire object of donating alms is lost if one expects gratitude or friendship in return. It is better to give something to a brother than to a daughter, it is better to give to a father than to a mother.

The entire concept of donating alms is different in the four different eras. In satya yuga, the giver went out, in search of a recipient to whom he could give something. In treta yuga, the recipient had to come to the givers house before he would be given anything. In dvapara yuga, the giver never gave anything without being asked for it by the recipient. And in kali yuga, the giver gives only to those who are servile to him.

Gayatri Mantra
Gayatri mantra is a very powerful incantation.

The human body has many veins. Out of these, ten veins are important and their names are Ida, Pingala, Sushumna, Gandhari, Hastijihva, Pritha, Yasha, Alambusha, Huhu and Shankhini. These veins bear the breath of life. The breath of life is called prana vayu. Apart from prana vayu, nine other major breaths course through the human body. Their names are Apana, Samana, Udana, Vyana, Naga, Kurma, Krikara, Devadatta and Dhananjaya.

Gayatri is a goddess worshipped even by Vishnu and Shiva. This goddess is there everywhere, even in every individual’s heart in the form of a swan. Gayatri mantra is an incantation to the goddess. If one chants the mantra seven times, one’s sins are forgiven. Chanting it ten times means that one attains svarga. To attain worlds (lokas) which are even more desirable than svarga, one has to chant gayatri mantra twenty times. If one chants the mantra a hundred and eight times, one does not have to be born again. The severest of sins, like killing cows, brahmanas or parents, are forgiven if one chants the mantra a thousand times. Gayatri mantra has always to be preceded by the chanting of the sacred word Om.

The King
The king’s duties are many. He has to punish his enemies, ensure the prosperity of his subjects and arrange tha this kingdom is ruled well. He has to protect the sages who perform tapasya inside the boundaries of his kingdom.

A king should appoint a wise brahamana as his priest. His ministers should also be wise and his queen should be a woman who follows the path of dharma. When a king dies, time must not be wasted. The priest must immediately find an auspicious occasion so that a new king can be anointed and crowned. A kingdom can never be without a king.

Before the coronation, a prospective king has to purify himself by rubbing his body with mud. Mud from a mountain peak is used for the ears, from a Krishna temple for the face, from an Indra temple for the back, from a palace for the chest, mud raised by an elephant’s tusks for the right hand, mud raised by a bull’s horns for the left hand, mud from a pond for the back, from a river for the sides, from a yajna for the thighs and from a cowshed for the feet.

After the king has thus rubbed himself with different forms of mud and purified himself, he is ready to be anointed. Four types of ministers will anoint him.

Brahmana ministers with golden vessels full of clarified butter will stand on the eastern side. Kshatriya ministers with silver vessels full of sweet and thickened milk will stand on the southern side. Vaishya ministers with copper vessels full of curds will stand on the western side. And shudra ministers with earthen vessels full of water will stand on the northern side. The priests will then use material from all four directions to anoint the king. Water from all the places of pilgrimage will be poured on the king’s head and throat. There must be songs and musical instruments must be played.

The king will next pray to Brahma, Vishnu, Indra and the other gods. He will look at a mirror, some clarified butter and the various signs of good omen that have been placed all around. The king will then be crowned and introduced to his ministers, advisers and guards. The priest will be given cows, goats, buffaloes and houses by the king. He will also bow before the brahmanas. After all these ceremonies have been completed, he truly becomes the king. He circles the fire, touches his guru’s feet and with all his soldiers, goes out on a procession through the streets so that his

subjects can see him. At that time, the king must be seated either on an elephant or a horse. After the procession is over, the king may return to his palace.

The king has to appoint many officials. The general has got to be a brahmana or kshatriya. The messengers must be strong and courteous. The charioteer must know about horses and elephants, the teasurer must be familiar with different jewels. There has to be a doctor, a keeper of elephants, a keeper of horses, a captain for the palace and another capatain for looking after the women of the royal household. Each person must be appointed to the job which suits his expertise and temperament best.

Anyone thus appointed by a king has to stick to certain rules. He must always obey the king’s orders and must never do anything that is contrary to the king’s commands. In public he must always say pleasant things to the king. If there are any unpleasant utterances to be made, they have to be made in a private audience with the king. Those who serve the king must not be thieves, nor must they ever insult the king. They will not dress like the king, nor will they become too intimate with the king. They must not divulge royal secrets.

For a fort, the king should choose a place that cannot readily be attacked by enemies. The king must ensure that the gods are worshipped, the subjects are protected and the evil are punished. He should never steal from the temples, instead he should build temples and set up idols of the gods there.

The brahmanas must also be protects and the king has to make sure that no brahmanas are killed in his kingdom. For a queen, he has to choose a woman who subscribes to these beliefs.

The king will appoint an official to look after every ten villages and another official to look after every hundred villages. Spies must be appointed to find out all that is going on in the kingdom. The king is entitiled to one-sixth of all the punya that accrues in his kingdom through his subjects. But he is also credited with one-sixth of all the sins that are committed in his kingdom. The taxes will be levied as per the dictates of the sacred texts. From whatever is received as taxes, half will go into the royal teasury and the remainng half will be distributed amongst the brahmanas. If there is a liar, the king will impose a penalty on him to the extent of one-eight of the liar’s total wealth. If the owner of any property is is not known, the king will keep the property in safe custody for a period of three years. Once the owner is identified within a period of three years, he can claim the property. But beyond three years, the king becomes entitled to the property.

The property rights of any minor orphan are to be protected by the king. If there is a theft in the kingdom, the king must immediately replace what bas been stolen with wealth taken from his own royal treasury. If the thief is caught and the stolen goods recovered, they are used to replenish the treasury. One-twentieth of profits made from trade are to be paid to the king as taxes. One-fifth or one- sixth of foodgrains are to be paid as taxes. One day every month, craftsmen will work free of charge for the king. They will only be given food from the royal kitchen.

The king has to pay proper attention to the princes. They have to be taught four types of shastras. The first is dharma shastra, which teaches what is right and what is wrong. The second is artha shastra, economics. The third is dhanurveda, the art of fighting. And the last subject that has to be taught to princes is shilpa, arts and crafts. The king has to assign bodyguards to take care of the princes. He must ensure that the princes associate with honourable and learned people and not with undesirable characters. In instances where the princes do not grow up properly despite the king’s best efforts, the king is free to keep them imprisoned. But they should be comfortable in the prison and should not be made to suffer there.

The king should give up hunting, drinking and the playing of dice. He must not unnecessarily waste time in travelling around. He must first win over his servants through his behaviour and then do the same for his subjects. It is only after this has been achieved that he attains a position to conquer his enemies through the use of arms. Anyone who brings harm to the kingdom must immediately be killed. If the king delays in doing what which has to be done, the purpose of the action is completely lost. Nor must the king inform others in advance about what is going to be done. No one must get to know about king’s intended actions. Once the actions performed are information enough for everyone to see. This does not mean that the king will not consult his ministers. Of course he will, that is why they are ministers. Before sleeping or eating, the king must check whether the bed or the food is safe.

There were seven techniques that kings were suppsed to use in ruling their kingdoms. These were known as sama, dana, danda, bedha, maya, upeksha and indrajala. Of these, the first four are the most famous. Sama means the art of gentle persuasion.

Dana means the usage of donations or money to achieve one’s purpose. Danda is punishment. And bheda is the art of aggravating dissension amongst parties opposed to each other.

Maya means to use illusions or deceit and upeksha is to deliberately ignore people so as to achieve one’s purpose. Indrajala literally means jugglery. In this context, it would mean to perform a balancing act amongst opposing pulls and opposing parties.

What sort of punishment the king should mete out is also laid down. If anyone lies and says that his possessions have been stolen, he is to be fined an amount equal in value to that of the possessions which have supposedly been stolen. A brahmana who bears false witness is to be banished from the kingdom. A person who kills cows, elephants, horses or camels will have a leg or a hand cut off. A theif who steals gold or silver or an abductor of women will be executed, Execution is also prescribed in cases of arson and poisoning. A wife who does not obey her husband shall be torn to death by dogs. A woman who does not obey her husband or brahmanas may also have her nose, ears or arms chopped off. She will then be set astride a cow and banished from the kingdom.

Some dreams are bad omens. In fact, they nightmares. Examples are: dreams about grass or trees growing on one’s body, dreams in which the dreamer is shavenheaded or is wearing shabby clothes or dreams in which one is falling from above.
It is also bad to dream of marriages, singing, the killing of snakes and the killing of chandalas or animals. If you dream that you are drinking oil or eating bird meat, that is also a bad omen. Other examples are: where the dreamer dreams that he is playing with monkeys or chandalas, when he dreams that devas, brahmanas, the king or the guru is angry or when he dreams that his house had collapsed.
Remedies have to be found if one dreams such evil dreams. Brahmanas have to be worshipped, a yajna has to be performed and the dreamer has to pray to Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, Ganesha or Surya. Dreams dreamt in the first quarter of one’s sleep normally come true over the next one year. Dreams from the second quarter come true over the next six months and dreams from the third quarter over the next three months. Dreams from the quarter come true over the next fortnight and dreams dreamt right at dawn come true within the next ten days. If one first dreams a good dream and then an evil one, it is the evil dream that will come true. Therefore, if one dreams a good dream, one should not sleep anymore. One should immediately arise.
There are many dreams that are good dreams. For example, dreams that involve mountains, palaces or snakes. Or the dreamer might dream that he is riding on a horse or a bull. It is also good to dream of white flowers in the sky or to see trees in a dream. Especially good dreams are those of the dreamer’s possessing many arms or many heads or of grass and bushes sprouting from his navel. What if you dream of wearing white garlands or clothes? That too is good. If you dream of eclipses of the sun, the moon or the stars, by all means rejoice. And if in a dream you see that you have caught hold of the enemy’s flag, that surely means that you will triumph ove the enemy. And if you actually dream of defeating the enemy, the interpretation is clear enough.

Strangely enough, a dream where the dreamer sees that he is eating rice pudding is a good dream. As is the case with dreams of drinking wine or blood. Or even of eating wet meat. A clear sky in a dream is good. Dreaming of milking a cow or a buffalo with one’s own mouth is also good. The dream continues to be a good one if one dreams of milking a lioness or a she-elephant thus. Other dreams which have good interpretations are, for example, dreams of the dreamer’s receiving blessings from devas or brahmanas or of being anointed with water.

The dreamer who dreams of his coronation is blessed. And he is doubly blessed if he dreams that his head has been cut off or that he has died or even that his house has been burnt down. The relatives of such a dreamer increase in number and he also prospers. It is good to dream of musical instruments being played. Or of riding a bull or climbing a tree. Wet clothes, trees laden with fruit and clear blue skies in dreams are especially good.

Omens and Signs
If one is about to go out of the house, one should take care of any omens that there might be. Such bad omens are cotton, dried grass, cowdung, coal, molasses, leather, hair, a lunatic, a chandala, a widow, a dead body, ashes, bones and a broken vessel. If one comes across these as one is about to leave, one should not start without pacifying the elements through prayers to Vishnu. The sound of musical instruments is not an auspicious sound at the beginning of a journey. If the means of transport by which one is travelling breaks down, that too, is a bad omen. If weapons break, perhaps you should postpone the journey. The same is the case if an umbrella held over one’s head happens to fall. If one hits one’s head against the lintel of the door as one is about too cross the threshold, prayers are again indicated. And never call back someone who has just left. That is a bad omen and bodes ill for the success of the journey.

There are good omens for a departure and if one sees these good omens, the journey is bound to be successful. Good omens are white flowers, full vessels, meat, distant noises, an old goat, a cow, a horse, an elephant, fire, gold, silver, a sword, an umbrella, fruit, clarified butter, curds, a conch shell, sugarcane, the sound of thunder, lightning and a dead body with no one crying over it.

Omens are important even if one is not going on a journey. A peacock crying on the left means that something is going to be stolen. If a donkey brays with a broken voice, that is a good omen and something good will happen. If a boar or a buffalo crosses over from the left to right, that is a good omen. But if they cross over from the right to the left, that is a bad omen. One’s desire will be attained if horses, tighers, lions, cats or donekys cross over from the right to the left. Jackals, moles, lizards, pigs and cuckoos are good omens on the left and monkeys are good omens on the right. If a jackal calls once, twice, thrice or four times, that is a good omen. It is a bad omen if a jackal calls five or six times. It is a very good omen if a jackal calls seven times.

If crows caw on the left of an army, the soldiers will not be able to win. If a crow can be seen near the door of a house, this means that there will soon be a guest.

A crow looking at the sun with one signifies great danger. A crow covered with mud means the attainment of one’s desires. A dog barking inside the house leads to the death of the householders. A person whose left limbs are sniffed by a dog, will attain riches. If the right limbs are sniffed, there will be danger. A dog blocking one’s path signifies theft. A dog with a bone or a rope in its mouth means the loss of property. But it is a good omen to see a dog with meat in its mouth.

Cows mooing irregularly mean threats to the master of the house. If this happens at night, there will be a theft or death in the house. If this happens at night, there will be a theft or a death in the house. If the cows have horns that are wet or daubed with mud, that is a good sign for the householders. A cow that plays with cranes or doves is bound to die. A cow that licks its feet is also destined to die. If an elephant strikes its right foot with its left, that is a good sign. Prosperity comes if an elephant rubs its right tusk with its foot.

There is great danger if an umbrella falls just as one is about to leave on a trip. Journeys are to be avoided if the stars are not favourable.


Once a king decides to go out to battle, seven days are needed for preliminaries. On the first day, Vishnu, Shiva and Ganesha have to be worshipped. On the second day the dikpalas (guardians of all the directions) are worshipped, the Rudras on the third day, the planets and the stars on the fourth day and the two Ashvinis and the rivers on the fifth day. On the sixth day, the king has a ceremonial bath in honour of the victory that is to come. And on the seventh day, the king leaves to do battle.

Prior to the marching, the army must always assemble to the east of the capital city. The start of the march must be accompanied with the playing of musical instruments. Once the army has begun to march, it must never look back. After having travelled for a couple of miles, it must stop to rest and pray to the gods and the brahmanas.

The king must never directly fight. Because if the king is killed, the battle is lost. The king must be right behind his army, not too far away from it. An elephant will be guarded by four chariots, a chariot by four horses and a horse by four infantryment.

The infantry will also be at the front of army, followed by archers and then by the horses. The chariots and the elphants come last of all. The cowards in the army must not be in the front, they must be at the back. The front is for the brave soldiers. To the extent possible, one should fight with the sun behind one’s army.

If a soldier dies in the course of battle, he goes straight to heaven. The blood of brave men wash away all sins. To be struck with a weapon is better than to perform many sacrifices. A person who flees from the field of battle performs a sin that is worse than that of killing a brahmana.

The fight should be between equals. Those who are running away should not killed. Nor should spectators and those who are unarmed be killed. An enemy captured in battle should not be kept imprisoned. He should be release and treated like a son.

Rama’s Precepts

Rama had once taught Lakshmana about the duties of a king. The Agni Purana now relates these precepts of Rama’s.

The duties of a king are fourfold. Firstly, he has to earn wealth. Secondly, he has to increase it. Thirdly, he has to protect it. And fourthly and finally, he has to donate it. The king must also be polite and politeness comes through the conquering of the senses. The king must be humble. The senses are like mad elephants. If the senses are pampered, like mad elephants, they trample politeness and humility underfoot.

The king must also be non-violent, truthful, clean and forgiving. He should take care to observe all the rituals. He should give food to those who are poor, he should protect those who seek royal protection. He should always use words that are pleasant to hear. The body is here today and gone tomorrow. Stupid is the king who deviates from the path of righteouness to give pleasure to a body that is transient. The curses of unhappy people are enough to bring down a king.

There is only one difference between gods and animals. Gods use pleasant words, while animals use rough words. The king must use pleasant words like a god. And he must use pleasant words not only for those who are his friends or are good, but also, for those who are his enemies or are evil. With obeisance the king pleases his guru, with good behaviour the righteous, with duties the gods, with love the servants and with alms those who are inferior.

The kingdom has seven components. These are the king, the ministers, the friends, the treasury, the army, the forts and the state itself. Of these, the most important is the state and it has to be preserved at all costs. The king must be extremely careful in the choice of the ministers and the royal priest. The king must not choose or consult ministers who are stupid.

The king’s signs are his golden rod or scepter and an umbrella that is held over his head. The umbrella should be made of the feathers of swans, peacocks or cranes, but the feathers of different types of birds should not be mixed in the same umbrella. The throne should be made of wood and should be embellished with gold. A bow can be made of iron, horn or wood. The best bow is one that extends over four armlengths. The king can spend upto one year’s tax revenue on armaments and flags.

The section on Dhanurveda is on arms and weapons.
There are five types of weapons that are used in war. The first category is that of yantramukta weapons, released from a machine (yantra).
This machine may be a launcher or even a bow. The second category is that of panimukta weapons, weapons that are flung by the hand (pani). Examples are spears and stones. The third category is known as muktasandharita. These are weapons that can be flung and also withdrawn. The fourth category consists of weapons like swords that are never released from the hand during battle.

These are known as amukta weapons. And the last category of weapons consists of brute force and strength. This is of use in bouts of wrestling.

The best form of fighting is that with bows and arrows. Next comes fighting with spears, followed by fighting with swords. Wrestling is the worst form of fighting.

Before aiming, the bow (dhanusha) should be held with the arch pointing down towards the earth. The arrow (vana) should be placed against the bow with the head pointing down. The bow should now be raised and the lower end of the bow should be in line with the archer’s navel. The quiver should be at the back.

Before releasing the arrow, the bow should be held firm with the left hand and the arrow with the fingers of the right hand. The string of the bow should be pulled back such that the tassel of the arrow is between the archer’s ear and right eye. The body should not be bent when one is releasing an arrow. Nor should one get excited. The archer has to be still as a pillar. The target has to be in line with the left fist and the archer’s posture has to be like that of a triangle. It is best to pull back the string of the bow upto the right ear.

A noose (pasha) is ten arms in length, with both ends of the weapon being circular. The main body of the weapon is made of rope. There are eleven different ways in which a noose may be held. A noose must always be flung with the right hand.

A sword (asi) must hang to the left of the waist. When a sword is to be taken out, the scabbard should be grasped in the left hand and the sword should be taken out with the right hand. There are thirty-two different ways in which a sword and a shield may be held.

What happens to a person’s debts when he dies? If he does not have any sons, the person who inherits the property also inherits the debts and has to pay them off. If there is a son, the son pays the debts off. But a woman is not be held responsible for debts contracted by her husband or her son. Nor is a man responsible for debts contracted by his wife or son. Exceptions are instances where a husband and a wife contract a debt jointly.

If there are no witnesses to a contracted debt but the king feels that the debt was indeed contracted, the king must arrange for the debt to be repaid within a period of sixty- four days. In cases of a dispute, the person who brings a false suit will be punished by the king. And a false witness will be given twice the punishment that is meted out to the one who brings a false suit. A brahmana who bears false witness will be banished from the kingdom. A person who agrees to be a witness, but later withdraws, will be punished eight times as much as the bringer of the false suit. A brahmana who does this will be banished from the kingdom.

It is better that the details of a debt contracted be written down, with the names of the two parties and the witnesses clearly indicated. If the debtor pays in instalments, the details of all such payments must be recorded on the written document. Debts made in the presence of witnesses . If a witness has to take an oath, the oath should be administered after cotton, fire, water or poison has been placed on the head of the witness.

Fire or water can be used to find out if a person is lying or not. If fire is used, seven banyan leaves are placed on the accused’s hand. A red hot lump of iron is then placed on the hand and the accused has to go around a fire seven times. If it is found that the hand has not been burnt, the person has been telling the truth. And if the hand has been burnt, he has been lying. Similarly, an accused person can be immersed in the water and if he does not drown, he has been telling the truth. Alternatively, the accused can be made to drink poison. If the poison does him no harm, he is truthful.

If the father makes a will, the property will be divided amongst the sons in accordance with the provisions of the will. But if all the sons get an equal share of the property, the wife should also be given an equal share.

Otherwise, the father can leave all his property to the eldest son. The sons and the father obtain equal shares to any property or debt that has been left by the grandfather. But the sons are not necessarily entitled to any property that has not been left by the grandfather, but been earned by father. If a son is born after the property has been divided, he too will be entitled to an equal share of any property left by the grandfather. Daughters are not entitled to property. But sons who have married will use one-fourth of their inherited property to get their sisters married. Donating the Puranas

The Agni Purana now describes the benefits of giving alms along with the Puranas. The Puranas are to be donated together with cows. And in talking of the mahapurans, the Agni Purana also mentions most of their lengths, in terms of the number of sholokas (couplets) that each has. This is worth stating.

The Brahma Purana twenty-five thousand The Padma Purana – twelve thousand The Vishnu Purana – thirteen thousand The Vayu Purana – fourteen thousand

The Bhagavata Purana – eighteen thousand

The Narada Purana – twenty-five thousand

The Markandeya Purana – nine thousand

The Agni Purana – twelve thousand
The Brahmavaivarta Purana – eighteen thousand The Linga Purana – eleven thousand
The Varaha Purana – fourteen thousand
The Skanda Purana – eighty-four thousand
The Vamana Purana – ten thousand
The Kurma Purana – eight thousand
The Matsya Purana – thirteen thousand
The Garuda Purana – eight thousand
The Brahmanda Purana – twelve thousand
The only mahapurana which is missing from the above list is the Bhavishya Purana. You now have a pretty good idea of how long the Puranas are. The Skanda Purana is the longest and the Kurma and Garuda Puranas the shortest. But unfortunately, the numbers in the Agni Purana are not terribly accurate. The Padma Purana has fiftyfive thousands couplets and not twelve thousand as stated. The Varaha Purana has twenty-four thousand couplets and not fourteen thousand. The Agni Purana itself has slightly over fifteen thousand couplets and not twelve thousand. But at least you have some approximate idea about the lengths of the various Puranas.

The Brahma Purana is to be given in the month of Vaishakha. The Padma Purana is to be donated in the month of Jyaishtha. The Vishnu Purana is to be donated in the month of Ashada and the Vayu Purana in the month of Shravana. The Bhagavata Purana is to be given in the month of Bhadra, the Narada Purana in the month of Ashvina, the Markandeya Purana in the month of Kartika, the Agni Purana in the month of Margashirsha and the Bhavishya Purana in the month of Pousha. The Brahmavaivarta Purana is for the month of Magha, the Linga Purana for the month of Falguna and the Varaha Purana for the month of Chaitra.

The Skanda Purna is to be given to brahmans. The Vamana Purana is to be given in the autumn. The Kurma Purana is to be given together with a golden urn. The Matsya Purana is to be donated together with a golden swan. The Brahmanada Purana is to be given to brahmanas.

Great benefits are also to be derived from hearing the Puranas recited. The reciter has to be given alms and the brahmanas must be given cows, rice and land at the time of the recitation. If one arranges for a recitation of the Puranas, one lives long, stays healthy and attains heaven.

Brahma was born from Vishnu’s navel. Brahma’s son was Marichi, Marichi’s son Kashyapa and Kashyapa’s son Vivasvana. From this line was descended Pururava and Pururava’s descendants were the kings of the surya (solar) dynasty.

Brahma also had a son named Atri and Atri had a son named Soma. Soma performed a rajasuya yajna (royal sacrifice). Having performed the sacrifice, Soma became the ruler of all the worlds. This made him very arrogant and he abducted the sage Brihaspati’s wife Tara. This led to a terrible war between devas and the asuras.

Tara was eventually to restored to Brihaspati, but Soma and Tara had a son named Budha. From Budha were descended the kings of the chandra (lunar) dynasty.

There were twelve major wars between the devas and the asuras. The first of these was known as the Narasimha War. This took place when Hiranyakashipu was the king of the asuras. Vishnu adopted the form of Narashimha and killed Hiranyakashipu. He then made Prahlada the king of the demons. The second war was the Vamana War and it took place when Vali was the king of the demons. Vishnu adopted the form of a dwarf (vamana) to subjugate the demons. The third war was the Varaha War and this took place when Hiranyaksha was the king of the demons. Vishnu adopted the form of a wild boar (varaha) and killed Hiranyaksha. The fourth war was the Amritamanthana War and this took place over the manthana (churning ) of the ocean for amrita (nectar).

The fifth war between the devas and the asuras took place over the abduction of Tara and this came to be known as the Tarakamaya War. The sixth war was known as the Ajivaka War. The seventh war took place when Tripura led the asuras and this was known as the Tripuraghatana War. It was Shiva who killed the demon Tripura in this war. The eighth war, the Andhaka War, took place when Andhaka led the asuras. It was Vishnu who engineered that Andhaka be killed when Andhaka expressed a desire to abduct Shiva’s wife.

The ninth war was known as Vritrasambhara and took place when Vritra led the demons. The tenth war was simply known as Jita. In this war, Vishnu killed Shalva and the other demons, and Parashurama killed the evil kshatriyas. The eleventh war was known as Halahala. An asura named Halahala (poison) had invaded Shiva’s body and flooded it with poison. But Vishnu managed to destroy the demon. In the twelfth war, known as Kolahala, Vishnu destroyed an asura named Kolahala (tumult).

Dhanvantari was the physician of the gods and he taught Sushruta the art of ayurveda (medicine). The Agni Purana now describes what the sage Sushruta had learnt, that is, the treatment for various diseases. This does not simply mean the treatment of human illnesses. There is a section known as vriksha ayurveda, which describes what tree are to be planted where. It describes how a garden is to be constructed and maintained.
The chapters on medicine also describe the treatment of elephants, horses and cattle. The mantras (incantations) which are the remedy for snake poison are also related.

Literature and Grammar

Therafter, the Agni Purāna has many chapters on literature and grammar. It describes the different types of chhanda (metres) that are used in poetry. Next it discusses the alphabet. There are sixty-four letters (varna) in the alphabet, of which twenty-one are vowels (svara varna). There are three tones (svara) in which the letters of the alphabet may be uttered. Their names are udatta, anudatta and svarita. There are eight places from which the letters may be pronounced. These are the chest, the throat, the head, the back of the tongue, the teeth, the nose, the lips and the palate. Pronunciations should be clear and audible. They should not be nasal and mumbled.

The Agni Purāna then discusses the alamkaras (rehetoric) that are used in poetry and plays. Poetry is entirely different from the shastras (sacred texts) and itihasa (history). The sacred texts are full of words and historical texts are full of narrations of incidents that took place. But that does not constitute poetry. Real men are difficult to find on this earth. Among the learned men, it is not easy to find some who have a poetic sense. And amongst those who have poetic sense, it is difficult to find a few who can compose poetry. Poetry is impossible without a knowledge of the rules of poetry and even more important, without a sense of feeling.

Sanskrit is the language of the gods. The language of humans is Prakrita. Poetry can be either in Sanskrit or in Prakrita. There are three types of poetry. These are gadya (prose), padya (poetry) or mishra ( a mixture of the two), Genuine poetry is, however, only padya.

Gadya can be of three types3⁄4 churnaka, utkalika and vrittagandhi. Churnaka prose is easy on the ears, it has very few compound words. Utkalika prose is hard on the ears, it is full of compound words. Vrittagandhi prose is somewhere between churnaka and utkalika.

An epic must always be split up into sections (sarga). It has to be written in Sanskrit, although some mixture of Sanshkrit words with Prakrita onces is permissible. The theme of an epic must always be good and historical elements may be introduced if the author so desires.

Literature is useless without the flavour of sentiments (rasa). There are nine sentiments that are used. The first is hasya rasa (humour). The second is karuna rasa (pathos). The third is roudra rasa (that which is wrathful and awe- inspiring). The fourth is vira rasa (heroic themes). The fifth is bhayanaka rasa (horror). The sixth is bibhatsa rasa (vulgar and obscene themes). The seventh is adbhuta rasa (that which is strange). The eighth is shanta rasa (placidity). And the ninth is shringara rasa (amorous themes).

But the sentiments must be used with feeling. Without feeling, all literature becomes mediocre. Particularly in a play, sentiments can be supplemented with skills (kala). These skills are normally associated with women and there are sixty-four of them. The more important ones are singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, acting, drawing, making garlands, sewing, hairdressing and using magic.

Grammatical rules of sandhi and samasa (rules for forming compound words) are next described. The difference between the two is that in sandhi, the two words that are being joined retain their original senses in the compound word. The case of samasa is different. Sandhi occurs when two varnas (letters) meet. Samasa is a condensation or conversation of two or more words into one. Sandhi does not create any new word. Samsa leads to the formation of a third word which refers to something related to but distinct from either or any of the words combined. Pita (yellow) and ambara (cloth) combined by way of sandhi are pronounced pitambara and mean cloth that is yellow. The same two words combined by way of samasa result in the third word pitambara which means “the one dressed in yellow,” that is Krishna.

There are several possible declensions of words, depending on the vachana and the vibhakti. The vachana refers to the number. Eka-vachana is when there is only one (phalam, a fruit), dvivachana when there are two (phale, two fruits) and vahuvachana when there are more than two (phalani, more than two fruits). There are three genders, pumlinga (masculine), strilinga (feminie) and klivalinga (neuter). Deva, asura, Vishnu are, for example, masculine in gender. Devi, Kalika or maya are feminine. Pushpa (flower) or phala (fruit) are neuter.

There are six karakas (cases) and seven vibhaktis (case- endings). The agent who performs the action indicated by the kriya (verb), is the kartri or doer. To the kartri karaka or Nominative Case, the prathama vibhakti or first case- ending is attached. The object of the action is karma and to the karma karaka or Objective Case, the second (dvitiya) case-ending is attached. The means or instruments by which the action is performed takes on the karana karaka or Instrumental Case and the third (tritiya) case-ending. When a gift is given irrevocably, the recipient takes on the sampradana karaka or Dative Case and the case-ending in question is the fourth (chaturthi). That which is the source of something takes on the apadana karaka or Ablative Case and the fifth (panchami) case-ending. When there is a relation of possession, the possessor takes on the shashthi vibhakti (sixth case-ending). There is no counterpart of the Possessive case of English grammar because the relation of possession is not directly related to the verb (kriya) and therefore to the doer (karaka). In case of the location in which the action takes place, the karaka is adhikarana (Locative Case) and the case-ending the seventh (saptami).
Pralaya or Destruction
Periodically pralayas (destructions) take place. A destruction comes at the end of four thousand yugas on earth. For a hundred years there are no rains and there is widespread drought. Therafter, Vishnu uses the rays of the sun to drink and dry up all the waters that there are on earth. Seven different appear in the sky and they burn up the three worlds of heaven, the earth and the underworld. The earth becomes as flat as the back of a turtle. The breath of the great snake (Shesha) also serves to burn up the three worlds.

After the three worlds have been burnt up, dark clouds full of thunder and lightning appear in the sky. For a hundred years it continue to rain. The rain puts out the fires that have been raging. From Vishnu’s breath are created tremendous winds and these drive way the clouds. But there is water everywhere. And Vishnu sleeps on these waters. For an entire kalpa he sleeps. The sages then pray to Vishnu for the three worlds to be created yet again.

Yama and Hell
When human beings die, their physical bodies are given up. But they acquire new bodies that are known as ativahika bodies.

In these bodies, they are brought to Yama’s abode by Yama’s servants. Living beings other than human are not brought to Yama. Yama then decides whether the dead person should go to heaven or to hell. After he has served his time in heaven or in hell, he is born again. Yama further decides what living being the person should be born as, depending on the actions in his past life. And so the cycle of birth, death and rebirth goes on and on.

Since he keeps tally of all good deeds and all sins. Yama is also known as the god Dharma. Those who have done good deeds are rewarded by Yama and those who have committed sins are punished. Chitragupta is Yama’s accountant, he keeps the account of all punya and papa. There are twenty-eight circles of hells with many hells located in each circle. A sinner may have to go to more than one hell depending on the sins that he has committed. Some sinners are boiled in oil, others are pierced with spears and still others are whipped. Some sinners are fed heated iron balls, others are fed blood and rubbish. There are also machines for torturing sinners. Terrible birds eat up some sinners. Other sinners have their heads cut off.

When it is time to reborn, the killer of a brahmana is born as a deer, dog, pig or camel. A drunkard is born as a donkey. A stealer of gold is born as a worm or an insect. A killer of a brahmana may also suffer from tuberculosis, a drunkard will have teeth like a dog and a stealer of gold will have malformed nails. A stealer of food is born dumb. A person who has stolen the property of brahmanas is born as a rakshasa and lives alone in the forest. A stealer of fragrant scents is born as a mole. One who steals foodgrains is born as a rat. One who steals animals is born as a goat, one who steals milk as a cow, one who steals means of transport as a camel, one who steals fruit as a monkey and one who steals meat as a vulture. A stealer of clothes is born as a crane and a stealer of salt as a cricket.

Yoga is the way to circumvent the miseries of life. True knowledge is that which informs one about the true nature of brahman or paramatman. The atman or jivatman is that which characterises an individual. Yoga means union, it is the union of the jivatman with the paramatman. Yoga concentrates one’s mind on the paramatman.

The first prerequisite of yoga is non-violence. A non- violent person is always righteous. The second requirement of yoga is truthfulness. The third prerequisite is celibacy. The fourth is controlling one’s senses and the last is the worship of god. One who practices yoga should not go around collecting material possessions. A piece of cloth , a covering against the cold, and a pair of sandals are possessions enough for him.

Before meditating on the true nature of the paramatman, one has to seat oneself in a proper asana (posture). The piece of cloth on which one is to sit should be placed ina clean place. One sits on such a seat and tries to purify one’s atman by controlling one’s mind and senses through yoga. The head and the neck should be held straight up, motionless. The point of vision should be directed towards the tip of one’s nose. One should not look in any direction. The arms should lightly rest on the folded thighs and the right hand should be placed, palm upwards, on the left palm. Padmasana (lotus position) is one such recommended posture.

The breath of life (prana vayu) has to be controlled. This process of control is known as pranayama. A finger is placed on the nose when the breath is being exhaled.
The entire breath should be exhaled from the body. Since rechana means exhalation, this process of control is known as rechaka. When the breath is inhaled, the inhalation should be such that it fills the entire body. Since puraka literally means that which fills, this process of control is known as puraka. When the breath is neither being exhaled nor inhaled, one sits completely still like a kumbha (pot) and this is known as kumbhaka. Pranayama makes one healthy, swift, enthusiatic, strong and collected. Since the senses are controlled, one goes to heaven and avoids going to hell. Material pursuits are like the strong current of a river. The atman drowns in it.

Pranayama alone is not enough. It has to supplemented with dhyana or japa (meditation and contemplation). One contemplates the true nature of the paramatman. The body is like a chariot. The senses are its horses, the mind is the charioteer and pranayama is the bridle. An individual who dies while performing dhyana is immediately assimilated with Vishnu.

Dhyana involve four different things, all of which must be in complete harmony. The first is the meditator, the second is the act of meditating, the third is the object that one is meditating upon and the fourth is the reason why one is performing the mediation.

One does not have to sit in a right posture for dhyana to be possible. It can be done while one is walking, sitting or even sleeping. The important aspect is to establish the object of one’s meditation in one’s heart.

There are different ways of establishing one’s concentration. As an object of meditation, one can meditate on three concentric circles which are black, red and white. In the centre of the circles is a divine lotus. The lotus has eight petals. One thinks that detachment is the stem of the lotus and praying to Vishnu its stamen. Right in the centre of the lotus is a pure spark of fire and that is the paramatman. Alternatively, one can visualise the paramatman in a blaze of light, in the centre of the lotus. Dyana is far far superior to any yajna that one might perform.

One particular form of deep and intense meditation is known as samadhi. The meditator is then completely still, as calm as the ocean. He loses all track of the outside world. He does not hear, smell, see or touch. His mind has no wishes and feels nothing. He is completely united with god.

Such a meditator automatically gets to know all the knowledge that can be gleaned from the Vedas or the shastras.
He can obtain all the material possessions that he wants, but he regards them all as no more important than a blade of grass. Such a meditator attains supreme knowledge. If you look at various pots full of water, you will find that the same sky is reflected in them all. If you look at different pools of water, you will find that the same sun is reflected in them all. Supreme knowledge tells one that, exactly similarly, it is the same atman that is everywhere. It is the atman which is the same as the paramatman, it is this atman that is in the water, in energy, in water, in the earth and in metals. The atman is everywhere.

The knowledge of the Brahman
Brahma jnana is the knowledge of the brahman. This knowledge, which gives the ultimate bliss, is nothing but the sense that the individual atman is identical with the universal brahman or paramatman. The physical body is not the atman. The mind or intelligence is not the atman. Life itself is not the atman.

The atman is different from all the objects that have been mentioned above. The atman is in an individual’s heart. It sees everything and senses everything, but is different from the physical body.

It is this that sages contemplate when they meditate. The sky was created from the brahman, from the sky came wind, from wind fire, from fire water, from water the earth and from the earth the five elements. One has to meditate on the physical body gradually disappearing and merging into the brahman.

The brahman is neither true nor untrue. It has neither form nor is it without form. The brahman has several parts, but at the same time it is an integral whole. The brahman cannot be described. It cannot be achieved through the power of action. The brahman is always pure. It has no ties and it is the true form of happiness. What is required is the sense that it is I, the individual, who am the brahman, I am nothing but the atman and the atman is nothing but the brahman. This sense is true knowledge. The brahman is the Lord who is the origin of everything and the individuals part of the brahman. It is this knowledge that frees one from the ties of the world and this is what brahma jana is all about.

The brahman is not the earth; it is beyond the earth. The brahman is not the wind, nor is it the sky. The brahman has no beginning; it is independent of all action.

The brahman is huge; it is everywhere all form. The brahman cannot be described with words, it cannot be seen, smelt or heard. It cannot be touched. The brahman has neither intelligence nor mind. It has no sense of ego or vanity. It does not have life, birth, old age or death.

The brahman is neither happy nor unhappy. It does not feel hungry or thirsty. It cannot be measured. At the same time, it is both nothing and everything.

Life has five possible ends. By performing yajnas one can attain heaven. By performing tapasya one can become an ascetic. By performing actions one can attain brahmaloka. By detachment from material pursuits (vairagya) one can merge oneself into nature. And by true knowledge the individual gets absorbed into the divine essence. This is known as kaivalya. Detachment means to withdraw oneself from the feelings of the senses, ascetism (sannyasa) means to withdraw oneself from the effects of all actions. And knowledge means the knowledge that the atman is no different from the brahman. This is known as jnana yoga (the yoga of knowledge).

There are few people who attain this knowledge. One of those was Bharata. Bharata had done a lot of meditation in a place known as Shalagrama.
But he became very attached to a deer and when he died, he died thinking of the deer. The result was that in his next life, Bharata was born as a deer. But the deer happened to be a jatismara, that is, it remembered its earlier life. The deer eventually died and Bharata was again born as a jatismara human.

The king of Soubira was once travelling on a palanquin and he wanted someone who would bear his palanquin free of charge. The kings’s servants caught hold of Bharata to bear the palanqun. But Bharata moved slowly and could not keep up with the other beares. The palanquin did not progress smoothly and the king asked Bharata, “why are you so tired? You have not been bearing my palanquin for long. Can’t you bear some toil? You look fairly strong to me.”

Bharata replied, “I am not strong. Nor am I bearing your palanquin. I am not tired, nor am I lazy. I am my atman and my atman is not carrying you. See, my king, my feet are on the ground. My thighs are borne on to my feet and my body is balanced on my thighs. My shoulders are on my body and your palanquin rests on my shoulders. But I am not my feet, thighs, body or shoulders. I am the atman. The atman is not carrying you. So why do you say that I am bearing you?”

Bharata then instructed the king on the mysteries of true knowledge. The atman was pure, ever-lasting, calm, without traits and beyond natural characteristics. Since the atman had no traits and since an individual was the atman and not the body, it was meaningless to say that an individual was strong or weak. The physical body was made of the elements and so was the palanquin. What was the point therefore in saying that the physical body was bearing the palanquin?

Hearing these words of wisdom, the king fell at Bharata’s feet. “Forgive me,” he said, “And let go of the palanquin. Who are you?”
“Who am I?,” asked Bharata. “That is not a question that can easily be answered.”

The king answered, “I fail to understand. Surely the form in which you are now existing is who you are.”

“No,” said Bharata. “I am the atman and the atman is the same a the paramatman. The paramatman is everywhere and therefore, the atman is also everywhere.
I am everywhere. I am in all physical bodies. It is meaningless to ask who you are and who I am.

We are all one and the same. Wood has come from the trees and this palanquin is made of wood. But is the palanquin wood or tree? When you ride on the palanquin, does anyone say that you are riding on a tree? Men, women, cows, horses, elephants, birds and trees, these are all meaningless names. They are all illusions. Everything is one and the same, I am everywhere. If there had been a place or an object where I do not exist, I could have answered the question of who I am. But since I am everywhere, I do not know how to answer your question. Tell me king, are you your head or your stomach? Or is all of it, you? But then, what will you call that which is distinct from your physical body? Think about what I have said.”

Bharata’s words were so profound that the king immediately accepted Bharata as a teacher. And Bharata told the king the story of Ribhu and Nidagha.

The sage Ribhu was Brahma’s son. He was also extemely learned. Nidagha was Ribu’s disciple. After Ribhu had taught Nidagha what there was to be taught, Nidagha went to live in a city.

After a thousand years had passes, Ribhu went to the city to see how Nidagha was getting on. Nidagha worshipped his teacher and gave him all sorts of things to eat. After Ribhu had eaten, Nidagha asked him, “Are you satisfied?”

“What do you mean?,” asked Ribhu. “The question of satisfaction would have arisen had I been hungry or thirsty. I am my atman and the atman is always satisfied. So what is the point of asking me that question. I am part of the brahman that is omnipresent and so are you. You are not distinct from me, we are both part of the same whole. I came to teach you this knowledge. Now that you have learnt that the brahman is everywhere, let me leave.”

After another thousand years had passed, Ribhu came to the city again and discovered that Nidagha no longer lived in the city. He had begun to live on the outskirts of the city.

“Why have you given up living in the city?,” Ribhu asked Nidagha.
“Because I do not like to live in the city, where there is a king,” replied Nidagha.

“Who is the king?,” asked Ribhu. “Point him out to me in this procession that is passing. And point out to me the subjects.”

Nidagha said, “The king is the one who is as tall as a mountain peak. He is the one who is riding the elephant. The ones who are walking are the subjects.”

“What do you mean?,” asked Ribhu. “The brahman is in the king and the brahman is in the elephant. How do you distinguish one from the other, how do you say that one is riding the other? Is the king the physical body or the atman? Who is riding on whom? I do not understand.”

This knowledge, that the atman is the same as the brahman, is known as advaita (unified) brahma-jnana. Ribhu taught this to Nidagha and Bharata taught this to the king Soubira. This is the knowledge that all elements are one and the same. It is only those who suffer from illusions who think that different elements and different beings have different identities.

The Gita
Krishna had taught Arjuna the lessons of the Gita on the plains of Kurukshetra. The Agni Purana now relates the essence of the Gita.

If the physical body is alive, that is no reason for rejoicing. Just as, if the physical body is dead, that is no reason for mourning. The atman does not die. It does not decay, it cannot be destroyed and it is immortal. The atman does not warrant any tears that might be shed over it. People who are addicted to sensual pleasures cannot realize this. The person who is addicted to the atman alone has no desire for anything else. He has no action to perform. He has neither gains nor losses. The knowledge of this is like a raft that rescues one from the flood of illusions.

This knowledge frees one from the shackles of all actions (karma), since all actions are vested in the brahman. A person with this knowledge is as pure as a drop of water on a lotus flower. Such a person sees himself in everything and everything in himself. There are four types of people who worship Vishnu.

The first category consists of people who are in trouble, the second consists of people who desire wealth. Third consists of people who are merely curious, while the last consists of people who hanker after true knowledge. It is the last category of people who realize the union and identity of the atman and the brahman.

The brahman is there in the smallest blade of grass. It is there in the most powerful and sacred of people. The physical senses mean nothing, they merely further the illusion of one’s physcial identity. The brahman extends beyond all these senses. The brahman has neither traits, nor is it without traits.

The brahman creates and destroys, it is th most powerful of all energies. Some realize the identity of the atman and the brahman through meditation, others through actions.

Yama Gita
There was a king named Vajashrava. His son was Nachiketa. Vajashrava arranged for a wonderful sacrifice at which he gave away all his wealth.

Nachiketa asked, “Father, whom have you given me to?”

Yama said that it was indeed strange that men craved after positions, possessions, houses and clothes. The sages have all taught that one should not get addicted to these sensual pleasures. And yet, man did not learn.

His father did not reply, but Nachiketa kept asking again and again. At this, Vajashrava became angry and said,”I have given you to Yama. Faithful to his father’s word, Nachiketa decided to go to Yama’s abode. The road was difficult, but Nachiketa got there and waited for three days to see Yama. No on returns to the earth from Yama’s abode. But Yama was so pleased to have met Nachiketa that he granted him the boon that Nachiketa could return to the earth. Nachiketa however, had no desire to accept such a boon. Instead he wanted to know from Yama the true nature of the atman. The instructions that Yama gave to Nachiketa have come to be known as the Yama Gita.

The Agni Purāna now recaptitualtes the essence of the Yama Gita.

The brahman is that which possesses nothing and everything. It cannot be seen and yet it is everywhere. The atman is like a warrior on a chariot, the physical body being the chariot, the intelligence the charioteer and the mind the bridle.

The senses are the horses and the warrior’s job is to control the horses and target his arrow at the knowledge of the brahman. Those who are truly learned know of the identity between the atman and the brahman. Samadhi is nothing but the recognition of this union. When the physical body comes to an end, the atman is free and can merge with the brahman.

The Agni Purāna’s Virtues

The last chapter of the Agni Purāna describes the virtues of the Purāna.

The Agni Purāna is most holy. It gives health and ends nightmares. It spreads happiness. Ill omens vanish from houses where the Agni Purāna is kept. A man who listens to the recital of the Agni Purāna every day, has no need of pilgrimages, alms, sacrifices and fasts. Reading one chapter of the text yields the same punya as may be obtained from donating a cow. Even if one only wishes to hear a recital of the Agni Purāna, the sins committed over the duration of a day are forgiven. Reading the whole of text gives one the punya that can be obtained by donating a hundred cows at a sacred place of pilgrimage. Enemies and thieves dare not frequent a house where there is a a text of the Agni Purāna. Ghosts give such a house a miss.

A brahmana who listens to a recital of the Purana becomes learned in the Vedas. A kshatriya becomes the ruler of the world, a vaishya becomes rich and a shudra attains good health. Nothing is so sacred as writing down the text of the Purāna and donating it to brahmanas.

Ch 7






In 1957 The Publishers put out a book of telepathic transmissions between Ashtar and Lady Ethel P. Hill who had received the information through a process called automatic writing. This is where where the communicant, Ashtar, controls the sensitive’s hand to write messages. You may be more familiar with seeing one transmit messages through their voice.

In the Foreword it is pointed out:

“Now, some say that any kind of spirit communication is evil. Some claim that, according to the Bible, it is wicked to call back the dead but the Bible itself is full of communications with spirits of departed ones. Even Jesus spoke to Elijah and Moses on the Mount of Transfiguration.”

It was on Mt. Hermon where Jesus was transfigured, which just means he was in his Etheric 5th Dimensional Body, which is also called a ‘Glowie Body’ due to the sparkling, glowing quality. Mt. Hermon is part of The Golan Heights and this is the area that Israel added under 267

the new borders established in 1967 after the 6 Days War. The other area added was the West Bank and there was a change of 8/10ths of a mile in Jerusalem to make the Dome of the Rock part of Israel. Both Mt. Hermon and the Dome of the Rock are StarGates. The whole point of the 6 Days War was to possess the StarGates, which can have no possessor. It says in the Bible Jesus took his closest inner circle with him to the top of Mt. Hermon; Peter, James and John. It then says they fell asleep, so they did not see what happened next. When they woke, Jesus was transfigured and his face shone like the son. Jesus’ spiritual parents are Helios and Vesta and they are our Solar Logos. When they were sleeping, a StarShip, or flying saucer, had come and when they awoke the three men saw standing there, talking to Jesus, Elijah and Moses.

In Matthew 17:1-9 we see that it was not the first time StarShips had revealed themselves to his Disciples.

Matt 17:1-9 1:

“And after six days Jesus taketh Peter, James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into an high mountain apart, 2 And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light. 3 And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him. 4 “Then answered Peter, and said unto Jesus, Lord, it is good for us to be here: if thou wilt, let us make here three tabernacles; one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias. While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him. And when the disciples

heard it, they fell on their face, and were sore afraid. And Jesus came and touched them, and said, Arise, and be not afraid. And when they had lifted up their eyes, they saw no man, save Jesus only. And as they came down from the mountain, Jesus charged them, saying, Tell the vision to no man, until the Son of man be risen again from the dead.” (KJV)

This bright cloud which overshadowed them was a cloaked CloudCraft. This CloudCraft came to them through the StarGate on top of Mt. Hermon. Now today stands a United Nations facility on top of Mt Hermon. This way the Pope who has infiltrated and controls the United Nations can attempt to control what happens there. No man can control anything about a StarGate. This is a misguided desire of the dark Ones, the fallen Angels. The subsequent war between Israel and Palestine are a by- product of this struggle for control of the StarGates and it effects the worldwide banks, stock markets and corporations in every nation.

In John 3:13 Jesus clearly explains to us that we are all Starseeds on Earth and we all are from other Stars and came to Earth in StarShips or flying saucers, many times over through the ages of time.

John 3:13:

“And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.” The Starseeds come and go from Earth to other Stars in StarShips. Elijah and Moses both were noted in the Bible to be Spacemen or Space Beings also known as Extraterrestrials or Starseeds.

Moses went up to the top of Mt Sinai to enter into a CloudCraft through that StarGate. Jesus likewise went to Mt Herman 6 days after his death. Six days Jesus and Moses both participated in purification exercises before transforming into their Etheric or Glowie Bodies to enter the Etheric StarShips.

Moses stayed in the CloudCraft for 40 days and Jesus stayed on Earth 40 days before returning to his post as Admiral of the MotherShip called the New Jerusalem. The Bible says that “Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven” (2 Kings 2:11) All of these men were Galactics and Members of the Crew of the New Jerusalem. Ashtar is the Captain and Jesus, also known as Sananda, and incarnate on Earth now as KOS, is the Admiral. Then there is an accounting that when the Lord came to beam Moses up onto the New Jerusalem, there was “Under his feet was something like a pavement made of sapphire, clear as the sky itself.” (Exd 24:10) This is describing the blue tractor beams which are the same today and portrayed as they are on tv and in the movies. This is practiced by many Starseeds who travel back and forth on the Ships as part of their Mission on Earth.

Transfiguration is also a spell taught to 6th years and above at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry of the famed Harry Potter Books. It simply means leaving the physical and entering the etheric body. It is in this form that One enters their Merkivah Body and this is a StarShip of its own. This is how I have made all those Out-Of-Body Trips to other Stars. I transfigured from my physical body, 270

leaving it behind in my chair and left the StarGate at the Crown of my head into my Merkivah or Etheric Body and travelled in my personal StarShip. The Harry Potter series describes it as: “One may think of Human Transfiguration as the replication of Metamorphmagi”and”no wand is required” that term is broken down it can be seen as the magical morphing from the physical to the metatronic form or merkivah Body or StarShip.

For all of these to work One must be in an ecstatic state. It is best to learn how to bring a feeling of instant ecstasy through the heart ready at a moments notice. This is why many chose to use drugs to experience these things. Whether obtaining this state through meditation, trance or natural hallucinogenic, this is called the Transcendental State. This is the State of Consciousness where you experience your 5th Dimensional Body. That is why you hear the phrase, we are on the 5th Dimension now. Some people go there at will everyday. This is the reason meditation is the first stepping stone and nothing can replace it. It allows the Being to enter a State of Consciousness conducive to Star Travel. You may teach yourself to enter a state of ecstasy at will. Practice different ways of getting there and see what works for you. It can be as simple as imagining one you love saying “I love you.” It is deeply personal and meditation and instant ecstasy are prerequisite essential first practices. In the Harry Potter series their Merkivah StarCraft are described as “brooms.” When Harry conjurs his patronus charm he is required to ‘think one of his happiest thoughts ever.’ These are the lessons taught Jedi Aspirants on the New Jerusalem.

The Publishers also note in the Foreword:

“One more thing, however, should not be neglected at this point: There are many who come to us or write to us, asking us how they may perhaps make a mental contact with beings from Outer Space. Many have on their own started to experiment with the Ouija board. We do not advise this. People who are not properly trained and have no knowledge of spirit communication or the vagaries of the subconscious mind, can get into serious trouble playing around with things they do not understand. If any space being or other high intelligence sees that you are ready to become a channel of communication, they will of their own initiative open the way. On your part for the present, it is sufficient that you have high aspirations, a desire to be of service in this great cause and leave the rest to them. According to the latest communication from ASHTAR, this is his expressed wish. He says, in part, “we, ourselves, will choose the time, place and person we desire to contact. However, it will be of immense assistance if you will maintain a feeling of friendly interest and confidence in us and, in your mind, hold a thought of welcome. Our forces find such an atmosphere well adapted to their work, “as they need these ‘lighted landing fields,’ where they may pause for a moment or two and adapt themselves to conditions and vibrations they encounter in fulfilling their various assignments.” The path of spiritual unfoldment is a serious one and is beset with many difficulties. First and foremost, discipline is necessary to control the body and mind, without which nothing can be accomplished. The control of thought and feeling before going to sleep is especially important. We cannot go into detail in this short space, but the desire to be of service, and the longing to become a “lighted landing field” is a safe 272
guide in itself. All else will follow. For “when the pupil is ready the Master will appear.”

Even Ashtar says in order to be telepathic with him and those he works with, happy thoughts are a prerequisite for contact with these extraterrestrials. He also notes the importance of discipline on the spiritual path of enlightenment. Ashtar is an Elohi, one of the Angels who Never Fell and the Ones he works with are also Angels. Angels are Galactics and Galactics are Angels. You yourself are a Galactic Angel having a human experience. It is no mistake you are a Starseed on Earth now.

Ashtar says “when the pupil is ready the Master will appear.” Early in 2008 I had a rapid awakening. I had walked-in in late 2003 and had been in training with Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Chamuel. These three are also Crew on the New Jerusalem with Sananda Jesus. I was training in advanced protection skills, traveling out of body and light healing as well as learning all about the Earth Grids and travelling through the StarGates. In 2008 I was meditating several hours a day as part of my training and I was invited to read manuscripts about Lord Ashtar, Lord Arcturus and Dr. Lorphan. I read about 6-8 hours everyday except on the weekend I read more. It took me 3 months to get through a roomful of books. When I wasn’t reading I was telepathically talking to Ashtar and Arcturus. At work I would focus on something and then if I left for a break or lunch, I would spend every waking minute being telepathic with these Star Beings.

It takes this level of devotion to make contact. It was at this time Archangel Metatron and Archangel Chamuel took me to meet all of the Masters. I met the Ancient of Days out of body and remembered our beginnings on Venus. I met Hilarian and Djwahl Kuhl. Djwahl stood in front of me in his Glowie body and opened my heart, expanded it, so I was capable of more. In 2006 I had been visited by Sananda and Raphael in their Glowie Bodies. I had called them in to an emergency healing for a family member. Michael and Metatron both have come in their Light Bodies. On this day in 2008 Ashtar and Arcturus both came to me in their Glowie Bodies. Ashtar said he and Arcturus would like me to come into training to learn new healing techniques and other things. I said yes. After that I was taken up into the Ships and taught all of the advanced healing techniques. I have performed some amazing healings since then.

One day in 2009 I was talking to my friend Mark Huber on the phone. I had joined his weekly talkshoe program about Extraterrestrials. Tara and Rama Berkowitz lived with Mark at that time. Rama is Ashtar’s son incarnate on Earth now. I was telling Mark the story of Ashtar coming in his Glowie body to ask me to train with him. Rama heard the story on speaker phone and that is the time when he became one of my Mentors. I had heard Mark say that KOS (Sananda Jesus) was telepathic with all those in the Ground Crew he works with. I knew I was telepathic with the Angels and Extraterrestrials so I called KOS and asked for a meeting. He spoke with me and we have been telepathically connected since. Later Mark told me KOS had never been telepathic with anyone else like that before. Later I asked Ashtar why he had come in his Glowie Body 274

that day. He said, I had called to him so many times that way that it was just easier to come talk to me. I continue to work with the Galactics this way especially in energy exchange in the Earth Grids and StarGates. I also work with the WingMakers in several capacities.

The Publishers make this point about the Captain and the Admiral of Jerusalem:

“There are many who feel that ASHTAR and his legions are the forerunners of the Second Coming of Christ—no matter how this is understood. Some expect to see him in the flesh, others believe that the Spirit of Christ will eventually rule the earth, and the spiritually “unfit” will be eliminated. At any rate, many people feel that our so- called culture is nearing its end and that something is about to happen. A change must come both in world affairs and in religion whose doctrines were fashioned not by Jesus but by medieval priests in order to keep the ignorant in spiritual bondage to the Church.”

All of the above are true in this statement. In order for the New Jerusalem to decloak and to have landings form the Ships we must be on an Earth that is free of war. In this way the Spirit of Christ will rule on Earth. We will all have returned to our Christ Consciousness, to a 5th Dimensional Earth. Earth will be ruled with love. In order for this to happen all the fallen Angels must leave earth and this will happen by accountability in the highest courts in our Universe, on the Solar Tribunal on Saturn. Remember Sananda Jesus spiritual parents are Helios and Vesta the Solar Logos. He with his Twin Flame Lady Master Nada 275

have as their Mission the rounding up of and trial of the Intergalactic War Criminals. Only through accountability will Earth know an end to war and qualify for Ashtar to return.

We see the signs of this in our news. The Sirian Commander from Sirius A, President Barack Obama is working closely with Ashtar and Sananda on this aspect of the Plan. He is the Galactic Human representative on Earth working with World Government to bring a swift end to the careers of the War Criminals. We see more and more arrests and indictments in the news in all aspects of government, banking corporations where the Fallen Angels had been working to control Earth Resources and all of us living here. Earth is a trinary Star System with Sirius A and Sirius B and Sirius A holds the Intergalactic Universities of the Great White Brotherhood. Sirius is a center for training and many travel there within our Galaxy and from outside our Galaxy for Higher Education.

In the Introduction in 1957 is introducing himself to the readers and says:

“I speak for all of us who have embarked upon this somewhat thankless task of rendering assistance to beleaguered dwellers on the planet Shan.” Shan is the Higher name for Earth. People today more than 50 years later continue to whine and moan asking ‘WHEN are they going to come’? This can be a thankless task because many are too lazy to pursue their enlightenment and apply the discipline needed to do so.

Ashtar goes on to say:
“It would be quite a relief if we could make a simultaneous landing on all portions of your globe (which I might remark is entirely feasible at this very moment!) and, employing etheric forces in the use of which we are experts, put an end to the jangle of incongruous and irreconcilable factions now precluding all possibility of a united effort toward peace. Our instructions and our principles prevent our taking such a course.”

This is absolutely prime and Ashtar told us this back in 1957. It is the instructions and the principles of Our Galactic Family to not interfere with our spiritual development by rushing in to save us. As Universal Law, life simply does not work like that. Everything in the Cosmos is constantly evolving, including our Planet and our Souls. Earth cannot Ascend faster than her inhabitants are ready. Mahatma Ghandi evidenced this truth when he said: “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” We must clean up the mess we created. This means we must be peace within ourselves to have peace in our outer world.

There is no way out of the need to change ourselves through the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, truth and love. We do this by being responsible for the journey to our enlightenment. By doing this we cultivate our Souls and prepare our world for decloakings and landings on Earth. In order to end the Faction One and Faction Two war over greed and control for global war we must join together in love. The reason Ashtar will not come without a concerted 277

effort on our part for changing ourselves and our world is he cannot interfere with our free will choice to make mistakes. When we learn to discipline the ego we change our feelings. When we stop reacting to our outer world and act in love and peace, we change the outcomes. When we change our feelings and actions we bring ourselves to a destination where mass simultaneous landings are possible. Without doing the inner work, we would arrive at our destination of landings as the same old self who is not mature enough to handle the changes. So here we make the inner change to be begun by ourselves.

Ashtar discusses back in 1957:

“One thing I would make crystal clear! We Space Men, in whatever capacity we may temporarily serve, are irrevocably pledged by the most solemn of oaths to abide by those Universal Laws which alone can preserve life on every level of conscious existence. To accept or condone any variance from these fixed and unchangeable codes governing all honorable behavior, would be to forfeit privileges we have earned through eons of unremitting effort. We will have no part in any form of “synthetic peace!” It must be genuine, unalloyed, incapable of dissimulation.”

This level of World Peace with no chance of Nuclear Holocaust can only be obtained by changing the laws of every land, establishing honest banks and gold backed currency as opposed to fiat currency. It means arresting, trying and making accountable every last criminal. It means dropping borders and taking care of the homeless and starving. It means ending all wars and releasing the 278

unfairly imprisoned. We must work together to make these changes becasue before we were approved to incarnate we swore an irrevocable oath to uphold our Mission on Earth to put these changes into place so that Ashtar and Sananda could make the changes necessary from heaven for the Galactic family Reunions on Earth.

Ashtar adds:

“Before discontinuing I feel impelled to add one word of counsel. Make your own life conform as nearly as possible with the matchless teachings of One who humbled Himself to contact mortals in a physical manifestation. Any likeness to Him will enable us to recognize your legitimate claim to our special attention and assistance.

As future friends and co-workers in the service of your coming King of Kings, we salute you and proffer our utmost devotion in your liberation from all who seek to ensnare you and bind you to their fearsome juggernaut of destructive domination.


Ashtar here is inviting us to act as Christed Beings and to integrate every action and thought to be like a christ or one who has attained God Consciousness. Again, we are invited by the Galactics to Evolve our light and love by pursuing a Christed Course of Enlightenment. This is not the end of Enlightenment. As we progress further on The Path we realize the Highest Consciousness, the Atman.

As he has signed his transmission he states:

“Commander of ten million Space Men, now occupying bases established within range of your planet.”
We now know that 50 years later there are 20 million on Ships waiting for decloakings and landings with 5,000 Members of the Crew on The New Jerusalem.

Ashtar starts out immediately in Chapter 1 saying he and his Extraterrestrial associates are existing in their Etheric Form on the 5th Dimension and it is their intention to return to Earth to stay and live with us side by side. We can only surmise we must be in the 5th Dimension prior to landings and cohabitation on Earth. He goes on to explain that living in Etheric Bodies allows them to move about on many different States of Existence makes them very well equipped to help us in more ways than we can imagine. We see this today with the WingMaker Ships which sit over the poles and mitigate all forms of natural disasters on Earth including pole shifts, earthquakes, tsunamis, oil spills in the ocean, and nuclear accidents. Ships are so massive they have been visualized on Google Earth for all to see.

Goes on to answer the $10 Million Dollar Question immediately: ʻWhen Will The Galactic Federation Decloak and Land On Earthʼ? In his words:

“As hath been said, the precise moment of Divine Intervention doth depend absolutely upon Man’s reaction to tests imposed, not by thy Heavenly Father or His obedient emissaries, but by the dupes of the Enemy.”

These tests imposed as dupes by the enemy speak of the attempt to set up a one world government with the design that it should fail while running away with all the resources on the Planet as well as mass psychological trauma such as 911, the holocaust, mass rape as a weapon of war and so many others including massive oil spills and sending no aid to victims when needed. As we react from hatred or act to solve problems these challenges are our tests as we evolve as a mass consciousness toward decloakings and landings.

The Galactic Federation cannot come as long as we remain in a reactive lower vibration.
If we remain our old selves
the new technology would

be misused we would
return to the old ways of
war. Ashtar says One must
choose between the Christ
forces and the renegades.
The renegades are the Time
Traveling Extraterrestrials
who came back from the Future and are here now to plot against the inhabitants of Earth and control the slave race of men and women by ʻdastardly plots.ʼ I say slave because we are controlled by our governments, our so-called religions and the banks working together to keep a noose

around our necks and specifically keeping us in a lifestyle which makes spiritual growth nearly out of reach. Ashtar explains that waiting a few more months to give every Soul living on the Planet a fair chance at their rightful place on the New Earth. Each Soul has their right to free choice to work on their issues and join New Earth or remain behind in duality.

Ashtar says it is up to our Father in Heaven and not a human decision to be made, for only the father can see the inmost secrets and hidden motives inside manʼs heart. He specifically says we will wait for the War Criminals to Self- expose their plots and reveal they are not the benefactors of the human race. The “King of Swords” [KOS] who is the full physical template incarnate now on Earth of Lord Sananda Jesus works with millions of men everyday as double agents to expose these renegades to us so we may all have free will choice to react or act in love to heal the Planet together.

Ashtar mentions these millions we are in service with:

“THIS THY COUNTRY SHALL BE SAVED AS BY A MIRACLE! I say not it will be a peaceful deliverance but through the unfaltering loyalty of millions who place their faith in thy Master, the Christ of God, this land will be cleansed from the abominations now infesting it. It shall be the center from which shall issue those injunctions and powerful energies which shall lead the world into an intense, burning desire to know and to do the Will of the Lord God of All Creation, as revealed by their coming King, who shall reign over this regenerated world without

hindrance from those who now harass and seek to destroy His faithful servants.”

In this passage he is explaining the fact that millions of walk-ins came from other Stars and from Spacemen Crews to help KOS with the enormous task of arresting all the renegades. I am one of these walk-ins. What occurs is One Soul leaves and another Soul takes over the physical to accomplish specific goals. For me this happened following a traumatic head injury which left me unconscious for three days at home. During that time the Soul exchange occurred. These renegades will be put through Earth courts first and if guilty, through the Universe High Court at the Solar Tribunal on Saturn where Intergalactic Cases are heard. Those Intergalactic War Criminals working here on Earth to control her resources are also charged with crimes on other Planets. If the crime is found to be extreme enough, then the appropriate accountability will have to be served. In some cases this will mean second death. Second Death is when a Soul is made uncreated. This is when the entire Akashic Record of every lifetime is wiped out from all Timelines in All Places in All Dimensions. This is as if they never were. All the crimes will be as if they never happened. This is the miracle Ashtar speaks of. There is one person and one alone who determines in the end after the trials what the sentencing is and that is Mother Sekhmet of the Egyptian Golden Age. It is her role in the Spiritual Hierarchy to approve sentencing.

I have been working solitary and in the past together with others close to Commander Ashtar and Mother Sekhmet and with the Earth allies, or white knights, through “King 283

of Swords” and the “King of Egypt.” Weʼve been working together to get NESARA announced and to inform people about the Galactic Federation and to anchor that energy here. Often our lives have been in danger to carry out this task. We work without pay endless hours seven days a week to bring the plan to completion. We do this as obedient emissaries who have worked through the aeons of time to return Planet Earth to lasting permanent Peace. We ourselves are time travelers from the Angelic forces returned here to end duality and return Earth to 5th Dimensional Liquid Light and Love.

Ashtar goes on to explain what it will take to have Admiral Sananda’s FlagShip The New Jerusalem decloak and the Galactic Federation Ships land on Earth. He says two significant things. Mortals must prove their mettle and they must improve themselves through seeking Enlightenment. This is also known as being on The Path. It is taught in every religion and has no religion. It is about obtaining Christ Consciousness, living a life modeled after the Christ. This can be exampled by the lives of Moses, Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna and Jesus to name a few. All of the above are Members of the Galactic Federation and incarnated on Earth to live lives of Service to the Office of the Christ the Spiritual Hierarchy of our Solar System working to oppose the dark forces to end duality on Earth in a permanent and lasting Peace. It is about obtaining the Highest State of Consciousness known as the Atma.

On the morning of 911 united States President George W. Bush made a statement from his bunker in Nebraska. Dick Cheney was in the Bunker at the White House 284

Masterminding the entire operation. On that morning George said “Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward and Freedom will be defended.” That is all he said. That was almost ten years ago and the multiple wars he started since then still rage over Earth. He first bombed Afghanistan October 7, 2001 and he knew that morning more war was to follow. The faceless coward, he neglected to say was the secret government within the united States Government that are these Intergalactic War Criminals wearing human suits and working to control and manipulate the mortals of Earth. We prove our mettle by facing up to this fact and loving our enemies as the King of Kings has taught us to do.

Ashtar here teaches us:

“Assent gained through fear or force melts to nothingness when assailed by cold logic or intense loyalty to higher concepts!”

How can we display cold logic and intense loyalty to higher concepts? These two things together will set us free from the dark Ones having power over us or manipulating us through fear and force. One example of cold logic is looking to see that the World Trade Center buildings fell at demolition speeds and several eye witnesses hearing bombs explode. We also must acknowledge in this case that main stream media pulled the eye witness accounts and not allow us to see what they filmed on the scene that morning. That is cold logic and absolute. What does it mean to have an intense loyalty to higher concepts? We do

this by continuing on the Path. We do this by remembering who we are. A wise man said:

“How are you to maintain a positive attitude during these difficult times? First of all, it is very important to remember that you are not miserable. You are Sat- Chit-Ananda;

Sat is Truth, the destroyer of illusion and falsehood Chit is pure consciousness
Ananda is pure bliss and happiness
You are whole and complete, but you have forgotten who you are. Remember that Truth and try to bring awareness of your true identity; that will ensure that not everything is lost and miserable. You are actually powerful and very inspired individuals.”

As we focus on cold logic and we gain knowledge of the truth it helps us. We also must keep a happy attitude and not allow the news of the day to disrupt our State of Consciousness of pure bliss and happiness as we remember we are powerful Members of the Ground Crew and we swore a duty to return Earth to Love.

Ashtar then goes into an explanation of the Astral Planes of Earth and how everything we do on Earth has an effect on the Other Planes of Consciousness even if they are unknown or unseen to us. I can say I have had extensive training with Archangel Michael in the Astral Realms. This is no place for anyone to venture out to. I can also say in the last couple of years this place has essentially been dissolved by the Galactic Federation. In essence it no longer exists. To explain further would require going into 286

physics that we do not yet understand on this Planet. Back when Ashtar wrote this part, 50 years ago the Astral Planes wreaked havoc on 3D Earth. Anything to do with demons, possessions, the obscene rite, murder or any perversion of man was rooted in some way back to the Astral Plane. If you are old enough to remember those days you know what I mean. The white knights of the Galactic Federation have gone in to places like the Tunnels at Area 51 and cleaned out all of the negative extraterrestrials. There are no more abductions, there are no more mutilations. These are the kinds of things that were happening and directed from the Astral Plane by the demonic forces, the dark forces. This was duality Earth 50 years ago. It has since changed and the last negative ETs left Planet Earth for good in November 2009. Many of the healings I have done with Lord Arcturus have shown me that folks who have dabbled in participating in black magic even without understanding what they were doing have linked into the Astral Plane and now these Ones have cancers and chronic fatal diseases. It is a reflection of that they corded into in the past. Many of these folks considered themselves Light Workers trying to do good works and they were not trained or understanding the consequences of their actions. They were lured into these other realms by not applying cold logic.

Ashtar says that over time the battles waged on the Astral Plane:

“it now be possible to transfer this battle to the physical plane and repeat the process where mortals may more effectively join in the conflict and observe greater tangible results. As it doth rage on the physical plane, there be three types of weapons to be employed. First: the actual material armaments necessary for defense purposes. Second: the mental agility to recognize and combat delusive propaganda. Third: the spiritual awareness and moral stamina to move steadily forward, in defiance of all enemy resistance, to establish and maintain a rigorous regime of honest government in every phase of human affairs.

Ye may say the present deplorable condition of earthly affairs hath always existed and always will. I SAY NAY!”

So it seems we had to then carry through the healing from the inside out. We cleared these things on the Astral and drove them to the surface Physical and there we have global war today.

Ashtar suggests there are three types of weapon end such war. First, the armaments for defensive purposes. The Galactic Humans working with KOS actually carry Phaser Weapons and Galactic technology which they are adept at using. They also have access to ShuttleCraft and other things to help with their work. The second weapon he suggests we employ the mental agility to recognize propaganda. If we recognize false fear provocations, also called False Flags for psychological warfare, then we cannot be duped by these bombastic war lords. This is 288

where the internet comes in. I have a website that is dedicated to nothing but discussing current affairs and how to discern cold logical truth from propaganda designed to deceive. Our third effective weapon is mental alertness and stamina.

This is what it will take to dissolve the deFacto Government of the United States, the Rockefeller Faction and the Nazi Zionist Government of Europe the Rothschild Faction. These two are tied to the Vatican and its Two Banks the Vatican Bank and the Bank of Madrid in Spain. As you look at the web of Governments, Banks and Corporations all are linked to these in some way. We will need to dissolve Faction one and Faction two to establish an honest government for all human affairs. This has been established and is waiting for the right time to Announce.

It is solely President Obama’s responsibility to Enact and Announce NESARA Law. He is working for and with the galactic Federation. He and Michelle Obama are Starseeds from Sirius A. President Obama is the ninth Member of the Sirian Counsel of Nine. All of these requirements had to be done by man inside the matrix, form Earth. This is the only way Universal Law allows these issues to be resolved. There are Millions working together to resolve this both on and off Planet.

Ashtar further explains:

“Not without physical discomfort and suffering may the victory be won. Mortals must prove their mettle. Ye may look upon this time of tribulation as a bitter and unwarranted trespass on thy right to lead a life of

honor and dignity. Even so! Yet it doth afford thee a glorious opportunity to show thyselves worthy to participate in the responsibilities as well as the privileges of the “Golden Age.” Privileges forever denied those now responsible for retarding its inauguration.”

For the past 50 years Elder Indigos incarnate on Earth who endured the Nuclear Bomb attacks have held the light to reverse the edicts of false flags. This has never been easy. It has been a time of endless war. Many white knights have been killed for whistle blowing. These tireless warriors have dealt with struggle upon struggle often with the ridicule and thankless cohabitation with loved ones who do not believe in ‘Life Out There’. Many Indigo Elders spend their Golden Years wondering if they will see the Plan come to Earth before their life comes to an end. Some have already passed thinking these thoughts on their deathbed. Still today as we lose our houses to the mortgage crisis and we cannot find a job and our children grow up in poverty we wonder the same thought, how much must we endure? We watch each new war be declared and oil spills in the Gulf, nuclear meltdowns and many sit as does motionless blinded in the light.

An example of this was when a petition was passed around, supposedly signed by thousands of seemingly intelligent people to say we must enact a no fly zone over Misrata, Libya to save civilians there from being hurt by Gaddafi’s dark forces. People did not use cold logic to see that this was a declaration of war. New declaration of war brought on by the secret government inside the united 290

States Government in cooperation with the European and Saudi Arabian Factions and their dark forces within their Governments. Ninety days after the no fly zone was declared Misrata was leveled to the ground the entire city bombed out. Forever those names stand on that petition whether ignorant or not. There is accountability in all we do. I urge Elder Indigos to hold on and never stop learning and pursuing your Enlightenment. Instead of passing on forwarded emails of kittens settle down with a book that will take you to the next level of your unfoldment. There is no time to waste and your lives are so precious.

Ashtar adds that no matter what battlefield we fight on, whether it is healing the sick, raising good kids, manufacturing goods or running an honest business, we will know with our continued devotion…

“they have rendered a priceless service to their Master and his conquering legions from outer space, now able to traverse the hitherto impenetrable density of earth’s auric envelope and bring succor and strength to the Christ Forces in mortal flesh.”

By this he speaks of the Angels in the Heavens which is synonymous with the Galactics on the Ships who bring succor and strength to the Ground Crew through their suffering until we are victorious in Love.

He finishes by explaining that KOS here now as Sananda Jesus in flesh has taught “men the Way of Life!” and as we create the New Earth by bringing fairness in government and calling an end to the illegal practices in the banks and 291

taking care of those who cannot take care of themselves we change things.

He says this will come from “the rapidly maturing decisions of the Enlightened Ones now dwelling in fleshly bodies.” Only those who have endlessly pursued Higher Teaching will be equipped to make mature choices to come up from the lower vibrations. We must constantly return to the task of gaining more knowledge, more truth and more love.

In Chapter 3 Ashtar begins by explaining their presence and purpose. He makes sure to remind us that although they are here now to combat the vast dark forces as we make the necessary changes for landings that there is an intention of a much more joyous Mission. Ashtar said: “when we will mingle freely with you and gladly initiate you into many delights and privileges we possess.” Ashtar’s Twin Flame is now incarnate on Earth. She works in private and she knows who she is. There are many claiming to be her on the internet and none that do so are. Ashtar has conveyed to me how much he looks forward to a time when he can return to Earth to be with his family and live life here. Likewise his Crew have their families here. These are our Galactic Families and there are 20 million I know of surrounding Earth now. Delights and privileges? There are so many new technologies that will delight us, healing machines, replicators which can produce anything we need with no store necessary, shuttle craft, I hope I can have two. Computers which prepare any food we desire served to perfection with no grocery store or washing dishes necessary. Drudgery will disappear. No need to go to our 292

old jobs because we will not need the things we are working for now. Slavery will end. The privileges of training for the Mission you desire the most, especially in the holodeck programs. The list of delights and privileges is endless, including intergalactic travel to home, at will without a need for a travel agent.

Ashtar speaks of the Earth Changes designed by Mother Gaia to heal the destruction that had harmed her, especially the effects of nuclear holocaust. About this he says:

“We realize certain portions of earthly terrain are marked for destruction. In pursuance of this program, we withhold interference when so instructed by the Hierarchy in uninterrupted touch with the Father of us all. When certain prearranged signals are received, we send thousands of ventlas to places where dangerous conditions exist.”

Here Ashtar speaks of the fact that Mother Earth, also called Gaia made a Clarion Call to our Father in Heaven that all destruction inside her and on her surface be stopped. As soon as the nuclear weapons at Japan were unleashed it allowed the Galactic Federation to intervene in higher ways than before to protect the Planet from the deadly forces who would destroy here. This was allowed for the highest good of all involved. Back during this time the negative ETs were rampant in the Inner Earth tunnels and it took many long years to dissolve and remove that interference with life on Earth. In those tunnels mad scientists worked on genetic cloning and super viruses like 293

AIDS and so many dark things which are now eradicated. The parts of Earth which had been marked for destruction were decided by Gaia alone as it is her body to do with as she sees fit. It is due to her we have life. We owe her our very breath. As Earth ascends it is her destiny to raise the sunken Civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. This is happening with the cooperation of all the Cosmos. The major crystals which are inside caves deep in the Earth are being activated along with changes in the electromagnetic force field around Earth known as the Earth Grid. There is terra forma happening in our oceans along with several small Earthquakes a day. There are volcanic eruptions and the clearing and cleansing of Mother Earth is well underway. As these shifts of energy and tectonic plates takes place, the New Earth is formed. It was destined to be since long ago. There are some who tell stories of nuclear bombs planted in the sea bed and these stories are false flags. Earth must go through these Earthquakes which bring the cleansing tsunamis. It is not always easy to endure. Ashtar says here that he sends his people out to help mitigate the Earth changes and cause as little harm to humans as possible. He calls them ventlas. We know the WingMakers Ships are designed to help natural occurrences be as gentle a change as possible. There are other types of Ships out there helping in a myriad of ways. There are also warriors who go out every night to the war situations the Unseen Forces who come into physical bodies as we sleep and help those who are injured or need shelter or other things. In every instance only the help which is allowed is given. The Ones we know as the Archangels come into physical form now on Earth all the time to help and they are much perturbed by what is 294
happening. They are helping and we do not see it. They cannot give any help that would impede our spiritual growth and we must initiate the solution ourselves before receiving more help. Those of you worried often by money can meditate on that idea as a clue to mastering the energy of money.

From Ashtar:

“Our appearance in physical form or the materializing of the ships we use occur only on instructions from our Headquarters far above your bases in your stratosphere. They follow a predetermined schedule, not as your clocks and calendars but in conformity with carefully computed sequences of events depending largely on mortal reactions to each step in the program. Many factors enter into the decisions made, such as planetary influences of a magnetic type, astral conditions, the activity of forces concealed within the earth body, constantly changing vibratory rates in different sections of the globe owing to the people’s awakening to their perils and desperate attempts to extricate themselves. This latter consideration is perhaps the most potent point in releasing our forces in their behalf. They must themselves instigate the attempt to gain their freedom before we can go to their rescue.”

As time has gone by since this was shared in 1957 there have been more Starseeds awake and calling on the assistance of Ashtar and the Galactic Federation. Because of this more visitations have been granted. He also reminds us that everything he and his Crew are doing 295

follow a specific sequentially flow of events. Nothing can happen out of turn. For all is a season. This is governed by the Cosmos itself. He also reiterates that we must work out the solutions on our own. We must be the change we want to see in the world. Ghandi was a Galactic here to show us the way to The Path. As we begin to make changes then and only then can we receive more assistance from the Galactics. President Obama has shared this with us from time to time. He said we must allow those in the Middle East establish their own democracies by themselves for themselves. Now as they wage their way on the Path to honest Government they are receiving Intergalactic help.

Ashtar is very explicit about what we affectionately call Alien Technology. That is not a good term since most on the Crews have incarnated at Earth before. They are not Aliens, they are our family. He says they will not share the secrets of propulsion from their crafts because we refuse to explore our Enlightenment. Without the God Principle, the technology could be used to build weapons and this will no longer be allowed.

He says it this way:

“it will be impossible for you to ferret out our secret of propulsion, since you have rejected opportunities afforded you to become acquainted with laws governing these higher forms of energy. Such knowledge has been prostituted for illicit purposes of destruction, in the past. Not until your world has dispensed with all need for destructive weapons and all desire to misuse the finer forces of this God- governed Universe, will you be permitted to experiment

with ever-existent etheric energies holding magic possibilities for those qualified to employ them as intended by the Creator to whom they owe their existence.”

These higher forms of energy are Etheric energies and we only learn about them through daily meditation and many of us still refuse to meditate every single day. This lack of self discipline is really holding us back as a mass consciousness. Even Dr Oz says to meditate. So as we begin to explore the higher energies then we will be invited for SpaceShip rides.

In Chapter 4 Ashtar has a very serious tone. He speaks of requests from individuals for direct help from him. He says they are selfish requests and he will not fulfill anything unless it pertains to the plan at hand.

To begin:

“NOW—What we ask you to do is to lend credence to our “reality” and our entirely impersonal desire to be of service! The sooner these two facts are accepted by people generally, the more quickly and easily shall we be able to achieve our goal and the fewer lives will be lost in the process. We are admonished to save every soul who will gladly adapt to the glorious transformation scheduled for the NEW AGE! Some may be removed from your planet to help for a time from planes invisible, as many thousands are now doing. I am referring to great many arrivals on the

astral planes and a great many others, dating back to your beloved Washington, the immortal Lincoln and other men of their caliber.
We are submitting our plans to the HIGHEST COURT OF HEAVEN for approval and we look forward with confidence to your whole- hearted cooperation!”

Ashtar is saying he is working from the Etheric Realm and that he is working for every Soul on Earth, not just a certain one or a few. He is also saying that there are an exchange of Souls of high caliber who are being tagged to lie down their bodies in the transformation of death so they may join him on the Etheric Planes to assist with the Plan from the Ships. He mentions George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and thousands others of their caliber. This is very comforting to know the lengths of which were taken back then and I assure you those efforts have not stopped since then.

He also says that he has mapped out a very detailed plan and this plan is being reviewed by the highest court of heaven which is the Solar Tribunal on Saturn.

This adamant tone he is taking about helping the inhabitants of Earth, not just a group or a government have to be taken in the context of the time. Back in 1957 there was already a Secret Base on the moon built by the Intergalactic War Criminals who had their own Ships and were using the Earth portals to move about in Space. This was a joint negative ET, united States and then Russian Mission. In 1947 there was a Mars landing and this Space Party from Earth went inside Mars to Inner Mars as a 298

Group. These dark Ones had become obsessed with building their own Space Craft with greater and greater capabilities. This was also when it was determined by the MJ12 Group initiated by President Eisenhower that Earth would come to its own destruction if things persisted as they were. These are the challenges mortals have to face, to react with power and control or to act to make a better world. Their plan was to exploit the alien technology in order for a select few to leave the Earth and establish colonies in outer space. This was when the fight over the StarGates began. They wanted control of the StarGates by any means so they could colonize other Planets. they felt that was their only chance as Earth was headed for destruction.

Ashtar was not going to stand by and watch the destruction of beloved Planet Earth, so under the express Command of Admiral Sananda Jesus he went to the Solar Tribunal for approval for his Plans to bring us to the New Earth that we are sitting on the cusp of today. At that time George Herbert Walker Bush had been recruited form Zapata Oil to smuggle cocaine and heroine in from the oil drilling rigs. This money was to fund the secret government which had been working with the Greys and allowing them to abduct humans to harvest their DNA for reproduction of a Grey-Human Hybrid. The illegal drug money funneled through the CIA and their black Ops was used to build elaborate labs underground, especially in Nevada. These labs are on fire today in a mass 1/2 million acres fire spread across the west at this time. It is these abominations which has Ashtar so upset at the time of this transmission. We were not ready to hear all the details of 299

the truth then. He got the transmission out so the Ones trying to exploit the Galactic Federation then would receive the message they would not receive any help from Ashtar. He has done everything under the laws of this Universe to close down such operations.

Here Ashtar says:

“Our interest lies in two directions: Providing the facilities (unknown to your inhabitants) to prevent a wanton waste of life through the reckless employment of inconceivably powerful forces for destructive purposes . . . forces intended for constructive and creative purposes only! And, with our better comprehension of the principles involved both in producing and directing such intensive energies, to transmit (at the appointed time) to those proven trustworthy, the knowledge of a practical nature which we possess in regard to these forces. At present, anything we might add to the sum total of earthly achievement along scientific lines, would naturally be directed to warlike operations. We must first assist in the abolition of existing agencies bent on world domination BY FORCE! A planet populated by fear- driven slaves in the power of a mere handful of tyrannical (May I inquire what is the polite synonym for “bullies”) rulers, would not even interest us!

Having held numerous consultations with the honorable gentlemen responsible for the founding of this country, our indignation has been aroused by the manner in which their noble visions of Freedom, Industry and Progress have lost the luster of their original inspiration

and deteriorated into a dingy counterfeit of the original heroic model held before the eyes of the people.”

Nuclear power can be used safely under certain conditions to harness energy. It is not being used safely on Earth as it should be. This is a constructive use of power. There are deeper understandings of nuclear power in producing and directing the power that have been shared from Ashtar to humans which were misconstrued and used by the dark Ones with bad intentions to build weapons. The practical use of nuclear power for energy was not used correctly by humans and caused much harm to Earth. At this time the Dark Ones would do anything to obtain new scientific information to help them control the StarGates to colonize other Planets in our Solar System. They remained at war in the areas of the StarGates. He said that any agency looking to control Earth by force had to be completely abolished before Ships could land and bring any new technology here. This plan started at this time and put into play the best minds of all time to figure out the best solution. Because many of the Crews of the Galactic Federation had at some point incarnated on Earth, they were essentially beholden to help Earth karmically. Ashtar expressed he had no intention of seeing the People of Earth relegated to a slave race working for a handful of bullies. Truly that is what we have come to be now. As we wake up and put the changes in place, KOS and Ashtar and their Crew help us in every conceivable way. They do this with the greatest love.

The last time there was a Nuclear Holocaust on Earth we lost the precious Civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. Part 301

of the plan is to raise these lands again; Kumari Kandam off India, Yonaguni StarGate off Japan, Bimini off Florida, just to name a few.

Ashtar notes in Chapter 5 that he knows who among us are Members of The Ground Crew. He says I will contact you when you have earned it through wise preparation.

“NOTE . . . At the present time there need be no special effort made to communicate with us except at our special request. We ourselves will choose the time, place and person we desire to contact. However, it will be of immense assistance if you will maintain a feeling of friendly interest and confidence in us and, in your mind, hold a thought of welcome. Our forces find such an atmosphere well adapted to their work, as they need these “Lighted Landing Fields” where they may pause for a moment or two and adapt themselves to the conditions and vibrations they must encounter in fulfilling their various assignments.

We know each one who is in sympathy with our mission and we would like you to know what a help it is to have these luminous avenues through which to reach the darker areas where much of our work must be carried on. We are deeply grateful for your understanding and your welcome!”

Ashtar says it is not a mistake that Lord Sananda Jesus is the Admiral Commander of the FlagShip The New Jerusalem. He says that when Jesus walked on the Earth he offered to all the chance to be let free from bondage of the physical for good. This means he had offered to the world 302

Ascension into the 5th Dimension. Ashtar explains that when that Mission failed he and others gave up on Earth and figured it was doomed to destruction. He emphatically states that Sananda Jesus NEVER gave up on Earth and he is the reason the Galactic Federation is here today and his promise will be kept for Earth. This is why the only way to have landings is a sequential flow of events which will restore all balance to all people on Earth.

Ashtar is distraught when explaining to us that the reason Earth is in such a demise is because of the ghastly reversal of all Creative Universal Laws on Earth. As we learn Universal Laws and adhere to them, the more we do this, the more material wealth we will have. He explains this is a natural progression in Creative Universal Law. Remember Jesus would say, “Do unto Others as You Wish They Do Unto You” and

“Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God what is God’s.” He was teaching us to adhere closely to Universal Law so we may know inner peace. Moses taught us the same. Elijah spent his Earth incarnation working against the dark forces on Earth.

Ashtar promises he will stay with us and help us until time for Announcements, Decloakings and Landings and he asks us to have Faith until that moment comes to pass.

“We come now in full confidence that this promise is to be kept. We have been summoned to assist in the fulfilling of this promise. Knowing from long experience the manifold joys and satisfactions which will be yours when you are released from all those who hold you captive to their evil wills, we come with an excess of

enthusiasm to lend our support to this crusade. Yet we hold ourselves subject at all times to the All-wise supervision of our Supreme Commander.
May we all band together in a divinely blessed fellowship and lend our utmost effort to serve well and faithfully until the GLORIOUS VICTORY IS WON and the planet Shan is at last a Shining Orb in the firmament of the heavens.”

When these things come to pass then Earth will become the 33rd Member of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds, a shining orb, an Ascended Planet worthy of this Station.

In all of this mess Earth has gotten into now with global war and mass starvation, pollution and nuclear weapons, it is necessary we have more than human wisdom and strength, we need help from our unseen friends from the Ethers. Ashtar explains that this will be made possible in a myriad of ways. One is that the StarShips will come with their technology, heretofor unimagined by man to assist us. Another way is that nothing will be held back to any Galactic Human incarnate willing to come here and fulfill the Mission of waking up the other inhabitants of the Earth. Nothing will be spared in assistance. In fact he guarantees we will receive Divine Help in carrying out our roles.

Ashtar continues in Chapter 6 by explaining the Earth changes that will be happening in order that future Earth inhabitants will have the best possible environment. He has said Atlantis and Lemuria will be restored to their pristine beauty.

He said:
“[we will] re-construct it [Earth] to conform with a program designed to give a regenerated human race the proper environment wherein to utilize newly apprehended forces requiring new conditions for their manifestation.”

Here he is saying Earth will ascend from the 3rd Dimension right into the 5th Dimension. It is the 5th Dimension which is a prerequisite for Etheric Space Travel. This is the basic minimum needed to enter Zero Point, to reignite the electromagnetic forcefield wherein no aggression can occur. Nothing that is less than love can exist in that energy. The Ziggurats, Pyramids, Portals and StarGates will work in harmony and we all will be capable of visiting other Stars and using the StarGates at will. We will return to our pristine magnificent purity. He further says we can expect Earth changes to accomplish this. It makes sense? The only thing we can count on is change. How can we remain the same in the New Earth?

Ahstar says:

“Ere the concluding contortions of terrestrial readjustments occur, ye may expect entirely unrelated, sporadic exhibitions by Nature, releasing long repressed accumulations of force sufficient to disrupt a mountain, flood a desert, sink a country or raise a continent. Not in a haphazard or irrational manner will these startling transpositions take place. They will follow a detailed plan of procedure whereby those areas

best suited to the development of New Age projects will be spared or changed to render them fit for greater service to future inhabitants.”

In order to release long accumulated bad energies from the Astral Realm Wars and the Inner Earth Tunnels occupied by negative ETs creating cloning and diseases in inner labs, nuclear tests in the thousands, oil spills and constant unending global war, Mother Earth can be expected to release this negative energy and it will occur as floods, earthquakes, indeed raised continents. God our Creator is doing this as nature commands. Earlier in Chapter 4 Ashtar said “My message concerns a number of erroneous claims being made by those who crave personal publicity.” He said we expect to see these falsifications. I see this in public figures who spread the false flag of fear by saying there were nuclear bombs buried in the sea and detonated off the coast of Japan causing the 3/11/11 Earthquake and resultant tsunami. That just simply is not true. We cannot surf the web without cold logic. This is not being done by nature in a haphazard way. There is a significant portion of Lemuria in that area called Yonaguni which is being raised to fulfill the Promise of New Earth. If we do not have the discernment to see these changes as coming from nature then we may miss the boat completely by the fact that we will fall for any story and continue on a slave Planet until the end of time. All of this to fill egos need for publicity while keeping people away from truth and sitting in the dark? They will be held accountable for their actions.

Next Ashtar speaks of the end of time for duality:

“None may compute the wondrous patience and forbearance wherewith thy Heavenly Father hath borne with the frailties of human beings! None may even faintly surmise His disappointment at their refusal to accept His overtures of Forgiveness and Mercy! All which cometh to pass of a destructive nature be the result of men’s free choice of the Pathway of Retrogression, which leadeth to oblivion as far as their residence on this planet be concerned. THESE RETROGRESSIVES CANNOT EXIST IN THE NEW WORLD NOW BEING CREATED!”

Earth has been created and destroyed 5 times before. We are on our 6th Creation. After the last Nuclear Holocaust which blew off the surface of Mars, blew the Planet Maldek to smithereens and sunk Atlantis we were given one final chance to return to love and end duality. At that time we were all destroyed and thankfully Archangel Metatron reconstituted our DNA with only one prerequisite. One must promise to turn to love. Now in order to be able to enter New Earth, each Soul must forgive themselves for any miscreations from before. Anyone not able to do that will be given a myriad of choices for alternate locations but will not be invited to stay on New Earth. Some who are guilty of War Crimes will indeed be uncreated and that is devastating. As Ashtar exclaims with zeal, no one who has retrogressed to bullying people through fear or force will be able to exist on 5th Dimensional Earth and this is due to the Force Field which will surround Earth which only supports love.

We have been reading of drought, famine and Franken foods.

Of this and regarding Earth changes Ashtar speaks:

“Be not fearful lest the earth be denuded of its fields of golden grain, its wealth of fruit-laden trees, its vineyards of luscious grapes, its expanses of greenest verdure producing all the vegetables one could

desire. These and countless other bounteous provisions for the temporal needs of all God’s little children of the earth shall thrive in the freshly vitalized ground which shall respond to Nature’s alchemy.


Not only will we have replenished soil and organic seeds which fruit in days we will have beautiful local gardens and local foods. In addition, the technology they bring will include replicators producing fresh organic food prepared to order and everybody will have one immediately.

We must awaken to the present peril.
It is important we hold a feeling of gratitude when we hear of the corruptions over Earth in the news. We must keep our calm for this is a Divine Principle of enlightened Beings. It is important to take in the daily news with loving detachment as Guan Yin has taught us. We realize that it is important to be grateful that the masses are waking up to the truth and this will be what it takes to set us free. As each of us holds the truth resolved in our hearts it effects every cell on Earth and changes the minds of men.

Lord Ashtar says that the things he has come to destroy are all the things that make you anxious afraid and sorrowful. 308

He tells us our Father in heaven has sent mighty Forces to do so.

Ashtar says:

“We join you in thanking Him that when this sad and distressful season of cleansing is over, we may confidently anticipate a joyous time of re-building, re-modeling, re- creating all things on this earth in perfect harmony and accord with the design and infinitely wise specifications of the Master Architect of the Universe!

To this glorious and sublime end we pledge our hearts, our minds and every power and skill we possess, till our sacred mission is completed! We thank God our mutual success is assured and we shall see our Beloved Master, the Christ of God crowned King of Kings!”

Ashtar again promises us that nothing is going to stop this Mission of Decloakings and Announcements. He also explains that in time after all the cleansing is complete, there will be a period of re-building, re-modeling and re- creating all things on this Earth in perfect harmony and accord with the Infinite Divine Creator. He promises he and the Galactic Federation pledge their minds, their hearts, their power and skill to completing the Mission. It would only be family we would promise these things to? This was a Thanksgiving Message and briefly added below are his Christmas and New Year Message:

“A Simple Word of Warmest Greeting to All My Friends whom I Reach through this Contact Point: I join with you in honoring One who almost two millenniums

ago, as you reckon time, humbled Himself and entered an earthly existence as an ordinary mortal. Needless to comment that I had known Him previous to this incarnation and had held Him in deepest reverence and adoration. How it was possible for any man, woman or child to become acquainted with Him and fail to give Him the warmest devotion of their hearts is a mystery too deep for me to fathom. And so today, it is with joy in my own heart that I behold the ever widening array of those who truly worship Him, whatever their own particular form of religious observance may be. Our Forces on Schare will join you with one accord as you endeavor to give expression to the honor due Him. May you be granted a new and glorified vision of His majestic grandeur and absolute simplicity of speech and bearing and . . . Oh, that you might know the depth of His compassion for the erring children of the planet Shan!

To you who love Him, I can only say, “Did you but know Him as I do, you would love Him more . . . MUCH MORE!
To all my friends “A Merry and a Holy Christmas!”

My Love! (Signed) A S H T A R.”

Naturally he speaks of The Admiral of the FlagShip The New Jerusalem, Lord Sananda Jesus and incarnate now on Earth as head of the Secret Service in the Service of the Office of the Christ, also known now as the King of Swords. This is the same sword Archangel Michael uses, the Sword of Truth, Excalibur.

Often we wonder why our Galactic Family doesn’t come back and help us out with these terrible plights on Earth. We think of their advanced lives and the drudgery we face. We wonder why we wait although we have unwavering devotion to our harsh mortal lives.

About that Ashtar says this:

“Wearily have the days dragged by, while plots and counter plots complicated and multiplied man’s unsolvable problems. We have watched with a horror impossible to repress, man’s ineffectual attempts to extricate himself from the treacherous quicksands of deceptive “agreements” accepted in apparent good faith, only to be ruthlessly trampled under foot when their evil purpose has been achieved.”

There are many situations this describes. Colonization, Land Grabs, Banking Collapses, Book Burnings, Treaties, False Prophets and on and on. One of the horrors for the Space Men is that they cannot help us if we do not help ourselves. When we incarnated we agreed to do anything necessary, endure unending hardships and remain loving throughout no matter how long it took. We are not the Ones who have been waiting for the Space Men to come. It is the Space Men who have been waiting for us to wake up from our sleep, sharpen our senses and make bold moves to change the imbalances on Earth for the sake of ourselves, our Planet and the Cosmos itself.

And this:

“Why do we say the tide has now turned? Because all mankind . . . enslaved or still capable of recovering their lost heritage of freedom . . . begin to see for themselves the enormity of their folly in transgressing laws all-powerful to promote their personal progress and consequent possession of all they most earnestly need and desire!”

The portion of mankind that are still enslaved are the dark Ones. They had altered their own DNA to achieve their goals and the result is they are unable to love. This is the reason they are able to relish in committing atrocities. They are to be pitied and loved. Indeed, Our Creator forgives all that they have done as they too are Divine Sparks of God. As they used their free will to inhibit their cellular ability to hold light and hold love for greedy ends, they have also forgotten they must forgive their crimes. God has already forgiven. This is what keeps them enslaved, the fact that they forgot to love themselves. At any moment in our time they can reach out to Mother Father God and declare they have forgiven themselves and promise to commit their lives anew to love and they will be given all the assistance available in our world to come into New Earth. All of these Ones are capable of reclaiming their heritage of freedom, but many are crippled to do so due to their own self- imposed prison of hate.

When the dark Ones violated Creative Universal Law by altering their DNA to promote their own agenda finally have been able to see what a grandiose mistake this was. In their discovery and understanding they have become afraid. No one wants to suffer Second Death. Second Death 312

is when a Soul is uncreated. All that makes up the Soul on every level in every existence is returned back to light and it is as if the Soul never existed. This will happen to many Souls who have violated Universal Law to the extent of mass genocide and worse. The only way to receive this sentence is to stand trial on the World Court of the International Criminal Court and if found guilty, to go to the Highest Court in our Solar System, the Solar Tribunal on Saturn. If found guilty in both places then the Councilors make a sentence and then there is only One who makes the final decision regarding carrying out the decision of Second Death and that is Mother Sekhmet of the Egyptian Golden Age. It is Sekhmet, who is known in other cultures as Durga in India, who has the sole responsibility of the final decision. All that was born into our Universe was born out of Mother Sekhmet. We are all her children, all Children of the Sun. Any one of her children who committed these atrocities will stand before her in the end.

From Ashtar:

“When will Man cease his ridiculous attempts to obstruct the orderly processes of progressive development as set in motion at the commencement of his sojourn on the planet Shan? The answer is absurdly simple! When he acknowledges to himself that his puny brain and unruly impulses constitute no reliable guide to the acquisition of those tangible and intangible assets without which he cannot hope to escape a most terrifying fate!”

When man realizes that listening to the little mind, the ego, will not result in obtaining his dreams, then only then will he stop acting to obstruct progressive development on Earth. The unruly lower vibration, animal impulse takes us through the programming in the Matrix. An example of this was a popular book called “He is Just Not That Into You,” it was made into a movie in the united States. It was about how women who had been programmed to be ‘good little girls” were wondering why the man they met at a bar did not return their calls. When interviewing men some said they rank women by tiers. This is a sad example of how the “American Dream” teaches us to get an education, mate, have children, buy a house, run up the credit cards, buy toys and die. How absurd.

The tangible and intangible asset we must obtain? Forgiveness and Love.

Ashtar tells us that there is so much pollution in our environment back in 1955 that without the constant intervention of the Galactic Federation we would not have made it.

Ashtar speaks:

“As of the time of this writing (January, 1955) earth’s atmospheric envelope be impregnated with many deleterious elements inimical to the health and development of any human body, particularly one delicately attuned to high vibrational frequencies. Such an one must be constantly safe-guarded against these infringing constituents of the very air they must

breathe to sustain life. Not alone the air but the seldom recognized subversive thought streams, betimes well nigh flood the mental atmosphere and drown out the more sensitive upward-reaching ten-drills of hope and faith.

To counteract these and other dangerous deterrents to Man’s wholesome life both physical and spiritual, certain purifying processes be constantly employed by the Invisible Guardians of the planet, else would ye perish. Ye have observed what ye call an “electric storm” with its pyrotechnical display of lightning, and have noted the ensuing freshening of the atmosphere, making it a pleasure to draw in deep draughts of purified air. This be but one of countless artifices contrived to lessen the dangers lurking in the ether about thee. Other threats to thy health of body and mind (for they be woven together like the woof and warp of a fabric) be not so easily apprehended.”

The dark Ones have employed many practices beyond our imagination to reach our minds without our knowing. I have seen many versions of these practices and they are hard to describe. It is similar to a drip of water in the background, drip, drip, drip, drip…harmless in itself but in a certain context could literally drive one insane. As Ashtar says, it is not so easily apprehended, it is literally woven into the fabric of our 3D existence.

Ashtar says WE MUST ASK for any and all help. He repeatedly says our Galactic Family cannot help us unless we help ourselves first. We must initiate the healing of all things. We must be active constituents of our government. 315

We must reject oil companies and health insurance companies and corrupt government and banks from forcing us into slavery. He says as we help ourselves and also ask for heavenly assistance then help will come in unexpected and often strange ways.

Ashtar tells us to Guard our Hearts:

“Refuse to accept the ultimatum of Discouragement and defeat urged upon thee by evil forces rampant at this time. Pin thy faith to the redemptive forces sent of thy Heavenly Father to rescue thee from thy perilous position. As an airplane doth utilize the “fuel” provided to furnish the power it must have, that it may soar far above the sordid environment of a material world, so do thou avail thyself of the means provided for thy flight into the pure atmosphere of Divine replenishment.”

Fifty years later this admonishment is even more true. The internet was created by our Higher Selves desire to connect with others with ease from around the world and have an international forum for whistle blowing. It has proven time and again to break up the false flags of fear transmissions and reveal the truths which we did not perceive the first time around, such as 911 Truth. Another example is the wikileaks seventeen minute video showing us how the united States helicopter soldiers are chipped and programmed and killing civilians in war time. By listening to the soldiers voices and watching them kill and then sharing the video, the End ALL Wars movement gained much new insight to those who had not seen with eyes which see before.

Ashtar speaks about holding strong until the Day of Emergence:

“Until the Day of the Great Illumination, there will unavoidably be a struggle to attain and maintain at all times content and perfect attunement with this Divine Source of Life and Love Triumphant! Yet, herein doth lie thy freedom from the fretting exigencies arising from incessant friction twixt the fast receding customs and systems of a decadent and expiring age and that glorious New Age of unexplored marvels along every line of constructive and progressive effort.”

We are intrinsically connected to the Cosmos so the movement of the spheres in heaven, astrology, cosmic waves bombarding Earth and the rhythm and flow energy as defined by the Mayan calendar effects everything we do. We have our good days and our bad. We must do everything in our power to have bright happy attitudes, no judgment, compassion and love for all without exception. By doing this we bring in the New Age of enlightenment, existence on the Etheric Realm of the 5th Dimension.

The first Dimension is a point. The second Dimension is a plane of existence. A point on a horizon. The 3rd Dimension is latitude. Consider the x and y axis as in algebra. The 4th Dimension is time and only time. A point in space and time. The 5th Dimension is the Etheric Plane. It is from the 5th Dimension we have the ability to travel on the StarShips between matter and antimatter. This is when we become what I affectionately call a Jetson society. The Jetsons is a popular cartoon in the united States from 317

the 1970s. Everyone had their own Shuttle Craft in the Jetsons and lived in space.

Ashtar explains to us about religions as they play a role with the Galactic Federation:

“We would make it clear at the outset that we are not seeking to “convert” you to any formula of religious concept, other than the simplest precepts laid down by the Divine Master, the Christ of God. Many of these same principles were enunciated by inspired men, saints and seers, sent of God down through the ages. When the people of Shan refused to accept their teachings and put them into practice, they left your earth and transferred their efforts to more receptive minds and hearts on other planes and planets.

Whether you choose to accept my statement or not, it is a fact that there are no “closed doors” between those who temporarily reside on any plane or planet, unless through sheer stupidity, ignorance or absurd and unfounded fear you yourselves close and lock the door. Quite true, the “open doorway” must always be guarded by strong forces to prevent the entrance of unwelcome visitors. As you know, these guards are provided on request.”

We each, no matter which plane or Planet of development we live on, experience growth through enlightenment. There are no shortcuts as we continue constantly in a process of ascension evolution. When we achieve enlightenment then religious instructions become completely unnecessary. These are in place for those not yet initiated into Higher Learning. The only way to achieve 318

enlightenment is to study Sacred Scripture and Daily meditation. These practices are taught in all major religions. Each Prophet taught these through the ages, not only in this Earth Creation, but also in all previous Earth Creations.

We have always been taught to become one with our Highest Self – the Highest Level of Consciousness. This is known as the Atma and referred to as becoming the Christ Self. All of those within the Galactic Federation have achieved their individual Christ Consciousness as evidenced by the fact they exist at the Etheric Level, the 5th Dimension. Indeed no one now on Earth has achieved Christ Consciousness less than 3 times before otherwise you would not be invited to be incarnate here now during this important era. The Divine Master, the Christ of God, Jesus was a Bodhisattva and studied in many cultures and studied many religions during what we call the Lost Years. This period of his life is not typically in writing because it was perceived by those who wish to control us that there would be a sharing of too much Galactic information and we may remember who we really are.

Ashtar is telling us we have clear open access to the Teachings of the Wise at any time. All we must do is ask and the surest way is through meditation. He says this is always true irregardless of our belief and only through sheer stupidity, ignorance or absurd and unfounded fear do we deny this Universal Truth. The reason the surest way to Contact with the Sages and Seers including all the Galactics and the Angels is through meditation is because their chosen communication is telepathy. You may here 319

them speak to you through your still small voice inside. Do not be afraid to call to them inside prayer and listen for an answer. He says these open doorways of communication are always Guarded to be sure transmission come from only within the Office of the Christ. He advises when we meditate we ask for such Guardianship. A simple and sure way of accomplishing this is by calling Archangel Michael and asking for a Golden Dome of Protection to cover your Being during your meditations. That is all the asking it takes. Take Michael with you on all of your Journeys out of body. He will tell you himself he is pleased and happy to be of Service when asked this way. Always remember to thank him after the end of each journey.

Next Ashtar explains how things are for the Kumaras on other realms as far as teaching and learning are concerned.

“But to return to the more “practical” aspects of progressed living conditions as enjoyed by the citizens of Venus, and similarly enlightened planets: As the entire environment and the atmosphere itself has become saturated with thoughts and emotional vibrations conducive to clear mental concepts and high ideals, you can easily understand that our problems of behavior are practically non-existent or, at least, reduced to a minimum. No one on any level of mortal existence (and we are mortals in a very real sense) enjoys being looked down upon by his fellows. Even a criminal aspires to be a sort of “super-criminal.”

Thus it is that having established certain “codes of honor” in our everyday living and finding it a definitely enjoyable way of life, it seldom occurs to the

youth of our planet to look for their pleasure in unprofitable pursuits. Actually they are too busy seeking to excel in their own chosen profession or avocation! Frequent “tests” are held . . . you would, perhaps, call them “Fairs” . . . where many exhibits are on display and trophies awarded for unusual skill, originality and dexterity gas demonstrated mechanically, artistically, mentally or along any line of constructive effort to reach a high and ever higher goal of perfection, with suitable recognition of each evidence of progress made, often works wonders with those inclined to lag behind. We keep a personal televised record of the progress of every student enrolled in our schools. Thus, they compete with their own past achievements, as well as with others in approximately the same category.

With what you term “The younger generation” reared in this manner, you will readily comprehend the way in which they are enabled to apply the principles and utilize the essential etheric properties contained in the super-charged magnetic orbit which surrounds our home planet. An absurd theory exists in the minds of some earth people we have observed that the type of existence we have attained must be slightly insipid and monotonous. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Our lives are fairly teeming with ever-expanding interest and activities! You have a trifling example of my meaning in the constant improvements made in your automobiles and household appliances. Even their method of propulsion is constantly subject to revision. Then, why doubt or wonder that, on a planet where war has long since been abolished and all diabolically

destructive practices are unknown, we have evolved a system of Self-government which fosters individual initiative contributing to an Over-all Plan whereby each community forms a perfectly coordinating unit in an ever progressing planet of magnificent achievement and surpassing beauty. Our knowledge, our skill, our equipment and power to use it, all are at your service as you prove yourselves willing to learn and abide by Cosmic Laws which we obey.

In the Name of our beloved Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ, we bless you and give you our love!”

The Seven Holy Kumaras each govern one of our Matter Universes called the Intergalactic Confederation of Seven Universes. Admiral Lincor is head of the Star Fleet over the Seven Holy Kumaras. They each report to him from their Command Stations on their MotherShips. Admiral Sananda Kumara leads the Universe Nebadon. Earth is within that Universe. We are also familiar with Sanat Kumara. Sanat has been known to many cultures throughout the aeons of time on Earth. We call him The Ancient of Days.

It has been said, long before Jesus’ Galilean Mission, Earth had already become so polluted by fallen influences that the Planet could no longer be spiritually and physically sustained. This is where the story of Sanat Kumara and 144,000 volunteers from Venus comes in. To save Earth, these high souls chose to follow their guru in exile from Venus a planet of beauty and love.

Sananda Kumara and Ashtar as well as St Germain are the Kumaras of Venus who have come to Earth through the aeons of time to hold the light until the end of duality. Now they return for the Day of Emergence. Some have never left Earth. Ashtar has had one Earth incarnation as Pacal Votan. This is Sananda’s 7th Earth incarnation. Sananda has also been known as Jesus, Zoroaster and Tutankhamen.

What we call Flying Saucers or StarShips are truly Direct Emissaries from more advanced Planets coming at the mandate of the Spiritual Hierarchy Government within this Universe, responsible for Humanity on Earth.

This is the sole purpose of those visiting us from Outer Space. Ashtar will add further details of this Heaven- Appointed Mission to mankind at his discretion.

Ashtar would like us to understand the Flying Legions of Space Men have nothing to gain for helping us with the difficult tedious task no matter how long it takes. The only satisfaction will be the satisfaction of completing a praise worthy job. Additionally when success comes the Master Jesus Lord Sananda may assume His Sovereignship over a world completely renovated and renewed.

When Earth Ascends we will be operating in the 5th Dimension. The Matter Universes exist on the 5th to the 12th Dimensions. From the 13th Dimension on we are existing within the Anti-Matter Universes. When we exist within the 5th Dimension we have the ability, due to the atmosphere changes to travel etherically as we desire from 323

the Matter to the Anti-Matter Universes and back. We also have the ability to travel back to the 3rd Dimension as we desire and go back and forth without limitation. At the time of Decloakings and Disclosure the StarShips will bring with them all of the technology we need to completely restore Earth to its pristine beauty. The old will be torn down and it will be rebuilt. Furthermore, we will receive assistance in establishing a new self-governance and gain status to become approved to join the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. We will all move up into new responsibilities. Our monetary systems, Healing Abilities, Schools and Training and all aspects of human existence on Earth will improve. We will have at no charge at all all the things for basic existence and add to that a new society where we can create in ways not previously remembered. We leave the lives of slavery and explore the arts, cosmology and creation in exciting new ways.

Ashtar said in 1955 that it is devastating to Humanity on Earth that they do not recognize and ask for the assistance. He goes on to say that they will employ numerous techniques to keep their existence here forefront in our minds and they will wait until we are ready for more help.

Ashtar pleas:

“BE LOGICAL! BE COURAGEOUS! Above all, obey one of Nature’s most insistent laws—the Law of Self-Preservation!
WE ARE HERE TO HELP! Give us a hand, won’t you?”

Ashtar lets us know consciousness is rising in the united States as well as other countries from curiosity to something to be shrugged off as irrelevant to weighing the potential of Space Men’s involvement in our society.

Ashtar says:

“I am taking this means to advise you that most assuredly we shall intervene to protect this or any country on the planet Shan which places its trust in God Almighty and His Son who is His personal representative on this globe.”

Ashtar is letting the reptilian war lords know that he and the Galactic Federation will spare no help to recover Earth. These messages are as much for the Intergalactic War Criminals as they are for us. Ashtar asks for us to help by acquiring as much information from reliable sources as possible. He says it is imperative the public be aware of the Galactic Federation and be alerted to the purpose of their return. The Galactics are our family. Ashtar suggests promoting a wholesome interest in extraterrestrials and visitations. He counsels to deny their existence or doubt their friendly purpose is an outdated perception.

Ashtar Instructs:

“Encourage the forming of space clubs or small groups to meet at stated intervals for discussion of the latest news available. Stress the fact that our first urgent objective must be the removal of the causes necessitating

illegitimate use of newly apprehended forces capable of completely disintegrating this planet and doing irreparable damage to all forms of living substance in close proximity thereto. We know the extremity reached in the downward course of power-crazed potentates! Under no other circumstances would we have been entreated to undertake our present mission or empowered to intervene and prevent the extermination of the inhabitants of Shan. As the opportunity occurs, let your friends know we do not come as adventurers seeking excitement, nor as scientists in quest of fresh knowledge! What could we learn in your laboratories with their passé equipment, or what satisfaction find in the hurly-burly of senseless clashes in mental or physical arenas of action?

Perhaps it would be well to again emphasize the fact that your inmost thoughts and desires, as well as your acts, create either a very real barrier, or point of contact, according as you reject our way of life (based on the true Christ Principles) or harmonize with our concept of constructive and progressive living. We have passed through a long and tedious process of re-appraisal and re- evaluation of all Life has to offer in the final analysis, since first we were favored with wise and patient Teachers from “Outer Space.”

What they did for us ages ago, we now offer to do for you! It is against every tenet in our code of honor to attempt to force you to accept our services in the capacity of Teachers. Yet this I can promise in all sincerity! Should our offer of genuine, practical assistance be welcome and the necessary preliminary steps be taken, we can and will joyfully pass on to you

the knowledge we possess. Not only will we do this, but we will “loan” you many of our most expert and experienced teachers in every branch of art and industry to initiate you into the secrets we have tried out and proven one hundred percent effective in creating a world of incredible beauty and endless delight.”

Here he urges us to have social connections and fight for no more nukes. Whenever we ask Ashtar when they are coming he often says: “No Dates. No Nukes. No Flukes.”
No mistakes. Soon we will be living in a world of incredible beauty and endless delight.

Finally he adds:

“Until you have attained some reasonable concept of such a planet and such a life, I fear it would be unwise to extend to you an invitation to visit us in my home on Venus!”

I would love to visit with Ashtar on Venus. We have to be ready in our hearts and our minds, in consensus as one before we can take the next step together.

Ashtar describes Venus to us. He explains that the Kumaras of Venus have well earned the privilege to help us and serve in the filial role of ‘Elder Brother.’

Ashtar tells us they will continue as long as it takes:

“…..guiding, encouraging and commending any forward step, as our comrades of earth fall into line with our steady 327

march toward our goal . . . the acceptance of our Beloved Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ, as Ruler of Shan (planet earth)! Until he mounts his rightful throne of Power and Glory, and is accepted by mankind in a true spirit of loyalty and devotion, we are bound by our sacred word of honor to serve in any way which will speed that denouement.”

Ashtar explains that the physical delights on the etheric plane are so wonderful he is at a loss to find words to describe it in a powerful enough way that we will comprehend how different it is.

“When you “hear” the full, complete harmony of a celestial orchestra or the crystal-clear tones of a heart- stirring melody sung by one you regard as angelic . . . when a fragrance of unforgettable sweetness is wafted to you from you know not where . . . when a mental vision is reflected from some entrancing beauty spot, perhaps on Venus itself .. . when there surges through your entire being ecstasy which sets your heart aglow with love for every creature, for every growing thing from tiniest blossom to towering monarch of the forest, for every mortal who worships the great Creator . . . when you enjoy the full flavor of a delectable contribution to your daily repast direct from Nature’s matchless storehouse of edibles (unspoiled by man’s tampering processes) . . . have you not

had a tantalizing foretaste of the “sensory pleasures” which many earth people imagine they must forego upon leaving their earth home which has yielded them all too scanty a portion of genuine pleasure?

Yet it is an undeniable fact that we retain, in amplified, intensified form suited to our more sensitized capacity for enjoyment, all you have found truly pleasurable in your “material existence” as you call it. We hear and are especially susceptible to aromas . . . though we have none offensive to our sensitive nostrils. We have clarity of vision, extending to realms hidden from your eyes, no matter how expert your oculist may be! Our sense of touch is delicately adjusted to objects cast in a more etheric mold than those you encounter, and more easily shattered. In fact, they may be altered or even obliterated by the power of thought alone (which might be considered a desirable achievement in the case of decrepit bits of furnishings I have observed, especially in what you name your “attics”?)”

Within the 5th Dimension exists a vibration which all objects align to which we call Love. Everything on the Etheric stems from and is created in the vibration of Love. Joy and Ecstasy are the baseline experiences in such an environment. Ashtar goes on to say that to have the freedom to obtain their highest aspirations is something they greatly treasure.

He adds:

“Until then, my love and my warmest gratitude for your assurances of your confidence and affection, received by mail and via “wireless!” Thank you and God bless you!”

The wireless communication he is referring to here is telepathic communication. This can be experienced by

sensitives in waking consciousness and also in our sleeping dream state.

Lord Sananda delivers an Easter Message by saying that we are programmed in the matrix to interpret words a certain way. He is working, he explains, to describe things to us about the Commander Sananda Jesus and the Galactic Federation in ways that we can comprehend with this requisite programming.

“At this culminating period of intense effort on the part of all Light Forces to enter every smallest opening in mortal minds and hearts with the illuminating power of Christ- Love, it be given Me, the Christ-of-God once manifesting in mortal form, to give every human being some glimpse of My glorified Being! Until the mass of mankind be brought to a point where they yearn exceedingly to know Me (or the spirit of Truth which motivates My every word and act) of what avail would be My manifestation in garb of flesh? Would it not be accredited by the majority of mankind to some absurd, theoretical fantasies invented by minds closed to inspired revelation of Truth?

Lo, ye do contradict thine own selves! One moment you pray for a visible demonstration of the reality of One sent into flesh nigh two thousand years agone, that thus thy faith may be justified. The next moment ye deride and scoff at anyone who tells thee of beings (not from highest heaven but from advanced planets more easily comprehensible to untutored, immature minds) sent of the Father to lead mankind to a partial understanding of the spiritual laws by which man may progress.

My words of Truth and Life have been discarded by the multitudes as “impractical,” have been distorted, have been mouthed in “vain repetitions” until they have well- nigh lost their power to reach men’s souls, have been relegated to the realm of childish fondness for pleasing tales, oft cast aside as they grow to maturity. Think these be fitting preparations for My manifestation in mortal guise?

Oh, my little children of earth, list not to those who prate of vast stores of knowledge to be acquired through years of arduous study of ponderous tomes designed to confuse thy minds and divert thee from the simple, direct pathway leading to true companionship with thy Master in thy daily thinking and living! One Truth lived each hour of every day in conscious attunement with thy Master and thy Heavenly Father doth bring Me closer to thee than endless hours of reasoning about this or that theory concerning Life and its purpose.

To see Me with thy physical eyes would be to thee a boon beyond price, and this shall not be denied thee . . . yet will ye hasten the time of its occurring if ye will but behold Me in My spirit manifestation walking by thy side wherever duty calleth thee, revealing unto thee through our close understanding in what wise ye may best fulfill the tasks allotted to thee ere ye embarked upon thy present earth span.

Many now reading My written words be here as “ambassadors” from far flung vistas of “outer space,” having volunteered to endure the irritations of fleshly existence that they might in some wise aid in turning men’s minds toward a Christly mode of living. Unto these consecrated ones I say, “Lo, I shall give unto thee,

mayhap in a way ye be not expecting, a true vision of thy Master and His boundless love for thee!”
Wouldst thou choose to see Me clothed in radiance of glory so dazzling you could not approach Me in thine earthly habiliments? Or may I come unto thee in seamless robe of perfect understanding of thine own earthly circumstances and problems?

Choose thee the latter, I pray thee, and in due season thy faithful service, performed in My Name and by My Power,
shall lead thee to the hour appointed by our Heavenly Father when thou shalt see thy Master face-to-face! Lo, this shall be thine own “Easter Morning” of never- ending, joyous recognition of thine ever present Friend and Counselor,


Our Brothers and Sisters from more advanced Planets have beckoned to Earth to help us in every way. Lord Sananda says in his message we are not yet ready. Also, that he will not come until there is a deep desire by a majority on Earth to see him and the Truth he can bring. In the next breath he admonishes us for having small minds not willing to comprehend that this help comes in the form of Starships and a Legion of Forces loving us as our own family.

Sananda Jesus goes on to say that our little minds tell us we must listen to religious who have programmed ego to believe church is the only way to connect with him. He assures us as we merge with his energy everyday, speak with him telepathically and align our lives as the Christ- teaching has taught us, Love One Another, he tells us that 332

is the only True Path to his returning in the flesh body. Sananda explains to see him return in the flesh body, which is a solemn promise will be like a priceless blessing. He instructs us this will happen sooner if we spend our prayer time with him. He implores us to ask him to come and walk on the Earth. He explains if you are indeed reading these words you are an Ambassador from Outer Space, a Starseed. He will gift the Starseeds who have endured the harsh conditions now on Earth in order to raise consciousness to Christ Consciousness and keep their eyes on the skies, a special blessing.

Sananda goes on to say it is wise if we see him as someone who has experienced Earth suffering of separation and he understands us and our problems. He prefers to be seen this way than as some glorious being in glowing robes.

Ashtar adds his own Easter Message which holds an admonishment inviting us to get it together:

“We, who come as Messengers and Deliverers from the “powers of Darkness” now encompassing your planet, beseech you to heed the note of warning concealed in this Easter Message and “step up” all your own vibrations to a level where you can bear the radiance streaming from the glorified Cross, which is the symbol of our Risen Lord, forever freed from the limitations of earth life…..Some of you may question this saying, “The Christ Spirit is indwelling in each of us!” This we gladly concede is true! And this Christ Spirit manifests in many guises on all planes and planets. The Spirit of Kindness, of Compassion, of Mercy, of Joy, of Beauty, of

Love in all its multitudinous forms . . . all of these are reflections of the Christ Spirit which our Master so magnificently presented for our emulation during His sojourn on Shan (the earth).

Each mortal seeking to follow in His footsteps acts as a magnet to draw to earth those qualified to assist in restoring that perfection of both material and spiritual beauty it originally possessed in the Mind of the Creator! It is our great privilege to aid in this restoration under the direction of our Master and yours, Jesus the Christ! A glorious Easter to you in which we shall share, with all the hosts of heaven rejoicing at your response to the Call . . . “Come up higher!””

Ashtar tells us Sananda Jesus message says that although we are surrounded by dark forces, for which he returns to lend a hand that there is much more we must do. As we act as Christ demonstrating a Spirit of Kindness, of Compassion, of Mercy, of Joy, of Beauty and of Love in all their forms, will raise our vibratory field into the Etheric Realm and this attracts by magnetism the return of the living Christ. We must love the Intergalactic War Criminals unconditionally so they may pass out of this World and we may commence New Earth.

At the time of this writing Ashtar and his Forces were battling the dark Ones to let go of their power hold on what was fifty years ago a bleak outlook on the Astral Plane. It is there that the dark Ones rooted in their power and it would cord in and be extended to physical Earth. All of those issues now are completely negated and destroyed. This accounting is no longer an issue. There were many 334

battles fought from StarShips with the negative Extraterrestrials who attempted to have power over Earth. These are the same Extraterrestrials who had at this time been making abductions and experimenting with humans especially with reproduction and DNA harvesting. These are also those that did the cattle mutilations. Back in the 1950‘s the Astral Plane was a very dark place, surrounding Earth. The Astral Plane has been cleansed of all problems and is restored to the Light. We had to clear all of these negative Commands from the Astral Realm of Earth first. I have done much writing on my involvement with this clearing. The last negative ET MotherShip was destroyed in November 2009 and we are complete on that phase of the plan.

Ashtar speaks here about destruction of the dark Forces, the Fallen Angels:

“Following the demolition of destructive agencies, animate and inanimate, ye will concede the obvious need for a well implemented program devised to fire the imagination and arouse the aspirations of every member of the human family, in accord with their own individual ability to contribute to the Over-all Plan! Every faculty possessed by mortals may be fitted into the mosaic of New Age activities. In this way those formerly suffering frustration and defeat will feel a new surge of confidence in their competence to follow their clearly indicated aptitude for certain types of service in research, invention, mechanical skill, or whatever their talent may be, to a successful conclusion.

To this end hath it been ordained that many doors to knowledge hitherto barred to mortals, will be opened to

those who through trials oft accounted unjust (and rightly so!) have, nevertheless, proven themselves to be worthy to receive the boon they long have sought. To them will be given the keys to mysteries long veiled from mortal eyes, awaiting the propitious time for their revealing. Devious methods will be employed for the transmission of what be to many startling new facts regarding invisible forces, extremely powerful and yet (how wisely!) impossible to contact, or even apprehend from an intellectual standpoint, save by one elevated to a high level of spiritual awareness of the inviolable sanctity of any knowledge touching on energies emanating fromDivinity Itself! Not in any promiscuous and haphazard fashion will the requisite aids to the acquisition of such supernal knowledge be provided. Many factors will enter into the bestowal of such gifts, chief of which will be the character of the one in quest of any particular type of information, and his purpose. These qualifications may best be ascertained by a survey of his objectives and achievements in past incarnations. Such an inspection would necessarily be done by a very advanced mentor or specialist appointed for the task. The person whose past record be subjected to such scrutiny be not consulted or conscious of the procedure. We might interject the comment that many highly evolved men and women now on earth have undergone such an investigation and have been approved for admittance to the tutelage of adepts, awaiting only the moment of the world’s emancipation from the domination of destructive forces to begin their collaborative work with their students. This active partnership between one in close touch with the material world and one in direct contact
with supernal knowledge will be one of the major marvels of the New Age.”

Ashtar is saying even after all the dark Ones are removed we will still have to wake up the rest of humanity. As we get closer to Decloakings and Announcements we will have cleared and cleansed enough on this Planet that we will begin to feel confidence that the Plan is working. It is important to share this message with as many as possible. It will be at the same time that Higher Teachings will be revealed as we continue to study Ancient Scripture and remember who we are and where we are from. As we declare, with sincerity, to Ashtar, on the Inner Planes our intentions of developing our nature into a Christed Being serving our Lord and offering our energies to the Plan, more and more knowledge is bestowed upon us. The way to accomplish this is by doing it. Merge with the trusted Master of your choice and dedicate all you are and all you have to them in carrying out the Plan. When the Ships land we each will have 2-3 Mentors from the Ships to help us learn new adept abilities and this will be available to Everybody. It is part of the Plan.

It is up to the men and women of Earth to avail themselves to lifting this Planet up for Ascension through their exerted and continuous actions. In doing this we receive assistance from our Galactic Ancestors from the Stars. If you take all of the UFO sightings around the world since the Roswell, New Mexico crash in 1947 you will see that they fall into a definitive pattern which can be defined as the Earth Grid. When Earth Ascends the pyramids, ziggurats, and portals will be activated by Lord Ashtar from The New Jerusalem 337

to create a Force Field on Earth that will make any aggression impossible. This will be an end to all wars. Duality on Earth will end. We will enter a Unity Consciousness. It is with this frequency of Love, this energy will be used to make free power for everyone on Earth. All of the alternative forms of Energy will be used by Everybody.

Ashtar says at the time of this writing that his Etheric Forces are in StarShips and making contact. This continues today. This is part of the Plan to reveal to Man the loving aspects of these Beings and bring the word so we may make necessary changes. These Beings indeed bring with them the Universal Cosmic Laws that when applied on Earth will bring all these changes into reality.

We can now assure everyone still questioning the information about Space Men that they come in Peace for the purpose of the Highest Service to Earth and her inhabitants.

About friendly visitations Ashtar says this:

“It is our desire to attract your attention and invite your confidence through visible manifestations of various kinds. However, do not for one moment conclude that this is our chief objective. God forbid! Our revered and Beloved Jesus. the Christ, did “many mighty works” when He lived as a man among mortals, yet His real mission was to teach men the meaning of Life, both here and hereafter.

And so we rejoice that our vital mission to Shan is being recognized by many who meet and talk with us during the hours when their physical bodies are wrapped in slumber. The ideas, the truths, disclosed in these nocturnal conferences are stored in their superconscious minds and our new friends later work them into the patterns of their daily lives.”

As we increase our devotion, longing, intensity passion and love in the execution of the Plan we indeed make it manifest. For those who endeavor to have telepathic connections with Ashtar consciously go inside your heart. Sit quietly and speak out loud or inside your mind all of your concerns. If you desire, make a commitment to the Plan in this conversation. Ask Ashtar to Guide you in the important next steps in your life. Sit and talk to him anytime and as often as possible. This opens the channel for telepathic communication. Ashtar is very approachable and does not stand on ceremony. Nonetheless be mindful of what an extremely rare gift it is to commune with him this way. Approach him with an open heart, humility and reverence. Always remember to Thank Him for these contacts.

Ashtar shares with us here about KOS millions of men on Earth helping bring the Plan to fruition, especially in the function of arrests:

“Science directed into channels of dynamic activity which will lift the human race to a new, a higher type of existence in accord with its God-designed destiny, will bring into reality that Golden Age now dawning on the consciousness of all awakened souls. Our newly consummated contact

with such souls is of profound significance to us and promises to play a major role in the emancipation of Shan from the domination of utterly subversive forces whether visible or invisible!

We pledge you our whole-hearted support in each and every constructive effort in every field of endeavor looking toward the illumination of your spirits, minds . . . yes, and the very earth on which your feet tread! May our mission to Shan be blessed with a speedy success by the Father of us all and His Beloved Son, Jesus the Christ!”

Ashtar explains the Galactic Federation’s contact with these Galactic Humans has profound significance on success of the Plan. He reminds us here serving now to hang in there because We Are Going Home!

During the Reconstruction period of Earth’s regeneration all of Ashtar’s Forces will be able to transmit to us from the Ships. Large projection screens will be placed in public areas. Also, the Galactics will transmit messages through the televisions and radios of Earth immediately to explain all the changes. We call this Announcements. All previous programming will be interrupted and for good reason. The Announcements will start on the Day of Emergence and continue for weeks on many subjects so that Everybody will be informed and no one will be left out. These transmissions will go out even to the poorest areas of Earth on computer streams and printed in established newspapers. These messages will go out in the local language. Mother Sekhmet, St Germain, KOS, Lady Master Nada, Archangels Michael and Metatron, Lord Maitreya with Sananda Jesus and Ashtar, with millions of others 340

from the Galactic Federation, will play a major role in helping us through these changes.

At the same time Mentors will go out to Everybody on Earth to give us individual counseling on our role in New Earth. Everything will be of free will and will be of the Highest Service to Humanity on Earth. These Counselors will be dressed in the local clothes and appear as local residents of the area. When we enter the Etheric Levels and the StarShips land then we will be in the 5th Dimension. No one will have fear of the changes. There will be teachers of the language and understanding of the customs and religions of all local peoples. The Galactics have incarnated on Earth many times and they will be returning to their homelands for their Spiritual Service of birthing the New Earth. These are our Elder Family here to help us. When the Kalki Maitreya comes on the Day of Emergence he will be able to transmit telepathically into the hearts and minds every Soul on Earth and will transmit a Love energy so pure that no one will mistake the reason for the StarShips mass decloakings followed by landings. It will be a very happy time for our Galactic Family Reunions.

Now that we have survived the almost complete destruction of Earth and served under slave conditions we have grown truly weary. Ashtar will bring Masters from other Planets to transmit information and instruction to quickly rejuvenate our Souls and effect lasting change. Even after arrival, the Galactics will not do it for us, but they will assist us in every step.

About that he says this:

“They will soon emerge from the apathy induced by domination to the point of slavery, and their minds once awakened will eagerly accept and put into actual practice the principles explained and new methods applicable to their daily tasks. By utilizing “moving pictures” (taken on other planets) demonstrating these improved techniques within the compass of their understanding, then patiently answering questions regarding the use of unfamiliar implements, they will readily respond and cooperate. We use these downtrodden people to illustrate this system of teaching. By “importing” speakers from high planes and other

planets to give detailed instructions on a multitude of different topics, fully illustrated, desired changes in customs and general behavior of the populace will be quickly achieved.”

When we are all given our personal replicators, hand held healing machines and shuttle craft, we will be able to tune in to the instructions for use immediately. No need to read the package insert. We will also be closely guided on how to better use resources and work together without borders. No thing that is presented will be forced. All are at free will to enjoy these things as they require. There will be so much joy and ecstasy at these new discoveries, we will immediately understand the gifts beauty. When the Master Teachers arrive they will walk in their bodies and clothes as you remember them. Jesus will return to walk on Earth and you will not mistake it is him. Moses, Mohammed, Krishna, indeed all of Earths Teachers will return as themselves and walk among us freely. There will be a great

joy as they return to lift us out of the darkness. Pray on this and bring it into fruition now.
Ashtarʼs last transmission completes this way:

“If you are able to visualize such a marvelously, joyously “revised edition” of your present doleful life in toto . . . then I greet you as future residents of the New World in a New Age!”

As we endeavor to enlightenment by studying our Ancient Texts, the Sacred Galactic Scripture left behind in every culture around the world as well as meditate every day, we eventually manage to remember the process involved in telepathy with these Great Masters. In following Ashtarʼs sage instructions to live as Christ lived with Mercy, Compassion and Love, we magnetize to us the changes for New Earth that we have incarnated to complete. We will do it together and We Will Do It With Love.



Ch 8









In Days to Come

BY “ASHTAR” Received through Automatic Writing

by E. P. H.


NEW AGE PUBLISHING CO. 1542 Glendale Boulevard Los Angeles 26, California



As spiritual pioneers of the New Age, there are many things to consider. Certainly the coming of the so-called Flying Saucers is a momentous “sign of the times,” and the attitude taken towards them is an unmistakable measuring rod of your intelligence and spiritual status.

People interested in Flying Saucers fall into three categories–those who are indifferent to the whole matter, those who are interested only in the physical aspects, who pride themselves on their “scientific attitude,” but close their mind to every evidence not in keeping with their own theories, and those who “believe” in Flying Saucers and the possibility of communication with Spacemen.

Among the latter we find some, it is true, who are mentally not capable of weighing evidence and the nature of various reports and “believe” everybody who claims to have made a contact with Spacemen and every wild story. Naturally such people are ridiculed by the more “sober minded,” who reserve judgment until they find some evidence for acceptance. On the other hand, is he who senses the tremendous import of Flying Saucers any less intelligent than he who point blank refuses to even consider the possibility of higher worlds and communications with Spacemen through extrasensory perception?

Extrasensory perception is now scientifically proven, established by Prof. Rhine of Duke University. And why shouldn’t’ beings from Outer Space, more advanced in this sort of thing, communicate with receptive individuals here on earth?



Now, a high degree of development of both intelligence and extrasensory perception is of course, ideal, but the lack of the former is no more regrettable than the lack of the latter. As to “men of science,” they must necessarily have highly trained minds, but they may be utterly lacking in extrasensory perception or any sort of spiritual perception, which requires the unfoldment of latent, little known faculties in man.

Fortunately for humanity, the number of those who intuitively feel the possibility of intercommunication between dwellers on this planet and in other worlds, is constantly growing and the biting ridicule of materialists cannot shake their faith, for the earth is moving into a new “dimension” and the requirements for the “survival of the fittest” is changing. Once it was brawn, but now it is precisely the extrasensory faculty. The life of many a soldier has been saved by a sudden “hunch.” Mental telepathy will be far more common in the future and one day will be considered “standard equipment.” For the present, the man or woman who has it, is far more likely to survive in these days of earthquakes, floods and bombings.

For he or she who gets the “hunch” to leave a certain place before a bomb falls, before an earthquake rocks the house, or fire breaks out, has a far greater chance to survive than those who do not have such “hunches.” A man may be smart enough to “get the best of the other fellow,” strong as an ox, and very “practical,” and have a well trained mind, but still may not be able to foresee disaster.



In these perilous times, it is not necessarily the one with the biggest bank roll, or who is socially secure, and has a private bomb shelter, who will survive, but rather the one who has learned to follow hunches, who feels an inner “guidance,” and remains calm.

In a recent lecture Franklin Thomas pointed out that in the New Age, thoughts will be increasingly visible, and therefore deception and what is now called “hypocrisy” will be of no avail. For the present, a man or woman, who can sense the motive or feel the thoughts of another, is certainly in a much “safer” position than one who is easily fooled by a charming personality or by first class “acting.” I know a man who can lie with complete assurance, look you straight in the eye, while recounting the most fantastic lies, and he fools many so-called “intelligent” people. Whole fortunes and certainly lives have been lost or ruined because someone “trusted” the wrong person.

So . . . the possession of extrasensory perception is no longer a faculty that can be considered a rare luxury, but rather a necessity for survival. In the Bible we are told that in the last days even the elect would be deceived, if it were possible . . . Evil loves to hide itself under many different kinds of cloaks, and the most dangerous enemy is one who is skilled in perfect deception.

Now, as to extrasensory perception in connection with communication with higher worlds and beings—this is, of course, the first requirement in such a relationship. A person, no matter how much and how often he may “affirm” his divine perfection, if he isn’t receptive and 347


sensitive to higher influences, will not and cannot receive any instruction from higher sources. It takes a humble and receptive mind, well disciplined and properly “attuned.” And before any attempt be made to commune with higher beings, let it be said that one should first learn how to get in touch with one’s own higher self, sometimes called the “guardian angel.”

Now here we come to an important point. Modern metaphysics, although it has helped thousands, made them more self-reliant, positive in their thinking, intellectually mature and responsible, nevertheless has practically ignored the fact that there are beings in this universe beside ourselves, beings which the ancients sometimes called angels, and who are now being called “space men.”

According to occult science and the Bible, there are orders of beings, called by various names, who in times of great need, especially, come to earth to offer their assistance to men. Why shouldn’t they be able to impress thoughts and ideas on receptive individuals?

All down the ages there have been mystics who claimed to have heard the VOICE OF GOD or of angels. Today there are those who claim to hear the voice of spacemen. And if Flying Saucers are real—and the Air Force knows they are —why shouldn’t they be “manned” by intelligent beings who can send their thought-waves to those who are receptive?



Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone who claims to have received a message has a genuine one from a Spaceman. We are not discussing spiritualism, as such, in the sense of getting messages from one’s departed relatives. We are here only considering the possibility of communicating with beings from another world, who come here on a “mission.” Perchance they once were incarnate here on earth and therefore have our interest at heart. Perhaps they never were human in our sense of the word, but who nevertheless have intelligence, insight into our problems and understanding of our needs.

Some say that Jesus came here from another planet. Why not? The interest in Flying Saucers is raising many questions. Perhaps there are beings on other planets that never made such a mess of things as we have done here on earth.

According to Jacob Lorber, there are beings who did not “fall” and forget their divine origin, but remained in their pristine purity. Perhaps most of us here are “prodigal sons.” There are said to be men and women who have lived on other planets, and are here on earth to learn certain lessons which can only be learned on earth—through a temporary forgetfulness of their inner divinity and by working upward through the darkness, step by step. Perhaps there are those who are only here to help and instruct us.

At any rate, our earth is certainly not the only inhabited planet in this vast universe. And one thing is sure, we have made a mess of our affairs, and we are in sore need of help and guidance from higher powers at this particular time. 349


Now, some say that any kind of spirit communication is evil. Some claim that, according to the Bible, it is wicked to call back the dead but the Bible itself is full of communications with spirits of departed ones. Even Jesus spoke to Elijah and Moses on the Mount of Transfiguration. But of course, just about anything can be proven or disproven by Bible texts. The Bible is written in such a way that there can be many interpretations depending on your understanding. Often, passages are interpreted according to wishful thinking or the misunderstanding of ancient symbolism. As to metaphysical teachers, who usually ignore the possibility of spirit communication, most leaders themselves, even Mrs. Eddy (who so violently opposed it), have been known to commune with departed ones.

Now, the communion with higher beings can take place in various ways, one of which is automatic writing, where the hand writes without being directed by the conscious mind of the medium, or by mental telepathy, or the hearing of an inner voice. Automatic writing depends, of course, on the willingness of the individual to be a channel of communication and to what extent the conscious mind is temporarily put in abeyance.

Regarding the communication from Ashtar, received through automatic writing by E. P. H. (who prefers to remain anonymous) there are certain interesting side lights. Here is the story:

We had been receiving the Ashtar discourses from E. P. H. at various intervals and considered them of a very high 350


order. Some of them were read on several occasions before our group, but we did not think of spreading the news any further. One morning the thought struck us that we should give the ASHTAR messages wider circulation than was possible through the efforts of

E. P. H., who is doing her best to send them to as many people as possible.

That very same day, a friend came to our office and said that the latest communication from this source indicated the expressed wish of ASHTAR that his messages should receive wider circulation. After this “coincidence” we wrote to E. P. H. and told her of our intentions. She not only heartily approved, but received a message from ASHTAR addressed to us at the NEW AGE PUBLISHING CO., expressing a “most hearty approval.”

The communication to us says in part: “A service of immeasurable worth has been rendered us in the publishing and circulation of what you call “the Saucer Books.” Their influence and the interest they have aroused spreads with ever increasing momentum far beyond your cognizance. We must keep the fountain flowing, with as little contamination as possible from spurious sources.” There is also an intimation that messages from Ashtar may come through various other “suitable channels.”

Since the appearance of the first ASHTAR messages much has transpired. Groups in many cities have formed for the purpose of studying his communications. New channels have also been called to our attention. Although Harold W. 351


Wilkins, author of FLYING SAUCERS UNCENSORED is most critical and highly skeptical of “communications with space beings,” nevertheless he gives one ASHTAR message in his book, leaving it to the reader to decide what he or she thinks about it. The contents of the message is of the same high order as the ones contained in this book, which has changed many a life from fear and uncertainty to confidence in the creator and the future.

It is impossible, of course, to check on the source of the material given in the following pages. Error is always possible where extrasensory perception is concerned. However, we offer these discourses to the public for their perusal as we received them—unaltered—and leave it to you to judge as to their value.

Whether Flying Saucers are “air sylphs,” as sometimes claimed by some theosophists and other clairvoyants; physical objects, as claimed by Major Donald Keyhoe; Etherships, as suggested by Meade Layne and others, or whether space beings are entities who have once lived on this earth and since resided on other planets, or remained cruising in space, as Daniel Fry points out in THE WHITE SANDS INCIDENT, one thing is certain, Flying Saucers are here and communications with space beings and extra- terrestrials is an interesting phenomena of our times.

The messages received from extra terrestrial source seem to have one thing in common, regardless of where they are received or through what instrumentality. They all, without exception, warn of impending disaster if mankind does not adopt a more tolerant and understanding attitude 352


among nations and peoples, and cease the hydrogen bomb and armament race. Typical of this is the Martian’s message to Mr. Von Cihlar in the Austrian mountains, which is quoted in full in “We Come in Peace” by Franklin Thomas.

One more thing, however, should not be neglected at this point: There are many who come to us or write to us, asking us how they may perhaps make a mental contact with beings from Outer Space. Many have on their own started to experiment with the Ouija board. We do not advise this. People who are not properly trained and have no knowledge of spirit communication or the vagaries of the sub-conscious mind, can get into serious trouble playing around with things they do not understand. If any space being or other high intelligence sees that you are ready to become a channel of communication, they will of their own initiative open the way. On your part for the present, it is sufficient that you have high aspirations, a desire to be of service in this great cause and leave the rest to them.

According to the latest communication from ASHTAR, this is his expressed wish. He says, in part, “we, ourselves, will choose the time, place and person we desire to contact. However, it will be of immense assistance if you will maintain a feeling of friendly interest and confidence in us and, in your mind, hold a thought of welcome. Our forces find such an atmosphere well adapted to their work, “as they need these ‘lighted landing fields,’ where they may pause for a moment or two and adapt themselves to



conditions and vibrations they encounter in fulfilling their various assignments.”

The path of spiritual unfoldment is a serious one and is beset with many difficulties. First and foremost, discipline is necessary to control the body and mind, without which nothing can be accomplished. The control of thought and feeling before going to sleep is especially important. We cannot go into detail in this short space, but the desire to be of service, and the longing to become a “lighted landing field” is a safe guide in itself. All else will follow. For “when the pupil is ready the Master will appear.”

There are many who feel that ASHTAR and his legions are the forerunners of the Second Coming of Christ—no matter how this is understood. Some expect to see him in the flesh, others believe that the Spirit of Christ will eventually rule the earth, and the spiritually “unfit” will be eliminated. At any rate, many people feel that our so-called culture is nearing its end and that something is about to happen. A change must come both in world affairs and in religion whose doctrines were fashioned not by Jesus but by medieval priests in order to keep the ignorant in spiritual bondage to the Church.

The Ancient Wisdom ever remains the same, although Truth may be presented in many forms, and in the course of ages may become covered with the barnacles of superstition.



Great Spiritual Intelligences seek suitable channels to convey spiritual truths, and at times of crisis there is always an influx of “messages” from other worlds.

The Publishers


To Our Friends on the Planet Shan—Greetings!

Our presence and our purpose grow increasingly clear to all unbiased and unprejudiced people of your earth and thousands eagerly await our visible appearance. While there is ample ground for the belief that we are able to perform what to you appears as miracles, we wish it clearly understood we have nothing in common with charlatans performing legerdemain tricks, either for purposes of entertainment or to “prove” our reality. Every move we make is in pursuance of a well considered plan. I speak for all of us who have embarked upon this somewhat thankless task of rendering assistance to beleaguered dwellers on the planet Shan.

It would be quite a relief if we could make a simultaneous landing on all portions of your globe (which I might remark is entirely feasible at this very moment!) and, employing etheric forces in the use of which we are experts, put an end to the jangle of incongruous and irreconcilable factions now precluding all possibility of a



united effort toward peace. Our instructions and our principles prevent our taking such a course.

A predominance of resolution by the inhabitants themselves must precede our entrance on the scene en masse to use our superior powers in augmenting those possessed by mortals at this time. Yes, I most certainly do refer to the H-bomb (and other highly dangerous explosives.) It is one thing to compound and to explode such a hellish contrivance but where is the mortal who has solved the problem of preventing its explosion or nullifying its deadly effect? No such person exists on the planet Shan! How dare they release a force of such magnitude without the slightest idea how to control it? None but an infant intellect would conceive of such an insane procedure! Have they seriously considered the resulting phenomena in Nature’s vast domain?

Many otherwise intelligent mortals view the eccentricities exhibited by the Nature forces as outside mortal jurisdiction, believing them to be dictated by Divinity Itself! They constantly set waves of destructive thoughts and feeling in motion. Joining like disturbing vibrations, they travel untold distances always creating much havoc in the ethers. Do you suppose these discords, generated by you and millions like you, have no effect on inanimate forces? What you term “disasters” seldom occur on our planets. We have eliminated the causes. When the preponderance of desire and action is heavily weighted in favor of constituents inevitably causing warfare in realms visible or invisible, how may those responsible hope to escape its horrors? If you feel you have escaped this pitfall 356


and promoted peace in every way, I would ask you one question. In your quest for peace (at any price?) have you trodden under foot principles which are indispensable adjuncts of true Peace?

One thing I would make crystal clear! We Space Men, in whatever capacity we may temporarily serve, are irrevocably pledged by the most solemn of oaths to abide by those Universal Laws which alone can preserve life on every level of conscious existence. To accept or condone any variance from these fixed and unchangeable codes governing all honorable behavior, would be to forfeit privileges we have earned through eons of unremitting effort. We will have no part in any form of “synthetic peace!” It must be genuine, unalloyed, incapable of dissimulation.

Before discontinuing I feel impelled to add one word of counsel. Make your own life conform as nearly as possible with the matchless teachings of One who humbled Himself to contact mortals in a physical manifestation. Any likeness to Him will enable us to recognize your legitimate claim to our special attention and assistance.

As future friends and co-workers in the service of your coming King of Kings, we salute you and proffer our utmost devotion in your liberation from all who seek to ensnare you and bind you to their fearsome juggernaut of destructive domination.




(Signed) ASHTAR

Commander of ten million Space Men, now occupying bases established within range of your planet..

Beginning a series of revelations concerning what is going forward in the activities of those not at this time encased in mortal flesh and those who are, or will be, their associates on the earthplane. Thy friends in the Unseen be possessed of bodies more amenable to transposition from one phase of manifestation to another (as water may manifest as steam, as snow, as ice and so on, depending on atmospheric conditions, natural or artificial.) This doth greatly enhance their ability to aid mortals at this time.

Pardon the diversion! Be ye interested in concrete facts deduced from acute sensitivity to present conditions and their inevitable consequences. As hath been said, the



precise moment of Divine Intervention doth depend absolutely upon Man’s reaction to tests imposed, not by thy Heavenly Father or His obedient emissaries, but by the dupes of the Enemy.

As ye do at times forget, the warfare doth rage upon the astral planes simultaneously with its progress on the earthplane. The mere fact that so many thousands have been “killed” doth not conclude the matter in any wise. THEY STILL LIVE! Thus

our problem is to segregate them, not as to earthly categories but in accord with our innate purposes and desires. Naturally, this doth greatly complicate the task of those whose responsibility it be to resolve the whole matter into its basic constituents.

With regard to thine own country, which be destined to act as a “spring-board” from which to extend real aid to other lands, the present distressing exhibition of preposterous antagonism to well-planned, inherently just and legally sanctioned procedures to rid the administrative branches of the government of utterly subversive and traitorous incumbents cannot be tolerated. As dastardly plots of the enemy are exposed to view, it be for the American people to choose whether to cast their lot with the Christ forces or the renegades. There be no middle ground . . . to remain neutral be the most despicable crime of all.



Ye do deplore the lapse of time, yet of what consequence be the amount of time consumed, compared with the self- exposure of criminals posing as benefactors of the human race? Presently many millions of souls will be following a pathway of ever progressive evolution, or doomed to tread the downward path of misery and degradation. Is it not worth the price of a few lagging months of desperate conflict twixt Darkness and Light, twixt vicious Hatred and superhuman Courage to make certain every mortal now living is in his or her rightful place? Not in accord with some arbitrary law or human decision but according to the unerring knowledge and wisdom of Him who doth see and judge the inmost secrets and hidden motives of man’s hearts?

I say, it will be settled, not by any natural advantage of superior numbers or the use of weapons devised by scientists who have (or think they have) contacted and harnessed the secret powers of Universal Energy. I SAY, NOT SO! It will be brought to an abrupt and incontrovertible conclusion by “AN ACT OF GOD” comparable to none heretofore known to mortals. This planet be not caught in a net of inextricable difficulties but be emerging from its super-imposed domination by semi- demonic demagogues leading to its destruction. It be placing its trust in the only Power able to deliver it from its impending fate.

I say to thee in all sacred solemnity of pronouncement, THIS THY COUNTRY SHALL BE SAVED AS BY A MIRACLE! I say not it will be a peaceful deliverance but through the unfaltering loyalty of millions who place their 360


faith in thy Master, the Christ of God, this land will be cleansed from the abominations now infesting it. It shall be the center from which shall issue those injunctions and powerful energies which shall lead the world into an intense, burning desire to know and to do the Will of the Lord God of All Creation, as revealed by their coming King, who shall reign over this regenerated world without hindrance from those who now harass and seek to destroy His faithful servants.


Before any appreciable gain can be made by earthly representatives of thy Master’s coming kingdom, there must come the downfall of vast numbers of bombastic declaimers of their own inflated belief in their own importance and influence over the people. Assent gained through fear or force melts to nothingness when assailed by cold logic or intense loyalty to higher concepts!

A long and arduous warfare hath been waged against “the powers of darkness” impinging upon all earth’s inhabitants from invisible citadels where Lucifer long reigned supreme over his vassals (invisible to mortals) assigning them to tasks of fiendish ingenuity to entrap and inveigle human beings into abject slavery to his demands.

By reason of the unremitting diligence of those to whom

was relegated the apprehension and elimination of

countless millions of demoniacs and demoniacally



controlled entities, sworn to obey the edits of their overlord, Lucifer—I say, as a result of this uninterrupted campaign on the astral planes, it now be possible to transfer this battle to the physical plane and repeat the process where mortals may more effectively join in the conflict and observe greater tangible results.

As it doth rage on the physical plane, there be three types of weapons to be employed. First: the actual material armaments necessary for defense purposes. Second: the mental agility to recognize and combat delusive propaganda. Third: the spiritual awareness and moral stamina to move steadily forward, in defiance of all enemy resistance, to establish and maintain a rigorous regime of honest government in every phase of human affairs.

Ye may say the present deplorable condition of earthly affairs hath always existed and always will. I SAY NAY! Through man’s willful disobedience it hath reached a point where his own most determined efforts to remove the accumulated incubus of overwhelming pressure from subversive forces be well-nigh futile.

Divine intervention (operating through chosen emissaries endowed with power and authority to abolish the hellish system in force when Lucifer and his minions held sway) hath prevailed upon invisible planes adjoining the earth and the roving hordes of diabolical perverters of unresisting mortals be either removed or under control.

Now cometh the final stage in this stupendous project. Not without physical discomfort and suffering may the victory 362


be won. Mortals must prove their mettle. Ye may look upon this time of tribulation as a bitter and unwarranted trespass on thy right to lead a life of honor and dignity. Even so! Yet it doth afford thee a glorious opportunity to show thyselves worthy to participate in the responsibilities as well as the privileges of the “Golden Age.” Privileges forever denied those now responsible for retarding its inauguration.

No matter how previous be the suffering of many mortals in this final phase in the transformation of thy world, all who will stand firm in their defense of the Right (on whatever battlefield they fight) will soon realize that they have rendered a priceless service to their Master and his conquering legions from outer space, now able to traverse the hitherto impenetrable density of earth’s auric envelope and bring succor and strength to the Christ Forces in mortal flesh.

A change cometh swiftly over the face of the earth and the peoples residing thereon. Hour by hour the forces of evil themselves disclose their dire purposes. Close upon the heels of these disclosures come the rapidly maturing decisions of the Enlightened Ones now dwelling in fleshly bodies, to reverse the edicts of false leaders and substitute their own true concepts of constructive action to insure the survival of desperately beleaguered followers of One sent to teach men the Way of Life!




I salute You from Schare! A few further words of explanation regarding our presence and purpose. At the request of your Heavenly Father, we come to assist your Unseen Guardians who are greatly perturbed over the state of your planet Shan. We come ten million strong with a full complement of appliances and all necessary forces of an etheric nature to use in any manner deemed expedient to block the designs of destructive forces or render their weapons innocuous. We realize certain portions of earthly terrain are marked for destruction. In pursuance of this program, we withhold interference when so instructed by the Hierarchy in uninterrupted touch with the Father of us all. When certain prearranged signals are received, we send thousands of ventlas to places where dangerous conditions exist.

Perhaps, you will more readily comprehend our mission of merciful protection when I tell you countless instances of planned sabotage have gone awry owing to the vigilance and prompt action of our men. Destruction for destruction’s sake is not our practice. A condition may be most distressing and call forth our earnest desire to render assistance, yet we are bound by the most sacred of vows to intervene only at the times and places indicated by our Master or His accredited lieutenants. Once given implicit instructions regarding a particular situation, we are then free to work out the minutiae of operations according to our best wisdom and skill. But there is never a moment when we may not confer with our Commander-in-Chief should we feel any doubt over some proposed step to be taken.



Our means of thought communication and visual observation of any person or place on the entire globe is beyond your present comprehension. It makes possible the fulfilling of a promise many times repeated, that all who put their trust in God will be Divinely protected under all circumstances. Your Heavenly Father uses His dedicated servants to carry out His will, choosing the ones best fitted to act in the various roles demanded in any crisis.

Our appearance in physical form or the materializing of the ships we use occur only on instructions from our Headquarters far above your bases in your stratosphere. They follow a predetermined schedule, not as your clocks and calendars but in conformity with carefully computed sequences of events depending largely on mortal reactions to each step in the program. Many factors enter into the decisions made, such as planetary influences of a magnetic type, astral conditions, the activity of forces concealed within the earth body, constantly changing vibratory rates in different sections of the globe owing to the people’s awakening to their perils and desperate attempts to extricate themselves. This latter consideration is perhaps the most potent point in releasing our forces in their behalf. They must themselves instigate the attempt to gain their freedom before we can go to their rescue.

Of course, we fully sympathize with your interest in the mechanical construction and motive power used to achieve the feats of apparent wizardry which mark our arrival in your material world. Even though we may, for some specific purpose, invite you for a ride, it will be impossible for you to ferret out our secret of propulsion, since you have rejected opportunities afforded you to become 365


acquainted with laws governing these higher forms of energy. Such knowledge has been prostituted for illicit purposes of destruction, in the past.

Not until your world has dispensed with all need for destructive weapons and all desire to misuse the finer forces of this God-governed Universe, will you be permitted to experiment with ever-existent etheric energies holding magic possibilities for those qualified to employ them as intended by the Creator to whom they owe their existence.

We come now as Liberators but look forward to a more joyous mission, when we will mingle freely with you and gladly initiate you into many delights and privileges we possess. May we count on your cooperation in bringing that happy time very near? We hope so! My love and my blessings!

I AM ASHTAR Commandant quadra sector, station Schare.


My message concerns a number of erroneous claims being made by those who crave personal publicity. Any one who may attempt to invest us with powers of divination and announce themselves the recipients of information pertaining to the private affairs of individuals (unless they apply specifically to serious national or international matters) are guilty of falsification. Only insofar as they affect our plans (which must of necessity depend to a



considerable extent on the understanding and cooperation of dwellers on your planet) will we pay any attention to your own purely personal problems by prying into the future for answers to your queries.

Our interest lies in two directions: Providing the facilities (unknown to your inhabitants) to prevent a wanton waste of life through the reckless employment of inconceivably powerful forces for destructive purposes . . . forces intended for constructive and creative purposes only! And, with our better comprehension of the principles involved both in producing and directing such intensive energies, to transmit (at the appointed time) to those proven trustworthy, the knowledge of a practical nature which we possess in regard to these forces. At present, anything we might add to the sum total of earthly achievement along scientific lines, would naturally be directed to warlike operations. We must first assist in the abolition of existing agencies bent on world domination BY FORCE! A planet populated by fear-driven slaves in the power of a mere handful of tyrannical (May I inquire what is the polite synonym for “bullies”) rulers, would not even interest us!

Having held numerous consultations with the honorable gentlemen responsible for the founding of this country, our indignation has been aroused by the manner in which their noble visions of Freedom, Industry and Progress have lost the luster of their original inspiration and deteriorated into a dingy counterfeit of the original heroic model held before the eyes of the people. At that time much assistance of an amazing type was given at crucial moments. Inspiration and the courage and determination to follow these magnificent ideals, called forth overwhelming response 367


from Watchers in Unseen Realms. Had they not been carrying forward God’s Plan, depending on His guidance and His help, no such country as America would now exist!

I confine my remarks to this land for the obvious reason that it is here that a stand must be taken to rescue this precious and priceless IDEAL from extinction! Should this country succumb to the pressures now being brought to bear to submerge it in a World-wide flood of ANTI-GOD villainy, where might FREEDOM find a lodging place?

The combined forces of Space Men (assigned to canvass the entire global situation and submit a workable plan for the rescue of those being rapidly drawn into a tightening net of infamy) are united in what we believe to be the only means of handling this grave problem. Naturally, we do not propose to confine our efforts to this country, by any means. There are others in far greater need of immediate aid, being in many places, suffering hideous injustice and cruelty.

Before going further, I wish to make it crystal clear that we work at all times under the direct supervision of your future Ruler, the Christ.

NOW—What we ask you to do is to lend credence to our “reality” and our entirely impersonal desire to be of service! The sooner these two facts are accepted by people generally, the more quickly and easily shall we be able to achieve our goal and the fewer lives will be lost in the process. We are admonished to save every soul who will gladly adapt to the glorious transformation scheduled for the NEW AGE! Some may be removed from your planet to 368


help for a time from planes invisible, as many thousands are now doing. I am referring to great many arrivals on the astral planes and a great many others, dating back to your beloved Washington, the immortal Lincoln and other men of their caliber.

We are submitting our plans to the HIGHEST COURT OF HEAVEN for approval and we look forward with confidence to your whole-hearted cooperation!

My Love! A S H T A R.


By reason of the fast approaching climax in the age-old antipathy twixt two totally opposed basic Life Principles, it doth become necessary to provide more than human wisdom, strength and skill to overcome the heavy onslaught of misguided or purposely destructive forces.

Whether this assistance cometh in visible aircraft manned by powerful beings endowed with authority to use forces unknown to mortals, or whether the necessary aid be given in ways mysterious and intangible, of a surety men and women fulfilling the missions which brought them to earth at this time shall be given all they need to guarantee their success in carrying out their destined roles.

None may compute the wondrous patience and forbearance wherewith thy Heavenly Father hath borne with the frailties of human beings! None may even faintly surmise His disappointment at their refusal to accept His 369


overtures of Forgiveness and Mercy! All which cometh to pass of a destructive nature be the result of men’s free choice of the Pathway of Retrogression, which leadeth to oblivion as far as their residence on this planet be concerned.


A failure to bring about the establishing of this long- heralded “Kingdom of Heaven on earth” cannot be even remotely considered! Thy Master said, “My Kingdom is not of this world.” Yea! But was it not also writ, “Behold, I make all things new?” “A new heaven and a new earth” wherein shall dwell righteousness! This be His promise! It be now in process of fulfillment!

Think ye the Creator, whom the most ignorant concede hath power to intelligently construct the globe ye now inhabit, be not able to re-construct it to conform with a program designed to give a regenerated human race the proper environment wherein to utilize newly apprehended forces requiring new conditions for their manifestation.

Ere the concluding contortions of terrestrial readjustments occur, ye may expect entirely unrelated, sporadic exhibitions by Nature, releasing long repressed accumulations of force sufficient to disrupt a mountain, flood a desert, sink a country or raise a continent. Not in a haphazard or irrational manner



will these startling transpositions take place. They will follow a detailed plan of procedure whereby those areas best suited to the development of New Age projects will be spared or changed to render them fit for greater service to future inhabitants.

Any dissertation on future events must be received according to the knowledge and faith of the reader. A statement may be utter nonsense to thee today, yet a month hence appear in quite a different light. Let tolerance tincture thy criticism of aught which seemeth to verge on the fantastic. If ye are to be advised of miracles to be achieved during the coming months, then must ye admit to thy minds new concepts of Nature’s part in this metamorphosis.

A plethora of cleverly concocted substitutes for Nature’s originally perfect provision of foods containing all elements needful for man’s sustenance have flooded thy markets. When correctly compounded by sincere scientists, we do not condemn their rightful use. Yet hath it deprived Nature of a responsibility she will again assume when changing conditions renew the impoverished soil upon which she hath been forced to depend for essential ingredients to instill life-giving and preserving elements into the matchless array of edibles she doth produce.

Be not fearful lest the earth be denuded of its fields of golden grain, its wealth of fruit-laden trees, its vineyards of luscious grapes, its expanses of greenest verdure 371


producing all the vegetables one could desire. These and countless other bounteous provisions for the temporal needs of all God’s little children of the earth shall thrive in the freshly vitalized ground which shall respond to Nature’s alchemy.


Greetings From Your Friends of Station Share!

Would that I might personally greet each one of you openly avowed friends and express our appreciation of their kindly acceptance of the presence of those of us who come from “Outer Space” to aid the dwellers on the planet Shan!

However, since these friends now number so great a multitude and since “time” is of the essence of our present mission, we “Space Men” must confine our contacts to those occasions when something may be achieved which will in some way forward our objectives.

But I wish to make it clear to you that every new friend we acquire makes our mission a little easier and more effective.

It is not our purpose (as you have been advised) to “pounce down upon you” as it were, and intrude on your affairs in a thoroughly discourteous manner. Only in cases of unwarranted abuse of your newly discovered destructive powers will we feel justified in exercising our superior forces to circumvent their action, seeing it would 372


jeopardize not only your own planet but many dwelling beyond the range of your vision. Other than this, our assistance will be supplementary.

When, through the dismissal of vagrant entities not entitled to the hospitality of your planet, we are able to mingle freely with you and give you our willing aid in re- vitalizing, beautifying and rendering your entire globe more tenable by progressive mortals . . . we can then express in practical and visible ways our respect and admiration for those willing and eager to lend a hand in the transformation which is surely coming to the planet Shan!

Our sincere interest, sympathy and love to our friends and those who soon will become our friends!


—to all who have accepted my friendship, offered in a true spirit of fellowship!

A S H T A R, Commandant

Vela quadra sector, Station Schare.



While in a sense each morning marks the beginning of “a new day” . . . yet, as this last year has sounded the death knell of an era disastrous to the welfare and happiness of mankind in many ways, so the New Year just dawning promises an epoch of unparalleled enlightenment and opportunity for mankind to recoup his losses suffered through ignorance, or willful and deliberate substitution of man’s base desires and destructive will for the Divine Will and Perfect Plan of God, his Creator!

Wearily have the days dragged by, while plots and counter plots complicated and multiplied man’s unsolvable problems. We have watched with a horror impossible to repress, man’s ineffectual attempts to extricate himself from the treacherous quicksands of deceptive “agreements” accepted in apparent good faith, only to be ruthlessly trampled under foot when their evil purpose has been achieved.

Why do we say the tide has now turned? Because all mankind . . . enslaved or still capable of recovering their lost heritage of freedom . . . begin to see for themselves the enormity of their folly in transgressing laws all-powerful to promote their personal progress and consequent possession of all they most earnestly need and desire!

When will Man cease his ridiculous attempts to obstruct the orderly processes of progressive development as set in motion at the commencement of his sojourn on the planet Shan? The answer is absurdly simple! When he acknowledges to himself that his puny brain and unruly impulses constitute no reliable guide to the acquisition of 374


those tangible and intangible assets without which he cannot hope to escape a most terrifying fate! Might we, whom you have named “Space Men,” share with you the actual, provable facts we have been able to discover by experiment and experience in taking precisely the opposite course of action to that followed by the majority of earth dwellers?

Not but what there have been numerous rash attempts made by incautious believers in Divine Intelligence, Wisdom and Creative Ingenuity to align their lives with this supreme triumvirate . . . but to what avail? Mankind in general would have none of them! Their fate is all too well known to you! Shall we share that fate? NO!

It is our avowed intention to acquaint you with the results obtained through the consistent and persistent use in a constructive way of the very forces you have used to destroy everything good and beautiful . . . and now insanely plan to employ to commit suicide on a global scale!

Our homes are built to provide comforts quite beyond your dreams of luxury unattainable! Their care is a delight, for there is no drudgery! Entertaining guests is robbed of all its problems save the pleasure of devising fresh plans for their enjoyment. (I might add they enter into all such plans with zest!)

All our educational facilities are entirely free, and so varied are the branches of study and practical application that no student has ever failed to find precisely the type of instruction best suited to his particular bent and ability.



Prisons, reform schools, institutes for the insane (yes, even hospitals) are unknown. They would be unoccupied.

Have these and innumerable other “wonders” come about through some sort of magic? By no means! We have worked them out! Where did we get our instructions? From the selfsame Source which is available to you.

I will tell you more should you care to know.


My Love! A S H T A R.
Ere we proceed with other aspects of New Age Progress, we will spend a little time considering the necessary changes to be made in the habits of a majority of mortals, so that they may make the best possible use of new forces released for their benefit.

We will liken the physical body of Man to a plant which doth draw to itself and absorb into its growing organism the precise elements vital to its expanding life principle. If it doth fail to contact what it needeth in its quest for self- expression, it doth soon sicken and die.

As of the time of this writing ( January, 1955) earth’s atmospheric envelope be impregnated with many deleterious elements inimical to the health and development of any human body, particularly one 376


delicately attuned to high vibrational frequencies. Such an one must be constantly safe-guarded against these infringing constituents of the very air they must breathe to sustain life. Not alone the air but the seldom recognized subversive thought streams, betimes well-nigh flood the mental atmosphere and drown out the more sensitive upward-reaching ten-drills of hope and faith.

To counteract these and other dangerous deterrents to Man’s wholesome life both physical and spiritual, certain purifying processes be constantly employed by the Invisible Guardians of the planet, else would ye perish. Ye have observed what ye call an “electric storm” with its pyrotechnical display of lightning, and have noted the ensuing freshening of the atmosphere, making it a pleasure to draw in deep draughts of purified air. This be but one of countless artifices contrived to lessen the dangers lurking in the ether about thee. Other threats to thy health of body and mind (for they be woven together like the woof and warp of a fabric) be not so easily apprehended.

But this we would indelibly impress upon thy minds! A perfect provision hath been made for thine every need under any and ail circumstances. Even in this transition period when ye do encounter many unaccustomed difficulties, ye have but to ask for Divine assistance to do the will of the Heavenly Father and, often in strange and unexpected ways, help will come.

Refuse to accept the ultimatum of Discouragement and defeat urged upon thee by evil forces rampant at this time. Pin thy faith to the redemptive forces sent of thy Heavenly 377


Father to rescue thee from thy perilous position. As an airplane doth utilize the “fuel” provided to furnish the power it must have, that it may soar far above the sordid environment of a material world, so do thou avail thyself of the means provided for thy flight into the pure atmosphere of Divine replenishment.

Once thou hast contacted these currents of Cosmic Energy penetrating with ever increasing potency the finer, etheric Life Force all about thee, no heavy, clogging earth vibrations can hold thee in thralldom to disease of body, mind or spirit.

Until the Day of the Great Illumination, there will unavoidably be a struggle to attain and maintain at all times content and perfect attunement with this Divine Source of Life and Love Triumphant! Yet, herein doth lie thy freedom from the fretting exigencies arising from incessant friction twixt the fast receding customs and systems of a decadent and expiring age and that glorious New Age of unexplored marvels along every line of constructive and progressive effort.

Entirely new and fascinating possibilities beckon the dauntless explorer qualified to be the recipient of astounding new inspirations and powers ready and waiting to be bestowed upon him, after the necessary cleansing of thy planet be concluded, permitting the full influx of marvelous dynamics hitherto undreamed-of by the most imaginative of scientists.




A further word of information for those eager to hear of a state of development not yet reached by your most venturesome and fearless explorers into the vast universe of inexhaustible possibilities along every line of progressive evolution.

We would make it clear at the outset that we are not seeking to “convert” you to any formula of religious concept, other than the simplest precepts laid down by the Divine Master, the Christ of God. Many of these same principles were enunciated by inspired men, saints and seers, sent of God down through the ages. When the people of Shan refused to accept their teachings and put them into practice, they left your earth and transferred their efforts to more receptive minds and hearts on other planes and planets.

Whether you choose to accept my statement or not, it is a fact that there are no “closed doors” between those who temporarily reside on any plane or planet, unless through sheer stupidity, ignorance or absurd and unfounded fear you yourselves close and lock the door. Quite true, the “open doorway” must always be guarded by strong forces to prevent the entrance of unwelcome visitors. As you know, these guards are provided on request.

But to return to the more “practical” aspects of progressed living conditions as enjoyed by the citizens of Venus, and similarly enlightened planets:

As the entire environment and the atmosphere itself has become saturated with thoughts and emotional vibrations