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El Anora

Beloved Eternal Beings of Light and Love, I come forward to you today with immense love and joy from my being, I am Lady Quan Yin and I love you Unconditionally. As you are understanding the Central Star Aspect of each of the Galaxies that are in the Universe you are finding that each of you are becoming and expressing your infinite energy from the space of a Star System or Galaxy.

You see now how deeply within your own being that you can come and be connected to so much energy within the Universe Around you for many Star Systems and Planets give off such light and joy in each moment. When you can understand that all these Star Systems are giving off infinite energy, can you then ask yourself this question: What are my energy needs?

Forgoing the question of personal energy needs for a moment, I ask you the question of what will become of the fossil fuels upon the Earth and natural resources? As you may know, The Planetary Lord Buddha oversees the Earth, and I, as Chohan of the 11th Ray of Light am also an overseer of the Earth, but, not in the sense that Lord Buddha might be. You might understand that since Lord Buddha and I work closely together, I am always energizing and grounding my Rays of Light through Lord Buddha and into the Earth, especially the Celestial Rays, and so in regards to energy, this is what I would like to explain to you.

It is important to understand that the Celestial energies can ground into the Earth energies because this will be the technology for your energy future. It is not that you will ever reach a catastropic state, but, it is important to understand that if you continue to deplete your uranium sources, mineral sources, and fossil fuel sources you will over a period of time begin to come to a point where you reach what will be termed as an energy crisis.

You see now that in reality these terms have already been brought forward for you as a warning perhaps of what can happen when the Love held in the core of your being cannot be projected fully into your reality. Imagine for a moment that you are taking in nutrient rich food, perhaps a high nutrient apple from a Tree or a Pear perhaps. When you then eat this, you see that the Tree itself always has this to grow, but if you were to chop down the Tree and then uproot it, you would find then that not only you, but no-one would then be able to eat this fruit.

This is the same with the energy and Her energies. When something is depleted completely, Gaia then must come foreward and replace that energy with something else. Because of Universal Law, the Earth cannot replace a depleted energetic source with the same energy. By Universal Law, that energy must be greater than the energy that was lost, and it must be different. If the Earth is karmically moving in a negative direction, the Universal Law states that an equal and opposite energy must co-exist within the same space, meaning that it is both greater than or equal and opposite meaning that it is unique and different. If the energy is karmically moving in a positive direction, the same.

In Truth, as the Earth moves in a direction especially in this New Age Golden energy you will see that resolutions seek themselves out much more quickly and that at times the Earth will compensate just as you are compensating. It is very important that you understand this concept for in your energy works and in your work within the ashrams of this planet, it is important for you to balance this Karma through your energy networks.

It is very important at this time to send waves of Unconditional Love and Light to the Earth and her kingdoms. The Fairy energy at this time is very powerful in anchoring this energy and if you call upon their energies at this time they will assist you in being able to anchor your positive thoughts and intentions. This affirmation can be used at any time to call upon the Fairies energy.

"Dearest Fairies and Nature Kingdoms, I call upon your Light and Illumination to anchor into the Earth a powerful Ray of Light that is most appropriate for the Earth at this time. With this Ray of Light, I call upon the energies of Lord Buddha to anchor fully this ray of Light into the Earth. This Ray of Light can be of any color that is most appropriate at this time. Please carry this pure Light energy into all areas of the Earth that need it the most, bringing peace, calm, and divine love and inspiration to all that need it. Thank you."

Within your ashrams, you have set up many hidden networks of geometry that have helped through the centuries to anchor into the Earth the necessary energies from Lord Buddha and the other chohans of the Rays. These networks were hidden and we now ask you with pure illumination to, with the most appropriate pathway, release these networks for grounding, healing, and anchoring the Cosmic Rays of Light.

These Cosmic Rays of Light are very important to anchor into the Earth for in 10 years time they will be the groundwork for bringing for the Light Beings that are Family to you to be able to anchor forward their energies in a very powerful way, I congratulate you.

My gift to you is the knowledge that when you have achieved sufficient enlightenment upon the Earth there will be no need for ships or other type of technology to land upon the Earth, but that those beings who are Family to you will be able to be seen by you when the Consciousness of the Planet allows it. Think of it in the way that we are always present with you as Ascended Masters and Angelic Beings upon the Earth, but that you are unable to see it. When your third eye chakra has been completely cleansed, healed, and energized and the Consciousness of the planet allows it, you will be able to see us as we see you. In your enlightened form.

In encourage you, for the sake of the Earth, to focus upon your energetic networks of Light and anchor in the New Golden Gate Celestial Grid before seeking to achieve much else, for if the Earth is unstable so shall you be.

I send my compassion and love to you always, thank you.

I am Lady Quan Yin.

Copyright Lesley Hicks (Jaina) Ma Atmananda 2013 Please share so long as you give credit. With Deep Love and Blessings.





Quan Yin - Solstice Message New Zealand - 'The closing of the Lotus flower'
2013 - 1:22am | Ascension Explorers

Lou James
© Ascension Explorers NZ

It is Quan Yin.
And one heard the very loud clanging of the intention, the request which was placed within the energy. Simultaneously there was the, how can one put this? The Cefehtr and the Kuthumi, they were saying ‘hmmm if that’s what they say we will neither go’. For there is no short straws. But indeed there is celebration there is much to rejoice and to be in a balance of communication a balance of energy because this is the time of the, shall we say, of the closing of the Lotus flower. The Lotus is drawing it’s petals in to formulate again the sealing of the heart, the reversal of the opening, only for a moment. It is a time of sealing off that which has been exposed. But it is not sealing as if to prevent as if to no longer grow, as if to hide away. Oh no, no, no, no, this is to seal what has been achieved. What has been created, what has been established. Do you understand why? Why would you wish to seal something that has established? Why would you wish to seal what has already been achieved? So that it continues, it is creating a foundation. Once these parts of your foundation are sealed within your energy so it is that the Lotus will begin again to open, to unfurl the petals around that you would begin to see the true beauty that is within your boundary within your space of being. Because understand that when one comes from the very core centre, when one comes from the very pivot of your being, the knowing of all things. When one is in that equilibrium of truth and balance one knows all things. There is no shaking, there is no deviation there is but the gentlest of knowings. Yet as gentle is it is strong. It is majestic, it is pure. For it is in the time of knowing that you come into balance, that you come into the unification of your own energy that you begin to see that you indeed are a great and beautiful being. That the doubts that have surrounded you on so many calls and so many areas of your life fall away. Allow yourself to understand that there are more potentials, more unfoldings, more corners to unravel. Oh yes I have watched many of you pull the loose threads. What will happen if I do this? What will happen if I do this? What will happen if I do.....Oh.......... And you would say a word. Ah, but I would say it is time to perhaps not pull so hard but rather allow your energy to see this loose thread as a potential for weaving back into. You understand? Sometimes what is loose is not loose for destruction or loose for just leaving around, ignoring, but for reconnection, reinventing , to rebind. Because there are many times that when we allow ourselves to follow the lead back up we will begin to actually see far more value in what has been established and is still sealed than what we thought was there. Because not all loose ends are loose to be pulled. They are loose to be drawn together and started as a new weaving. Because when you are doing your tapestry, dear ones, the diligence. There are some parts where you will finish the stitch so tightly that when you snip the threads you may not see where it starts and where it ends. And then there are others where you will leave a tail that you may meld the new thread with it and ensure that it is bonded so when you continue to stitch there is no separation. There is no beginning or end in that thread and you will not see where one starts or finishes, you will just see how the colours blend and become one as it begins to show you the next part of the picture. Understand that you are creating great tapestries. You are stitching great images upon the canvas of your lives. And this night you have sealed off and knotted certain parameters of your image that you are portraying, and others you are beginning to tug at that loose end and thinking to yourself ‘I should perhaps pull this out and re-begin’. Oh no, no, no, no, just take the new piece, and blend it in, and carry on. Using great skill, great knowledge to create the next portrayal.

You see just as one makes the celebratory tea one does not scold the water neither does one scold the leaves, one nurtures, one takes time, one appreciates the journey of creating the tea for it is a drink of honour, of respect, of celebration, of coming together in unity of sharing. It cannot be rushed, but it can be enjoyed. And there are various elements to the teas that you may use at different times of celebration. Different flavours, essences that you use for the body, for the placement of where you are at, for those that you are entertaining, those you are honouring, those that you are wishing to create with. Different teas for different circumstances, different tapestry stitches for different places of the image. Some need to be bold and strong, some need to be finite and delicate. What are you creating within your tapestry dear ones? Understand that every word that you speak is a stitch within your tapestry, is it reflecting an outward image of your unity and strength, the vitality of life, or is it rough, is it harsh, is it showing that which needs to be, shall we just say politely, washed. But understand there are moments of your life that will require the strong hand, will require the strength and the boldness, the roughness if you wish to call it this. And because there are those you will come into presence with, come into shared contact of arenas that do not understand the genteel, that do not understand the correct way of communication, they are oafs, thugs. And they bumble around looking for the truth looking for what they believe is necessary and they think that those that are sitting and waiting for them to be silent are silly and dense and yet it is they, as they bumble around are the dense ones. Because they do not come from the knowing they do not come from the very core place of their energy they are coming from emotiveness they are coming from the mind they are coming from the physical. And when you allow your energy to infiltrate and to embrace that part of you, you become thus, upright, willing to hear, observe your own story. Not so much everybody elses story yes? For your story is important, your story tells you and those that choose to read your story of your journey, of your experience. And may one remind you dear humans at this particular moment many of you need to re-read your story for you have forgotten your journey. You have forgotten the paths that have brought you to this place, you have forgotten the glories and the triumphs, you have forgotten how you have lifted yourself up from the mire and placed yourself on firm ground. Some of you are so concentrated on the pinnacle of the mountain and you are saying ‘there is still so far to go, what am I to do?’ that you have forgotten just by turning your head and observing from whence you have come that you have achieved so much. Now am I saying that you need to live in your past? No. Am I saying that you need to constantly remind yourself of where you have been? No. But I am saying that there are moments of your journey that it is good to stop, to take a deep breath, to observe all around you and know why you are where you are. Know what it is that has brought you to this place because there is much that is going to be coming into your energies and to your places of being, and if you do not know your truth, if you do not know who you are dear children then these truths will bypass you because you will not see them as truths, you will see them as irritations, you will see them as things to swat out of your way as hurtful, deceptive. But I hear you say ‘how can something that is to be a truth to me be deceptive, be hurtful? Because you are not openly observing. I could say to you, do not cross the road here it is dangerous and you look at me and you say ‘why are you preventing me from crossing here where my friend and family live on the other side of the road, why are you preventing me from going across, why?’ And you will not hear that I did not say that, I just said do not cross here, it is dangerous. Yes? But if you are open and you are seeing the truths in front of you then you will observe that perhaps you are standing in an incorrect positioning which blinds you to what is coming on one side of you and if you were to but walk a further 50 steps in one direction or the other you would have clarity of vision. Do you understand dear ones?

This is a time of bringing clarity to your inner vision, clarity to Your journey. Yes there are times and it is time for a cohesiveness, for a coming together of united energy of walking together with even with ones that you perhaps have observed at a distance and gone, ‘Im not a 100% sure about you, there is something mischievous, you just don’t sit correctly, what is it about you that I don’t quite trust’. Perhaps it is not them that you do not trust it is more yourself you do not trust. Because remember dear ones, when you step into agreement of working with others it is not them that you are having to get prove, it is you you have to prove to yourself that what you are doing is the correct and honourable thing. For they will do what it needs to be done with or without you, likewise you will do what is to be done for you with or without them, but when you come together in a unity of agreement of heart, of energy of the core, then you have great power, great strength for multiplication. Understand dear ones we do not need to always like or get on with people of the human race but you may always recognise that they have a powerful intent and that they are able to create mightily and there are certain times where you are able to align your energy to work with individuals and there is a certain time to separate, yes? You must choose these moments and because you are in a place of this great energy at this moment, this time of being, this solstice, you are putting to bed you are killing the old. You are burying it, you are allowing it to no longer be, cease. And yet within the burying, within the placing this in the ground you are placing a seed for the new to grow. You have pruned and you have observed yourselves and you have allowed your energy to flow in a balanced way to allow yourself to see from all perspectives. Just as the asteroid has many parts of it that view from different angles, so it is you observe your energy in a way that suits and fits you that you may always see that you are in a big great connective energy place and you are not alone in this place. There are many of you, many Ascended Masters, many Galactic, Federational, Aliens, Non Aliens, whistlers etc, that come into our place of connection of creation to bring a unique flavour, a unique energy signature that is required at that particular moment. Dear ones this night, this time of year, is powerful. I ask that you would breathe in – and out - again in – and continue to breathe like this consciously and as you breathe, breathe in for you, breathe into your own core, breathe in the energy of you, of self connection. Breathe dear ones into your being the energy of Now, feel the connectiveness, potentials, there is nothing more beautiful, nothing more tantalising, nothing more tempting than energy that is ripe to be used, ripe to be connected to, that has been placed before you with energetic permission to intermingle and connect. Breathe this in dear ones and breathe out your part. Breathe in the connection and breathe out yours that others may connect to you, that your energy may be combined and unified and if you choose not to allow your energy as you breathe in and out to be connected to the Universe and that you are bound to your own true honour. For as there is tea that is made according to tradition, there is a reason for it because as you go through each step from the preparation to the heating of the water, to the heating of the pot that will hold the tea, to the way that the teacups are placed and the tea is poured into the teacups, how it is presented to the one that is going to receive it and how it is drunk. There is a reason, that reason is to honour not only the one that is in receiving but the one that is giving. For if you do not honour yourself you cannot give honour. And this is a time to stand in your trueness of honour of self. Dear ones, trust is a ill fated word many a time for you say ‘how can I trust another, they have let me down. How can I trust myself I have let myself down many times’ and that is because you have trusted the human self. Now go inward, go inward, go outward and begin to know that you are worthy of trust, trust of your own inner being, your energy, your higher self. When you are connected in this trueness then self trust of the physical becomes easier.

Dear ones I challenge you to not sit and just let this moment go by. I challenge you to look beyond the human world at this moment to allow yourselves to sit and to breathe and connect to the energies around and allow them to speak with you, allow them to connect in heart space, the core centre, your knowing, and allow them to speak to you with such clarity, such divinity that you cannot but accept that it is the truth. Enjoy this night and enjoy the energy that is here. Namaste.

Brought through by Louise James © Ascension Explorers 2009 - 2013
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To Be Continued...

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